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Chuck Hiller


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Back in 1962, Charles Joseph Hiller hit the National League’s first grand slam in a World Series.
It was Oct. 8 and Hiller was the starting second baseman for the San Francisco Giants. During game four of the World Series against the New York Yankees, Hiller broke a seventh-inning 2-2 tie with a grand slam home run. The fastball he hit into the right field stands helped San Francisco win the game, 7-3. The Yankees eventually defeated the Giants in game seven.
Born in Johnsburg, Ill., Hiller was signed by the Cleveland Indians as an amateur free agent in 1957. He switched to San Francisco in 1959, and made baseball history. The National League infielder later played for the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Pittsburgh Pirates. During his eight seasons in the majors, he hit .243 with 20 home runs.
After retiring in 1968, Hiller coached for the Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals, the Giants and the Mets. He also served as a manager and adviser in the Mets’ minor league system.
Hiller died on Oct. 20 of leukemia. He was 70.
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  1. Chuck B

    Chuck Hiller was an inspiration and model for me as a kid raised in Oakland, Ca. I was and still am an avid SF Giants fan and, playing second base in little league and and being named Chuck, I wanted to be just like Chuck Hiller. I remember feeling very proud the day he hit the grand slam in Game 4 and felt sad the day he was traded. Thank you Chuck Hiller for your guidance and influence.
    Chuck B.

  2. Christina

    Chuck Hiller … beleive it or not … was my great uncle. when I was a little girl … I thought my uncle was mean and grouchy but then, when I was 13 I saw him again after 7 years … we weren’t exactly close! He had a dent in the side of his head, there was no bone there … I remember feeling so bad for him. Then at his funeral I felt bad for my aunt Pam … his wife. Many people loved him and many still do. I love you uncle Chuck !!

  3. pete madafferi

    It was 1977, at the so-me baseball camp when I got to know Chuck.I was a 15 year old kid at the time. It was a Sunday,our day off and the NFL playoffs were on.The Dallas Cowboys( americas team back than) were playing the Chicago Bears,I was the only one rooting for the Bears until Chuck walked in,I was getting razzed pretty good. And him being from Ill. put his arm around me and said kid you sit by me.We talked the whole game , I never forgot that. He was a pretty cool guy. Pete M.

  4. Steve Leyden

    Chuck’s grand slam in the 1962 World Series was the talk of our 4th grade class. He was a big hero to kids in the Bay Area for years after that.
    In the 1970’s, on my first visit to Yankee Stadium, Chuck was a coach for the Kansas City Royals. I saw him leaning against the dugout during batting practice and went over to talk with him (yes kids there was a time when you could walk down any aisle in any ballpark without a ticket to that section).
    Chuck was very gracious and kind. We reminisced about the Giants team of my youth. He took the time to talk about the old days with me.
    To this day whenever someone gets into baseball trivia I ask, “Who hit the first National League World Series grand slam?” Chuck’s name will last forever because of that feat. We miss you Chuck!

  5. Christina

    It has been 3 years since I last wrote on this.
    I have done alot of growing up since then, and now I realize what a true inspiration my uncle was. Alot of people really looked up to him. He was a great guy, and lived a wonderful life. I will never forget the memories we shared together.
    He was always really strict with me when I was growing up, and I never really understood. I thought he was a grouchy old man, but now I understand, he just wanted what was best for me and my family.
    I love you Uncle Chuck, and you will never be forgotten<3

  6. scott merlack

    Chuck was my rookie ball manager (Kingsport Mets 1980) A great leader..manager..and friend. You will be missed. I speak of you often. I hope your sons are doing well.

  7. mike

    I grew up a huge Milwaukee Brave fan like every grade school kid in Wisconsin in the sixties and in those days players were extremely accesable and I met many great ones and carried on long conversations and most likely drove them all nuts. I went to the visiting team clubhouse to hawk autographs of the visiting players because everyone wanted the local team . I had the pleasure of meeting and driving Chuck Hiller crazy until I think just to get rid of me he game me his game used broken bat . I will always remember that kind gesture and followed the career of the great and kind to me Chuck Hiller

  8. Scott Merlack

    Michelle, you said you know Chucks son…and that he is a great man. I remember Chuck having two sons, yes? Back in 1980, I rememeber both boys…

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