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Al Lapin Jr.


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alapin.jpgFor entrepreneur Al Lapin Jr., the sweet smell of success came in blueberry, boysenberry and maple flavors.
In 1958, Lapin and his brother Jerry pooled together $25,000 and founded the International House of Pancakes. The blue-roofed chain of 24-hour restaurants offered breakfast staples like bacon and eggs paired with buttermilk, silver dollar or “Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity” pancakes.
Lapin turned that one IHOP in Toluca Lake, Calif., into a franchising empire of more than 1,100 restaurants throughout the United States and Canada. In the 1960s, IHOP acquired smaller eateries like Orange Julius and The Original House of Pies.
Occasionally, Lapin’s business sense went awry. The former president of the International Franchise Association lost money on ventures like Pizza Playhouse, a service that delivered pizza and videos; he declared bankruptcy in 1989.
The New York native studied filmmaking at the University of Southern California. In recent years, he served as the executive producer on the 2001 movie, “Race to Space,” starring James Woods and Annabeth Gish.
Lapin died on June 16 of cancer. He was 76.

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  1. Cyndy Hazlewood

    A sincere expression of sympathy to the family of Al Lapin, Jr. and sadness concerning what might have been. “That

  2. Peter Secor

    Al was for many years the Music Contractor at NBC Television in Hollywood and Burbank.I worked many shows with him and it was always a pleasure to assist him with his bands and orchestras.He always treated the stage technicians with respect and was respected back.Can’t drive by an IHOP without reflecting…..

  3. Keith R. Wood

    I remember a kids’ show on local Los Angeles TV back in the early 1960s, sponsored by “The pancake house with the bright blue roof!” I can’t see an IHOP without remembering the jingle.

  4. Ed McConnon

    I had breakfast last night at IHOP(Woodstock,GA).
    When I looked up Al Lapin this morning (10/27/06)
    I read of Mr.Lapin’s decease.
    Al had me out to IHOP in 1967 for several days.
    He took me to the Key IHOP in Hollywood for breakfast. I recall our meetings at his offices
    and how his chef would bring in a new edition of
    a pancake creation for tasting.His assitants came to Doraville, GA. and directed the negotiiation
    and construction of my new United Rental business
    building. This was to be the showplace for AL’s
    first national meeting of United owners in
    January, 1968.
    I am saddened to learn of his passing.
    Ed McConnon

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