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Maria Esperanza de Bianchini


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mesperanza.jpgMaria Esperanza de Bianchini was a devout woman with a mystical reputation.
Esperanza was only a child when she experienced her first visions of spiritual entities. She lived with the Franciscan nuns in Merida, Venezuela until Saint Theresa of the Little Flower and the Sacred Heart of Jesus told her to choose a non-religious vocation and travel to Rome. Esperanza did as she was bid, moved to Italy and married Geo Bianchini Giani in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in Saint Peter’s Basilica.
The couple returned to Venezuela to look for a house near a grotto that Esperanza allegedly saw in a vision. In 1974, they settled in Betania near a shrine renowned for providing miraculous cures to the faithful. When Bishop Pio Bello Ricardo declared the site “sacred ground,” it became a popular place for Roman Catholic pilgrims to visit.
The Venezuelan homemaker and mother of seven claimed that the Virgin Mary spoke to her on numerous occasions. Others said she had the ability to levitate and experience spontaneous bleeding from her hands, wounds that are known as stigmata and signify the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Esperanza died on Aug. 7. Cause of death was not released. She was 75.

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  1. Theresa

    What a wonderful Lady. I was lucky enough to meet Maria on more then one occasion. She is now with the Father and we must pray to her. She is a modern day Saint (not offical yes but she is)She can help us and is more powerful now then ever. Pray to her for healing ect. Mircles happen I’ve seen them. To Maria’s beautiful family and devoted husband I send my Love and prayers.
    God bless you all !

  2. Ann

    Maria Esperanza is a great saint in Heaven. I had the great blessing to meet her about 8 years ago. She had this beautiful odor of sanctity surrounding her and when she spoke to me I felt that God was speaking directly through her to me. It was such an incredible experience. I am now studying to be a doctor and at the time I met her , I was only a pre-med student, struggling through Chemistry. I had doubts about persuing a career in medicine because I was finding Chemistry so difficult. So in the midst of my doubts, a friend told me that Maria Esperanza was coming to a Marian conference and invited to go. I went to the conference and met her when the conference was all over. She spoke to me and told me that, “You have the ability to become a doctor but you must discipline yourself.” Before she said this to me, I had not told her of my difficulty with Pre-med study. How could she have known that? It was incredible. The most beautiful odor of flowers surrounded her. She is a great saint. I love Maria! I will never forget this incredible lady. I never thanked her for those words of encouragement but I want to thank her now. those words changed my life…God Bless you, Ann ( a future doctor)

  3. Kathryn

    My family met Maria Esperanza at a Marian conference as well. AFter the conference, we found her walking on the street surrounded by her family’s loving arms. I was amazed when the words came from my mouth, “Maria, pray for my father.” I had no intention of saying these words as my father was just ahead on the other side of the prayer circle. She did not look at me, but instead turned directly to my father, how she knew who it was still mystifies me to this day. She prayed with her hands on his head and through her interpreter, said to him, “All will be resolved”. When we returned home, problems in his life, slowly resolved. A law suit, a job problem and other small resolutions occured. Hoever, the biggest thing, the miracle I did not know I was asking for, was that the CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) my father had been struggling with was soon to reverse itself. Now , 10 years later, the doctors coninue to call his cure “spontaneous remission”, a term they give when the have NO IDEA how a person is cured. He received no treatment, only the prayers and touch of Mrs. Maria Esperanza de Bianchini. She is now in God’s Loving Arms.

  4. Peggy Kriss

    I met Maria 10 yrs ago on her farm in Venezuela while on a pilgrimage with the group “As the Spirit Leads” for the feast of the Annunciation in March, 1994. She was walking with her entourage helping her get through the large crowd of people gathered there wanting to touch her and all of a sudden she was in front of me & gave me a hug and kiss. I remember the loving and holy look when I looked into her eyes.

  5. Kathy Chebly

    Maria Esperanza is the most beautiful and loving person I have ever met. So filled with light, she made of our lives a garden filled with the perfume of roses and blue butterflies, of hope and love. She taught us to love and to feel God’s love for us. There are no words to express this treasure she left us but to pray to God that all human beings on earth may experience that little piece of heaven she gave to us when she was living. Now that she is in heaven I know she will be able to do greater things to make a change in the world that will bring forth a new era of enlightment.
    Kathy Chebly a close friend and her interpreter.

  6. karen macias

    Unfortunately, I ddin’t have the opportunity to know Maria Esperanza personally, but I have read about the apparitions in Betania and now I am reading her life. I am completely sure that she is in the presense of God and praying for our needs. I know that we have to wait for the church to take the decisions to declare a person a saint, but I am confident to ask her intercession in my problems and I know that the Lord is going to glorify her. Maria Esperanza I know that you are going to pass your eternity in heaven doing good on earth. May the “rivers of light” from God fill our souls with His graces.
    In the love of Jesus and Mary!

  7. Gregory

    I met Maria Esperanza in 1999, on two occasions, while on pilgrimage to Betania, in Venezuela. The first night I was at her mansion in Caracas. I was just standing there minding my own business, when all of a sudden there she was-standing right there in front of me! The deer-in-the-headlights feeling left and I suddenly (and somewhat mystically) felt that I was there in the presence of my mother…it was a totally new feeling to me! She didn’t say a word, but I felt compelled to shake her hand, so I held my hand out and she dropped a rose petal there into my palm. I just looked at it as if in a trance, then I looked up to her questioningly, and realized that this was a symbol of my soul. To this day I keep and treasure the rose petal.
    The next day we were at the beautiful, heaven-on-earth that is Finca Betania. I thought I would get some of the holy water of Betania to take back home, and was standing in line. Then one from our group came to me and said “Greg, we have to leave now!! You can get some holy water later.” (Imagine my dissapointment as I had been waiting in line for what must have been an hour!) So I walked away with him. He explained to me as we were walking, (in a rather hushed voice) that Maria Esperanza was there and was going to speak to our group! After Mass in the little chapel I was there with her again, and she spoke to me about things in my life that nobody (except the Holy Spirit) could know. She spoke very helpful and encouraging words to me! What a privelige to speak with somebody so close to heaven! A privelige and an honor. May Maria Esperanza spread her huge inheritance of spiritual graces to all of her children still on earth, now that she is in Heaven.

  8. Frances

    I too love Maria Esperanza…..I never was blessed with getting to meet her but yet I feel in my heart that we “know” each other. My husband and I were truly graced with something amazing upon the night of her death, August 7th. We truly believe it is a “signal” grace from our spiritual father (and Maria’s) who is none other than St. Padre Pio. We were retiring for the night at 12:20 am First Saturday, August 7th and found our statue of St. Pio weeping tears of blood in the prayer room! I was quite worried at first wondering what St. Pio was signaling. We prayed about it and when we awoke the next morning we discovered through “Spirit Daily” that Maria had passed away during the night! You do not have to believe what we know is TRUTH…there is a CONNECTION to our Padre weeping blood and the passing of this TRUE SAINT MARIA who we were blessed to have among us in this time of trial and tribulation….I do not want to “fear” the future but I am afraid that if mankind does not change, we will know for sure why St. Pio had to cry the tears of blood upon Maria’s passing….Let us all pray more than ever and ask St. Pio and Maria Esperanza for their intercession. WE NEED THEM MORE THAN EVER…..In Jesus Christ’s Peace and Love, Frances

  9. Bridgette

    I am sorry that I did not meet Maria Esperanza, however, my cousin, Bridgette did here in Massachusetts. What is significant about that is that my cousin suffers with chronic debilitating and worsening Multiple Sclerosis. Years ago, my cousin told me that when she met Maria, she was told by Maria that she would be healed of her disease. And so, I am including my cousin’s e-mail address and I am asking people who read about Maria through this site, if they will pray to Maria for my cousin’s healing. God Bless all of you and thank you all very much.
    Her cousin, Bonnie

  10. Bill Roberts

    What a remarkable person I never knew about until tonight. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet her when I used to travel to Venezuela. But I’m happy to study her life. If only she could pray for me tonight!

  11. Lucy Santiago

    My family and I had the opportunity to meet Maria in South Jersy. She spoke to my husband, son and I. When she finished speaking to us she gave me a green rosary. She was a wonderful and spiritual lady. She also has a great musical family.

  12. Isabel Arevalo

    I was in the USA when I knew about Maria Esperanza death. That fact impressed me so much. I was born in Venezuela, and lived there for 38 years before I moved to Chile. I used to go and visit Betania very often, and several times I could see her working, teaching us the meaning of God’s and Holy Mary

  13. Carlos Gama

    I never met Maria Esperanza but knew of her life and beautiful teachings and miracless she performed in the name of God and the Virgin Mary. I am sad to know that she has departed. I thank God for her life and all she did and continues to do, now in His presence, for this world. God bless her family and may they have peace.

  14. Martin Formosa

    A few months ago I heard about Maria on a TV show, I cannot remember which one it was, but for that brief moment this woman entered my heart. Since then I have been reading more and more about her on the internet. My spiritual life has taken a huge positive turn because of Maria. I was planning some time ago to go visit Betania, with the hopes of meeting her, but then I found out that she had passed away. I will still visit her home one day as I know her spirit will always be there to welcome all of us.

  15. randy

    was love and love something that she had on her self, which help me to believe in my own, them in my own god.
    now after a while i do relaiced how perfect was every moment.

  16. Pietro Paolo Barberi

    I was able to meet Maria in St. Ann in Newark,N.J. on Palmn Sunday of 2004.
    Words can’t describe the remarkable person Maria was! She absolutly touched my heart. A true disciple of Christ which brought love in everything she did. I was also amazed of her strong and loving family around her!

  17. Maria L. Cruz

    I just learned of Maria Esperanza’s death. I’m so sorry to hear about this. My condolences to the families. I had the opportunity to meet with Maria in the year 2000 on our pilgrimage from Guam. I had a lot of pictoral remembrance with her. I still had a fresh rose petal that she gave me. It still looks fresh up to this date. I always pray to her whenever I looked at the cross that I gave her to kiss. I cherish that cross she kissed and held close to her heart talking to Jesus. I was looking forward to going on a pilgrimage to Betania and had the opportunity to see Maria again. But maybe someday I will be there again. She is a very lovely person. I love her and I missed her so much.

  18. Gloria

    I was at the Catholic Shop before my Jersey vaction, and I came across a book about Maria Esperanza. I read it at the beach late during the night. I remember reading about the butterflies and thinking to myself that I had never seen a blue butterfly. While reading the book, I was compelled to ask for a confirmation regarding a question I had about my daughter’s strong faith. The very next day, my daughter and I went to the camp office for something. Suddenly, a young girl came up and stood right next to my daughter. She had a beautiful blue butterfly tattoed on her back “staring right at me.” Maybe I am jumping to conclusions, but I felt this was a confirmation. I plan to learn more about this wonderful mystic.
    G.Maria – PA

  19. Cristina Miron

    Thank you, thank you Mary and Jesus for helping me come across Maria Esperanza. May this experience be my awakening too to a new enlighted life.I love everything about Maria. Please God let Your Holy Spirit descend uppon us so that we will follow her example that we too one day will be able to feel, to love and make our lives on earth holy as You wish us to.
    God bless us all and especially Maria who is with Him in Heaven thank you Maria

  20. Pietro Gebran Bianchini

    hello to all the people who have come to this page, I am a grandson of Mrs. Maria Esperanza, she was a great woman, by the form in like was, in addition to her kindness and in the form to as she loves God, she wants much to people, always was amiable and is a great step to follow, really I want much to it and the stranger, today is celebrated a great day which is its birthday!!!

  21. theresa

    I was lucky enough to be in the same company with maria and her family at a church in Brick, NJ. I was one of the beat days of my life. I will keep her in my prayers. God bless her and her family.

  22. David Lane

    I had gone to Confession at Sacred Heart in Suffern, NY in preparation for Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday. While waiting for my wife I came across THE BRIDGE TO HEAVEN-BY MICHAEL H. Brown which is a life of Maria Esperanza. It is a beautiful story and I want to learn more of her life.

  23. Liz

    Maria, I did not meet you face to face, but you have touched me and I am blessed. I pray for Betania and all the Betanias that will be-we all need a piece of heaven on Earth!

  24. Joanne King

    I went to Venezuela in the 90s. I met a member of the Betania Choir. There had to be almost a thousand people present. My fiance, had met the same member of the choir that same evening. During the night we all prayed. I saw the face of Jesus and of Mary form over the moon. It took my breath away. The next morning, we saw the choir member. She took our hands and brought us to meet Maria. Maria held my hand and said to my fiance, “You are marrying one of God’s very, special souls.” I dropped to my knees. It was an amazing moment. To feel God’s love come directly towards me. Amazing. Later we watched the sun dance in the sky. I saw little children pointing upwards, while watching Mary walk above the trees. I did not see her, but many did.
    About a year later, I went to see Maria in South Jersey. I walked backstage. I saw the girl from the Choir again. She immediately came over to me. She remembered me! I spent a very long time backstage talking to Maria’s husband and a news woman from Caracas. Maria came over and said hello. She told me my life would work out.
    I will always remember the kindness from the girl in the Choir and her sweet wonderful husband.
    I’ve always wanted to go back to Betania.

  25. Joanne King

    I just reread these comments. I wrote on here in 2008. It’s now 2013 and I still remember meeting Maria when I was 28. I traveled to NJ, from Fl to be there at her canonization process. It was incredible. I met her husband again. I met the same woman, who was in the choir,mwho remembered me the instant she saw me. To all those reading here….meeting Maria and being a witness to numerous miracles changed my life. It was so extraordinary that words can express. God is real…..without the slightest human hesitation HE is real. Thank you Maria. Xoxo. You are missed. Xoxo

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