Dorothy E. Tate cared for 680 children.
Born in Evans, Colo., Tate dropped out of high school and married James A. Tate Sr., in 1937. After several moves, they settled into a farmhouse near Denver. The couple had a son and a daughter, but in 1956, they decided to become foster parents. Over the next 23 years, they accepted hundreds of children from various backgrounds into their home.
Some of the youths stayed for a night, others remained for more than 12 years. It was not always an easy enterprise — a few of the troubled children robbed the Tates or threatened to kill them — but most reveled in their stable and loving home.
Dorothy’s husband died in 1999. Their son, James Tate Jr. and his wife Sharon continue the family’s tradition of helping others; they’ve already taken in 200 foster children.
Tate died on March 23. Cause of death was not released. She was 84.