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Al Dvorin

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advorin.jpgAlbert Dvorin, the concert announcer who popularized the phrase “Elvis has left the building,” died on Aug. 22 in an automobile accident. He was 81.
Dvorin was a bandleader and talent agent in Chicago when he first booked Elvis Presley as an opening act for country singer Hank Snow. Dvorin then became a permanent member of Presley’s road show staff and promotional team. He worked for Presley through his final tour in 1977.
Although previous announcers first uttered the phrase “Elvis has left the building” at Presley shows, Dvorin made it his signature sign-off in 1954. At the end of each concert, he’d broadcast his announcement to let fans know the King was not going to do another encore. It became a pop-culture catchphrase.
Dvorin’s commentary was later recorded for the Elvis pinball machine. He spoke the famous line one last time on Saturday at an Elvis impersonator concert.
Dvorin and Elvis photographer Ed Bonja were driving from Palm Springs to Las Vegas on Sunday when their vehicle swerved off the road near Ivanpah, Calif. Bonja was treated at the hospital and released, but Dvorin was thrown from the car. He died at the scene.

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