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Charles Correll Jr.


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Charles James Correll Jr., an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and director, died on June 4 of pancreatic cancer. He was 60.

The California native was the son of Charles J. Correll, who voiced the character of Andy Brown on the “Amos & Andy” radio show. Charles Jr. launched his four-decade filmmaking career as a camera assistant on the 1950s TV crime drama, “Dragnet.”

After honing his skills as a camera operator on shows such as “Columbo” and “Kojak,” Correll became a cinematographer. He won an Emmy Award in 1983 for best cinematography for shooting the mini-series, “The Winds of War.” Correll received a second Emmy nomination two years later for the TV movie “Wallenberg: A Hero’s Story.”

In recent years, Correll developed his directing resume by helming episodes of “Melrose Place,” “MacGyver,” “Stargate SG1,” “Law & Order” and “Without a Trace.” At the time of his death, he was shooting several episodes of “CSI” and “CSI: Miami.”

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  1. Paul Harwood

    Charlie and I attended Loyola High School together. While we were not particularly close friends, I remember him well. My heart goes out to his family.

  2. Margi McGovern Poyer

    Charlie was my date for the Sophomore class dance at Marymount High School. I haven’t seen him years but I always had a good thought when I saw his name in the media. He was not someone you would ever forget. My prayers to his family.

  3. Lohriena Lohrie

    I was so sorry to learn of Charles’ death! His father, Charlie, was my God-father and my dad’s best friend. I remember spending many happy times in their beautiful home. My love goes to his family, especially his brother, Richard.

  4. Claire Mandeville

    I am a viewer of CSI, WITHOUT A TRACE, CSI:MIAMI,
    LAW & ORDER. What a tragic loss to the entertainment
    field. My prayers and thoughts to his family.

  5. Donna

    I’m a disabled 52 year old lady in IL. As a huge fan of the television shows CSI, CSI: MIAMI, WITHOUT A TRACE and LAW AND ORDER, I know that Charles is terribly missed in the TV and Movie industry very much. As a viewer of his talent, I know he was wonderful and unique in his fields of work. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to those who were close to him, his family, friends and co-workers. I absolutely loved your work Charles. God Speed and forever keep you in His loving care for all eternity and thank you sincerely, for your talent that you shared with all of us out here.

  6. Don Williams

    Charlie and I were classmates at St. Johns Military Academy.
    Charlie and his friend Steven Jahns introduced me to my first girl friend Tish Sterling. We all had great fun together but seperated and went our seperate ways during high school years at Loyola.
    Our paths crossed again in the mid 80’s at a well known Valley resturant. Charlie talked about his career in film and I about my adventures in the music business.
    I am saddened to hear of his recent passing.
    God bless you Charles. Thank you for the good times we shared. I will continue to remember them fondly.

    • chris dant

      I grew up with Charlie and Steve Jahns (we lived on Angelo just around the corner from Steve’s house)…I used to know and date Tish Sterling!!! I went to Beverly High but lost track of all these people—do you know anything about Steve Jahns??? We spent much of our childhood together but I have no idea of where he is.

      My dad was the head of NBC music at the time and what a time that was, in the late 40s and early 50s!!!


  7. Edward J. Hunt

    The opportunity to attend Saint John’s Military Academy was a pivotal point in my life and it was due to the recommendation and sponsorship of Charles Correll, Sr.. Charles Jr., Charlie, was a classmate and I’m saddened by the news of his passing. I called him Charles and he called me Eddie. I will always be indebted to the Correll family for that opportunity which has shaped my life’s endeavors.
    My mother, Sarah, and I wish the family our sincere condolences.

  8. Charlie Wilson

    I am sorry to hear that Charlie has passed away. I am a fan of his Fathers and just finishing the restoration of “Andy’s” Stinson Relient a 1935 airplane that Charles Correll Sr bought new in 1935 and flew around the country until he bought a 1937 model Stinson Gull wing airplane. I wanted to try to get in touch with some family members who might remember this airplane…….Charlie Wilson

  9. Pat Carline

    We didn’t know Charles Correll Jnr but we are great fans of all the CSI’s, Law and Order, and SG1. I even remember Dragnet from the ’50s! I had to add our tribute so that his family and friends and associates will know that he will be missed by fans here in the UK also. I know it is late but we only picked up the dedication on tonights CSI – Episode 1 Series 5. Love and bright blessings to his family – The Carline Family, Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK.

  10. Maya

    Although i did not know much about Mr Correll i am a huge, huge fan of CSI and CSI:Miami and his work was and will continue to be an inspiration to all that knew of it. My deepest consolances to his family.

  11. Bob Shirley

    Charlie has his own unique sense of humor, and there was never a dull moment when you were with him. I say “has” in the present tense, because I’m sure one of Charlies’ responsibilities in heaven, has something to do with humor.
    Charlie and I were close friends during high school, unfortunately I hadn’t seen him in years.
    Charlie will be missed by all who have been blessed knowing him.

  12. Linda

    I was so sorry to here about Charlie’s passing away. Charle and I used to live a couple of blocks away from each other as teens, our parent were friends and we managed to get into our share of teenaged michief while growing up. Along with Steve Jahns and all the other St. John’s & Loyola group all of us at Marymount knew all of them well and had great times.
    Charlie will be sadly missed.

  13. Barbara Allen Sheard

    I remember Charlie from my one year at Marymount, in our crazy days. I was in one of his sister’s classes. He certainly proved that when one puts ones mind at a task, great things are possible. “Great job Charlie”. I saw a re run last night and just sat in shock, after having read the credits, because Charlie was younger than me, hard to believe. My heart goes out to all of the family.

  14. Heidi Dietrich

    I am sorry for the loss of Charles. My heart goes out to his family and to the people who worked with him. I am sorry for your pain.

  15. Kelly Correll

    I just wanted to thank you all. My father has been gone now for over a year 1/2, but i think about him every day that goes by. He was something else..no one could make you laugh harder, or was more caring than he was. He was a great artist, person, and dad. I just wanted to let you know that his family appreciates the memories.

  16. Doug Priess

    I knew Charlie for several years on a personal level, and I must say he was one of the most unusual people I have ever met. His sense of humor was like know other. I loved Charlie’s honesty, you knew exactly what he was thinking, becuase he would tell you exactly what he was thinking, nothing was held back. I really miss you at the family functions and I think about you all the time.
    Your bud, Tuna

  17. Neil VanderRoest

    I was watching CSI DVds, and saw the post at und of the film, had to see who are you, and am happy to know, but sad to learn. He must have been a master at his passion

  18. Carmel

    I just watched yet another rerun of CSI Las Vegas and Law & Order simultaneously (hey Im a 911 Operator/Police dispatcher multi-tasking is our life!) never tire of it (Showcase & Bravo rock as opposed to reality TV yuck!) ..I had no idea who Charles Correll was & not of his accomplishments — what talent! You are lucky to have been his family.
    I was most impressed with the mention of his *humour* as I’m a true believer it makes the world a much more livable place & without it we’d live a very bleak existence – it truly lifts the soul 🙂 –
    ok that was a run-on sentence I know don’t judge me.
    Seriously: terribly sorry for your loss.

  19. eva


  20. Connie Holt

    Charlie’s dead. Hard to come to terms with that. I first met him in the late 60’s, when he married a close friend of mine. I remember when he was moved up from second asst camera to first; we went down to the camera store to get his first ditty bag for his tools. One day when he and his wife were having trouble we drove around town in my little TR3 and he told me things about his childhood with his famous father. We worked together twice. On Animal House and on Winds of War. He had a wonderful sense of humor, and a remarkable ability to calm down hysterical directors. The last time we worked together was on an episode of Melrose Place. By then he was directing, had a new wife and child. He had a rare grace about him. My heart goes out to those who knew him better than I.

  21. Katherine Choate

    I do hope that at member of Charlie’s family will get this message. I am his first wife and I have a few items that his family might like to have. I have tried to reach Richard with no success. I was shocked to hear of Charlie’s passing. He was a very special person, loved and admired by many.
    Katherine Choate

  22. Steve Frohling

    I really didn’t know Charlie as a great cinematographer, but knew him as an ocassional buddy that I’d hang out with at the Van Nuys Air National Guard base in the early 60’s. He was a lot of fun and a pleasure to be with on our weekend warrior stints for over 5 years. What a great loss of such a talented and fun young man. I wish all God’s blessings on Charlie’s family.

  23. Ray Audino

    My recent decision to look up old friends who were unforgetable,led me to find out about Charlie’s unfortunate death over four years ago.Although we only knew each other for a short period,he was a person that stood the test of time. I met Charlie in the summer of 1962 at Menlo College in Menlo Atherton Ca. We both lived in the dorms for six weeks,and became friends who enjoyed having a good time while away from home.Charlie was a great guy, and I remember our trips over the mountain to Santa Cruz,him taking over on the drums at dances and banging out 10 minute solos, sqeezing as many as we could into a volkswagon,draging the El Camino, and many dorm pranks.Charlie was a real person with a gift for making everyone around him feel good.We had many great talks together.I am sure he is missed dearly by his family,and the many friends that.My sympathy goes out to all.

  24. Ray Audino

    I met Charlie in the summer of 1962 right after HS graduation.We were both attending a summer program at Menlo College in Northern Ca.I was from Visalia Ca.We spent six weeks away from home for the first time. Charlie was a great person with many talents,and a sense of humor.I remember our trips over the mountain to Santa Cruz,Charlie taking over the drums at dances and banging out five minute solos,lots of dorm pranks and cruising The El Camino.I always felt good around Charlie and remember him to this day.My deepest regards go out to his family

  25. Barbara Jean Correll

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Charles or his family, but we are connected in a very cosmic way…In 1986 I found myself calling studios to see who I could mail my resume and head shots to, when I found myself on the phone with his sister, Dottie…”Good morning, my name is Barbara Correll, I’m calling from New York and I was wondering if you could tell me who I could send my head shots and resume to.” She thought I was her sister Barbara pulling her leg with this prank call…only to find out her sister is Barbara Joan and I am Barbara Jean, better yet, I too have an incredibly talented brother named Charles Correll…all of this was too wonderful and Dottie and I had a wonderful time talking about our families and the simalarities. We exchanges photos and letters, which I still have. A wonderful picture of Charles, Dottie, their mother, Barbara Joan and Richard. While I never met them, I feel so connected to them as if they are an extended family. I have shared this story with many friends over the years, because how often does one randomly pick up the phone to call across the country to a company just to find the person on the other end has the same last name and a brother and sister with the same name as two of us in my Correll family…I’m sorry I never got to meet Charles, but maybe it’s not too late to meet Dottie and the rest of her family. My prayers to all his family and friends. BGiuliano@aol.com

  26. Mark "Jeff" Reed, Tucson Arizona

    I was fortunate to have worked with Charles on a few episodes “Legend” and also on “Hijacked Flight 285”. He was the Director and I was an Actor. So very sad to hear of his passing. I recall his easy going, yet fast paced nature, which made people feel at ease on the Set. I know that I am very luck that I got the chance to work with him.
    Looking back at his vast body of work, it really hits home how much Charles’s “camera eyed” view of the world reflected into all of our lives. And it reminds me of how his wonderful visions will always remain with us as an enduring part of American pop culture. He was really great at his job.
    God Bless You Charles.

  27. JP

    I just finished watching CSI [Las Vegas] episode 501 titled, Viva Las Vegas. Before credits we can read, “in loving memory of CHARLES CORRELL”. This was enough to spark my curiosity which led me here to find out how much this man made an impression to those who had the chance to be meet him. May his memory live on through this family, friends and his art. I hope others like me will get the chance to discover Mr Correll and keep his memory alive.

  28. Tom

    Used to date his sister , Dorothy . Spent many happy times at the house on Sunset Blvd . Hard to believe that he and his 2 sisters have left us . Prayers & blessings to them and their families .

  29. James Ferguson

    I’m the half brother or Charles correll jr . My name is James F .Short / Ferguson . I never got to meet the Correll”s or my biological father Charles Correll sr. from what I’ve found they are all wonderfull. My heart is sad for the death of the Corrells . I have a love for the corrells that is natural. May they Rest In Peace and God bless all. So Until we meet in Heaven again.. Love . James F. Short / Ferguson 68 … Phx Az.

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