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nrenee.jpgNadine Shamir, a singer/songwriter who was best known for the 1996 crossover hit “Set U Free,” died on Dec. 2 following the birth of her first child. She was 32.

The New York-born/Miami-raised performer was always creative — she painted, sculpted, acted and wrote screenplays — but her true passion was music. She wrote her first song at 12 and formed her first band two years later. At 16, Shamir independently released her debut album, “Say You’ll Stay,” and adopted the stage name Nadine Renee.

After high school, Shamir wrote and co-produced her second independent album, “Let’s Make Love.” She traveled around the world before moving to New York City to work as a receptionist at MCA Studios. In 1996, Shamir co-wrote the song “Set U Free.” She joined forced with Miami disc jockey George Acosta, and together they released “Set U Free” under the name Planet Soul. The song peaked at #26 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and crossed over to the R&B charts.

In recent years, Shamir performed in Europe and wrote songs for Warner/Chappell USA, a music publishing house. She recorded an album for MCA in the late-’90s, but it was later shelved. The Orchard released a reworked version as “Oasis of Love” in 2000.

Shamir is survived by her husband Jon and her newborn daughter, Liat Nadine Shamir.

Oasis of Love Download “Oasis of Love”

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  1. Tommy Nielsen / Dance Brothers

    I’m in shock!!! Was searching the web for new contact info about Nadine. Has done a lot of remixes of her music on in 1999/2000/2001 (not sure about the years). Had a some kind of private mails regarding family situations on both sides in a friendly way. So again: It was a shock to serach for Nadine on the net and find out that she is dead. I’m so sorry. All my feelings for the family.
    Tommy Nielsen / Dance Brothers

  2. Bobby Ferguson

    So sorry to hear what happen i don’t know that much about her but I remeber the Group Planet Soul,. May she rest in peace and sing aloud with the Angels above.

  3. Nadine Michael

    Yesterday I had just ordered one of her albums on the internet, because I had one of her singles 10 years ago and I think she was so talented (and we have the same first name and I am half-Italian, too). So I decided to check up on her latest projects online. I didn

  4. Alta

    She will be missed but never forgotton. She was family I was getting to know more day by day. Your in my heart and prayers go out to the family.

  5. Delfy Flores

    I’m in shocked. I just found out today! WTF. I was part of a band we started in High school with another buddy. We got back in touch a couple of years ago and we were planning on doing a song again together. OMG….this can’t be happening. I love you Nadine!!!

  6. saul alvarez

    Nadine, was a friend, and one of the most amazing talents I ever worked with.
    I along with my two best friends Tony marino who wrote most of her first album, and Danny B who produced it.
    We will all miss her…..
    love you girl

  7. MiMi Atkins

    I heard “Next to Me” about five years ago and I just found it on the net and was so happy. Imagine my sorrow when I learned the powerful voice behind it is now a candle in the wind. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

  8. AK

    I remember i was search 5 or 6 years ago, i cant remember, i came upon the song Passion, and it always sat in my head, only today i remembered who sang it, i went to look for CD Info and this came up… Very Very Sad.

  9. Marcos

    I’m sorry to hear she is no longer with us. I was searching for her name because I remembered the song “come in me” from which I downloaded in december 2000.

  10. Brandon O'Brien

    Nadine was truly a wonderful person. Although she never truly got the credit she deserved, the people that knew her knew that she was a star. I am very proud to have known her. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I know she is looking down on all of us who loved her and her music. We had talked for years about cutting a track together that never happend. I wish we had. It has been a little over a year now since she left us, and I know that she is missed by everyone that knew her. Brandon O’Brien

  11. Ellen Martin

    I cannot believe this…it’s a year later, was looking for Nadine online and FOUND ALL THIS.
    So sad. We personally knew her for years, and years ago as she lived in our complex in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. She was so kind to my daughter when my daughter was a young teen (we’re talking 10+ years ago), so I’m in absolute SHOCK that she is no longer with us.
    My prayers go out to her family and especially her Mom, whom we also knew. Now I have to go tell my daughter.
    Rest In Peace, sweet Nadine!
    Ellen Martin

    • liat nadine shamir

      i am nadine’s daughter, liat, i am too sad. the name shown is different becuase this is my grandfather’s computer. and i really do wish i was there with your daughter!!! btw i am 11. have a good one!!!!!! 🙂
      and since my mother has passed away, my father decided that my middle name should be my mother’s name

  12. Jamie Stevens

    I really cannot believe this. I know Nadine Renee from her time and I still have one of her MP3’s on my iPod called “Give me a reason,” which I regularly listen to.
    I wanted to find some new information about her and just cannot believe this! This is so sad. She was a great talent! One of the finest singers ever!

  13. Ederson

    I’ve just cried in front of this computer here inside this lan house. I’ll keep on cryin’ the rest of my life when i remember tha that voice is not going to sing anymore.

  14. Justin Kantor

    I was in touch with Nadine’s mother/manager back in 1995 when I was publishing a local magazine in Virginia called “The Hip Key.” At the time, I reviewed her singles “Say You’ll Stay” and “Kiss Me.” I stopped doing the mag in ’96 (I think that was when “Set You Free” was out). Several years later, I discovered a few other records of hers, like “Let the Rhythm Set You Free” and “Stop! Love Patrol.” I was pleasantly surprised when I saw “Next to Me” in stores in 1999, but wondered whatever happened to the album! Unfortunately, it seems that she had problems with several labels. I found a promo copy in a used store of the “Nadine” album a couple of years later.
    More recently, I discovered the Europe-only “Don’t Take Your Love Away,” which is one of her best! It’s really strange, I had a dream about her the night before her death (I found out the next day).
    I wondered if the exact cause was ever determined? It seemed very surprising, given that childbirth deaths don’t occur very frequently anymore.
    She had a beautiful voice and was a beautiful woman, as well. She also was a very talented writer! I was very pleased to see the “Next to Me” video on AOL! I never knew one was made!
    I hope her family has been able to carry on in light of her tragically premature death. Especially her husband and daughter.
    I was wondering, does anyone know if Nadine actually ever released her “Let’s Make Love” album? At the time that I reviewed “Kiss Me,” her mom said that it was coming soon. But then we lost touch. I have since seen it listed in the catalogs of several websites, but have not actually found a copy for sale anywhere. So I wonder if it ever got released/distributed at all?

  15. Roberto

    OH MY GOSH!! I can’t believe she passed away back in December of 2004!! I just found out right now while reading another message board where someone posted rest in peace!! I was baffled by that so i did a search and sure enough she passed away! I can’t believe it. I loved “Don’t Take Your Love Away” which led me to purchase her first 2 independent albums and her Orchard album as well!! I’m such a huge fan of her!! We’ll miss you!!

  16. S. Florida poster

    I too wonder why in the 21st Century in the USA a woman would die in childbirth. She had the baby in North Shore Hospital in Miami and it is NOT a great hospital, a Tenet run hospital for that matter. I live in Miami for 30 years and am in and around the medical field all that time also. I wouldn’t have chose North Shore to birth a baby, rather would’ve chosen Hollywood Memorial Hospital or Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Wonder why they chose N. Shore.
    R.I.P. Sweet Nadine, from friends Jessica and Ellen from the IntraCoastal Towers where Nadine once lived.

  17. salvatore

    sono molto dispiaciuto dell’accaduto sono rimasto sconvolto quando ci siamo conosciuti nel 1994 a miami eravamo in vacanza io lello e gigi ilmio amico lello ea innamoratissimo di te tanto che e’ tornato a miami e ti ha portata a napoli mi ricordo ancora la tua voce e ti dissi che avevi la voce di un angelo mi prendevi in giro quado cantavo o sole mio ti ricordero’ per sempre eri cosi’ dolce ora gli angeli e il buon dio godranno della tua meravigliosa voce cia meravigliosa fanciulla

  18. Pasquale

    Ci siamo conosciuti nel 1995 a Napoli tramite mio fratello Lello,mi ricordo che eri una ragazza molto dolce e siamo rimasti sconvolti e dispiaciuti per la tua morte ci sembra impossibile morire di parto nel 2000…..
    siamo vicini alla tua famiglia nel dolore.
    Ciao dolce Nadine nn ti dimenticheremo mai!
    Dalla tua amica pina e famiglia

  19. Larry Powers

    I am shocked & saddened. Having been a performing guitarist in Miami for over 20 years,It was my pleasure to have recorded with Nadine & John several times in the late 90’s.My heart goes out to her, John, her mother, and precious daughter. She will be sorely missed.

  20. Varella Antonieta

    Hi Jo Anna, i’m Raffaele’s monther. I’m read on internet something about your doutgter Nadine and i’m very worried. I’d like to know something about her. Would you call me. I’d like to speak with you, my telephone number is 0039 081/485926 or give your telephone number and I will call you. Varella Antonieta

  21. Andy from UK

    I recently saw the “next to me” video on Z100’s website and found the beautifully written and sung song strangely haunting. What a great smile she had, too! I decided to check Nadine out and see what other work she is doing, only to be left stunned by reading that she had died. It truly spoiled my day, even though I don’t know her. I’m so sorry for her family and wish to express my sympathies and pass on my condolences.

  22. declau

    This is terrible news!! I was going through my audio archives and found a remix that I did for Renee back in 2000 and just wanted to check up on Nadine
    to see what she was up to. This is real terrible news. very sad.
    My sincere condolences to the family.

  23. Jo Anna Pavone

    It has taken me two years to accept that my daughter Nadine Renee is no longer with us in body but will always live on in spirit, song, inspiration and in love. Yes, she loved everyone, music was so important to her it was her “passion”. She has left a beautiful legacy, short but oh so inspiring. She also has left a very precious part of her – her daughter, Liat Nadine Shamir, my reason for life, my granddaughter. I thank you deeply for your sincere sentiments and encourage each and everyone of you to play her music and say a prayer filled with love, compassion, understanding and most of all unity and peace amongst all. She was an advocate for peace and believed as I do that love conquers all. She is my life, no mother can truly know the great loss I am enduring – Nadine Renee my buddy, my confidant and my child will live on through her daughter and thru memories shared with her sister Deborah and her children and thru the generous fan base she treasured and the beautiful people she met along the way. I named her Nadine Renee when she was born; proudly she kept it for stage. Whom ever seeks facts about my daughter, please email me at Antonieta I will contact you.

    • Simone

      Jo Anna I would like to know more about Nadine if it’s not a problem… I became a fan of her just about six month ago and I wish to know more about the fantastic artist and person she was. On the Internet the info is very poor. Please, contact me at
      Thank you.

  24. ryan

    I loved her, I saw her at a show called “Play School” in San Diego back in ’97. She was absolutely amazing. She captivated everyone. She truly put me on another planet. I bought her album the next day and have always had it in my cd case. I always wondered why they hadn’t put out more music. It was a couple months ago, while searching the net for news on “planet soul” did I learn about Nadine’s death. My little girl turned two today. what a tragic story. Thought and prayers to Nadine’s family.
    Nadine, RIP. Your music is the theme to some of the greatest times of my life.

  25. Tashi

    I too entered a remix contest Renee sponsored. Though I didn’t win, she still took the time to email me with positive words and encourgement about some of my other tracks. It was evident in that email the kind of person she was. She made email, typically a cold medium, seem very personable and warm. I was thrilled she responded and I always remembered that. Long before I met her I broke a sweat to “Set You Free” on many a dance floor.
    Today is the first I heard of her passing, and I’m stunned. I love you dearly. Rest in peace and keep the party jumping in heaven.
    Love always
    Tashi “Beat Priest” “Buddhatribe”

  26. Marc Ohnsorg

    It seems strange, today on Dec.2nd I found some songs from Nadine and tried to find out what she is doing now. I was so sad when I read that she passed away and could not believe it. She was so beautiful, so talented and so friendly. We exchanged several emails and I also done a remix for her song Sexy DJ.
    I was always sure that one day she will be one of the biggest stars in music business. This year my wife and I got a son named Ramon. I especially feel with Nadines husband and her also with her mother.
    The happiness of the birth of your own child and then the message of death. I am so sad and my feelings and thoughts are with the family, esp. the husband. Nadine, I will never forget you and my thoughts will always be with you, your husband, your family and your daughter. I am sure one day your daughter will be proud to have such a wonderful mother. Sorry for my english…..
    Marc, Germany

  27. Melonie Vernon

    I was looking for some information about Nadine when I found out that she had passed away. That was so shocking to me. I think that I am one of her biggest fan and I will miss her dearly. I send my regards to her family, especially her daughter.

  28. Danny Damian

    This is Danny Damian from Dallas. I used to sing freestyle music back in the day around the same time “Set U Free” came out. I just found out today that Nadine Renee passed away. I had the pleasure of meeting her when she did a show in Dallas at the Latin Active club. I remember being thrilled because I got to chill in the VIP room with her. She was very sweet. She did a show that night and performed “Set U Free” as well. Her mom was there and both were very personable and fun to hang around. I remember her telling me about the fallout between her and George Acosta the producer of Planet Soul. I was always proud to announce the fact that I had met her everytime I heard “Set U Free”. Her name came up in Freestyle discussion last night so I was curious to see what she’s been up to. Well, I was shocked to find out she passed in December 2004. My love goes out to her mom, baby, and all the loved ones she left behind. I’ll never forget you Nadine! Thanks for your talent and kindness…
    Danny Damian

  29. Madine DeSantis

    I am Leila’s daughter (Leila Cabaleiro) – I’m so sorry for your loss. I was looking on the internet to see if Nadine had released any new music and read the sad news. I have thought about you, knowing how close you and Nadine were. I wanted to contact you or DD but did not know how. I hope that time is helping to heal your pain. It is truly a great loss for you, your family, Liat Nadine, Jon, and music fans across the world. Nadine’s music will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of so many- Madine DeSantis

  30. Brielle

    What a terrible shock to come across this news while randomly looking up info on someone whom I admired. I am just so blown away with sadness at finding out this news. Nadine was super talented, with an incredible voice to boot. What a tragic loss to all who love beautiful music, and an accomplished artist behind the music. My prayers go out to all of her family, she had the voice of an angel; now the music will haunt me even more than before, with its beauty.

  31. malou - Cebu City, Philippines

    I am brokenhearted by this. I found out just today. I love “Next To Me” from the time I heard it back on my college days. I have been looking for this song again so I could load it on my iPod and saw comments regarding her death. It pains me to know of her passing. Its so sad to see such great and inspiring talent gone too soon. My heartfealt condolences to the family of Nadine. Know that she has touched a lot of people through her music and will always be in our hearts. God bless her family always. May she rest in peace.

  32. Anthony Crupi

    I am an old friend and I recently found out about Nadines death. My deepest condolances to her mom and Jon. She was a very special person in my life. We use to chill all the time. We also wrote a song together that nobody really knows about. But it’s amazing. we called it dance for life. Rest in Peace, I miss my friend.

  33. Orly Productions

    I was super shocked to hear that Nadine (Shamir) had died after giving birth to her daughter!
    May her voice, soul and life be remembered!
    My blessing to her family.
    “Let the rhythm set you free” and “Planet Soul”
    Jams to be remembered!

  34. ALISSA


  35. Alexandra

    Nadine I still can’t believe your gone.
    It feels like just yesterday you were singing me & amanda to sleep. I love you so much & i will never forget you!
    Love ,Alex <333333



  37. Daisy

    I was looking for a song from Nadine when I found out that she had passed away. I am so sorry. She had a beautiful voice. Please if someone could help me find her song (Come in me). I have searched everywhere, please let me know. my email in
    Thank you

  38. Lisa

    This is insane. Absolutely insane. Women should NOT die in childbirth these days!!! What the hell has gone wrong?! Yes in the 1800s it was common but now it’s completely unheard of!! Thanks to this, women might not want a baby now!
    She was a talented singer and all. I’ve heard people dying of cancer, which happens all the time but dying in childbirth I mean COME ON!!!

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