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Egon von Furstenberg


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evfurstenberg.jpgEgon von Furstenberg, an eccentric fashion designer and aristocrat, died on June 11. Cause of death was not released. He was 57.

Born in Switzerland, von Furstenberg was descended from a noble German family on his father’s side, and from the Italian Agnelli family (owners of the Fiat automotive empire) on his mother’s side. Although Egon planned to seek his fortunes in the banking industry, he changed his mind in the late 1960s and became a clothing designer.

Von Furstenberg learned the trade at the Fashion Institute of Technology and by working as a buyer for Macy’s in New York City. After designing men’s clothing and apparel for plus-sized women, he refined his focus to accentuate a stronger emphasis on color and glamour. Although he released a ready-to-wear line, von Furstenberg was best known for designing elegant outfits for the fashionable and wealthy.

Von Furstenberg was married to Lynn Marshall. His first marriage to fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg ended in divorce.

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  1. Ronnie Tober

    Egon von Furstenberg, was a wonderful person who enjoyed life and enjoyed people! I was very sorry to hear about his on timely death. I had the honour and pleasuer to meet him in St. Tropes. It is years ago, but he was with the Happy Few, who knew how to enjoy life. I wish all his family and loved ones, much strenght in these very hard times. I know that even tho I met him only once. I will as everybody else miss him in life!

  2. Sonia Rodriguez and Carlos Vinatea

    Remembering you from the times of Ecole Lemania ,Lausanne,Switzerland from 1965-to 1968.
    we share the sorrow with your family. and we will dedicate prayers for your soul.
    Sonia and Carlos

  3. Stan Norwalk

    I was fortunate enough to attend his wedding in July 1969 to Diane and meet this great gentleman.You knew immediately upon saying hello to him that he was kind,loving, charming , caring and charasmatic. He had a gift for life and an affinity for people. Besides his great looks and his aristocratic background he was a man of the people . He knew how to enjoy each and every moment and carried on his life with flare, vigor and enthusiam that I had never seen before in other people.
    I was a guest at his first marraige in Montfort l’Amaury at Yvelines in France . In those days I was one of the few people who had a color movie camera and I took home movies of the wedding which I cherish till this day. All the international press who attended the wedding had their Nikon still cameras and photographed the wedding in black and white. When I showed the movies to Diane and Egon in their New York apartment at 1050 Park avenue later that fall, they were very pleased to see the movies in color of their wedding.
    Egon past from this world too soon and too young. He will be missed deeply by all who knew him and of him.
    Stan Norwalk

  4. lewis ormand

    i met egon at le club sept in paris during the spring of 1974…. i didn’t know who he was, only that he was extremely polite and easy to have a conversation with….. i liked him immediately and even more so after learning what a celebrated person he was…. i was so sorry to hear that he had died…..

  5. topazz martine

    It is almost a year that my darling Egon has passed on, to that 7th Avenue in the sky. He always had time for me, and I miss him dearly.

  6. Stephen Bartell

    Dear Egon,
    Your smile and zest for living will never be forgotten.
    Stephen Bartell
    (friend of Michael Passantino and the late Raul Lugo)

  7. francesca

    Spesso ti penso e non mi abituo alla tua morte.
    Ora mi rendo conto di quanto sei importante.
    Ti voglio bene e….pic

  8. C. J . Florio

    Still can’t bebeive your gone ! Will always think of us young and foolish ! The weekends at your house on Fire Island and the partying back in the city ! You’ll always be with me ! With all my other ghosts !

  9. D.C.

    I met Egon in 1970. We were both in our mid twenties. I trained at a NY PR firm, and Egon joined me for a few weeks, to train.
    I liked him and the life he led, which for me, coming from Israel, was a life only read about.
    I remember him boasting that he has spent a few hours with his children, after I told him that instead of going to sleep upon returning home from work (as preperation for another night of celebration), he should spend more time with his son and daughter, who were raised by Egon’s old nanny, in the appartment one floor below Egon and Dian’s pad.
    He was a real prince, the kind of which we lose all the time, as we lost Egon.
    I never saw him again, but I remember him fondly, and was shocked to read of his untimely death.
    Does money, fame and royalty bring happiness? I dont think so….\
    May his soul rest in peace.

  10. Ronald E. Tober

    I met Egon long ago! A wonderful person, who enjoyed life! His smile and zest, made him so very special! I didn’t know who he was, only that he was extremely polite and easy to have a conversation with. He took interest in others. The time I met him, he made me feel relaxed talking to him.
    Still can’t bebeive your gone.

  11. Lee Govatos

    I met Egon in the mid 70’s, I believe, and it was in New Orleans at a book signing. He was polite and easy to talk to and interested to know I knew his stepmother’s family, well, in Houston. I ran into him in New York in the early 80’s and later on was fortunate to meet his beautiful, charming wife, Lynn, in Houston. They certainly made a striking couple. Lynn had that very appealing Southern belle beauty and charm and I think greatly complimented Egon’s European background. Egon’s kindness stood out. He could talk to anybody, and was comfortable doing so, regardless of their background. He was obviously a great people person and will be missed by all who were fortunate to have met or known him. Lee Govatos

  12. Chuck Tumlinson

    I am very sad to learn of the death of Egon. I knew him for most of the 80’s in New York. He was fun to be with and the life of the party. You are missed. Chuck Tumlinson

  13. Carlos

    Met Egon in 1984, in a bar in Manhattan.
    I was wearing a shirt that I had painted, with Marylin’s face on it. Next thing I knew, I had a free scholarship to FIT.
    Humble soul, will be missed.

  14. Garth Bandell

    Egon was warm, kind and very beautiful-inside and out. I enjoyed his sense of humor but he always took the high road and left negativity to others. He was happy…interested in others to the point of putting them first and helping many find their way in the world, never jealous of anyone’s success. Hard to describe the genuine person that was Egon, and a spirit that always soared. I think of him often and remember so many laughs, good times and his beguiling never-ending energy. On this earth, Egon was amongst the elite few who truly knew how to enjoy life and every day…LIVE, laugh and LOVE. Taken far too soon, I shall always miss the accent, charm and smile (just to name a few) of a real prince of a man!

  15. Y-G H

    I just stumbled on this tribute and am so very pleased yet not in the least surprised to see such positiveness in all the comments as indeed Egon was one of the most positive people I have known. We have run into one another on and off since the early 70’s when I first met his wife and he in Greece with several of my friends (all gone)with a chronic lack of water but both had such humor about it (not the others by the way. In the 70’s, in Florence, mutual friends presented us thinking we did not know one other. We both broke out into laughter with Egon saying “We are like bad grass, we pop up everywhere” and indeed whenever we did it was with tremendous pleasure; I believe on both parts. The last I saw him was just before his disappearance, with my son in Gstaad, we had not seen each other in years, since New York in the 90’s, yet we picked up as if it were yesterday. I saw him several times here and there during the following days. We agreed to meet when he would next be in Paris, it did not occur. He now is walking up there with the stars. There are so few positive people in life, presently there is one less. I do hope to see you again Egon, just like the bad grass.

  16. Alan Johnson

    I met Egon in either 1980 or 1981 in Capri and spent a wonderful 4 days in his company. I remember him as being a very interesting person and he had the ability to make you feel special. This was the only time I ever met him but the memory remains clear. I am very sad as I have just heard of his untimely death. I hope that his family are just as remarkable as he was.

  17. Edward White

    I was Lucky enough to meet Egon through a close friend of mine. It was miami Beach. While he was staying in his condo along the Venitian Causeway.
    It was a very short time after he had recieved the news that he would not have many more years to live. It was just before Diane Married Barry. I was invited to go out on Barry’s Yatch, while Diane & Barry had left for thier honeymoon. I spent many days and nights being with him, through some of his most difficult times. We had a really wonderful Valentines day together. And as everyone has written in onw way or another. He, even in his darker hours was Generous, Kind, Caring and a lovely man. After a few months in Miami Beach, I was ask to join him and a hand full of close friends as his newly renovated estate in Rio De Janero, Brazil. There we spent time on the beachs of Copacabana & Ipanema, when he could. The other times we were sitting on the terrace that overlooked Rio. His health was declining rapidly and I was so very touched that he still extended his Home to so many of us. It was one of the Best months of April I can remember (the beguining of Fall) in Brazil with Egon. When I heard of his passing, I wept for hours, knowing that the time he was given was cut short by 3 years. Right after he launched his Simlpy Beautiful New Line of Furniture.
    Egon Where ever you are.. You Touched my Heart & Soul with your Light, Love and Kindness.
    Edward W.

  18. Roberta S

    I worked with Egon when he joined the buying staff at EJ Korvettes. He was there to learn about the business. It was my understanding that his father knew someone who knew someone.
    Egon was astonished that I was not married yet. He married young and thought everyone else should do the same. I was an assistant buyer, Bernie Weissman was the buyer and a good friend with Egon and his wife. I recall Bernie spent many nights partying up town with them. Diane was just starting out and not getting very good reviews.
    So much has changed since then. I wish him good luck, wherever he is.

  19. miguel sartori


  20. Patricia Christodoulou

    I knew Egon from Chase Manhattan’s Guest Obeserver Program in New York in 1968. I was the program coordinator, and Egon kept all of us entertained with his wit and charm. I remember when he got the telegram from Diane, and he was so excited to return home and get married. He was a wonderful person.

  21. anil saliya

    I know Prince Egon from 1990 untill the day he die.cze I’m the caretaker from 1990 till June 11th 2004 in Rome Residence..He is a very nice Gentleman…I miss him a lot..he’s my God… when he was in his residence he alwayas call me Anil Anil & saying something,& my wife also like u a lot..v were with u for 14 yrs.. I’m a buddhist person..Iknow his family also Ex Wife Princess Diane,son Prince Alex his daughter Princess Tatiana.. very kind family & Prince Egon Oh their’s no word 2 say..I love u Prince Egon & I miss u a lot..I can’t forgett the day u die..cze everyday i came 2 c u & that day early morning i came 2 c u I was with u at that time can remember very well Sir…Oh Prince Egon.. Thank u Sir u gave me a house
    in Rome..Sir, I want 2 say I love u I never forgett u untill the day I die..lastly saying May u Attain Nibbana…Love Anil & Asha

  22. Alexandra Star

    I met Egon and Diane in NYC in 1971. Diane and I both had fashion showrooms in the Empire State Building. I had just returned from a trip to Afghanistan to buy unusual clothing, and while there I contacted hepatitis A. Diane was so kind to me and immediately referred me to her doctor, Dr. Robert Freyman in New York so that I could get megavitamin treatment. Diane and Egon invited me to stay at their apartment at 1050 Fifth Avenue for a over a month while receiving daily shots from Freyman. I was cured almost instantaneously through this great treatment. During that month I came to know Egon very well, and had the pleasure of meeting many of his friends, including Camil Duhe (sp?), then the editor of Vogue, and Francesco Boglioni, owner of a fun boutique in Italy named Afghanistan Bananastan where he carried similar lines to mine in those wild hippy days. Egon was a truly caring and generous individual who was always young at heart. He loved people and he loved to party and gave his all to his friends. I remember attending a party with him at the home of James Brown in NYC. I am saddened that he is no longer with us. Warmest wishes to all his family remaining.

  23. barbara

    A few weeks ago I was looking around in a local thrift shop.I found a nice men’s jacket by Egon Von Furstenberg.I decided to get the jacket for my 13 year son,it fits him great.I started wondering about Egon and was saddened when I found out that he had passed away.I did’t know that at the time I bought the jacket.I’m happy to have something that he designed,I will keep it for my youngest son to wear also.It amazes me that this jacket found it’s way to my little town of Asbury Park,NJ.Someone had good taste.

  24. MIGUEL


  25. Marzio di Villarosa

    caro Egon,
    ricordando i bei tempi passati a Londra, Milano e specialmente a New York con Barry, ti ricordo spesso con gran simpatia. Ci manchi

  26. JME

    After fleeing NY for So. CA and becoming somewhat reclusive all these decades past I just discovered Egon had passed in 2004 , I am saddened and can’t believe it. I will forever remember all the many nights of dancing till dawn on Fire Island. A Handsome kind soul, XO

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