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Mose Frink


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Maurice “Mose” Frink, the founder of a national floral chain, died on June 1 of natural causes. He was 85.

Frink and his brother Herbert were born into the floral world — their father, Warren, owned Rainbow Florists & Greenhouse. During World War II, Mose took a break from the family business to serve with the U.S. Army Air Corps.

After the war ended, the Frink brothers built a greenhouse of their own. In 1967, they founded Flowerama in Waterloo, Iowa. Within five years, the company began franchising into local malls and shopping centers. In the 1990s, Flowerama became a major presence in the floral industry by converting its mall stores into 100 freestanding shops in 27 states.

A member of the Society of Iowa Florists and Growers and the Society of American Florists, Mose Frink also spent many years helping Boy Scout troops with horticultural projects.

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  1. James Flaugher

    7/9/2004 I just found out that Mose died as I now live in Arizona. I have known him since the early fiftys and considered him as one of my closest friends as we shared many personal thoughts. I will miss him.
    Jim Flaugher

  2. Cathy J. Frink Kimm

    I admire this man with all of his energy totally focused on goal setting and goal reaching. He did a great deal of financial risk taking, seeming to sense the need that his Flowerama dream would fill and making his dream a reality. Reinvigorating himself with recharging nature vacations, he continued until his dream was fulfilled and his legacy left for the convenience and enjoyment of all of us. He is my dad – God bless him.

  3. Jim Braxmeier

    I only meet Mr. Frink once or twice but he seemed so willing to share his knowledge with the scouts. I also admired the fact that he a true family man. He will be missed by all.

  4. Gary Adams

    I remember walking into Flowerama and going straight into Mose’s office and asking him for a job. He looked at me for a few seconds straight in the eye and said ” Your dad has worked hard for me for alot of years. If your anything like him, I think you can handle it”. It was my very first job. I still miss Frinks Greenhouses.I loved to go in there every day and see the plants grow and blossom during spring rush. And Mose was always in there! He never stopped working. he would get his hands dirty. Even with his good suits on. That will always be my memory of Mose Frink. A”REAL” successful hard working man. He was like a grandfather to me and my older brother. We miss him.
    Gary Adams
    Cedar Falls, Iowa

  5. Andy Kimm

    I miss you every day grandpa. You are my inspiration to make a difference here on earth for people for the good. Thanks for the years you spent with us kids teaching us how to water ski, you were the best I’ve ever seen and I doubt I’ll ever see a 70 year old man slalom!!! I got much of my love for the great outdoors from you, pheasant hunting, northern pike fishing on lake Athabasca, and the “Dress for success and kill them with kindness” motto you always had. You will always hold a special place in my heart and my kids will know of you. Until we meet again…

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