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Warren Pfaff


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Warren Pfaff wrote the lyrics to the McDonald’s ad that was named the top jingle of the 20th century by Advertising Age. Perhaps you’ve heard it?
“You deserve a break today

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  1. Zan Hunt Keats

    Being a first cousin, I feel bad that I wasn’t
    able to keep in contact for a few decades, due
    to very traumatic life situations. But, when
    I was finally well enough to write, and did,
    no one responded. Then I heard he passed on,
    so I sent condolences with a most heart-felt
    letter about my son’s tragic death – trying to
    console them, but still.. NO response (from
    his family). Finally, when Warren’s brother
    died, I emailed condolences to his family….
    it was the same old story. Either they all
    forgot I exist, or perhaps think I deserted
    them. If only they knew what I was going
    through – all those tortured years!!! It is
    very sad to me, that after suffering a life
    FILLED with horrific crises, not one family
    member could respond, especially after hearing
    about my gifted son’s most tragic life and
    Thank you.

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