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Robert Quine


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Robert Quine, one of punk rock’s most talented and daring lead guitarists, died in New York over the Memorial Day weekend. The police found a note and suspect suicide as the cause of death. Close friend and guitar maker Rick Kelly, who discovered Quine

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  1. Emilio Winschetti

    Dear Robert,
    you were and are one of the greatest guitar players on this planet and I guess – a great spirit. Hope to meet you one day on the other side….

  2. Connie Champagne

    I was saddened to hear about Mr. Quine’s passing. I have been a long time Richard Hell fan, and I loved Quine’s solo work especially on a Voidoids single I still have– “I’m Your Man” (the A-side was “Kid With The Replaceable Head.”
    I did see him perform once with the Voidoids–Quine was true original. Although his playing was passionate, it was also smart and thought-out.
    He will be missed.

  3. brent

    Robert Quine, Thank You For:
    1) Rocking my world with that truly singular metallic sound of yours
    2) Blind Love by Tom Waits where your guitar licks were more memorable than your co-player, Keth Richards
    3) Dusting Lou Reed off, making the Blue Mask—probably the most beautiful guitar album of all time…and you always said so!
    4) Releasing your VU Bootlegs to the public.
    5) Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend.
    Rest in Peace—you made an impression on me and millions of others,
    Brent, Tempe AZ

  4. kresimir

    thnx for the best guitar played (ever) on reed’s waves of fear. in such a small country like mine (croatia)you’ve had some years ago one hour emission on the national first radio programe.

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