ddaly.jpgB. David Daly, the president and chief executive of Evergreen-Washelli Funeral Homes and Cemeteries in Washington, died on July 31 of a heart attack. He was 67.
A creative undertaker with a compassionate spirit, Daly earned a national reputation for “thinking outside of the box.” For one family, he filled a viewing room with the deceased’s computer and exercise equipment. Mourners were then encouraged to share their memories of the departed man. Daly also launched a “women-only” funeral package for customers who preferred to have a more feminine touch applied to embalming, cremation and burial.
“Dave Daly was known throughout the country as one of the most innovative, dedicated and respected leaders in the funeral-service and cemetery professions. He was fiercely committed to helping funeral directors and cemeterians better understand the changing needs of today’s families and offer more relevant, meaningful services. His ideas were always on target, often years ahead of their time, and he shared them freely,” said Doug Hernan, publisher of Funeral Service Insider.
Daly earned a bachelor’s degree in personnel management from the University of Washington and served five years in the U.S. Navy. Through his first wife, Louise, he married into the cemetery business. Daly fathered three children, then wed Robyn Donnelly in 1994.
A past president of the American Cemetery Association, Daly won numerous awards during the course of his four-decade career. He received the Distinguished Professional Service Award from the Washington Funeral Directors Association and several “Keep It Personal” awards from the International Cemetery and Funeral Association. In 2003, Daly was inducted into the ICFA’s “Hall of Fame,” the industry’s highest honor. Outside of the office, he enjoyed woodworking and radio controlled bi-planes, crewed on sailboats and was a longtime member of the Naturist Society.
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