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John Cerutti


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jcerutti.jpgJohn Joseph Cerutti, a broadcaster and former pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, died on Oct. 3. Cause of death was not released. He was 44.
A native of Albany, N.Y., Cerutti was a star at Amherst College, leading the Jeffs to top rankings for Division 3 New England teams two years in a row. He was a first-round draft pick in 1981.
Cerutti made his major league debut with the Blue Jays in 1985. The left-hander was an 11-11 starter with a 3.07 ERA, and helped the team win division championships in 1985 and 1989. After six seasons with Toronto, Cerutti joined the Detroit Tigers as a free agent. He left after one season and signed a minor league contract with the Boston Red Sox, but was cut from the team before the season opener. His professional baseball career ended with a 49-43 record and 3.94 ERA.
Cerutti made the switch to broadcasting as a baseball commentator for Time Warner Cable. He became a color commentator for the CBC in 1997 and spent several seasons calling Jays’ games for the network before becoming a lead analyst with Rogers Sportsnet. The day Cerutti was scheduled to broadcast the season finale against the New York Yankees, he was found inside his Toronto hotel room. Foul play is not suspected.
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13 Responses to John Cerutti

  1. Vivianne Pearse

    My husband and I are great followers of the Blue Jays and really enjoyed the commentary of John and Ron on Rogers Sportsnet. John was very knowledgeable in his chosen line of work. Out condolances go out to his wife and children. Sportsnet coverage of the games will not be the same without him. Rest in Peace, John and may God Bless your family.

  2. Shannon Stevens

    John was one of the main reasons to tune in to a Blue Jays game. As a pitcher I knew he wasn’t going to win every game, but he always gave 110% and that made him fun to watch. I’m a long-time Blue Jays fan and words can’t describe the emptiness I felt when I heard about his untimely death. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Cerutti’s family. John may be gone, but the great memories and moments he left us with both on and off the field still remain

  3. Gail Decker

    Fine young man to have in the family. Will be missed. I will remember the time that I watched him play ball with his family on a fine evening in Albany, NY. His Mom and Dad were so proud of him even back then.

  4. Corrie Hudson

    I thought John was a wonderful young man; I remember when he pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays and loved the way he did the commentary with Rob. John loved the game and knew it very well. He was so lively, full of positive attitude and so likeable. I was terribly shocked to learn he had died; I’d just been to Toronto and seen some games and then to Montreal. When I got home Oct. 4th and learned he’d died I couldn’t believe it! The world is lesser with this wonderful man. God Bless his family and rest in peace dear John

  5. RT

    I was introduced to the game of baseball not to long ago, to be roughly exact, in 2001. The first full game I ever saw on tv was a Blue Jays game, on Rogers Sportsnet, with Rob and John working the game. I didn’t take me long to be addicted to the game and the blue jays, but the thing i enjoyed the most was watching and listening the commentary by John Cerutti. In fact, a big reason I watched Blue Jays game even through their tough seasons later in 2002-2004, was because of Mr.Cerutti, what I liked most about him was that he was a fair and humble person, he gave cudos the players who made a good play, and remarked on bad plays players made on either team. John was a truly nice person and a true gentlemen, who always had time for others, even just normal fans like me, who, luckily enough had a chance to meet with Mr.Cerutti. May God bless you and your family John.

  6. Karen Wall

    Our dear John. John was my cousin. He was one of the most loving, caring people I know. Not only did he love baseball but he loved and treasured his family even more. I remember as a child, watching his little league games when we went to Albany for a visit. I remember going to watch his two older children, Daniel and Nicole, in FLorida when John and his wife Claudia went to Japan many years ago for baseball. I remember going to many, many games in many cities when John played for the Blue Jays. He always made time to meet me and whomever was with me after each game. Sometimes it was for dinner, a coffee or just to say a quick hi as he had plans. Always so thoughtful. Such a great void in our family now. John is truly missed and life is just not quite the same anymore. I miss you and love you John.

  7. bob korostynski

    I had the pleasure of meeting John whilte I was visiting a friend at Amherst College. John was so personable and likeable. Years later, I attended a Blue Jay game and got a chance to talk to John. He offered me tickets for the next evening’s game, as he was pitching, but I was unable to attend. I will always think of John and pray for his soul.
    Bob K

  8. Julie

    Happened so long ago now, but it is so much in the front of my mind every time the Jays play … John you were a great professional and your knowledge of the game is sadly missed every day.
    Thoughts are with you up in Heaven and with your family who is still here – with the game and outside of the game.
    RIP Mr. J. Cerutti.

  9. Paul Cerutti

    John was my big brother(my protector). He made me feel special…I now know he had this effect on many people. He would have to watch(baby-sit) me very often. When ever we were together he would always include me …..sometimes when the older kids objected and said I can’t play …John would say “Paul is on my team”.
    What I would give to hear John say those words again. I miss you John and look forward to playing on your team again some day….I just hope Jesus let’s younger kids play on the older kids team.

  10. Jeffree Nice

    Dear John,
    It has been several years since you left us. I don’t know if you even remember me. Perhaps you recall the Winter of 1986 in Zermatt Switzerland. It was January and the snow was sparse; actually the snow sucked! In fact it was one of the worst winters for skiing Zermatt had seen in many years. In spite of the terrible skiing conditions, that week in Zermatt was one of the best times of my life. I so fondly remember the limited trails that were even skiable that winter and how the main open trail would so conveniently pass by at least three Bavarian pubs on the way down the mountain. Of course the three of us had to stop at each pub for an extended visit on the way down (did I mention the skiing was GREAT!). Do you remember now John? It was you, the young rock star (we were all young then) on his way to his first season in the Big Leagues, your Brother In Law Jerome Clement who was my best friend and the husband of your precious Sister Mary Ann. Mary Ann was the best friend of my wife and first love Jackie, the mother of my children. Even though you were on your way to great accomplishments, I know you must remember that week; we had so much fun. Please forgive me for not being able to remember your beautiful wife’s name, my mind is so tired and I am really sad right now. I don’t know exactly what prompted me to recall our little vacation in Zematt all of a sudden. Surely you remember now John; Jerome and I were helicopter pilots in the US Army. I loved (love) Jerome and Mary Ann like my own family; I miss all of you, and the brief time we spent together so much. I really look forward to the day when we can all get together again. God Bless you John, see you all soon…………Jeff Nice

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