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Tracy Hogg


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thogg.jpgTracy Hogg, a British-born nurse who cared for more than 5,000 children, was called the “baby whisperer.” Using a compassionate touch and a few kind words, Hogg could calm any cranky baby. Her years of training and positive attitude soothed the fears of anxious parents as well.
The bestselling author of the 2001 book “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect and Communicate With Your Baby,” Hogg often used acronyms to teach the basics of raising children. For example, she instructed parents on how to create a daily schedule with the word “EASY” (Eating, Activity and Sleeping for the baby; the Y stands for “time for You”). She encouraged families to communicate with their infants in adult language and to treat each child like a little person.
Hogg’s services were highly prized by Hollywood parents. Several celebrities, including Cindy Crawford, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael J. Fox, Calista Flockhart, Jodie Foster and Marilu Henner, paid $200/hour for a telephone consultation, and $1,000/day for live-in support.
Although she was born into a large Yorkshire family, Hogg was raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather, the head nurse at a mental institution, took Hogg to the children’s ward when she was only 7 years old. After seeing how well she related to the children, he encouraged her to pursue a career in nursing. At 18, Hogg followed his advice and became a registered nurse, nanny and midwife. She also trained in hypnotherapy and specialized in helping children with learning disabilities and physical handicaps.
When Hogg moved to California in 1992, she took some flak for leaving her two young daughters in England to be raised by their grandmother. She defended her actions by saying they deserved the special care her extended family provided. The girls eventually joined their mother and stepfather in America.
Hogg later opened Baby Technique, a baby equipment store in Encino, Calif., and co-wrote two more books with journalist Melinda Blau. “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers” was published in 2002; “The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems” will be released in January. She also hosted the TV program “The Baby Whisperer” on the Discovery Health channel.
Hogg died on Nov. 25 of melanoma. She was 44.
Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby Download “Secrets of the Baby Whisperer”

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  1. rebecca

    A wonderful caring woman, May you rest in peace and be remembered for all the good things you did and families you helped. Truely hounerable lady. Love and best wishes to your family
    Rebecca and family xxxxxx

  2. Kristen

    Truly an amazing woman. Someone that we have considered “part of our familiy” for several years after our reading her book and consulting with her. She has touched thousands through her amazing Love for Others. She was gifted with many talents and feel fortunate to have been able to share in her talents and her love.
    Much love
    Kristen and family XOXOXOXOX

  3. rachel meijler

    Only by reading her book , I learned so much from this amazing woman. She has tought me how to fully respect our young ones. All her relatives should be thankfull for knowing her, as for us , her fans ,we thank her for her wisdom.
    Best wishes for her loved ones,
    Rachel from Tel aviv, Israel

  4. Jo Lewis

    Tracy was a truly remarkable woman and I loved watching her programmes on Discovery Health TV. I was shocked and saddened to learn of her early death: what a waste of her inborn talent of caring for babies, toddlers and their parents!

  5. Juan carlos becerra

    To Tracy
    We had an angel in earth, she gave us her precious knowledge, we didnt knew you, but you touched our lives, your legacy breakes frontiers,that was your mission,thank you.
    Tracy Hogg, a caring angel sent by god,rest
    in peace where she belongs, in heaven.
    infinitly grateful Eliana and Juan Carlos from Mexico.

  6. lucy

    you were an insperation to each and every mother father and child, not only to the one’s which you so kindly gave to, but the people’s hearts you touched. you were a god send
    thank you tracey x

  7. Lia Nascimento

    I am from Brazil and never missed her show on Discovery channel. Although I do not have kids, I learned a lot from her not only how to care for a baby, but how to do so with love and teach him/her limits since they are very little.
    She had a gift from God.
    God bless you, Tracy and give strength to your family. Rest in Peace.

  8. Cammie

    I was shocked to hear the news of Tracy’s death. She was a brilliant and kind woman. She will live on as an inspiration and teaching guide for decades to come. God Bless You.
    Cammie Hay

  9. jane

    sorry 2 hear of tracys death,,i learnt a lot from tracy,wot 2 do with my kids and my friends kids and of which worked,will b sadly missed by all,,,,,jane of hull uk

  10. Nerys

    I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Tracy’s death. I thought she was a remarkable woman. I watched all her programmes ‘Baby Whisperer’on Discovery Health Channel and found her to be of great help.
    May you rest in peace Tracy x.Nerys from Wales,UK

  11. mandy

    Through her programme on discovery health Tracy advised me on my own three children many a time.Thankyou tracy, an inspiration to all parents. Love to her family and friends.May God bring you peace xx

  12. jackie

    so very sorry to hear of tracys passing away.she was a truly wonderful lady and had such a special gift.kindest regards to her family xxxx

  13. Patricia

    I watched an episode of ‘Baby Whisperer’ on Discovery Health today after a long time of not watching much television and was shocked that the end titles said ‘Dedicated to the Memory of Tracy Hogg’. Thought it was a mistake and went online to confirm, but I am still shocked. Though I never met her I followed her advice with my son and was touched by how she helped people on her program. God Bless and may you Rest in Peace.

  14. karen

    I have learned so much Tracy being a new mum she held me so much. I am very shcoked and saddend by her death. how can someone with a gift like heres be taken away, its beyond belief. Rest in peace.

  15. Sophie and Kathy

    Tracy, May you rest in peace, a wonderful person and im sure she was an angel, we watched all her programmes on Discovery Health and were greatly saddened by her death, our thoughts go out to all her family and friends,
    with love

  16. Tracy

    I was truly shocked and saddened when I heard. What will all us mothers do without our guardian angel.
    You will be missed greatly.

  17. Zoe

    What an untimely passing of a great woman. You have inspired a lot of people in your lifetime. Regards to your family.
    Heaven has gained an Angel – who lives on through the joy she spread among struggling families.
    RIP Tracy gone, but never forgotton.

  18. alison riches

    So sad to hear that Tracey had passed away.
    Gone too soon, but she had helped so many families in her short time on earth and for that we are all so greatful for.
    Rest in Peace Tracey and give a kiss to all the babies in heaven.

  19. Ri Leedham

    I have never met, nor read Tracey’s books, but have been watching her programme on the Discovery Channel. My Son is now almost 15, but I wish I’d have known of her when he was born. The Baby Whisperer has become my favourite programme to watch whilst I am ill. I was shocked to see, at the end of a recent programme, that it was dedicated to her, and have come on line to check. I feel saddened. To have touched so many people, even ones she has never met, or who have recently come to know of her, is a tremendous gift. I said to my Husband, before I knew of her death, that she was someone I would have loved to have as a friend. She was a natural beauty, both inside and out. Tears come to my eyes as I type. Rest Gently, Tracey. Beauty, Love & Gentleness, Always xxx

  20. Julia Gilvear

    I was very saddened when watching a recent episode of The Baby Whisperer when the end titles came up that said “In Memory of Tracey Hogg”. I learn’t such a lot from watching Tracey on Discovery Health and she certainly was an inspiration to all new mums. May God look after you. Julia (Bristol)

  21. Mandy

    Its the way she smiles that won my heart. I am new to Tracey Hogg, and her Baby Whispering. I felt so excited when I found her, to give me advice and support, and I feel equally saddened at the loss. Whilst referring to her books daily, i can hear her Yorkshire accent in my head. She is making my life with my 6 month old so much more enjoyable. God Bless.

  22. Kelly-Lee Russel, Preston UK

    I am due to give birth to my first baby in 3 weeks time and have found watching Discovery Health an inspiration. Especially “The Baby Whisper”, what a fantastic lady!! I too was greatly shocked and saddened when I saw a recent programme was dedicated to her memory. It was only when I came on the internet that I learnt of her tragic death.
    She was a wonderful person and a very talented lady, such a waste of a young life.
    I have ordered Tracy’s new book and will look forward to continue to learn from her even though she is no longer with us.
    Condolences & thoughts to her family!!

  23. camille

    watching the programme on tv this morning was shocked to see a tribute to tracy in the titles. After finding this sight it is obvious that she was so highly thought of by everybody who had ever come across her fantastic work. What a sad loss, but i hope her family and friends can find some comfort in the fact that she made a difference and will still carry on doing so whilst the series is aired and the books on the shelves. x camille,hull

  24. stella

    I too was shocked when I watched the programme on tv this morning to see a tribute to tracy in the titles. I really think her ideas and methods are outstanding – she will be sorely missed by mums and new mums to be.

  25. tracey hinton

    I have just watched yet another fantastic episode of baby whisperer and at the end it said in memory of tracy hogg………how shocked and saddened am i. I have not got small children, mine are 15 and 19 but i still watched in awe of this woman who knew the answer to everything and helped so many parents of young children.
    May you rest in peace and you will always be remembered by your cheery smile and happy personality.
    Tracey Hinton

  26. Beverley

    I watched the ‘baby whisperer’ before I was even pregnant with my baby boy Jack who is now 10 months! I also have her book. I have followed much of her guidance with Jack and have therefore been blessed with an angel baby. She had such wisdom and the world will be a sadder place without her. Her legacy will continue on through not only the programme and her books but also through the mothers who have taken her advice and can pass this on to other new mothers. God bless you.

  27. Nicola

    I was shocked to see the tribute to Tracey in the titles on the baby whisperer, I came on line to check, what a tragic death.
    She was such an inspiration to all mothers, she will be missed.
    Nicola Burns

  28. tracy finnemore

    so sad and shocked to learn the death of an insperation to all us mums of tracy hogg.I have watched many of her programmes on discovery health and found them to be a source of comfort to us struggling mums.God bless tracy rest in peace.My thoughts are with her husband girls and the rest of her family.

  29. Julia Baynes

    Though my son is now 30, I watch the Baby Whisperer just to see the warmth and special talent of |Tracy Hogg. How I wish I had had her advice when my son was a baby. As an ex-nurse myself who also trained in Leeds, I felt a special connection when watching and though |I realised Tracy looked very ill on the programme, I was saddened to see that she had passed away. A special lady. God bless you and hold you in his arms.

  30. Chazel

    I always watch ‘Baby Whisperer’ although my children are now grown up, and was shocked to see the mention ‘In memory of …’. Thanks to Tracy I may just be able to help if asked for advice with any future grandchildren I may have. I am always fascinated by the way she solved every problem she was asked to help with. How sad that she died so young.

  31. Lyndsey

    for tracy
    Having just heard of her death, we were shocked and saddened hecouse Tracy was so young and talented.
    I learnt an awful lot from her programs and my thoughts go out to tracy’s family and I thank them for giving the world such a remarkable woman
    From Lyndsey

  32. laura and karen

    we have just heard nearly 4 mths on, oh my god, i cant believe it, i watch her program everytime it’s on. I have a newborn son and already her information and advice from the programmes has helped us immensely. God bless to her friends and family.

  33. Bev

    So sad to learn of Tracy’s death.
    Her knowledge will continue to be passed on through her TV programmes and books that she wrote.
    What a loss to all the mothers in the world who were helped by her in a lot of ways!
    Her family should be proud she had such an affect on people all around the world.
    Bev, UK

  34. Denise Mellors

    Having watched an episode of Baby Whisperer i was very shocked to see the words in memory of Tracey Hogg, i rushed upstairs because i thought it couldn’t be true. Tracey u gave so much to all the people and children u came into touch with not to mention the millions who tuned in every day to watch yr programme. I have 4 young daughters and yr help has been a tremendous help and i love being a mum. It is a very sad thing u had to leave but u will never be forgotten. love to all yr family Denisexxx

  35. Heather Hodson

    To Tracey
    I watch your show everyday that i am at home and think that you are a wonderful and kind lady. I will miss you with all my heart as you feel like a part of my family even thoughh we have never met. The advice that you give to parents is greatly recieved and has helped me bring up my two young daughters.
    You will never be forgotten and will remain in the thoughts of millions of people.
    Thankyou for all your help and advice and for giving confidence to parents everywhere.
    Lots of love and hugs
    Heather Hodson xxxxx

  36. louise holah

    To Tracey
    I was so shocked when i heard the death of such a gifted lady. i have watched all your programmes and read your book.
    Such a great loss of a special person.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Louise,jason and my baby boy sonny. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. necia freeman

    only realise that tracey had passed over when watched her tv show today and finally got to see the end, her voice was so calming , her nature so natural , god must of wanted his angel back for himself but in her memory the babys whisper will live on rest in peace tracey

  38. Nikki

    Having just watched an episode I was shocked to see the dedication to her memory. Tracey was an angel, a teacher, an inspiration, having guided countless parents with issues, giving practicle advice easily carried out. It is such a sadness that a wonderful person has been taken so suddenly and far too early.
    Tracey’s legacy remains through her books and tv programmes and her caring demeanour will live on in her own children.
    My thoughts are with her family, who will hopefully read all these messages and find comfort amongst them.

  39. Claire Underwood

    I have like so many of you just watched an episode of the Baby Whisperer and saw the tribute to Tracy. I too rushed upstairs to my pc to see what I could find out. I am so shocked and saddened. I watched her programmes and read her books and tried many of the things she believed in with my own children. They always worked! Tracy was a remarkable woman and although I never knew her I will never forget her. May you rest in peace.
    Claire, and the babes Underwood, Gregory, Darcy and Scarlettxxx

  40. michelle

    R.I.P Tracey, as a first time mum you got me to tune into my son,and it really did will be sadly missed.
    love x

  41. Deanne

    Tracy, your book has made me the mom I am today and without it I dont know what I would have done. Was very sad to hear of your untimley passing after watching your amazing programme on Discovery Health today. Could not believe it so came online to see if I could find out more. My thoughts are with your family. May you rest in peace. There are thousands of moms who would have been lost without your inspiration. Love Deanne and Freya (12 months).xxxx

  42. Jean

    As with many of the tributes on this site I was truly shocked whilst watching a recent episode I saw the dedication at the end. My children are all in the 30/40s now but how I wish I had had the help then that she has given so many. She has helped more in her 44 years than most people can ever hope to help in a full life time.
    Rest in peace Tracy your legacy will live on, sincere condolences to your family and friends.

  43. Amanda

    My deepest sympathy’s to all of Tracy’s family, she was a very caring lady and helped me through some tough times’ nothing seemed so bad after Tracy had reassured me. She is now in a better place and can rest in knowing that what she done whilst on this Earth was all so unselfish , caring and so incredibly kind, she hepled many…

  44. Paula

    I was also truly shocked when watching the dedication to Tracey, truly an inspiration to understanding the thoughts and feelings of our young children. And as expressed by others she was a pro and is and always will be irreplaceable…

  45. Beverlea

    I was terribly saddened at the news of Tracey’s
    death. A wonderful person, so calm and so caring. Although my children are now grown I have watched Tracey’s programme on the Discovery Channel with awe. May she ever rest in peace.

  46. Helen

    I was shocked when recently watching an edition of the Baby Whisperer to learn that the programe was dedicated to the memory of Tracey.
    I have found her programmes a great help since the birth of my daughter in August 2004.
    May she rest in peace.

  47. karren

    I was addicted to the Baby Whisperer programme on Discovery Health when I was pregnant and didn’t know she had passed until today. My son is 5 months old now and I am glad I had a chance to see an extraordinary woman at work.
    Such a shame someone so young and talented has gone from this earth. She will be missed.

  48. Zandra

    I have your three books Tracy. I read your first book twice during my pregnancy. As you defined it in your book – I have a mix between a textbook and angel baby. I love your advise. Your common sense approach to understanding babies have helped me and my husband to understand our daughter since the day she was born! Thank you Tracy for writing your books and sharing your wisdom with us. You will always be with us in our hearts. My deepest sympathy to all of Tracy’s family and friends. Love – Zandra, Tommy and Bella

  49. Antonia

    Tracy – I cannot thank you enough for all you have done – not only for me, but for parents and babies all over the world. My little Amelie Grace is doing so well thanks to your books and programmes. My heart goes out to your family and friends. May you rest in peace.
    With much love,

  50. Priya

    Dear Family of Tracy
    Our deep condolences on the passing away of a person so dear and close to you. Although I never knew her personally, Tracy’s attitude and help through her books have given me strength, courage and enthusiasm for taking the challenge of bringing up two little children, despite all hurdles. I sincerely hope and pray that her memory and goodness and the knowledge that she has helped so many parents so wonderfully will bring you solace and strength for these difficult time in your lives.
    God bless Tracy and you always.

  51. Mand

    I’m so shocked at the news,i feel i knew Tracey just through reading her book &watching her programm i am so so saddened at her death,my thoughts go with her family &her two girls who have lost their wonderful Mum ,they were so lucky to have had her!
    She helped us so much & thanks to her advice on sleeping etc our 14 month old boy is now getting his much needed sleep at night as are we &without the dreaded controlled crying.
    Why is this not common knowledge,i can’t believe theres not been more about such a tragic loss in the news?
    May Tracey rest in peace what a sad sad loss &thank you Tracey for all you taught us.
    Love to your Family &my thoughts are with you ALL i can’t imagine the pain your feeling!
    Love & thoughts Mand & Family xx

  52. Anne Macmillan

    I am about to come a first time Mum and already feel so empowered by reading Tracey’s books and watching her programmes on Discovery.
    What a loss on earth but what a gain for those babies in heaven x

  53. Gemma Loydall

    Even though i only knew her through her amazing tv programme i am shocked and deeply saddend to hear of her death. i watched her all the way through my pregnacy and after and her amazing calming and practical ways gave me the confidence to have faith in raising my son. she was fantastic and i felt i knew her. what a tragic loss of a simply fabulous lady.

  54. paulette whitelaw

    l was so sorry to hear of the death of Tracey, l have just lost my sister who was the same age. l work as a Maternity Nurse, so followed Tracey programme and web site with great interest. l will miss her very much, hope her work will continue by others. My thought and love are with her family.
    Paulette Whitelaw

  55. Susan & Abigail

    Words can not describe how sad I was to discover the news of Traceys death, she was such a wonderful lady and I like so many other mums will be forever grateful for the way she has touched our lives, I have a beautiful little girl and as a result of watching The Baby Whisperer and learning from Tracey, she is a little darling! My heart and sincere wishes go to Traceys family who are so generous in allowing such a special lady to share her wisdom and love with others.

  56. Dee

    I have always followed The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer book. My 2 1/2 year old son thrived on it. I now have a 2 month old that I am trying to schedule and I bought a new copy of the book and I heard about the news!
    Talented woman, great advice, rest in peace
    LI NY

  57. Tora

    Tracey Hogg was an incredible woman an angel on earth, she helped me to understand and listen to my baby and I am ever thankful for her advice. It is such a shame she had to leave this earth at such a young age, I can’t believe her passing hasn’t been made more public! I don’t think people realise just how many lives she has touched, she was and is a saint.
    Thankyou Tracey rest in peace x
    All our love Tora and Samuel (6 months)

  58. kelly carr

    shocked to here about tracys death you were a very taiented women and have touched many hearts whats very sad is the little time you had to enjoy your own daughters with them being raised in england by there grand parents while you were working and living in america something i could never do you were a very strong mined and willed women and will be missed by many kelly carr england.

  59. Nerea Valencia

    Dear Tracy:
    Desde donde estes seguiras guiandonos en el cuidado de nuestros hijos.
    Gracias por tus libros y tus programas, por ser alguien excepcional que nos aport

  60. Karen J Tunnell

    I am so shocked to read that Tracy has sadly passed away. Its tragic that she was taken away so very young. Her books and tv programmes have helped and inspired me to learn and understand the art to parenting, especially at times when I was desperate, exhausted and tearful. Tracys advice works and I can still hear her mantra’s ringing in my ears.I am sure her techniques and programmes will still be adopted by many people in years to come.
    Thank you Tracy, may you rest in peace.
    Karen & Louis (1 year)


    I am speechless!! I do not really know what to say! I found out that sweet Tracey died and I could not believe it! It is so pity!!!!
    She gave a real help to many many mothers!
    May you rest in peace, Tracey!!!

  62. michelle

    I was just introduced to Traceys book, The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems, and ws so excited to read more of Traceys books and watch her television program when I went online and read the news of her death. I was deeply saddened to hear this news even though I just became aquanted with her wisdom. She will truly be missed but never forgotten. Thankyou for your wisdom and for the knowledge you have shared with the world.
    With Great Symoathy to her family and friends, you were truly blessed to have known such a great and wonderful women.
    My deepest sympathy,
    Your newest fan

  63. Isabel

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  64. Kelly Browne

    Words cannot describe the depth of emotion I felt when I heard you had gone home… I was devastated. I wanted to let Sarah know how much we appreciated everything you taught us and the confidence you gave us. I didn’t think that someone like you would ever leave us so quickly. It is strange to me that with my new baby, I can’t pick up the phone and call you. You changed many lives here and helped many babies communicate with thier parents in a way no one else has. And the book, well, I am so very very proud you surpassed your wildest expectations. I want your family to know you will be forever in our hearts for many generations to come. Till we meet again…say hello to Diana.
    Our love and most sincere thanks…

  65. Chantil

    Just learnt of your passing today. I am saddened. Did not know much about you. I bought your book today. You were very committed and knowledgeable.A loss indeed to me as first time parent.
    Good night Tracey!!
    God bless your family.

  66. s richmond

    I have a 15 month old daughter, and thanks to reading and watching Tracy I have a lovely tempered, well rested, content baby. This is a thanks to Tracy Hogg for making my life easier and that of my little girl.

  67. Joan

    I have only just heard the tragic news about Tracy’s passing – I am shocked and saddened. She was a wonderful gifted woman, I only wish I had her advice when my children (now 21 and 18!) were babies.
    Deepest sympathy to all her family

  68. Dominique Smith

    Have only just heard the tragic news and can’t believe it. Felt like Tracy was a friend, she really helped me navigate my way through the first few months of my baby Oliver’s life, such a comfort when I felt very alone. She will be sorely missed, a true, one-of-a-kind talent. Deepest sympathy to all her family,
    Dominique, Andrew and Oliver Smith

  69. Sarah.Mac

    My Baby is due in August, and I have already bought her book and video. She was truely a remarkable woman, and it saddens me to know she is no longer here, but her good work will continue through her books. Her techniques were so simple yet so effective, she truely listened to both the parent and the child. I send my love and respect to her family in this very sad time. Sarah and Bump xxxxxxxxxx

  70. Alison

    Just as others have mentioned before – it was the tribute at the end of the Baby Whisperer credits that made me go online to find out what had happened. So sorry to hear the sad news. So thankfull for all her marvellous advice and warmth. Our thoughts are with her loved ones.

  71. rachael

    i was shocked to hear of tracys death on the telly i always watched her programms an was saddened to learn what had happened! she seemed a lovely person who helped so many people! i know tracy will b remembered always! hats off to her! ! !

  72. Eliza

    Have just watched the end of a Baby Whisperer episode, and so sad to hear the news that Tracy is no longer with us. What a sad waste, but what a fabulous gift we have been left with in Tracy’s books and on Discovery Health. At least the babies up there have someone to sort them out, so it won’t be so noisy when it’s our turn.
    I have suffered the loss of a parent. My thoughts are with Tracy’s daughters.

  73. Michelle

    I have watched The Baby Whisperer for years even though I have no children (yet). Your advice is so simple, yet so inspirational. You truely were sent from god, a true angel. I was deeply shocked to see the tribute at the end of the show today. You will be missed dearly. You will live on forever in the heart of all those you have helped and will continue to help though your books and TV show.
    Rest in peace
    Michelle xxx

  74. mandy

    Was shocked to see one particular programme ending with the words “In memory of Tracy Hogg”. I paused for one moment and said a short prayer for her. Her book, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, was the most valuable tool for my husband and myself when raising our first born baby daughter. I followed most of her tips in that book, and lent it to several friends. Now, I am using her other book about toddlers. I also used to, and still do, watch her tv programme religously. Our condolonces to her family!

  75. Tracy Harding

    Absolutely shocked and stunned after I saw an episode of “The Baby Whisperer” this morning ending in the those immortal words “In memory of Tracy Hogg”. She is and will continue to be an inspiration to all parents who want to see light at the end of that very dark parenting tunnel

  76. Sally Cripps

    So sad to hear of Tracy’s passing, only today, as I watched one her programmes. I have watched her programmes before and passed on her teaching to my granddaughter who has a son of 20 months. She has taken Tracy’s words of wisdom on board and George is a well adjusted, well behaved little boy and a joy to look after. Thank you Tracy for sharing your experience, I wish I’d had you around when my children were young. Good night, God Bless xx

  77. Heather Heartfield

    I can hardly believe this news is true. I have 10 month old twins and would not have survived this first year were it not for Tracy’s books. I kept them beside my nursing chair and referred to them daily for advice. I feel as though I’ve lost a friend even though we had never met. If her family reads this I just want to thank you for sharing Tracy with the world, I continue to recommend her books to every pregnant woman I meet. Her methods are truly magic and her philosophy of respect is paramount in creating wonderful family relationships. She continues to be a blessing to each life she touches.

  78. Lisa

    Tracey, your book has given my son, Zak, a start in life that will ensure that he is confident, secure and content. In this respect you have truly changed his life for the better, and mine too as a new mum. I never met you, but like millions of others I owe you a great deal. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Rest in peace, Baby Whisperer.

  79. Julie Hardie

    I went online tonight to find a website for the Baby Whisperer, as I have become a keen follower of the TV programme, only to read the really sad news that Tracy had passed away. I just can’t believe it.
    I agree with all the other tributes – Tracy you will be deeply missed. Your knowledge and ability to help people is inspirational. Writing this I can’t stop myself from crying as I remember watching your programmes and always walking away feeling wiser and more confident. Thank you for helping so many people around the world and for touching our lives and our childrens lives in such a special way.
    Rest in peace xxx

  80. Rachael

    with every episode of Baby Whisperer it became more evident that Tracy was a truly gifted individual. Those of you who took part in the series, and your children, have been blessed. God bless and keep you Tracy, you will be fondly remembered.

  81. Tara

    I’m sorry to hear thet Tracy has died I didn’t know. She did such wonderful work and I will continue to watch her programmes. Rest in Peace Tracy

  82. Kira

    I was so shocked and sorry to learn of Tracy’s death. she is an inspiration to us all. thankyou, Tracy for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, your memory will live on…

  83. Donna

    RIP Tracey I was shocked and saddened to here the sad news you certainly helpped us raise happy children.
    Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  84. Sel

    Thanks Trace for helping me to understand and respect my son, you made our life a lot happier. may you rest in peace
    Sel, UK

  85. Mary

    May she rest in peace.
    I want to thank her for all she has done and for the advice that she has given to parents everywhere. She was a wonderful,beautiful and caring woman i pray she is in a good place.
    Thank you Tracy. xxx

  86. carlos Gonzalez

    Buenas tardes somos de venezuela, vemos su programa todos los dias, estamos esperando nuestro primer bebe y queriamos saber en que pagina de internet podemos buscar para comprar el biberon de flujo moderado.
    Sin mas que agregar, GRACIAS!

  87. amirah D.

    I just read about Tracy’s death on her website. I am utterly shocked. I feel like I lost a friend and that’s only from reading her books. I never saw her on T.V, but i hope to be able to see the series she had running on discovery. I plan to become a child consultant following the baby whisperer philosophy. God bless you Tracy and thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!

  88. heloisa allegro baptista

    I read your books and watched the TV show at Discovery everyday. You are an amazing and special woman who dedicated your hole life translating what the little ones can

  89. nicki

    I just watched Tracy’s show on the discovery channel and i’m only 16, but i thought she was a lovely, caring woman. It shocked me to hear of her death. Love and best wishes to all her family
    Rest In peace, and make sure the babies in heaven behave!

  90. Bobby

    I have never met, nor read Tracey’s books, I’m due next month and have been watching her programme on the Discovery Channel.
    At the end of the programme today ~ it was dedicated to her… I had to come on line, to pay my respects.
    Tracy has touched so many people, even those of us she has never met, with such a tremendous gift I’m sure she is in heaven taking care of some angel babies right now – to be taken so young is a tragedy.
    Thoughts and prayers go to her family.

  91. tracey

    I have only just found out about Tracys death and like other new mums have found her programs on discovery health an absolute godsend,as a mum to a 4 year old boy,and a 2 year old girl we have been using most of her “methods” for both of them.
    May I pass on my wishes to all she left behind,she was a light at the end of the tunnel to most parents with trying children.

  92. Mandy Buxton

    just watched the baby Whisperer and saw the in memory of. Went online and found out she died in November. Im totally shocked she was a wonderfully talented person what terrible shame

  93. Alexandra

    Like most people here only found out today about Tracy’s passing after watching Baby whisperer…As a new mum of a beautiful baby girl of almost 5 months will miss you sorely. Some things in the programmes helped me alot!!!

  94. Amanda Gibson

    I can’t believe it has been so long since I have watched Discovery Health. I am unable to digest the fact that the most wonderful person in the world has died. I want a baby but have serious doubts in my childcaring ability and watching Tracy has helped me to decide that I want to be a parent. All of Tracy’s shows have something that I’m sure evry parent can relate to. I am saddend that this light has been extinguished.
    R.I.P Tracy

  95. i knight

    i am so sorry to hear of tracy’s death (via her TV show). I cant believe it. I have a five month old son and her book has been a great inspiration to us. Our son is happy and we are confident parents as a result of her book. What a terrible loss to parents of today and tomorrow. My thoughts go out to her family.

  96. Paula Sillett

    Like many others I saw the tribute to Tracey at the end of the Baby Whisperer programme and was so shocked to hear of her passing. Tracey’s books and programmes have been an invaluable help to me and I recommend them to all my friends. I truly feel a much better parent for having followed Tracey’s guidance. The world is a sadder place without her, may her guidance long continue despite this loss xxx

  97. Joanna Quinlan

    I am shocked at this sad news, I will continue to put in place the advice Tracy gave on Discovery Health. May she rest in peace.

  98. Justine

    Tracey, I cannot believe that you are gone. I never met you but you are truly an inspiration. I feel gutted about this. RIP Tracey, you are a marvellous woman.
    Justine – UK

  99. Anna- Canada

    I remeber her every time my 5 month old daughter now sleeps 11-12 hours a night and can go to sleep in her crib awake. The pick up put down E.A.S.Y method REALLY does work.You will be missed but not forgotten.

  100. Kate Marsden

    After having my son, now 18 months old, I was addicted to the Baby Whisperer programme on Discovery Health and through Tracy’s fantastic advice, tips and wonderful help, I was able to calm my baby with gastro-reflux and able to diagnose his umbilical hernia. Ive only found out today that Tracy passed away and Im shocked.
    She was a wonderful icon to mothers and fathers all over the world.
    May you rest in peace in the knowledge you were such a great help and inspiration to parents the world over. Kate – UK xxxx

  101. Monica Pardo

    I didnt know about this notice, Im shocked. She really helped me with her advises, I am reading her books and I am impressed with her wisdom, I think She was an excellent woman. Im sure she is with God now, rest in peace our baby Whisperer.

  102. samantha-uk

    I have watched alot of Tracy’s baby whisperer programme’s on discovery health & found each one really helpful. As a mum to a 3yr old & an 18wk old baby she has given so many tips & advice. At the end of one of the programme’s i noticed that it said ‘in memory of Tracy Hogg’, i did’nt even know that she had died until i came to have a look on this website. Rest in peace. x

  103. Lisa

    I have just finished watching ‘Baby Whisperer’ and, like many, noticed the dedication at the end of the programme. It is so desperately sad that one someone like Tracy was taken so young. All I can say is that she used her amazing gift to the best of its ability in her short time, giving peace of mind and happiness to families all over the world. Through her programmes and books she will continue to do this and never be forgotten.
    Tracy, may you rest in peace with all the peace with all the angels in heaven, there is nowhere you deserve to be more.
    God bless you.

  104. Tracey - Wilts

    So sorry to hear of Tracy’s untimely death, my thoughts are with her daughters. Its at times like these that we really need the promise held out in the bible at Revelation 21v3,4. She helped so many people including myself, my daughter is now a beautiful 3 1/2 yr old and a joy every day. Thank you

  105. charlene millar

    i have just noticed the dedication to tracy on the programme and was saddened to here she had passed away. she helped so many people in some ways changing their lives for the better.
    rest in peace tracy and god bless you.

  106. jennifer.bickerton

    how saddened i was to see the dedication at the end of the baby whisperer today, although tracy had looked ill for a while i was totally shocked to hear tracy had passed on at such a young age, what a tragic waste, she will be missed by mums all over the world. my heartfelt sympathy to her family, R I P tracy your legend will live on.

  107. Tina

    Only learned today of the tragic death of Tracy Hogg and am deeply saddened. She talked so much common sense about how to bring up your children and she has helped so many people to be better parents. Children all over the world will thank her when they’re older!
    “Grant unto her eternal rest O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.”

  108. Lyndsey Wilson

    Having 2 children of my own and also being a childminder,I have watched many episodes of “The Baby Wisperer” and was saddened to see “In memory”, I feel very guilty as I had no idea that Tracey had died.
    A remarkable women who knew her stuff and helped so many families with their young children, I have learnt alot from watching these programmes, Tracey will not be replaced.
    Rest in peace and god bless.
    Mrs Lyndsey Wilson

  109. natasha

    I would just like to say that i do not have any children of my own but loved to watch Tracey taking care of both the children and the parents. Her techniques will live on even if her frial body could not. Tracey will always be remembered as the gentle yet tough spirit that has literally saved the lives of those troubled parents that she has met. May she rest in peace and may her legacy of care live on.

  110. natasha

    i am in shock after just watching the baby whisperer,and seeing in memory of tracy hogg.what a remarkable woman,her legacy will live on ,my love goes to her family ,especially her grown up children.her passion for helping children will live on.we all felt that we knew her.r.i.p tracy.

  111. Cheska Lawson

    I am in total shock to find out that Tracy has died and i feel guilty as i have only just found out. She helped me with so much after the birth of my second son, i don’t know how i would have coped without her knowledge and support. I will remember what she taught me and will always have so much love for her as i don’t think i would be writing this now, if it hadn’t been for Tracy. My love goes to her children and family.

  112. nicola van halen

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Tracy’s death. She was a very remarkable woman who’s spirit will live on. May she rest in peace.

  113. Karyn Boyle

    Just learned of Traceys death and am deeply saddened, I watched The Baby Whisperer all the time and thought she was just a wonderful, caring and loving person.
    Our thoughts are with her family xxxx

  114. Emma

    I was so shocked today after seeing in memory, to here of Tracey’s passing, even though i never had the pleasure of meeting Tracey, her warmth and caring came across even through the TV.
    I am 38 weeks pregnant with my third child and Tracey’s methods have and will carry on being an a guiding light to me, and many others i am sure.
    My Heart go’s out to Traceys Family, god bless you all.
    Emma Republic of Ireland

  115. Katie

    I watched the baby whisperer throughout my pregnancy and bought the books after he was born. So when, this afternoon at the end of the program it said – in loving memory of Tracey Hogg – I was shocked and saddened. How she cared for others was truly inspiring. Thank you Tracey, for all you have done for me and other mums. You are sadly missed.
    Katie West Yorkshire

  116. Tamara

    Like the many other tributes before me, I am very saddened by the death of the beautiful and tallented Tracy Hogg late last year. I am truely greatful for all of the knowledege I have learnt from her. May she rest in peace and give us the comfort that all of the babies in heaven will be in angelic hands xxx

  117. Donna

    I am deeply saddened to learn today that Tracy passed away last year. I have a 19 month old toddler and am 12 weeks pregnant with our second baby. I watched her programmes on Discovery and subsequently brought her book Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers. A truly inspirational woman and a great loss to all parents. Tracy, you will be greatly missed.

  118. Helen Barker

    So very sad to hear today that Tracy has passed away – can’t believe I only discovered today after watching the programme and went online to check that it was right.
    She was the most amazing Lady with a gift from god – may she rest in peace.
    Thank you for all I have learned from your books and television programme – you have helped me with my 2 beautiful babies.
    Love Helen

  119. Elizabeth

    How sad and shocked to see that Tracy had pased away, I like others have come online to check this, it is hard to believe.I have four granchildren and Tracy’s advice helped me with them. She will live on in all she has helped, God Bless You x

  120. joanne

    what a wonderful woman,what a wonderful gift, may your help and guidance through your books help other mums as you helped me.may the lord be with you, rest in peace.

  121. Vesna Petko London UK

    Thank you Tracy for sharing your wisdom and your insight into the needs of our children. Your advice helped me with my first son Justin. We used the Pick up Put down method with great success and stuck to the EASY routine which really allowed me to understand my childs needs, removing the guess work. I got to know Justin and his cues. I am applying the same priciples with my second son Kristian who is four months old. I am so sad you have left this world so young, you had so much to give and what you gave will never be forgotten. God Bless you, may you find peace and comfort in His arms. Sincerely Vesna Petko

  122. janette

    So sad to learn the news about Tracy she was a wonderful woman who helped the lives of many families,we watched her program all the time and her book has helped us in so many ways with our children she will be greatly missed.
    May you rest in peace kind soul.x

  123. Lucy

    Absolutely shocked beyond belief to hear this tragic news. I have just watched one on her programmes and couldn’t believe it when it came up on the screen after. Had to check that i wasn’t seeing things.
    What a waste of life, Tracy helped so many new mums, it is a crime that we have to lose people like her.
    My deepest sympathy to her family and friends. God bless you Tracy x

  124. Louisa

    I have just finishing watching baby whisperer and saw the tribute at the end. I am very sorry to hear such terrible news. Tracy had such good advice alot of witch I have used myself over the years, and lot of things that I have seen that my friends might have a problem with and told them about. She was a wonderful person, she will be dearly missed and so will her fantstic advise.
    God Bless, love Louisa x

  125. Alison Loosley

    Dear Tracey
    I learned today of your death and I feel like I have lost a true friend. Although we never met I have found your t.v programmes and your books an inspiration. I have followed all your methods in bringing up my two year old and my sixth month old. God bless and rest in peace.
    Alison Loosley
    St Austell

  126. carly pearson

    thanks to traceys advice u have my 14month old sleeping though the night from when i started to watch her show i was also pregnant with my daughter now aged 9 weeks

  127. Heather

    Tracy, I miss you dearly. I had the pleasure of reading your first book in 2001, just after its release. I read it and read it over again, and still do. I was so thrilled when an email I sent to your site was answered by you and you drew me up a plan to wean my baby from his pacifier at 5 months. Months later as I struggled with transitioning him from two naps to one, you not only answered my email, you called me on the phone. Your lovely tone, and beautiful spirit helped me to not only feel like I was doing a great job, but gave me the confidence to move forward with a little piece of you with me.
    I gave birth 12 weeks ago to another boy and immediately went to the site to start to connect to other BW moms. It was then that I learned of your passing. How saddened and lost I felt to learn that you were no longer with us. Now and again, as I sit by my baby’s crib at night settling him to sleep, or after a hard day with our routine, I often wonder if you can see me there by the crib, and if you could please send me the answers. I feel so lost sometimes and wish we still had you with us and to guide us. I didn’t think I would cry typing this out, but there I go…
    Tracy, I miss you. Your family was blessed to have you, and we were all so much better off for knowing you. You touched me and my family, and I wish you eternal peace, wherever you are.
    Please look down on me once and a while, especially when times are tough – I still need you, and miss you.
    Heather from Toronto.

  128. Nicole Wijngaarden

    I am stunned!!! May you rest in peace. Thank you for having helped my friends, my family and myself with your talents. It is wonderful to be able to pick up your book when I am struggling to find an answer. I just told my sister to look up your website as she was having some issues with her baby. When I had a look to update my own skills I saw a small mention that you had passed away. I am trully sorry for your daughters and your husband and all your family and all those struggling parents out there. Thank you again for all the help you have given my family. Best, Nicole

  129. Susan Murphy

    Thank you for being part of my families life through your books. We will miss you greatly. Our thoughts are with her family.
    Susan – Cork, Ireland

  130. mandy murray

    i was very saddened to hear about the death of tracey, my 12 year old daughter watches the programme on discovery and was also sad as she was a kind and wonderful person, x


    soy de la ciudad de queretaro, mexico. me gustaria saber cual es la pagina de internet para adquirir el biberon de flujo moderado (eberman), ya que tengo un bebe que sufre de reflujo. gracias, por todos sus consejos
    descanse en paz.

  132. Juanita

    What a sad day is this the anniversary of Tracy’s death. After the birth of my first child she was my saviour and here I am pregnant with my second ready to re-learn all of your pearls of wisdom, only to discover that you have passed on. Thank you for all that you have given me and my family, I am lost without you and anticipate the birth of this child with great trepidation! May you rest in peace and know that all of your work will live on forever!

  133. Carolyn

    God bless Tracy Hogg. It brings tears to my eyes to read that Tracy died. Her book was godsend for me and my new family as well as for countless new mothers and fathers. Thank you Tracy Hogg for having the wisdom to publish your book on raising a baby so you could help hundreds and thousands of people. What a blessing.

  134. Maria

    Ive only just found out that Tracy has died after watching her show on the discovery channel, I read her book when my daughter was born and it helped me tremendously, I am so shocked and saddened she was an inspirational woman, may she rest in peace, and god bless you, and all those babies in heaven now have their fairy godmother xx

  135. Nancy

    Only now that I am a grandmother again have I become aware of the death of Ms. Hogg. Her book was a joy for me an my dear daughter to read, and learn from, upon the birth of my first grandchild. We will review and study the book even more respectfully now that my second grandchild has arrived.

  136. Lesley

    I only discovered that Tracey has passed away yesterday, my granddaughter is 21months old now and my daughter and I often watched Baby Whisperer on Sky TV. What an inspiration she must have been to so many parents old and new. RIP Tracey and may the good work you have left on earth go on. Lesley and Amy x

  137. Bonnie UK

    i have just read practically every one of these tributes and it just goes to show that she was a very well known and loved person. May u rest in peace Tracy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  138. Linda Thomson

    I was sad to hear that Tracy had died and may she rest in peace. I loved all her books and watched all her programmes on discovery health and they taught me alot in learning how to bring up my son.
    Miss your cheerful face on discovery health
    Linda xxxxx

  139. nicoleta boeru

    I discovered Tracy and her wonderful programms only a few months ago.Although I don’t have kids, I learned a lot from her.She made me want to have a baby and become a great mum using her advice.She was really a angel on earth.
    Today I was curious to know more about Tracy Hogg and I found this blog.I was relly shoched and saddened to hear the news of her death.Her teachings will live on.
    Godbless you and may you rest in peace.

  140. Nicola Poole

    I was also shocked to only find out recently that Tracy had passed away.
    Through watching her on discovery health, my husband and I learnet how to get a good nights sleep from our first son and actually managed to have some `me’ time, that is invaluable and for that tracy I thank you.
    Now just having had our second son, I will remember and execute your outstanding words of wisdom so that we may raise another wonderful child.
    You’ll will be sadly missed and your family should be immensely proud of you.

  141. elena

    I’m so sad in this moment, I wanted to check some information and I’ve just learnt about her death… I’ve never met her but I have to thank her because during these months watching her program has conforted and also guided me with my little Mattia.
    Rest in peace Tracy
    Love Elena & Mattia

  142. donna whiteley

    i’m so sad to learn about traceys death i have just found out today i watched her programme religiously on sky when i was pregnant with my daughter who is now 13 monthsi just thought i would take a look in the internet for some advise for her sleeping and learn this what a shock?? she will be sadly missed!!!!
    rest in peace tracey
    donna xxxx

  143. Carolyn Ocallaghan

    Tracey’s help through her books and television have helped me tremendously with my two children her advice was priceless to me as a parent. Thank you Tracey for all your help. I am sure she will be guiding children in heaven too!God Bless.

  144. Zoe

    Just today I was reading through the toddler book and told myself, this is the kind of book I have needed all along. How could I missed it? When I searched on the internet information about the baby book and found out about your passing… I was shocked and sad. Thank you for writting these books for all of us. I guess God needed an angel, you will be remembered…

  145. lianne

    i am shocked to her that she had died and very sad. i loved watching her show on discovery health and learnt a few things from it.
    She will be truley missed and remembered
    Lianne xxx

  146. Gwen Watt

    I was deeply saddened today after just finding out that Tracy died nearly 2years ago. Tracy was a remarkable woman in all the help she gave mothers with their babies and children.I have 3 children one who was born premature last year.I watched all her programmes on discovery health through all 3 pregnancies and bought her books. All have inspired me and felt the need to spread the word of her advice to friends. She will be sadly missed but her memory and her good work will never be forgotten.
    Gwen Watt

  147. layla

    Sono davvero scioccata nell’apprendere la sua morte!!!!Era davvero una donna meravigliosa,ha insegnato ed aiutato molte mamme con i propri bambini…..
    Ciao Tracy e grazie.Con affetto,Layla.

  148. liz phillips

    I have just watched an episode of ‘The Baby Whisperer’ and like so many more people I was shocked to see the ‘in memory’ part at the end. but then after looking up Tracy Hogg I was pleased to see how many people just wanted to mark her early death by posting a tribute, I am a grandmother to a four year old and have found lots of tips and just wish they were available 25 years ago.
    Long may the series reign.
    Liz x

  149. elena dixon

    i am studying a childcare course at college and i always watch the baby whisperer and i have learnt a lot from this wonderful, talented women and i will never forget what i have learnt.
    rest in peace and look after the children in heaven with you.

  150. Esperanza

    Hi are the bestttttttttttttt
    no hablo muy bien ingles…pero tu libro lo he traducido …solo para aprender cada dia mas a entender mi bebe…….ella es muy feliz y porsupuesto yo tambien

  151. Kathy

    I’m vert upset to hear that Tracy had passed away, i too saw the tribute at the end of one of the Baby whisper episodes.I have watched each episode several times and have learnt so much from them and her books.She always seemed so genuine,caring and kind,it feels as if i’ve lost a friend.There wont ever be another person who can take her place.She was the original and the best.God Bless you Tracy.You are an angel in Heaven now. R.I.P

  152. christine cliffe

    I too was really shocked to discover tracys tragic passing. I have used her techniques with both my children with great results, what a terrible shame someone who made such a difference to other peoples lves should live such a short life herself. She will be missed by many. R.I.P Tracy (Baby Whisperer)

  153. kelly

    only just learned of traceys death, what a loss of such a wonderful lady whom i have learned so much from. may u rest in peace and let the angels look after you xxxx

  154. Kandee

    I also just learned of her death as I am seeking her expertise with a challenging little one…..I guess I will need to seek her spirit, as I trust she is an Angel amongst all the little ones.

  155. sarah

    came on tracey’s website for advice and just read she has died – i had no idea . she was a wonderful woman who helped so many . she will be missed
    love sarah from rendlesham suffolk england xxxxx

  156. Susan Webb

    I watched the baby whisperer last night and was shocked to see that the programme was dedicated to the memory of Tracy Hogg. I was surprised that I never read about it in the papers. Again another young life sadly ended.

  157. Joanne Walker

    I would like to say that I have enjoyed watching Tracy’s program and that I have learnt so much from her and feel that she has given me the confidence to put some of her tip into action!
    A big big thank you and rest in peace.

  158. Lina Villamil (Colombia)

    Tracy thanks for your words. Right now there is no person that I admire more than you. You teached us too many things in your books, because of you… parenting is a magic moment in our life, I am such a wispherer with my baby and I will always remember you.

  159. Kay

    I was saddened to hear about Traceys death. Only by watching her on TV has she given me lots of advise and courage on the right and wrong ways of how to look after my son, who is now 15months. I was blessed to have seen her advice while my son was young.
    You will be greatly missed, may you rest in peace.
    Kay x x x x

  160. joanne murphy

    i cannot believe such a great, wonderful and loving woman has been taken from us, but i have learn’t so much from her. the thing i will always remember tracy for is her haberman feeder bottles. i loved her so much. Tracy you will never be replaced. R.I.P my love your spirit will still guide us.
    all our love joanne, jason and chloe xxx

  161. Chris

    I have watched Baby Whisperer on Discovery earlier this evening and was so shocked to read a tribute to Tracey at the end of the programme. I wish she had been available to give advice to me 30 years ago when my baby cried all day and most of the night too.
    A sad loss of a truly remarkable lady.

  162. A J

    To Tracy & your family. May you rest in peace where you belong and may your family & friends remember all the good times you shared. For the rest of us we will learn from your books & t.v show.

  163. orla

    Thank you Tracy, I couldn’t have done it without your help and guidance, it is a constant support. I am shocked to find you have passed on as I went on line to learn more about you. You shall live eternally thru yours words. God bless and may light be always with you.

  164. Phyllis Downie

    I was just searching for Tracy’s site to get some information when I read of her passing. To her family and friends I give my condolances, how sad I felt. Even with adult children, I loved watching her work her amazing abilites with babies and toddlers.

  165. Scott Downer

    I met you through an amazon search nearly a year after you had passed away, yet at this very moment you are helping my wife and I raise our son. He is 4 months old now and we have been using your methods from day 1. We have still got so very far to go and I, like so many others, will be calling on you every now and again to help us out of yet another new and confusing situation.
    Thank you Tracey, you have passed but will always be with us.

  166. Emma Herrero

    Although is some time since you have passed away I would like to express how sad I am at learning these news.
    I have learnt and I am still learning from you so many things, and you have given me the strength and confidence a mother needs sometimes.
    I feel very sorry for all your dear family, which is a little ours, as we know it from your books.
    Descansa en paz, nunca te olvidaremos.

  167. Rebecca

    Having watched the baby whisperer for some time now and taking on board all the fantastic knowledge Tracey offererd I like so many others was shocked to see at the end of yesterdays episode that the show was dedicated in her memory and came to check online. An intelligent caring and compassionate woman who didn’t have the put on airs and graces that some presenters on tv have. You will be sadly missed.

  168. Joey

    Omg!! I Cannot Belive This Woman Is Dead!! I Am In Total Shock! She Truly Was An Amazing Example! Of Sheer Parenthood!! My Thoughts Are With Her Family At This Difficult Time!

  169. Donna Castellano

    I used Tracey’s books with my son and now with my newborn daughter and only recently heard the news of her death. I truely believe it is a tragedy that this woman has died. I don’t think there is words to describe how important her wisdom and experience can be for teaching new mothers how to care for their children. I will forever recommend her books and her teachings to my friends and family. If only pediatricians would read them too! Thank you Tracey!!!

  170. Maria L. Gonzalez

    I had my baby June 9, 2005. When he was having trouble sleeping and I was totally exhausted, I went to a bookstore looking for answers and found her book. I tried to follow her advice as closely as I could. My son is now a year. When he has difficulty eating, sleeping etc., I always go back and read the suggestions that she gave in the book. I just happened to put her name looking for her second book and saw a small print saying that she had passed away. I researched more and realized it was the same year and month that my own mother passed away. Her words of wisdom have helped me sooooooooo much, since I didn’t have a mother to turn to for help. I loved her gentle approach of picking up a baby when they were crying and then putting it down when they stopped. It works. I’m just not the kind of mom that could walk away from a crying baby. I saw in the other tributes that many got to know her by watching her on the Discovery Channel. Does anyone know if they have her programs on dvd or video? Can they be bought? Tracy you will truly be missed by many. I thank you for all of your wonderful advice and your caring spirit. I am a good mom because of you.
    Maria L. Gonzalez

  171. Jo

    Before giving birth to my son, Connor, on 14 March 2006, I was introduced to Tracy’s Baby Whisperer book by my sister. This was an invaluable source of advice and information to me in those early (sleep-deprived) days! I then stumbled across the Baby Whisperer programme on the Discovery Channel and, like many other people, was shocked to see the “in memoriam” dedication at the end of one of the episodes. What another needless waste of a wonderful life.
    Having lost my father suddenly and tragically last year, I am now firmly of the opinion that only the good die young and this definitely also applies to Tracy.
    I’m sure she will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege to know her but her legacy will undoubtedly live on.
    Jo, Dave and Connor
    Berkshire, England
    PS – everybody should try the “dream feed” recommended by Tracy – we have been doing it for the last week and Connor (along with mummy and daddy!!) is happily sleeping right through the night…. Miraculous!

  172. Claudia Bevacqua

    I was so stunned to learn that Tracy has passed away. I couldn’t believe such a wonderful human being had left us all. I was pregnant when I stumbled on her show on Discovery, and I inmediately loved them all. She made me a better mom with my son and my husband and I always remember her. Our hearts go out to her family and friends. May she rest in peace.
    Claudia, Daniel and Ignacio.

  173. Amy Winters

    I have no words for what this woman did for me and my daughter. I read her 1st book did what it said and my baby was sleeping through the night at 4 weeks. My daughter and I went through alot of changes when she was 4 months, I got a divorce, we moved in with my mom and step-dad. Two months later my step-dad died and a month after that my mom moved. It was a very hard times for us and I clinged to my daughter and did some really bad accidental parenting. She would sleep with me and get up at least two times a night. Then at 13 months I bought THE BABY WHISPERER SOLVES ALL YOUR PROBLEMS I did exactly what it said even though I was not real sure if it would work, after 2 days my daughter was falling asleep on her own in her crib for 11 hours a night. Tracy helped me when I screwed up and my daughter was already over a year old. My heart goes out to her family! I hope they realize she was an angel sent by God and i will never forget what she did for me.

  174. kimbo

    one gentle lady touched so many lives. like so many others it felt like tracey was my friend. i descovered baby whisperer between number two and three kiddies. i love them all but how much easier number 3 has been because of tracey. thank you and god bless.

  175. Mui Hong

    I was having problems with my 9 mth old baby waking up hourly to be nursed and a online friend introduce me to Tracy’s book and I used her PU/PD method and it really worked. I was saddened to discover that she has passed away in 2004. Her advice and suggestions has been extremely useful and now i learn to question to find a solution to the problem I had with my baby. Thanks Tracy for sharing all your knowledge, views and methods.
    Mui Hong, Singapore

  176. Seren

    I came online hoping to contact Tracy to thank her. My 15-week-old boy is currently swaddled up and sleeping peacefully in his cot, which wouldn’t have been possible 2 weeks ago. I’m so sorry to hear she’s gone, but I know her legacy will live on and change the lives of many more families. Thank you, Tracy.

  177. Lynne Groom

    I am so saddened that you are not with us anymore. I watch your programmes on discovery Health all of the time and have found them really helpful with both my children. You were such a loving and talented person and we will miss you.
    Lynne and family

  178. Paula

    I know that I will be a better mother because of you…
    Thank you for these 44 short years teaching and helping all those desperate mothers and fathers…
    Rest in peace

  179. Joanna

    Niedawno przeczytalam ksiazki Tracy, bardzo mi pomogly w opiece nad moja coreczka i na pewno wiele razy jescze do nich siegne. Dzis dowiedzialam sie, ze Tracy zmarla 2 lata temu – tak mi przykro…

  180. Karin

    I did not even know you had passed away when I got my first born daughter and started looking for advice in raicing her and found the baby whisperer…Even after your death you have a strong influence on peoples lives with children. Thank you a lot and may all the little angels in heaven enjoy your guidance!
    I feel like the best mother and I trust myself as a parent completely because of you!

  181. Isis

    i never met tracy nor seen her program on TV, but i read her work. its really effective. if tracy were alive, i would have asked for her advice. but for what its worth, i am very very thankful to God for her. may God bless and watch her family while she’s gone.

  182. Pamela Myles

    I ahve just seen the tribute after the programme today, in disbelief I went on the internet. I have followed nearly all the Baby Whisperer programmes, all have helped me tremendously. I have passed on tips to family and friends and have also used what I have learned with some of my patients who have learning difficulties. Thanks so much Tracy – you will always be remembered.
    To Tracy’s family – your loved one has left a legacy and will never be forgotton.

  183. Michelle Smith

    I’ve been a devotee of Tracy’s for a couple of years now, I love her website and read her books even before I was pregnant. I can’t believe I have just discovered today that Tracy passed away in 2004. She has made such a difference to so many families, it is such a loss that she is no longer with us.

  184. sandra

    ho saputo da poco che tracy non c’è piu…e sono molto dispiaciuta era una persona molto dolce e mi ha aiutato molto seguire le sue puntate di BABY SOLVER ora che ho una bimba seguo molti suoi consigli …GRAZIE!!! Riposa in pace!!

  185. Melissa peachey

    I wish i could have the patience and knowlege to get my 1 year old son to sleep at night. I cant belive such a young talanted lady, who has helped so many people has passed away.

  186. Melissa, York

    I was stunned and saddened to hear of tracy’s death, she was so kind and caring and helped so many, i watched her programme religously when my son was younger and always found her a great help! Best wishes to the family. May you rest in peace x x x

  187. Anne

    I, like many people on here was just watching the programme and at the end the notice came up “In memory of Tracy Hogg” thought i must have been dreaming so googled her name and found out its true and its 3 years ago!How sad. She was so young and had so much to give. Im a single mother of one and she thought me so much. Her book is fantastic. RIP. Anne in Dublin x

  188. louanne evans

    so sorry to hear of tracys passing she was a wonderful lady i watched her all the time as i have 6 kids and 2 didnt sleep through the night until i started watching her. she will be greatly missed by me and my family.she is an angel in heaven


    I can´t belive!! she is now a beautiful angel, i read her book and She has made such a difference in my new mom-work with my first baby in 2003, now i´m pregned and her book is my bible.

  190. Angela Symonds

    I refered to Tracy’s first book like a bible when I had my first son (2003) and followed through on all her teaching points with my second son in 2004.
    I used to adore watching her on Discovery Health and it was only when I was telling a friend and new mum how wonderful she is that the friend told me of Tracy’s passing.
    Deeply sadened by the news my only comfort is that she is looking after all the baby’s in heaven. Taken too soon . RIP
    Angie, Elliot, Edward and William

  191. Nina

    As soon as i told my friend that i was pregnant in late 2004, she lent me her ‘Baby Whisperer’ book, she absolutely swore by it, and as my pregnancy progressed i read the book from cover to cover. Her EASY routine worked like magic on my daughter, she started sleeping through the night from 6 weeks old. To think i read a book and watched a programme not knowing she had passed away even before i found i was pregnant shocked me. She’s was a very insperational woman, her ideas will live on through the next generation of children because i will show my daughter when she becomes a mother the routine that started her life.



  193. lisa Amantea

    I was so saddened to learn that Tracy died.
    I bought her first 2 books whilr I was pregnant
    via IVF with my daughter Angelica(who was born
    12/23/05). I started reading the 1st book 1 month
    before her arrival. My baby was on a schedule right from the beginning of her life with the help of Tracy. Although she was colic, the book also helped Mommy and Daddy deal with that as well. Now Angelica is an inquisitive toddler and I’m now reading the Toddler book. So far so good.
    REST IN PEACE YOU are life saver for all new parents and little ones.
    Lisa, Danny, Angelica

  194. Steve Mckie

    What a sad event her passing is. Having read “The baby Whisperer” today for the first time and found the baby calming techniques to work wonderfully I came online to see what this marvelous women would be producing next. How saddened I was to see she has passed away and can no longer bring her obvious skills to the world. How thankful I am though that I have a reason to be saddened – her works will benefit my daughter and when I pass the book to her, will continue to benefit my decedents in the years to come

  195. Chandra & Padma

    Today only I know that you physically left this world, but your legacy of baby whisperer is not a secret anymore, it spread across the world forever.
    You are in the hands & minds of parents as “Baby Whisperer” forever.
    You made our son to sleep, eat well. We are very well communicating with him after we read your books.
    Still I am stunned & saddened about your demise.
    Rest in peace.

  196. annette london

    l have just watched your programme and cant believe you have died. l had to check on line. so sad. this page must bring so much comfort to your family knowing how much you helped families and their children .lm just very shocked god bless.

  197. Elise Leighton

    I discovered you Tracey whilst pregnant with my seccond daughter last year. This time around I wanted to enjoy being a mum as I did with my first but without some of the stresses that went along with it. I had a particularly bad pregnancy and spent almost 8 months in bed. Although that was very hard, it did give me the chance to watch your programme and gain the most effective and reassuring advice I have ever been given with regard to my children. I have two beautiful confident daughters who eat, sleep, communicate, interact and love the way every child should. Getting my children to this point has been a stress free pleasure. Thank you Tracey.
    Eternally grateful,
    Elise and John Leighton xxxxxxxx
    Lauren 8 and baby Freya 11 Months. xx

  198. catriona

    I’ve watched the baby whisperer alot on my daughter who is 3 and i found tracey extremely helpful. gave birth to my son 3weeks ao and again the doubts and insecurities have crept in. i so wanted/needed the advice of the baby whisperer only to my dismay i’ve learned that she has passed away. to tracey’s family you were blessed to have a fantastic woman as apart f your lives. she will be truly missed world wide… No doubt she is looking after all the children from heaven.

  199. fiona Kieran

    I am in total shock! as a mother of three small children Nathan 3, Dylan 19mths and Layla 19wks, I have and is still raising my childrens on the EASY routine. Tracys advice and easy going approach to babies enables me to truely enjoy motherhood because I can REALLY understand my babies. I an’t Believe this wonderful women has been taken in the prime of her life.
    You are and will continue to be an inspiration! and your book will be a present to any new mother I know for many years to come.
    Never forgotten.

  200. Amelia's Mom

    For those of you who follow Tracy’s amazing parenting philosophies, her legacy lives on at…….please visit there for unconditional, non-judgemental support for any questions you might have about parenting. Everyone there is like-minded, and devout “Baby-Whisperers”. I am eternally grateful for all Tracy did, and still does through her site. May her beautiful soul be at peace.

  201. Glaudie Jewell

    It is with tears in my eyes that I have to say, after reading your book, and finding such comfort in your natural adivce, it feels like a personal friend passed away. Your advice and EASY routine, was the difference for me. I could start enjoying my baby because i understood his needs. May the work you started live on through your company, books, programmes and website. Be blessed, and may you have a wonderfull time with God.

  202. Michelle

    Dear Tracy,
    it is 2008 and my own beautiful Angelique is 6 weeks old tomorrow.
    She is a very lucky girl because I first learned of you and read your book in 2003 when I gave it to my sister, so essentially I have been gearing up to give my girl a Baby Whisperer Start for 5 years … which she got from her first breath and is responding incredibly. Thankyou Tracy.
    It is only now however, in 2008, that I click on to your website to assess some growth spurt issues with my baby, that I find that your time here with us on earth has ended.
    I am so sad about this … indeed I can see there is a whole world of parent’s that are sad. Your memory will forever live on here on earth and may you enjoy all the Angelic care offered to you in heaven. You were truly an Angel of Care to many here on earth .. and my Angelique gets to reap all the heavenly benefits of your hard work.
    Michelle xxx

  203. marie-laure

    je viens d’apprendre le décés de tracy, et je suis extremement choqué et peiné, elle m’a tellement appris. c’était une femme remarquable avec un don merveilleux et comme toutes les personnes exceptionnelles elles sont rappelées à Dieu plus vite.
    Je ne vous oublierai jamais et mon petit garçon aussi.
    marie-Laure XXX

  204. Sue Raw

    I was absolutly stunned to learn of Tracy’s death!
    I really cant believe that her special gift is no longer with us. She was amazing to watch. I wish I’d had the honour of meeting her!

  205. Abby Brooks

    I am a new mother and am SO thankful for Tracey’s wisdom. She has given me hope and made me a better mother to my daughter. I will be forever grateful.

  206. Jane

    It very sad do died so young:-( May God be with her family.
    By the way she was not Cindy Crawford baby Nurse. Luiza de Souza was the baby Nurse for Cindy’s two children.

  207. Tracy macdonald

    I have seen the programme today for the first time and i thought wow she is amazing. I went onto her website only to see comments about her passing, what a loss,but a least people can still learn from her as i have. R I P

  208. Aliza S.

    Life was difficult for us during the first month of my baby boy, but then my husband brought home Tracy’s book, which i eagerly read during pumping time and applied it to my son. he is much calmer, i am much more confident and the whole family is happier. thank you Tracy. you are a real, unbelievable gift to the world.

  209. Beverly

    What a terrible loss to the world but what an amazing legacy. I am simply lost for words and filled with sadness. Tracey made the world a better place with her unique gift.

  210. leigh

    Thank you Tracy for all your wisdom.
    I was a young mum at 18 and I believe your book has helped make me a confident parent, and your easy routine made my son a happy, healthy baby. Now after just having my second baby, it is again your book, my bible, that I am referring to.
    The Baby Whisperer legacy will live on as I, and I’m sure many other mothers will be passing it on to their children and so on.
    Rest in peace Tracy. I will never forget you and what magic you worked for me and my family.

  211. Caroline

    May God always keep you safe in heaven, and touch you with the love you have touched all of our lives with. You will always be the “key” in my life as a mother, for it was you who blessed all of our children, you were an angel and may you rest so peacefully knowing you were and always will be a legend of love and knowledge of children, All of the sad passings of little children into heaven will be safe and loved in your careful watch. God bless you and your family.

  212. Aimee R.

    Tracy, you continue to touch and improve lives each and every day. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Your books have made such a tremendous difference for me, my husband, and our son. May you rest in peace.

  213. Nic

    I have just watched the Baby Whisperer for the first time in ages as my children are older and I was shocked to see at the end the program – dedicated to Tracy Hogg! You have great advice for all parents and I loved your show. You will be truly missed – Rest in Peace xx

  214. Claire and Holly

    Just to say i watched the baby whisperer today and went on-line to find out more information on Tracy, sad to hear that she has passed away, she has given me some hope that i can get into some kind of routine with my baby girl.

  215. Victoria Scott

    I am so sad to learn of Tracys early passing. She was a wondeful woman an inspiration. I started watching her program in 2004 when I had my first daughter and have only just learned that we lost her. She`ll live on in a lot of parents memories. God bless sleep tight

  216. Marcela

    Tracy: I cant belive yet !!!. Only wants say THANKS YOU for all. Reaste en peace. Good bless you Tracy, we always rememberg you. Federico, momm & dad.

  217. Hayley Thorpe

    I remember watching Tracy just after my son now one year old,and just sitting their crying because i just could not believe the impact she made on families and there children she is an amazing and remarkable lady who changed the lives of so many families and she will be grestly missed all over the world.

  218. Lisa

    I heard of your death recently, I hav watched your words of wisdom for a while now. I am a trainee midwife and have given many women advice I leart from you! It NEVER fails! Thank You from the bottom of mine and the womens heart that WE help. I am watching your programme right now. I am flabbergastered that someone with your talents could be taken away in such a cruel manner. Rest in Peace Tracey, you deserve to be looked after now by all the angels in heaven. Its your turn now! God Bless you. If Traceys family ever read this, You had such an amazing woman in your lives, you should be so proud.

  219. kate

    was watching programme only this morning for some tips for my toddlers sleeping habits ,thought to go on web site ,were i found out she had sadly passed away,i have two children and one on way and her programme has helped me to be a better mother x R.I.P

  220. Caroline

    Gutted to hear that you’re gone. I never knew you personally but you have been such an inspiration to everyone Tracy. They say the good die young, just goes to prove it I guess. May God keep you and look after you. RIP Tracy. Caroline.

  221. Ami

    All the thoughts and techniques she brought sooth us, when becoming first-time parents means full of doubts. Still I can not believe when I first open her book, it’s been nearly 5 years after her pass-away. We know Tracy is now resting peacefully with baby sweet dreams….We remember you and treasure your work….Taige, Dad and Mom

  222. Jean Kayne

    I only found out today that Tracy had died. What a shock!! My daughter has just found out she is pregnant and I have been singing Tracy’s praises to her. My son who is 29 years old was such a handful when he was younger and I know if I had had Tracy’s advice back then that raising him would have been alot easier and I have total faith in her. Thank goodness for her books and programmes! Still can’t believe it. Our loss is heavens gain. RIP Tracy xxx

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