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Nadia Khan


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Nadia Khan, a British film director, was killed by a train on May 25. She was 27.
Khan was working as the second assistant director on the Bollywood film, “Mumbai Central,” when the accident occurred. She was standing on track 6 at the Mahalakshmi railway station in Mumbai, talking on her cell phone, when a local train struck her from behind. Khan died minutes after arriving at the hospital.
Director Kaizad Gustad and other members of the film crew told authorities that Khan was run over by a truck and did not die on the movie set location. During the course of the investigation, the Government Railway Police realized the story was a lie. On June 2, authorities arrested Gustad, and charged him with filing a false complaint, negligence during shooting and fabrication of evidence. Another member of the film’s crew and a transit police officer were also arrested in connection with the case.
Khan studied film and media at London University. After graduation, she traveled to India to assist Gustad in his filmmaking ventures.

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  1. Aliyah

    Reading the article over and over
    I am reading the same words once, twice, three times over
    Trying to focus on what the report is saying.
    Is it true? I can

  2. Ruby

    Dear Mooshi,
    I will never accept that you’re gone. I wish I had stopped you from going to that god forsaken place! But no amount of regret will bring you back……a void is left in all our hearts because we didn’t get enough of you and your heart of gold. You’ll live on forever in everyone’s hearts. Peace be with you and may you live eternally in a better place than this world!
    Love you,

  3. Juanita

    Dear Mooshi
    You brought so much laughter into my life; you were always so full of passion, creative, smart and open-minded; you were in so many ways a inspiration and someone I highly revered. You followed your dreams and put all your energy into everything you believed in. You really were a very special person, I for one will never forget you. May your soul rest in peace.
    All by love,
    Juanita Cox

  4. Huma

    I miss you beyond belief. It seems my whole life rotates around you now. Never knew you would go like this and never knew it would be SO painful without you. Everything in our room speaks of you and is disoriented in search of ‘our’ loved one… There’s a big silent question that hangs in the air asking “where is our Mooshi.” I miss you Mooshi and love you lots & lots. Allah tumhein sakoon de aur tumhein khush rakhey, jahan bhi ho. You are in my prayers ALL the time…. 🙁
    Your Humi.

  5. Roheel

    Just to say im missing you like mad! Your a true angel and may your soul rest in Peace.
    My prayer and thoughts are with you at all times.
    Your friend
    Roheel. (AKA LILLY). x

  6. nishant waghmare

    dear nadia its true we havent met or seen eachother. but we shared a lotsa joys through the internet. i havent see u but u goin to god’s place so soon is still hurting me a lot. i was not able to control my emotions when i got the news of ur death and askedd god y do u call good people to u so soon as some people are in need of such person as NADIA for her affection and the trusting attitude she used to carry. it is more shameful to know tht she departed from human world from our country away from ur parents. i wish today also we both were together laughing and enjoying every second of life. i hope to join u soon with the angels surrounding u. but for now i know u r around me somewhere keepin an eye on ur loved ones. i promise u when we take a new birth i’ll be glad to be more close to u and share all the happy moments i wanted to in this life. loving u most NISHANT

  7. Komal Khan

    Dear Nadia
    Words can not describe the effect you had on all of our lives.I’m sure that no one will ever forget what a great person you were and how you always managed to cheer everyone up. Still cant believe that you have gone but I know that all of us will think of you always and you’ll be in a special place in all of our hearts.In such a short time you managed to touch so many hearts.
    Forever Gone but Forever in Our Hearts
    The caring prayers, the shaking shock –
    This awful news my world did rock.
    No one knew how it happened or why.
    We were all so sad; it made me cry.
    How unfair it should have happened now –
    Won’t someone ever tell me how?
    Her tears had dried, her pain had healed;
    And God chose this time for her life to yield.
    It’s later now, while we’ve moved on –
    We miss her as though she had just gone.
    We’ll never forget all the good she did,
    Even though, to her our farewells we’ve bid.
    We love her still, we miss her yet;
    And on this I’ll forever bet.
    If she is truly in our hearts,
    From us she’ll never be truly apart.
    Take care Nadia and may you always be happy where ever you are.
    God Bless you!!!!!!
    Thinking of you always

  8. Zabz

    Nadia khan
    Not knowing you personally will not stop me from feeling the pain.
    As a blessing you came
    Duas are many, tears too



  10. nadia pal

    Blessed one, life and soul of every gathering, thinking of you always, may you rest in peace with Allah by your side and may the person responsible for your early passing rest no more for what he did was calculated evil.
    Friend, London xxx

  11. Huma

    Nadia, My Mooshi..
    Every day seems more painful and difficult to endure. I often find myself speaking to you in silence… somehow I feel so strong about your presence here with me, with all of us. I once heard that the deceased come back to pay visits to their relatives & loved ones and now I know it’s true. But Mooshi, for us and for the whole world you will never be classified as ‘gone,’ for you forever remain in our everyday thoughts and prayers. You hold a place in our hearts that is irrevocable. May Allah bless your soul in tranquillity and shower his blessings upon you always. Illah-hey Ameen.

  12. family friend

    I would just like to express my condolences, I know the family especially the mother quite well. I was very shocked to hear the news, and I feel the family’s pain. Nadia was definately a very ambitious,loud and bubbly character. It’s a shame I did not get to meet her on many occassions. A wonderful family she belonged to. I can only pray for her and her familys peace.

  13. dani

    Mooshi! It was the shock of my life when i heard the news. I was not able to believe that something like this can happen with such a nice person like you.Now as i am among your family and sitting in your room and looking at your stuff, i miss you more and more. But as you i promise that i will look after humi, i will never forget that and will do my best to fulfill the promise. May GOD rest your soul in peace :Ameen:

  14. Syma

    I’ve heard a lot about you from a friend that misses u alot. Its hard to express feelings and understand ones hurt.I know you were a good friend to him and i wish i had got to know you as well,i was saying to him its amazing someone with so much ambition has such a quick ending

  15. Baj

    A rose may lose its bloom, but its fragrance lingers on,
    A bird may fly away, yet we can still recall its song,
    So when someone who is loved, departs to join God above,
    They will live and laugh and be with us in memories of love.
    Happy Birthday Mooshi xxxxx
    Love you and miss you

  16. Huma

    Those who bloom in the hearts of others, never fades away…
    Nothing can ever heal the pain of loosing you, but it is your sweet memories that keeps us going.
    As the world celebrates your birthday in loving memory of you, I celebrate you & the beautiful bond we both shared.
    Nadia you have given us all so many memories to cherish forever. On your Birthday, here is a gift from me to say that no matter where we are you will always be close to my heart.
    May your soul rest in peace…
    …remembering you today & always.
    Lots of love…
    Your Humi.

  17. Aliza

    Dear Nadia Khala,
    I love you so much!! All the places you took me,bowling,boating,movies,Nando’s. I don’t want to do any of those things again.I sometimes think that when I go to London, I’m going to go to see this movie with Nadia Khala or challenge her to a bowling match. Then I remember that it’s simply not possible. It’s just so painful. They say that your kismet is written on your forehead. Allah creates you and the day you will be taken from this world. Nadia Khala was always in a hurry. She was living her life each and every day. I can still feel her enveloping me in hugs and avalanching me with kisses. I love you Nadia Khala, now and always. I will never forget your smiling face and the joy and happiness it brought me.

  18. Unknown

    Jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hai, janey koun aas-paas hota hai.
    Ye tanhaai, ye veraani, ye bey-bassi ka alam.. ye pareshaani, ye judaai, tumharey paas aaney ka intezaar rehta hai…..
    Jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hai, janey koun aas-paas hota hai.

  19. baj

    Dear Nadia,
    Ever since you’ve gone, there is nothing but sadness and woe in our lives – the laughter and happiness has faded away with you….nothing seems important anymore, nothing is going right – everything’s wrong. There is turmoil all around. The realization that nothing remains eternally predominates our lives and that thought gives way to deep depression. How can someone so full of life and laughter be gone? How will we carry on with our lives without you – the reason we all laughed? Miss you beyond all reasoning and as time passes, it just gets worse….the pain intensifies instead of easing. You’re constantly in my thoughts. Until we meet again……..
    love you and miss you

  20. Shereen

    The word ‘sweeeet’ goes round in my head all the time. the way you use to say it to me. Naielah, heena and mum all dont ever stop thinking bout u..no1 does. i remmebered you on independance day.looking for you..you were the life and soul of 14th august.
    missing you loads

  21. nailah

    well nadia what can i say. everyone goes of the world one day. Its allah who chooses your death. on his command you come on this world and on his command you leave. when your in your mothers womb you say to allah that you dont want to come to this world but allah promises you that he will take you back to him one day. you are under the guidance of allah now who will protect you. i am writing this because i know the pain youre family must be going through. my uncle past away yesterday and every one is devastated. everyone is mourning but not any one of us realise that everyone is gods gift to us so he gives us it and takes it back when he feels like it so you should always be ready. if you cry allah will not punish you but punish the person you are crying for so because allah will ask the person who has died that why are they crying what have you taken from them that they are crying. and you will say nothing my hands are empty. dont cry but pray for your loved ones. and inshallah you will see them when it is gods wish.

  22. Huma

    Dearest Nadia,
    Eid came and went, my birthday came and went, New Year’s Eve & all the celebrations along with it came and went…. All occasions now come & go like normal but nothing is normal without you, things are just not the same anymore. Those very familiar occasions that we once so looked forward to, now just seem unfamiliar, just like another day…
    So many events have passed so many days have passed but even then your memories surround us like it was just yesterday… I still can’t forget your face – how it was, all the smiles, the laughter and the mischieviousness and the last image I will always have of you. Often in my dreams I have seen you smiling warmly at me and that itself gives me reason to smile ALL day. I know you are still around because the feeling is so strong… and I guess it’s because we always had a special bond that no-one else ever had with you. You’re the reason why I want to do things in life not only for myself but for you.
    I hope that Allah [The Almighty] keeps you happy always and that you are as you appear in my dreams – smiling contently and in peace & tranquility (Ameen).
    Love you loads Mooshi, thinking of you ALWAYS….
    Your Humi.

  23. shabo

    Nadia ur death has meso badly and gave me the most shocking news of my life.U were the main Ronak on Humi’s wedding.When ever i saw that movie i cry like anything.I didn’t removed ur name and number from my mobile as u were very special to me and will be always and all of us living in Pakistan.May u rest in peace and our duas are always with u.

  24. Huma

    My Dearest Mooshi,
    I miss you SO much. This date last year was the last time we spoke…
    I remember you calling me up whilst at work and although I wasn’t really meant to take personal calls (or at least for that long) I just wanted to carry on talking to you because you sounded so nice, so chirpy, extremely happy & so satisfied with everything around you.
    We spoke for 45 minutes and your voice seemed to fill me up with joy. I felt truly happy that things were working out for you and that life was treating you well. You loved everything around you and loved the fact that you was in India enjoying the warm weather – you were SO happy…
    For a second I even felt scared about you being so happy & full of joy (even though you have always been like that), scared because you had waited so long for things to work out and to feel elated as you were that someone or something might just take that away from you. But I prayed to Almighty Allah that you would always remain happy just as you were then and keep you safe from harm & hopefully nothing will happen….
    I also remember thinking I wanted you to come back asap so we could sit face-to-face and just talk for hours & hours, just like old times, just like we used to. I remember we used to get a scolding for talking throughout the nights and we would laugh it off or would tell ourselves another five minutes & then we’ll go sleep……. but those five minutes always ended up being hours.
    I miss those laughs we used to have, I miss your mischieviousness, I miss you being naughty & forever trying to make me laugh. I miss your cute faces that you used to pull just so that I would laugh… I miss your presence wherever I am or whatever I’m doing… Wish I could get you back somehow but I can’t so I pray to Almighty Allah to keep you happy wherever you are and I hope my prayers reach out to you.
    You are missed greatly and are forever in our prayers.
    Love your Humi.

  25. Mandy Shepherd

    It was in 1993 that I met Nadia – cheeky, cheerful and always fun. I had gone to Islamabad for her sister Ruby’s wedding. Nadia was a good friend to me while I stayed in her parents house, though she tried to teach me rude words in Urdu! I have only just found out about this tradegy and I am so shocked and upset.
    Although I have lost touch with Ruby I have wonderful memories of those times and I wish to pass on my sincerest condolences to her, Lubna and Huma, and of course Mr and Mrs Khan.
    With greatest affection,

  26. Aliza

    Life is like a song… Sing it.
    Life is like a challenge… Pursue it.
    Life is like a sacrifice… Offer it.
    Life is love… Enjoy it.
    And you did 🙂
    I Love you,
    Aliza xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  27. Michele

    I knew you only briefly but from what I saw you lived life on your own terms and to the fulliest. You had a very special presence, and I am sure you are missed. I had the fortunate chance of meeting you during Huma and Dani’s wedding, you were the life of party. You will be greatly missed. The sadest part of your death is that the world will not get to see the great work you would have done, see your great accomplishments, and the name you would’ve made in the world. I pray for you and your family. Rest in peace.

  28. Michele

    I knew you only briefly but from what I had seen of you, you lived life on your own terms and to the fulliest. You had a very special presence, and a great sense of humor. I had the fortunate chance of meeting you during Huma and Dani’s wedding, you were the life of the party. You will be greatly missed. The sadest part of your death is that the world will not get to see the great work you would have done, see your great accomplishments, and the name you would’ve made in the world. I pray for you and your family. Rest in peace.

  29. Anny Khan

    Hi all.
    i dont know any of you. I was searchjing for an old friend with the same name Nadia Khan and found this page.
    Its really sad to hear about thsi nice girl Nadia Khan.
    She was from Islamabad I guess. I am from Islamabad too. It really touched me.
    I can only pray for her and her family.
    May ALLAH give strength to her parents and other family members.
    If anyone of you have a picture of her please email me at qanne_22@hotmail.com. I just want to see this girl who is loved and missed by everyone.
    Anny Khan.

  30. baj

    If tears could build a stairway
    and memories a lane,
    we’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.
    No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye,
    only sorrow remains, and only God knows why.
    You are forever in our hearts and missed every moment. Happy Birthday my dear Mooshi – you would have been 28 now, we still feel you are with us and yet we cannot see you or hear your vivacious voice.
    Love you.

  31. farida

    sorry for tresspassing i did not know nadia or her family. i had read about nadia’s untimely death and had prayed for her sole and the family but as we humans can some times be inconsiderate and don’t understand pain until we suffer it ourselves, i also moved on with my life. today i accidentely ended up on this site and have realised that whilst we all go on with our lives the people close to nadia will never live life as they had before this tragedy. i was in tears whilst reading your msgs and cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling. i am ever so sorry for your loss and pray that allah talah grants nadia a place in janat and gives you sabr and himmat to carry on with your lives.
    plz accept my apology for intruding

  32. Huma

    Dearest Nadia,
    You’re missed profoundly even today.
    Even though changes in our lives have taken place, I still wish somehow you were here so that we could have enjoyed life’s little pleasures together. We try so hard to make things seem as they were yesterday with you around us but it’s a bitter fact that things will just not be the same anymore. I think we are trying to fool ourselves when we say time will heal & things will get better…. maybe it will who knows…
    I see you almost every other day in dreams that are maybe trying to tell me something but I fail to understand; in dreams that haunt me and leave me puzzled & restless throughout the day. I wish there was a way in which deceased family members could speak to us… just to let us know that they are okay.
    I guess the least I can do is pray for you and sincerely hope you are okay my dear mooshi… I don’t like to see you crying like that.
    May Allah give you peace & happiness
    Love your Humi.

  33. Huma

    To Dear Farida,
    You posted a message on this site on the 1st of Dec 2005.
    You do not need to apologise as it is kind enough of you to pray for someone you don’t know. In fact it was very sweet of you to give dua to Nadia my sister & I truly hope your prayer was heard. May Allah give you health, happiness & good blessings always.
    Nadia – you have another person wishing you who doesn’t even know you. It seems like the world prays for you & thinks of you with kind thoughts. May Allah keep this ronak of yours alive forever.

  34. Huma

    My Dearest Nadia,
    Not a day goes by without thinking of you. I’m certain all who knew you feel the same. It makes me wonder will time ever heal the gap that has formed since you departed our lives, will we ever feel the way we used to when you were around, how much longer will we have to live missing you like this…..
    I felt like writing a poem for you which I’m sure you would have appreciated had you read it yourself but here goes anyway….
    “Dil Ke Rishtey Bhi Ajeeb Hotey Hein
    Door Reh-kar Bhi Kareeb Hotey Hein,
    Jou Loug Tum Ko Chahtey Hein
    Wo Kis Tarah Apni Zindagi Guzaar-tey Hein.
    Pyar Itna Hee Karo Ke Dil Behel Jaye
    Iss Qadar Bhi Na Chaho Ke Dam Nikal Jaye,
    Tu Itna Pyar Kar Jitna Tu Seh Sakey
    Bicharna Bhi Parey Tou Zindah Reh Sakey.”
    Love you loads,
    Your Humi.

  35. madiha

    Dear Huma.
    May God give u courage to bear this great loss.i can feel ur pain cause i lost my dearest friend two years back.may God rest her soul in peace.”hasrat unn ghunchoon pay hai,jo bin khilay murjha gae”

  36. Huma

    I thought TIME was supposed to heal us? How come then that your second anniversary is approaching and the wound is getting deeper, the pain is being renewed…. your absence is becoming more hurtful….
    If only we had the answers to such questions…
    If only we had the truth about your untimely departure…
    Miss you always & always…
    Lots of love,
    Your Humi.

  37. razia

    hi nadia i am razia from sanghar i regulery waching break fast with nadia khan youm look like a fairy . your daughter’s name lizze is beauti ful name insha allah allah make lizze same you and plz one question . what is your husband’s name? and your drama is so naice plz awnser me . good by nadia

  38. Huma

    My Dearest Nadia,
    Tomorrow two years ago we got your devastating news. Tomorrow two years ago we were frozen by the cold shocking news of your death that changed our world forever. I still remember when I was told about you… my mind kept telling me that you’re in hospital and that you will be okay. I just couldn’t accept the horror of you being taken away from us. I just couldn’t tell my mind to accept reality. I was shaking all over when I finally realised I was crying and that what I was being told was true…..
    Time has gone by so fast yet it feels as though we only got the news yesterday. May 25th 2004 and tomorrow will be two years.
    You were a gift from Allah to spread happiness, joy & laughter and we were & are truly blessed to have you in our family.
    May your soul have eternal peace and may your vibrant happiness spread out wherever you are.
    Love you and miss you lots,
    Your Humi.

  39. Baj

    Dear Nadie,
    I pray for you today as two years have passed since the day we lost you. Life goes on for everyone – but your dreams and ambitions were cut short. You never got to be the film-maker you wanted to become. Everyone tells me, it was your time. But why can’t I accept that?
    I am now re-living all the awful events of that terrible day when I heard the shattering news. It still pains my heart to think you are gone. The world has been deprived of a wonderful, intelligent, talented and bubbly, loving person.
    May you be happy wherever you are. Allah rest your soul and forgive you any wrongs. May you be accepted to paradise and watch over us. We all miss you terribly and your loss has left a huge void in our lives.
    Love you and miss you.

  40. NADIA

    I dont know any of you but im am so deeply saddened by reading the messages from Nadia’s loved ones. My name is also Nadia Khan, i was just browsing the net and found this page.
    What a tragedy, it bought tears to my eyes…
    Life takes a very big turn when you lose someone so close, so suddenly. Nothing seems to matter anymore.
    I lost my dad almost 5 years ago and nothing has ever been the same. Eid, birthdays, other celebrations go by as normal days for me and my family. But yet we have to get on with it every day with the thought that he is in a better place, waching over us.
    Huma, i beleive you were Nadia’s sister….i feel so deeply for you and your family’s loss and i know there are no words to say that could make you feel better so im not gonna try… only you will know your pain, i pray for you and your familys strength to get through with life!
    …Allah janat naseeb kare uss ko!!!!
    Take care
    xXx Nadia xXx

  41. Huma

    My Dearest Nadia,
    I know it has been ages since I last wrote something for you but I hope you know that I have been thinking about you continuously.. In fact I think you do know otherwise you probably would not come into my dreams like that. Again you came in my dreams to make me laugh – I love you too.
    Jaan, had you been here I would have made sure we celebrated your birthday like you’ve never celebrated it before. However, as you are not here, and I’m not sure if it makes sense to wish someone happy birthday once they have left us, but I would like to wish you from the bottom of my heart a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow. I can’t wish you ‘May Allah grant you a long life with happiness & joy’ and so I pray to Allah that you are forever at peace and that you find happiness around you wherever you are. I pray that Almighty Allah gives you internal tranquility all the time and that you always remain content. Allah tumhein jannat naseeb karey (Ameen).
    As always, I miss you like crazy.
    Lots of love to my mooshi who would’ve celebrated her birthday tomorrow.
    Your Humi, now and always.

  42. Huma

    Not a day goes by without you coming into my thoughts… and whenever you do I say a little heartfelt prayer for you to let you know that I’m thinking of you too….
    I realise you have become dependent upon our prayers, for us to ask the Almighty Lord to give you peace and happiness wherever you are….. I’m sure my prayers reach out to you so I hope your dependency is eased….
    Missing you today as always.

  43. Huma

    Hey Mooshi,
    Am missing you a lot lately and was meaning to write but didn’t get round to it.
    You know, it seems like the world revolves around you now… You’ve gone and so have friends, makes me realise how temporary these friendships are but I guess life itself is so temporary.
    Every time I eat something I think of you…
    Every time I go somewhere I think of you…
    Everything I do I think of you….
    Every prayer involves a prayer for you…
    Every time I speak to someone there is something or the other that reminds me of you… But I like that because your thoughts cheer me up. I end up telling the person I’m talking to what you said or did and we laugh. See you were that kind of person, full of laughter, full of life…
    Missing you today like I do everyday. May Allah rest your soul in peace and give you contentment.
    Love you always,
    Your Humi.

  44. aliza

    missing you dearly today. we always remember you and not a day goes by that I dont think of you. may you rest in peace.
    love always,
    aliza xoxoxoxoxo

  45. aliza

    Found myself today
    Oh I found myself and ran away
    Something pulled me back
    The voice of reason I forgot I had
    All I know is you’re not here to say
    What you always used to say
    But it’s written in the sky tonight
    So I won’t give up
    No I won’t break down
    Sooner than it seems life turns around
    And I will be strong
    Even if it all goes wrong
    When I’m standing in the dark I’ll still believe
    Someone’s watching over me
    Seen that ray of light
    And it’s shining on my destiny
    Shining all the time
    And I wont be afraid
    To follow everywhere it’s taking me
    All I know is yesterday is gone
    And right now I belong
    To this moment to my dreams
    So I won’t give up
    No I won’t break down
    Sooner than it seems life turns around
    And I will be strong
    Even if it all goes wrong
    When I’m standing in the dark I’ll still believe
    Someone’s watching over me
    It doesn’t matter what people say
    And it doesn’t matter how long it takes
    Believe in yourself and you’ll fly high
    And it only matters how true you are
    Be true to yourself and follow your heart
    So I won’t give up
    No I won’t break down
    Sooner than it seems life turns around
    And I will be strong
    Even if it all goes wrong
    When I’m standing in the dark I’ll still believe
    That I won’t give up
    No I won’t break down
    Sooner than it seems life turns around
    And I will be strong
    Even when it all goes wrong
    When I’m standing in the dark I’ll still believe
    That someone’s watching over
    Someone’s watching over
    Someone’s watching over me
    Someone’s watching over me

  46. Baj

    I still feel the pain of losing you….and still cannot come to terms with it. Why? All we have for you now are prayers. May Allah bless you with peace and Jannat. Ameen.

  47. fozia

    Asalamalaykum.i accidently came on this site. i am so sorry for your loss- huma and family. after reading these heartfelt messages i have done nothing but cry.i have also lost my neice. she was only 4years old.this was the most devestating event in my life. not a day goes buy without thinking of her. nadia seemed to be a beautiful person who is being missed so deeply by her friends and family.. inshahallah she will have gone to janat. keep praying for her. read surat yasin.i truely feel your pain. may allahtalah help you find peace. im sorry for intruding.x fozia

  48. Baj

    Dearest Nadia,
    I’m thinking about you today…missing you, wondering where you are? Are you at peace? Really missing your funny baatein. Wish you were still with us. You would have been so proud of Aliza (who reminds me so much of you). she just graduated, and is moving to High school to pursue her dreams..she has all these elaborate dreams of making docu-dramas. she not only resembles you, but says things that I swear I’ve heard you say before. Funny how heredity works.

  49. Huma

    Dearest Nadia,
    I’m missing you again….
    It’s true, just thinking of you and the things you used to do really brightens up my days and your fond memories always bring a smile to my face.
    Kahan challi-gayee ho Nadia, itnee shouk, itnee chanchal, itnee khushiyoun ke saath.
    You know each year you and I used to wait for the summer so bad, this year there was hardly a summer to enjoy… everything was sad and down, grey and gloomy – kind of like the situation of our hearts really with you not being around.
    This coming Friday you would have celebrated another year of your life had you been here and I know for sure we would have had a great time. For some reason the 24th of August doesn’t mean anything anymore.. it was attached to you, it was your day but you’re not here anymore so we don’t feel like celebrating it anymore….. Although there is the attachment with you, it doesn’t bring joy to me anymore like it would have if you were still around… it just brings painful feelings and a heart heavy with your saddened and most tragic loss… it breaks my heart each time I think of how you were snatched away from us, from our home filled with happiness and cheerfulness where we had no worry in the world, where we would just giggle over silly little things that would only make sense to us…
    As always Nadia, I can only give myself comfort in knowing and praying that you are somewhere where it is peaceful and where you are happy. Prayers go out to you all the time Nadia and will do for as long as I live.
    Miss you loads…
    Your Humi.

  50. Huma

    My Dearest Nadia,
    “Happy Birthday!”
    It’s sad that you are no longer around and I’m wishing happy birthday to you… feel so empty, feel so much pain…
    May Allah rest your soul in peace and comfort always and may Allah reward you in the hereafter.
    Love you lots Mooshi…
    Your Humi

  51. asad

    hiiiiii,this is asad memon from ghotki.
    i hv a msg for nadia khan
    nadia khan g i really likes ur programme coofe with na\dia khan show
    i likes ur style and voice u r so beautifull and im ur big fan.
    from asad memon

  52. aliza

    When I was given the news of your death, I remember I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry when anybody else was, perhaps I was in shock. But today, for the first time, I cried. I cried for an hour because I think the news really only sunk in now. Isn’t it odd? And as time goes on, I miss you more and more. I always think that you and I would have had so much more in common and I really wish i could talk to you. It seems as though you’re the only person I can talk to…and you’re not even in here. Just certain moments in my life that I’d never done with you before, I now find myself so bitter at the fact that I didn’t grab those 9 years of my life with you. I just let them flow out of my grip and wither away. Now, I only have a memory of you and very often I catch myself smiling at random times in the day, just thinking about what we could have done together. Missing you more than ever.
    Love you,

  53. aliza

    dear nadia khala,
    i miss you more than ever. today is nano’s birthday and i remember how you would really go out of your way to make her day special. we all miss you so much. i just want you to come back; i miss you so much. there are so many things i wish i could tell you. i cry so much more than i used to because i realize how much we would have gotten along. i miss your contagious laugh and smile that would brighten up everyone’s hearts. it feels so weird because time is flying and everyone is moving on. your memory is fading and it is up to everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting you to keep it alive. may your soul live on forever in the things you loved to do and the people who you loved. i love you so much and you will always be my hero. may Allah forever be with you and watch over you. your loving niece, eeza <3 XOXOXO

  54. Baj

    It’s been four years today since we our world was rocked by your death. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I know now that you are definitely with us, watching over us making mistakes which we don’t know we’re making. I pray for Allah to accept you into Paradise and forgive all our sins. Please send your message to your loved ones not to live suppressed and compromised lives, but for yourself – as you always did. Your spirit lives on. Love u & miss you. London will never be the same without you.

  55. Baj

    It has been four year since your death but I still miss you and wait for you. I feel as though you have gone somewhere and will be back soon to tell us all about it. I feel your presence and know you are watching us. The whole family is not the same since you’ve gone. Everyone has changed and don’t care anymore. But I miss you and know that you miss us too. Well at least I know you’d be happy to see me living my life the way I want to – not by others’ commands. I know what you wanted.

  56. Huma

    Dear Mooshi,
    It’s been a long time since I last wrote something for you but hey, I miss you everyday jaan, every moment of my life. I see the places here that we went to together, I see the station, the roads, the restaurants, I see my house, everything….., and can’t help thinking of you my Mooshi. I see you in my dreams often and believe you me that gives me so much relief to see you in peace and to see you smile. I think I’m the only lucky one to see you every so often and I can only thank the Almighty that you come to visit me through my dreams.
    Was in the car the other day and this song came on and I burst into tears… From the moment you left us I have dedicated this song for you…..
    “Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show
    I laced the track, you locked the flow
    So far from hangin’ on the block for dough
    Notorius they got to know that
    Life ain’t always what it seem to be.
    Words can’t express what you mean to me!
    Even though you’re gone we still a team
    Thru our family I’ll fulfill your dreams
    In the future can’t wait to see if you’ll
    Open up the gates for me.
    Reminisce sometime the night they took my sister, my friend,
    Try to black it out, but it plays again
    When it’s real feelings hard to conceal
    Can’t imagine all the pain I feel.
    Give anything to hear half your breath
    I know you still livin’ your life after death.
    Every step I take
    Every move I make
    Every single day
    Everytime I pray
    I’ll be missing you
    Thinking of the day
    When you went away
    What a life to take
    What a bond to break
    I’ll be missing you
    (We miss you alot…)
    It’s kinda hard with you not around
    Know you in Heaven smilin’ down
    Watching us while we pray for you
    Everyday we pray for you.
    Till the day we meet again
    In my heart is where I keep you friend
    Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
    Strength I need to believe that you’re okay.
    My thoughts, Big, I just can’t define
    Wish I could turn back the hands of time.
    Still can’t believe you’re gone
    Would give anything to hear half your breath
    I know you still livin’ your life after death.
    Every night I pray
    Every step I take
    Every move I make
    Every single day
    Every night I pray
    Every step I take
    Every move I make
    Every single day
    Every night I pray
    Every step I take
    Every move I make
    Every single day
    Every night I pray
    Every step I take
    Every move I make
    Every single day…..”
    Love you loads Nadia.
    Missing you today and always….
    Love from your Humi.

  57. Your Baj

    It would have been your birthday today and we would have called and wished you a good one. But wherever you are, we’re thinking of you.
    Life goes on, with its complexities and disappointments – I know you can see them too. Wish you were here to see how much has changed – and people, they change too, but we’ll always remember you with a smile.
    Love u & miss you.

  58. Nyla

    Nadia Huni
    i did it! i finally got married mashallah and found the man of my dreams!
    why am i telling you this! becuase if you were there i know you would have made the mehndi rock! i went around to your mums to give the invitation and i will never forget sitting there and thinking if you were there, you would have planned the whole thing!
    it was the most amazing day ever mashalalh, you would be proud of us Maliks!
    sorry its taken me long to write on here, but i couldnt find this blog, but i have now!
    hope you are resting in peace.
    forever and always in our thoughts.

  59. Huma

    My dear Nadia,
    It has been a long time… visiting this blog I mean, but hey I miss you every day regardless. There are things she does that remind me of you, in fact are SO YOU that I know God has instilled your qualities in her. She makes me laugh like you used to; she’s so understanding already, exactly like you. She wants my attention always, just like you used to; she does anything for my smile just like you used to.
    I hope my prayers reach out to you – they’re the only gift I can give you now. I wish you were here to see how things have progressed, I’m sure you would have loved them to bits.
    Love you loads mooshi, my mooshi…..
    Miss you always,
    Love your Humi

  60. Huma

    “Some people have three kinds of worry at one time – one that they have had, one that they have now and one that they will have….”
    You were the kind to have only one at a time and thus remained happy for the most part of your life.

  61. Huma

    “Never overlook the one who cares for you a lot, or one day you will realize that while trying to collect stones, you lost a diamond.”
    [Saying by Ali ibne Talib (AS)]
    Thinking of you always my dear Nadia.
    Miss you loads,
    Love….. your Humi.

  62. Your Baj

    Dear Nadi……so much time has passed but we still miss you. You would be so proud to see the kids all grown up. They miss you too and say they’ve lost their “fun khala”. London is just no more fun since you’ve gone. I know that things would have been different if you were there…..but rest in peace wherever you are.
    Love Baj

  63. S.A

    This is so sad. I have an elder sis and can not imagine life without her…….despite he being married and she has moved away. I feel your pain Baj and Humi. Honest, i really do. Nadia seemed so vibrant and full of energy…..the youngest ones are always like that……..so am i. May Allah (SWT)give you the strength to heal your wounds and the courage to carry on. Keep her memories alive……and support your parents as for the loss of a child…..one is greived for life.

  64. Baj

    Six years have passed since your passing,but your smile and laughter remains in our hearts and minds…life goes on, and I know you’re with us watching everything we do. May Allah grant you a place in his heaven.

  65. nadia

    I don’t know you at all n i was only searching someone else with the same name and happened to see this page… I’m really sorry for this nice sweet girl who’s missed n loved by so many people..
    death is always sad but we can;t stop what’s meant to happen.. we can only pray for the departed soul.. May Allah SWT rest her soul on peace.. amen
    and may Allah give sabar to all those who are in any way “linked” to her and who’s hearts she touched and may they always be happy to know that she’s gone to a better place..
    @huma .. im only guessing that may be u r her sister.. we always have somebody in our life who somehow becomes so precious that we just don’t want them to go away.. but life isn’t always about what we want.. If something’s meant to happen, it will one way or the other, we can’t force it.. when people go, the leave behind the memories.. and that’s what we have to cherish forever.. Hold onto those memories tightly.. and keep praying for her and like i said, be happy coz she’s gone to a better place and she’s never far from you.. In fact she’s now closest to u coz she’s living in your heart.. May Allah give you strenght to bear the loss.. Amen

  66. sadaf

    Hi Huma and Ruby,
    Don’t know if you guys remember me but us lot use to spend a lot of time together as children. And I still remember the first time when I met Nadia when she came from Pakistan. I’m really sorry for your loss, and have been reading up about the case it truly is a tragedy and my prayers are with you.
    sadaf M x

  67. zayn

    Happy birthday Nadia Khala ❤️
    I was only 7 years old when you passed, but just a couple days ago I turned 26. I still remember you vividly, your energy always being unmatched. You’ve visited me in my dreams recently, so I know you’re there watching over me and our family. I miss you dearly and thank you for giving me the strength to want to be great. I hope to make sure your legacy lives on forever. Never forgotten ♾

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