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Carlos E. Cisneros


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ccisneros.jpgCarlos Enrique Cisneros, the former president of the Cisneros Television Group, died on April 10 from a drug overdose. His death is being investigated as a possible suicide by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. He was 38.
The nephew of media mogul Gustavo Cisneros, Carlos was born in Venezuela and attended private schools in Brazil and the United States. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from American University, then moved to Madrid, where he developed foreign markets for the family business, the Cisneros Group of Companies (CGC).
Cisneros founded the Cisneros Television Group as an offshoot of CGC in 1996, and gained a reputation as a sharp entrepreneur for building a portfolio of a dozen Latin American pay-TV channels. Three years later, he was named a World Economic Forum ”Global Leader for Tomorrow.”
Cisneros, who served on the board of directors of Univision Communications Inc., El Sitio Inc., Univoz Inc. and OneSoft Corp., dedicated his free time to philanthropic ventures. He served two years as the president of the board of trustees for the Miami Art Museum, and raised funds for the United Foundation for AIDS.
In 1999, Miami Metro Magazine named Cisneros one of its 100 sexiest people. The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce named him “Citizen of the Year” in 2001.

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  1. Alexander McMillan

    When someone decides to take their life away…I would say that this decition is made by the person for what they themselves believe to be the best option at the moment. What were the specific thouughts that CEC had at that moment in his mind, we will never know. However, we must respect the decition that he made, not only because we cannot do anything about it now…but because it would be an insult to his memory and disruption of his peace.
    Where ever he may be now, we can just hope that he is no longer in the tremendous emotional pain.

  2. diego cisneros

    Deeply saddened by the death of the cousin I never met but proud of what he accomplished.
    Carlos Enrique was a star.

  3. Alvin Lord Morales

    I am sorry for your lost of a wonderful son. My heart and tears go out to him. You have my blessing during the difficult time.
    Alvin Lord Morales

  4. Andres E. Rodriguez

    Today is Sunday July 10, 2005. There have passed 14 months since I lost a brother. I respected his decision from the begining for the simple reason that he ALWAYS was an unconditional friend. We were best friends, and I will never forget that he has one of the most wonderful souls I have encountered in my live. God is, and will, always be with him. He will be with all of us. Yours Ever, Andres E. Rodriguez. New York City.

  5. susannyc

    It’s been almost two years and yet I feel you sneaking up on me at times, willing me to do better, be stronger, take it all less seriously. I like to think that your lightness of spirit has been left behind for us. I have found you on colorado trails, swiss villages, meetings where i am out of my depth and above all, when i am alone and wondering what your final moments were like. I pray that you knew you were loved for yourself — incandescent, imperfect, maddening, generous, agile, brilliant and human.

  6. Victoria

    What a beautiful tribute for Carlos Enrique.
    My last memories of him were seeing him walk down 60th street and lighting up the sidewalk with his smile. This will haunt me forever.

  7. Alicia Elana

    Only you could engage in a long conversation with Mamatina and make her laugh. I will remember you fondly and with love, always your cosin.

  8. Karin Figueroa Cisneros

    You were my cousin, my best friend, the person i loved always. You where always there for me no matter what. And for everyone else. Primo siempre pienso en ti. I miss are long talks and l the everything used to be better after them wish you where he still. Nobody knows how much i miss you. We were so alike in so may ways. But never got to know each other in any of those ways. May you always rest in peace. my beloved cousin.
    Karin Figueroa Cisneros.

  9. Karin Figueroa Cisneros

    Have been thinking of you. It’s been 4 years 4 months and 19 days. I want to pick up the phone still in my hardest of times to talk to you and hear your voice of inspiration. Your support that was endless without even a hesitation. It’s funny I didn’t speak at your funeral for thinking of what would people think. She didn’t know him as well as i did or whatever the case may have been in my head. I regret not speaking.I can hear you laughing tell me who cares what they think just say what you want. Which would of course always work and make me chuckle. hahaha. I loved it when you would call me back from out of the blue and tell me he cuz I’m in Tahiti or I’m in Turks and Caicos. You where always traveling somewhere,but without a care in the world you always gave your time to talk to me and everyone around you that needed you. Carlos Enrique I loved you then as I still love you now. Miss you terribly your where my best friend and confident. I still love you and miss you cuz. I always will. God Bless now and forever more. I know you are always with me but its so hard not to call you. You would always tell me not to cry when you passed away, but its so hard. love you. see you later. Keep everyone smiling with your free spirited character. your beloved cousin.
    Karin Figueroa Cisneros

  10. Victoria

    Wherever you are, my principito, I hope your birthday was one filled with magic. I will never forget how I use to try to figure out where in the world you were so I could say “Feliz Cumpleanos, Carlos Enrique querido” I hope one day to see you again and we can toast to our mischief making at AU. (so much fun!)

  11. Pamela

    I am shocked by this news, learning about it through google 5 years later. My dear buddy Carlos Enrique. You introduced me to Venezuela on our quick trip to Caracas to meet the family and see the Ms. Venezuela pageant. Oh, you showed the New Englander/New Yorker a wonderful time, and as I shed my tears and think of this adventure, I will always cherish the books of Venuzuela you gave me inscribed with your kind words.
    I know you had troubled times from the death of your father who drowned I think saving you but I am in shock at this news.
    I was your friend, you were ultimately my client and we did your PR for Venevision. You translated the Latin ways for me and always was the most breathtaking man to look at. I’m so glad Miami called you the sexiest, you just were. I will never forget sitting waiting and waiting for our delayed plane to take us to Venezuela and looking at my new client and relaxing as we became friends.
    I probably spoke to you 6 years ago when you called out of the blue. I think I was unable to talk long and that was it…with regrets, with love, with prayers for you and your family.
    as you called me….Pa-Mel-a.
    xxx pamela giddon freedman

  12. Lidia Zaza-Sciolli

    Desde Suiza, toda nuestra familia recuerda tu sonrisa y tu gran amabilidad. Recuerdo la gracia que te hacía mandarme postales de Londres a Pura, pues mi direccion era tan corta (dos lineas) que no podías ni creerlo. Y de repente, viajando por Europa, uno te cruzaba en la arena de Verona. Ojalà y descanses en paz. Lidia Sciolli

  13. Olga S.

    I still remember you Carlos and with sadness I say that I will always remember your smile and those penetrating eyes which I was so platonically in love with. It was a pleasure to have known you and I still have the candles you brought from your visit to France and gave me for my birthday, I will always remember you.

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