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Tom Hurndall


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thurndall.jpgTom Hurndall, a British photographer and peace activist who was shot in Gaza nine months ago, died of pneumonia on Jan. 13. He was 22.
Hurndall, a first-year student at Manchester Metropolitan University, was studying to become a war photographer. He left England in Feb. 2003, with hopes of documenting the lives of people living under conflict. After visiting Iraq and Jordan, he traveled to Israel, where he took a short training course with the International Solidarity Movement in order to gain access to the refugee camps in Gaza.
On April 11, Hurndall was wearing a bright orange jacket and helping Palestinian children cross the street in the Yibna area of Rafah when a firefight between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers began. He shepherded a boy to safety, but when he attempted to aid two young girls, an Israeli Defense Force sniper shot him in the head. The injury left Hurndall in a coma.
Last week, the alleged shooter was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Security sources told Reuters that the charge will likely be upgraded to manslaughter. A second soldier was also detained for questioning.
[Update: An Israeli soldier was indicted on charges relating to the shooting, including one for aggravated assault. “Sharp Focus,” a play based on Hurndall’s diaries, will air Oct. 8, 2004 on the BBC.]

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  1. Zachary Cohen

    What the obituary also does not mention that he was in the middle of a firefight between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers. (“The shooting started.”) Also, the unit that was fighting with the Palestinians was comprised entirely of Bedouin Arabs. His shooter was an Arab soldier.
    Similar to your ridiculous one of Sheikh Yassin which decides to mention his ‘charity’ work instead of his mass murdering (Hitler designed cars, didn’t he)

  2. Ahmed Sobhi

    Tom Hurndall .. i m sure you are one of those who deserve to be in everyone’s memory.. Israel, and zionism didn’t just kill you they killed and they still kill many lives.. even the most simple of our lives plants, the children.. i wish i can be another Tom
    May you rest in peace

  3. RJ

    The evidence shows the truth (now admitted by Israel)- Tom was unarmed and was trying to save innocent lives; he was murdered but his memory will outlive all the lies to inspire people who care to continue the fight for the Palestinians against the terrorist Israeli government.

  4. nasarah nawaz

    My deepest sympathies to the family of Tom Hurndall. There is no doubt in my mind that he has dies a martyr, he was a legend, putting other peoples lives first. he must be in the highest level n heaven, a much better place then where we are.

  5. Alexander Puttnam GB

    Well! It is now 2006. The passage of time changes perspective. On re-reading the messages posted above, the accusatory words about Tom seem so misguided. The Isreali millitary has been found guilty of covering up murder. Lord Goldsmith flies to meet with the Israeli government to present his findings. Tom could so easily buried his head in the sand and got on with a consumer life like the rest of us. He didn’t. He lived more in his short life than most of us living to ninety. I’m sure that if Tom had survived, he would have forgiven. So must we. Love to you all

  6. Sarah

    Rachel Corrie did not die for nothing. Her protest was legal because it was non-vioent. I’m sure if Rachel heard these lies she would be insulted. Respect the Martytrs.

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