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Richard Butler


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rbutler.jpgRichard Girnt Butler, the former head and founder of the Aryan Nations, died on Sept. 8. Cause of death was not released. He was 86.

Born in Colorado and raised in Los Angeles, Butler served with the U.S. Army Air Corps in the Pacific theater during World War II. An admirer of Adolf Hitler, he returned to the states after the war and became a follower of Wesley Swift, a white-supremacist pastor. Butler also worked at Lockheed as an aerospace engineer. When the company began to hire more minorities, in compliance with federal loan regulations, Butler retired and moved to Idaho.

In 1973, Butler formed the Aryan Nations, the political arm of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. The organization’s doctrine combined a warped view of Christianity with Nazism. A self-proclaimed “Reverend,” Butler called the Jews “Satan’s children” and described African-Americans as “mud people.” He espoused the belief that “white” blood should remain “pure,” and that any woman who slept with a minority should be killed. The Aryan Nations’ 20-acre, barbed-wire-rimmed estate was decorated with stained-glass swastikas, Third Reich memorabilia and signs that read: “Whites only.”

Beginning in the mid-1980s, members of the Aryan Nations formed splinter groups and launched a campaign of violence against homosexuals, minorities and Jews. Such actions ultimately led to the group’s downfall. Over the last two decades, the Aryan Nations saw its members convicted of murder, racketeering, assault and robbery. The organization also inspired the formation of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations, one of the strongest human rights groups in the United States.

In 1998, Aryan Nations security guards shot at Victoria Keenan, a local resident, as she drove near the Idaho compound. They also ran her off the road and assaulted her and her teenaged son. With the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Keenan filed a civil suit and won a $6.3 million judgment. The suit essentially bankrupted the Aryan Nations and forced Butler to auction off the compound. Without a central headquarters, the group downsized to about 200 members across the country.

Last year, Butler ran for mayor of Hayden, Idaho, in order to “keep it white.” While the bid failed, he did receive 50 votes.

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  1. tolerant

    And I can’t wait to see the names of the 50 people who voted for him in the obits, either. The sad thing is that this pathetic loser lived for 86 years when so many good people die so much younger. But maybe the plan was that he sit there like a stinking piece of feces on our public sidewalk as a reminder that we should clean up after our dogs. Adios, muchacho, and I hope there’s a hell so you can room VERY snugly with some serious multiethnic bad boyz for all eternity. Oh, and save a spot in bed for Trent Lott.

  2. Bill Moore

    “Are you a White supremacist?” I asked Pastor Butler one day. “No,” he responded, “I am a White separatist. I don’t wish harm to befall other races – I just want to be able to live apart from them.”
    Always, the media endeavors to paint Butler as a criminal never jailed because he managed to dance just out of reach of the authorities. In reality, he was never jailed because he never did anything wrong. Unless you view speaking your mind and standing by your principles to be wrong.

  3. Ira

    On a personal level, I am more than happy to see this piece of trash gone from the earth, and from our country, which he obviously understood nothing about. But let us, who opposed everything this man stood for, never forget that he had the right to espouse his point of view, just as we all do…..THAT is what America is all about.

  4. VinlandicLoki88

    It’s so sad to see that World Jewry has developed such a sickness in your minds that you hate a man for merely speaking the truth of race.
    Sure,he was an Identity Pastor,which makes him obsolete,and more than that,an annoyance,to this dedicated Odinist…but at the same time,at least he had enough guts to say how he felt instead of living behind a wall of MultiCulturalism.
    Save your insults for someone who cares,because i’m only posting this to kill some time.
    Wotan Mit Uns!!!

  5. gwo

    if that was a black man he would have been nominated for sainthood. you all are a bunch of double standard ass kissers! the blacks have been seperatists for years; Miss Black America, Black College Football conference….come on if a white person did that, they would be hung in every large city in america, MAKE UP YOUR MINDS PEOPLE, YOU GUYS CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

  6. A.Eva

    I find it horrible that people of such poor mindsets have to dance a jig on the grave of a man that did much good to society, to advance his beliefs, values, ideals, etc. As it was said, he was a Separatist.
    So what, you don’t like that! Ask me if I Care? You go right ahead and live with the dregs of Society. Remember, that is your right. I don’t want them living in my space, bringing down the property value and trashing out the rental properties.

  7. naziprincess

    Reverend Butler was a very close friend of mine. He was always like a grandfather to me. It hurts me deeply to know that people view him in the way that most of the united states does. It was his preference to be seperated from the inferior races and to live comfortably while doing so. He believed early on that there were more people that shared his views out there, so he created the church for all the pure race believers to come together. He was a brilliant man and a saint and I know that he is in heaven. People who do not believe everything that he believed, that is your right. He never judged you, so you musn’t judge him.

  8. molliemcguire

    You were a great friend for many years. Our time spent together is recalled every day of my life. Yahweh knows your deeds. I smile when those that hate you, dance over your death, as you and I know, this will only help them along to where they belong. Yah bless you and know I am strong and will do His will properly. Thank you for loving me

  9. molliemcguire

    You should read scripture as it is written. Being Christian does not mean that everyone you see in life is to receive your love.
    You have been spoonfed and need a new bib.

  10. R.Alvarado


  11. Bill

    I agree with “tolerant” (post 9/14/04). Butler was a wakko. As for Trent Lott, I feel he should be planted (when he passes) next to Democrat Senator Christopher Dodd (when he passes), who stated that Democrat Senator Robert “Sheets” Byrd (a former(?) member of the Ku Klux Klan), since Dodd said that Byrd would have made a Great President any time in American history. Dodd emphasized the Civil War period. Hmmmmm. A Klansman as President during the Civil War(?!?!?!).
    A *True* racist is a racist, is a racist, is a Racist, no matter which party they belong to!

  12. Keith R. Wood

    Too bad he’s dead. He was so much more amusing than most people who think that their skin color makes them better than other people. But he wasn’t white, he was PINK, so if being white is so much better, then too bad for him. He was just another thug, beloved only of those with inferior genes — and laughed at by the rest of us. I feel sorry for him, now that he is where he can look back on his life without pretense or concealment, to realize what he could have been and compare that to what little he was.

  13. doc

    Now that the educated bigot is dead, I’m having a good laugh at the musings of his illiterate followers! We all know that they’re illiterate and our education system isn’t to blame for their stupidity. I guess that’s what makes them “followers”.

  14. theStu

    I see many decent posts from those celebrating the death and those saddened by it. If I follow the Christian faith as he believed it, I would hate him in return. I’m supposed to love my enemy but this man wouldn’t let us non-whites love him. He is better dead than to be in today’s society. That movement will be gone before I die. If it makes anyone feel better, I beat the crap out of one of his followers recently after he gave me no choice. Tried to warn him. . . . . My God is not his God.

  15. whitey

    “”Are you a White supremacist?” I asked Pastor Butler one day. “No,” he responded, “I am a White separatist. I don’t wish harm to befall other races – I just want to be able to live apart from them.””
    Idiocy and ignorance.
    This statement proves how idiotic and self-righteous white supremecists/”separatists” really are.
    This is America; where everyone is free to live wherever they want to. If you personally want to live apart from them, then move. If they move next to you, then it’s up to YOU to find a new place where they aren’t living…if they move there, well it’s up to YOU to find another place. I repeat, this is America. Anyone can live anywhere their heart desires…even next to YOU. You have a right to live where you want to live, you DO NOT have the right to disallow someone to move next to you…Get over it. It’s 2005 for crying out loud.
    Don’t even bring Christianity into this. It has obviously NOTHING to do with religion whatsoever. Just another idiot misinterpreting what the Bible reads and brainwashing other lemmings into believing he’s right…

  16. Bob

    This so called follower of God, Who believed in closing the door and the word of God to all who were not white had a right to do so. but I have a right to believe however I want. I believe in christ as my Savior, I believe in teaching the word of god. This Tyrant of God Taught no more that he had no heart. and anyone who feels the same way I don’t care how smart or dumb you are I feel the same way about you.

  17. Vinhard

    Richard Butler, Tom Metzger and David Duke are people who aimed the moon but only achieved in reaching the stars. They played a huge role in the history of the United States and will always be symbols of the greatness and danger of radical organizations. Nowadays, in a country dominated by the minorities (who are becoming tomorrow’s majority), they are denied and abused for electoral purposes. Tom Metzger achieved better boarder control in CA thanks to its KKK/WAR-patrols. David Duke was even elected into executive office! Richard Butler achieved the creation of a gigantic paramilitary organization in order to defend his people. The hate campaigns of the government have made their organizations shrink and vanish but their heritage will never perish in our hands. Their legacy will never disappear. Remember them! Let them not die in vain!
    For God, Country, Honor and Race! Deus Albus Est!

  18. K.Marx

    Vinhard, you bloody neo-fascist swine!
    Butler, Metzger and Duke are immoral killers whose organizations have more blood on their hands as the average butcher! They did not make our nation florish nor do they deserve to be remembered. Let them please die in vain for their cause has never been succesful and their dead corpses are not even worth the great American soil in which they are barried!
    For our God, our Nation and our Greatness (never theirs!) God Bless America!
    Karl Marx

  19. Piscator

    All of you fools who believe the egalitarian myth really make me laugh. There ARE differences among the various races! Why do Asians come to the United States and excel in math, science, and engineering, many of them not only not speaking english when they arrive, but not sharing a similar alphabet to ours as hispanics do? Why do icelandic people, coming from one of the most isolated countries on the planet, have a 100% literacy rate, despite being cut off from the rest of the world?
    Why will blacks and hispanics always need affirmative action and quotas to even begin to compete with Caucasians and Asians? Don’t give me this crap about discrimination against blacks and hispanics…remember the Asian immigrants. The answer to all of these questions can be found in result after result in test after test after test. Blacks and hispanics(non-white hispanics, that is) consistently score lower than whites and Asians. In fact, they score lower than any other group save for Australian Aborigines. All factors, including income level, education level, and geographic location are taken into consideration in the standardized test to which I refer.
    Of course there are highly intelligent blacks and hispanics, but the average mean intelligence scores for these groups is consistently lower than Caucasians and Asians.
    Anyone who is honest with themselves and has eyes to see can observe anecdotal evidence of the inferiority of blacks and hispanics. My hometown, where I still live, was predominantly white(german and english-american) when I was growing up in the seventies. The streets and sidewalks were clean, our neighborhoods were safe, and people took great pride in the appearance of their properties and great interest in the well-being of their children. Practically everybody worked and being on welfare was a source of shame.
    Oh, how times have changed. The minority population has exploded due to the influx of unemployed Puerto Ricans and blacks from New York City and illegal Mexican and Cubans. Gang shootings are now commonplace, welfare roles have increased by more than 20 percent, drug dealing is everywhere, streets are strewn with trash, minority properties are in appalling disrepair, and black on white and hispanic on white violence is ever increasing. Interestingly, they are never labeled hate crimes.I also can’t forget the fact that my high school now has a day care center for the student’s babies. Hispanics are now the majority at my alma mater.
    Also, save me all the left-wing talking points about poverty being at the root of crime, drugs, etc. My mother grew up so poor my grandfather and uncle had to hunt for much of their food. They played by the rules, worked hard, and never looked to anyone else for a handout.
    I, like Richard Butler, do not hate minorities. I simply don’t care to live around them and would be in strong favor of a whites only state, which I think may be coming in the not so distant future. The balkanization of the US is probably unfolding as an unfortunate reality.
    My prediction is that the US will eventually become a banana republic similar to the countries from which it’s recent immigrants came. We will not have the collective brain power to be a world leader in technology and commerce any longer due to the decrease of people of European ancestry and the massive increase of immigrants from Africa and Latin America. I can see us being invaded and conquered by the likes of Russia or China within the next fifty years. It’s not about hate. It’s about the cold reality of racial differences.

  20. Matt

    ‘And I can’t wait to see the names of the 50 people who voted for him in the obits, either.’
    Rather see some subhuman scum in this obituary instead. Oh well can’t have it all, we did have the ‘holocaust’. Oh wait…

  21. celtiberian

    What is lamentable is not to observe the natural laws of the evolution and natural selection of live beings. If we do not we make it, the nature is entrusted with amending our mistakes.

  22. Blackmanwithwords

    “The answer to all of these questions can be found in result after result in test after test after test. Blacks and hispanics(non-white hispanics, that is) consistently score lower than whites and Asians. In fact, they score lower than any other group save for Australian Aborigines.” by Piscator.
    It’s funny that you mentioned that cos I teach mathematics part time in California, and I am from West Africa. 50% of my students are white, but the top ten in my class are ethnic (mostly latino). To agree to some extent, the baby boomers of America were really the smart ones when information was limited and expensive. Atleast, the hippies of the Vietnam era went to school, and knew their stuff, but the current batch of caucasians are unmotivated bunch of sheep feeding off the efforts of daddy and mommy.
    Therefore, you shouldn’t get your hopes high about a stupid test. There’s a huge brain drain with the current young caucasians, or it could be that everyone else is catching up. In the end, the internet will be the final equalizer in the race issue. You’ll be surprised that I knew everything about getting a teachig job in California from Africa before I ever stepfoot in USA. LOL If you wanted to be a separatist, you might wanna start with the internet.

  23. Jew killer

    Rest in Peace Pastor Richard Butler. reast assure we will not let the niggers and kikes ruin our race. we will do our best to preserve our aryan race to the fullest. in loving memory of Pastor Richard Butler. You will not be forgotten and be dearly missed. 14/88

  24. Darren White

    Rev. Richard G. Butler (1918-2004)
    by Edgar J. Steele
    “My life’s been full, I savored much,
    Good friends, good times,
    A loved one’s touch.”
    — from Richard Butler’s memorial program folder
    I knew Richard Butler. He was my friend.
    Pastor Butler was a client of mine for a much-publicized lawsuit. Though we never became buddies, always we were friendly toward one another. Indeed, that seemed to be a constant with him – friendliness. Not once did I observe Pastor Butler raise his voice or disparage another who was not unjustifiably hounding or maligning him or those he loved. Always, I was struck by the disparity between his public image and the man I knew.
    I knew Richard Butler only very late in his life, just during the past five years, so cannot speak to how he was or what he did earlier. I know from personal experience that one cannot believe anything one reads in the media concerning such a man, however. Current reporting, especially from the local Spokane newspaper, which has chosen to boorishly, crudely and falsely mock the man in death, has borne this out with a vengeance.
    In my experience, Richard Butler was soft spoken and respectful of those around him. He cared. Indeed, caring was his downfall. He cared too much for those who came to him in need. Always, he offered a bed, a meal, some encouragement, to the derelicts, homeless and societal rejects that drifted through his compound in Hayden, Idaho. Some were okay. Some were not. Some were criminals and, when found out, sent on their way.
    Ultimately, it was three of the people he took in who cost him his home and his church. At trial, I was flabbergasted by the lies told by witnesses who had been bought and paid for by Morris Dees and company. Because of the endless media vilification and despite our having proven up so many of those lies, the jury chose to slap Pastor Butler with the most ridiculous verdict I have ever seen. Idaho’s bond requirement made it impossible for us to appeal. For what it is worth, I was in the trial and at his side every step of the way. We put up an excellent fight, the best of my career. We beat Dees at every turn. We beat him on the law. We beat him on the facts. What we couldn’t beat was the passion and prejudice of the community, as reflected in the minds of the jurors. Some of them spoke to the press afterwards, recounting how they considered not one shred of evidence, not one factual issue, not one legal principle, in immediately resolving to bankrupt Pastor Butler so that he would leave North Idaho. For that, the press is largely accountable, as it had been conducting a relentless war of disinformation against Butler and his followers for years.
    Always, the attempt is made to link Robert Matthews’ violently revolutionary group, The Order, to Richard Butler simply because Matthews once was a member of the Aryan Nations. Butler explained to me that Matthews’ demand for a more proactive, even violent, approach is what led to Matthews being shown the door. Blaming Butler for what Matthews did is like blaming the Army for every crime committed by a veteran.
    “Are you a White supremacist?” I asked Pastor Butler one day. “No,” he responded, “I am a White separatist. I don’t wish harm to befall other races – I just want to be able to live apart from them.”
    Always, the media endeavors to paint Butler as a criminal never jailed because he managed to dance just out of reach of the authorities. In reality, he was never jailed because he never did anything wrong. Unless you view speaking your mind and standing by your principles to be wrong.
    Even the true Richard Butler public image was calculated for effect. In private, he showed me to be a much more accepting and forgiving man than he dared show his followers. In a sense, he was a captive to his followers, albeit a willing captive. Most leaders are, you know. The Buford Furrow shooting in LA took place while I was working with Pastor Butler on his case and, before his followers got to work on him, he authorized me to issue a press release that condemned Furrow’s actions in no uncertain terms and made plain that Furrow and the Aryan Nations had parted company long beforehand. The people with Fox News, to whom I read the statement, literally dropped their jaws in amazement at Butler’s reasonableness and compassion. Eventually, however, his web site was to carry a much different sort of statement.
    Richard Butler had a large number of followers, all around the globe, most of whom genuinely loved him. A much larger number of the local population here in North Idaho thought well of him than the media would have you believe. I know because they continually come up to me and say so (though they might not admit such even to their own families).
    I have met and spoken with his daughters and their husbands. While they did not share his beliefs, they loved him.
    Nor did I share Richard Butler’s beliefs. However, I respected his honesty and his simple dignity. I admired his way with others.
    Say what you will about Richard Butler. However, anyone among us would do well to pass on while loved so much, by so many.
    I remember Richard Butler. He was my friend.

  25. Van

    I think this man was seriously disturbed and its said reading some of these comments that there are still people out there who are in my opinion more f-ed up then any of us just because you are white it doesnt make you any better or worse of a person…we live in 2007 we are not in the time where there was hitler and slaves they deserver equal respect and caring that we give ourselves soo get over yourselfs and start being AMERICAn!!!!!

  26. Brittany Smith

    You have to look at all the different angles. i see where most of you come from, but you also have to think about the way he is and how he was tought. its not all his fault, his parents have a pretty good chunck of fault in there. dont be so hard on the world. look all around, no one is or will ever bee perfect.

  27. Rev. Kevin Peterson

    Just As The Wind Finally Began To Blow We Lost One Of Our Greatest Leaders, Pastor Butler & His Wife Betty Whom Passed Away Just A Few Years Earlier Served As An Inspiration To Us All Within The Movement. His Heart Was Pure & His Mind Was Brilliant To The Very End. His Exposing And Alerting This Once Great Nation Of “A One World Jewish Dominated Government.” ZOG Is Alive & Well In Amerika Today! Morris Dees & His Group Of Commie Traitors Took Everything, His Church, His Home, And His Land, All Over The Fact That He Was Set-Up! But They Did Not Take His Spirit Nor Did They Take His Dignity. Mr. Morris Dees No Need To Worry As You’ll Never See Pastor Butler Again. Richard Butler Is In Heaven And You Mr. Dees Will Rot In Hell! Make Certain Mr. Dees You Say Hello In Hell To All Those Niggars & Mud People As They Are Not Grateful To You For Anything You’ve Done For Them. They All Ways Want More! And For The Rest Of You Anti-Christians Who Dare Speak Out Against Richard Butler, You’ll Have The Privilege To Meet Mr. Dees In Hell (Along With Al Sharpton.)
    Pastor Richard Butler We Will Never Forget You & May You Rest In Peace Sir. The Battle Will Continue I Promise You That.
    For God, Race, And Nation,
    Pastor Kevin Peterson – The Church Of Jesus Christ Christian North Idaho

  28. Paul

    The comments left by nasty zionist shills show their inner nature, to post slurs on a man’s obituaries board.
    I never met Richard Butler but I like him. I know he’s in the after life, living through the movement he kept up through the postwar dark years. All white people hearing him can tell he talks sense.

  29. Gates

    I knew Pastor Butler. He was a kind man. I went to his church when I was little until it was bulldozed. I remember sitting on his lap and talking to him. He was always smiling and I was never uncomfortable around him like I was around alot of men, being a little girl and all. He was nice to all the kids, he’s shook my hand.
    Just because our Jew media wrote this about him, making it seem negative, doesn’t mean it’s true. For example, they took a big chunk out of that Victoria lady’s story. I remember that day. She wasn’t just driving, she was doing something else. I was too young to remember everything but she was with a bunch of media people with bandannas on their faces, looking into the horse pasture and the church with cameras. They shot some of the guys at the church and my friend’s dad was peppersprayed and arrested. There was alot to it. I wish everyone would be more open-minded… I could go on and on but this would become maybe too long for people to even want to START reading. I knew Pastor Butler, so do not even say anything disrespectful about that amazing man. He was very intelligent and very well put together and he made a difference. Something most of the people in the world would even try and do. He loved his country, his wife, the people at his church. He was a great man.
    God Bless you, Pastor Butler. Rest in peace. You will not be forgotten.
    My name’s Gates and I’m 14 and I will help this battle for freedom continue until the world is saved and Jesus returns to Earth.

  30. Allison

    So you want people to be more open-minded about what he believed? Yet you think people are scum just because of their religion or what color skin they are? What if one day YOU’RE the minority and there’s some huge movement saying that YOU are lesser and the YOUR religion is wrong. Watch them drag your dad behind a truck until his body is completely disassembled like James Bird. You make every true American sick.

  31. sexyslithers

    he does not know what God stands for. God loved everyone no matter what color their skin was. may God have mercy on his soul.

  32. Susan

    I do not support any racial acts. God is not the author of confusion. He loves everyone inspite their color. If we do not hvae the same love then we are none of his children. However, if we have problems with working with anyone other than our own race, then this is an act of racialism. How can we say we love God , who we have not seen and hate our brothers and sisters who we have seen? This is a questions that Jseus asks every bible reader. He did not say this is to a certain race, but to all readers. Final point, if you have respect of persons, gender, color, or any such unethical behavior, then you just may be missing the mark that Apostle Paul Talks about. Our countries are are already facing dilemmas and we do not hvae space for new dilemmas. God bless everyone of you and remember the ” The tree is known by the Fruit it bears”. Meaning if you say you are a apple tree, why do you bear lemons? Think about it!

  33. Gorm 2009

    Pastor butler was a good man. Who only wanted races of human beings to seperate as we always have. Weather it be in the work place break room, or the prison mess hall. Human beings self segragate anyway. So what is so wrong with pastor butler’s way of thinking?
    God bless him and may he rest in peace.

  34. lolbob

    This tribute board is certainly a good laugh, personally i would never talk bad about the dead no matter how unfortunante our race is to have seen such a genetic failure. So that is all i will say about this fool.
    however i do pity the fools whom followed this failure, just to read the contradictory crap they spose is classic, rather like the 12 year old boy who hates the world for not letting him go to his mates house…

  35. Stu Cohen

    As a Christian with Jewish roots it is not up to me to judge this man. His actions judge him well enough. Driven by fear of other human beings he solidified American Nazism into a ridiculously small group of uneducated and ignorant people afraid of the evolution that is American society.
    How I wish he lived to see President Obama take the oath of office. The last bastion of Nazism breaths its last breath. Thank God!

  36. C.D.Lee

    My Question is: what did this evil man have in his shopping basket at check out time? He did not preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Bible says to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord. All false teachers will be told to depart from him (even if they taught in his name)because He never knew them, and they will be thrown in the lake of fire. Since hell is a very real place of punishment, meaning that if you don’t like snakes, your body is to be ravged by snakes until you experience a death like experience. Then you will be revived only to experince these sensations over and over again until eternity. The good pastor is probably working on some black man’s plantation down there. How well do you think that he likes that?

  37. Sean the Revalator

    Its 2015 and he is still not forgotton. A servant of true Israel and Yahweh.he mentored my mentor.i just wish i could have met him in person. God bless! Oh yea… And White Power!!

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