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Frank del Olmo

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fdolmo.jpgDuring his 33 years at the Los Angeles Times, Frank del Olmo became a voice for the Hispanic community.
The Los Angeles-native earned a journalism degree from California State University Northridge, then landed an internship with the Times in 1970. He rose through the newspaper’s ranks, doing stints as a staff writer, an editorial writer, a deputy editorial page editor and an assistant to the editor before becoming an associate editor in 1998. During his tenure, he wrote thousands of stories and was the first Latino to be listed on the publication’s masthead.
Del Olmo was a longtime op-ed columnist for the newspaper, who focused on issues affecting Latinos living in California. In recent years, he also chronicled his son’s battles with autism.
Del Olmo won numerous honors, including an Emmy for writing “The Unwanted,” a 1975 KNBC-TV documentary about illegal immigration, and a shared Pulitzer in 1984 for meritorious public service. A founding member of the California Chicano News Media Association, Del Olmo was inducted into the Hispanic Journalists Hall of Fame in 2002.
Del Olmo died on Feb. 19 from an apparent heart attack at the age of 55. A scholarship fund and an annual award for outstanding print journalist of the year have been established to honor his journalistic legacy.
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