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Alex Scott


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ascott.jpgAlexandra Flynn Scott, the proprietor of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, died on Aug. 1 of cancer. She was eight years old.

Alex was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of pediatric cancer, just before her first birthday. At four, she started a lemonade stand to raise money for her hospital. She took in more than $2,000 that year, and the story of her efforts spread across the country.

Alex and her family gave numerous interviews, appeared on both “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and the “Today” show, and published the book “Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand.” In response, friends and strangers took up her cause and spent the next four years raising $200,000. A blend of coffee was also named after Alex, with all profits going to cancer research.

In the past year, Alex’s Lemonade Stand has raised more than $700,000. This summer, lemonade stand fund-raisers will take place in all 50 states and in Canada and France, with the goal of raising $1 million. Volvo of North America has pledged to sponsor a fund-raising event this fall to assure that goal is reached.

Alex’s favorite food was French fries and her favorite color was blue. Although the Wynnewood, Pa., resident only reached the second grade, she hoped to grow up to become a fashion designer. Alex is survived by her parents, her three brothers, her dog Shammy and her cat Herbert.

Read Her Parents’ Journal

Watch an Interview With Alex

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  1. david

    Im afraid that living in England,I never knew Alexandra,but just reading her biography had me in tears. Its one thing passing away aged 89, but quite another at such an early age.She achieved so much, more than most of us do in our whole lives. bless you,half pint.

  2. "Bones"

    I Have heard amazaging things about Alex. I am proud of her and i do not think i would not be strong enough to go through that. I want to help but i can not. She is an inspiration to kids and adults around the world. I know she is mine.
    Thank you
    I want to cry now.

  3. Tristin

    Bones and I are doing a report on Alex for our worthy person of 2004 you may also see that pinkie is doing that with us.
    Alex is an inspiration!!!

  4. yelle

    i was truly inspired after watching alex on brought me to tears.i just found out that she died..too bad…this was the same day i knew about her.i offered a prayer for her..alex you are indeed a hero.i admire you for sure you inspired so many people around the world….rest now…you;ll always be in our hearts

  5. Susie

    I think Alex’s spirit is alive and well in a horse called Afleet Alex.
    Little Alex has changed the way a view so many things.
    My heart and prayers are with her family.

  6. Gabriella.

    I think this young girl, was such a loverly little girl.
    and it is very inspirational to me.
    I chose to research her for “someone i admire”
    and i am glad, and i hope that alot of other people realise what a nice girl she was (:

  7. Morgan

    Alex was every strong to go through cancer at that age and thats why in school i chose Alex Scott as my hero.I bout her lemonade all the time because i new that that money was going to her and to help her to try and find a cure for here cancer.When i heard that Alex had died i was crying all night because she was my hero.But we all have to remember that Alex ist in any pain adn shes in a goog place.

  8. Kacey

    God Bless You Alex. Just last year I held a lemonade stand for Alex. We raised nearly 500 dollars just in a couple hours. Just imagine how much you could raise too! Alex is my idol x93035381912.
    I love you Alex. Also, this year, for my birthday, instead of having a party or going shopping, I am donating 2,000 dollars towards Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I <3 you Alex. Rest in peace.

  9. Chrsitina Thomas

    Alex is a role model. So young and so sick yet she can put grown men to shame.We all can learn something from Alex!!! Rest in peace Alex!!!

  10. becky

    i feel soo bad for alex and hert family. why did it have to be her she was just trying mto help. i am using alex as a project i am doing and its called who would you put on mt.rushmore. and i have choosen alex becaus she did great things

  11. shelby

    alex was a wonderful little girl and im doing a project in english about who i think should be the fifth face on mount. Rushmore and i chose alex!!!!!!!!!!! i wish you luck lizz. Thanks!

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