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Sergei Zholtok


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szholtok.jpgSergei Zholtok, a center for the Nashville Predators, died on Nov. 3 during a championship game in Belarus. He was 31.
Called Zholi by his teammates, Zholtok competed in 588 NHL games since his western debut on the ice in 1992. The skilled Latvian played with Boston, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton and Minnesota before he was traded to Nashville in March. He played 11 games with the Predators, but returned to his home country once the NHL lockout was called.
Zholtok played for Riga 2000 in the championship match-up against Dinamo Minsk on Wednesday night. With five minutes left in the game, Zholtok walked back to the locker room and collapsed. He was pronounced dead in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
A member of the Latvian team that won the silver at the 1994 world championships, Zholtok was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat in 2003. Over the course of his NHL career, he scored 111 goals and had 147 assists.
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64 Responses to Sergei Zholtok

  1. eloisa

    that i am still morning sergei zholtok death i read it on the computer and that god keep sergei with him and to all his team mate to keep him in memory

  2. Madeleine Lalonde

    This is such a loss, Sergei Zholtok was such a fine young man, we learned to know him personally and are very saddened by this terrible death. God be with you Sergei we all loved you.

  3. Geraldine

    Sergei, you left too soon but you left by doing what you loved most- playing hockey. We will miss you, on the ice and in the neiborhood.
    From your #1 French fan.

  4. Rolandx

    He was the best latvian forward and I hope that he is in a better place now.I will have him in my memory 4ever and when I have my own kids i will tell them of Sergei with honer.Sergei’s latvia’s and world’s number 1 fan.

  5. Ally

    Sergei will be in the wild’s heart forever.I can recall when i got him to sign my wild yearbook.i looked up at him and he smiled i will never forget that, even though they lost that game that smile was still there.. he died doing what he lived for HOCKEY!! I LOVE YOU #33 AND MOSTLY #1!

  6. Alexa

    All of the Providence/Boston Bruins players miss Sergei greatly. As a fan, it is extremely hard to get over his death. Even though I didn’t know him when he played for the Bruins, I will always remember him as a Bruin. God be with you, Sergei.

  7. Bryce Adams

    I may not have known a whole bunch about sergei, bu ti did love the minnesota wild. Sergei was one of my favorite players because of the way he played the game. And because i played like him with much determination. Now that he is gone, I will remember him and pray before every one of my hockey games. May god be with you sergei.

  8. Travis Loftis

    Well, he played for many teams (I knew him as a predator) and it’s important to remember he died doing what he loved. He was a hockey player, and that’s how I will remember him. It’s always sad when another player falls.

  9. Rick

    I remember him as a Bruin and was sad to see him leave us in beantown. But even worse yet that he will neve be able to come back. God Bless

  10. Jordan

    Zholi was a great player and a great person, i saw him play and i watched the world cup of hockey with him this year i will deeply miss him and I send my condolences to his family.

  11. eloisa vega

    sergei zholtok was the best hockey player in the nhl this go to the zholtok famaly it is hard to lose someone you love o a heart attack

  12. Bao

    Sergei was a great hockey player. He was a determined person. I was deeply shocked and sad when I heard that he had passed away. He was one of the wild’s best players!! u will always be in my memory

  13. Bao

    What can i say. an amazing Human Being, talented hockey player. He was a star on and off the ice. I send my condolences to his family. I know what it is like to lose a loved one.

  14. Mazda AY

    Sergei Zholtok was a truly great NHL player. Being a die hard fan and goalie of this amazing sport, it hurts me personally everytime something happens to an NHL player. My deepest condolences go out to his family and I would also like to say he played a wonderful
    Minnesota-Anaheim series in 2003.
    I wish you had not left but god bless you, Sergei Zholtok.
    It hurts me everytime I see you in my computer games.
    God bless you.

  15. Joshua

    I will always remember Sergei for his great year (26 goals!) in 1999-2000 with my beloved Canadiens here in Montreal, and all his years here as #34. It was a year when the team was not doing well and he was always an exciting player to have on the ice, you always had hope when Sergei was playing – his attitude was always so great, and when he’d come back to visit the city, he’d always want to know what was going on in all his old hangouts, see all his old friends from his years here – he had a soft spot for us and I had a soft spot for him, followed his career well after he left, always wanted him to do well. My heart goes out to his young family and to all Latvia for their loss.

  16. Ben

    I will always remember Sergei as a hardworking player for every team he played for, the type of player who played with the kind of passion that every team wants out of their players. He was a great person, too, and he will surely be missed throughout the entire hockey community. God bless you, Sergei.

  17. Simon Vincent Adams

    I’ll never forget the great Sergei Zholtok, veteran of the NHL… I was saddened to find out that he was traded from Montreal (my home town)

  18. max irish

    sergei zholtok you will always be number #1 in the minnesota wild locker room it is such a terrible loss for his family god bless number #33

  19. practical

    I remember Sergei as an Edmonton Oiler, though he didn’t play much here, he was always a great player with every team he’s played with. RIP Sergei, you were an awesome player.

  20. Jesse

    I remember seeing Sergei play in the first Wild game I had ever been to. He became my favorite right there. When I heard that he had died I cried. He was the best player I had ever seen. I miss seeing his smile after he scored a goal. Thank you for everything you did in Minnesota. I love you and will always miss you.

  21. shane

    i would just like to send my love and condolences to the Zholtok family, sergei, you were a great hockey player, and an awesome person, ive met you lots here in vancouver at your hotel, when i was getting autographs, rip sergei.

  22. Glenn Sizemore

    God bless the Zholtok family for their loss. As an avid hockey fan, I couldn’t believe I just heard of this tragedy. May this great Latvian Rest in Peace.

  23. chelsea gallus

    I cant believe such a great hockey player has died in such a tragity. You WERE and ALWAYS WILL BE “MY HERO”. May you family be watched over by god.I… I dont Konw how to express my thoughts about the NHL and your familys great loss.”WE LOVE AND MISS YOU DEEPLY ZHOLTOLK!” RIP- Wild.

  24. chelsea gallus

    I cant believe such a great hockey player has died in such a tragity. You WERE and ALWAYS WILL BE “MY HERO”. May you family be watched over by god.I… I dont Konw how to express my thoughts about the NHL and your familys great loss.”WE LOVE AND MISS YOU DEEPLY ZHOLTOLK!” RIP- Wild.

  25. shirly

    Im so sorry about what happend to Sergei, Looking back at his card that i have of him in Boston, and remembering all the great memmories of him whilke he was still playing.I wish that God will take care of him, and the memmory of him is alive for years to come by all followers, and non-followers of hockey.

  26. guldev

    sergei u paan lun y did u have to go.. i remember when u came to toronto n we used to play hockey at the ACC before the game with the leafs.. me and Tie are deeply saddened..we love u Sergei..
    Ps Tie Domi says that he will keep that necklace that you gave him

  27. Al

    I enjoyed and always appreciated Sergei’s efforts on the ice. He never played for the Devils, but he was always a player to be respected on the ice, as well as off it from the comments within these tributes.
    Heaven socred another goal, but why so early in the game of life? GOD Bless you Sergei!

  28. martin

    Zholtok was always enjoyable to watch – he always seemed to put his best efforts into the game and tried his best when he was on the ice. I enjoyed watching him as a Canadien but hated playing against him as he would get that one goal that would put the habs under.. heh.

  29. Dusty

    Its nice to see all the support on this page for a great player and great person in Zholi. It has been a year n half or so now since the tragedy and goes to show that people will always remember you! thanks for the memories you were a great ambassador to the game and will be forever missed! God bless

  30. Kristen

    I remember Sergei as a Minnesota player. He was always my favorite. I cried when I heard he died. It is so sad to lose a player like him. A player who smiles even when the team is losing. He was a better person than he was a player and my prayers go to his family. It must be hard losing someone like Sergei.

  31. jon

    sergei rest in peace i am keeping an eye on your son edgar hes doing good now in school. I remeber you as a dad you were my neihbir in Minnesota i remmeber having bbq;s with you and tlking about hockey with you it was a good time you also taught me how to be better at hockey i thank you. i will watch over your family and i will keep good friends with eddie.

  32. Kristine

    It is 2006.. Even now I remember that eve, those emotions when I found out that Sergei died. I didn’t want to believe but the whole country was in mourning.. Why God always takes best? Did HE run short of angels?
    I remember 99′ World Championship in Norway. U signed me a puck.. I was a 12 years old.. But it meant to me so much. I remember Your smile..
    It’s backbreaking when I think that family and whole world has lost such a person like Sergejs Zholtoks! Tu busi musu sirdis vienmer! Tu esi musu engelis! We miss You…….

  33. Ilgvars (Latvia)

    Zholtok, was the best player, I can’t belive even now, that our best player and the great person died, you shouldn’t die, you was too young and strong, we all miss you so..
    Žoltok! Tu vienmēr paliksi mūsu sirdīs un prātos! Nekad netiksi aizmirsts! (In Latvian language)

  34. scott

    I remember growing up playing hockey videogames and always seemed to trade for Zholtok, I started to follow his career more and more and he was one of my fav’s, I still miss him on my roster and despite not ever meeting him, kinda miss him anyway. My regards to his family.

  35. Mark Betters

    It was always evident that Sergei Zholtok possessed special talents and character. I will never forget watching him with the Minnesota Wild while they made there ’03 playoff run. The complete passion he brought to the game was deeply inspiring. I did not know him personally, and I did not find out about Sergei’s death until long after it occured, as I was surfing the internet for a Zholtok jersey. Though I solely knew him as a fan, I wept as I read of his tragic death. Its been years since his passing, and I still miss the type of player he was. My heart breaks for his family still today. Thank you for the memories, Sergei. God Bless you.

  36. jeremy

    Sergei, man, we loved ya, we’ll all miss ya, but its great to know your in a better place doin what you lived for. Sergei, may god be with you. We love you. Gone but not forgotten.
    R.I.P Sergei Zholtok

  37. Joe (Can)

    It was a pleasure watching Sergei play for the Ottawa Senators and was saddened when I heard he died. I was lucky to meet him once at an Ottawa signing in 97′ and got his autograph. He was player #16 for the Sens. R.I.P Sergei Zholtok

  38. m.j.taylor

    Even now,when almost 3 years have passed since he died,i remember him as a great hockey player..never see him playing in real life,just memories and sad..Sergei you was the best Latvian hockey forward watching the goals you scored for Latvia in year 2004..there is no one else like’re ARE the best!Forever in my memories..goodbye

  39. Callum Carson

    R.I.P Sergei. What a player and such a sad loss. Was playing on my computer games last night and it brought it all back. Class guy.

  40. digna

    3 years ago you sat upon a star and waved us with your warm hand and smiled to us with your loveing heart.We were powerless to keep you down here on earth. U said: farewell! But we will never say it back, cause you will live in our hearts 4EVER!
    Mēs Tevi mīlam, mūsu eņģeli! 🙂

  41. Heather

    I remember him in Providence playing for the Providence Bruins and still have his game stick. He was my favorite player and he is missed.

  42. Anne

    Thank you Sergei, for being my family’s friend and neighbor…we were truly blessed to have known you, if only for a short time, and still feel your presence through your wonderful family – Anna, Edgar, and Nikita. I think of you so very often, and know you are missed by so many….

  43. Kaspars

    Thank you Sergei for GREAT GAME!!! We miss you:( You always play for Latvian team when be free in spring… I be shocked when watcing tv news..i’m boy but i start crying ;( Adios amigo!

  44. chase

    i miss you really much sergie, you were really good at hockey. when i herd that you died i was really sad, but it has been 5 years now since your death. but still i will remember you as a minnesota wild player. even though i never did meet you in person, i watch you videos on youtube. rest in peace.

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