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Terry Melcher


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tmelcher.jpgTerry Melcher, a producer and songwriter who helped craft the sound of California surf, rock and folk music, died on Nov. 19 after a long battle with cancer. He was 62.

The son of actress/singer Doris Day and trombonist Al Jorden, Terry adopted the surname Melcher after his mother married her third husband, Martin Melcher. In his 20s, the New York native took on the stage name “Terry Day” and teamed up with future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston to form two bands: Bruce & Terry and The Rip Chords.

After performing on the seminal Beach Boys album “Pet Sounds,” Melcher decided to become a music producer. He joined Columbia Records in 1962 and made a name for himself by producing several hits for the Byrds (“Mr. Tambourine Man,” “Turn, Turn, Turn”). Melcher chose his next projects wisely, producing records with Paul Revere & the Raiders, Wayne Newton, Pat Boone, Glen Campbell and The Mamas & The Papas. Melcher also auditioned a young songwriter named Charles Manson, but decided against offering him a recording contract.

In 1969, Manson ordered some of his followers to break into the Los Angeles house actress Sharon Tate and director Roman Polanski sublet from Melcher, and kill everyone inside. Susan Atkins, a member of the “Manson Family” who was convicted of murdering Tate and her four friends, later said she and her co-conspirators were sent to the house on 10050 Cielo Drive to “instill fear into Terry Melcher, because Terry had given us his word on a few things and never came through with them.” The police discounted this theory after learning that Manson knew Melcher no longer lived there.

From 1968 to 1972, Melcher served as the executive producer on his mother’s CBS series “The Doris Day Show.” He later recorded two unheralded solo albums (“Terry Melcher” and “Royal Flush”), co-produced the 1985 cable show “Doris Day’s Best Friends” and worked as the director and vice president of the Doris Day Animal Foundation. He and his mother also co-owned the Cypress Inn, a small hotel in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif., with Dennis LeVett.

In 1988, Melcher earned a Golden Globe nomination for co-writing the song “Kokomo” with the Beach Boys. The tune was featured in the Tom Cruise film “Cocktail” and rose to number one on the pop charts that year.

Kokomo Download “Kokomo”

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  1. Craig S. Mohr

    Terry’s two albums he recorded in the 1970’s are two of my all time favorites. Especially the tracks “Arkansas”, “Fire in a Rainstorm” and “Dr. Horowitz.” He also produced some of my favorite singles for other artists, and I don’t feel he gained the respect he deserved. So sad that he’s gone. I always thought his life story would make an interesting book or film. I hope his mother is holding up well. I believe they were very close. He helped her recover from some very bad times.

  2. Ray

    I remember seeing Terry Melcher at the Cypress Inn in Carmel. I introduced him to my Sister-In-Law and he was very polite and gracious. I had been to a fund raiser five years earlier for his Mother’s Doris Day animal foundation. I saw Terry leave the Cypress Inn with a bounce in his step and he looked quite content. Thats how I want to remember him. I loved his solo album in 1974.

  3. Stuart Talbot.

    Terry Melcher lived the California Music Dream Life – his musical ear for all his productions and his enthusiasm for vocal harmonies & the 12-string Rickenbacker guitar sound reverberated around the world.
    His influence on Surf Music with Bruce Johnstone as Bruce & Terry was a triumph : “Custom Machine” still leaps out of the speakers with its compressed rush of vocal wonder. Do not think his contributions to the Byrds Albums ever got the full recognition for the Production Blend he gave.
    Finally as one of the co-writers with John Phillips and Mike of The Beach Boys 1989 track “Somewhere Near Japan” summed up his undying love of the sonic surf of vocal harmonies and ringing 12-strings. Thanks for the musical ride Terry & R.I.P.
    Your memory always revered in the sonic surf
    of California
    , Stuart Talbot. London .

  4. Maureen S.

    I first heard of Terry through the playing of a few of my friends who went to college with me it the 70’s. We loved the Byrds, Paul Revere and the Raiders and my brothers and cousins and I loved,”Hey Little Cobra” and all the Beach Boy hits. Fast forward a couple of years to a little town called Athens, New York on the Hudson River. My new landlord came over one day with a couple of pictures of Doris Day standing in my apartment with this young boy. It turns out that my landlord’s brother was Marty Melcher, Terry’s stepdad. My landlord, Hy Melcher used to brag about how Doris Day used to visit Athens and that made him famous in this little town. I was more impressed by the fact that he was also related to Terry and I pulled out album after album to show him exactly how influential his nephew was in the music that I grew up listening to. I regretted the fact that Doris and Terry didn’t return to Athens because of their career obligations. There were a number of us fans who wanted to show our appreciation on a more personal level.
    Hey Terry, don’tcha know you’re gonna shut em down!

  5. Carole

    I didn’t learn of Terry ‘s death until the Grammys tonight and I was very saddened. I believe that Terry helped pioneer the folk/rock genre that is it is today. I know he and his Mother were very close. I grew up loving Doris Day movies and music and had alot of respect for Terry for looking after his Mother the way he did. I hope she is doing well. I’m an only child and have lost both my parents and understand what she might be feeling. We love you Doris.

  6. Mary Ann

    Just saw Terry’s picture on an awards show this evening as they were paying tribute to those who have passed away within the past year. My daughter and I were quite surprised to learn of his passing. It was just back in October of 2004 when we checked out a couple of books, from the college library, on the life of Doris Day, as well as looking into more info on the web, learning more about Miss Day and her son. We are very saddened with this news. We feel such a closeness to this family in regards to the following: my daughters favorite song that she could sing all the lines to, when she was 2 1/2 years old, was Kokomo. I still have the original tape; and then when she started to get a little older, we would rent Doris Day movies and she fell in love with them as I had done when I was a kid (we still rent the movies but they are so hard to find anymore…what a shame). I tell everyone that my daughter is a cross between Doris Day and Cinderella (she looks alot like both). Her morals and values are very similar to those portrayed by these figures and is very proud to admit it (very unusually refreshing for an 18 year old these days). We will keep Terry, as well as Miss Day, in our thoughts, prayers, and always in our memories.

  7. Lissette Alejandro

    I just found out about Terry. I’m so very sorry. I hope you read this Ms. Doris Day… I have admired your strength for as long as I can remember. I hope you find comfort in God and in the fact that you and your son are greatly loved. I know it’s hard. I can’t begin to imagine your pain. But, I know that you will continue on with God’s love and the love you and your son shared…because nor time, nor distance can ever take that away. God bless you and your family.

  8. Steve

    I was so sorry to hear of Terry’s death on the Grammies tonight. Growing up in Philadelphia in the 1960’s, I remember several rock and roll songs by “Terry Day” on the pop radio station WIBG. Unfortunately I never bought the singles, but I followed his career from that point on. What wonderful music he made! My heart goes out to his mother.

  9. Andy

    I too just heard of Terry’s passing tonight on the Grammy’s. I’m a prof. musician in Monterey, and until I did some research recently, I had no idea what a profound influence Terry had on the music scene of the 60’s other than his association with the Beach Boys, not to mention being executive producer for his mother’s TV show. I personally knew him because in the mid 80’s he came into a local music store where I worked at that time. He purchased a drum set from me for his child. After that I would see him on occasion around town and he would always remember me and we would always have wonderful conversations. He was always the nicest of people and very gracious. I extend my sincere condolences to his entire family.

  10. Sue

    Like many othersI learned of Terry’s passing watching the Grammy’s. In disbelief I had to search the internet. I am sad to learn of his passing his contributions to the music industry will be missed. As a mother I cannnot fathom the grief and the sorrow Ms. Day is feeling. My deepest condolescences to her.

  11. Diane

    I lost my own son who was 33 years old when he died in 1999. When I saw Terry’s name and picture on the awards show saying goodbye I had to search the internet as well. All our love to you Doris. We pray for your comfort during your time of grief. My heart is knit together with yours in this thing we wish we didn’t have in common…that of losing our sons.

  12. Heather

    Well, after reading the tributes above, I see that I am not alone in learning of Terry’s death, from the Grammy Awards last night. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Doris Day. I wonder why so many of us, are just hearing about the news of his death, last year! He will surely be missed, not only by his family, but also the music world. How interesting to learn of the hand that he had in the music of the Beachboys! Prayers and thoughts to his family and friends;

  13. martin

    i was very saddened to learn of terry melchers death on the grammy,s another surf, folk rock pioneer passed away. With jan carl and dennis we have lost a wonderful era in rock. I,m surprised bruce johnstone made no mention on the recent beachboys tour.My thoughts are with his family and friends.

  14. carmella

    we were shocked to here about Terry’s death I was a big fan of his era Im in the music busniss today and had a lot of respect for him my heart goes out to Miss Doris have loved your songs and movies as long as I can remember may god bless you and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers
    Kenny Starr at MCN and C.J. ,nashville

  15. Mary A.

    I learned of Terry Melcher’s death in January 2005 and was very surprised. I have always been an admirer of Doris Day and know she is saddened by her son’s death. I would like Doris Day to know that both of them are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Mary A.

  16. Penelope

    What a shock! The Grammy Awards revealed all those that have died – I hope I remember some of them correctly. Illinois Jacquet. Skeeter Davies. Trini Lopez. Jan Berry. Terry Melcher. It can’t really be true. They’re dropping like flies. I am one of the many people that emigrated to Australia from England in the 1960s – but we came back, like many others, sick of the heat and flies. What I do remember is the radio stations playing surf and hot rod music. I bought many records, including “Custom Machine” by Bruce & Terry and it’s still one of my favourites. (Bruce later joined the Beach Boys.) I read in a fan magazine in the 1960s that Doris Day’s son, Terry Melcher, produced her huge hit record, “Move Over Darling”. Later, they went back into the recording studio to do a follow-up record. Terry had grown his hair and Doris refused to record another record with him, unless he “got a haircut”. Terry walked out! That’s what I liked to hear – we all loved our long hair – male and female. We wanted to look extremely different from our parents – and did. Only now do we appreciate just what a nice, polite man Terry Melcher was and how much influence he had on the sounds that we teenagers loved from the 1960s onwards. Somebody important should broadcast a huge tribute to this man, playing all the records on which he sang or helped produce. In that programme, everyone who knew him or worked with him should pay verbal tribute. Once again, cancer takes one of our best. Cancer shortens our natural life span. More and more people in the music industry are succumbing to that dreadful disease. Spencer Dryden of Jefferson Airplane, colon cancer (2005). Joey Ramone, lymphatic cancer (2001). Healthy Johnny Ramone, prostate cancer (2004). I hope Terry Melcher didn’t suffer too much – we didn’t even know he was ill. My commiserations to Doris Day on the death of her son, Terry, and to his surviving family. Thank you, Doris, for lending us your handsome, talented son – if only for a lifetime! If only we could all give so much.

  17. Wendy M.

    Watching the Grammy Awards a few nights ago was the first time I had heard of Terry Melcher’s death. My heart goes out to his wonderful mother and to his wife and son. I always respected and admired both Terry and his mother’s struggle in helping our animals to feel safe.

  18. rosemary


  19. Jan E.

    Doris, the recent news of Terry’s passing runs deep. We are saddened by your loss as it is a loss for all of us as well. We appreciate all that Terry contributed to the business with finesse and integrity. You taught him well, Doris, to love a business for what it was. Nothing less, nothing more. He will be missed. On behalf of the Ray Eberle family, please accept our heartfelt condolences and know that you and Terry will remain in our prayers.

  20. Sharon L. Hartley

    I often asked myself why things turn out the way they do. I wish I had the answers to ease your pain Doris. You gave me two dogs from your foundation, with love,tenderness and devotion. You called me often. As a parent, I know you gave Terry the utmost of love, tenderness, and devotion. He’s watching over you and his family.
    I am so sorry for your loss. You told me to be strong one time, may I pass that on to you now.
    With Love, Sharon

  21. Kathy W.

    Just found out today of your son’s passing. I have 3 sons of my own and know how difficult this must be for you. You and your son have touched so many lives and brought happiness to so many. I hope you are finding some peace and moving on knowing Terry is still very close to you in spirit.
    All my love,

  22. cheryl zimmerman

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Doris’ son. Doris, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray the Lord will give you the strength each day.

  23. Margie Hawkins

    Doris Day has always been one of my very favorite actresses, since the first time I saw “Moonlight Bay”, “Annie Get Your Gun” and “Pajama Game” as a young teenager. My very first favorite song was “Secret Love”. I, also, enjoyed most of her sons songs, such as “Kokomo” but didn’t realize until now that he was responsible for them. Both Mother and Son have brought much joy to all of us.

  24. Dyane Ratner Roth

    Was sorry to hear of Terry’s passing.. As a little girl, my brother and myself were very close to both Terry and Doris when we attended Berkerly Hall School in Beverly Hills. My thoughts and prayers are with you Doris. I also share your love of animals. I carry those wonderful childhood memories with me wherever I go and feel very blessed to have known you. Also, as an aside, our Father used to do the commercials on T.V. while playing classical piano. Hope that brings back some early memories..
    My love to you, Doris. Hope to see you in the near future when I visit carmel…
    Dyane Ratner Roth


    Doris…….so sorry to hear of your loss….but the plan is perfect and it will always be Thy will… Dad so loves you….one wish: that you would one day say hello to him before he dies…

  26. Meryl.Catflap Music

    Dear Doris,
    I found this website quite by chance, I hope you read the comments that people have made, as it must be so incredible to know how many loyal fans you have from so many walks of life. My thoughts are with you through this very difficult time.
    Sincere Regards Meryl Heasman, Kent, England.

  27. Jo Farrell

    Dear Ms. Day:
    Just found this web site. Let me add my condolences on the loss of your son. My husband grew up with the Beach Boys and Doris Day movies. What a wonderful thing to be a mother and to have been blessed with many beautiful memories. We enjoy our memories of you and your son. We hope you find comfort in those memories. Sincerely, Jo & Mark

  28. Emily Spraetz

    You are a true blessing in this world. I also am very sorry to hear of your son’s passing, but he is in a much better place now. I have admired you since I was a little girl, and have always loved watching your movies. My mother was a dear fan also, as she was born one year before you were. She also passed away, more than six years ago. Thank you for all you do, especially for the animals. Much Love and Respect To You…Emily Spraetz

  29. Kathleen Palo

    Doris..after reading all the other letters to you concerning your son’s death, I find it hard to be original. I am so very sorry for your great loss. Your son must have been a wonderful guy, because you yourself are wonderful and taught him well. Our life on earth is so short compared to eternity.
    I have perchased almost all of your VCR movies, and am pleased that your son was such a great support for you as he helped manage your career.
    I pray that the Lord will give you His peace, and strength for each new day. We often dont have that kind of strength during a stressful time, that’s why we need to draw our strength from the Lord.
    I know that this is about your son, not you, but I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much your music and mmovies have meant to me over the years. I believe that you are the most talented person that has ever made movies or records. You managed to live a clean life, and still succeed. We drove though Carmel years ago, and I was just hoping that somehow we might spot you.
    Thank you for this opportunity to offer my sympathy to you. And to also thank you for all you have given of yourself, to people like me.

  30. tommy

    Sorry to hear of your son Terry passing Miss Day. Especially in consideration to all you have given us the public. We would like to give you a shoulder to cry on. P.S. It gets easier as time goes by hang in there.

  31. thomas smithers

    I pray Ms. Day….is getting stronger both physically and spiritually. My hear and prayers are with you. Those of us from Cincinnati…consider you “family” and love you.

  32. Grace E. Morgan

    I am so sorry for your lost of Terry. I just found out about it. My prayers go out to you and and your family. My Dad always loved you! Yeah, who wouldn’t? I have enjoyed your movies and records especially your work with animals! I always remembered that. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you! I LOVE ANIMALS TOO AND I DO WHAT I CAN TO HELP OUT. WAY TO GO DORIS! I love to sing but don’t come even come close to you my hero! You and your son have given so much to everyone. thank you,not only are you beautiful on the outside you are so beautiful on the inside. love you, GRACE

  33. Cheryl

    I was just reading Doris Day’s autobiography from 1975 and got curious as to what was happening with her son, Terry, so I googled his name and was brought to this sight. I am so sorry to hear of his death, as I know it has brought pain to his wife and son, and also to his mother, Doris. There are so many nice tributes here. I, too, have nothing original to say. But my heart goes out to you, Ms. Day, in the loss of your son. Just reading this book, I can see the relationship that was forged between the two of you through many, many difficult circumstances. I always thought you were a great lady/actress, but I am amazed at what a great lady you are after reading the things you have suffered in your lifetime. I hope you will experience peace through your sadness.

  34. Dom

    As a massive 60s surf music fan, I would just like to add my condolences on Terry’s passing. A great musician/songwriter/producer, he produced some of the most memorable tunes of the 60s and it’s such a great feeling when I hear Hey Little Cobra, Three Window Coupe or Don’t Be Scared blaring out of the speakers! So long Terry…

  35. Cathy

    I met Terry Melcher in 1993 at the Cypress Inn where he was kind enough to buy my friend and I a drink (we were sitting in the library bar late in the evening and he came in). We talked about scotch and he introduced me to The Macallan single malt. I am sitting having one of my rare drinks of that right now. It has since become my favorite and every time I have one I think of Terry and how pleasant he was. I have met his mother (who has been my favorite singer and actress since I was 10) and know that she must still be devastated by her loss. I hope she knows she is thought about often, as is Terry, this full year after his passing. My prayers are with them both.

  36. Meryl Heasman

    I have just recently bought the CD titled simply “Terry Melcher”. I was deeply touched by his beautiful voice and particularly the track called “THESE DAYS” with Doris. The simplicity of the song and wonderful arrangement make this one of the best I have ever heard. I stated before that I had never heard Terry`s music, well I certainly didn`t know what I`d missed.If you haven`t yet bought this CD shame on you! from Meryl Heasman

  37. david perkins

    terry and i went to school together in late 1940’s, i lived in the price hill area in cincinnati near warsaw avenue. we spent a short time together ( about 1947), and played in the nearby parks and wooded areas after school. he was interesting guy and we had fun doing what 6 yr olds do at that age.

  38. Tim Shamel

    I was surprised to hear that Terry had passed away. I knew terry at Harvard Military academy. We were in the ninth grade togeather. I had to leave the school early in the year and Terry was there to talk to me before I left. I remember him as a sensitive caring young man. I often regreat not contacting him later in life just to say high. I remember his grandmother picking him up every friday afternoon to take him home.



  40. Michael Ratcliffe

    I have never been much of a pop music follower so I only learned of Terry’s death through the tribute on the DVD set for season 3 of the Doris Day Show that was recently released. When I read the tribute I was shocked and of course upset for his mother. Now 53, I grew up thinking that I was the only person in the world who could be such a big fan of Miss Day but I see from all of these thoughtful messages that have continued to come forward over the two years since Terry’s death that I am far from alone in my admiration and respect for her. I am so very happy for her that so many people care about her and her family and hope that the strength of their support continues to help.

  41. Randie & Larry & Cary Casias

    I was just watching one of Ms. Day old movies today and decided to look up information about her Animal Right work. I never heard about the death of her son in the past. I am so very sorry for her lose. Being a Mother, myself, I don’t know how I would be able to handle a son’s passing.
    I’m sure your work with animals is very healing. My very best to you! I know you are a great lady and have wonderful people looking after you!

  42. Irene Robertson

    hello there Miss Day Ive been writing for over 20 years now to you, just want to say how sad I feel for you and Terrys son Ryan, how you must miss such a great help in your animal charity. the Cypress Inn and just being Terry . its not fair for any parent to outlive their children is it, hope you get to read this Miss Day and I will write again soon to you , and hope that maybe Ill get a reply. as you used to do, love and cherish the letters and cards from you and lovely pics. think your wonderful always will.

  43. donna roberson

    hello miss day , well its a sad time for you yet again getting near the festive season, I wrote many times to you over the years somethimes getting cards or letters from you , that Ill cherish forever, what can I say, no one should outlive their kids. but you have his lovely son Ryan for comfort, you deserve much more than you got from life all my love Irene Donna Robertson Glasgow.

  44. Monica McFarlane

    I just want to convey to Ms.Day how sorry I am to hear about the tremendous loss of her beloved son, Terry. I recently lost my 33 year old daughter, Penny, after a long illness. Ms. Day, I know how you must feel; you could never have asked for a more caring son. As someone said “you never forget the pain, It just gets easier to bear with time”. May the lord keep you strong. Monica McFarlane, New York.

  45. Mary Anne Barothy

    I knew Terry quite well when I was Doris Day’s personal secretary during her CBS-TV series days in the 1970s. Terry was a wonderful friend and a very gentle man. I worked with him and Bruce Johnston some at RCA in between the studio work.
    He did so much for his dear Mother – what a great son – everybody loved him and so did I.
    God bless you, Terry. My love and prayers are with you.

  46. Linda

    Dear Ms Day,
    I have been an admirer of your films and music for it seem all of my life. I am age 62.
    After watching a biography of your life tonight, I learned of your Son’s death. I am so sorry I did not know it until today. I too lost a son 12 years ago at his age of 25. Time does help us to learn to live with the pain.
    My son had a child. My grandson is age 14 and it is wonderful watching him grow up. He was just 2 and 1/2 years old when his Dad died in a car accident. It is incredible how at this age he is much like his DAD.
    I just wanted you to know there are people that still care about you. You brought entertainment to the movie screen and the TV with style and class that just is not to be seen today.

  47. Brett

    Doris Day. A beautiful memory from my childhood was watching you in movies. Calamity Jane I have watched over again. You come from a Golden time in Hollywood. A time of magic and marvel and mystery that will never be repeated anywhere. Thankyou for being a part of my life. You will always be there! And for what you have given to animals. God Bless You. I love Doris Day!

  48. Debbie Glover

    Dear Miss Day,I have loved your movies and music all my life. I am watching a few of your movies this Holiday weekend and was looking up your bio on the net. I read about the death of your son and I am very sorry,I have children and cannot imagine how it would feel to have a child die, I am so very sorry. Your time here on earth will always be remembered with such grace and love,thank you for all your movies and music agian…God Bless you Miss Day….

  49. Elizabeth Hixson

    Dear Doris, (the nickname my friends gave me)
    I have watched your movies, and listened to your music all of my life. I am currently watching your TV series which your son produced, and realize that you were my age during those shows. You have such wholesome and fun loving humor throughout. I grew up singing your songs and was told I could have been your younger sister. My son and daughter grew up with me singing them, “Que Sera Sera”. I love your optimism despite your difficulties, and your love of animals. I’m sorry for the loss of your son, as I know how wonderful it is to have a close relationship with your children and how they are our greatest blessing. You and your son have given the world a wonderful legacy. God bless you, and thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. – Beth (Juneau, Alaska)

  50. Jim LeRoy

    Dearest Ms. Day you have been in my life since I was a little boy I saw all of your movies and I have spent most of today watching the one’s on today over again. I am still enjoying them as much today as I did back then and I am 71 but thanks to you back then movies were for the whole family and everyone loved Doris Day I was in the service with a young man that was so madly in love with you. I hope somewhere in his life he was able to see you in person cause you were our pinup girl while we were serving our country. So sorry for the loss of your son Terry I know from all articles over the years that I have read you and Terry were very close. I will say you must have been as angelic as everyone thought cause we never heard anything bad about Miss Doris Day So thank you for a son who gave us enjoyment in his music and thank you for all the wonderful years of your beautiful face and smile on the screen and may god bless you and take care of you.

  51. Lisa

    I was reminded of your son’s passing again today and thought I’d just send you a quick note and prayer.
    I would imagine that this is one of the most difficult things to go through. It seems to me that talking, time, tears, and God bring comfort.
    This weekend Turner Classics had a Doris Day all day movie event. I spent much of Saturday watching them and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. You’ve always been one of my most favorite actresses. Thank you, thank you, thank you for many years of enjoyment you have given and continue to give.
    In Jesus,

  52. kate

    doris day has given happiness to so many people.Through her many personal struggles she always manages to put on a bright personality,giving smiles to others as they through there own life struggles. i am deaply saddened about the loss of terry melcher,may his soul rest in peace.

  53. Lois Simpson

    Doris 2/22/08
    It came as a shock to me today to learn about the loss of your son. I’m so very sorry to hear about the loss of your son. As a child I grew up on your movies and enjoy them. I have quite a collection of them on dvd to relive that wonderful time and enjoy your films over and over. Being a parent and a grandparent, I lost my mother and grandmother to cancer. There’s nothing more painful in life than to loose a child. The world needs more people like yourself for the caring you give to all animals. God bless and thank you for all the wonderful movies you have given us in all your films. I do charish my Doris Day Collections. Thank god for you, and thank god for our Grandchildren.
    Sincerely, Lois Simpson always a devoted fan…
    from Virginia

  54. lesley

    dear miss day,
    i would just like to thank you for the wonderful entertainment you have given to us (your fans)with the amazing body of work you have chosen to do. love me or leave me is one of my favourites, along with calamity jane and those with rock hudson.
    i would also like to acknowledge the strength and dignity with which you live your life. the hardships that you have endured along with the blessings, has made you who you are and gives us all a wonderful example to live by. i hope your future is filled with lots of love and joy as you so deserve.
    bless you always
    (a mother and grandmother too)

  55. Allan Paternott

    Dear Doris day,
    you have been my favourite movie star of all time and still today enjoy watching your movies. They are classic and don’t make movies like that anymore.
    I was so sad to hear the passing of your son Terry. I myself have lost family members recently.
    I have just watched your performance on the John denver show (1975) Fantastic!!!
    I must say The Seekers(Judith Durham) and Doris Day are my favourites.
    Take care of yourself
    Allan Paternott
    Melbourne, Australia

  56. Elleanor Jean Dickerson

    Here is an offer to you, Terry’s mother: I was a friend of Mark’s and used to visit him occasionally in the home he shared with Terry and Candy… very gracious, fantastic people. I have some voice tapes if you would like to have them. Terry used to cool his kitties off in the pool! He was also nice to my son David, who was killed at the age of 25. But I know I’ll see him again. Faith does get us through the worst of times. Bye for now…ELLIE

  57. O.B. Dan

    He dreamed the dream, and lived the life. He defined California of the 1960s and it defined him.
    Rock ‘n’ roll never forgets…

  58. Yvonne Taylor

    Hello Doris,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I have a son 30 and we are close. I lost my mom last year and there is nothing that can replace the loss of a soul to whom we are intimately connected.
    You were the rainbow after the war when I was growing up. My father (a veteran of Iwo Jima) and I watched all the Cary grant/Doris day movies and it will never happen again. It was the beauty of innocent love and when virtue prevailed and hope shaped the cultural landscape.
    I am putting an art book together of beautiful women with flowers on their faces. I would love to include you. I believe you are more beautiful today than ever because as women grow older their beauty becomes a light that transcends.
    Bless you!

  59. Irene Robertson

    Its been such a long time now since Terry passed.. how any mother can handle this I dont know.. and her only child… they were always together and more than son and mother, they worked together and gave each support… Miss Day doesnt deserve some of the heartache shes gone though in life, Terrys death by far the worst.. Ive wrote for years from Scotland to this amazing talented beautiful lady.. and hope she continues with her animal charity for many many years.. what a kind and gracoius soul she is….
    Irene in Glasgow..

  60. George Vreeland Hill

    Terry was a genius who created different cultures of music.
    His talent was broad and everything he did was good.
    Terry made his mother proud.
    A shame he died so young.

    George Vreeland Hill

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