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Athena Starwoman


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athena.jpgAthena Starwoman, Australia’s most famous astrologer, died on Dec. 16 of breast cancer. She was in her 50s.

Starwoman maintained an air of mystery about her personal life. Although she was born under the astrological sign of Cancer, few knew her real name or background. Her publicity materials claimed she had a mystical lineage and had spent time studying under a Native-American shaman.

Starwoman built an astrological empire as a popular horoscope writer and media personality. Her celestial advice column appeared in Vogue, Woman’s Day and in newspapers all over the world. She ran an online astrology business that offered seminars and readings and published several books, including “Zodiac Athena’s Sunsigns: The Long-Awaited Guide to the Stars by Vogue’s Renowned Astrologer,” “Think Yourself Thin: Amazing Psychic Technique to Reach Your Perfect Weight” and “How to Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend Into a Toad.”

In recent years, Starwoman divided her time between Australia’s Gold Coast and a $3 million, 1-bedroom apartment on The World of ResidenSea cruise liner.

“With her unique style, sharp wit and indomitable spirit, Athena will be fondly remembered by her family, friends and fans as a true, shining star,” Athena’s husband, inspirational speaker John Demartini said in a written statement.

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  1. ange

    athena’s book love signs was my first bible……have carried it with me for 20 years…….a book read and borrowed and kept for so long will always live…so sorry to all who knew athena.

  2. Alice Johnson

    Athena Starwoman’s monthly horoscopes in VOGUE (US) were always so uncanningly accurate — I made copies every month for my friends and co-workers. Everyone wanted them! I am so sorry for this terrible loss. I’m glad I got my horoscope done a few months ago. But there’s no longer any reason to buy VOGUE! My condolences to her family and employees, and to all of us who enjoyed her gift.

  3. Sienna

    I’m so shocked to hear this!! She was my favourite astrologer of all times! I should admit everything she said abt me came out accurately. I used to watch Ftv everyweek to read my horoscope…i guess theres no point anymore!

  4. Paul

    Athena was truly a Starwoman, shining, singular and radiant. I am blessed to have been touched by her energy. She will forever shine.

  5. Emily Todhunter

    Athena was a wonderful friend, I am deeply saddened by this tragic news. She gave me advice and guided me through some memorable moments in my life. Brenda her dear friend from Florence and I both send our condolences and very best to her family and to John ..get in touch if you get this message. With all love

  6. Drs Bruce and Anita Jackson

    Athena was one of the most brillant, gifted and inspired individuals that we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and sharing life experiences with…, it comes with no surprise that her spirit was experienced by us on the nights of December 15 and the 16th….what an honor…thank you, Athena. We wish Athena, John and the entire family an abundance of love and blessings!

  7. Deborah Gray

    In honour of Athena Starwoman and her recent passing on December
    16th 2004. I would like to say that we her close friends and family
    are in deep mourning at the the loss of our beautiful and
    irreplaceable friend, sister and her unique spirit. Athena’s
    friendship, loyalty, understanding and unconditional love she showed
    me will always be among the greatest gifts to my life, and I will
    endeavour to make sure that her true legacy and wonderful work in
    spreading the energy of the goddess and public understanding and
    acceptance of the ancient art of astrology throughout the world will
    continue through those who really knew and understood her. She
    worked hard all her life and lived her beliefs and spiritual journey
    to the full.
    It’s been astounding as to how many messages I and her family have
    received of condolences and messages of love from many of her
    hundreds of thousands of readers and fans from across the world.
    Athena touched and inspired so many people over the years with her
    positive and uplifting view of life, astrology and the universe. She
    was and still will be a great ambassador around the world both for
    Australia and for astrology and the ancient magical arts in general.
    Viva and long live your beautiful spirit our wonderful friend,inspirational woman and esteemed colleague, to ATHENA a true STARWOMAN.
    blessings Deborah Gray

  8. Emily Werner

    I only saw this today and am so saddened by this news. I have follwoed Atehan in many ways over the years and feel that she was a mentor to me and many others.
    ‘I recntly compelted Tour For A Cure fundraising money for The Cnacer Council and wish that we could have raised more and possibly saved such a great person.
    She will always be remebered by me and many others. My thoughts and heart are with her family and close friends.
    She will always be my guide!

  9. Janet

    Im am so sad to hear of Athena’s passing.
    Being a fellow goddess, and learning astrology, it has affected me deeply. She touched so many people with her understanding, and compassion, and her spiritual light will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved her.
    May your light shine on eternally Athena, you are a beautiful person, and you will forever remain in my workings and my heart.
    Blessings to you all
    Jazmoonmagick 🙂

  10. Nick Samartis

    I met Athena almost exactly 1 year before she passed
    away. I was doing a picture of her for Am Vogue
    but that was beside the point. Athena quickly
    established that my favorite song at the time was
    ‘Hotel California’ …She grabbed me by the hand
    cranked up the system , took her shoes off, and danced
    around her apartment to that song like a teenager.
    I was half her age but I will never feel as young
    as she was. Or will ever be.
    I’m glad i danced with her.
    Thank you Athena,
    You gracious soul you!

  11. Toni

    So saddened to hear the news of Athena Starwoman. Ironically I had just logged on to find her forecast for the year 2005. I do this every new year because like several of the others in this forum I have found her predictions by far the most accurate. Sometimes its hard to know what the powers-that-be are doing and why. My sincere condolences to her family and loved ones. And god bless you Athena. Many thanks for your guidance over the years. Go in peace from this earth.

  12. Helga

    I am very sad to her of Athena,s passing only today. I felt a special bond being a cancer and having found my soulmate the same year as Athena did but sadly my love passed away with cancer almost 4 years ago. Athena,s predictions and kind words helped me very much during that sad time.
    I know Athena will always be beside her soulmate just as mine is , bless your soul, Helga

  13. Rosie

    I have just heard the sad news of Athena’s passing. I can only acknowledge her mission must be accomplished, but I will miss her. I never had the privilege of meeting Athena in person, however she was an inspiration to me and to many. A reminder not to take our loved ones for granted; we never know how long they will be with us. Thankyou Athena, for your guidance , confidence in us all, and the inspiration that you were. Godspeed in your journey. Love Rosie

  14. Nicole

    i am deeply saddened by this news. like some of the others, i only found out today 🙁
    i feel like a part of an entire generation who have been BROUGHT UP by athena! i’ve always read her columns in Vogue; the “how to turn ur ex bf into a toad” was the first book i had of hers, introduced to me by a friend when we were 13! all my friends and i have attained quite the collection of all her titles and we practically quote her in our daily conversations…
    she IS incredibly accurate! and i love her optimistic nature in her writing. it really leaves the reader feeling happy 🙂
    anyway, i am going on and on… just wish that there was something that could be held for all her fans to show their sympathies… but i guess this is it for now…

  15. Mary

    Athena – you were my inspiration in seeking understanding, solace and meaning in the stars. I appreciate this role you had in my life. You touched so many souls. For this, we thank you and we will miss you.

  16. Susannah J. Usov

    Dear Athena, John and beloved family,
    The body passes but the spirit always remains.
    Treasure the memories and not what appears to pass. Athena, you are always beloved beyond what mortal words can express. Did she often say “Habibi”? cos thats I’m getting! something about some scrolls coming through?
    Anyway Lots of Love Light and Laughter!

  17. Kerrie N

    I found out today about Athena’s passing.I was very saddened.She seemed like a lovely person,very peacfull and beautiful soul.I’m sure she will be sadly missed.

  18. pam

    I too grew up reading Athena Starwoman horoscopes, I even remember them in the Daily Mirror! They were the only thing that got me through a very dark period in my life, her reassurance that things would be better. I am very sorry for her passing.

  19. Bebe

    I only found out today about Athena’s passing and am incredibly, indelibly sad. She is a beautiful, wonderful spirit and will live on in our souls. She understood the arc of our lives and our yearning to know more about ourselves, our loves, our destinies. In some ways we take people like Athena for granted … and then the unthinkable happens and we feel rocked to our soul when our comforting divination, reassurance and provenance slips away. I pray that none of us take for granted that provenance ever again. Rest in peace Athena.

  20. Trish

    I purchased a copy of The Woman’s Weekly yesterday, and as per ususal, as soon as I got home I went straight to Athena’s predictions first. I had just switched the television on to quickly check the tennis scores, so my attention was only half-focused as I started reading. ” This will be the last prediction … “. ” Hold on “, I thought, ” That’s got my attention “. ” Oh no “, was my immediate reaction, ” Athena is leaving the magazine ” … until I read the next line. I am absolutely shocked and incredibly saddened. Athena was a wonderful astrologer and I always looked forward to her columns and interpretations in the various magazines over the years. I have a couple of her books also, which I keep as what I call ” reference books ” as they are so accurate and I love the way they are worded. I thought she was incredibly beautiful and talented and loved reading any articles about her – she was such an inspiration and that ” air of mystery ” , to me, made her almost magical. I even use to wonder what it would be like to be her sometimes – she was someone to be admired. A sad, sad loss for us all.

  21. sophie

    I purchased Athena’s book ‘Zodiac’ only last week, and today found out about her passing. Like many other people, I have always followed Athena’s predictions and advice, and it greatly saddens me to hear of her passing. She will greatly missed in the Woman’s Day.

  22. Eva

    I too found Athenas horoscopes to be very accurate. I even kept some from when I was a teenager that I will remember forever, they gave me comfort in times of confusion. I always thought she would be a wonderful person, and reading all these entries, it sounds like she was. I was so shocked to find out, as I have been checking her website for her yearly predictions for 2005. My condolences to her family and friends.

  23. Donna

    I am so sad. I have followed Athenas spiritual ways for so many years now. I really dont know what to say. I believe that Athena really is the only woman who knew what she was talking about spiritually and astrologically. Im not sure where to go from here spiritual wise as Athena was my true guidance. I looked forward to reading her stars from across the globe and when i lived in Australia i got my weekly magazines that contained Athenas stars for the week. I hope Athena is in better world now and may she rest in peace. To Athenas family and friends, so sorry, may you all be able to move on in lifexxx

  24. sue

    I was shocked and sad when I read the story of athenas death in the womans weekly. I was always envied of her lifestyle, like having an apartment on the world cruise ship, and being a beautiful and spiritual woman. I remember her being interviewed on tv she talked about when her husband and her were in bed this vessal was passing by and saw them. Condolences to her husband and family.

  25. indah

    i was always sceptical towards astrology and i remember a friend in holland who then pointed me at reading an athena made forecast for a year that had just passed but that i remembered vividly, and while reading i was amazed by the in depth accuracy and my critical mind could but only admit that this was powerfully forecasted; after this, years ago, i always checked other astrological year forecasts with the one of athena starwoman and always found her the best, for she was. So what now? I find Athena Starwoman the Example that good astrology is possible only when the astrologer has that specific Gift. And she had. According to me she was one of those rare persons who persisted in following their own inner given knowledge, developed that, did not have it be insulted by dominant science or so, and so did not let that way of knowing be forgotten but gave it a place in the nowadays world. Thanks Athena -and may you travel on in peace.*

  26. Tanya Howard

    Sorry sorry to hear the news! I am shocked and saddened and I know Athena touched many hearts and souls. She was a beautiful person and spirit. Thanks for touching so many people. You will always be remembered.
    love Tanya (Australia)

  27. Adam Maxted

    I have just heard the very sad news about Athena. I worked with her in the US and Australia on her telephone projects and we had alot of fun together – she was truly a joy and inspiration to all around her. I admired her style and believed that she was one of the most charismatic personalities I have ever had to fortune to deal with. She was truly a STAR Woman !
    I look back on 4 years of working with her with fond affection and of my time in her home country Australia. Sincere condolences to John and her wider family and friends. Adam Maxted

  28. jennifer

    I only heard recently of the loss of this beautiful lady… I was shocked, saddened and dismayed.. I am just one of many in this world that she touched with your profound readings,, I did not know her personally but felt within I did, I also felt some sort of celestial thread of connection to the beautiful enchanting woman… ATHENA STARWOMAN… I too unfortunately suffer from this insidious disease,,, not of the same kind but cancer,, To her friends, her wonderful husband and family my heart felt condolences go to you,, she will live in all our heartsfor eternity,,, jennifer knight bermagui australia

  29. Marianne Latham

    I first saw Athena on TV and having worked in the industry was hugely impressed by the way she handled negative and sceptical interviewers.Her intelligence and unaffected charm shone through. I would love to hear from anyone fortunate enough to have known Athena personally to find out more about this extraordinaly gifted person.

  30. Victor

    I did not know Athena but just want to give my sincere condolences and support to her husband John who has inspired me tremendously. For you John and other family and friends I wish you lots of strengths, energy and insights to find a new balance.

  31. Lisa E. Kelly

    I am so sad ! Today I just found out about Athena’s death. She was the ONLY Astrologer
    I have ever trusted 100%. She has always been so accurate. I have always bought Vogue JUST for her horiscopes..I will no longer be buying them. I hope Vogue does not loose too much business over this.If anyone knows of any other ACCURATE Astologers please email me .
    Thank You !

  32. fran

    she was a gifetd pschic and a clever lady.
    soorly missed by all in the new age community!!She was intellegent witty and pretty to!
    condolences to all her closest family and friends

  33. Vanessa

    I am so sad! Today I picked up my Vogue Magazine like I usually do. Vogue wasn’t really my favorite magazine until Athena’s column drove me to buy it. I remember picking up my first Vogue magazine in High School. I used to run down to the beach after class, or even on my lunch break to read what Athena had in store for me that month. This wasn’t just a flaky thing I did, it was something I felt strongly about. Over the years, reading Athena’s column made everything alright. She has become my happy star! And for that, I couldn’t have said thank you enough for being whom you are today Athena! You have made many of us very happy and you have been there every month for years. Being this reliable was the connection we had without actually knowing you in person. I would like to wish every astrologier, every psychic and every person the best years to come! 🙂 Athena thank you for being the best – cause now I don’t think I can pick up another Vogue knowing you won’t be the “one” writting it. To your family: I wish you love and happiness, and bless you for this message board to say thanks.

  34. Tina Stowers

    I only found out of my Starwoman’s death yesterday 18th March by searching website for 2005 athena starwoman. It saddens me in such a huge way of her passing over as I felt I knew this lovely lady who always predicted my star sign (Cancer) with such accuracy and my only reasons for buying all those Mags that used her fantastic gift of physic abilities to tell us how our lives and future will turn out, no longer exists now, cuz there is no reason to purchase them. I am so so missing her and for all those dear family members, I send my condolences and hope you will all be blessed by Athena’s shining light as she watches over you!
    Forever thinking of you Starwoman.
    Tina your fellow Cancerian!

  35. Tania

    Very sorry to hear the news off Athena Star woman never met her ,but i always remeber her on GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA,she was beautiful normal & real,well God Bless the family very missed by someone speical that was on this earth ,well all the best to the family God Bless aways with strength.Tania.

  36. melanie xx

    i heard of athena’s death & was just shocked….MAY SHE REST IN PEACE…i been reading her stars in the “womans day” magazine since i was 12….so being able to read her predictions for the last 17 years & now not having them is just so sad…i loved reading the tribute of her time With nick whom she danced to “hotel california” with her shoes off…what a great memory to have…she was a brilliant woman who will be sadly missed…love & blessing to her husband and family……blessed be goddess athena….
    love always Melanie.R. XXXX

  37. Valerie

    I always bought Vogue just for her horoscope predictions, and guided my life through her words for that month, she brought me through many tough times with hope and clarity. I bought Vogue this month and for the second time this year noticed her column wasn’t there and put her name in a search engine and learned the devastating news of her death, I had a strange feeling that was what I would find, but I was still shocked and saddened. Her insights and wisdom will be truly missed. Rest in Peace.

  38. Adriana

    I just found out just like all her other loyal fans that Athena is no longer with us. I too feel that what’s the point of buying Vogue anymore? I am very saddened and feel a great loss without her intuitive advice. I will
    always miss her and may her soul rest in peace.

  39. none

    Athena was great , her death was a shock , but i beleive that she led a strong full life , may her positive energy wonder for ages to come in a happy harmanios place

  40. barbara

    ….the only astrology column I would make a point of reading every month. I just bought April Vogue and read through the contents page 4 times looking, searching, for Athena Starwoman’s page, and was so disappointed to not find anything. I then went back to March Vogue and found the obituary…….so saddened by this news. Truly saddened at the great loss. No one else could quite write it like it is, every month, without fail. We have lost a great being.

  41. Carole G

    I was deeply saddened when I read in Vogue of the passing of Athena. I subscribed to Vogue for her monthly horoscopes. So young. I wish her the best in her new life. We miss you Ahtena.

  42. Linda (bearstar)

    As a fellow Cancerian and believer in Athena’s precious and insightful readings, I thank her for the “gift” she shared with us all.
    May her “”STAR” continue to shine brightly in the heavens and continue to illuminate our paths with her light… pray for her guidance and for her soul. Athena will always be with us along with her beautiful smile!

  43. sanjeev

    i am deeply shocked to learn after 3 months of her death that she passed away last year, i kept checking her web site for 2005 horoscope and finally i was searching on search engine at yahoo and found out that she is no more. it was so upsetting and hard to explain, i have been following her horoscope in star magazine every week and i got my personnel chart done by her in 1997 and i guess no reason to buy star any more.

  44. joseph

    We praise her as the 20th century prophet. everything that she wrote about my star sign was very accurate and guided me to live safely. While searching for horoscope I was wondering what went wrong, her loss really make me sad. I hope she will see us from Heaven.

  45. Sarah

    I loved her books and humourous take on astrology, everything was so accurate it was almost scary yet fasinating as well. I am deeply saddened to hear this terrible news & i know she’s watching down on us now

  46. morag

    So very sad to hear of Athena’s passing – what a great loss to her inner circle and this world – all blessings and may Athena’s star shine brightly over every one of us, and her wonderful spirit and love envelope our world and fill it and us with her energy.
    God bless and rest you Athena… Morag

  47. jeanine

    Bless her heart. I work in a bookstore and always greedily grab the new edition of Vogue when it hits the stand, just to read Athena’s horoscopes. Last month I literally shredded the rag looking for Athena’s scopes. Could’nt find.
    Now I know why. Am very sad. 🙁 Loved her.

  48. OmniScorpio

    I visit her Starwoman website on a weekly basis… then one day all i saw was… I knew something was up… I didnt know she passed away though.
    In the heavens and by the stars above us, she will still guide us all spiritually.

  49. Penny

    Like so many who have written here, I was puzzled by the absence of her horoscope in Vogue in May, the first thing I always look for. I too am saddened that this person who had an uncanny ability. Athena’s horoscopes were the only ones that rang true for me. A great loss.

  50. Virginia

    Blessings to you John. Steve and I are so shocked and saddened by Athena’s passing. Even though we know it’s only a transition we still feel her loss. Now you make an even more powerful team with one of you on either side… how magnificent.

  51. Vanessa

    I JUST found out today. I can’t believe it. I think I was 12 years old when I first read Athena’s horoscope. It was an old issue and I can still remember how incredibly accurate it was in predicting all that happened the month before. With all the posers in the world, she was authentic! Over the years I had taken for granted that she would always be there. I never had to question what month or year I would buy an issue of Vogue…because she would always be there. Then, for the last 3-4 months I’ve been buying Vogue JUST to read Athena’s horoscope. For months I couldn’t figure it out. I really missed it. And it was that missing element that drove me to search for her online at 1:45am. And I just found out now. I am in shock. Bless you Athena. You are a true power of magic, a gift…and thank you so much for sharing it with others over the years. I wish I had met you. Blessings to your husband and your family.

  52. Sha-sha

    I feel like she is part of my family. I subscribed to Vogue just so I could read the horoscope over and over and also read to all my friends. The most on-target in terms of life and always inspired me to do better. I am so so sorry about losing this brilliant person to breast cancer. I would turn to the horoscopes before I even looked at the front cover. My prayers are with her husband and family. She was loved by me and my daughter. This was a tradition that was being passed on to my daughter Robyn. Buy Vogue, turn to your horoscope, and then look at the fashions. May God bless you Athena. You made horoscopes a believable thing for me. I will miss you terribly.

  53. Sue M

    I am so sorry to hear this news. I started studying astrology when I was 12. I started buying Vogue when I was 13 primarily to read Athena’s horoscopes. They have guided me my whole life: I am now approaching 50. Athena will be truly missed. My prayers and blessings are going out to her and her family. I will continue to donate to breast cancer causes in her honor. She was truly one of the world’s greatest astrologers, and I hope she reincarnates soon to continue her work on this plane!

  54. Toni

    Having moved to the United States almost 2 years ago the one thing I sorely missed was our Athena Starwoman. Sitting in my backyard reading US Vogue I was proud to see a photo of Athena only to be saddened at a closer look to read that she had passed and readers were sending in their condolances. She was certainly an amazing woman and will be sadly missed by people from all corners of the world.

  55. Spiritual Soul

    If she was a woman of integrity and light, why did she adopt a false name and identity.
    Perhaps her karma has finally caught up with her..
    We cannot escape our own deceit,

  56. Janet A

    I really only had it confirmed yesterday that Athena had died. I had heard rumours but because there was never a lot of information on the and in newspapers I didn’t believe it. Because I am an avid news watcher, I wonder why there wasn’t more news of her death when it happened.
    I guess I am shocked about her death. Did she know that she would die in December 2004? It raises so many questions. And why did she die so young and of cancer, her star sign?
    I always looked up to her as a role model of a strong woman that earlier than most, stood up for a different path and followed her heart.
    Love to all fellow travelers
    Janet. A

  57. Tiffani C

    I too am shocked and saddened by the passing of Athena. I am also shocked and saddened that someone who calls themselves “Spritual Soul” and speak of karma would post a such a hurtful comment on a page that is meant as a tribute and is read by many of Athena’s family, friends and fans. Very cruel, inappropriate and sad and you may be wanting to watch your own karma.
    I didn’t personally know Athena, but feel I did by reading her horoscopes weekly for years. Her personality and soul shined through in the way she wrote and I was constantly amazed by the accuracy. I truly miss her and want to send her family my sincere condolances.

  58. B

    I purchased her book “THINK YOURSELF THIN” to help me lose weight and felt an instant warm energy after i started reading the book. One day as i read another chapter (i only read one per day.) i felt cold and alone. this time, i had learned later, coincided with her passing. The power of her words had stopped working so i was no longer losing weight either. I hope her energy has continued to support others in their quests

  59. Agatha

    I am so shocked. I have been missing Athena’s horoscopes and finally searched to see what is going on. To find out she has passed away is a terrible awful shock.
    She was the absolute best seer, horoscope scientist EVER! She predicted the exact date I would take an exotic vacation and meet my husband. She was the reason I opened Vogue every month.
    I will miss her and always remember.

  60. Mercy

    Wow! I just two days ago bought one of her books and to now find out she’s dead is weird to me. She was soo great at describing all the zodiac signs, though I really must admit that I find myself a little mad to find out I’m not a Leo in her opinion. She considers me a Cancer (her sign), but I’m born on July 23 and some astrologers argue that’s the beginning of the Leo while others argue it’s the ending of Cancer. I really am stuck between signs, so as of now I’ll consider myself to be a Caleo until I do my research. I do think most of my characteristics resemble those of a Leo’s regardless. May God bless her family and friends.

  61. Jennifer Angel

    Athena was the most amazing spirit I have ever known. She gave me so much and we shared so much of our lives together. I will love you Athena always and thank you for the closeness and time we spent together. I think of you often during my day and sometimes feel you are still guiding me. I will cherish the memories greatly.
    Good luck on your journey and I look forward to meeting again.
    Love always
    Jennifer Angel x

  62. Suzanne charleston

    Dear Family of Athena Starwoman,
    Every month I waited eagerly for Athena’s column in American Vogue – it was wonderful beyond compare – her insights were of such a help to me. I feel it was a true priviledge to have been able to read her column – I liked it so much that I sent away to have my full horoscope done by her and I am so glad that I did ; I will treasure that horoscope forever. It is with pleasure that I remember Athena and her loved ones in my prayers.

  63. Mo, New York City

    For several months now, I have been trying to figure out what happened to Athena’s horoscopes in Vogue. It’s only today 7/20/05, that I learned of her death. I was a big fan and I must concur with everyone else, that her horoscopes in Vogue were unbelievably accurate, concrete, specific, and always always relevant to whatever was happening in my life. Vogue just isn’t the same. I’d like to know if the magazine made a point of expressing condolences to family, friends, and fans? In either case, I would like to do so now.. She was the best!

  64. Emili

    i just barely wrote an email to athena and found out just now what many of you already knew it hurts even though i didnt know her personally i dont know what i am gonna do without her i am a cancer to and she knew all of us like we were her very own from front to back and side to side she helped me understand more about myself and what exactly i was going through thank you athena and rest youre soul at peace please.

  65. Carolyn

    My deepest condolences to Athena’s family and friends. I have been following Athena’s horoscopes in Vogue for many years. It was the only reason that I bought the magazine. Athena’s incredible insight, humour, and empathy guided me through many difficult times. May your light continue to burn brightly… You touched my life in a deep and profound manner. Thank you.

  66. Siri Pritam

    I just spoke to John, Athena’s husband and heard about her passing. I was there when they met some 15 years ago in California. Athena had an innocence and sweetness and beauty – no wonder John fell in love with her. Athena – wherever you are – love you always, Siri Pritam

  67. Jo

    I have only just found out about Athena’s passing. I am SO sad and sorry for all the family and friends and followers of this amazing woman. What a terrible loss of a wonderful person.
    I only have one of her books which I bought as a child around 20 years ago and treasure it dearly. It is called ‘The How To Be Lucky Astrology Book’. The amount of times I have taken it out to read myself or to someone else in the past is numerous. It is looking a little worse for wear now but always has and will be my one and only ‘Astrological Bible’.
    You will be sadly missed but fondly remembered.

  68. Angelica

    So sorry to hear Athena has passed on, I cant belive it also, I was just looking at her website
    to read my horoscope and sadened with the news. My God bless her and her family

  69. Susan

    I was looking through a magazine today and an ad caught my eye it was for an astrological reading by whom I’m not sure but it mentioned the late Athena Starwoman, I was shocked I couldn’t remember hearing of her death so i straight away started a search to find out if this was true only to find that it was. I’m stunned, Starwoman seemed like such a beautiful soul who’s astological predictions were so accurate. My heartfelt sorrow goes out to her husband John. I am sure she will be missed by all, those who knew her and those who read her predictions. SO SORRY TO HEAR OF SUCH A TRAGIC LOSS. Peace be with you Athena………..

  70. Yumico Tanaka

    Athena is missed greatly from the world. She was a truthfully great Cancerian model. What bothers me most was she looked so young in every photo and we knew nothing about her health. Anyway she was so beautiful, it was unbelievable. I often wonder, though her past life seems trully mysterious, there should be many people who would like to read her as-truthful-as-possible biography. Please consider seriously about this.

  71. kiyah

    Athena was truley the best astrologer i’ve ever heard of. She was always so accurate and i recommended and still recommend that if you want to know more about yourself then buy and read her books. She shocked me and im sure she’ll shock anyone else. To her family i’m sorry you all lost such a wonderful person in your life. God bless you all.

  72. sherry

    I broke down in tears when I learned of the passing of Athena.She was truly a magical woman.I have several of her books, and I also purchased the lucky Ayers key chain.I would always get a warm feeling whenever I read any of her works.So,sadly missed.

  73. Tim

    How sad to hear about Athena Starwoman’s passing. I have read only one of her books, but her insights into zodiac, especially for me as a cancer were so inspirational. Her warm heart still lives within us.

  74. Christine Richards

    It is rather sad that someone with such insight and strength, with the ability to affect so many lives in a powerful way should die so young. She was a star that burnt bright but unfortunately prematurely burnt out. A sad sad event.

  75. Donna-Maria

    Awwww this is so sad to hear i myself had just found out when i visited her sight last night i remember a few years ago while sitting on the beach in the bay of islands my sister grabbed a copy of womans day where we first heard of Athena in that issue of womans day were her hands to feel her spiritual being will never forget how silly we must have looked to onlookers 5 woman had there palms spread out on this magazine the energy that came from her palms wow what an amazing feeling Thanx Athena

  76. Aroha-Maraea

    I am so saddened to hear the news from my sister about Athena Donna told me about her tribute sight so had to add to her korero (speach)what i remember about that day we didnt help our dad pick pipi’s as Donna said we had our hands stuck to this book of Athena’s hands dad asked what we were doing we showed him and without thought he said hmmmm she has gr8 picking pipi hands if only he knew how that day those hands well i’d surely never forget the strength i felt which changed me and my sisters and our dad well he had a good feed by himself hehehehe thankyou Athena

  77. Paul Marshall

    Well, we’ve all heard of Athena, and what an amazing woman she was to so many people. I recently had the opportunity to attend one of John Demartini’s seminars and learnt that they were husband and wife. Not only am I amazed and touched by the words of this man, but now I am even more amazed by his strength of character to carry on in the way he does. My sincere thoughts go out to John and his family and I am grateful for the inspiration I gained from you. I look forward to yet another seminar tonight (17/11/05, )on relationships of all things, and to yet again listen to this amazing man.

  78. Deianira

    How late am I. I was an avid reader of her astrological columns in various magazines.. I had no idea that she had died. The world has lost yet another kind, gentle and loving soul to a heartless disease called cancer. Lets hope and pray that they soon find a cure.

  79. Maria

    Its been almost exactly one year since athena starwoman’s passing and I just found out now by doing a google search on her. She was the only astrologer that i knew to be acurate in everything! Her Zodiac book is THE best book and i love reading it.

  80. Illidia Starwoman

    Dearest Athena,
    you were truly ten times a lady, a gifted psychic and a wonderful soul. You truly achieved your potential on the earth. Wherever you are I know you are still working to serve humanity. God Bless you. x.

  81. Shahzad from Pakistan

    She was truly a Shining Star and will always be for those whom she guided with her knowledge. God Bless her soul.
    I used to watch her predictions on FTV and her website and was very impressed by her knowledge.
    I will always remember & miss her.

  82. Penny

    Dear Athena,
    You will be truly missed, I loved reading our horoscopes every week in the Australian Womens Weekly………..why are there only tributes on the internet for you and nowhere else in the australian womens magazines.

  83. Jennifer

    I heard a rumor but I didn’t want it to be true. Now I have found this sight, and yes, it is true. Her book Zodiac is a great joy to me and I refer to it often. How sad that she has passed on but I know that her beautiful soul is flying high, onward and upward to its next appointment, to continue the journey.Dear Athena, You are dearly missed. God speed.

  84. Beautiful~Prism

    My wonderful 21 year old son, who is a natural starsign Cancerian, had, for the longest time, wanted me to read Athena’s ZODIAC/sunsigns book and when i finally did, i understood why. Her description of an Aquarian woman, and I am indeed a true to form Aquarian, was astonishingly accurate. Stumbling across this blog made my heart fall..i did not know of her passing. Sending a mental word of thanks to her in her next incarnation wherever that may are a treasure wherever you may roam. Love&Peace~

  85. regina

    i am sad to hear about Athena, i really enjoyed reading her stars, and the gifts the offered her readers, she was a unique woman, who had a wonderful insight that she shared with all of us
    love and peace to you Athena

  86. tanacunacat

    I miss you. Your kindness and grace are paralleled only by the stars above; in my eyes, you are with them. A song in my heart sings love music for you. Your amazing legacy lives in everyone of us ~*

  87. Mark Daniel

    Not that I do not have great sympathy for anyone in this situation but you would imagine a life event of this magnitude would be noticed well-in-advance in a horoscope. However, oddly enough, apparently she was unaware until the medical diagnosis. (Of course I’m not sure if skepticism is inappropriate to a memorial site or not. I’ll wait and see.)

  88. Deborah

    re: the comment above: ‘I’m not sure if skepticism is innappropriate to a memorial site….’..???? you already know the answer to that question mark….and hey I don’t even have to be psychic to figure that one out!
    Sceptic or not perhaps If you simply listened to your consciounce more and allowed your long forgotten sensitivity to surface you’d also remember that a memorial place such as this, is full of people who have come to share their grief and thoughts primarily so they can have closure and some shared memories together, of a person that they either knew personally or inspired them in some way.
    And finally, death cannot be avoided my friend, no matter what one’s belief system, and regardless of our insight or level of intuition and still univoidable even with ‘proven’ medical science on your side. It is inevitable.
    How each of us choose to face that time, is of our own personal affair and sceptic or not most would agree it’s of no-one elses business.
    A life lived to the full, in the service of the betterment of oneself and many many others, is in the main, is a beautifully human life to be honored, admired and be inspired by.
    and that’s enough.
    Deborah Gray.

  89. India

    Wow! I just found out that Athena passed away in 2004. I clearly have been out of the loop. How very sad. I hope everyone in her life has recovered from such a shocking death. 🙂

  90. Simone

    Dearest Athena
    I am saddened and shocked to only have recently discovered that you have passed over. Unfortunately I never met you but you touched my life, thank you. Wishing you and your family eternal love and peace.
    Thank you Deborah for your comments above.

  91. Leanne K

    Thank you for your courage, humour, savvy business sense and spiritual/life path guidance. You truly did live and achieve much in this life, it is rather admirable.
    Your efforts in this world have rewarded so many people that I’m sure it will bring good karma for you for so many more lifetimes to come. God and Goddess bless your next journey.

  92. claire

    I did not know of Athena personaly. But found her work to touch my families and my own life. She had great talent and was I sorry to find, after further research, that she had passed away. She must have been a very gifted and special woman. Thank you.

  93. Yvonne Elliott

    I was truly shocked to hear of the death of this mysterious lady. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2005 so I have been busy with my own treatment and had absolutely no idea of Athena’s death. I am so very sorry I just though she must have retired or something. I didnt even know she was ill, please forgive my ignorance.
    I am sure she will be missed terribly I know she was looked up to by millions. My thoughts to her family.

  94. roxanne fabien

    I purchased her Zodiac Athena’s Sunsigns book and was so amazed how much she really knew about me.Am Leo and everything she wrote about my sign is so true.Having purchased that book was the best thing I ever done. She made it so easy for me to understand my self and other peolpe,the way they are socially and mentally.I had lost the frist book I have purchased in boston. And flew to New York just (the book is that good)to get another.I did not know her personally, but I feel very sad to hear about her passing. She is one of those persons in my book that will not be forgotten.May she rest in peace.

  95. Julia Pearce

    A beautiful, gracious lady. I still think about her and remember her fondly. I loved reading her books and she was very accurate with her readings for me as a Libran lady. I too was shocked and saddened by her death in 2004 but the reason her death was not publicised to a great degree I believe is because she wanted to keep her personal life private and that is how it should have been. So often you see the famous or well known public identities splashed in every magazine or news article with a different angle on every element of their life and/or death and you don’t know what to believe. The only two articles I read were a tribute to her in the Women’s Weekly and one in the Australian in which her husband John contributed and these are the only two I want to remember. May your soul fly free Athena.

  96. tanacunacat

    Dear Athena,
    A few nights after Winter Solstice, the bright full moon was reflecting on quartz crystals nestled in the grass. I gazed at this in wonder for a while, then blinked away tears while quietly singing a soft lullaby for you. It was a lovely evening ~ and you are dearly remembered, our beloved spirit sister ~*

  97. Charmaine Robinson

    Just a few words to say, growing up Athena was a true insperation for me.My deepest sympathies to her family,friends,and

  98. Dr. Slick

    Here it is 2008 and I’m just finding out about Athena’s passing. I was remarking the other day that I was so ticked at Vogue for not featuring her anymore—her readings were so accurate! I celebrate her life…

  99. Linda

    I am in shock! I must reiterate, here it is 2008 and I am just finding out about Athena’s death! She was uncannily accurate EVERY month about my sign and given the comments from others, it is unanimous. I don’t recall VOGUE stating anything about her – and she really knew her stuff. I’ve been drifting astrologically every since. SHE will be sorely missed, but I don’t think she is truly gone. If you know what I mean.

  100. k suresh kamal

    A great woman that we have in memories for a long time. I’m from the state of Tamilnadu, India. I have read few of her books and astonished about her predictions of my zodiac – LIBRA. I have brought her name to many of my astrology friends who doesn’t know english. Everyone of them purchased her books and asked me to translate them for understanding. I have a great tribute towards her. May her soul rest in peace. She had lived her life meaningfully and contributed her part to this world.

  101. Martinius Skaugen

    I used to meet Athena onboard The World where she and myself had an apartment. I have just been reading her book. She was a great lady and I remember all the interesting discussions we had.
    Martiniu Skaugen

  102. tanacunacat

    Dearest Athena,
    Thank you for graciously sharing yourself~ your inner lights and love of life and the joy from your heart. Your wonderful eyes became embers and lasers and acted in harmony with those who accepted your invitation to gaze into your image to borrow your strength and begin to accomplish our goals. I dearly wish I could find that photograph of your beautiful face! I have to rely on my memory. I try to tap into the energy of the power of the universe. I am only one of many who miss you, and continue to thank you for all your helpful insights and suggestions. You have made life better. Starfire eternally glows for you, with love ~*

  103. tanacunacat

    Dearest Athena,
    I pray you rest in peace. You wrote of gratitude, and being grateful, and focusing on giving back. Thank you. Love you~*

  104. kathy

    hi athena i read and followed u every week in womans day and started making a scrap book of all the wonderful things u would predict, i came to see u in brisbane and got given a gold palm at your seminar, i look at my scap book and think of u with the magic u shared with the world,such a beautiful soul,i miss that, but i’ll always keep your words close to my heart,your missed always as time goes by and ill pass my scrap book over to my kids,thank you athena god has you in his care now,still missing you, kath

  105. christine

    Athena Starwoman was a nice woman, but she created a persona to sell an image. She was a legal secretary married to a school teacher living in Brighton when she decided to leave the marriage for a more exciting life. Her family was normal and middle class not a lot of seers and gypsies as she portrayed.
    She married three time, firs to the above mentioned teacher, then a surfer.

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