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Sean deRosier


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sderosier.jpgCivilian stunt pilot Sean deRosier died on Oct. 15 after his airplane crashed at the start of the Miramar Air Show. He was 31.
DeRosier was one of the first pilots to perform during the air show at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar near San Diego. While doing twirls in his blue and yellow, single-engine Cabo Wabo “SkyRocker,” he failed to pull out of a steep dive and crashed between two runways. DeRosier suffered severe internal injuries in the accident, and died 25 minutes later at the hospital.
The Fairfield, Calif., resident loved flying. He earned his pilot’s license at 17, then took up stunt flying. DeRosier became one of the youngest performers on the air show circuit, and performed his gravity-defying stunts in shows up and down the west coast.
DeRosier and his father built the aerobatic airplane from a $300 set of plans. Capable of speeds of up to 184 mph, the aircraft’s wing tips were modified with a pair of mini-jet engines that spewed smoke. In 1999, the plane won an Outstanding Workmanship Award at the Experimental Aircraft Association annual convention in Oshkosh, Wis.

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  1. Regina

    My Daughters recently attended an air show in Redding CA where they were able to meet Sean and see his wonderful stunt flying abilities. They were saddened to here the news of the accident and will treasure the fact they met and recieved an autograph of such a great person.Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.God Bless.

  2. John Kerr

    I first met Sean when he arrived with his parents at the first West Coast Stearman Fly-in at Santa Ynez, circa 1981. He was, of course too young to fly; but one could tell, by his enthusiasm, and the way he pitched in, he was to be part of the new generation of sport aviation. I didn’t see too much of Sean in subsequent years; but kept up with his progress through a mutual friend, and one of his mentors, Bill Dekker. The sport has suffered a tragic loss of a fine representative. My condolences go out to his family and many friends.

  3. Michele Lockley

    “Oh, I have slipped the surley bonds of earth, and danced the sky on laughter silvered wings…” (High Flight…written by another pilot who died to young) My heart felt prayers go out to the family and friends of Sean. I had the priviledge of seeing him at March ARFB this past Spring…Thank you Sean for sharing your amazing abilities with us..

  4. John Cicero

    Sean was a real talented craftsman and pilot. I had the privilage of knowing him for 10 years. Worked with him many times building planes. He amazed me at how much he knew about composites at such an early age. I marveled at his work he would do in his shop each year. He was no light weight when it came to tackeling a new project either. Very few could do what he did. He quickly became a Master craftsman at a young age.
    His dad taught Sean well, he achieved, and obtained unbelievable goals most take would take a life time to achieve, all be for age 30.
    Each day he drove himself to push forward with incrediable enthusiasum. A rock among all of us. I loved Sean like my brother, only we talked much more. I know he is with God now, learning to fly his new angel wings. We will never forget you Sean DeRosier. Your spirt will live on in those that love to fly till we die. Sincerely. John Cicero and Lindy

  5. Bob Kelly

    What can I say about Sean ? For those of us that were among his many friends, we have forever been changed by knowing him. To his parents, Ben and Doris,the loss is beyond words as Sean truly loved his parents unconditionally.
    I will never look at smoke in the sky or a motorcycle passing by without thinking of my friend Sean !
    God Bless you my friend and I know those new wings will take you to heights you never dreamed of.
    With love, Bob Kelly

  6. Cleaver

    Sean and I were kindred spirits.
    There are not enough tears in my body to express or wash away my sadness of losing Sean.
    There is not enough giddy laughter in this world to describe Sean’s ‘joie de vive’ and enthusiasm for everything he did, and did so well.
    Team Cabo

  7. Jonathan Hedrick

    I appreciate every moment that I was able to spend with Sean the last 3.5 years.
    I had the unique privelege of working for and along side Sean daily on numerous projects.
    I was blessed to spend time with him as a friend and to learn from his fountain of aircraft knowledge.
    Sean will be with me every time I strap in to fly.
    His love for the aviation world was and is an inspiration to us all.
    Sean would say “there’s only one way to rock,” and he lived that line.
    I’ll miss you man.
    Jonathan Hedrick

  8. Brant Seghetti

    What can I say, Sean was more than a great friend, he was a fixture in my life. The past 18 years have gone by like a blink of an eye. I will always be greatful of the good times we had and forever saddend for not being able to have anymore. You were an inspiration to many, including myself. I will look to the sky forever more knowing you are there waitng for us all, to be toghether, wingtip to wingtip.
    I love you and miss you Bro.
    Spagetti and Meatball, Sky Brothers Forever!!!

  9. Vicki Presley

    i justed happned to find this maybe thru god or maybe thru your Sean. I lost my son and his name is Shawn Davis and he was afaird to fly and that what killed him.your son loved the air my son was scared to death of It. and 2 guys pulled a prank on him and he died they tied a cable to him it took him 90 feet up in the air not much to a plane but to a 23 year old boy that is scared its alot on a drilling rig and his body went out the v door at 70mph and it killed him instantly.I know how you feel and my heart and prayers are with your family always my god take care of our children. thank you for hearing my story. Vicki Presley, the mother of Shawn Davis born 1-1-80 died 11-25-03

  10. Don Brown

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Shawn, or see him perform. I am a pilot and an airshow dreamer that was raised in a very poor single parent home, I scrounged the money to get a pilots license and eventually a small training airplane. I have wanted always to be an airshow pilot, So I was looking for an economical plane to build at home with my kids when I came across your story online, and I have to tell you I cried. I am deeply touched by this story and I am ordering my one design plans as soon as financially possible.
    Blue Skies and Tailwinds Shawn…..

  11. Garrick Pasini

    As a young guy coming up through the ranks of aviation you tend to meet the good and the bad personalitys of the industry. Sean was one of the good. He was always nice and helpful to me and for that I’m thankful, he always had that great smile what a guy. I never pass by nut tree and not think
    of OL’ Sean.

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