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Seymour Britchky

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Seymour Britchky’s keen eye and acerbic wit made many Manhattan chefs tremble in fear.
For three decades, Britchky dined at some of the best and worst eateries in New York City. His biting reviews then appeared in “The Restaurant Reporter,” a monthly newsletter he launched in 1971. It ceased publication five years later, but his interest in culinary critique led to the 1980 premiere of a second publication: “Seymour Britchky’s Restaurant Letter.”
“He used to say his main qualification as a restaurant critic was eating three meals a day. He just hung out his shingle and did it,” said his wife, photographer Nancy Crampton.
The former marketing executive compiled his reviews into 16 annual anthologies. He also co-wrote “The Lutece Cookbook,” with Andre Soltner, the chef and former owner of the exclusive restaurant.
Britchky died on June 19 of pancreatic cancer. He was 73.

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  1. walter sutherland

    i’ll miss his opinions on the dinning scene-always a treat to sit back and see what he had to say about a certain restaurant

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