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Steven Dorfman


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sdorfman.jpgWho was Steven Edward Dorfman?
He was a Detroit native, and a Wayne State University graduate. The day after he earned his communications and advertising degree, the game show aficionado moved to Los Angeles.
He became the longest-serving writer on the television game show, “Jeopardy!” For two decades, Dorfman wrote more than 50,000 answers in categories like “Crossword Clues,” “Nuclear Physics” and “Stupid Answers.” He won six Daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding writing, and conceived of the show’s special “Celebrity Jeopardy!” competitions.
Dorfman died on Jan. 4 from complications of cancer. He was 48.

6 Responses to Steven Dorfman

  1. Claire

    You were so clever. I hope you felt beloved in your life. What a tragedy you are gone forever. My God, how does this happen? Katie Couric has done so much to get the word out about how we can prevent this dread disease.

  2. Harry

    You were always upbeat, happy and positive. You always found ways to lighten up the atmosphere in the office. it was a pleasure working with you for seven years. You will always be missed!

  3. Anthony

    Steven Dorfman was a great writer, son, brother and friend. Steven you were a great guy and a great friend and how much I will always miss you and a great man. May god bless, Steven.

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