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Gene Hughes


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ghughes.jpgGene Hughes, a country record promoter who first gained fame as the lead singer of the Casinos, died on Feb. 3 of complications from an October car accident. He was 67.

As children, Hughes and his brothers sang on street corners and at their church. They formed a band with friends and adopted the ”doo-wop” style popular in the 1950s. Hughes dropped out of high school after the 10th grade to join the Army, but he received a medical discharge after about a year and a half. He then returned to Cincinnati and formed the Casinos.

In 1967, the Casinos hit No. 6 on Billboard’s pop charts with the song, “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye.” That tune placed the nine-member group in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s “One Hit Wonders” room. The band’s follow-up single, “It’s All Over Now,” was written by Don Everly of the Everly Brothers, but only reached No. 65.

Hughes spent the past 20 years working as a country music promoter in Nashville. His record promotion company, Gene Hughes Promotion, handled accounts with RCA, MCA, Columbia, Warner Bros. and Capitol.

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  1. Ronnie Beard

    Hello I just ran across this info on the net… Im so sorry to hear about Gene. He promoted a couple of songs for us and charted them in Billboard. He will be missed
    Sincerely Ronnie Beard

  2. Johnny Dark

    Gene Hughes was a dear friend. When my radio station (WCAO in Baltimore) switched to country music and I visited Nashville, Gene was one of the first people I met. Our rock & roll background gave us plenty to talk about. In my 51 years in radio, that continue today at WBIG-FM in Washington, DC, I’ve never met a more genuine person. I think of him often and miss him greatly.

  3. Logan

    Gene was a cousin of mine. I met him a number of times but he was closer to my Father.My Mother recently told me of he’s passing and it saddened me. Gene thanks for the memories.

  4. Angela Harris

    Gene was my step uncle.He was a great man.I will miss him dearly.If you close your eyes you can hear him in heaven singing.Love you always Angie

  5. Glenn Hughes

    Gene was my Uncle however I never met him. His Brother Norman Hughes was my father whom I did not know. I would like to get to know my family if any other Hughes sees this. Email me

  6. Herbert Hughes Williams

    I am first cousin of Gene Hughes and I was named after the patron of the Hughes family Herbert Hughs. We were close when we were young and up to the time he was recording we kept in touch. He went to Nashville and I went to Florida after this time. I was fortunate to have seen him during his last stop in Cincinnati. I would like to contact Ron Hughes and Gail if possible. Please if anyone sees this and could shed any information on the family email my son at williamsbry@nku.edu. God Bless you Gene.

  7. Myles Kitchen

    Very saddened to hear of his passing. I also just saw this on the web. I worked for his brother Glenn at Hughes Music in Norwood in the late 60’s/early 70’s. I’ve been trying to learn whatever happened to Glenn?? Would be interested in communicating with him if he is able. Would appreciate any info, or if anyone can put me in touch with him. Kind thoughts and regards,
    Myles Kitchen, MHKitchen@aol.com.

  8. Mike Levand

    Been singing the song over and over tonight………..then you can tell me goodbye……….got on the web and read this of Gene’s passing. Someday if I ever figure out how to get married, that will be the song played at my wedding………..Thanks Casino’s and to Gene with the great voice. You live on when I sing and think of that great song.

  9. Bob Yorn

    I was saddened to learn of the death of Gene Hughes. “Then You Can Tell Me Goodby” has been one of my favorite songs since it was first a hit. Back in the late ’60s, I frequently went to a Saturday night dance in Sunman, Indiana, about 40 miles from Cincinnati. A band called The Dukes always played a song called “Shes out of Sight”. Until I recently acquired their CD on Ebay, I didn’t realize it was a regional hit by the Casinos.

  10. Len Scher

    Thank you Gene for the wonderful music. I saw Gene perform on the Rock and Roll Graffiti dvd series and he had a lot of great stories. He also sang Lloyd Price’s Staggerlee” .Here in Canada, we did not get much doowop music but “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” made it into the charts up here. Thank you for that song and the many other great songs.
    Len Scher

  11. Lynnette Hughes

    It has been a little over a year since Gene’s passing. I am just now able to get online to look at all the wonderful memories he has given each of you. He would have been so happy that he touched so many lives. I wanted to thank all of you for the sweet thoughts you have written for everyone to see.
    Sincerely; Lynnette Hughes, Gene’s wife.





  14. Googie

    I’d heard a fella once in a Cincinnati area bar said he sang that song with the Casinos…. mentioned Gene…. This guy was a bartender… can’t remember his name… was it Glenn? D on’t know for sure… does anyone know
    the names of all the guys in the band?
    thanks for the memories of a great song…

  15. Diane Watkins

    I love the song Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye..sing it all the time…Would love to know who wrote the song for the Casinos? Was it

  16. Jane S.

    I heard Gene Hughes & the Casinos play in Madison,WI back in 1976.I found all the people in the band to be friendly and interested in our city. My daughter(who is 22yr old)loves the song “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”,she’ll be sad (as I am ) to hear of his passing…he went way too young.

  17. Tim Brown

    When Mr. Hughes recorded a remake of the hit “You Belong to Me”, he was living on my street in Norwood, Ohio, a city within the city of Cincinnati. His wife at the time, Sandy, worked for the City of Norwood, where I was employed, and they were both very nice people. The image that stays with me is when Mr. Hughes’ son was about 4 or 5 years of age, and this would have been about 1975-76 or so, they were out in front of my house, playing “hide and seek” with a tree, a car, or anything else they could find. He and his family seemed like really nice people.

  18. John Scarry

    I new Mr. Hughes thru his two boys JR and Jeff. Mr. Hughes was always very nice to me and my family. I know Mr. Hughes was very proud of JR and Jeff and they bothe will miss him very much.
    Your friend
    John Scarry

  19. Barbara

    How it saddens my heart to learn of your passing away. I will always remember you and your Gene jr. How time flys it has been almost 24 years since I left Nashville.

  20. Rob

    As a music director for country radio through the 70’s and 80’s I got to know Gene very well. So sorry to read this. He was a very nice man


    Left earlier message regarding gene’s passing,and I am very sadden. Out of curiosity, what happened to the rest of band? Were they still doing gigs or did everyone go thier separate ways years earllier. Did the group do any other albums after the first one? If this does get answered thankyou, If not,i will understand.-jody

  22. Lynnette Hughes

    I can’t tell each of you how much it means to me (his wife) and Gene’s family, all the great memories you share with us.
    Gene worked with the original Casinos until his death. The band is still in Cincinnati. They play with Carl Edmonson’s band. There are 2 albums out there that the Casino’s made. One is The Casinos. It is the one with the train on the front. The next one is Gen Hughes and the Casinos. It has Gene on the cover of it. The Casinos were on the TV show, which plays on PBS, called Rock, Rythem and Doo Dop. You can find it on E-bay to buy.

    • tom murphy

      Lynette, Didn’t know of Gene’s passing until a month or so ago. So very sorry. No better natural voice, or smile . God bless you. Tom

  23. Bob Jacobs

    My wife and I were at a New Years Eve Dance this week in Cincinnati and the band that played was “The Remains”. During the dance they played “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” . They did a great job on the song sounding much like the Casinos. My wife and I have many memories of the Casinos playing at a local club “Never on Sunday” and dancing to their music. We also used to go a lot to “Guys and Dolls” and danced to the Driving Winds music. I did some internet searching yesterday and came across this blog. I read about Gene’s death in the local paper and was saddened to see this. Gene left a great musical legacy and many great memorie for my wife and I.

  24. gayle

    I am posting this to clear up a couple of things. To Herbert Hughes, I am Gayle and would love to get with you..I know where Ronnie lives and if you email me, I can give you the info..This is to Myles Kitchen…I remember you well…I too, worked at the Music Store and Gene was Glenn Hughes’ nephew…I am Glenn’s daughter..I am sure you remember me…My name is Gayle…Glenn passed away August 1989..You can email me if you would like..As Lynnette said, it means alot to all of us the fond memories you share. Thanks..Gayle..glewis@cinci.rr.com

  25. Don Hughes

    Hello all,
    Very funny I found this blog. Gene is the uncle that I never met. Actually, I never have really met anyone from the Hughes family except my dad. I am living back in Cincinnati now after living in California for the last 20 years. I would love the opportunity to meet some of you. If you would like please email me at donhughes7@juno.com

  26. Grace

    I remember Gene as a young guy I used to run around with in a group. We would ride around the Valley and sing in the back seat of the car, Gene, Calvin, and I. We would try to outdo each other. I loved his song “then you can tell me goodbye”, everytime I heard it I would sing along and remember the good times. Thanks Gene for the memories.

  27. Denean

    Hello, I just recently learned of Gene’s death. He was my manager during my “Nashville years” in the 80’s. I use to sing backup with him when he performed at the “WORST” shows in Nashville…a lot of fond memories. He was a good man. He always believed in me and I will always remember that. My prayers and blessings to Gene, Lynnette and family. May time help to heal your loss.

  28. ron hughes

    id like to thanks all here for your kind words…gene was my older brother..and also my best friend..so when he passed i was lost..and ..we have lost Glen..he passed wednesday march 5..that makes 5 deaths since 1999…the youngest..norman in 1999..mom and dad in 2000..gene in 2004..and now glen..say some prayers for glens soul..thank you all again..ron hughes

  29. rhonda hughes williams

    Hi everyone,my name is Rhonda (hughes)Williams. I am Glen’s daughter. I have recently met my uncle Ronnie (who I am named after)this past weekend. He and Lynnette called to tell me Glen had passed. Thank you Ronnie and Lynnette what you did it means alot to me. More than I could have imagined it would. I would like to find my brothers and sisters. Also, to Normans son Glen, I am e-mailing you, I would also like to find as many of “our” family as possible. I know my older sisters name is Melissa Black, supposed to be in Cincinnati, the Hyde Park area maybe. Glen told me this about 2 years ago. I grew up as an only child, and would really appreciate it if you are a child of Glen’s to contact me. We gotta talk! My e-mail address lynnwilliams1963@cinci.rr.com, the mircrosoft e-mail does not work properly and your e-mail will get sent back to you. Sorry.

  30. allen cash

    in the early 80s i was introduced to gene to hear a product i had as a producer.he agreed to promote the product it became my 1st billboard chart record w/a bullet and my 1st hit.i will never foget genes integrity and talent Allen Cash

  31. Herb Seitzer

    Hi all, My name is Herb Seitzer. I’ve known the whole Hughes family all of my life. For a few years I played with Gene and the Casinos on the organ. Frankly I was shocked to here of Glens passing. Him and I were VERY good friends for years. He will be in my prayers. Ron, If and when you see this e-mail me at http://www.herbseitzer@yahoo.com I would really like to hear from you. Last I heard Don was living in Vegas. Let me know. c-ya Herbie Seitzer

  32. Nick Seitzer

    Hey everyone, my name is Nick Seitzer. My father Herb Seitzer played with the Casinos all over the country. Glen lived with us for about 6 months when I was about 12 (I am 24 now). We just found out via this blog that Glen has passed. Our prayers are with him and his family.
    My father Herb (Herbie) Seitzer knows several of you who have posted. I’m sure he’d be glad to hear from some old friends. Please feel free to eamil me or him at herbseitzer@yahoo.com We’d love to here from any of you.
    God Bless Glen And May He Rest In Peace
    Nick Seitzer

  33. mike bryson

    used to go to tiki club in the 60s to listen to the casinos. real tight group with great harmonies. knew gene hughes and bass player ray white. very sorry about gene. always wondered what became of ray white. any info, please email me at mbryson@cinci.rr.com Thanks

  34. Bryan M. Williams

    I would like to contact others in my family that I may be related to. My dad is Herbert Williams. His mother’s maiden name was Hazel Hughes, she was a sibling of Gene, Norman, Ronnie, Glenn. I just thought I would throw that little bit of info out their. I have left my email and myspace addresses in case anyone would like to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Bryan M. Williams.

  35. Jackie Kirk Wood

    to Gene Hughes’ family….so proud he was from Cincinnati. He was a big talent and I loved the Casinos and the other Cincinnati groups from the 60’s. “Then You Can Tell me…” was a wonderful song. God bless Gene’s family and friends.

  36. Leah Hart

    The truth of the matter is that noone had a more sincere, and perfect pitch for this song. His voice added a quality that made the lyrics pull at your heart with longing, but I believe it was his voice so like a the voice of the everyday man that made this song so special. I will always feel that he sang this song for me. This classic will live forever in my heart.

  37. Birch Denney

    Jeff & Scotty have grown up to be fine boys.
    Thanks for saving my life that time in Nashville.
    Our music will make an impact again.

  38. Bob Armstrong

    To all:
    Gene is missed every day. Our prayers are
    with Lynette and the entire family. I was
    the organ player on the record and with the group still. Ray White just retired from our band, but
    is doing great. We both will always have the
    memories. Always, Brenda and Bob Armstrong

  39. Joe Cerisano

    It’s Aug 2006,
    Even though “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” has been in my heart from the first time I heard it as a kid and we played it in my first band. After all these years I finally wanted to look up on the web to see who sang the lead. I was really saddened to find that Gene he had passed in 2004. I wish I could have met him just to shake his hand to thank him. His vocal on Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye is his gift to all of us. It’s timeless, forever. It’s rare when you walk into the studio with nothing and walk out later with an honest to goodness gem.
    Reading all the posts here on this site gives me a little insight to what kind of man he was. A much loved man. Just my thoughts G-d Bless


    MERRYVILLE, LA 70653

  41. J.D.

    To Gene,
    “If you must go oh no I won’t grieve…if you wait a lifetime before you leave.”…..but I do grieve for you Gene….even though you’ve been a part of my life for almost 40 years, you left us much to soon. I’m sure there will be someone in Rock-n-Roll heaven to “Sweeten you coffee with a morning kiss”……Thank you for bringing such a beautiful song to us…..you are and will be missed…..Toby & Sandy (Haight Ashbury San Francisco Summer of Love 1967′

  42. J.D.

    Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
    Gene Hughs and The Casinos 1967
    (Summer of Love)
    Kiss me each morning for a million years
    Hold me each evening by your side
    Tell me you love me for a million years
    Then if it don’t work out
    If it don’t work out
    Then you can tell me goodbye
    Sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss
    Soften my dreams with your sigh
    Tell me you love me for a million years
    Then if it don’t work out
    If it don’t work out
    Then you can tell me goodbye
    If it don’t work out
    If it don’t work out
    Then you can tell me goodbye
    If you must go I won’t grieve
    If you wait a lifetime
    Before you leave
    But if you must go I won’t tell you no
    Just so that we can say we tried
    Tell me you love me for a million years
    Then if it don’t work out
    If it don’t work out
    Then you can tell me goodbye

  43. Dan Spencer

    Met Glenn at a floating restaurant on the KY side called O’Fallon’s where I was performing. Didn’t know that he had passed. Condolences to the family.
    Also would like to thank John Loudermilk for a great song!!

  44. rick rickenbaugh

    i think i saw the casinos the first time at a club called the “toushay” in cincy.around 1966 .fell in love with the group.had just returned from vietnam and couldn’t stand hippie music.saw them again at a new years gig around 1983 at the terrace hilton.still fabulous but i will always remember how they could rock a small club.i have retired to florida and our country club is having the “casinos” 2/07.could anyone tell me who would be in this group?i’m going no matter what for the memories,but it will not be the same without “gene”.may he rest in peace !!!!

  45. Mac Brown

    Grew up with Gene, and Glen.The original Casino’s were Gene, Glen, Ray White, Joe Patterson, and myself.Loosing Gene, and Glen was like loosing my own brothers. Glen stayed with me awhile just before his death.We’ve lost a few of the old Casino’s members that was there in the beginning, such as J.T Sears, Jack Kennedy and Joe Patterson. We were all just street singers looking for something to do. What a ride it was. Ron, you hang in there my brother. Talk to you soon. God bless the Casino’s and all who cared. Mac

  46. James Boyd

    Mac. It’s been a long, long time, but I remember seeing the Casinos at Cincnnati Gardens with the Dave Clark Five (english group). Man, you guys tore that place up with “Shout”. It was you, Gene, Glen, Ray, and Joe Patterson. So sorry to hear about Gene, and Glen. I know you miss them. Thanks for the memories, Jim

  47. Mac Brown

    Bobby Armstrong, how are you doing my friend. This is Mac. I talked to Ray, and he confirmed that he is now retired from music. What a sound you guys had, or should I say, still have? Would like to catch the band. Is your son still drumming with you guys? What a talent. I still have a hard time with Gene, and Glen being gone. What a ride we all had. It will never be better than that. Take care my brother, and let me know where you guys are giggin’. Love, Mac

  48. Rachel

    Hello all,
    I am sorry to hear of my cousin Gene Passing. You see, My Grandfather Glen Hughes of Cincinnati who had passed in 1984 was a classical guitarist and with my grandmother Jean Hughes both started singing on the radio in Cincinnati.
    I was real close to Gene and his brothers and used to travel to nashville to visit.
    My dad Don Coy also was in music and was always inspired by Gene and his brothers. I now live in Florida and recently I competed in the Florida Talent Quest 2006 and made the top 20 female vocalist in the state in Country music and Contemporary Music. I thank my family for passing down their talents to me. I’m 42 and I wished I had gotten started earlierin y singing to make it a career, but my youngest Daughter Kira has the most beautiful voice I’ve every heard for a 16 yoa in a long time.
    Anyway, Good bye Gene and Thanks for the memories and you’ll never be forgotten!!!

  49. Rachel

    I am so sorry from the earlier blog, My Grandfather Glenn Died in 1989, I had said he had passed in 1984. He was Paralized and depended on cruthes to walk with after an accident. My Grandmother Jean died a year later and she used to take care of my Grandfather and My aunt. I am sorry about the date

  50. Pamela

    This message is to both who knew and didn’t know Gene. I met Gene in 1998 at an oldies show in Ohio, I was doing some bookings at the time. Over the years, I had kept in touch with him for some shows here and there. Gene was one of the most genuinely gracious people that I had ever had pleasure of working with doing any type of show, etc. He always treated me and my daughter with the utmost of respect. Unfortunately, I did not know until too late that he had passed and was saddened that I did not have the opportunity to pay my last respects. With all my heart, I hope that Gene is showing them how it is really done; with heart and an emotion that only few could display so truely, and that he did, as a gentleman should.
    You are missed dearly, my friend…..

  51. Gerry House

    I grew up in Cincinnati and knew of the
    Casinos and Gene before I ever dreamed
    of getting into the music business. What a thrill years later to become his friend
    in Nashville. I have a radio program in
    Music City and on XM. I also write songs
    and you always hope someone as wonderful
    as Gene will sing them. I never saw him
    coming down the street that I didn’t
    feel better for it.
    gerry house

  52. Jackie

    I love “Then you can tell me good-bye” like so many others. I love the fact that Cincinnati can claim the Casinos. Does anyone know of a website where there is existing video where I can watch them perform? Forget Youtube…as great as that site is, there are no Casinos there.
    Email me at robin.hopper@hamilton-co.org
    Thanks….love ya, Gene and Casinos

  53. Stephanie Hughes

    I just wanna say that Uncle Gene has been missed! (My dad Mike Hughes was his half brother) I used to go to his home in Nashville and stay for the week every summer. Thanks to Gene JR, Scottie, and Jeff for teaching me how to SWIM!! (Sink or swim that is) I miss all you guys! Hope the family can all get back in touch! (Hi Ron! It’s been A LONG time! You remember me?)

  54. Robert Paker

    I have a 10 DVD set of “GREAT” Doo-Wop songs I ordered from Time Life. Gene Hughes and The Casions are on the DVD singing the song, “Then You Can Tell Me Good-by.” I was looking for info on The Casinos on the web when I came across this sight. I was really surprised to learn that Gene had passed.
    I remember the song from the sixties when I was a young man in the service. It brings back a lot of memories to me as does all the doo-woop music. It was a much simplier time and I would go back in an instant if I could. To all the doo-woop groups that are out there, Keep going. May God bless Gene’s family.

  55. Kevin

    I didn’t know that Gene had passed, until now. He was an inspiration to me, he always had time for me anytime I came to Nashville. Gene was just amazing! He even sang at my Wedding many years ago, I haven’t talked with Gene in many years, but he has always been a man I could truly say I loved.
    Jr. You have some really big shoes to fill, but you’ve made it in your own right. I know you miss your dad more than ever!
    Gene will always be in my memories, as he has for nearly 3 decades.
    Thank you Gene for letting me be a part of your life!

  56. Lynnette Hughes

    I want to thank everyone who continues to keep Gene’s memory alive. Justin Bearden had asked about Uncle Glen Hughes. His daughter is Gayle Lewis. She has an entry on this blog too. Her e-mail address is glewis@cinci.rr.com.
    The family is doing well. Ronnie Hughes is the only living brother still lives in the Cinci area. There are some on-going conversations about a CASINOS reunion in Dec. Will post it here if one happens to keep everyone informed. Sincerely, Lynnette Hughes

  57. Mr. bob

    I met Gene years ago when they were on there way to a concert from the airport.
    I have a recording of that concert that I would like to send to Lynnette Hughes…..anyone know her mailing address?
    Regards to the Hughes Family……Mr. Bob

  58. james w. norris

    This wa one of the first songs our band played back in Cincy in the early 60’s The Current Five , later changed to Red Braille then S. L. S. N. with Rocky Lockard ,Roger Seibel and Brad Stevens. i’ll miss this guy. What a voice. i was the lead singer in these bands out on the east side of Cincy. . Still singing out in Kona Hawaii. The You can Tell Me Good bye WOW! What a great song! re do it Skids! Aloha Jimi

  59. Lynnette

    I want to thank all of you for keeping the music going. Mr Bob,if you e-mail me,I will give you me address. lynnettehu@aol.com Time passes but the memories are always there. Feb 3rd was the 4th anniversary of his passing. The family is all over the US and we all keep intouch, but on that day we talk to everyone on that day. We have such great memories of Gene, time can heal the sadness but the memories will always remain.

  60. Norman R.A. Hughes

    I am the son of the late Norman L. Hughes and nephew of uncle Gene they both loved thier music.I am PROUD to say i am a Hughes and nephew and son of them both. I just wish they both could see every one they have touched in thier life time. I can only hope i can do the same.WE LOVE AND MISS ALL OF THE GONE HUGHES. Norman, Grace, Gene, and Glenn

  61. Diana Clark

    A group of us use to follow the “boys” around. I guess now you would call us “groupies”. We just knew them as friends. I liked the drummer at that time, Denny and a friend of mine, Linda, Bob. We would go wherever they were playing. Oh my gosh, we’d cha cha the night away. Times were so special back then. Gene would always look after us and make sure we were ok. He was such a kind, caring soul and I’m sure he’s doing the same from above. I thank God our paths crossed. I thank his family for sharing him with the rest of us. I miss his smile and kind words … he was one of a kind.

  62. Lynnette Hughes

    I wanted share another great loss in the Hughes Family. On December 28, 2008 Ron Hughes joined Gene, Norman and Glen. He was the last brother. I am so very pleased that this site is a way for everyone to keep in touch. The Hughes brothers will be missed. Ron Hughes was the behind the scene. He was their road manager. He was on that great ride with the Casinos. Ron left 3 children, Ronnie Hughes JR, Lisa Brown and Christy Hughes. Ronnie was married to Pam Hughes for 32 years. Please keep all of them in you prayers.

  63. Dennis Latham

    My nickname was Frog back in those days. I used to go to the old Two Shays Club (not sure of the spelling) up on Springdale Road when Colerain was an open field out there. Used to see the Casinos all the time there, as much as I could because I was under age. I used to run around with Norman and he married Nancy Hastings, who I went to school with at Aiken. I knew Norman a lot better than Glenn and Gene. Norman was the wild one. I saw Glenn years ago at Bill White’s place down in Lockland called The Scarlet Keys. I knew just about everyone from Winton Terrace and Winton Place back then. I was from Northside.
    Dennis Latham

  64. Lynnette Hughes

    The 5th year of his death is coming very soon, Feb 3, 2004. Everyone has worked to keep the music alive. I still get phone calls from some of his music friends. That is so very touching to me and his children. I am sad about the last Hughes child, Ronnie, died in December 2008. They are all gone, Norman, Ronnie, Glen, Donnie and Gene. Please keep the music going and remember all the great time you shared with the Hughes Boys. “THEN YOU CAN TELL ME GOODBYE”

  65. Dave Land

    In 1967, I talked to Gene about appearing at our teen town (The Kon-Tiki) in Fairfield, IL. We didn’t come to terms, but he was a gentleman. “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” will probably be my epitaph when I pass. God bless you, Gene Hughes.

  66. Tonia West

    I just found this site, my cousin lisa(ronnie’s daughter showed it to me, I am the daughter of Patricia Hughes,Uncle Gene’s Half sister. I remember all my uncles and cousins, some of us got to be very close when growing up. We were very proud of uncle Gene and the Casinos group, we had our very own star in the family, we love and miss all of the Hughes members we have lost over the last few years and recently on Dec.28th we lost uncle Ronnie, rest in peace and my heart felt sympathy to the family members affected by all the losses in our family tree. Please contact me, would love to meet the family members I’ve never met or didn’t know about.

  67. Ronald Trivane

    I just learned about Gene Hugh’s passing after watching The Casinos perform on a Public TV Doo Wap special. I Googled the group and learned about Gene’s untimely death. “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” written by John D. Loudermilk has always sent chills down my spine. When I bring my wife’s coffee to her each morning I always sing this verse which has to be on of the best in all music
    “Sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss
    Soften my dreams with your sigh
    After you love me for a million years
    If it don’t work out, if it don’t work out
    Then you can tell me goodbye”
    I never knew who the lead singer was. Now I do and I won’t ever forget for a million years. Ron. Annapolis MD

  68. larry alpha recording 513 821-0800

    I knew Glen Hughes, Gene’s dad. I bought my first
    PA system from Glen at his music store, Glen
    Hughes Music, in Norwood, Ohio. I still have the
    bass reflex cabinets that he sold me, they are
    loaded with Altce 421-8H speakers, and they still
    sound great. I use them with Lawson cabinets, built by Gene Lawson, who now makes condenser
    microphones. If anyone remembers Glen of Shirley,
    please give me a call.
    Larry Zimmerman
    Put Glen Hughes on the subject line if you
    email me.
    Alpha Recording Studio
    Reading, Ohio
    513 821-0800



  70. Bill in Maryland

    Here I come five years later with no personal relation to Gene Hughes and only one connection to Ohio (4 years college in the 1970s). I have always loved this Casinos song since its appearance in my 7th grade year. I am and will remain ever grateful. Thank you, Gene Hughes and may you go ever with God.

  71. Tony Di Angela

    I remember Gene and the original casinos during my entertaining days in the Chicago area. Henry Farag of Caterbury Prod. in the midwest Chi./ Ind. area lead several doo wop groups, presently with “Stormy Weather”. I was with a couple of the earlier groups. Gene was great then and to the end of his life. All his fans and early street corner crooners will surely miss him, his talent and sincerity. You were an inspiration to us all Gene. Be with God, and sing with His angels.

  72. Dan Corcoran

    Gene’s family lived next door to us growing up in the early to late 50’s.His mom Grace and my mother were good friends.During the day they would sit around drinking coffee and smoking cigretts. All of my clothes were Hughes hand me downs.Norman Hughes and I as I recall were just about the same age.
    God bless Gene’s wife and family. We will always have Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye. Dan Corcoran

  73. elizabeth

    It is so sad when great singers pass away. I heard the song “then you can tell me goodbye” years ago. I loved it then and still love it. What a wonderful song!! The voices are so crisp, the music superb. So sad that Gene had to go so soon. RIP Gene. God bless.

  74. Dave Shattuck

    I presently work with Jim Browns daughter who played briefly with the casinos(guitar)….Any info on Records that were recorded while he played would be appreciated….Would like to purchase as a gift for her

  75. jim Roberts

    Met Gene at the Trip nightclub in Cincy…Gene bought the club and re-named it The Casino. I was his manager…and before he opened I
    painted the cocktail tables to resemble the Fraternity Record Label
    which “Then you can tell me goodbye” was released on. Man what a lot
    of work that was. Miss him and his wife Peggy. We had a lot of breakfasts together in Newport across the river.
    Jim Roberts…Bob Pattons brother (Bob with James Brown)

  76. Gary Bratton

    I met Gene while managing clubs in Nashville. We soon became friends. I think everyone Gene ever met instantly became his friend. He was a gentleman. We talked about writing a book about his life. Unfortunately, I moved to Alaska, and we fell out of touch. I will always remember this unassuming talent that would get up and sing his hits and quietly leave the club. I wish I had kept in touch with him over the years. Memories never die.

  77. Donna Huff

    I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of ALL the Hughes boys. My husband Roy Huff and I grew up in Winton Terrace, and he knew them all. My name was Donna Linemann.I only really knew Glenn and Norman. My husband comes from a family of 5 boys, which I’m sure some of you that grew up in Winton Terrace back in the late 50’s and early 60’s will know them. There was Bill, Bob, Roy, Rick and Gary. Bob and Rick are deceased, and have been for quite a few years now. Guess they couldn’t get passed the alcohol. Again, I’m so sorry to hear about the family’s loss.

  78. Richard Thompson

    Just watched Gene and the Casinos on DVD from 2001 or so when PBS had the the Doo Wop Gold series. I thought I would catch up on what they were doing and saw this thread. So sorry to hear of his passing.

  79. Tim

    It is amazing to me how one song can have such a profound impact. I probably haven’t listened to “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye.” in over thirty years but just heard it on the radio and recall how much I liked it back then (in the 60’s) and still like it. What a gift to the world the Casinos were!

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