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Marshall Frady


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Marshall Bolton Frady, an Emmy Award-winning journalist and biographer, died on March 9 from cancer. He was 64.
Frady attended Furman University and the University of Iowa. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Georgia native wrote for Newsweek, the Saturday Evening Post, Harper’s and Life Magazine. He covered the civil rights movement and interviewed several civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Frady spent seven years as the host and chief correspondent for the ABC News documentary series, “Close Up.” In 1982, he won an Emmy for “Soldiers of the Twilight,

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  1. Hazel Horseman

    I loved Marshall’s TV reports. I believe we are relatives but can’t make the connection. My paternal grandfather was a Frady. He lived in Cumberland County TN most of his life. He had many relatives in NC and GA. We will truly miss Marshall but he lives on in his books and other literary works. So sad to lose so much talent at such a young age.

  2. Snake

    I remember Frady’s “SOT” with fondness, for what it did (and did not) “expose”…Being a Georgian, I can only guess that feeding into fantasies turning into reality of hunting Blacks down for sport was not necessarily a negative thing for him, re the Mercs he interviewed…Having experience from that war in those days,and now having to stomach the mad Black Stalin/Hitler “Jr” of Africa in charge, Mugabe (He even wears a Hitler type moustache these days, as they murder and run out the white farmers using North Korean trained Communist fanatic “veterans” who were never there)..I can say that, as a veteran, the Rhodesians ingrained racism was what did them in at the end, (combined with the Brit. liberals who “stuck it to em'” to give up the country to red terrorists). Frady’s “SOT” did little to help the situation…Volunteers who were not “white” found themselves segregated immediately, not something American volunteers took to easily, but immediately brought on feelings of resentment, as we were told this was a fight for freedom!!…but I digress…Frady’s editors were most clever, I remember the cuts showing Black rebels appearing to use the Facistic “heil” salute, and use of footage shot by Italians Jacopetti & Prosperi for their film “Africa Addio” (aka: Africa Blood & Guts) who were there filming (Bob Denard’s) Mercs & Katanga Gendarmes in actual fighting against Rebels…The one Black American Pilot (Julian)fighting with the Mercs was never interviewed, a coup which whould have made Frady’s Emmy even more impressive and of historical significance had he made the move. Amazing stuff, anyway, wish I could get a copy of it for Historical purposes…Frady has to be givin credit for having the gonads to deal with a “taboo” subject, although he could have downplayed the exploitative aspects for a more hard news approach, being more agressive in interviewing participants rather than merely relying upon the comfort of talking to southerner SOF’s IMVHO…

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