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Harold Henning


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South African golfer Harold Henning won more than 50 professional tournaments during his five-decade career.
Known as “The Horse,” Henning turned professional in 1953. Before joining the PGA Tour in 1966, he traveled the world, winning championship titles in Italy and Switzerland. In 1965, he and Gary Player won the World Cup.
Henning won two PGA tournaments — the 1966 Texas Open Invitational and the 1970 Tallahassee Open Invitational — before retiring in 1972. He returned to the game six years later, and joined the PGA Seniors Tour (now known as the Champions Tour) in 1984. During his 18 seasons on the tour, he won three senior titles and two Liberty Mutual Legend’s of Golf championships.
Henning died on Jan. 1 from pancreatic cancer. He was 69.

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  1. Patricia Henning

    Thank you for your delightful tribute to my late husband, Harold Henning. The cause of death on January 1st. 2004, was pancreatic cancer. My family and I were all very saddend by our sudden loss

    • Ivan Borghstijn

      Hi Pat,
      Couldn’t find your mailadres. I hope you’ll get this message. I’ve some very bad news. Nanou has died last week. She suffered a lot lately but now she found rest with Hymie & Harold!

  2. James Endicott

    I had the fortune of watching Harold Henning play at the Legends of Golf Tournament in Austin, Texas
    1988, 1989, ?. I think he was paired with Peter Thomson in 1988. Won with Al Geiberger in 1989.
    That is what when it was at Onion Creek.
    Then they moved the tournament across town to
    Barton Creek and Henning won when it was an individual format. I remember following him and
    Don January, and Bob Charles. Henning was such
    a nice guy giving out golf balls to the small children. His kind will be missed.

  3. Tom Hampton

    I caddied for Harold at the Western Open back in the sixties and all I can say is that he was a wonderful man, full of good humor who did his best to make my job easy. I subsequently ran into him at Senior Tour events and he was never too busy to stop to chat.

  4. Jim McCarthy

    I fondly remember Harold Henning at the 1968 U.S. Open. I was 12 years old and I attended the full week at Oak Hill with my father. On one of the practice rounds my father became interested in Harold because he was playing alone with only a few spectators and we were able to get close to him and talk to him a little while escaping the huge crowds that were following the marquee players. He signed an autograph for me and we became fans. When Harold shot a 68 in the second round we were there and had great hopes for him. My father and I talked about him for years and remembered him as a talented player and a real gentleman. I was saddened to hear of his death. I just wanted his family to know that I have been a fan of Harold Henning for years and that I still have his autograph.

  5. manfred

    hi my name is manfred i live in south africa i got to know harold from the fone when called his best mate, herbie kramer.the way herbie spoke of him i got to know as the best golfer and a good person person, when he died it came as shock to the to me and herbie,herbie broke, when ever he speaks of him he cries, he had lots of love for harold, memories they shared togther,countries they went to and sports events and i know he was good man because how herbie spoke of him,
    i think today at this time the harold “horse” hennig.must be making a lot glof fans in haven very happy.

  6. Jay Tracey

    I had the opportunity to caddie for Harold at a Pro-Am gathering in Columbus Ohio around 1967. I remember his kindness and gentle spirit. I continued to follow his career silently, watching the papers and finding his name.

  7. "Tweeters"Yancey

    Harold,You are always in my thoughts dateing back to 1966 when you,Pat Bert and I became very special friends on the PGA tour…I am remembering you with wy dear friend Pat three years later. TWEETERS

  8. Paul de Rosiere

    How wonderful is the Internet! I was just drifting, when I typed in Harold Henning. All golf fans in South Africa remeber him, and I, in particular, I guess, as I was a good friend of one of his younger brothers Graham ‘Bones’ Henning. My memories Of Harold are of a kind and generous man, comfortable with himself and confident in the game and in company. I recall one long summer weekend afternoon, in his garden at the house in Bramley, where a family game of cricket lasted for fun-filled hours. Over-hearing me mention that I was going to watch the next tournament, due to be played in a couple of days, Harold immediately said to me : “Let me get you tickets Paul. They’ll be ready for you at the course. And they were. So I agree with others : He was a great guy and always a pleasure to watch when he played his double-time shots.
    Strangely,I sometimes think of Pat, his wife, when I eat at the fastfood place Juicey Lucy. As I recall, she was one of the early franchisees.

  9. Paul de Rosiere

    Sorry. This was my first time. I wanted to just SEE if the world remembered Harold Henning. I am delighted that you did!
    Paul de Rosiere, South Africa.

  10. Cathleen Howell Owen

    I first met Harold at the Senior Tournament in Boston in 1989, and requested that he meet with the Managing Partner of Wycliffe Golf & Country Club. Harold soon became the Resident Touring Professional for our Development, and I had the distinct pleasure of becoming great friends of Harold and his lovely wife, Pat, and their children. Pat invited me to visit South Africa in 1993 and I had the privilege of meeting many of their family members and friends. Pat continues to be a great treasure in my life. I miss you, Harold; you were a Great Friend.
    Cathleen Howell-Owen

  11. Haydn Henning

    Grandpa thank you for being so amazing ang for looking after bunny and dad and Hayley and Harley love you
    Haydn Henning South Africa

  12. eileen roe

    My parents, Rita and David Crawford were friends of Kathleen and Ralph Henning for many years. My father thought the world of Harold and they became good friends. We spent many happy times at their home in Observatory with the family. Although I was about 5 years younger than Harold, he was always so nice to me ~ he was always so gracious.
    I was at Pat and Harold’s wedding in 1961 (my father died soon after) and I never saw Harold again, although I followed his golfing career.
    I was truly shocked to hear of his death and tried to find an address for Pat in Miami, but never could.
    Pat ~ if you read this ………. please accept my belated condolences to you and your family. He was one in a million! I have the most beautiful photo of him kissing his putter in my album!

  13. Tony Fitt

    I had the great pleasure of playing with Harold and Simon Owen at the Bob Hope British Classic at Moor Park,UK in 1981 or 1982. He was such a gentleman to play with, and will be sadly missed.
    Tony Fitt

  14. Mike Mervis

    Did not know Harold passed away. He was a true gentleman. In the summer of 1966 I caddied for Harold in Akron OH at the American Golf Classic held at Firestone CC. I was 15 at the time and this was my first pro tournament as a caddie. The first two rounds we where paired with Arnold Palmer who went on to win the tournament. Harold shot an 80 the first day and was not happy about it. But he followed that up with a 70 the second day to make the cut and take a lot of pressure off a skinny 15 year old. He was a great guy.

  15. Len Calo

    I remember Harold from his high school days at Athlone Boys High where he was a pupil of mine.A wonderful person .My first round of golf was with him and Brian at the Observatory Golf Course.He was always in a good mood and never had an enemy.

  16. Ralph

    I saw harold at the driving range at the Meadowbrook c.c for the Northville tournament around 2000. Jack nicklaus played out of respect for nelson Doubleday. But harold really drove the ball at the range. Long and straight. He was the first pro I ever observed up close. Rip

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