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Joseph L. Godat Jr.


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jgodat.jpgDr. Joseph L. Godat Jr. delivered more than 10,000 babies.
Known as Dr. Joe, Godat was beloved by patients for his caring bedside manner and extensive medical knowledge. The first obstetrician to administer epidural anesthesia to deliver babies at Baylor University Medical Center, Godat also used sonograms before they became a popular procedure.
Godat earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Louis University and a medical degree from the University of Missouri School of Medicine. He moved to Dallas and completed his residency at Parkland Memorial Hospital in 1962.
For the next four decades, Godat worked as an obstetrician and gynecologist in Dallas. Near the end of his career, he was delivering the children and grandchildren of his very first patients. He gained national recognition for discussing the once-taboo subject of sexual dysfunction, and for writing the books “Putting Impotence to Bed: What Every Woman & Man Needs to Know” and “The Seasons of a Woman’s Life.”
Godat died on March 9. Cause of death was not released. He was 73.

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  1. Melody Jones-Medders

    Dr. Joe was the first doctor to take my medical problems seriously. He treated me for almost four years until I moved from the Dallas area. It was his commitment to my well-being that drastically changed the quality of my life for the better and I will never forget him. I will remember Dr. Joe as a kind, soft-spoken angel and my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and former patients.

  2. Carol Cameron

    Dr. Joe had been “my doctor” for over 26 years. He cared for me and delivered all my children. Additionally, he performed numerous surgeries and cared for me through all my health issues over the years. I will always have great admiration and love for Dr. Joe and I will never forget him. Even when I moved from the Dallas area and my insurance did not cover my visits to him, I could not imagine seeing any other doctor, so, I drove to Dallas to see him every year. I will keep his faimly in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sure his family must know how special he was and what a difference he made in so many lives.

  3. Nancy Price

    I am so sorry- I feel like we have had a death in our family. Dr. Godat was like no other Dr. in the world- he cared, he listened, and I always felt special when I came to him – since 1975. He delivered both my children, and did my necessary surgeries. I will miss him so much. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  4. Patricia Winnard

    Dr. Godat was my doctor for over 27 years. He delivered my little girl who is now 26 yrs. old. Dr. Joe was a wonderful man and a very good listener to my many problems over the years. He was always there for me and I loved him for that. I will miss him deeply. Patricia Winnard

  5. Janice Jacobs

    Dr. Godat was my doctor since I was 18 years old. He was my Mother’s as well. He delivered me and my older brother. And when it came time, he delivered my son. I will miss him deeply and there will not be another Dr. Joe. Janice Jacobs

  6. Brenda Halpin

    I was shocked when I received my letter informing me of the death of Dr. Godat. He delivered both of our sons who are now 23 and 20 years old. He has treated me and performed necessary surgeries for 25 years. He always made me feel special and took the time to listen no matter how busy he was. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  7. Asie James

    Dr. Godat was the reason I had children. I have known him for over 33 years. When other’s stated that my husband and I would never have children Dr. Godat prove them wrong. He was the most kindest and caring doctor my husband and I will have ever known. He always had the patience to let you talk and answer all of our questions. My oldest is now 30 years old and he deliver all 4 of my children and that included a set of twins. So Dr. Godat was the best. I was one of his few Africian American patient. He will be greatly missed my all. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with his family.

  8. Jan Neville

    Dr. Godat was my doctor for 37 years, delivered my 2 children & was a very understanding & important person in my life. I was still making the drive to Dallas from Granbury for check-ups! His knowledge of medicine & integrity were so respected that when he spoke at the hospital – “nurses jumped”. I always asked about his children because they were so special to him & I enjoyed the large family portrait including his beautiful wife. I will miss him like a family member! To Dr. Godat’s family: “May good memories give you comfort – we will all meet again in the future”.

  9. Janette Simons

    I just saw Dr. Godat this past November. Can’t beleive he left us so quickly. He appeared tired but said he felt good. He was my Dr. for 33 years. In my eyes he was the only Dr. in town. He delivered my son who is now 26 years old. He always took his time with me and made me feel like I was the only patient he had. He was a great man and will be missed greatly. My prayers go out to his family & nursing staff. May Godd Bless you all.

  10. Rex Hubbard

    Dr. Godat was part of the faculty when I trained at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. I was lucky enough to work for him in the hospital while I was a resident. He was the first physician who led me through a vaginal hysterectomy. He was the first assistant and I was the surgeon. I have always said that he could do the case from a first assistant’s role. He shared with me his ideas, his knowledge, and, though I have not kept up with him over the years, I will miss him. He taught me many things. One of the things he told me was “to take care of the patient and everything else would take care of itself.” He was right. And he was funny. He loved a joke and had a great laugh. I can see him now, laughing, waiting on us to join him.

  11. Janice Kay Squiers

    I have known Dr. Joe since 1970, really 1969 for he delivered my nephews. I always will remember his smile and encouragement when I needed to lose weight and when I did he thought I lost too much, and I just gained it all back. All he said to me was “I told you eat a little more that you were a little too thin, not for you to gain it back.” He will always be remembered by me as a wonderful, kind doctor. We will miss you Dr. Joe.
    Janice Squires-Sister-in-law to Billie Sue Squires.

  12. Toni Campbell

    Dr. Joe had my life in his hands many times during our 33 years together. He helped my husband and I have our only son. God blessed the world with Dr. Joe and he will be greatly missed. He seemed in good health when I saw him in Feb. and Larry and I were greatly saddened to hear he would no longer be with us. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and specially to Mark who same his same bedside manner. Mark, keep us his good work and may God bless Dr. Joe and keep him safe until we see him again.

  13. Jim Garrett

    My wife and I just heard of Dr. Godats passing. He was a real Christian and even forgave me for fainting in his office and destroying his rubber tree plant. However he always made sure a nurse was in attendance when I visited after that. He delivered all three of our kids starting in 1965 to 1968 and was just a champ of a doctor. We will miss him a lot.

  14. shawna pedraza

    Iwill always remember dr godat, as my hero with
    out his wonderful wisdom an knowledge i would not
    have had my two sons eric an of course joseph, named after dr joe.dr godat delivered me 35 years
    ago an now my two children ages 5 an 3.i still
    remember the day i heard of the news i felt as
    though i wouldnt know what to do without his
    guidence. dr godat performed many surgies on me
    dr godat was my friend an my dr. his soothing
    voice an kindness he always knew what i was thinking before i could even ask him. i started
    seeing dr godat at age 8 years old. i miss you
    dr godat. i always thought that there was
    a meaning to your name the first three letters
    say it all god an he was with you through all
    of the deleveries an operations.i will never forget you. shawna pedraza

  15. Erica Cantu

    Dr. Joe was my first and only OB/GYN that delivered all three of my daughters at Baylor University Medical Center of Dallas via C-Section with the perfect bikini incision that healed beautifully. I was 19 yrs old when I first became his patient. He was my OB/GYN for over 20 years. He also performed by partial hysterectomy in 1996. He did indeed have an exceptionial bedside manner and the most impeccable professionalism as a physician and a pioneer in modern medical practices. I have and always will have the greatest respect and admiration for Dr. Joe and his family. Dr. Joe was and most definitely an Angel, God used him as a tool to deliver HIS (the Lord’s) children. He sincerely cared about all of his patients. Even though I was among one of the thousands of patients he served, I felt like he was one of the old fashioned local small town physicians that gave the best medical care. I will always have a warm spot in my heart for Dr. Joe and believe that God took him home to rest. He will be loved by not only me, but by the thousands of patients that he served. I mourned his passing as though he were my father.

  16. Kristina Bell

    I just read that Dr. Godat passed. What a loss-I was still mourning the fact that he retired. There is nothing that I can say that hasn’t already been said. He was a shoulder to lean on, cared for me and my children that he delivered as if we were family. Their crayon drawings hung in his office next to all the cherished memorabilia given by other grateful patients.
    Heaven is a better place now but still, I miss him.

  17. Elspeth Fahey

    Dr. Godat was a true being of light and joy. By the time I left America, I had known him as my physician and my friend for a (much too brief) four years. His last words to me were, “Not only will you survive, you will thrive.” At the time, those words felt like a blessing. Knowing him truly enhanced my life.

  18. Heather McMeekin

    Dr. Godat was a kind and loving man who genuinely cared for his patients. When no one else could diagnose me, “Sherlock Holmes” did.He was a friend and my physician. He came to my wedding and was part of my family. Dr. Godat performed over 20 procedures on me and never lost hope. He delivered my son and said, “I told you, It was possible.” I miss him terribly. Any physician would be blessed to have known and worked with him. I feel blessed knowing him and know I will see him again, someday. I love ya, Dr. G

  19. Jeanette Porcheddu

    I went to Dr. Godat for many years. He delivered all of my five children, the oldest of which is 37. I referred him to many people and friends. I did not know he had passed until I contacted a friend who informed me. He was a great doctor.

  20. Talese Hall

    Every time I sat in his office I would hear of the miracles Dr. Godat performed. I felt so lucky that I found Dr. Godat, and he gave me what every other doctor said was impossible – my daughter. You hear these stories over and over – how he said it could be done when everybody else said it couldn’t. He brought hope to me when I had given up. He always took the time to bring me in his office and speak to me – he was the one doctor who restored my faith in the medical community. Thank you Dr. Godat – you have been and will be missed.

  21. Suzanne Arters

    I just now found out Dr. G had passed on. I was looking him up because I wanted to send him a High School graduation announcement of my second son who would not be here today had it not been for Dr. G. 19 yrs ago when I was barely 8 weeks along, I suffered a stroke and my neurologist wanted me to terminate the pregnancy. Fortunately Dr. G intervened and won the battle and did not even tell me about it until the day he delivered my son, who will be 18 on May 20, 2006. I am so thankful to Dr. G and want to wish his family well and let them know how many lives he has truly touched. thank you

  22. Leslie Marshall

    Dr. G was more than my doctor, he was like a second father to me. He was MY doctor since I was 18 years old, over 14 years. He was there to tell me that I could over caome all of my health problems and he would be there to get me through it. And that is just what he did, many, many many surgeries later I had my beloved son, Logan. My miracle child. The one all of the other doctors told me would never happen, not with my health problems. But Dr. Joe never lost hope. He was my angel that never gave up on me. He will be missed dearly. Thank you, for all of the miracles you performed for so many of us. We will see you again one day.
    Much Love,

  23. Olga Souders

    What an amazing man Dr. Joe was — he lives on in the legacy he left… his sons, Dr. Mark, Dr. David, Peter and his daughter and all of his grandchildren. I first visited Dr. Joe through a referral of a co-worker when I found out I was pregnant, had just moved to Dallas 3 months earlier and did not know where to begin to find a doctor. Thank God I worked with a gal, Elizabeth, who spoke highly of Dr. Joe. He delivered my 4 children and cared for me through numerous surgeries for endimetriosis and a miscarriage. I am most grateful for a time he was travelling and had me visit Dr. Mark for a prenatal exam — because of this, I am know in the hands of another Godat man. Dr. Joe seemed like a father when he spoke to me, and especially to my husband after the first pregnancy saying, “Yes, she’s pregnant!” And the humor he shared when 3 days prior to a laparoscopy, we found we were pregnant with our 3rd child. He laughed and called her my miracle. Our thoughts and prayers will forever be with his children and their families.

  24. Eric Godat- San Diego

    I believe this is the Dr. Godat that I met in 1980-1981. I was doing family name research at the time. We compared notes from the Missouri area. He is decended from 1 of the 9 Godats brothers that came from France near the village of Cernaux- Godat. This borders on the Swiss French border area mid eastern country line. The brothers first lived in Louisville, Ky area( for its French name after King Louis the XVI) before settling in St Louis, Mo. -rest in peace Kind Brother

  25. Jennifer Rasco

    Even though it’s almost been 3 years…I feel you close to my heart! You are greatly missed and will never be forgotten!
    Thank you for being YOU!

  26. Susan Dunham

    Dr. Godat has been gone for some time now, but, it with great apprecition that I think of him so very often. He was not only a magnificant doctor but a kind and thoughtful man who always took the time to make me feel incredibly important. I still feel like I lost a member of my family and I know that Heaven opened their gates up with great joy to welcome him.

  27. Richard Mabry, MD

    I just stumbled onto this site today, and couldn’t leave without paying tribute to a man who taught me not only technique but compassion when I was a medical student, who delivered all three of my children, who cared for my late wife for many years, and who was always a model of concern and caring. Rest in peace, Joe. You left behind a wonderful legacy.

  28. S. Barsis

    I had to see another doctor today. He reminded me of Dr. Godat, so naturally I had to be nostalgic and look Dr. Joe up on the internet. This site appeared and I had to say something. Dr. Joe did for me what he did for so many others – made sure my husband and I were blessed with children. Of course one of them is named Joseph! I have to say that, since he’s been gone, it has been impossible to find anyone that understands my problems like he did. He was so good at solving everything. Rest in peace Dr. Joe. You are so missed!

  29. Diana Taylor Catlin

    Delated, yes…less sincere no. Dr. Godat’s medical expertise restored my health, but more importantly his caring, gentle and listening/hearing heart restored my faith in physicians. He was a remarkable man, truly one of God’s best. He will be long remembered and missed.

  30. Judy McCollum

    I also stumbled on this site today and grieve for a miracle worker. He delivered the son I should have never had, except for him and God. Joey (after Dr. Godat) is now 35. What a wonderful and smart doctor was he to me, he treated me as though I was his only patient. May God bless you and yours, Dr. Joe.

  31. Patti Raymond

    Dr. Godat was my physician for 23 years He delivered my only son and performed numerous surgeries. I have missed him dearly since his passing. He was a very important person in my life and i will never forget his skill, kindness and gentle nature.

  32. Denise dotterer

    To this day I still think about My Dr Godat.Yes I feel he was mine. I never saw another doctor. He had the most gentle hands,kindest bed manner and most of all he always took his time with each and every patient he ever cared for. I wil never forget the day I got the letter in the mail.I just sat in the floor and sobbed,as though I had lost someone in my on family. In a way I had, he delivered all three of my children. I will never forget him saying he thought pain took the beauty out of having a baby. Dr Godat you will live in my heart as long as it continues to beat.

  33. Sharon Tidwell

    I went to Dr. Godat from the age of eighteen till he passed.He delivered my three children, and made it the best experiences of my life. When I was older, I had a health scare and remembered asking him am I going to be alright, and he looked straight at me and said yes you are, and I knew I would be. God gave Dr. Godat a special gift and he used it to the day he went to heaven. I love you Dr. godat!

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