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Anna Grudziecke


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agrudziecke.jpgAnna Grudziecke was only six years old, but she made medical history. Last month, the Houston girl became the first patient in the world to receive a DeBakey child heart pump.
The DeBakey ventricular assist device, which is named after famed heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey, helps weakened hearts pump blood through the body by supplementing the pumping ability of the left ventricle. Adult patients have been known to survive up to a year with the device.
Four weeks ago, Anna was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Her heart muscle had enlarged to the point where it would stiffen instead of pump blood, and had begun to deteriorate. The doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital gave her a scaled-down model of the DeBakey pump on March 26 to keep her alive while she waited for a heart transplant.
It didn’t arrive in time. Anna Grudziecke died on April 11.

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  1. Aunt Debra Grudziecke-Blake

    My dear Darling Angel Girl Anna. Today we had to place you to rest. You are right now buried in a cemetary next to a stable that has the black and white pony that you wanted for your sixth birthday I can close my eyes and see you on this pony. Angel girl so many people love you and you will be missed so dearly by all especially your Mom and Dad and Brothers Will and Joh. Rest in Peace Angel girl and our love for you will remain in our hearts forever.
    All our Love,
    Aunt Debra and Cousins Adam and Zak

  2. Amy King

    My Sweet Anna,
    Lillies of white and
    chocolates galore,
    Closing my eyes
    I see you once more..
    Eggs of pastel colors,
    baskets of fun,
    Your smile as wonderful
    as the morning sun..
    Girls in lace dresses
    and boys in bow ties..
    Nothing is as beautiful
    as those baby blue eyes..
    Church bells are ringing,
    each sit in a pew,
    Remembering your laugh
    and how much I miss you..
    Easter bunny is coming,
    children are believing..
    My heart is in pain,
    I am still grieving..
    Families come together
    at the table to dine,
    If I could just see
    you again Sunshine..
    Anna I am going to miss you so much…
    Love, Amy

  3. Aunt Debra

    Fluff Up The Clouds Anna’s On Her Way
    Call Heaven there’s an Angel
    That’s coming home today.
    Our hearts are sad and broken
    Because Anna couldn’t stay.
    Fluff up the clouds and lay Anna
    Gently in your care.
    Place the tiny halo
    Softly in her long golden hair.
    Our arms will never hold her
    Our lips will never kiss
    The velvet of her cheeks
    We were not prepared for this.
    In our hearts will be a huge hole
    Where always you will be.
    Because we wanted you so much
    Our hearts will always grieve.
    How sad we had to lose you
    But we know that this was best.
    Sleep softly precious Angel Girl
    In Gods eternal rest.
    Dear Anna we miss you so very much but you will live forever in our hearts.
    All Our Love and Prayers,
    Aunt Debra and COusins Adam and Zak

  4. Laci King ( Anna's Cousin)

    Anna Banana you meant the World to me!
    (March 17,1998-April 11,2004)
    People never knew just how much she meant to me
    They knew you by name, but it’s still not the same
    Her eyes so bright, her smile so wide
    We alwayslet her know we were right there by her side
    Now she’s gone from me and you
    Now we have no reason to be blue
    We loved her, She loved us
    And we have to try not to fuss
    She said goodbye and gave you a kiss
    Now all we can do is reminis
    Why does God take the best to love
    Up to that great big world above?
    Her memory will never leave
    Her kind and gentle smile will always be seen
    Never forget her, Never let her leave your mind
    Tell her you love her, just one more time.

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