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Zaki Nassif


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Zaki Nassif, one of Lebanon’s most renowned composers, died on March 11 from a heart attack. He was 88.
Nassif studied music at the American University of Beirut in the 1930s. He launched his show business career as a singer and composer for Radio-Orient and Radio Liban.
An accomplished songwriter, Nassif composed or sang more than 2,000 folk songs during his six-decade career. His music preserved the essence of traditional Lebanese music, and was performed by many famous Lebanese artists, including diva Fairuz and Wadih Safi, the country’s most famous singer. He was best known for writing the patriotic anthem, “Rajeh Yittammar Libnan” (Lebanon Will Be Rebuilt), a song that encouraged citizens to reconstruct their country after the 1975-1990 civil war.
In 1995, Nassif composed an album with Fairuz, titled “Fairuz Chante Zaki Nassif” (Fairuz Sings Zaki Nassif). He also served as a judge on the TV talent show, “Studio El Fann” (Art Studio).
Listen to a MIDI of Nassif Music

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  1. George Chaya

    Thanks!!! I’have for all my live you “Rajeh Yittammar Lubnan” in my Heart… SHUCRAN !!! shucran forever, and thanks to GOD FOR YOU BORN IN OUR LEBANON!!!
    George Chaya
    From Buenos Aires
    Republique Argentine

  2. Michel Skaf

    You were a great fortune “Isteiz Zaki”…
    I would remember our lunches together in the various restaurants in Lebanon…
    As well, I will never forget your lovely voice singing the carols in the church “Deir El Moukhalless, Sarba”…
    I was about 14 when you taught me how the rythm of the patriotic songs beats…
    You offered Lebanon your great and passionate music.. All the Lebanese people respected you.. and i am sure they already miss your presence and the baby face of the 88 years old..
    Thank you for all your sacrifices..
    and thank you for enriching our traditions and folk music…
    You were one of the most beautiful Roses God planted in Lebanon…
    I wish you stayed a bit longer to share the happiness of all the Lebanese upon the Liberation of all Lebanon from all the strangers with NO exception… Your Lebanon that you’d always forseen for Only the Lebanese…
    For you who composed “3awnak Jayii Min Allah, Ya Bani Oummi, Raje3 Yet3ammar Lebnan, Na22ilik A7la Zahra, Ahwak, Watani 7abibi, Hananaka Ya Rabba’l Akwani and many others”, May God Elevate your soul to Heaven…
    I’ll pray for you, Pray for me….
    Michel Skaf..

  3. nassif

    god shows himself in many ways i am a nassif living in united states shibel nassif was my grandfather i am heartbroken never to meet but someday all our wishes will come true gifted talented bold may he and others live on to meet again
    utica ny and fl

  4. Abbas Doueik

    A great legend with a taste in music and lyrics unmatached. God bless you Mr. Nasif you were and still is a rare treasure.

  5. Paul Meers

    I love Zaki Nassif’s music, and I will present some of it in a workshop in Seattle, “Ya 3shiqatal wardi.” But I need a good English translation. Does anyone have one for me?

  6. Jack Nehme

    Zaki Nassif , I met him in a music school at the first time and after that we started to meet in different occassions and he visited me in my house in Sour, I and my family were happy to have a meal together with me and to talk about different interesting issues. I played for Zaki his songs on the guitar and he enjoyed singing when I was playing for him and this was in different occassions in Ein Dara, in Tripli and in Zhale etc. He is talented in music in general and also is really educated and he was qualified in the arabic language and close literature in general. Antoun Saadi was his friend and Zaki adopted Saadi’s thought. Zaki was a nice man and the jokes he said made us laugh so much. I always remember Zaki and his great spirit and his open mind and the glory he made for lebanon by the songs and the music he composed. Jack Nehme

  7. lea-joe

    hi my name is lea-joe turk.my age is 10 years old .when i was small tell know the song for this famous person i wish all the people loves him.he is famous person and he is very good in songs and poems .i love zaki nassif.i love him to much….by:lea-joe turk

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