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Betty Hill


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bhill.jpgBetty Hill devoted much of her life to the study of UFOs after she and her husband Barney were allegedly abducted by extraterrestrials in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
The couple was returning from vacation in Canada on Sept. 19, 1961 when they saw a bright light in the sky. They tried to drive away from the light, but their car’s engine stalled.
What happened next is a mystery that continues to generate fascination and curiosity.
The couple arrived back at their New Hampshire home with no memory of driving for two hours. Betty’s dress was ripped and stained and Barney’s shoes were scuffed. Their car’s exterior showed shiny patches in perfectly circular patterns. And both of their watches had stopped.
Three years and many nightmares later, the Hills recounted an identical tale of alien abduction while under hypnosis. They claimed a group of short, gray-skinned creatures took them aboard a spaceship and conducted rigorous medical examinations on them. Their story inspired John G. Fuller’s 1966 bestselling book “Interrupted Journey,” and the 1975 TV movie “The UFO Incident,” starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons.
Born Eunice Elizabeth Barrett, Betty Hill graduated from the Sanborn Seminary and attended the University of New Hampshire for two years. She dropped out of school to marry Barney, and worked as a social worker until her alien encounter.
For the next decade, Betty traveled all over the world, giving speeches and sharing her story. Her husband joined her on these speaking engagements until he died in 1969. Hill eventually retired from the lecture circuit because she said too many people with “flaky ideas, fantasies and imaginations” were making similar claims. However, her quest for knowledge about extraterrestrials never wavered. In 1995, she self-published the book, “A Common Sense Approach to UFOs.”
Hill died on Oct. 17 after a battle with lung cancer. She was 85.

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  1. Nicholas Byrd

    I used to deliver betty hills newspaper as a kid in portsmouth and I always wondered if the stories were true, she always said they were and told that she would never forget it, never knew when she died but sorry to hear this RIP Mrs. Hill…

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