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J.T. Rogers


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jtrogers.jpgBarry Thomas “J.T.” Rogers, an actor who specialized in gay pornography, committed suicide on Nov. 7. He was 39.

Born in Milledgeville, Ga., Rogers was raised by fundamental Baptists and attended Bob Jones University in South Carolina. He moved to California in the late 1980s to pursue an acting career.

Rogers spent the next decade making a name for himself in the gay sex film industry. In 1993, he won Gay Video Guide’s Best Supporting Actor Award for his role as a mafia don in the film “Body Search.” Two years later, Rogers won a second supporting actor award for his performance in “All About Steve.” He appeared in over 35 adult films and was best known for playing the character Johnny Rahm.

Rogers moved to Atlanta in 1999 and tried working in stand-up comedy, but struggled financially. According to the Atlanta Police Department, he hung himself on the fence line of the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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  1. cornelius

    It saddens me deeply to hear of JT’s suicide. Equally as sad is the way the porn industry seems to entice young often confused people, often again from a background of religious zealotry, then use them and spit them out. Suicide is not uncommon among former porn stars. JT was a sweet sensitive guy that I had the pleasure of meeting a few of times in the 90’s. He and his stage persona were quite different. I am thankful that his family chose to bury him beside his beloved grandmother. RIP, sweet man.

  2. Jeff

    Barry and I were roommates in the late 80’s, and even worked together at a novelty store on Melrose Ave. I lost touch with him shortly after the Northridge quake, and just learned of his death.
    He carried a lot of pain in his life (Robert, parents, career), but always found light in his Grandmother, and I am happy that he is with her now.
    He was a generous and kind person, and I miss his corny jokes and hilarious impersonations…especially “Ruth Gordon in bed”. I have it on video somewhere…

  3. john moses

    as johnny rahm, rogers had a charm & a playfulness rare among the foolishly vain of the business he was in &, as that rarity, he will be missed–at least by me. perhaps that very ability to allow himself to be vulnerable was the thing that did him in. i do not know. but the thought of him immolating himself in a public garden is a disturbing final image for this admirer to add to the many more sensuous ones.

  4. Geoff B

    I believe that other actors in the gay sex film industry also graduated from Bob Jones University. Do they offer a major in this genre? Sad to hear of his death though in time he may have made a film with Rock Hudson or Howard Stern.

  5. Brad

    I don’t think I have ever been so upset by the death of any celebrity, whether from the mainstream or the porn movie industry, as I have been by the death of Barry Rogers/ Johnny Rahm. He was a remarkable person, intellgent, talented, decent, loving, and now greatly missed by his friends and fans. To discharge my sadness, I wrote a longish poem about him which encapsulates his biography. If interested, you can find it on my blog,
    Rest in peace, Johnny Rahm.

  6. tony h.

    After losing joey stefano (nickolas iocona) everything seemed lost in porn and life but this is just wierd dont know why a man like john could go so young what a shame wish they were here especaially joey I miss him…

  7. alfred

    I dated Barry briefly back in the early 90’s when he lived in Culver City. We met at Motherload in West Hollywood during beer bust. I can say that he was a very kind person and did not have a mean bone in his body. I lost touched with Barry but I will always remember his kind touch.

  8. //////////

    Im just finding out he died today. I lived with Barry for about a month in 1990 in West Los Angeles. we shared a room together he had the bed and i was on the floor. It was a temporary fix. But i recall he was very friendly and quiet. We didnt converse much but i did go to the Ralphs grocery store with him maybe two or three times. At the time i did not know what line of business Barry was in. Just before i moved out one of our other flatmates clued me up. Ive always wondered what happened to him and if he was doing ok. Its extremley sad to think of him losing all hope and ending his own life. He seemed to me to be a nice person. i only wish he and i had become good friends. I do recall him crying in the bedroom and i didnt want to pry so i didnt ask any questions. It was later that one of our flatmates had told me that Barrys family had cut him off after learning he was homosexual.

  9. Ron Madril

    Wow. Can you believe I just heard about Barry? I had no idea. We lost touch sometime ago when he moved from LA. I can’t believe how he died. That is just not like him. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to help.
    I met him & jimmy back In ’95/96? Maybe earlier? they lived in Hollywood. Barry was such an amazing, happy guy. So full of life And kindness. I am saddened by his passing. Barry, RIP. I love you.

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