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Nirupa Roy


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Nirupa Roy, a veteran Bollywood actress, died on Oct. 13 of a heart attack. She was 73.

Born Kokila Kishorechandra Balsara in Valsad, India, Roy was only 15 years old when she made her screen debut in Gujarati-language films. She played several goddess roles as a young woman and was often called Parvati by her friends and colleagues.

Over the course of her five-decade career, Roy appeared in more than 280 films. Known for her convincing portrayals of motherly characters, she became a star in the 1953 Hindi movie “Do Bigha Zameen” (A Small Plot of Land). Roy won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress award three times and received the Filmfare Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2003.

Outside of Bollywood, Roy’s maternal instincts were questioned in court. In 2001, Roy, her husband Kamal Roy and her son Kiran Roy were arrested for alleged cruelty and dowry harassment against her daughter-in-law Una Roy. Nirupa Roy denied the charges; her son and his wife later filed for divorce.

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  1. Baiju

    She was exactly the same in every movie. Even her dialogues seemed to be repeated, for every scene in almost all the movies I have seen with her acting the tortured, angelic, tearful mother/wife, ultimately forgiving all sins and crimes against her, however horrible!
    I loved her, though. She became an icon and a strong presence whenever she appeared on screen.
    RIP, dear.

  2. dal

    Sori I didn know Nirupa died till like yesterday!! I found out through a filmfare awards video 2005! That really shocked me as I didn think anything like that would happen to such a wonderful actress! I remember when I was young in the 80z she would play all these mother roles & shes acted in some of the most popular hit movies with the best co-stars! A mother role really suited her & she reminds me of my own mother too! What traditional mothers are really like or should be like! But it doesnt really explain in detail in any of the sites…what actually happened & why! Just says a cardiac arrest very briefly! R.I.P Nirupa Ma Ji! Will always miss you & you will always be remembered by all your fans, friends, family & co-stars!

  3. sadiq

    in most of films viewed, loved the roles Nirupa mother. On mother’s day while trying to check her mail id, her death news and un happy events known.
    Maa hai Mohabbat ka naam. duas.

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