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Indian Larry


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indianlarry.jpgLarry Desmedt, a legendary custom motorcycle builder and stunt rider who went by the name Indian Larry, died on Aug. 30 of severe head injuries he sustained in an accident. He was 55.

Indian Larry was performing one of his signature stunts last Saturday during the Liquid Steel Classic and Custom Bike Series in Concord, N.C. He was standing on the seat when suddenly the motorcycle began to wobble. Unable to maintain his balance, Indian Larry fell off the bike before it crashed. He was not wearing a helmet.

Born in Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y., Indian Larry was a teenager when he bought his first motorbike, a 1939 Harley Knucklehead, for $200. He took it apart and spent the next nine months learning how to put it back together again. He later moved to California and apprenticed under hot rod builder Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

The tattoo-covered metal-sculptor and motorcycle mechanic launched the Brooklyn-based Gasoline Alley motorcycle workshop in 1991 and devoted the rest of his life to creating and riding “old school bikes.” Several of his custom-built motorcycles won awards, including the “Grease Monkey,” which was named Easy Rider magazine’s Chopper of the Year.

Indian Larry also performed stunts in movies (“Quiz Show,” “200 Cigarettes”) and on television. He was a featured artist on the Discovery Channel’s “Biker Build-Off” series, and once rode a motorcycle through a wall of fire on “The Late Show With David Letterman.”

A memorial will be held at Gasoline Alley on Sept. 19. His autobiography, “Grease Monkey, The Life and Times of Motorcycle Artist Indian Larry,” is scheduled for publication in 2006. Indian Larry is survived by his wife Bambi, the Mermaid of Coney Island.

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  1. BIG JAI

    I just want to say I am proud to have seen his talents on tv and share his passion for choppers My family and I would like to send our condolances to his family and friends. Ride forever and fly with the eagles in heaven! It’s not goodbye Larry, it’s see you at the gates of heaven when we get there.
    Love and Sincerity,
    BIG JAI and Family

  2. Darrell Bruce

    sorry to here about larry we were big fans of his, we loved the things he did. we send our condolances, we will miss him dearly
    love the Bruce,s

  3. The Ryan Family

    We just want to send our condolances to Larrys family and friends. Larry will be missed by many but never forgotten. We had the privlege of meeting Larry in Daytona last year, what a down to earth guy he was. He is my 14yr old sons idol and we felt the need to dedicate a memorial page to him on our family website. If you would like to see it the address is
    The Ryan Family

  4. Larry Sizemore

    I met Larry Jan 2,2004 at the Javitz center NY.He was the most down to earth person I have ever met.He thanked me for taking a picture with him. He was truly the best,my family and I are sad he is gone, but he will never be forgotten.

  5. Pat Frailing

    Indian larry was by far the biggest influence in my life. He was everything I wanted to be, and contributed to alot of my own ideas. Although I never got to meet him in life, it wasn’t hard to put together what kind of person he was. He will be truely missed by everyone that knew him. My condolences to his family.

  6. Emma

    Ey, my name’s Emma, and im only 13. I caught an episode of “Biker’s Build-Off”, and i instantly fell in love with the legend they called “Indian Larry”, and mezerized by all of his kick ass tattoos!
    Which is why i was deeply sadened, and pained to hear of his passing. My heart goes out to Larry’s family, and to his many friends.
    Forever a kind and loving man, forever will he stay in our hearts, our souls, and our minds, and FOREVER a Chopper’s Legend! rest in piece Indian Larry. We love you forever!

  7. Scott fammily

    Sorry to hear about your lose. He will be missed by all. Not just just a dad,son, husband,or friend but a damn great bike builder also.

  8. Brit

    I am very saddened at this time. I seen Indian Larry on the biker build-off, meet him at Sturgis this past year…great guy, thats for sure. My condolences go out to his loving family and friends. I might only be 14, but I do know he was a bad ass bike builder… with awesome tatoos!

  9. Skye

    This is from the Web site of the artist who painted Larry’s official portrait (Used with permission)
    A Tribute to Indian Larry
    Carrying two pizza pies from Spumoni Gardens, we walked into Indian Larry’s North 14th Street shop in Brooklyn to meet with him and photograph him for a painting that we planned on creating. The pizzas were for Larry and his crew — this being Brooklyn, we couldn’t just walk in empty handed.
    Larry gave us a warm reception as if we were part of the family and showed us some of the choppers he was working on. Then he pulled out scrapbooks with some recent articles about him and his bikes and a collection of great photographs of himself taken over the years. “Here’s when I used to be a bodybuilder,” he said showing us a black-and-white photo of a young, muscular, tattoo-free man. “And this is my lady,” Larry said, beaming as he showed us a photo of his wife, Bambi.
    After giving us the tour, Larry was ready to have his photo taken for the painting. We asked him if he felt like taking off his shirt to show off some of his ink, and like Clark Kent in a phone booth he pulled off his shirt and began posing with various bikes and chromed bike parts. Meanwhile the UPS guy, Enzo, delivered boxes and ate Larry’s pizza.
    I took several photos of Larry’s tattoos, including a close-up of his famous neck tattoo, which reads, “In God We Trust — Vengeance Is Mine Sayeth The Lord — No Fear.” After the shoot, I asked Larry for one more photo, this time for our friend and partner, Caleb. Caleb backed out of the shoot at the last minute, so I asked Larry to give him the finger in absentia. I showed Larry the digital image and he said, “That’s the one!”
    Some time later, we returned to Larry’s shop to unveil the painting. I was a little nervous — what if he wasn’t really serious about the “finger” painting being “the one”? I brought my sister Joann and my cousin Kristin with me — they were both dying to meet Indian Larry.
    This time his whole entourage was there — his crew, his photographer, and some business representatives. And Larry was still the perfect host. They gave us Indian Larry shirts, and Larry took the time to pose with the girls on one of his choppers. He always had time for his fans.
    I brought in the 24 x 36″ painting, barely dry and shrouded in a big black cloth for the unveiling. Larry sat down in front of it in anticipation while his crew looked on. Larry was well educated in art — his favorite painter was Michelangelo — and so this was the moment of truth. I pulled the cloth from the canvas, and one Indian Larry looked right into the other’s eyes.
    Larry grinned from ear to ear; he loved it.
    The next time we all met was at Laconia Motorcycle Week. The painting had been chosen to be the “Official Unofficial” print of the event. Larry was busy as hell — showing off his latest Build-Off bike, judging bikini contests, shaking hands and signing autographs. He gave his time freely and had a few minutes for anyone who stopped by to say hello.
    At our booth in Laconia, the giant banner of Indian Larry flipping the bird, which hung ten feet in the air, welcomed the crowd.
    At one point, Larry and I met with Art from Wild On E! We were talking after the TV crew left, and I told Larry that my mother said that if he didn’t come to the booth to sign some prints she was going to beat him up. He signed the first print for her: “To JoJo, Please don’t kick my ass! Indian Larry.” Kendall Johnson was there; Bobby and Kris from Chicago Custom Choppers were there — along with some Hawaiian Tropic Girls, Jagermeister Girls and plenty of fans. My cousin Kristin was calling people in with a megaphone, “Indian Larry is here!” — while Larry signed prints, tits, asses, and one guy’s bald head. We had a ball!
    I was supposed to meet up with Larry again in Sturgis, but I couldn’t make it. I wish I could have — it would have been my last chance to see him.
    The October 2004 issue of Easyriders magazine featured one of the photos of Larry posing with the painting and, yet again, flipping the bird. I was to receive a copy hot off the press on August 30th. Instead, I received the horrible news of Indian Larry’s death.
    We only knew each other for a short time, but it was a wild ride — an experience and a guy I will never forget. He was truly a gentle man.
    Anthony Sapienza
    September 2, 2004

  10. cb

    I am sorry to hear of the sad loss of Indian Larry. He was my inspiration that kept me going when i was re-building my Shovel the old school way in my garden shed. The custom bike scene will never be quite the same ever again. I send my condolences to his family and friends. You will be sadly missed even over here in England. From CB Oxford England.

  11. Randy Carter

    One Hell of a Man, he did it all in the world of Motorcycles. An inspiration to look up to, a success who did what he enjoyed and died doing it. I am also a recovered alcoholic and that was another tough battle. Long live his inspirations and talents.

  12. Tim & Reama Spurlock

    Indian Larry- Godspeed Bro.
    You will be eternally missed.
    We will keep you and our other fallen brothers in our hearts and minds forever.

  13. snake

    indian larry is one of the coolest bikers ive ever seen on tv. the most real and down to earth folks ever shown on tv. when he cut his trophy in half and gave half to paul yaffe, what a trip. i want nothing more than to be just like that thats the kind of guy you have to love and remember.

  14. JohnandTammy

    Now what….he’s gone….Indian Larry is gone….
    There is a void that can never be filled. To us he was OLD SCHOOL Larry. He inspired us to old school our bike. You made it look real easy Larry
    because you were the best…

  15. james

    I met larry only this year at Laconia. Friends and I
    had our picture taken with him. I’m glad I finally got to meet him and sad he is gone.

  16. Gary

    This past year at the New York Morotcycle show while avery one was waiting on line for three hours and paying big bucks to get an autograph from the O.C.C. boys my wife ,kids and I went over to meet Indian Larry .
    It was really cool to get so close to a legend andto be able to talkto and shake his hand. He asked my daughter if she wanted to have her picture taken with him while seated on his Harely .A true gentleman a legend and an all around nice guy. You will be truely missed. As Alison Steele of WNEW 102.7 FM would have said ,I wish you peace , Love and A Beautiful Day.
    My Deepest sympathy goes out to all Indian Larry’s Family and friends. You will be missed
    God Speed ,
    Gary,Mary Grace , Jessica and Nicholas

  17. Sherry

    I was in Concord N.C. at the Liquid Steel bike show. I saw Indian Larry riding 3-4 different motorcycles. I was so sad and still very sad about his death. I looked up to him and what he was about. I want to let his family know he will live in my heart and millions of peoples hearts. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

  18. paul

    Far deeper than a bike Builder I think Indian Larry was a great artist and lover of life. I always worried about him doing those stunts but I guess he had to live life the way he wanted to. I am sure he will be missed by the Biker World and his family. I was glad to have learned about him on discovery. Fly with the Angels Larry!

  19. Barb

    I felt the need to send my condolences to Indian Larrys’ family after learning of his much too soon passing. I really admired his “old school” ways when it came to building his motorcycles. He touched my heart with his multitude of endearing qualities. He was indeed a mesmirizing, talented man with a genuine love for what he was doing. I only got to know of him on “Biker Build Off” when my husband was watching one evening. From that maoment on I was a big fan. God Blessed You In Life Larry,and in return You Blessed Us By Being True To Yourself and Allowing Us To Be A Part Of Your Adventure. Sincerely, Barb& Rick

  20. Jake

    I’m also 13 and i had the opportunity to meet Indian Larry several times at motorcycle events. I can’t say enough how much of a gentleman Larry was. He was busy most of the time but he would jump right out of what he was doin to take a picture with me or sign an autograph or even talk to my dad. An unbelievable bike builder and a truely good person.

  21. Chris "Muligaroon" Simpson

    It is so rare in life that we, as grown ups(?), have someone that we can look up to. Even more rare is it, that we find someone in the spotlight that is of real quality and deserving of such admiration. Larry is my mentor, someone that I can look up to and aspire to be like. Seeing him do what he loves, and wanting to share himself with everyone that crossed his path is how we should all be with eachother. As Larry has just reminded us, we aren’t here forever. Enjoy life with your loved ones and do the things you love to do, because it will be gone in an instant. I know I will.
    Thanks Indian Larry. Your legacy will live on.
    Many condolences to his family and loved ones.

  22. Phil

    Larry u died doing wat u do best and u lived ur life to the fulliest Thanks Larry Your name shall be remembered through out the ages of time



  24. Dave Clayson

    my deepest sympaty goes out to Indian Larry’s family and friends, he is one of the biggest inspirations for me to go the road i have chosen, and ill never have the opportunity to meet he will be missed by all

  25. debbie meyer

    My deepest sympathy to larry’s family, he was truely a great guy just wished I could have had the pleasure of meeting him, he will truely be missed

  26. The Barringers

    Shocked, Stunned, at a loss totally. The world lost a great man, and artist the day you died. It’s one hell of a loss!!
    The world of bikers, and builders lost the ultimate big brother.
    Although we never met him personally, we were fortunate to see him in person a few times, his energy was unmatched.
    The world lost a legend among legends.
    God Speed Larry, may your ride into eternity be smooth.

  27. jules kreeft

    Sad to see life cut short another brother gone Gone home to be with the Lord Jesus . My message is to all are you ready? I hope & pray Indian Larrys Bro was Jesus???I’m pretty sure he was I know without a doubt I’ll see him again My deepest condolenses to Bambi and there family maybe this is a wake-up call for some of us. I hated wearing a lid but I and lots of you out there all know what i’m sayin so ride safe Brothers……………jules K British Columbia Canada..

  28. Damian Bujanda

    was blown away when i heard of larry’s passing
    my deepest sympathy to the family Larry beat everybody home and is probably setting up shop right now love ya larry
    iron butterfly keyboard player

  29. jo souza

    We were on our way to see you in New York when we heard the news. I never met you but you built the best bike I had ever seen and wanted to meet you.
    I’ve never wanted anyone’s autograph before till I saw your work. WOW.
    Rest in peace Larry. You brought me great joy. Thank you.
    Jo from Attleboro Ma

  30. Chris

    Indian Larry was and is truely the “chopper king”. His bikes and his spirit will live on throughout the ages. When I first met Larry I was at the Steel Pony Express chopper show and Larry was the only one to take the time to shake my hand and give a autograph and a picture with him. He single handedly inspired me to follow my dream of building motorcycles and hotrods for a living. He will be missed and I hope to shake his hand in heaven when I get there. I am only 17 but hopefully Larry will be with me and give luck in my future endeavors.

  31. AJ

    He was loved by many and was an amazing artist. He will missed dearly. As a huge fan I will miss him and his artisticly fun nature. I send many prayers to his family and friends. Not only the motorcycle world but the world as a whole has suffered a great loss.

  32. Hashsmoker

    Our world will be a better place if more folks had some Indian Larry in thier soul. Anytime a great chopper rides by I’ll think of the man who helped pioneer this great art of 2 wheeled style and mechanics . Larry’s bikes rule, hands down. I’m hoping Gasoline Ally lives on and the guys keep up his great work. Rest in peace man.

  33. Crazyhorse

    Our condolences to the family and friends of Indian Larry. Well respected “NO CLUB” Independant biker. I have a vest with Larry’s signature and will have the autograph embroidered into the vest. Was deeply saddened by this unfortunate passing of a true man.
    Crazyhorse and the Peckerwood Bros

  34. Mark Austin

    never met him, but he seemed like a great talented man and fine spirit..loved his attitude towards life..he proved you can be a kind and gentle man and still ride. i’ve been riding for over 35 years, loved the old school designs then and now..and i loved his…rest in peace, tell daddy roth hi for me…

  35. connor petrie

    this SUCCKS i was a huge fan & to hear this crap man…
    we will not forget
    connor petrie victoria B.C. CANADA

  36. orlando

    My deepest and sincere condolensces go out to the Indian Larry family during their time of grief. I am an admirer of Indial Larry’s artwork as a custom motorcyle builder. He stands to be remembered as one of the greatest artists of his genre. Indian Larry… you will be greatly missed.
    Orlando & Colleen Pate

  37. dave

    Amazing man. really showed everyone around him what it ment to be alive. He didnt fear death, he feared an unlived life and he left us the most accomplished and satisfied. Some birds just arent ment to be caged. Ciao bud.

  38. Derek

    I never met him, I never knew him, I only watched him on TV, but I feel a great sadness knowing Larry has passed. I’m not sure why I’m writing…I guess maybe that’s what made him a legend.
    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Larry.

  39. Larry Hawkins

    I met Larry at Daytona. Of all the bike builders there that I met which includes Billy, the Orange County Chopper Gang and a few more. Larry stood above them all. He would take time to talk to you, take pictures with you while everyone else just wanted your money and run the through the line as fast as possible. That says a lot about a person. He took time for his fans instead of sticking his hand out wanting your money. I think some of the other big name builders could learn a valueable from this man. I will miss this man.

  40. Randy

    my 19 year old son and my 13 year old loved to watch him on tv with me .Out of all of the builders he was the best,my sons and I ride,and his bikes inspire us.He will be missed

  41. Andy Kaczmarek

    I send my condolences to Larrys family and friends, and to all that looked up at him. Larry was an insparation to everyone including my self. If it wasn’t for Larry, Arlene, Jesse, Billy, and many of the other great builders i don’t know where i would be, just seeing Larry’s love for motorcycles and the drive that he had, gave me the power to reach for the stars and hopefly one day i will own my very own shop and build cool looking choppers. But in this sad time, we should remember Larry would want to go on, because now Larry gets to ride with the big many him self on that endless highway just him, god, and heavens angels cruising along just them and there motorcycles.

  42. Lou and Smiley

    First time I saw Indian Larry on TV,I thought he was so amazing,so real few and far between,WE saw him in Laconia,I was standing right in front of him,but I did not want to be a pain in the ass,so I was quiet,But I will always remember that moment,And I am happy I have that.

  43. Lil Ricky

    Indian Larry, an inspiration and a legendary artist in the motorcycle world. To watch him live life to the extreme like he did, tells me that life is too short, you will be missed.
    Gods Speed To Indian Larry…………….

  44. Billy Green

    I met Larry at his shop in Brooklyn last year,being from Australia and only in NY for 2 days I wanted to meet this bloke I’d seen on TV,and I was glad I did.Even though they were very busy in the shop Larry took time to have a yarn and get a photo taken,he was a very genuine person and will be missed by the biker community.My thoughts go to his family and friends.So long Larry

  45. Killer

    Larry, Enjoy your eternal ride Bro. I met Larry in Daytona and spoke with him at his trailer. My impression of him was he was a no bullshit bike builder who was not driven by the almighty dollar, like some of the other guys out there. He would spend all day talking with you as long as you wanted to. He loved his trade and all the fans that liked his work .I have a picture of the two of us at his trailer that I will treasure. The bike world has lost one of the best. His ideas while building his bikes were second to none. I am glad that he finally received all the acclaim that he deserved. R.I.P. Bro

  46. Jack D

    I never had the honour of meeting Indian Larry in person.What I saw and heard on TV leads me to beleave that if you had him for a friend you had a friend for life.He rode free,lived life following the mottos “to thine own self be true”and “Rule 62” There’s a great group of sober riders up there Larry and God willing I’ll get to ride with you some day.Until then, you will be missed. Powell River British Columbia Canada

  47. Peggie

    to the family im truely sorry to hear of your lost , i enjoyed watching him on tv may you all be blessed , he will be missed by me and family / Peggie from South Carolina

  48. R.

    It was a sad moment when we heard of Larrys passing. I never met him, but he inspired me to build my own old school chopper. He will be greatly missed. Ride on!!!


    To the family and friends of Indian Larry, my son and I are sorry for your loss. I watched Indian Larry build a bike for a competition with Billy Lane and loved it.

  50. M Kenric

    Indian Larry,
    You may now know how many millions of lives you have touched through your artistic passion and love of life. You certainly touched mine. – mka

  51. Mike C

    Indian Larry,
    Much appreciation goes to you for the many years of staying true to your passion of building motorcycles. You have touched many lives of those who had the passion to ride. You will always be remembered as a true icon in the motorcycle world and not one day will go buy where you will not be remembered. RIP -MC

  52. angela barrett

    my father used to trick ride and love just being on his bike. i admired you very much and you brought back many happy memories for me. i hope you and my father can ride together in heaven. god bless you and your wife. you were true to your passion. God Bless You.

  53. Richard Linehan

    I just heard about Indian Larry last night, I was truly saddened by the news. I had the
    pleasure of meeting him at a gas pump near Laconia. He was very cordial and unpretentious, a cool guy. He will be truly missed

  54. Steve

    I only knew Larry from the many shows on television but he seemed to be the type of person anyone would be proud to call s friend.
    Gods speed Indian Larry

  55. Bill Roy

    I never had the opportunity to meet Indian Larry and I am sorry I never will. Sounds like he was an interesting person that one could truly sit down and chat with. His bikes will live on.
    Ride on my man, ride on….

  56. Raven

    Indian Larry died as he lived, doing what he loved and believed in. We should all be so lucky to walk a path so clear.
    You will be missed brother.

  57. McKenzie

    He was one of a kind! They best there ever was. He build beautiful bikes and rode them with style. I truley miss him and will always remeber him. He will never be forgotten.

  58. Eugene Arencibia

    I personally don’t know Indian Larry, but in January/2004 I went to the Bike Show at the Jacob Javits center. Orange County Chopper People were nowhere to be found.
    But Indian Larry was right in the middle of the floor taking pictures and signing autographs.
    That shows what a great man he was. Hanging with the real bikers and smiling. It seems he was a real down to earth person.
    He will be truly missed.
    Me and my friends will be there on 9/19 early in the morning.
    Eugene Arencibia

  59. Michelle

    You will be greatly missed Indian Larry and I agree that OCC should build a bike in honour of Indian Larry…or maybe the great bike builders can join forces and build the Indian Larry Tribute Bike together!

  60. Rev Tom Webb

    Indian Larry was truly an inspiration for me to begin customizing my Harley. He will be missed by the many who saw and experienced his talent and charm. It will be a great loss for those who did not know the man under the tats.


    My heart goes out to the family and friend of Indian Larry.I was sadden when I heard the news.Though I never got to met him personally I felt like I did having him in my home watching him on the discover channel.He is the far best artist and performer of motorcycles.Him and Billy are the best sculptors in the world.I wish I could of been a proud owner of one of his bikes.There is no one comparison to his work.He will be greatly miss by all who know of him,he is a legend to all of us.Now he will be called one of our Angels riding next to God.It’s not the destination it’s the journey of the ride.

  62. debra scott

    dear family of indian larry, i met him while i went to sturgis this year. we had travelled from tn. to south dakota. it was my first time. i met him at the full throttle. it is so sad that he had to leave us. no words can tame or clam your grieving hearts. i pray that he was saved so that we all can meet again by the river. i pray that you will take life a minute at a time and somehow go on. i have walked in your shoes. and you will hear all kinds of words of condolenses. but nothing will make it ok. i pray for you all. may the Lord bless you all now and forever. love debra

  63. Jason Ostiguy

    My thoughts and deepest sympathy for the family and friends of Indian Larry. He inspired others with his great works of art. I hope to meet you in the next life.

  64. James Martinez

    My condolances to Indian Larry’s Wife,Family and friends this was a shock for all to hear this news.I just met Larry not to long ago through a friend (Bobby)and I am just speechless and at a lost for words. God Bless,R.I.P

  65. maria and mani

    We got the chance to meet Indian Larry at the biketoberfest in Daytona last year.He was a true artist and a genuine person.We will miss him.Our hearts go out to his family and friends.
    Mani and Maria

  66. kenny

    I just met Indian Larry this year at the Sturgis Bike Rally.I have admired his work for many years. He is one of the reasons i opened my own custom shop. My condolences and deepest sympathy goes out to his wife and family. He will be greatly missed! The crew at Fantasy Cycles.

  67. Perry Pidgeon

    I can’t beleive this. I was looking at some old school bikes by FlyRite out of Austin Texas. At the top of the page was an In Memory of Indian Larry. My heart stopped.
    Of all of the bike builders coming out of the wood work these days Indian Larry was the best. Not only because of the bikes he could build but for the person he seemed to be. I do not want to meet a lot of people in person but I was always hoping to meet Indian Larry someday.
    What a sad sad day. If there is a heaven I am sure Indian Larry is there riding, I hope some day I can ride with him. That would be heaven.



  69. Paul Z.

    My story is similar to so many others… At Sturgis this year, I was astounded by the number of people waiting in line to see members of the O.C.C. crew. Yet, on my last evening at the rally, I made it over to Full Throttle Saloon, and ran smack into Indian Larry and Billy Lane. I was a 36 year old man acting like a kid! After taking pictures with both of them and getting their autographs, I sat around and watched as other people walked up and talked with them. One little boy kept asking Indian Larry all kinds of silly questions, and an assistant was trying to hurry the kid along. But Indian Larry was always polite, never rushed the kid himself, and there is no doubt that he gave the boy a memory he will cherish forever. Even my mother in-law, who doesn’t know one custom builder from another, was so taken by Larry and Lane’s tattooed looks yet humbled politeness, that she too waited her turn for pictures. My entire family is saddened by this loss. I was moved when I saw that Billy Lane’s website had acknowledged the loss of someone we all liked so well. Indian Larry’s spirit will continue to ride with us. God Bless his family and friends. P.Z.

  70. phil

    I’ve been watching and reading about Indian Larry for years and he was a big influence on the bikes me and my friends built. He was a nice person who I am so grateful to have met last year at the bike show in the javits center while all the others were waiting to see occ me and my Fiance went to see larry we are both so happy to meet him and have a picture with him. He was the best ever. My deepest sympathy to his wife and family.
    We will always remember him!

  71. Tyler Murphy

    One of If not the Greatest Bike Builder of all time and it is a shame that his life was cut short. it’s a shame that he passed away and will miss seeing his work on the “Biker Build-off” series and seeing the legendary indian larry’s stunts,but if it any conselation he passed on doing what he did best performing stunts on his very own original customs. He will be sorely missed, Rest In Peace Larry.

  72. timothy d anderson

    god works in strange ways. larry touch many people, ones that he knew and one that only knew him by name
    he will missed by all

  73. Dana

    I was honored to meet Indian Larry at Sturgis this year. What a wonderful man. He will be forever missed. God Bless his family…. you are in my thoughts and prayers

  74. Dean Jones

    In the loving memory of Indian Larry. Never had the chance to meet the wonderfull bike builder myself but admired his awsome abilaty to build such great bikes! he accompleshed a lot in life and I am sure he will acomplesh even more in heaven! We will all miss Indian Larry. I know that Larry is riding all his greatest bikes from the past and still coming up with more great ones for the rest of us to enjoy when we get up to heaven with him!
    You will always be remembered!!

  75. screwy

    When I saw you in Sturgis This year Larry we talked about roads we travel to get to where we want to be in our lives. We talked about living our lives for the thing’s we love we all loved you Larry you will be missed everyday. See you on the otherside for the next ride peace.

  76. Norma

    My deepest sympathy to Indian Larry’s wife, family & friends. The news of his death was a huge shock. A friend of ours had just told us we missed a treat going with him to Concord, NC. That he had met him and he was a truely awesome person. I really hate we missed it. My family watched Indian Larry on Biker’s Build off. He was a awesome bike builder who will be greatly missed. We had planned to go to Sturgis and still are, we were just hoping to be able to meet our idol Indian Larry. I hate that we never got to meet him, I heard he was a really great guy and so down to earth. My husband just loved his work.

  77. Indianrider Geoff

    I met the Legend and had him sign a t – shirt for me at the 2004 bike expo at the Javitts Center. May he ride the Heavens eternally…
    Indianrider Geoff

  78. RT

    I am deeply saden by this all to soon departure of a legend. Your memory and contibution you have made to the biking world lives on…….
    “It’s not what you ride, just that you ride”
    Now you can take that long easy ride…..
    Thank you Larry

  79. Sam

    I read another tribute to Larry on another site and in that piece the person asked us to continue the wave in Larry’s memory. I will!
    As stated above HIS memory and contribution to this world IS HUGE, LARGE, BIG AND each of us would better ourselves if we remember how Larry conducted himself with others whether they were rich or poor or even rode a bike.
    Gonna miss that man!

  80. Andrew

    Hi, im andrew, and im 15. My condolences to larry’s family. Whe i saw him win the great biker builder against billy lane and instead of declaring victory and leaving with his trophy, he cut the trophy apart on the spot, and passed pieces of it to people in the crowd saying,”no one gave those people the right to say which bike is best. i think we both won.” We i saw that, i just thought to myself that he was a really great guy. Though it sucks that he died, he died doing something he loved. And he died a legend.

  81. Dave

    I used to be a car nut, until I saw Indian Larrys passion and skill when it came to bikes. I was hoping to go to his shop next summer to meet him and see his work first hand. His bikes have turned me into a chopper fan for life!!
    I regret that I will never get to meet the legend who gave so much to this lifestyle, and I hope he has the fattest chopper in heavan. RIP

  82. panhead-Ezra

    the man was a the best at what he did . he will always be remembered . i never met him , but he has my respect for being who he was and for being an original!!
    see you in the wind

  83. Lorne Loveless

    I remember seeing him for the first time, I think on an Iron Horse cover … and looking at the only chopper that I’d ride.
    Sure … other bikes are beautiful, unique and out of the world.
    But Larry did all that … and made a bike that you could tear up a back road with, or ride in heavy city traffic with total confidence.
    A truly sad day for the world of bike … the man will be sorely missed.

  84. Mark C

    My condolences to larry’s family, and friends.Larry just wasnt a great bike builder he was an american icon.i recently had a bike crash just 4 days before larrys untimely bike was nearly a right off and my attitude about riding again were non existant, i then thought what would larry do if he were still alive??? would he ride again????…YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS HE WOULD!!!!!!….
    therefore i will ride again….peace brother larry…we will never forget you…. mark c

  85. ONKA

    With all due respect, you’d have to be an idiot to do ANY kind of riding WITHOUT a helmet. It was only a matter of time before he became a statistic.

  86. Jimbo

    No one can fill his vacant shoes. God reclaims the good ones first. Can you imagine the Roth, Von Dutch, Indian reunion that must be going on in heaven right now? God Speed brother…

  87. DredLox

    What a fucking drag! I was and still am shocked over this legend, Indian Larry, tragically taken from us far too early. The shit that man and his wife have been through is incredible. No Gear Indian Larry, No Fear!

  88. Carlo and Ali

    I was just watching Biker Mania 2 on the discovery channel, marvelling again at the beautiful bike that Larry built, when I was shocked by the “In Memory of Indian Larry.” epitaph at the end of the show.
    Larry, it saddens me to know that we’ll never get to ride down to New York and ask him to build me that hardtail…
    At least he went out doing what he loved.
    Bye for now, Larry. Your legacy will be the continued inspiration to all us born-again chopperheads.

  89. Anonymous

    “I was just watching Biker Mania 2 on the discovery channel, marvelling again at the beautiful bike that Larry built, when I was shocked by the “In Memory of Indian Larry.” epitaph at the end of the show.”
    Yeah, I just saw that too. Jesus Christ, what an unpleasant surprise.

  90. Billy Marlowe

    well what can you say…larry will truly be missed. i loved seeing what he would come up with next, and i was always glued to the tv when he was on discovery channel.
    my regards to bambi and the whole family.
    larry, thank you for your contribution to the world of motorcycles.

  91. S. Mazda

    Larry was Old School for sure.
    His sense of style was something these young guns could use a little more of.
    He had “fans” through out the world and never realised what a huge impact he had on so many builders.
    R.I.P Larry you were an Original.
    Prayers for you family and friends from Canada.

  92. SVP

    I just heard about Indian Larrys passing i never had the pleasure of meeting him i just got into motorbikes he was not only a great builder of bikes but a true artist probably the best there has ever been a true insperation to all human beings may god bless you and your family if everyone in this world was like you we wouldnt have the problems we do today your legend will live on forever we know that you are beside jesus
    looking down upon us and protecting us Amen

  93. The Newmans

    I was just watching motorcycle mania 2 on discovery channel for probably the 20th time and just about to switch channel when it said “In memory of Indian Larry 1949-2004”. The man was an artist of a long unrecognized artform and for that i salute him.
    In god we trust
    Vengeance is mine
    Sayeth the lord
    No Fear

  94. Nicole finstad

    Indian Larry,
    My name is Nicole Finstad and I’m 12 years old. My dad and I have loved watching you build bikes at the Biker Build-Off against Billy. Although I have never met you I’m sure you were a great man who was loved by everyone. We will be sad without your presence. Heart-felt sympathy for your family and friends.

  95. Russ

    I never met Indian Larry, but I watched him on T.V. all of the time, especially on these bike build off’s. The thing I liked about him, is that he had NO ego about always winning. You could see a quality in him where he just loved to build bikes and hang out with all the others. He didn’t like to stand out in a crowd, he just wanted to be part of the crowd. Rest in peace. You’ll always be one of the best that I have seen.

  96. Patti-Jo Morris

    I too, never met Larry and only knew of him from Motor Mania and Bike Build offs and fell in love with him. Stopping the show to help Billy get his bike running and then sawing the trophy in half, well, there left no doubt in my mind what kind of heart and values this man possessed.
    All I kept thinking was I am going to make it my mission to get to Sturgis to meet him.
    I am completely dumbfounded and my heart aches for Indian Larry’s family and his friends and cudos to the person who tributed ‘ he beat the rest home and is already setting up shop’. Very apropo and no doubt true.
    Totally sad
    Patti-Jo Morris
    Calgary Alberta

  97. Ray & Debs

    Our deepest condolences to Indian Larry’s family. I just finished watching Motorcycle Mania and learned of Mr.Indian Larry’s passing at the end of the program. It did come as a shock to hear this news from my husband as we have been fans of Indian for some time thanks to Discovery Channel opening the doors to pass insight into the life of this talented man. We will miss his professionalism in all he said and did. It was an honor to have been given this pleasure.

  98. Joel

    i only got to see him on the television, i really respected his views on life. he will always be remembered and sincere condolences to larry’s family.

  99. Colin Firth

    Just watched the TV show where Jesse James built a new bike for Sturgis and rode with three buds including Indian Larry. At the end of the program there was a dedication to Indian Larry and this alerted me to his tragic passing. Of all the different bike builders profiled he stood out as the gentleman who was respected by all others…no gimmicks, no phony tough guy B.S. just down to earth talent. He had sincere style and he had real class and that is why all of the other builders looked up to him. Now on his final run to biker heaven, we still only have one way to look for Indian Larry and that is still upwards.
    Colin Firth/Ontario Canada

  100. Fernando Maese

    God Bless You Indian Larry and Family! Our hearts and prayers are with you all from Los Angeles California. I’ve never been to the East Coast, but had I visited, I know I would have gone to visit Gasoline Alley. I will miss his talent, but I will never forget him.

  101. Tiny

    A man i never knew but still aspire to be like, I will always try to share the passion for life, such as you did. Till’ the eternal cometh…Goodbye Larry. Tiny

  102. Kevin Kilpatrick

    Just wanted to send my condolences to Larry’s family & friends. Enjoyed watching him every chance that I could on Tv. Loved his talent, admired his humility & respected his spirit.He will be truly missed by all.
    Kevin Kilpatrick
    Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

  103. fallingrock88

    there are people in this world u would like to meet and indian larry was one of them . he was a legend to me and thousands of others.larry wereever u r keep u face in the wind love u bro.

  104. Brigitte and Paulo

    In response to the death of Indian Larry I can only say that although we did not ever have the chance to meet him we both admired his work and his down to earth attitude immensely and are deeply saddened by the loss of such a great artist.
    Rest in peace.

  105. Gene Meenach

    Larry exemplified what being free really menat. He lived life on his terms and took risks always giving the safety he enjoyed to the glory of GOD. He was well aware he was pushing the envelope whenever he rode , but that is what life is all about……living it to the fullest everyday and he did. GOD bless LArry for being a shining example of courage and love of life. I too was privilaged to have watched him on TV and share his bike building expertise. We will surely miss you Larry.

  106. Mark Justice

    Indian Larry was an icon. A man not easily swayed by the popular “look”. When it comes to old school Indian Larry was the principal. I’ll never forget the strait forward low-key personality that was always more about the bike than about the man. It’s a shame you had to leave so soon. The good part is leaving doing what you love. Thanks for what you shared with us. Peace brother.

  107. Jenn

    To Larry’s family……Be strong, and never forget you will meet again someday. To Larry… look down on us and save a place in Heaven. You will be truly missed but not forgotten.

  108. kitty

    Indian Larry will be missed, but not forgotten! He is not gone, He’s riding, and building choppers for all the ‘late’ bikers, waiting for all his fellow biker fans at the white pearly gates in heaven! God Bless Indian Larry and his family.

  109. Art Corey

    From my family to yours, take comfort in knowing how many lives he touched. I wish to have met the man, the legend, although I never did, his spirit has touched us all. The world has lost an artist but his spirit will live on forever!
    Ride on Bro!

  110. $cott H.....

    im just glad i got to know who indian larry was before he passed when i saw him build a bike it did nothing but inspire me to build one of my own i love his style RIP Bro

  111. john albert

    In a world of bolt-ons and billet heads, Indian Larry was a true inspiration. One of the last real hot rodders, men like him cannot be replaced, He will be truly missed.

  112. fredsgirl69

    We had the great pleasure of meeting Indian Larry at Daytona Bikeweek ’04. He had the most awesome personality. He took time to talk and photograph at night before the booth was ever set up.We were just walking down the street seen him and started talking. of course I had to go back the next day.Larry is #1 and always will be. We are deeply going to miss him!

  113. Zach B.F. Canada

    What makes an original? A guy like Indian Larry who lived his way and died his way. Never met the man but appreciated his work, his attitude and cool style and I mourn his passing. If you aren’t livin’ on the edge then you are taking up too much space. Keep your right hand cranked Larry and show them how to build a heavenly chopper.

  114. Dennis Czechowicz

    I had the pleasure of meeting Indian Larry at Sturgis. One of his fans caming up yelling Indian Larry I’ve been wanting to meet you. He ran up to her I’ve been wanting to meet you and gave her a big hug. Then he turn to me with a smile as I took his picture. I will remember that look for a long time. A true biker builder!

  115. John & Dakota Hedges

    To the memory of Indian Larry, your spirit and love of life will forever live inside all of us who find happiness in the glory of the open road and the freedoms that you held dear. Ride free forever.
    John age 37
    Dakota age 4 1/2

  116. Tice Nichols

    Just learned of Larry’s passing and it is truly a sad time for bikers and Larry’s family. Met him at the Milwaukee Rally and again this year at Laconia and Sturgis and he was truly a talented and genuine man who was very approachable. May he rest in peace. Tice

  117. Israel,Judy&Marcus Vega

    We are still in denial we couldn’t believe when we heard of the accident. I had to look it up in the internet to see if it was true. This is a tragic loss to all of us who love Indian Larry.
    May God Bless him, and now the heavens have been blessed with him there. Our prayers go out to his family and friends. Sincerely, Vega’s

  118. Kevin F

    The custom bike world lost a talented classy guy who had the presence and humbleness, just like another King of his respective motoring field, Richard Petty. Let ‘er rip Larry. Our condolences from the TV fans who watched a master at work. Kevin F.

  119. Scott

    What can anyone say that hasn’t been said. Indian Larry was not only a great bike builder but he was a Great Man. I’m one of the multi million people that never had the opportunity to meet this Great Man but I too feel like I knew him. Gods Speed Indian Larry.
    Scott W. Jacksonville, Florida

  120. Dawnmarie

    I just cant believe this… we were away for the long weekend out in the sticks of NH and VT and came back to reading email that i didnt check before i left. What an awesome man he was.. i met him at the Boston show, he was so kewl, got my picture with him and everything.. what a gentleman and i loved all his bikes and his work was so signature of him.. no one can replace him. I am very sorry to his family i cant even imagine their pain. Billy Lane and the others will surely miss Larrys experience and guidance. RIP Legend Indian Larry

  121. Steve Allen

    Indian was a great free spirit who’s energy came right through the screen when I saw him in all the Discovery shows that he was on. He will be very sorely missed and I extend all my prayers to the immediate and extended family of Indian Larry.

  122. Murph

    We rode down to Larry’s shop a couple of weeks ago with some firefighters from Elkhart, Indiana who were visiting the FDNY. The bike shop was deserted – except for a young lady who was selling t-shirts, a shop worker, a guy replacing the passenger window on an SUV, and Larry – working on an engine. This was no OCC or WCC shop – Larry was puttin’ in the hours on a creation with his name on it. Even though it was a Saturday afternoon, with only him doin the work, he stopped work and greeted each of us.
    I could say alot about what that meant – the top bike builder in the USA stopping everything to “meet the fans” – but I keep thinking about a quote from him on the discovery channel. as I remember, it was –
    ” I am not religious – but I am very spiritual. When I ride, I am in the moment.”
    Godspeed, Larry.
    Ladder 17, FDNY
    New York Fire Riders MC

  123. Michael

    I just found out minutes ago One of my heros has passed. I am saddend by this because the man was a true american icon. I have never met the man but was planning to when I got off probation and could travel. I feel that I have lost a friend and will never have a chance to shake his hand or ask questions about his sobriety. This man will be truly missed.Larry may your ride through heaven last for an eternity

  124. Tony Monette

    Of all the builders I have watched on the Discovery channel, Indian Larry was the one I would have picked to build my bike. I will not forget his comment about his bikes being a combination of art and machine. He kept alive the memory of simpler days. Those of us who appreciate the beauty of these machines will be just a little bit poorer from now on.

  125. greg

    The first time I saw Indian Larry was on the program motorcycle mania on the discovery channel and what struck me about him was his love for the artistry that is the craft of building custom choppers. Larry truly exemplified a freedom of spirit that I think all of us wish we could express. I saw the episode of biker build off between Larry and Billy Lane and I think that when Larry shared the win with Billy it showed us the artist that Larry was as plainly it was his ART and his Friends that meant the most to him. The world has lost a great artist and free spirit. Keep riding Larry we all miss you.

  126. Jim Vollmer

    I never met Indian Larry but I was a big fan. I am building my first bike from scratch and was in awe of his knowledge and character. In a world full of posers and weekend warriors he was truley old school and the true meaning of biker. A good friend of mine has an autographed poster of him, and I was always envious. Now I realize he’s real blessed. In God he trusted, and God now has a right hand man, Ride Free Larry, it was one Hell of a ride…You will be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Johnny C

    After watching the antics of Indian Larry for many years, and seeing how much he loved life, I was stunned to hear of his passing. You could see his love for life in the fire in his eyes. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He was one of the greatest!! You will truely be missed Larry, but never forgotten!! Much love!!!

  128. LU ROBLES


  129. mark cali


  130. Jason Held

    In my mind, Indian Larry built the best chopper around. I got the pleasure of meeting and shaking his hand in Daytona, 2004…he will be dearly missed by all……………..

  131. Scott

    Sad to hear of another great American to lose his life but if there is any comfort in his Passin it is that he died doing what did best preforming for the people that loved him so much * you will be missed bro but u can never be forgotten as u will ride beside all the bikers ( an want a be’s ) to watch over them as ur Angels did over you for those years God speed an sore like the eagle an keep an Eye over us

  132. Stephanie

    It’s so good to see such great tributes to such an amazing man! I have read some of the other sites that were meant to commemorate Larry and most of the posts are so sad because all they are doing is condemming him for not wearing a helmet. Larry died doing what he loved and he lived to for the moment. We should all learn from such a kind man. I never got to meet Larry but I made sure that I watched any of the bike shows that had him in it! I was always amazed at the gorgeous bikes he built and at how he always remained calm, cool, and collected when things might go a little awry! He will be greatly missed!

  133. Dave Bjorge

    Our heart goes out to Inian Larry’s freinds and family. We met Indian Larry at the full throatle in sturgis last year.It was a great honor to meet a man like him. Keep Riding Indian Larry
    Three Bikers from Minnesota

  134. Brandon Eckardt

    No ones style or method served to influence me more than Larry’s. I admired his work and his ability in all facets of motorcycle building. It was a dream to have bike made by him. Too soon you left Larry, many of us still have more to learn. See you on the flip side.
    Gunny Eckardt

  135. vinny taiani

    indian larry, wow what can i say..what a hell of a great guy and great bike builder..met him at the ny bike show..what a thrill. he’s going to be missed at all the bike rallys in the us. god bless his friends and family vinny highland mills new york

  136. Jerry Infantino

    I met Indian Larry this past year at Laconia NH. and he was the nicest, kindest, famous person I have ever met. I was born in Staten Island and had cousins in Brooklyn so there was that immediate hidden bond I felt I had with him. Unlike other famous bike builders, Indian Larry had the kind of heart that always rememberd where it all started and never forgot that. My sympathy goes out to the whole family. I will always have the the pictures I took of him this past year at Laconia till the day I die. “Indian Larry” you are like no other. See you on the other side. I want you build my “Angel” bike for me.
    Jerry Infantin

  137. Len "Tornado" Green

    Indian Larry!
    You are in the hearts of the Silent Riders M.C. forever!
    Ride On and give the sign, “Thumbs Up” to the deaf brothers on Harleys in Harley Heaven!
    Ride Free!
    Tornado Len

  138. john

    i am a cameraman for WB11 in NYC and had the pleasure of doing a story about Larry and his crew several months ago. not only were they all complete pros but also just down to earth nice guys. Larry especially was humble about his fame and really concerned about his bikes and the love of a true art form that he helped to promote. I pray for Larry and his family and hope that his crew will continue his work and keep his legacy alive. RIP brother

  139. Annette Kroger.

    I debated whether to take a picture (shyness) with Indian Larry at the Steel Pony Express in New Orleans. I’m so glad I did as I now have a beautiful remembrance of a man I truly admire above all others. Larry, rest in peace knowing how much you were loved by so many.

  140. Edna

    He is riding and vrooming his bike up there in the heaven. He died in what he loved the most, not in the vain. I am very fournate to meet him last year in Daytona Bike Week 2003 and took a picture together.His artworks and etc are AWESOME!
    He will be greatly missed. We will miss seeing him in Daytona!!
    God Speed his family…

  141. Brian Babcock

    Larry will be missed by everyone who shares his love of custom motorcycles. He built what he liked to ride, AND they always looked like a machine, not over designed and streamlined. When other bikes were on their platforms at the Easy Riders, Broken Spoke display in Laconia, Larry and Billy Lane were out riding and did not return til about eleven PM. The love of the machine and the wind are what we all crave. At least Larry was riding and following his dreams when his time came, although it was too soon.. . . . . . . R I P Larry. You will be missed by all the people you touched on your complex journey through life. We will ALL ride together in a better place.

  142. Jane

    I saw Indian Larry only on TV. I loved watching him. How sad it is to know he is gone from us forever. His bikes were awesome and I loved the freedom I saw on his face.
    I would love to know if there will be a special Biker’s magazine in tribute to Larry, and his life.
    My heart goes out to his wife and family. I just can’t beleive someone we see on TV can leave such a hole in one’s heart, knowing he is gone. I would like to think he lives on, Just like Christ does. Janey

  143. Buzz

    Like many I knew of Indian Larry from the Discovery Channel shows and had seen his splendid bikes at many of the rallies. That is until one weekend this spring.
    While riding down the road at Myrtle Beach, a bike pulled up beside us. Indian Larry looked over smiled, and sped away with his hair flying and a look of contentment on his face.
    The next evening we were standing on a dock at a scum covered pond beside the Wet Dream Fantasy Bar which was tucked back in the woods away from the vendors, crowds and noise. Indian Larry walked out onto the dock and we chatted for awhile. We never told him we recognized him or made a fuss over his notarity. We were just three bikers enjoying a cold beer together and telling a few stories. He was as genuine and down to earth as they come. Unbeknowst to him he gave two strangers an invaluable gift – himself.
    Our thanks to you Indian Larry. Enjoy the rewards of your hardwork and creativity. Ride free!

  144. Mike Zarzecki

    My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Indian Larry. Having only seen the man on Discovery, it was apparent that he was truly a genuine human who had feelings for others as was evident by his smiles and mannerisms. God Bless!

  145. Phil Hamilton

    Larry Was One of the first chopper builders that i had even heard of for my age and now he’s gone…to me Indian Larry has the best choppers out there R.I.P Larry both my father and I will miss you and your beautiful works of art.
    Phil Hamilton
    Victoria,B.C. Canada

  146. Diwaker

    My sincerest and true condolences to the family of Indian Larry.A man like larry will always live as a soul of true motorcycle artist.ride in heaven with angels Indian Larry.
    Diwaker Sharma
    New Delhi,India

  147. BKG

    My heart felt condolences go out to Larry’s family and friends.
    I met Larry in Daytona, March 2004. What a great guy. When talking to him he acted as if he had known you all his life. He was so down to earth and greatful for everything he had and had accomplished.
    One thing that will always remain my fondest memories is riding down Beach Street side by side with the the most creative and talented bike builders of all time. Larry, I hope one day we can ride again.
    God Bless,

  148. Ben in South Carolina

    I met “Indian” Larry for the first time in Sturgis 2003, at the bike build-off , in the roadhouse on main street.I spoke briefly with He and Billy Lane asking if I could have my picture taken with them to show my sons. “Indian” Larry immediately put me between He and Billy, handed my camera to an aid, and had our picture taken. I thanked He and Billy for the privilege, but He immediately thanked me.
    When the votes were in for the bikes and “Indian Larry won He immediately said “I don’t deserve to win, Billy doesn’t deserve to win”. “We both won”. “Billy is my friend”. He cut the trophy in half, keeping half for himself, giving the other half to Billy. I did not know the man personally but know from his actions the kind of values he must have had. He was a true artist in his craft and the motorcycle world won’t be the same without him. It was a privilege to have met him. My deepest condolences to “Indian” Larry’s Wife, Mother,Family,and Friends.

  149. gerard brascia

    Although I never had the chance to meet Indian Larry I felt like I Knew him. Just watching him build and ride his bad ass mechanical choppers on Discovery gave me a rush that I always looked forward to. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  150. D. Kini

    The biker world has lost a great man, “Indian Larry”. This world will never be the same, his “Old School” building was something to behold in the world. Not all fluff like some of the customs that you see now. Take care Larry we have not heard the last from you Bro. God Rest.

  151. Big Joe

    Although i never met Larry, I feel like i’ve known him for year’s. ” Larry you are the Man ” and today I pay tribute to Larry. I;m sorry to hear of his passing. He’ll be missed for sure. My thoughts and prayer’s go out to his family.

  152. Tom

    Larry built the best looking bikes I have seen in my life. He just became my new bike building hero and now he’s gone! My sincerest condolenses to his wife and family.

  153. Dieter G

    I was shocked to learn that Indian Larry had passed.
    My condolences go out to his family and friends, he was a great man who earned a great deal of respect from around the world. I am a huge fan of Larry and his work, and it is truely a tragedy to have lost him. Ride for forever, Indian Larry.

  154. John Paul Tonelli

    im sorry to hear about the lost of the best bike builder ever he was a cool guy who build aswome bikes i just have one thing to say R.I.P man

  155. Todd Watts

    I just wanted to send my condolences to all of the family and friends of Indian Larry. He will be missed. The legend will live on!!!!

  156. Beezer Chris

    After years of old bikes – Triumphs, BSAs, Nortons – I now have an old Shovelhead sitting in my garage.Taking off everything not needed and getting ready for a rebuild and rebirth of the bike the question comes… what to make of this bike. Weeks go by. Question answered now – it will be a tribute to Indian Larry. The old school way, little money, but done myself and with what is available. That’s Larry’s way. The real deal.
    God speed Larry. What a class act.

  157. Su

    Just wanted to send my condolences to Indian Larry’s family. He died doing what he loved to do, unforntunately it took him too soon.
    Much respect,Su (a fan)

  158. Priscilla & Larry

    We met Indian Larry at MB Bike week this year and he was just as we imagined………so down to earth and just like us, real people. Since that time we have seen him at several different events and my son finally had the opportunity to meet him in Winston Salem with Kendall Johnson, that was truely an experience to him.
    We were in Concord when this tragic accident happened. My husband, myself and our 10 year old son (whom is fascinated by Indian Larry) and we saw the accident happen and we knew it was bad. Our symathy to his family and friends, we will miss you PGR

  159. Bruce

    Just wonted to say a cuple of thing. I will miss larry all thow I never meet him. I was ther at the Liquid steel classic bike show on sat when the accident happend. larry was an inspiration to me and he will be gately missed. I have some pics just moments befor the accident if anyone would like to see thim just e-mile me at I feel sorry for the family. “you’ll ride for ever in our harts, INDAIN LARRY”

  160. Buffy

    I met Indian Larry in Hawaii last July. I was walking out of a bar by Waikiki Beach when I saw this very “seasoned” biker guy with Tattoos all over his arms and neck. At the time I did not know who he was but I was intrigued and impressed by his appearence so I went up to him to ask about all his Tats. We short talked for a few minutes about bikes and people. When the rest of my group noticed who I was talking to they all Started shouting “Holy Sh.. its Indian Larry!” Larry had a few pics taken and then he walked over to his bike. Thats when I saw his awesome work. (I was drooling) I asked why the pipes came out on the side the way they do and he told me “I like to go fast” Larry was an really cool guy. I would have never guessed he was this famous person by the way he acted that night. He was/is a genuine person that had a lot to offer the rest of the world and although I only knew him for 10 minutes his memory will stay with me forever. It’s too bad all the good ones are taken early. My sorrow goes out to all he left behind, for they are the ones that have to live with the pain of going on without him.
    R.I.P. Larry ;o)



  162. mule

    I never had a chance to meet him, But his influances are all over my bike..He was and always will be the MAIN man when it comes to REAL choppers..
    Take it light bro and maybe i’ll see ya when i see ya….

  163. Brian

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Larry, but taped and watched over and over his amazing talents from the biker build-off’s. He was a true gentleman and a master at what he did. He took the utmost pride in what he did and didn’t try to conform to the norm of what was going on in the industry, he built them the way they should be built..” old school choppers ” from his heart. We have suffered a great loss that is irreplaceable and Gasoline Alley will never be the same. Ride on Larry for in this world you will never be forgotten brother.

  164. harley kane

    Just heard about Larry’s passing at work today , hoped it was not true , another good one gone . I never did meet the man but was planning a visit to his shop next time I was going to NY City. I always loved the looks of Larry’s bikes , they were and are great bikes , he was building old school before tv shows made choppers cool . Rest In Peace Larry , when you get to heaven or hell remember to keep the rubber side down . Harley Kane

  165. Ron in Dallas

    I never met him, only saw him on TV, but I mourn the loss of such an Artistian as Indian Larry. Bless your soul and those admirers you left behind. You will be missed.

  166. Karren

    Larry was one of the greatest! I am so sorry to hear about his death. He is gone to the be with the other great warriors and will be forever missed on this side. May his Spirit stay alive and help us all to be free to be who we are! Love always.,…

  167. Mike Harris

    Truly the last of a dying breed, an example of how we all should live our lives. Missed by all but never forgotten ,it has been an honor to share the same planet with you larry. My only regret is that I never got the chance to meet you in person. Thanks For raising the bar.
    Rest in peace

  168. francis theoret

    Indian Lary was a lengend as bike builder and stunt man.He dedicated is life to an industrie thath made im to my eyes one of the best old school bike builder in america.sadley i never hade the chace to meet him.He was an insperation to me and made me realise to live life ase it is .
    in memory of Indian larry
    i am francis theoret i live in canada
    to the gratest old school bike builder

  169. vicki

    i was very upset when i heard about the death of indian larry.. i use to love to see him on tv..he was one of my idols..and its sad to know he is wishs to the family and friends of indian larry

  170. William Benson

    To the loved ones of Larry I send my heartfelt codolences, I’m sure you are grieving the loss of a wonderful person. I met Indian Larry when watching the Discovery Channel and of all the talented people that appeared on the shows I felt the closest to Larry. I could sense his strong gentle spirit and felt we would have gotten along swimmingly if we had ever met, as many other people feel …I’m sure. Larry died young, but he died persuing his passion, and to that I say …Salute! Indian Larry “lived” life! He made mistakes as a young man, like many of us do, paid his debts, turned his life around and achieved greatness …for I say if a man is held dear in the hearts of (millions) of people …that man is truley great. I should be so fortunate. We will never pass one another, bike to bike, Larry so let these words I have written be my left hand lowered to my side …palm open to the memory of you. Salute.



  172. dave

    R.I.P Indian Larry.
    I just started to get into his talents through the discovery channel. What a shame. He was always so gracious. One of the nice guys.

  173. Joel

    Indian Larry- The most beautiful bikes I have ever seen! As the choppers wisked you around this life, may it now wisk you into the arms of the Great Spirit! My deepest sympathy for your loved ones

  174. Claude Noto

    I met Indian Larry at Marcus Dairy in Danbury Last
    Spring. Not only was he a talented bike builder,
    he was genuinely a down to earth guy..always had a few minutes to talk..You will be missed..

  175. ps & la B

    Indian Larry– We just saw you and your bike at Sturgis We just can’t believe your gone.! We were 15 feet away from you eating your lunch and did not want to bother you on your time. What an oppertiunity missed! Deepest sympathy to your loved ones. You will always ride on in the spirit of us all.

  176. mason

    Well i’d never thought i see the day that indian larry died. It’s a real shame. Iloved is bikes and everything i remember the first time i heard about 2 years ago. 1 of dreams was to own 1 of his bikes but i guess that ain’t gonna happen. Well take it easy and just giv’er eh??? ride free indian larry. We all miss you. but at least u died doin what you loved.

  177. Restless Riders MC

    Larry has always been an influence on my bike building and my life. Our club will be doing a run in his honour and know he will be there with us. In the end he is the best bike builder in the world! Ride Hard and Free Larry!
    Doc VP Restless Riders MC
    Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

  178. Zel Walker

    I went to Sturgis for the first time this year 2004 and on the way I mentioned to my friends that the one person I wanted to see was Indian Larry. Not only did I see him but I got my picture taken with him. I was standing by a booth that looked somewhat empty excpet for a bike parked in it. I told my boyfriend “that looks like an Indian Larry bike”. A few minutes later Indian Larry rode up on another one of his bikes, and I got my picture taken with him. Indian Larry is gone too soon. Myself and many others will miss our hero.

  179. Mike Woody

    Sadly I never had the chance to meet Larry. I only saw him though his T.V. shows and apperances. To me, his design were some of the most radical and inspiring I have ever seen. It is a very horrible loss and I send my condolences to all of his friends and family.
    “In God We Trust
    Vengeange Is Mine
    Sayeth The Lord”
    Ride On
    Rest In peace Larry
    You Will Be Sorely Missed
    Mike Woody
    Bellbrook OH

  180. Rich Hemphill

    I met Indian Larry about a month ago at a bike show in the Tacoma Dome parking lot, here in Washington State. The show was a sham, but it was worth meeting Larry and getting the chance to talk to him. I gave him a little helmet on a chain. Larry thanked me and told me some behind the scene story about the chopper that Jesse James had built. The one he did the repairs on behind the 7-11 on the way to Sturgess. I hope you are at peace and my condolances to your family and friends.
    See you later, Hemp

  181. Heather

    I learned of Indian Larry from the Discovery Channel and became a huge fan. He was an artist and awesome person. I saw him at a bike show in Boston. Just a super nice, down to earth guy. His “fame” never went to his head. He will be sadly missed.
    My prayers go out to Bambi, Paul Cox and everyone who was lucky enough to have been a part of his life.

  182. andrew

    indian larry was a true old school bike builder who did many great things for the motorcycle world. he will sadly be missed but he inspired so many people including myself, that he will never truely be gone.

  183. Terry

    My prayers go out to the wife and family of Indain Larry. Although I have never met him I would always watch what ever show he would be on because i love the bike he builds. And the honest effort he would always put into the making of a masterpiece. Keep on riding through the pearly gate my friend. You will definately be missed…
    Shrewsbury, MA

  184. Andrew Spear

    Sorry to hear about one of the greatest dieing from what he does best i would have loved to meet the guy. Rest in peace Indian Larry “In god we trust vengense is mine slayeth the lord No fear”

  185. Don

    Never the spirit is born…
    The spirit will cease to be never.
    Never the time when it was not End and beginning are dreams; Birthless and deathless and changeless. Remains the spirit forever. Death has not touched it at all, Dead though the house of it seems. ~~Sioux Prayer of Passing~~

  186. Willie Shaver

    If Webster was to define the word “biker” it would include a picture of Indian Larry. The world was so fortunate to have known such a free spirit as you. “Keep ridin Bro.”

  187. Donna

    What a truly amazing man he was to have touched so many people in so many different ways. A man who truly loved what he did and who was so good at what he did and it showed. He will be sadly missed!
    Comox, B.C. Canada

  188. Jim Currey

    Of all of the “TV” Bike builders, Larry was my favorite. He built the kind of bikes that I like. I am going to NY in October and was planning on stopping at Gasoline Alley to meet him. However I can’t. Now, I’m afraid that I will seem just like many others just wanting to be there because of his notoriety. My heart goes out to his family and close friends. He was only a year older than me and his life is over. But, Indian Larry will live in all of us who believed in what he stood for. A good man, he will be missed.

  189. Daniel Barrientos II

    The industry has lost a true artist, my condolences to the family and friends of Indian Larry R.I.P. His bikes are the true essence of custom choppers. He will be missed.
    Dan B. III

  190. Larry

    The tears are just rolling down my face. I haven’t cried like this since my dad died. I only seen him on TV but I just knew he was real and filled with honor, integrety and personal pride in his work.I didn’t get to meet you in this life I just pray I will in the next. A stranger is going to miss you. Ride across the sky brother in the wind.

  191. Jason

    I met Indian Larry at the motorcycle show in miami,fl. He was very interesting and took the time out to talk to many different people. I have seen every show that he has been on. R.I.P. Indian Larry….You will never be forgotten….definately a legend……

  192. mike maffei

    upsetting to hear of the loss of indian larry.thank you for the short time we had to speak and the gift to my father, whom you did not know. a gentleman and a biker…your friend mike maffei

  193. megan "parrothed" J

    you will be missed desperately…I have not ownwed a motorcycle yet on my own yet you’ve inspired me more than you can know. I feel as though I know you and actually take comfort in just seeing a picture of yourself on TV. I feel a loss in my heart in knowing that your work was not yet done here on earth. I have no doubt that you are in the process of making the afterlife(of all beliefs) just a touch cooler. I didn’t have the honor of meeting you in this lifetime yet through your inspiration I hope to meet you in the future and compare crazy stories from the past. Best regards to you family and may your legend and spirit live on in all of us. You will be missed!

  194. Frank"Big Dog"Perez


  195. Javier "HITMAN" Fernandez Jr

    Indian larry. One great persone gone from earth but not from our hearts and minds. What was about will for ever be in our minds and our hearts. Everytime we see a chopper or everyrime we heere the roar of a V-Twin zuming down the road I will always remember him. Everytime I take a ride will be one for Larry in our hearts. Larry may you rest in peace and ride in the heavens from cloud to cloud and never slow down. Life is short but memories are for ever. RIP and you will never be forgoten. From a great fan HITMAN

  196. Louise

    I never heard of Indian Larry before he died. He was not well known in Australia. I hope I can find some videos of his stunts. He sounds like a very interesting character. Rest in peace Indian Larry.

  197. Peggy

    I have never met Indian Larry but my husbend
    and I would watch him on TV.
    When he got to gether
    with Billy Lane you could tell he loved what he was doing.
    My condolences go out to his wife Bambi and family and friends.
    You know he will be watching over all of his loved ones as he rides the heavens.
    May he R.I.P.

  198. Brian Bennick

    What can else can be said Miss Ya Larry!
    Every time the sun shines we will think of Larry and his wonderful time with us here on earth.
    Our thought and prayers are with you Bambi & the folks at gasoline alley.

  199. Linda F. Canada

    I have always loved motorcycles and have just now bought my first at 43 … and loving it ! I’ve wanted one forever but at 5’1″ couldn’t touch the ground … I guess I could of rode like Indian Larry on the seat though 🙂 … all to say, I just started watching the shows and just absolutely loved them. Larry was a genius in his field and will be missed, perhaps he started something that others can carry on in his name. Ride free ! God bless.

  200. Benny Ryan

    I have not known of Indian Larry until I first saw the Great Biker Build-up series in DiscoveryChannel. There are lots to admire about Larry, out of his motor bike build-up genius and artmanship, I heard he is extremely loyal to friends and bike builders brotherhood.
    He will be sadly missed. Only the good die young… Cheers to a good man!

  201. Lorenzo

    I met Larry @ DILLIGAF’s in Queens, NY. He worked on my Sportster and brought it back to life as well as giving me some tip on it. A Truely GREAT GUY ..A BIKER passionate of his ART.. LARRY the Motorcycle world will miss you, Farewell BRO.

  202. Fatboy Grasso

    Met and rapped at Myrtle Beach this year – the real deal!…A great loss to us on Earth but a HUGE gain to the bike builders in the sky…God’s Speed Larry!

  203. Steve Greenebaum

    Watching Indian Larry on TV was insperational, you could tell he was the real deal, no B.S., walk the walk type of man. His true passion flowed from every pore of his body. I hope someday I can have the same level of knowledge of motorcycles and how to build them that Larry had. I have a long way to go. See you eventually brother……

  204. Alex Beedy

    I was fortunate enough to meet Indian Larry in Sturgis (2004). I was walking down the side walk toward the entrance of the gallery (David Mann) when Indian Larry pulled up on his Rat Fink bike. It was a blessing and an honor to be able to visit with him. His artistry and zeal for life will truly be missed.
    God Bless,
    A. Beedy
    Church in the Wind (Denver)

  205. Slick Rick

    Damn Larry, just when thing were getting good…..glad your talent got out to the masses and people were given a chance to indentify and try to understand the lifestyle. Freedom…..ride that baby into the golden sunset brother- arms stretched out wide embracing it all…..peace.

  206. Josh Shelberg

    i just wanted to give the family of the man that gave me a sence of richiouness in the biker world. he makes strive to achieve my goals, thank you for everything, and may his body lay rest in biker heaven forever and him never be forgotten.

  207. Dan Corthell

    I want too send my deepest sympathy to his great bike builds family and friends. He inspired me to work hard and open up my own chopper shop. You will always live on in sprit.

  208. JEFF E


  209. OneHandCoding

    I only knew Larry from his appearances on the Biker Build-off. But his appearance on that show with Billy Lane really impressed me. His artistry was and is unparalleled, but his behavior at the Build-off contest was absolutely textbook gentleman. “I didn’t deserve to win, Billy doesn’t deserve to win, we both should win.” They cut up the trophy and distributed pieces to the cheering crowd.
    Larry was a true gentleman, as well as a true artist and all-around good guy.

  210. nick

    it’s a waste to see a legend pass on. Indian Larry was one of my ultimate idols for bikes. I watched him sweat, swear and laugh while building his bikes. I was clued to my TV everytime i watched his crations. He was the greatest, i miss him so much! i send all my love and condolences to his family and friends.
    R.I.P. larry

  211. Nate Carder

    Indian Larry was a true American role model. He was able to live and work by doing what he loved most. Some people let money and fame go to their head but not Indian Larry. He was the nicest most down-to-earth guy. You will be missed.

  212. Andi

    Indian Larry will be missed. He was a very talented man! He made some beautiful bikes. My family loved to watch him work his magic. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family.

  213. Brandon

    Indian Larry was my hero…….i am 15 years old and i build pedal bike choppers of my own. Two days before he died I said to my mom i wanted to be the next Indian Larry..Then suddenly I heard on the knews that my hero had died in one of his most famous Motorcycle stunts……I just wanted to say……Indian Larry will not be forgotten to the millions of people that knew him…..And He is The greatest custom motorcycle builders there will ever be!

  214. tim

    i just found out, Larry you are the only person id have build me a bike..i was just sayin iam so sorry for your family and friends.You inspired not with just your bikes. peace lets ride.Tim

  215. Doug & Carleen

    We at Ingram’s Panhead Specialists are saddened by the passing of Indian Larry. Those of us that know and love the old bikes were becoming few in numbers. The bikes Indian Larry built brought renewed public interest to the old bikes. So much knowledge went to the grave with him, and he will be greatly missed

  216. OCBUM

    That big guy up above must need a new rider. You not being at Delmarva Bike Week casts a pall on this great event. Will miss you and God bless. ocbum

  217. JAMEZ

    I have roads to travel and places to see,when you feel sad don’t think of me,remember the good things we shared as friends,as for bikers in heaven time never ends.I am not dead they just think i am,for i’m riding MY CHOPPER along with the lamb. Somewhere in heaven we’ll all ride again so lift up your spirit,keep your bike in the wind,i’m still standing tall as i did in life,not worried from fear of losing this life,can you say the same about yourself or does your courage still sit on the shelf.Let loose,let go, free your spirit and mind and then maybe you could be one of a kind,there are billions of people but few take a chance,to go after life and give it a dance,i’ll be choppin in heaven with the lord by my side,this road for me will never die so until that day we ride again keep my spirit with you when you ride in the wind.
    09/09/04 14:18:21

  218. Andrew

    Im very sorry to here this i have just found out. i give my regards to his family.We will all miss him very much he was a great person and a motorcycle builder.
    And I most likely attend the memorial.God bless all of his family and i am very sorry to hear about this.
    Andrew Maplewood,nj

  219. Lin and Eddie

    Indian Larry lives in the sound of every choppers engine, in every mile of the road, and in the hearts of all that love and admire him. Life is immortal, love is eternal and death is only a horizon. Thanks for hours of great energy, knowledge, fun and choppers Larry! Never to be forgotten.
    Our thoughts and prayers of solace remain with your family.

  220. Gloria

    my deepest condolences to the family and friends of indian larry i’m sorry i never got the chance to meet him in life, but i know i will someday he was truly an inspiration to so many

  221. Chris Pilek

    I just got home from the lake and turned on the Tv to see an old episode of Motor mannia on jesse james which also included Indian Larry at the end of the program i saw it said in loving memory of Indian Larry and i thought “what?”. so i went on the net and looked it up to find it was true, at first i had no idea what to think. I would like to say that I am deeply saddend and i pray for his family to get throught this. Indian Larry was a big influince on me and i wanted to build bikes like him ever since i got to meet him in Daytona of 2004. I only hope i get the chance to build bikes like him.

  222. Chuck Hengesbach

    Today, I found out of Larry’s passing. I was at at local bar in Waterford, Mi. this past summer when Larry was there. Although, I couldn’t get to meet him, I saw him through the crowd. Needles to say the parking lot was packed.
    My mother, who’s 84yrs. old & I watch all the Dicovery Biker Built Off shows. We’ve seen Larry’s built of show several times.
    He will be missed, and maybe him & I will once ride together.
    Chuck Hengesbach

  223. Emerson R1

    I met him twice at bike week and he was always willing to talk to anybody. not only was he a great bike builder he was a all around nice guy. He will be missed.

  224. BIG JOHN




  226. Johnny Wacko

    The friends and family of Red Rock West Saloon in New York City send the condolences and best wishes to the family of Indian Larry. If your reading this then you should take the time to be at larry’s memorial on the 19 th at gasoline alley.

  227. Justin

    i can’t miss a man who is all around us. we can’t see you but we know your watching. don’t worry man, i’ll see you in the next life. untill then my knuckles are white from gripping the bars of my bike.

  228. Frank Cersosimo

    My condolences go out to the family of Indian Larry. I was sad to hear of his passing. I had the pleasure of meeting him in January of 2004 at the Javits Center in NYC. What a nice guy, so down to earth and right out there shaking hands and taking pictures with everyone. He will be sadly missed. He died doing something he really loved. Rest is peace. cheech

  229. Chris

    man this is a sad day not only for fellow riders but for every one Larry touch with his personal message and beautiful bike he will be missed.I never met him but every time i seen him on tv he just had a ora round him that made you feel like you knew him for years. tragic that he died he shouldnt have.but he died doing what he loved and what made him happy
    God be with you larry and your family.
    You RAWKED man you RAWKED

  230. john deleone

    Larry was the best of the best, he built his bikes pure, clean and uncluttered..he set the standard of what a true bikers bike should look like.. ride on Larry

  231. Sam Hubbell

    I just heard the news about Indian Larry.
    My thoughts go out to his family and close friends.
    I think Larry is as much a symbol of the freedom mystique as is the motorcycles he built and rode.
    We in Canada will still ride on and the memory of Indian Larry will ride with us.
    At sunset we will watch for the spirit rider in the sky. Here’s to ya Larry.

  232. andrew weber

    first heard of indian larry on the discovery channels great biker build off. what an amazing man he was, he will be missed by many. sorry you had to go so soon, would have loved to meet you….spiderweber

  233. Danielle Baade

    Every year my family and I went to see only Indian Larry in Daytona. Every year he would meet with us and say to my daughter Deanna, that she was so beautiful with those freckles, and hold her arm and look at her face and smile. Every year he would take a picture with her. I was looking foward this october to biketoberfest. I am so deeply sad that there will not be a next time to see him. We will miss him and my husband will follow his foot steps and hopefully build a tribute bike to Indian Larry.

  234. A & L BEARD


  235. MW

    The first time I heard of Indian Larry was on the Great Biker Build Off. I think he was competing against Billy Lane. Billy had trouble getting his bike to run. At one point the producers told Larry that he could force Billy to concede but he wouldn’t hear tell of that. He wanted to win fair and square. He even helped Billy get his bike running. Larry went on to win the competition and proceded to cut the trophy in two pieces and gave half to Billy. Just watching this show told me Indian Larry was a class act.
    Ride on Larry, Ride on!!!

  236. brian

    like most of us, i never had the honor of meeting indian larry. but in a way, he introduced himself to everyone. the biker build offs were great, but larry was one of the few you felt really cared about what he was creating. it came from the heart, not from the outrageous. And because of that, we were all able to get to know him just a little bit.
    I have followed larry for around ten years, and have always loved the rides he put together.
    So many people try to be someone else, and end up being stale or fake. Larry was neither of those. I can only imagine how wonderful it would have been to sit around the garage late one evening and swap stories.
    My heartfelt wishes to his family.

  237. steven roberts

    to the people that knew and loved indian larry i am very very sorry for you loss. indian larry seemed to be a great human being and i know that i will miss him even though i did not know him.
    with much love you will be missed INDIAN LARRY…

  238. Tristan

    Indian Larry made me want to build bikes and he showed me that we should just live life to the fullest and god will show us the way. thanx for being a role model

  239. Dennis and Cindy

    Indian Larry was and always will be one of the best. We always enjoyed seeing him on Discovery and Dennis’ dream was to one day meet him, that will have to wait for the big bike ride in the ski. You will be missed but always loved Larry!!!

  240. SOZ

    Anyone who has Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and the Rat Fink as his idol is someone I look up to. Indian Larry was exactly that and I really enjoyed watching him on “Biker Build Off” and “Monster Garage”.He seemed like one regular guy and I really looked forward to meeting him someday. My prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends – SOZ

  241. Steve Monte

    I met Larry at the Boston M.C. show last winter,
    I went there with a great friend ‘Caino’..
    Caino is in a wheel chair but was hell bent on meeting Larry, we were able to get about 50 feet to Larry and crew that were tied up with Press and picture taking from many fans.. I met Larry and Explained that Caino was unable to get any closer, he asked me to wait a minute, jumped over a table left the crowd and went over to meet my buddy Caino.. what a class guy and what a loss to everyone in the Motorcycle world…

  242. Dan Kenshol

    He died doing what he loves to do- RIDE!!! Same as me. I can only hope that I can go out in such a fashion. I have often thought of my demise. I am possitive that no one will notice me when I blink out but at least I noticed THE MAN- INDIAN LARRY. Ride free, forever, brother.



  244. Ric

    Outside of the typical popularity that you knew… and the fans that followed… I kinda thought you were crazy doing those stunts, standing on the seats of your bikes… but later realized that it was what you needed to do… a signiture, more than a trademark… and it’s not what took you from us… it’s what is meant to be. I fretted awhile, thinking about that… and finally came to the conclusion… better you go in the moments of what you loved to do… than get busted in a ‘blender accident’… :o) Keep the magic alive… I know writing on a website doesn’t actually PASS this message on to you… but my thinking about your input into this life sure does.

  245. steve simonetti. Sault Ste Marie ont. Canada

    My condolences go out to the family of Indian Larry. I was sad to hear of his passingYou will be missed but always loved Larry!!!You are among the legends that look after us all now.RIP my friend

  246. Wendy

    Larry was one of a kind…I will miss him dearly, as I enjoyed all his work and his great personality…It is not good-bye..I hope to meet you when I also fly with the eagles…love ya…

  247. John Schiefelbein

    Larry ! Ride Hard and Ride Free brother Show’em some chopper action on the streets of heaven!!! You’ll Always be remembered by the brother and Sisterhood ! Thanks for the inspiration,bikes,Art and friendship !
    And my condolences to close family and friends !!!
    Lets all remember what Larry said it was all about Bikes Riding and friendship!

  248. The Staton Family

    Our family was devastated to hear the tragic news of Larry’s death. Even though we never met him in person, we have grown to love him and admire his work. Our thought’s and prayers are with his family and friends. Larry, you will be greatly missed.

  249. KEALII


  250. Dan McKay

    Its a sad day to learn of the passing of a great craftsman and fellow bike lover. You were one of the greats Indian Larry see you on the other side, where the sun never sets and our Lord is the light. Blessings to your family friends and fans. Lord be with you brother Larry.. Dan McKay – Tulsa

  251. steve

    The man was something else. A true artist is seldom recognized during their lifetime. Larry was recognized and well liked. He quickly grew on you regardless if it was a brief meeting or seeing him on TV. He went at the top of his game as the bike industry begins to peak. A questions we must all ask ourselves as riders is this: Would this be a web site dedicated to “get well soon Larry” instead of “condolences” to his friends and family if he was wearing a helmet?

  252. daryl

    When my brother told me what happened to Larry i was shocked. Out of all the names in the chopper world i.e.(Jessy James, Billy Lane, Paul Yaffe,and Paul Tuttle jr&sr.) Indian Larry I liked the most. His style, and the way he talked about bikes, they made me feel that even I could build bikes. I only wish I could have met him, he will be missed. Larry, you and your familly are in my heart, and in my prayers.

  253. mike chelette


  254. Darren DiAdams

    There have been very few men in this world that have made a lasting impression on me , but the first time I seen Indian Larry on T.V. there was something about his character that you knew he wasn’t just another biker, he had a way with people that was inspiring to be around him and was a true master bike builder. The world has lost a GREAT friend.

  255. Danny R. Dawson

    Sorry to hear this for we have lost a one of the great bike builder. He will be miss but his spirit rides with all of us that love his work. to his family and friend my prayers are with you.

  256. Tony Centini

    Out of all of today’s bike builders, to me you Indian Larry was the best. He was not in it for the fame, but for the love of motorcycles. He was a true American icon and will be sadly missed by the motorcycle world. May God bless his family he has left behind.

  257. Fat Boy

    My wife got a picture w/ Larry at Biketoberfest ’03. He was one of the last few remaining good guys that remembered where and what he came from. As for the idiot that was so compelled to ramble about his spiritual well being, where you there the moment he died?

  258. Benson

    We did not know him personally, but only saw him on television. Indian Larry was a very talented, unique, and creative person. When we heard of his death. It sadden us. He died doing what he loved doing. It always amazed me when we would see him standing on his bike going down the highway. Wow, that is freedom! God bless you Indian Larry. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends at this truly sad time.

  259. Anthony and Jennifer

    TO me Indian Larry was more than just a builder, he was an inspiration. He let everyone know what it was like to truley love what you do and to live freely. He will be missed my millions, mourned by thousands, and he will never be forgotten. He will live on in the hearts of so many people, and we will always remember he past doing what he loved to the very best, and that was ride! My prayers go out to his friends and family.

  260. Megan McQuilkin

    I saw Indian Larry on the Discovery Channel and thought that he was an amazing person full of energy and talent. My aunt and I were so shocked to hear of his death, because my aunt just saw him in Myrtle Beach 4 months prior. He was a great insiration to all and he will be greatly missed by all those he has touch in one way or another.

  261. Eric Lajeunesse

    Larry died free and doing what he loved. Peace to his soul and may he rest in peace. My condolances to all his family and friends.
    Quebec City

  262. BIG AL


  263. The Henson's

    You will be missed but not forgotten! You are truly a legend. May you ride forever on that great chopper in the sky! Vengence is mine sayeth the lord! NO FEAR!

  264. Elaine & Lloyd, Alberta, Canada

    I am stunned. Just learned about this tragedy today almost a week later. Indian Larry was our favorite bike builder and we always enjoyed watching and hearing him on the TV. A gentleman with a gentle spirit who will be greatly missed. Because of what I heard him say during his life, I have no doubt he is now in a better place with Jesus his Lord. May God comfort and bless those he left behind.

  265. RP

    A great talent and artist taken away, only to leave us with some of the greatest memories and moments that will live forever.
    God Bless Indian Larry, family and friends.

  266. GreyBear

    I never had the privilage of meeting Indian Larry, but my sons and I enjoyed keeping up with all his shows and seeing the wonderful art that only he could ever do the way he did. Our hearts and our prayers are with Bambi and all of the rest of the nation as they too grieve his passing. GreyBear, Oklahoma Veteran

  267. Daniel

    I hadn’t heard, saw with shock the “Milestone” in the new “Time” magazine about Larry’s death. I had recorded a build off last week I couldn’t watch at the time. I was stunned when I turned it on last night and there was Larry at his best with Billy Lane & Discovery put a nice tribute at the end of the show. Indian Larry will be missed. His true talent and “real” personality showed though every time I’ve seen him if only on TV. I’m 60 years young and admired the man.
    Godspeed Indian Larry.
    Blessings and comfort to the family and close ones. California Fox

  268. Rob Napolitano

    you were a true man amongst men Indian Larry, although i never meet you, i will try to live my life as you had. You are home now, see you soon my friend.

  269. Carmen

    My husband has always loved bikes as far as I can remember. He used to watch the biker build off of cable and always tried to get me to watch. I remember not being so interested. That’s when he pointed out Indian Larry and the bikes that he built. I was so impressed that from that moment, I would sit and watch the show with him. Whenever Indian Larry would come out he would say how he just loved the bikes that he built because they were old schools and classy. I was shocked to hear of his passing and saddened because I know that he was a true and unique guy. He will be dearly missed by many. My consolences to his family and dear friends. You will be missed but n ot forgotten.

  270. Rick Muhr

    My wife and I followed all the coverage of Indian Larry and found him to be extremely intriguing. I attended a bike show in Boston earlier this year and stood by the side of his booth, talked with a friend/photographer of his who told countless stories of how ‘down to earth’ he was. I watched him greet people for hours. Truly a unique person! I was shocked when I read about his accident in Time magazine and brought it downstairs to my wife, we were both completely speechless.
    I will always been inspired by him not changing after becoming so famous. A true American icon!
    Rick Muhr

  271. Paul and Nicole Garcia

    Indian Larry was the coolest Biker Builder I’ve ever seen. His attention to detail and master-craftsmanship was top grade. My wife Nicole, a 4th grade teacher, was fascinated by Larry’s Custom Choppers. His workmanship will be missed.
    –Paul and Nicole Garcia
    Lakewood, CA.

  272. Jeff Hayes

    I am saddened to find out about Larry he was truly one of a kind and will be missed. I will remember shaking his hand and thinking that it was so cool that he seemed so normal and was willing to visit with anyone especially about bikes. Will think of you Larry next time i’m in sturgis

  273. Art Gran

    Indian Larrys passion was a light on a hill for all of us to follow …his love for life, compassion, sincerety to his brothers and sisters was both seen and felt! Thank you for “BEING” !! See you again Bro

  274. john

    A great loss, I heard this morning and couldn’t beleive. I enjoyed his style and his bikes.
    Thanks Larry my next bike will be dedicated to you.

  275. Kelly

    Larry lived his life to the fullest and WITHOUT FEAR!!!! Wether you agree or not, HE DID IT HIS WAY! People would not be talking about him or posting anything if he had lived his life any other way. He left an impression wether you knew him or not! God Bless his family and friends in their time of grief and tremendous loss! You will see your friend again and until that time I’m sure there is one hell of a party going on up there.
    God Bless!

  276. Russ

    I met Larry a few years ago and still to this day I can remember how he treated me. One hell of a guy he was. He was such an inspiration in my life for bikes. So much knowledge of bikes in one guy. The short time we talked seem like we knew each other forever. he was one of the very few guys you could actually talk to without being above you. I, being like Larry, the love of bikes, tattoo’s, and life, I will miss him sadly. I say not good-bye, but see you on the other side. Ride Free and Hard!!! And never look back. As for the family, I’m very sad for your lost. I’m sure he is watching over you.

  277. Dennis and Pat

    We are shocked and deeply saddened by the news of Indian Larry’s passing. We have met with him at numerous bike shows, and what impressed us most is that Indian Larry stayed “real.” He always had time to talk to everyone.
    This great guy will be missed. Our sincere sympathies to his family.

  278. Mike R.

    I have never met the legend Indian Larry, however, he left an imprint of his being on my soul. What a loss to us here on earth. What a
    treasure they are getting in heaven. Deepest
    sympathy to a blessed family. Choppers for life.

  279. Kyle "Paco" Melby

    May the Peace that passes all understanding abide in you, Bambi, and the rest of Larry’s family and friends, now and always. You were definately an “Original”, and will be sorely missed but never forgotten! Ride on my Brother.

  280. Chopper fan

    Although I never met Indian Larry, I have been a fan of his work. The old school choppers are not my style, however Indian Larry’s where more than just a chopper. The were a work of art to his fans and a labor of love for Larry. His command of metal was masterful. My deepest sympathy for his family and for me I will diffenitly miss seeing his new creations. But, I look at it this way; GOD wanted a chopper of his own and brought one of the best home to build it. —

  281. dennis ayotte

    i met Indian Larry at Daytona 2004 got to meet the kindest man,took a few photo’s and will always remember that meeting.God bless you and all of your family ,friends

  282. Ken England

    To the friends and family of Larry,I wish I had the pleasure of meeting Larry but did not. Myself and 3 sons had planned on making the trip to Ocean City Maryland this weekend just to meet Larry. We will NOT go.Could our weekend be the same, no, we choose out of respect pass on this trip and the celebrations of this weekend. To Larry “Vengance is mine sayeth the Lord” R.I.P.

  283. mike

    Ive never was lucky enough to meet indian larry but it would have been an honer . He was the godfater of custom bikes. But everybody says he is the kindest and realest man you will ever meet. my soorys go to his family and friends

  284. Mike Van

    Never met you Larry but felt a connection maybe due to our age and our approach to life. Will always remember you and your work. God bless your family.

  285. Scott Read

    My deepst sympathies to Indian Larry.s familly and friends.I regret that i did not get the c hance to meet him personally.He has touched my soul as he has touched countless others and he will be sorely missed.He was a master at his chosen craft and a superb human bein. Who could not love and respect this man.

  286. Keith Steele

    We were shocked to learn that the greatest bike builder was fatally injured. We were touched by his passion for chopper building and he will live on in our eyes forever. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family.
    Ride on in HOG Heaven.
    Keith and Nancy Steele.

  287. Todd

    Larry was the real deal . Always true to himself , his fellow bikers and his craft . For this he was respected . For this he will always be remembered fondly . He will be missed . RIP

  288. F&S Racing

    One of the finest artist, fabricators, and genuine person we`ve ever had the honor of meeting…He`ll be sadly missed, and forever remembered…
    F&S Racing & families Alberta Canada

  289. lonnie moore

    The highlight of my trip to Sturgis this year was finally getting to meet and shake the hand of the man who i considered to be the best bike builder of our times…Indian Larry. Godspeed will never be forgotten and now maybe you will understand just how BIG you really were.Lonnie moore and family .. Tennessee.

  290. Jose

    I want to thank Larry for allowing me to meet him once in his life. He was trully a great human who allowed not only myself, but my kids to enjoy his life as a positive biker. You will be missed.

  291. balinwire

    In a plastic world it is refreshing to have someone build real motorcycles than glitter stretch’s. Creative sled builders like Larry are needed now more than ever.
    RideInPeace brother of the wind.

  292. JD


  293. BOBBY

    RIDE ON LARRY………..R.I.P.

  294. Terry Olson

    Met Larry and shared some times while admiring his work at a bike build-off. He truly was a “one-of-a-kind” individual whose talents in the motorcycle industry will be sorely missed. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Bambi, and Larry’s closest friends. Fly with the Eagles bro, although your not here with us, your “Spirit” soars, and we hear the rumble of your accomplishments…

  295. Mike Tucker, Snellville GA

    I will always think of Indian Larry as the old school icon. His craftsmanship has been an inspiration to me. One day we will all ride together again my brother. R.I.P.
    Mike T

  296. JIM HEFT

    What a shock… For months I have been searching for the inspiration or direction my first ever bike build will take. In honor of a great man I will build it old school and badass because that is where the art is. GOD BLESS THE FAMILY AND REST IN PEACE BROTHER……..

  297. old wolf

    A true hero not just to the bike community but to all who ever had the pleaser or seeing this man in person…
    My sympathy to his family and friends may god bless you all in your time of loss.
    He road hard and lived free.
    Larry will be missed by all.
    Old Wolf

  298. Peter S Soutos

    I met Larry in sturgis this last year and saw him in laughlan. I was blessed to have met him in person. Your free to ride where ever you choose. Ride on brother.



  300. sgtwhitetrash

    The biker community lost a great hero, we are all saddened by our loss. You will be remembered forever in the hearts of your fans. I regret that I never got the privalage to meet you. My deepest sympathies go out to your family and friends. I know you will be waiting for all of us on the other side of the gates.

  301. Reverend Steve

    The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,meekness, temperance. Larry radiated all of these. I wish we all could. My prayers are with Bambi and family and friends. Just look at this blog, how many people do you know who could inspire so many people?!!!
    God bless, Bro.
    Till we ride the golden streets,
    Reverend Steve

  302. susan

    i am still in total shock indian larry, can’t believe you are really gone. i only saw u on tv but still feel like i knew you personally. you touched alot of lives and will be deeply missed.
    ride with the wind!

  303. alex lee

    i never got to meet larry in person but after watching biker build off i was suddenly influenced by how he made a bike. he is a very big inspiration for not only me but the many other fans of larry that are out there. he is a very good guy and he made lovely bikes. i wish i could have met him and shared my past experiences with him. i am deeply saddened by the loss of such a great person, a person who never gave up and always hoped for the best. it is a great loss for all. my condolances. god bless the family and freinds of larry and i cannot express my saddness for losing him.
    alex lee vancouver canada. 13

  304. jimmy liverman

    I met Larry at a motorcycle expo in richmond this year and he was just like you and me,a regular guy who didn’t mind taking time out for his fans.He signed a poster I bought and I will cherish his taking time out for me.Love and Peace to his family.Your bro,Jimmy Liverman

  305. r ford

    i’ve just heard of larry’s passing. i am deeply
    saddened. larry not only was a true motorcycle builder but exemplified every aspect of motorcycle building. i read a passage earlier asking the OCC skabs to build a theme bike in honor of larry. i beg them not to do this, this would be an insult. Larry was the idol of the true bike builder. i still have to pause while writing this, i just can’t believe this has happened.
    larry was a man who understood and loved the beauty and the machanics of a motorcycle (simplicity). this is something that has been overlooked by many of the so called bike builders of today. well enough of this shit, i’m sure larry wouldn’t want us sitting around crying over the innevitable. larry died doing what he loved, riding motorcycles. larry you will be missed and WILL RIDE FOREVER in my heart. godbless larry’s family.
    ride free
    richard “tic” ford

  306. Quinn

    Just read of Larry’s passing. My sympathies to the families and friends. I was glad to learn of him from the discovery channel and see that he died doing what he loved to do. In the end we’ll all hope the same for ourselves, I think.

  307. THOR


  308. DENIS


  309. Ehron

    Just got the news, this is definitly a great loss to the whole world of custom bike builders. May he rest in peace. We lost a important historic person at too young of an age. His work will always go down in history and he will always be an important person to the whole art of custom motorcycles……….

  310. Stace

    A huge loss to his family, his friends, the motorcycle community, the fans that met him and the thousands that didn’t get a chance to meet him. My condolences. He will truly be missed.

  311. Deb

    Just read the shocking news, it was a tribute after the bike build off with Jesse James. I had to get on the Web & read it for myself! What can one say that hasn’t been said…..nothing I suppose. Larry…left an impact on this gal. I first saw him on Discovery, where so many others were introduced to him. Immediately I felt a connection to a true no-nonsense artist. My favourite show was the build off with Billy Lane, when Larry shared his trophy with Billy…Larry, I always wanted to meet you but I have to say, I’m glad I wasn’t one of the 8,000 who witnessed your accident. Build Christ a nice chopper Larry.
    Could never forget you Larry……your fan from afar….Deb

  312. Rick & Sue

    My husband and I were sad to hear of the passing of a true motorcycle legend. We totally loved his old school style. Indian Larry, after all his years of building, was finally starting to gain the recognition he so deserved. The stunts always scared me and I always said, why does he have to do this. But this stunt driving was a part of who he was. Gods speed Indian Larry. Our thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

  313. Denise

    God takes all good bad and ugly Larry truly one of the good ones and will be truly missed by all those who knew him and those who didn’t have the privlege. RIP……….

  314. william f capwell

    dear bro , you open my heart to the grace of steel art and riding truely in the wind. may the wind grace you in the great ride beyond i`ll never forget meeting. love respect a fellow brother always bill

  315. John and Karen Maguire

    Although my wife and I don’t own a motorcycle we really enjoyed the “Biker Build Off” series on Discovery Channel. What made the series interesting and special to us was, without a doubt, Indian Larry. His down to earth nature and obvious passion for what he did made him a true craftsman and artist in our minds. He will always be a credit to the motorcycle world and will surely be missed by people all over the world, not just the motorcycle and chopper crowd. We would like to offer his family our deepest sympathies. God Bless.

  316. wade vineyard

    I am from canada and I have never met the legend my self, but by watching him on T.V feld like I knew him for years. His life was taken from him by doing what he loved. He will be missed by all.
    Larry I’ll finally get to meet you some day at the big pearly white gate’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. Rob Sharpe

    Indian Larry was one of the last true pioneers of “old school” bikes. He will be greatly missed and I can only wish that Bambi and his closest friends and family celebrate his wonderful life rather than focusing on the end.
    Rest in Peace Larry.

  318. Dave and Sandi Binder

    We had the honor of meeting Indian Larry at Bike Week this winter. As busy and crowded as set up site was this man spent a few minutes chatting with us, and signing his CD. He showed to be a humble man and that he was truly honored at the notirity he received.
    You will be missed by all of America

  319. wes hanzuk

    i recently met billy lane and had conveyed to him that he and indian larry were the only 2 builder’s that i still admired,when i heard about larry it was as if i had lost a family member. larry you will be sorrily missed my friend.GOD’S SPEED

  320. Johnboy

    Just want to say thank you….. For being the artis you are !!!!!Good GOD MAN You made the scooter world a hoLLLLLe different Place. OL schooL.Watched you on TV doing what you do best creating. You won, but snap the fucking trophy in have and gave the other half to your Bud, as if to say dude… Quit it! Lota Pride in that man would not even think about taking the golory

  321. Jim Sharon

    Larry was one of the all time best bike builders in the world and i like his style. I will always remember him and put some of his style in the bikes i build. Later Bro!

  322. Carlos & Julie Herrera

    We just met Larry at Bike Week in Daytona in March. I respected him so much for being a down-to -earth guy and not being afraid to be real with his fans; of whom we are two. We are very saddened by his passing and offer our sincere prayers to his family and friends.
    Carlos & Julie

  323. Dena & Darren

    My husband and I are trully saddened by the loss of Larry death, I wish for family to have peace of mund and rest. May god be with you at this time, He seemed to be an amazing person and trully lived what he belived. God Rest his soul, our family is praying for you. now.
    Langley Bc Canada.

  324. kevin

    i never was lucky enough to meet larry but i followed his career very close there are very few who really know how special he is to all of us who love choppers … save me a spot larry and i’ll ride with you when my time comes

  325. William Leonard

    Found out the wrong way about your death friend. I’ve only met you in spirit. However, I am sure if it had been in the real, You would have given me some of your precious time knowing very well how little of it we all have on this earth. You found your passion in life, You lived it, You were indeed a rare Man. Artist’ usually are.
    rest in piece Larry. It is a great thing you have done in life, you touched our hearts.
    Edmonton, Canada

  326. Bubba

    Well i was never much for words and even though i never met the legend I have saw his work and he was a hell of a man, he came from the streets to the place he was — one of the best builders that ever lived and he still had times for friends and fans. He will be missed and will allways be remembered ——— ride easy

  327. BONES

    you were the greatest, a true builder,no kit bikes for larry,he built everything
    i will never forget the smiles on everyones face
    looking at the bikes larry made
    thanks larry
    BONES san antonio tx

  328. Kenny Beaty

    My condolences goes out to Indian Larry, family and friends. It’s Saturday, Sept. 11, 2004, I was checking out the OCC website and their coming events and I seen Indian Larry’s memorial, and I was floored. I told my wife surely not, because until that moment, I didn’t know we had lost Indian Larry. I remember some of the good times that I watched Indian Larry. I remember that time that he cut the trophy in half at the build off. A true legend in his and our time. I was watching Indian Larry just the other night on tv, and I told my wife, check out Indian Larry. He’s one hell of a guy and a damn good bike builder. So Larry, as all of your family and friends do, I think I speak for all of your fans in Texas. We will always miss you and you will never be forgotten. You will be remembered for many many years to come. So God Bless and ride high with the angels brother.
    Our deepest sympathy
    Ken and Barbie
    Texas Fans

  329. Marty Bloem

    Not being a chopper guy, my knowledge of these bikes is limited at best but I do know skill and talent when I see it. His fabricating skills and approach to bike building generated an enormous respect among the sportbike crowd I ride with. He was truly an artisan and a pure “build from scratch” guy verses a parts installer. His input to the custom bike scene will be sorely missed. Ride on brother….

  330. tony mancini


  331. Joe Amsler aka " Curly"

    The man that knew no stranger. I saw Larry in Daytona and was on my way to meet him when a hord of people started to gather around and he just smiled and was happy to talk and take a picture or two with his fans. I never had the honor to meet him but I’ll always remember what I saw that day in Daytona. He will be missed!!and to Larry’s family and freind’s our prayers go out to you

  332. jdb

    I am deeply saddened by the loss of a great bike builder,artist,and a true gentleman known to all as Indian Larry.A motorcycle wreck left me a paraplegia but watching episods of him building bikes and just listening as he spoke about the whole motorcycle genre had given me the encouragement I needed to get my ass in gear and find a way to ride again. His style of bike was absolutely the best.God bless all who knew him.RIP

  333. max

    i met larry twice, the first time, he reconized my rat fink t shirt, and i was so happy to have him auto graph it, it was the happiest day of my life. god bless indian larry and his family, i hope the business keeps up. thanks max

  334. Don

    Indian Larry was an original … truly one of a kind. It was obvious how much fun he had in life, and while he left us too soon, he clearly had quite a ride. His character and selflessness was clearly shown when he won a biker build off and then shared the trophy with his competitor.

  335. TUTO (MR.SPEED)


  336. John

    Deepest Regards to Family and friends and Bros of The Bike King, Mr. Indian Larry. I was lucky enough to have a picture taken with him and able to shake his the hand of the only True Bike Builder in the World… For that, I am grateful to have shared a time in life with him in it. I wrote this on a day of World Sorrow, So many lost, but not forgotten. God Bless you, Indian Larry. John T. Regensburg, Virginia

  337. JP Judy Danielle

    I’m 13 years old and me, my mom and dad used to watch indian larry on biker build off every chance we got. always thought he was gentle and a straight shooter. guys like that don’t come along very often. i think jesse and blaine should get together and build a tribute bike in his honour. we’ll miss him dearly. our condolences to his family. hope the roads in heaven are nice and smooth.
    from ottawa

  338. dale

    Indian Larry was a legend of life, spirit, machine and art. There can never be another man so varied in his interest, accomplished in his fields and so zealous in sucking the juice from life!! My heart truly aches from this loss.

  339. witzel family

    Me and all my old skool buddies were extremly saddend to here of INDIAN LARRY’S death even though none of us experienced the honor of meeting INDIAN LARRY we were and always will be huge fans of his every time I see an old skool chopper rolling down the road it brings a teer to my I eye knowing that INDIAN LARRY is no longer with us.we could all learn a lesson from INDIAN LARRY not just on building kick ass old skool choppers but how to live free do what you love and be an an all around great guy the world was a better place because of INDIAN LARRY peace man from the Witzel’s PMW KMW JMW TRW BW and all the old skool boys someday we will all ride together

  340. JPJudy Danielle from Ottawa

    We apoligise for the mis-pronounciation of billy lane’s name(we accidently said blaine) From the 13 year old in ottawa. god bless u

  341. Brian Dalton

    I saw larry on TV and he was a hero to everyone. I loved his attitude. God bless all his friends and let god take him home on the seat which he stands on with arms wide open. He did not deserve the early exit he got……

  342. Big Jeff-Boynton Beach, FL

    Chopper builders, like holy men, force us to think outside the box about what is the norm, and what is the status quo. Why not explore the diverse? Why noy fly with angels? God has blessed us with initiative and creativity. Only the very special are blessed with wisdom and vision. Indian Larry was specially blessed, and we were all especially blessed by God to have him share himself, his creativity, wisdom, and vision with us for too short a while. Larry – you made it there before us, yet we’ll still meet one day. Thanks for the inspiration. We’ll be always thankful for your liberating kidness and artistry.

  343. Alan Hlebaen

    My name is Alan Hlebaen and I am 14 years old. I was and still am a huge fan of Indian Larry. He was my idle, and i would watch him on the great biker build off, and metal mania when ever I could. Wishing that I could build just one bike like his.

  344. Brian Dalton

    Larry, Brian Dalton here, I heard about your exit and wanted to let you know that we were with you on your fatal entry into heaven. Save a space for us all…. God Bless you Larry

  345. BRian

    i met larry in a bike show in Daytona 3 years ago….he is a great man and i broke down when i heard about his death..nobody but nobody could build a bike like larry…there will never be anyone like him ever again…rip larry

  346. lobo

    Met Crazy years ago at Sturgis, and was almost floored by the news of his death. I say almost because if anyone truly knew him,,,he never really had a fear of death. Some know why. I was so proud of him when i saw him in the great biker build-off. and knew he would have the winner. OCC… a tribute bike that HE would be proud of. Condolances to his family and his true “brothers” you know who ya are.

  347. Estelle

    We just saw this evening after a repeat episode of West Coast Chopper that Indian Larry had died. My prayers go out to his many friends and family. He was an amazing man.

  348. larry

    he was a god too motorbikes.Ive never met him but I wish I did .His loss was a great tragidy to all that knew him.Please write back,
    yours truly Larry

  349. Stuntman

    Larry was a true stuntman that we all loked up to. I learned from his videos and stills. Although i have never met ya Larry, you made me a trick (Stunt)rider.My you find peace in the big ride in the sky. As we irish say “May the wind be in your back and the sun in you face”. Bambi our prayer go out to you and your family from the stunt community. GOD BLESS LARRY he has touched us all in someway or another.

  350. Cindy & Kent, and Family!

    Indian Larry you will never be forgotten! My condolences go to your partners and garage, and most of all your family! You will certainly be missed! May your spirit continue to “ride on” in all of our hearts! GOD BLESS YOU LARRY!

  351. Larry Semeniuk

    I just watch the Discovery Channel’s “Biker Build-Off”, as I did 2 weeks ago, here in Grande Prairie Alberta, and was shocked to see the memorial at the show’s end today; Sept 11th. I never met the man but I’m sure I will in heaven. I pray God’s blessings, peace and strength to his wife & family. God bless.

  352. Travis H.

    I loved his bikes and was so sorry to hear of his death, especially so soon after discovering his amazing creations on the Discovery Channel. I wish the best to his family and hope he will be forever remembered through his work on beautiful old school choppers!

  353. John Skerratt

    Another one of History’s Gems gone down that endless road into the sun light. We have watched all of his builder bike-offs shows even the last one with Jessy James. Larry we’ll miss you dearly and our condolences to his family, hope the roads in heaven are nice and smooth, you will always remain in our minds.

  354. Sue & Rob


  355. Bea Peter

    My respects and best wishes to his family and friends. He lived a life people can’t even imagine, and set a standard most people don’t even know exist.Best Regards!

  356. Steve

    I remember the first time I saw Larry on t.v, I was truely amazed by his talent, his bikes are wicked and his skills are unmatched
    The Legendary Indian Larry will live on forever in the hearts of all his fans.
    R.I.P Larry.

  357. Gabe Alphonso

    So unfortunate, so tragic, but he died doing what he loved to do and “In the hands of God” as said by Jesse James on the way to Sturgeous 2004.
    Gabe Alphonso, Toronto, CANADA

  358. simon

    The world is a lesser place with the passing of such a remarkable man. My deepest sympathies go out to all his loved ones. There will never be another Indian Larry.

  359. Jaki&Kevin Conradt

    I was lucky enough to meet “Indian Larry” at Daytona Bike Week 2004! Got a very nice picture taken with him! I will treasure it forever! We also had the privledge of waiting for green light on A1A to say Hello to a beautiful man! He took time for everyday people unlike other “Chopper Builder’s”! REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND?????????????? F.T.W.

  360. nick

    I just heard the news about Larry’s death and am very sorry for his family.He was truely one of a kind who touched a lot of people.We met at a bike show in Seattle not 1 month ago and he was one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.RIP BROTHER!!

  361. Jim & Robyn

    Our family sends our condolences to Bambi, family, and the crew at the bike shop. Our family loved watching all the awesome bikes Larry built. Many thoughts and prayers to you…. God Bless
    The Staffords
    Fredericton, NB Canada

  362. Rot Path

    To A Biker Dying Young
    I just learned of Indian Larry’s death while watching the closing credits of a Biker Build Off show.
    I feel the same sense of shock that I was feeling three years ago today.
    I’d hoped to meet him someday. He wasn’t around as long as I thought he would be.
    But he was doing what he loved to do when he went.

  363. John RF Wood

    I was saddened to find out about Indian Larry’s passing. He died doing what he loved best and he will be missed. Ride on……
    and may you ride free….He will live on through his bikes and in our memories..peace.Condolences to his family and friends.
    JW Hamilton,Ont,Canada

  364. Bev Kilburn

    I was watching Jessie James and the boys heading for Stergus N.D.Indian Larry there too.I am a 56 year old granny who just started riding 2 years ago a life long passion finaly realised.I Love to watch the talent those boys have to build choppers .I was in Daytona 2003 bike week I had a blast. Indian Larry was a Legend and I loved to watch him show off his God givn talent. My sincere sympathys to his Family.

  365. Carl Blackburn

    I wish to send out my condolences to Bambi and all of Larry’s family,friends and fans.I was just sitting in my living room watching the discovery channel whan I saw the message about Indian Larry’s passing.I thought it was a joke,I couldn’t believe it.So I turned on my computer and imediately went online to confirm the news.
    I don’t have the words to express what I am feeling right now,it feels like I’ve lost a family member.I went through a nasty divorse in March of 2003 and was having a rough time of it.I often would watch the bike shows on discovery and particularly enjoyed Larry’s phylosophy’s on life.And he influenced me.This summer I went out and bought myself a brand new bike and understood for the first time what made Larry smile.I had had 3 other bikes in the past but had been without one for 3 years.(my ex didn’t like it!!!!).I live in Quebec city Canada,and rode my bike down to Laconia june.And will be riding down to Daytona beach March of 2005 for that bike week.For all the happy times I have had and will continue to have on my bike I thank you Indian Larry,and from one bike adict to another…I am telling you that at this end of the road…YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN…and if God is listening,I hope to ride along side of you one day!!!

  366. Jim

    God bless you Larry. You have been a great influence on me. It wasn’t so much the bikes you built but the person you were. God bless your family and friends. I built a mini chopper last winter and it is people like you who made it so much fun. My boys have a lot of fun on it.

  367. Ben Kelsey

    My deepest symphany to family and friends of Indain Larry. He was a man who will never be forgotten and an icon to everyone who met him. He was one Hell of a guy! Rest In Peace my friend.

  368. Bruce.......

    I was just watching the Discovery channal with Jessie James Sturgis special show, when I seen on the credits that we had lost Indian Larry. I had seen Larry on TV do his stand on the seat stunt and I knew if he slipped and fell it would be trouble. Indian Larry gave so much to the free spirit of life. My condolence go out to Larry’s family & close Freinds that knew Larry the most. God Bless you Larry, you will be missed. Bruce…..

  369. Carl and Faye

    The chopper world will not be the same without you Larry. Our deepest condolences to your family and friends.
    Faye, Vancouver, BC Canada

  370. Thomas Moore

    Like thousands of folks that never met him, but with the feeling of losing a good friend, I can only say this, “Larry, you will not be forgotten, God will have one of your bikes ready for ya at the Pearly Gates” I’m thinkin they got some dang nice highways to heaven, dont ya know!

  371. Rick Blagdon

    I was shocked to hear about the tragic accident this evening after watching a rerun of motorcycle mania 2, when a tribute came up.I have a lot of respect for you from watching various programs about your building abilities and the way you treated all the people around you on these programs.Even though motorcycle building is not big here in Newfoundland,Canada, I can still apreciate all the hard work,dedication, and effort that you put into it.
    May god look after you and your family!
    Rick Blagdon Burgeo Newfoundland, Canada

  372. Benjamin W

    Well Hell I never knew Indian Larry died till I Looked up him on the web. I maybe only 13 but i love old school bikes. I am making a old school bike right now with ape-hangers. The paint was fairly simple, black with a silver stripe down the middle of it. For now I know the the my old school bike building hero is gone. I am going to paint Indian Larry on the front fender and commemorate my bike to him. He was in Biker-Build off with Billy Lane, he won over Billy. For he did not say he won he split the trophy with billy and the crowd.
    He will be missed.
    Indian Larry go ride the sky,and dont forget their are still old school bike lovers down here remembering you always.

  373. Ice MacLeod

    Like all good things, they must come to an end. Larry was, and will always be one of my mentors. I’m sure those who met him found a kind and honest man. I’ve never heard anything but good things about him. His creativity and Art, yes his bikes are an art form, have been an inspiration to me for many years. Unfortunately I neve got to meet him. I’ve read about him in Bike mags for years and remember reading about him and Big Daddy Roth. I’m sure there tearing things up on the other side. Larry left this world doing what he loved. I do send my condolences to his family. I know it’s hard to lose a loved one. He will always be remembered and missed. I know he will be watching over us all.

  374. Anonymous

    man, my dreams just goes down when i heard about that, my condolences for familly and friends, damn you where my best biker builder, damn man i just dont have the word except you guy have gaven me the hope to build great bikes later and you were my idols since past 6 years at least damn man rest in peace

  375. Rick

    I just finished watching the Jesse James special, and saw Larry passed away.Wow….My heart goes out to Bambi and all their family members,and his co workers/riders.It was great to have the chance to see Larry build a bike,I would have never know of his skill if i had not seen it on t.v.His dedication to the old school look makes people like me who were not into that until i saw it think twice.I love hot rods, but had totally forgot about the bike cult that went with those time as well.Thank you Larry for opening my eyes ,and helping learn the look and skill it takes. God speed Larry..

  376. Ralph Germann

    If not for “Biker Build-off” I wouldn’t have known of Larry. Through this program I have not only learned to truly appreciate what he did but I’ve learned a lesson on how people can live life to the fullest and spread that love of life to others. It’s a tragedy that he’s gone at such a young age, but his legacy has been a gift to me that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you Larry.

  377. Johnny

    A true visionary and stunt rider who died far before his time, but died doing what he loved. As he would say “Leave your life in the hands of the lord”. And we all know that he’s riding his bike in heaven.

  378. shawn ellis

    im from canada i saw indian larry on tv a couple of times and what i saw i saw a master of his prfession
    im very sadden of his death he will be missed

  379. ray mcgarry

    me and my wife will miss your talent your humour and your art. indian larry, paul jr and sr and jesse james have us hooked on bikes and we feel we have lost one of our family we will miss you but will always be grateful for great nights watching tv rest in peace ……… we know your building an old school for the big guy up stairs goodbuy larry we love you…..

  380. Eric Yeo

    I never met Larry but held him in my mind as a very humble,honest,trust worthy man, a man to call a brother.. I know God only takes the best an know now . . . “Larry, Your the best!,” To his family, i say “Know that not only you morn his passing… many are with you in your loss.” to “Lary. . . Ride fast..Enjoy the breeze… Die young See you on the other side Bro. p.s. Build the big guy a bitchin’ “Old School” sled for me……..

  381. butch phillips

    Im sorry to hear you were gone bro.the world of bikers and friends has lost another brother,i guess the lord needed a fine bike builder and friend to ride with through the heavens above,he look down from the stars,and had to have the best.


    I found out today. You were the man. I loved you, I respected you. You were tackin away too young. To the Discovery Channel, I say thanks to bringing Larry into my life. To Larry,s family “GODBLESS”. He will be saddly missed by mine.
    Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

  383. gecko

    I am a fan of not only his work, but of the man he was and will continue to be in the hearts of the people who knew him personally & cared for him deeply. May God Bless you Larry!

  384. five2five industries

    I am a young bike builder and would just like to say the Indian Larry inspired every bit of my talents. May the god of bike builders rest in peace with the God of the Heavens.

  385. The Smoker

    Everyone here at Chopper Underground magazine and web site would like to say how sad it was to read the news about the passing of Indian Larry.He truly talked the talk and walked the walk. I know that he will be missed by his family and friends and fans. Ride Free Larry

  386. M.Roy

    I have never met Indian Larry but I seen him on the Biker Build off and he is the greatest. He inspires you and that is how you want to be remembered. My deepest condolences to Indian Larry

  387. Hawgdawg

    It’s kinda strange, I was watching a re-run of the Great Biker Build Off here in the UK. I listened to the things Larry had to say and I watched intently. It seemed to me that Larry was finally in a good place in his life. I wished I could be at that point in my own life. My condolensces and deepest sympathy to Larry’s family and friends. He is an inspiration to many and will be sadly missed

  388. Jarod

    He is who inspired me to stay with the old school ways, and the styles of motorcycles that I love, and I have Indian Larry to thank for it.I admired how he was always traveling the same road as all the others but in a different lane, and that is what made him stand out. I just wanted to say how sad I was when I found out about his passing and how I admired his work, his ethics and his style. He will be greatly missed, especially in this house.
    May his legend never die.

  389. keenan

    To Indian Larry and his family and freinds,
    Every great gasoline ally fan is truly goin to miss this great legend. I have been a huge fan for some time now and i have come to respect all of the hard work put into his bikes. We will miss you larry.

  390. Chopperman

    I hoped one day to meet Indian Larry. He was a great person and will alwayse be my inspiration. My condolences to all of his friends, the guys at gasoline alley, and especially his family.
    May he Ride In Peace.

  391. AJ

    Indian larry wuz the kind of man every1 wanted 2 be.he wuz respectable yet wild i havebeen just startin 2 get 2 no about him and then it happened i am VERY bummed out 2 no that my hero died

  392. sean michael siddall

    I was shocked to hear of Larry’s death.He was truly a real craftsman in his work and I loved his old school style.My condolences to his loved ones ,Larry I will truly miss you.
    Sean Siddall
    Ont Canada

  393. Randy&Shelley&Priscilla Voakes,Essex Ontario Canada

    Indian Larry was a inspiration to all bikers.Peace be with you. The Voakes family,Ontario Canada.

  394. dennis bradley

    i was shocked to hear about larry, he was one of the last true builders around, take it easy in heaven larry, and build god one hell of a chopper

  395. katman

    I never new of Indian Larry until the series on the Discovery channel. I feel I am not alone . I would like to thank them for bringing Larry into the realm. People ,I believe will have a greater appreciation for Larry and bike builders around the globe and realize that men like Larry are one of a kind and genuine. I believe in life that everything happens for a reason,Hopefully I will find the reason for Larry being taken far too early. R.I.P. Best wishes to Larrys family and close friends.
    Katman Vancouver Britsh Columbia Canada

  396. Doug

    I loved all the bikes he built. He was an awsome guy. I am sad that he is gone now. He always filled my dreams with great ideas.He gave me the influence to build a bike shop. We will all miss him.

  397. andrew

    Indian Larry and Rat fink will alway be remembered and will live in our herats for ever and ever till the day we die and meet him in heaven……….
    Indian Larry didn’t die elvis wanted a motorcycle made 🙂

  398. Doug

    I’m at that age now (just a few years younger than Larry was);where you start to really think about life and mortality; especially when you have a friend that’s close to you, die suddenly. It really catches you off gaurd and makes you think of how no one really knows when their time is up.
    All the more reason to live in the moment and say to Hell with the RRSP’s and what I’m going to do when I retire.
    I never met Larry. (However, I sure would have liked to). I always looked forward to watching him on T.V.
    There are only a few people in this world that you can sense how they are, right from the first time you meet them. You just know that they are sincere and a straight shooter. Larry, I think was one of those people.
    My deepest sympathy’s go out to Larry’s family and friends.
    From a faithful fan in Nova Scotia.

  399. Hodgie

    First off, my heartfelt condolences go out to Indian Larry’s family and close friends. Although I never met Larry, I became an instant fan of “the Man” through his appearances on several television shows. His passion shone through in the bikes he sculpted. He was the most genuine person I’d ever seen and he will be sorely missed by his many, many fans and friends. I believe that his recent exposure in the media has influenced a whole new generation of chopper enthusiasts and his legend will live on through them and those who were lucky enough to know him personally.
    Rest (Ride) in Peace bro

  400. Riley Attwood

    I probably didn’t come close to being his biggest fan. I just knew his work and I know he will be missed by family, friends, and fans alike. What can I say other than

  401. peter miller

    a smile on a mans face I will never forget walking through daytona beach. a true hero.makes you stop and think how short are time is on this earth..i know he will be looking down on us nexted year with that same great smile.we will miss you LARRY.

  402. Edie Diaz

    Indian Larry was the epitome of the motorcycle man. He loved his work and his work was his fun. He was one of the great bike builders. His bikes were real bikes that were for real riders. If I ever could have afforded a custom bike, I would have had it built by Indian Larry.
    I hope when my time comes I go out doing what I love to do, too. God bless his family and friends in this time of great loss and sorrow. You are all in my prayers.

  403. Allen"ponytail"Polk

    I am so sorry to hear this,it was a shock.I loved his way and spirit of life.i lost my daughter when she was 5,i always told her that one day I would take her riding but didn’t have the money to buy me a bike so know I ride with a picture of her on my tank.Larry when you meet my beautiful Ashley take her for a ride for me.With love, Ponytail.

  404. tom

    we will all miss indian larry. he was the definition of old school chopper builder. as for OCC building a tribute bike for Larry, i bet those corkies would never do it.
    In God We Trust
    Vengeance Is Mine
    Sayeth The Lord
    No fear

  405. Mike Lyons

    I’ve been watching Indian Larry for most of my life. He was one of the true stunt riders, and impressed me every time I saw him. As I got older I lost touch until about 4 years ago when I started riding again. Thank GOD for the Discovery Channel for bringing Indian Larry to all the people who watched him during the Biker Build offs. He was truly a wonderful man. I will miss him terribly.

  406. Kevin Costantini

    I didn’t know much about Indian Larry except from what I saw on “The Great Biker Build-Off.” But from what I did see of him, he was, and still is, a great role-model for children and adults alike. His beliefs were just what and how a person should run their lives. I send my heart felt tears out to the family of this great, great man. Just remember, now he is able to touch alot more people out in this crazy world……

  407. Manuel

    To Larry, MASTER of bike building & no fearing stuntman. Your wisdom, skillz and stunt-riding will be missed. Just ride into the sunset, God will be waiting to join you by your side.
    You will be missed.

  408. nige and kat

    man we love indian larry and the way he lived
    we are now deeply sadened by his death cause he was our hero
    he is wat got me into motercycle and i have bin in love eversince
    its better to burn out than to fade away
    indian larry u keep on kickin ass

  409. John and Shawn

    We would like to send our heartfelt sympathy to all of Larry,s family and friends.He will be sadly missed but not forgotten!Soar the sky,s forever Larry!!

  410. chris

    it’s a shame that “A GOD “ like him hase left us! we will miss you ! but no fear for in god you had trust with your soul! RIDE FREE INDIEN!!!!

  411. John Burns

    the worlds loss is the angles gain, you know they will all be riding on Larry’s bikes,
    My condolences to his family
    Acton, Ontario, Canada

  412. Cheryl Wilson

    hi my name is Chery, i never met Larry, but i enjoyed watching him, an im am sad to here about his passing. He was one of the best and may he ride on forever.

  413. Manon and Shawn

    We loved watching Indian Larry at work on the biker built off..He made awesome custom bikes and we will always remember him by his great bikes and talents..!!

  414. jayz

    It’s sad to hear what happened to indian larry, he’s someone that i will truly miss. he truly was a legend. And allways had a positive outlook on life. He had an effect on me and the way that i looked at things in life. I’ll never forget you larry.
    See you on the flip side…

  415. podfather

    although i walk throught the valley of death I will fear no evil for I am and always will be INDIAN LARRY
    who am I you ask…all that I am
    Icons never die …remember this

  416. James Everson

    I didn’t know him personally, but from what i saw on the tv and in the mags he was the type of guy you would want to be good friends with… Rest In Peace Larry

  417. John

    Having watched Larry in magazines and television for years I was saddened to hear about his passing, he was one of the greatest “old school” builders around and his influence will go on for years to come.

  418. Joe Justice Jr

    I just heard the news today that the world has suffered the loss of Indian Larry. My sympathies to his family and friends. He was not only a motorcycle/movie Icon he was also a role model. He not only built awesome machines but was a messenger of God. He will always be remembered as a true Independent who lived only by his and Gods rules, and was responsible for spiritually saving many lives. I’ve been a fan of Larrys since the 70’s and will miss him.
    Ride On Larry
    Mumblin Joe

  419. laurie flynn

    I just finished watching motorcycle mania 2 and as I was watching the credits I saw that this one was dedicated to Indian Larry …I was shocked, and saddened.. but also knew that if there was a way to go, that was the way he would have wanted. I am not a very religous person, but spiritual.. from the first time I saw Indian Larry, I could see that he was truly not only an exceptional artist, but a gentle soul, his eyes showed all, he was ready to meet with his destiny, whatever that would have been for him. I have very rarely seen that look in someones eyes, a feel a great sense of sadness for the loss to his family and friends …my condolences, how can you not feel the loss of not only a man of passion and an exceptional person, but truly a gentleman…. ride on Larry…and thank you for allowing us to visit with you ….. with much love laurie Ontario Canada

  420. Ken Parker

    We have lost but will never forget one of the best old school chopper builders this world has known. Indian Larry you will be saddly missed.
    Condoleneces to family and friends.
    Campbell River, Vancouver Isl. BC

  421. Moe

    Indain Larry was someone we all wanted to be. Deep down inside we would watch him and imagine ourselves right there next to him havin a beer, like two old friends. Thats the kind of guy he seemed to be. I don’t know him, but would of sure love to have met him. Old school choppers, old school larry, no fear, in god we trust. So larry, rip your old 39 harley knucklehead right up heavens alley. Gasonline alley lives on.

  422. Deb

    Just now read about the loss of Larry. Enjoyed watching him create his custom cycles on the Biker Build-off shows on Discovery. He was a unique individual and will be missed by many, I’m sure.

  423. Darian

    Was it Indian Larry’s time 2 go? In his world yes, yes it was. In one of the interviews they asked him what kept him on top of the bike without him going down. He then replied that “gods plan wusn’t for me 2 fall, but when it is i’ll still be here with you all” :'(
    R.I.P. Indian Larry
    your were the best uncle i could ever have

  424. Dave Thaeriault

    Indian Larry I saw at Laconia two years ago.
    A real down to earth guy with the people , not
    like some others I will not mention. Did old
    school bikes which we all are in the generation
    or appreciate his deication. he was REAL and
    will be sadly missed.Words cannot explain him
    or his loss to all.
    Dave Theriault

  425. Gerald

    I am saddend deeply by the untimely passing of Indian Larry. I wish i had the priveledge of spending some time with a man who had much to offer and teach us all about bike building and life. I am a fan of his style and once i saw that he had a Boxer by his side at Gasoline Alley i KNEW he was someone special! It has been a wake-up call for me…It’s better to live and pass early with the love and respect of family, freinds, and total strangers, that to live to be 100 and never achieve anything. But all the same, i’ll miss you Sir….I hope to meet you in the future. And to all who knew and love him, please be strong.

  426. lesley armstrong

    it’s sept. 12 and i just found out about indian larry, i’ve been a fan since i first saw larry on the discovery channel. i am so sorry to here of his death. i hope there is someone out there who will keep indian larry alive in their bike making. keeping things real.
    lesley armstrong and tom block, kitchener, ontario, canada

  427. Jim Daly

    What can I say? I never knew him, but I shook his hand in Daytona. In that brief moment I knew he was as genuine and honest as the man I had seen only on TV and in print. God bless

  428. Tim

    Indian Larry was my most favourite rider and builders and i am sorry bout his death. After I saw him the first time on TV i went out to my shop and started to design custom choppers.
    R.I.P Indian Larry

  429. Dave

    I never met the man, but I adore the spirit. The few times I saw you on TV, you struck me as real, honest and humble. Those qualities will be missed.
    Ride on, across those great trails in the sky!

  430. Laurie

    Indian Larry got me hooked on Bike building shows. He had charisma, a genuine sense of humor, enthusiasm and a heep of talent. I’m sad I didn’t tape the episodes that featured him and his awesome bikes. He’s riding forever now.

  431. Anthony B

    I was only 15 when i first saw you in a chopper mag. I saw your awsome classic old school style chopper and it blew my little mind. then i saw you win the great biker Build off i am 17 know and i must say you were one of the ppl who have influenced me to get my M license and build my own old school chopper Larry Ride on you are a god bike builder and i respect you more than any other builder R.I.P. you are stil the best Ride on…

  432. Rob & Vera

    Our Deepest condolences to the family and friends of Indian Larry. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. He was truly a legend in the art of bike building.
    Our sincere condolences
    Rob and Vera James

  433. DanVVArider

    A legend in his own lifetime, and a talent that was shared but never lauded…truly the most down-to-earth approachable guy in the business, never let his fame go to his head…in a culture where one of his ways is often not widely understood, he lived his life a day at a time–and what a life he lived! RIP, bro…

  434. Neal and Janeen Barta

    Sorry we never got to meet Larry in person. Had great joy watching him on “Great Bikers Build Off” and Monster Garage . Lived by the seat of his pants and passed doing exactly what he wanted to do.He was one of the self taught great bike builders of the world .With his unique fabrication style combining “old school ” with new. He will always be one of my idols for his fabrication. Our deepest condolences to his family. Neal and Janeen Barta

  435. lorenzo wilborn jr

    had the opportunity to ride with indian larry in new orleans before i even knew who he was. he never acted like anyone who expected the attention he attracted. as stated many many times already, he was well loved and well deserving of it. am still looking fwrd to riding with him again……. will just have to wait a little longer.

  436. Brian Case

    My name is Brian my friends call me doolley I’m from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I was shocked to hear about the passing of a Motorcycle Icon.Larry was one of the best.I’m going to miss seeing his chopper’s on TV. I would like to send my condolances to all of Larry’s family & Friend’s.Ride on my Brother.

  437. gavin c

    i met larry lat year at sturgis and he was an instant inspiration. i wanted to be like him so much, he was my idole. he made me want to start building my own bike. he will not be forgoten
    gavin c.

  438. Elliott Nieuwenkamp

    I only knew Indian Larry From The Great bike build off. But He managed To communicate So much Of hiself and his personality Through the Show, His Passion And Dedicatoin to Bike Building Captured my Imagination From the Start. His Zest for Life And his Way of Taking life head on Proved That his life Was far from a wasted Life, And As such He has touched More lives then he ever knew. It saddened My Heart As much As any death I knew When I heard that This great Man This Great artist Had passed from this Mortal World. But I imagine That INdian Larry IS goign to Heaven And Will Probably Turn Some Wrenches with the ALmighty Father himself, Probably Show him a thing or Two About building bikes. My Sincer Condolances to his family and friends.
    Elliott Nieuwenkamp And Family
    Edmonton Alberta Canada

  439. Panger

    My condolances ,to all Larry`s family, I never got to meet Larry , but I will never forget him, a great loss indeed !
    Catch ya in the wind Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

  440. Brad Holmes

    Ride on Brother……..You made an impact on the entire biker culture my friend. A select few can claim that, and you’re sitting at the head of the table!

  441. Victor Renzella

    I wish to send my Deepest Condolences to Indian Larry’s Family & Friends. Words cannot describe Indian Larry’s True Tallents or Personality. He is Truley one of a kind. I was watching one of the episodes of Biker Build Off featuring Indian Larry with my 6 year old twin boys one night, & they showed Indian Larry doing his famous Bike Stunt were he is ridding down the highway standing on his seat. My boys now want me to do that as well as they keep trying it on their bikes as they ride up the street. Indian Larry was a true tallent & free spirit. He has influenced many peoples lives including the lives of my 6 year old boys. Indian Larry, Ride Free & watch over all of us who will keep Ridding With You…

  442. Geoff Newson

    It is a sad day when you hear that a great person has left us. My prayers go to his family, he will always be missed. You can say that his spirit is flying in the heavens, but I think that he has already opened a shop in heaven and is building some more of his sick choppers just to break up the peacefullness. Ride on brother and save some rubber for us.

  443. nick hayes

    sorry to here about the loss larry was a man with a dream and he lived it to the fullest we will miss you indian larry you will truly be missed

  444. John & Lorie Waterbury

    My wife and I we’re planning on meeting Larry someday at some motorcycle event.
    “DON’T PUT THINGS OFF” for you may never get another chance.
    Our Condolances to his family, freinds and bro’s
    RIP Larry

  445. ZIG

    Live hard, Ride hard, Die hard… You will be missed : by all the spirits you have touched.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with the word.
    R.I.P. Larry

  446. chris

    indian larry was a great builder. he will be missed by everyone who knew anything about him. close to him or not to close, even those of us who just saw him on t.v. RIP indian larry.. may you live on forever

  447. bobby macdonald

    really to be honest, i didn t like his bikes but being a motocycle owner and rider i had and still do have great respect for the man , he was one of the big guys in the motocycle world. he ll be missed by alot of people. i pay my respects to the man every time i ride … peace will ride with you my friend
    bobby macdonald
    warwick rhode island

  448. Andy

    Judging by all the postings, Indian Larry touched many of people, even people he didn’t even know. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but getting to know him through television, was a great pleasure. So laid back, so skilled in his trade, left me very inspired to live life just a little bit like he did. Thank you Larry for touching my life.
    My condolences to his family and friends, he is loved and admired by all his fans.

  449. Patti

    I had the pleasure of meeting Indian Larry at the Cycle Sunday event held in July of this year at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT. He was so gracious with everyone and you could see that he didn’t let his popularity go to his head. I am very saddened by his death. The motorcycle world has lost as great one. You will be missed Larry.

  450. don

    well i very sad to here indan larry past a way. i saw him on tv .i though hew was a very plesent person. he was the best moter cycle bilders of old shcool choppers i had ever seen.he belived and lived the way he wanted to.and he died the way he want to. on his moter cycle ! riding free. dieing the way you want to is not a crime its a verry special way to die . its like DALE EARNNHARDT SAID IF I DIE IN MY SUBERBAN IT IT WOULD BE A SHAME BUT IF I DIED IN MY RACE CAR O WELL !! ILE MISS HIM. NOW HE HAS HIS WINGS SORING LIKE A EAGLE IN THE HEAVENS NO CHAINS OR BOUNDRIES! !MISS YOU CHIEF INDIAIN LARRY! DON MILLERSBURG OHIO

  451. rev.momon

    i know there’s no bikes in heaven but sense larry have gotten there i’m sure god saw larry’s big kind heart and love for people.and siad to larry let us make man a motorcyle in heaven.when larry gets finish God and all of heaven will say that it is very good and the baddest old school ever was and ever will be. to the family give thanks for allthings for this is the will of God concerning you. praying for you! rev darryl a momon

  452. Kelly Cornell

    I was watching Motorcycle Mania 2 for the 100 time when it gave a tribute to Indian Larry. I was totally shocked and saddened by this news. He seemed to be the last of a dying breed, a true GENTLE man who never got a big head.At least he got to live life how he saw fit and with no real regrets. Indian Larry will be deeply missed by all and the Creator took you way too soon.
    Wishing Condolances to his family & friends
    Kelly from Vernon,BC.,Canada

  453. Buff Daddy and Joanny

    My Girlfriennd and I were deeply saddened by Indian Larry’s death. We never had the privilege of meeting him, but still he had inspired us with our biking interests. Why do only the good die young? I like to think when I’m out riding that he is smiling down on me. We’ll truely miss you Larry. Our condolences to his family.

  454. Brian T.

    I was sad to hear of the death of the great Indian Larry. While I had never met him, I am familiar with him in the same way as most here. I got the impression his was a straight up and stand up guy who told it like it was, a truly unique individual who I must assume was respected if not loved by everyone he touched. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends.
    As for OCC building a tribute bike in his honor, I think it would be a nice gesture but I truly doubt they could ever even begin to capture the essence of such a great man. Nor do I believe that a group of bolt on builders such as OCC could come close to building something impressive enough to give Indian Larry the tibute he deserves. Lets face it, its going to take more than tacking on a few accesories to give this man the respect that he deserves. I’m not even sure it can be done but if it can be I can think of a few other builders that would put out somehting a little more Larry’s style. Builders who know how to pound out a tank or roll out a fender not these guys who order there parts, send them out to paint and bolt them on. Indian Larry was around long before OCC and will be remembered long after they are forgotten.
    Comment welcome:

  455. Serge Constantinou

    I never got the chance to meet Indian Larry and I still feel a great sense of loss. His machines are peices of art and the legend will still roll on with all who cherish their rides. No Fear Larry, our thoughts are always with you.
    Serge Toronto, Canada

  456. Carl

    Those of us that did not know him personally were blessed to have learned about him through Discovery Channel.
    God Bless his friends and family as they greive.

  457. Desperados Car Club

    We send are condlences to the family and friends of Indain Larry, he will always be a legend to the Biker and Greaser scene of Phoenix, Arizona

  458. Dan B.

    The world of Bike builders will never be the same, we all share the sadness of his early departure in joining the angels but at the same time the sadness of wishing we had heard about one of the true pionneer earlier than the shows on TV. May you ride free forever and may your free spirit inspire us all to live life at the fullest.
    Dan B. Qu

  459. thomas

    My wife and I were in shock when a friend of mine called and gave us the news. I did not know Larry and I saw one show of Biker Build Off( the one he went head to head with Billy Zane) I thought from that 1 episode it showed how GENUINE the man really was, I wish I would have had the chance to have met him. From my family to Larry’s family, MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES.

  460. Joe T

    It is with a heavy heart that I give my deepest condolances to the family of Indian Larry. I remember when I bought my first Harley (72 XLCH)in 1992. It was a totally ragged out, but it ran and I was proud of it. At that time, I started buying Iron Horse Mags. I would read them from cover to cover and was consummed with building a Hardcore chopper. The single biggest inspiration for me was Indian Larry. His choppers were rolling works of art. Every issue I looked forward to what he and Steg Von Heinz were building. Finally in 2001 I rode my Chopper (78 Rigid Shovel) to Sturgis. We walked around town and stumbled up to the Camel Roadhouse. Jesse James was signing autographs and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Indian Larry standing in the shadows. I was in awe like a star struck kid. I walked over and introduced myself and where I was from. I asked him “where is the Grease Monkey?” He pointed and said,”right over there.”I had seen the chopper coming together in Iron Horse, but and never seen the finished product.(WOW) We taked for over an hour about everything from choppers to the creator. What a genuine human being he was. I thanked him for his time and left quietly enjoying the time with him. In 2003, I rode to Salsbury, NC. Larry was in demand ala The Great Biker Build Off. It seems he had finally grabbed the brass ring and was recieving the recognition he deserved. He seemed to take it all in stride and was never too busy or too tired to sign autographs or pose for photos. We spoke briefly and parted ways. Later that day, I got a picture of him on my 52 Pan. When I heard the news, I felt a deep sense of loss. I felt for his family,loved ones, and for the all the people whose lives he touched. Addios Larry…You will be missed. Joe Tartaglia Lake Charles La.

  461. Rick & Cindy Molineiro

    I have seen Indian Larry on T.V. before and you could tell that he loved to build motorcycles and you could see that it was in his blood! This week I went to my “first” bike week ever at Ocean City Md. and walked through the vending areas and when me and my wife walked through Larrys booth you could feel that he was their. He will never miss bike week!!!! Never!! Love, RICK & CINDY.

  462. keith rolph

    to Indian Larry’s family,
    I was very saddened by the news of your loss and i would like to express my deepest heartfelt wishes to you. Like many other people I first saw Larry on the Discovery Channels many bike shows and other bike episodes that featured him. I had heard of his explots for many years from my dad Carl who has also passed on. My dad was a great bike lover and loved to tell us stories about a man he saw once that rode a bike in ways that scared many other men. He said that ” That guy Indian Larry must be right with the big guy upstairs to have such a courage to ride and entertain like no other man before”. Dad use to say that Indian Larry did things that made Evel Kneivel wet his pants! My dad would tell my brothers and I that a having a faith like Indian Larry had with God was noble, noteworthy and is the stuff that real men were made of. Larry’s presence and influence will be very saddly missed by those of us in the bike world. I have decided that the custom bike of my dreams that i have been planning for months to build, and my first build at that, now has the theme i have been looking for. I plan to build it in tribute and from the ideas and influence of one of the greatest people and in my mind one of the greatest bike builders of all time……. Indian Larry. Go with God Larry.

  463. woodogg

    ahhh man this sucks saying goodbye to a true bike building god. i was always watching him in the biker build offs. my condolances to his family, i will sure miss him beatin those guys in the bike build offs.

  464. Shannon Smith

    It is such saddness what happened to Larry, my sister and I met him in Laconia this past summer at Bike week. We had our pictures taken with him on his choppers, he was so sweet and funny, we fell in love with him instantly. We wil cherish our autographed shirts from him and our memory of meeting a true legend, my condolences to his family. You will all meet up again…it’s never good-bye…

  465. Ralph Paulson

    I am truly sorry to here of the passing of Indian Larry. While watching the biker build off I was greatly impressed by the art that he created. I was even more impressed by the quality of the man. I work with troubled youths ;I used Indian Larry as an example of someone walking his own path while having a saence of decency as well.

  466. Lee & Pam L'Heureux

    We learned of Larry at Laconia, NH bike week and then watched the biker build offs. We were fortunate to meet Larry in person this year again in Laconia. Nobody will ever fill the shoes of this legend. He will be greatly missed by all.

  467. R & J OSBORNE

    TO Indian Larry’s family . We were shocked of the news of his death . We loved his style .. His old school bikes were awesome. He will be missed and never forgotten ..

  468. Tim Reimer

    Aloha…Larry, You have encouraged so many people to build and customize bikes including myself..I waited for the nights of biker build offs and really appreciated all the old school bikes you built..You will be missed so day we will burn some rubber together and build some bad ass bikes… wherever we end up,,,I know there is an INDIAN LARRY’S SHOP IN HEAVEN…Aloha, my friend……

  469. mark wolfman

    I would just like to send my condolences to Larrys family. I met him for the first time this year at the milwaukee rally, and he was very personable and inspiration to me and many people I know. His art and design and biker wisdom will be missed.

  470. Guido

    Indian Larry? An idle, hero, an artist, a visionary, and my favorite one crazy rebel. Unfortunatly I have never met Larry. I have seen him on T.V.I megazines and in movies. I have watched him in build-offs on Discovery like so many people. Hearing him talk about life and bikes and brothership makes you feel like you know him personally. I’m only 20 I dont even own a bike yet! Like him I use my hands to build with metal and listening to Larrys words on T.V in his shop or differant bike compotions he makes me want to do more and better things with my life. Go further with life, take it to the next level. Someone who can do that just by saying a few words on T.V should be idolized and forever will be by me! Thank you Indian Larry for what you have taught me. You will allways be remembered. My condolences to the family.

  471. Terrayna

    My condolences to Indian Larry’s Family,
    I started to watch the Biker Build Off and I instantly loved the show, I was hooked because of Indian Larry, such imagination and true focus on what he love to do. He lived when other people only watched, he did when others would look. He was one of the most talented guys in his field if not the BEST. Right now I do believe that he is riding his bike right at the golden gates, doing the stunts he was best at.
    He will be missed.
    To a Chopper’s Legend
    RIDE ON…..

  472. Ariel

    I just want to send out my condolences to Larry’s Family.
    Larry May No Longer be with us,but he is in a better place doing what he loves best, and to Everyone at Gasoline Alley please keep Doing what you do Best!
    R.I.P. Larry! You are One of The Reasons that i am proud to be a New Yorker See you at the gates Larry!

  473. Kathy and Jeff

    Our deepest sympathy to Bambi, friends and family. As Larry said “it is what I am not what I do”. A life spent of true passion for what you are all about is not only more honorable but more significant than a life spent doing nothing. He is the true top dog of old school custom choppers. My favorite is the Big Daddy tribute Rat Fink. Keep up the great work Gasoline Alley!

  474. voodoo customs

    our hearts and prayers go out to larrys friends and family.he now rides where the roads are never bumpy and the sun always shines.bless you bro and all that you stood for.Xavier and all at VooDoo Customs Austin,Texas………

  475. Hoss

    Planite Granite

  476. Mystical

    Wow..This is so damn amazing to see that someone like Indian Larry is gone. Funny how I had just seen the biker buildoff that featured Indian Larry, and then to find out that he passed away. Truly magical in how someone can come up with ideas like Indian Larry did. May your spirit ride forever. To Indian Larrys family and friends, my sy