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Najai Turpin


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nturpin.jpgNajai Turpin, a contestant on the new NBC reality show, “The Contender,” committed suicide on Feb. 14. He was 23.

The Philadelphia native was an aspiring middleweight boxer known as Nitro. Described in his show bio as soft spoken and polite, Turpin cared for his younger brother, sister, niece and nephew after his mother died in 2000. At 5 feet 5 inches and 151 lbs., Turpin had a career record of 13 wins, 1 loss and 9 knockouts.

Before landing a spot on the new TV series, Turpin did construction work in the mornings and toiled at a Philadelphia restaurant in the evenings. Early Monday, he shot himself in the head with a small caliber semiautomatic weapon while sitting in a parked car outside the gym where he trained. His girlfriend, Angela Chapple, had just exited the vehicle when he took his own life. Turpin left no suicide note.

In the week before his death, Turpin twice left a boxing camp because he couldn’t focus on his training. Although Chapple has declined all interview requirests, she put out a statement that said the couple had “more love than issues.” Turpin is survived by his 2-year-old daughter, Anyae.

“The Contender” is a 13-episode series that follows the personal and professional lives of 16 boxers vying for a $1 million prize. Network executives said Turpin’s untimely death will not delay the show’s debut on March 7 or alter its ending. All of the show’s bouts have already been taped, except for its live championship, which will take place in May.

Turpin is not the first reality show contestant to take his own life. In 1997, Sinisa Savija, a participant on the Swedish version of the show “Survivor,” committed suicide after he was voted off the island. Last summer, Jose Maria, the winner of the first Portugal edition of the show “Big Brother,” threatened to kill himself by jumping off a bridge. Two policemen eventually hoisted him to safety.

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  1. Jackie Parker

    It is such a tragedy when someone takes their own life-especially at a young age & with so much going good in his life. I truly don’t understand what could be so crucial at 23 that you feel the need to make the “great transition.” May God have mercy on you soul, Najai.

  2. sheli

    I just can’t believe than this man would do such a thing. you would have thought someone would have known that something was wrong. My prayers go out to his family

  3. Jennifer

    People can never tell when there loved ones are troubled. The person is very good at hiding it…I once was in that position. All my heart goes out to his family. My prayers are said for you. GOD BLESS

  4. Dina

    People with troubles don’t always accept help from the concerned. Maybe his issues were considered common & weren’t taken seriously. If he didn’t want to be here I understand, this world isn’t all that great anyways. It is especially hard on the black man. College isn’t for everyone and I’m finding that most who don’t care to attend/graduate will be doomed financially. No one wants to live their lives poor, unhappy & struggling the US.

  5. Donald Cozart

    i feel bad because of what happen but i know that turpin contributed positive while he was here. me and him look so identical that it makes no since and that scares me. but i give gratitude to his family and i wish that they could c me to c that me and him look juss alike

  6. Chris Willis


  7. Peter North

    Sooooooooooo Sad – soooooo Sad – really sad. It is possible to donate money for Najai’s Daughter at the homepage of “The contender”.

  8. jazmine

    My condolences to his family and friends, from all accounts he was a very nice person. What a tragedy he had to end his life that way. Sometimes life can seem to hard to bear and you just dont want to carry on. I know, I survived a suicide atttempt in 2001.To anyone feeling depressed and suicidal please reach out to someone, a life is a precious thing.

  9. Linda Kittrell

    I was sorry to hear of Najai’s passing. His death is a tragic waste of talent. He may have been the next Muhammed Ali. My prayers go out to Najai’s family.

  10. Uche Odo

    May his soul rest in peace,Amen.Suicide is a very unfortunate means of ending one’s life and we all should pray that none of our loved ones should ever be pushed into contemplating suicide.

  11. unknown

    thats was so sad. what made it worst my aunt use to date him like a couple months ago. She was so upset she didnt even attend his funeral. I dont really know him but i attend some of his fights. And all i can say is he is one of the best and It’s sad he can’t continue on to be the greatest

  12. Krissy

    Its really sad it came to this. It makes u wonder what Angela said to him. He had great talent and could of gone far in boxing. I really wish he would of thought of his daughter before going thru with it. I feel bad for her because now she doesnt have her daddy there for her. Well god bless to his family and daughter and may you rest in peace Najai.

  13. Gregory P. Maher

    Najai Turpin…
    In a world of extreme ups and downs, hard faces and passionate hearts there remains a large body of those with hard issues and inner termoil.
    Suicide is a desperate option. I only wish this young brother could have not given up. There are people that would have loved to love him…that would have been there to listen…
    My heart as well as others mourn for this loss as we do our brothers in Iraq and around the world.
    Love eachother please, our children need their fathers and mothers.
    Gregory P. Maher

  14. Brooklyn

    My heart goes out to his family. Its such a tradgedy that a man with such potential had to leave with no mark to really lay down. I pray for his daughter and in hopes that one day, his spirit will fall on those who need him the most. God Bless!

  15. T-man

    All I can say is, ANYONE who takes his or her own life, especially when they have great potential in life and have dependence to boot, and they just throw it away because they can’t see past a bad period in their lives, and doing it to hurt someone such as his ex-girl friend. Makes him one of the biggest LOSERS OF THE WORLD! He does not have my sympathy but I will give him shame! My sympathy’s to his family for having such a loser for a son and to the child. (Word, to all other suicidal people out there DO NOT DO IT, BE A WINNER !) God bless.

  16. chris

    I don’t agree with T-Man at all. We can’t judge another man unless we have walked in his shoes. My boyfriend killed himself 2 weeks before Najai killed himself and he was also a fighter. Both situations were most likely a result of feeling hopeless about the future or feelings of worthlessness. If anything those that are left behind should honor the memory of those lost to suicide and we need to remember that in this life, there are those who feel they are fighting a loosing battle. We must remember that for some it is a reality and we must use this knowledge to reach out to those in the struggle. It’s to late to bring my boyfriend back and it’s too late to bring Najai back but we can learn from past mistakes and hopefully change the lives of those we encounter in the future. God bless and keep you, Najai.

  17. Nikki Smith

    WHAT A LOSS TO HIS FAMILY AND THE WORLD! Noone understands the trials and tribulations of a young, black man like Najai. From the absence of a father, to the death of his mother, from the responsiblilty of his siblings, to the responsibility of his daughter, from problems within his environment, to reported problems within his relationship, compounded with a unrealized dream, this was a young man on the edge. Many of us may at one time or another feel like Najai, but something or someone foils the plan — I wish someone, ANYONE, had noticed the signs. Despite his final act of desperation, I HONOR NAJAI “NITRO” TURPIN. May God bless him and have mercy on his soul. WE MUST BE MORE COMPASSIONATE, USE YOUR TIME ON EARTH TO LOVE PEOPLE AND LIKE THINGS.

  18. jeremy

    In a time like this all one can do is pray, ask God to watch over the soul of najai turpin and to touch his family and friends. I am deeply saddend to hear of this news and I pray….i hope we all pray.

  19. K.Cage

    I am sitting here watching the Contender now and it really saddens me that this young man took hi own life. While this is sad, it puzzles me that no one knows why especially since the girlfriend was in the car with him. She has to know why. But I guess that is neither here nor there. It really is just a sad situation.

  20. Dianna Watson

    Where do we start? The depths of depression is hard for most to undertand. For those who who feel Najai
    took the easy way out,you have no idea of the pain a person can feel. Some have said it takes more nerve to live than to kill yourself. I disagree, when you feel so hopeless like your life is never gonna get better, what choice do you have? I need to say to his family, your are not to blame, there is no way you could have forseen his intentions. I too want to leave all the pain and make it all go away. But unlike Najai I don’t have the courage. May he rest in peace, FINALLY.

  21. Bo

    Can anyone speculate about his suicide? His girlfriend was with him in the car; she might have said something really horrible.
    Hi Najai! May God bless your soul!

  22. Trey

    Its sad to hear a great fighter like Najai Turpin will do such a thiing like that. I don’t understand why, but remember always, you’ll be missed the most.
    R.I.P Najai Turpin

  23. Paula Gordon

    This is a sad loss for our world and especially to Najai’s loved ones. To those who knew him: Do not blame yourself and please forgive yourself if you have any guilt, as well as forgiving Najai. It reminds me of this song that I will dedicate to him now by the rock group Third Eye Blind:
    “I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend,
    You could cut ties with all the lies that you

  24. David Rman Robertson

    Najai, I did not know him at all yet I am sad and compelled to say goodbye. For those that were blessed with his love and memories hold them tight so you can tell his story to his child. Hopefully your memories of him will keep you going through these tough times. I am the unfortunate one for not knowing him – but what I have read makes me wish I had.
    His loved ones are going to miss him day in and day out, with many tough days to come. Perceiver, do not throw in the towel. Najai would not have. Some of the readers may think differently, but Najai made a huge mistake that can not be reversed – he did not throw in the towel!
    My deepest sympathy to his family and his daughter. My prayers have been with you since hearing of Najai’s passing. Hopefully God and Najai are hearing your prayers and helping you with the saddness you must be bearing. God Bless you.

  25. Andrew

    How tragic and selfish!! Unfortunately, he
    has left a 2 year old daughter to fend for
    herself, it is a sad story on either end.
    My hope is that his little girl will be well
    cared for.

  26. Emily

    I only became a fan of boxing after watching the first episode of the Contender. All those guys got me hooked. I am so saddened to hear about this.

  27. jen

    some people say that your spirit lingers when you commit suicide, we should all pray for his soul so that he can RIP, it is so easy to go down, unfortunately he went to far down. his family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  28. Octavio Hoyos

    I’m taking the time to say that all our youth around the world could be loved and be paid attention on rough times..Please try to understand what they are going thru..as for Najai Turpin i want to say that they could give all these “real life shows” better counseling after these contestants leave the show’s that way they can be listened to more closely..I trully hope that Najai is living a better afterlife and may he R.I.P. and my deepest condolences goes out to his family and hope his daughter get the proper guidance & attention as well. Octavio Hoyos

  29. amber

    ok… no one has a right to sit there and put him down for the choice HE made. ok? none of us no what was going on in his life at this point of time. AND if you read ANYTHING about it you would know he had a really hard life. i think God will find it in his heart to forgive him and i think we should not judge. probably more than 1/2 of you whether you are going to admit it or not have had thoughts of suicide, he just went through with it. im sure if you commited suicide you wouldnt want people judging you and setting up a forum for people to comment on you decisions and actions you took. STOP JUDING AND ACTING LIKE YOU KNEW HIM! k now im done.

  30. Jason Nichols

    RIP Najai Turpin. Its a shame, he was a tough fighter and with dedication could have made some cash. i dont believe all that shit about him comitting suicide because he is black and the world is hard on him. if he did it on feb.14 it must’ve been an ex or something.
    my prayers go out to you and your family. best regards.
    Jason Nichols

  31. Jill A

    Our heart goes out to his family, a true tragedy. He has left a small child with no father, how sad & selfish. The family of Najai our prayers and thoughts are with you.
    God Bless all of you.

  32. Jason E McGregor

    Too the very few of you out there judjing Najai, you have no right! You are not God and you are not better than Najai. Some peoples inner demons are very hard to deal with. Depression can be a sickness. It is not a selfish act, but a way for those who go through it to feel better. I have held a 45 to my head and wanted my pain to go away but did not go through with it. To all of you contimplating suicide, just know that life will get better. Brighter days will be instore for you if you want it bad enough! DREAM– Keep your dream alive! My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Najai’s family, friends, and loved ones. God bless

  33. Fort Hood,Texas

    My prayers are with the Turpin family, they have suffered so much through the years.
    To Turpin’s daughter-your father is forever watching over you Precious.Perhaps your daddy felt he couldn’t help you here on Earth for whatever reason–I strongly believe he will be your Guide through the rest of your life-I pray that this tragedy keeps God close to your heart through out your life!!
    To the mother of Najai’s daughter-Guilt is our biggest enemy. I pray you seek counseling for what you witnessed, what was said or not said, for the sake of your daughter be Strong and keep the spirit of her father alive and well. To the rest of the Contender boxers, Keep those memories alive! who knows Najai just may be with you in the ring sometime, smiling down, sayin ‘Knock one out for me!’
    Najai,with the untimeliness of the death, I can only hope that your family members were there to greet you on the otherside.. my prayers are with you as well. You are no longer hurting, no longer struggling, no longer suffering.
    God Bless You.

  34. Brian Avila

    I feel very sorry for Najai’s Family I know how hard it is to lose someone special.I send my condolences to the family and I will keep them in my prayers.

  35. contenderfan

    If we want to truly show our respect for this man we should all give to his daughters fund. I did. I pray that you are with your Lord now Najai.

  36. questionable

    Are we sure it was suicide? Has the police investigation ruled out foul play? Has that even been considered? I don’t know his mind set and I have never walked in his shoes, however, for someone who has so much talent and finally realizing goals, with everything to live for and nothing to lose…it sparks interest in me that the last person to see him alive was the person who has custody disputes with him.
    They ruled my girlfriends death a suicide and it just didn’t add up so we kept probing and questioning and finally the police found that her husband poisoned her because she had told him she was leaving and was taking the kids with her!
    What ever the case may the truth come to light!

  37. Tonia

    Suicide is horrible. It says… “I have no way out of what I’m going through”. “I have no one to turn to”. “I have no reason to LIVE”. Suicide is never about anyone except for the person who is contemplating it. Najai was not selfish. He had no more to give. No more energy to fight. He was tired. Someone wrote that probably half of the people reading this forum have contemplated suicide. They are probably right. Life is not always a “cake walk”. We all have problems in some area of our lives, and for some of us…prayer is not enough. I wish that Najai knew that God only gives you what you can handle. To me it seems as though God thinks I’m Super Woman, but that’s a joke between He and I. It took me a long time to be able to laugh at the trials and tribulations and to know that “It aint always gon’ be bad!” Unfortunately… some people never get there. Unfortunately… Najai and millions of others choose to die.
    I pray for his everlasting peace.
    To all of you who chose to finish reading this…Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them.

  38. Janise

    Before Christmas, our family was devasted with the news that my nephew, Keith – 21 years old – took his own life. I look at his picture and and try so hard to reach beyond time and space in asking why. My sister asked that I speak at his memorial. I did some research and discovered some poignant words on suicide. I am changing the name of Keith to Najai. I hope it silences those who think suicide is selfish and evil.
    “Our news today is dominated with tragic death in disasters and war. And as we try to come to terms with what has happened, we may not realize the scope of (Najai’s)decision.
    I would like to share a few words that I came across. For the most part, they are from Norman Vincent Peale. In addition he quotes a Rev. West Stephens and what he said at a eulogy for a young man that died by his own hand.
    I have taken the liberty to change them, just a bit.
    (Najai)died on his own battlefield. He was killed in action fighting a civil war. He fought against adversaries that were as real to him as his casket is real to us. They were powerful and they took toll of all his energies and endurance. They exhausted the last vestiges of his courage and his strength. And finally, these adversaries overwhelmed him and (Najai) lost the war.
    But I see a many victories in his struggle.
    (Najai) is to be admired for his bravery on that battlefield.
    We should give him credit for the courage and pride and hope that he used as his weapons as long as he could.
    We shall remember not his death, but the daily victories in his life that were beautiful, lovely and honorable.
    We shall remember not his last day of defeat, but we shall remember the many days that he was triumphant over overwhelming odds.
    We shall remember not the years we thought (Najai) had left, but the years he had.
    Only God knows what this child of His suffered in the silent skirmishes that took place in his soul. But our consolation is that God did know, and understood.

  39. Pam Armstrong

    I was sadden to hear about Najai’s death. I pray that God will keep her and that the ministering angels will direct her paths. I hope that she will become a very successful young women making her father very proud of her.
    However, I do believe that his girlfriend must have said something to push him over the edge. It’s true what the Bible says, “There’s life and death in the power of the tongue.”

  40. unknown

    Sometimes a person finds themself in a situation where their back is against the wall and there is no other way out… but no matter how bad it is, there is always another way out… u just have to take the time to find it.
    God Bless

  41. Trav

    I understand and I don’t. It’s a sad situation but for whom?? All that keeps going through my head is that there is now a 2 year old little girl with no father because he decided to take his own life. How could he do that to his family??? I truly believe that this was a selfish act which will forever leave his family picking up the pieces. All we can do is ask for his forgiveness and pray for his family. God Bless.

  42. RJS

    May life never strike with a powerpunch those who judge Najai for what he did. And if it does and the only thing you can hear afterwards is the count to ten, remember your own judgment… and stand up. Fight. For victory is of those who live through the furious battle of life and get to the final round.

  43. Rachelle P.

    Oh Najai, if only you could’ve seen the alternate choice you had….. But I also know that I have no idea what you were going through and what took you to that point. I hope you remain in your daughter’s heart through her years and deepest condolensces along with God’s precious blessings to your family, friends, and fellow contenders.

  44. dmack

    My prayers go out to you and your beautiful daughter. In the worst of situations, you set a powerful example of work ethic, dedication, and humility. You conquered everything that came your way except for the one thing no young man can completely conquer. The infidelity of a baby’s mama!

  45. Mandy

    You have taken from your daughter the most important thing in the world and that is your guidance and love!! My heart goes out to her and her alone, and may god have mercy on you for eternity.

  46. Rich

    From learning about Najai’s “closet bed” to the fact that he is/was a Philadelphia fighter you just knew that this 23 year old man had put a lot onto his shoulders. A Philadelphia fighter deserves a much better ending than this. I can only imagine the mean streets Najai Turpin came from. They are not the same streets that I have known (nor anything close to them).
    This is why it is so important for men and women to stay together. Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. Wives submit yourselves to your own husbands are you do unto God.
    If only a Mom and a Dad had still been in Najai’s life perhaps he would still be with us today.
    My whole heart and all my prayers go out to Najai’s surviving family. May God bless you (in ways you may not yet see) for the rest of your lives.

  47. Junfan5

    Your toughest fight would have been to stay alive and make sure your daughter had a better life than you…….this is what most parents want for their kids.
    You know how the Lord feels about the way you died. May he have mercy on your soul young brother.
    My prayers go out to your daughter and family.

  48. Joey

    My brother was killed in a car accident 2 years ago. He had 3 young children. His life was taken from him. He had no choice. He wanted to live life. He was a great person, always smiling and laughing. I think it is really sad that he didn’t get the choice to stay or go. I still wake up crying some nights missing him so much I almost can’t breath. I feel so bad for his family, they have to live with that kind of greif because of a choice he made. It is not up to anyone to choose when we die. IT IS GODS CHOICE!!! Najai, may god have mercy on your soul.

  49. Beentouchedbysuicide

    No one will ever know or understand what caused this tragedy. I believe we have no right to judge another person. My father committed suicide and I am still dealing with it, but one thing I know, we DON’T know what they are thinking or what causes the extreme depression that causes that final decision.

  50. Matt

    I will pray for Najai and the family that he left behind, that God will comfort them in thier time of need and that they will draw closer to the Lord. I hate to see something like this.God be with the Turpin family.

  51. Tom

    I don’t believe this… I just watched the first episode and felt sad that Peter Manfredo lost – I didn’t want either to lose because both boxers had worked so hard to get where they are. This just makes my evening worse.
    My thoughts & condolences are with his family at this time.

  52. Marc

    It is not O.K. to judge others for something like this. I have a friend that tried to commit suicide with a 12 gauge shotgun and lived!!!
    It is GODS choice whether we live or die.

  53. Karen

    4 years ago on January 17th, my family lost my nephew his loss was ruled death by his own hand. He was in a room of friends and his girlfriend was with him as he played a game of russian roulette wih a man 9 years older than him. His loss was extremely hard on all of us that loved him, and left many questions of why. He left his mother, father, brother, sister, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends and a two month old daughter. With all the love we had to offer him, he still chose to move on with his journey.
    Najai, has moved on in his journey. He has left those who knew him, loved him, and those whose lives he touched. I would say to them remember the best of Najai…and pass it on to his daughter, as my family has done with my nephew’s daughter.
    May God be with you during this time of heartache and bring to you the peace that comes with time. Listen in your hearts and hear the messages from Najai, if you listen and remember…he will help to bring you peace, my nephew did.

  54. Missygirl

    From what little inforation I’ve been able to find about this tragic event – that he shot himself right after his girlfriend left the car… it sounds as if he made a rash decision out of anger or upset that cannot be reversed.
    He may have indeed been stressed by other things in his life, of course. Unfortunately, it doesn’ t sound like he even thought it through at the time… almost like it was out of anger?
    We will never know, and I have no right to judge. It just saddens me for him and all of his loved ones.
    May all of you find peace and comfort in remembering the blessings of his presence in your lives while he was there. There are no words to express my sympathy for you…

  55. Manchi

    Why anybody feels bad for Najai is beyond me, the people he left behind are the ones we should feel sympathy for. I could give a rats ass whether he was black, white, purple or brown. He is not the first person to have gone through a lot growing up, and in his present life. The selfishness of his act alone shows how much of a coward he turned out to be. Yes he did go contribute a lot to this world and he should be commended for that, but he should also be looked at as a tragic figure that left a 2 year old daughter without a father. I hope the world where he is now is a worse place than the one he left behind. The easy way out is never the answer.

  56. JB

    People need to understand life is hard. 23 years of a tough life, you should have known by now. I think he is a coward. Being a father, I know that I am second. My son is first. Everything I do is for him. Now, since this person who couldn’t face a tough road decides to off himself, a innocent todler is going to be faced with a tougher road than her father was on. I hope she doesn’t turn to the streets when she’s older, and lives a life of crime after she realizes and understands what her father did. I have no sympothy for an a-hole that leaves a child behind. Maybe it was a goodthing for the child. Maybe he wasn’t going to turn out to be a positive role model. God bless the MEN and WOMEN who take care of the children. The world is a better place because of us.

  57. nancy

    so sad this had to happen. it sounds like he maybe was overwhelmed by life and maybe even upset with his girlfriend and made a rash decision that he could not take back. she should be questioned thoroughly to get to the bottom of this awful tragedy so his family can get past this loss and move on. questions left unanswered can really tear a person apart….so can guilt. let’s hope the truth comes out soon for everyone’s sake, especially his daughter.

  58. Lekeisha

    Yo Yo Yo. Najai.. You are such a strong fighta. Yo had 13 wins..7 Knockouts..1 Loss.. Thatz a great timetable of yours. Your daughter is beautiful.. But what I am wondering is why you commited Suicide. You have a Gf and a Daughter… Well.. R.I.P.. I just watched your fight against Sergio.. You should of won.. Wel I still believe in you. Keep fighting. Once again R.I.P.. *Props*

  59. Lekeisha

    Najai. I hope god looks over your Family with good love and care.
    God Chose you to come to heaven.. God had sayed to himself.. Najai’s time has come. So God chooses wheather you Live or Die. RIP

  60. Don

    I’ve only seen one episode of “The Contender” and it was the episode that Najai fought. I thought he was a great fighter and I cheer for him the entire 5 rounds. It’s sad to see something so promising disappear off our earth. One thing is for sure…he’ll be watching over his beautiful daughter and showing her the toughness he had and the determination.
    My heart goes out the family.
    God Bless and Always Believe.

  61. Christian

    Not everoyne who commits suicide deserves sympathy. Although it is always sad to see life lost in such a way, Najai proved himself to be a QUITTER of the highest order. He had everything going for him, a beautiful child, wife, and other family members who doubtless looked up to him and depended on him. What he did to himself was incredibly sad, but also galactically selfish, irresponsible, and pathetic. Even if all was not well with his home life, there are thousands upon thousands of othrs who have it far worse. Oh yes, it is incredibly sad, but if he could not see or understand what his decision would do to others, then we can feel sorry for him, but not commend him.
    He did not have a monopoloy on loss. He quit the game, right when there was an opportunity to pick himself up, and prove to himself that he was a champion. Instead, he yanked himself from his child’s life and the lives of those for whom he was responsible. Perhaps it was a mental illness to begin with, something he could not control. He certainly had the mental acuity to fight his opponent, however. He simply lost. He isn’t the only one to lose a fight.
    A very sad thing, but not commendable. A quitter like that is no hero.
    Count your blessings, people. Always count your blessings.

  62. Karli (Ajax, Canada)

    Although I was not fortunate enough to have known more about Naiji. The glimpse I got of him had a very strong effect on me. He seemed to be such a beautiful person, and he was the kinda guy everyone admired and respected, because he was true and he gave it his all. We will pray for Anyae and I have made a donation to her trust fund. For his family please don’t let mean spirited people bring you down. He did what he did on his own,and he didn’t decide to take his life in one day. Please honour all that he stood for and the many wonderfull things he was. May he rest in peace and may God Bless his family and daughter.
    Karli Roopchan

  63. totoy

    i just finished watchin the contender..n i was so0o shocked to hear dat naiji passed away.. wut a tragedy…i jus cant believe itt..hes a good fighter…his quick..solid ..n got that champion attitude in him…i jus cant believe itt..im speechless..who0a**…my heart goes out to his family n especially to his daughter…(u can donate money ..jus got to the contender site)…
    R.est I.n P.eace — Najai Turpin..ur name n legacy will b remembered…ingat tol*

  64. Pete

    You guys have no reason what so ever for talking about how bad he is because he killed himself. I live in philly too because my parents came from poland with 5 dollars to try and give me a better life. you don’t even imagine the struggles you go through just to survive and how your environment shapes you…i prevailed in a way, im workin 2 jobs and going to school at widener university in chester but only becasue i was lucky to get where i am, not everybody is me and im trying to help those out who cant make it. RIP Najai and my prayers are with your family

  65. shakenbreakballa

    I just finished watching the episode of contender where najai was beaten by Sergio and it just makes me wonder if he had won would he still be alive. I can’t believe that he killed himself. I guess I don’t want to believe that he killed himself. He seemed like such a great man. I really hope that his daughter will be okay. My prayers go out to him and his family.
    By the way for anyone who wants to donate to his daughter go to: http://www.contender.yahoo.com

  66. blew

    man, just watched the show, so sad. Najai, you will be missed man, you were a lion in the ring, and from what I can tell, a wonderful father. I heard his death was related to Custody of his daughter……

  67. cindy

    had a father who comitted suicide, dont feel bad for him, that was his fault, it could have been prevented. i feel horrible for the baby and mother who will have to live this down for the rest of their lives. doesnt feel good to know your father killed himself knowing he has a child no matter the situation.

  68. jen

    this situation just is disappointing… it is unbelievable that a man would take his own life leaving a two year old to fend for herself. I do not pretend to know what it was like for Najai, but how you could take your life and leave your daughter alone is something that I can never understand. RIP… pray for the child

  69. rchjr

    The pressure that society puts on young people to just “be” is a joke the fact is oportunity is hard to find and shows like contender that have no rebound effect for contesants like that of survivor or mtv’s real world give people other ways of making money or being wanted.. The truth is after watching the contender i knew it was suicide just because sugar ray didn’t say why but everyone knew. God bless and to anyone who asks or says i couldn’t do that you aren’t that guy or you don’t know him to judge him \
    our country is great but we still can’t solve prejudice or poverty. in the end without poverty this show wouldn’t have been anything

  70. TYMANN2006


  71. Mark

    I hope that anyone that was close to him is reading this long list of strangers that truly fell in love with someone through a tv set. May God have mercy on his soul. He seemed like a man that given the right opportunity and chances, could have accomplished a lot in his life. I am deeply saddened by his passing and hope the best for the ones close to him. God Bless!

  72. Nick

    I was one of millions of people that just watched the Contender and I myself realize how hard life is.. Sucicide is never the answer, no matter how hard life is. I was surprized such a honest person like Najai would deprive his daughter of a life of her own. My prayers go out to his family.
    I’m pretty sure everyone is surprized by this.
    Again prayers to all of his family.
    Rest in Peace Najai

  73. Danielle Galdy

    I was in complete shock when I found out Najai took his life when I saw the episode dedicating to his memory. I send my prayers to his family, especially his wife and little daugter. Najai Turpin, may you rest in peace!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Mckirven

    Mah prayers go out to Najai and his family…It’s terrible thing that this happened..What matters now is that his daughter grows up having a good life….cause thats what he wanted…RIP

  75. GrandAdmiral

    I”m shocked to hear what happened.
    The show set up a trust fund for the daughter for those interested. You can get more info at The Contender website.
    God bless.

  76. Brant

    We can not judge a man for what we do not know. But in situations involving kids I could see through his eyes, for I am in a situation where my kids are being held. I love to box and I feel deeply saddened for his family, but god bless him for what he gave to everyone while he was on this earth. Celebrate his life, dont take away from it by asking questions, god bless Najai.

  77. Autumn

    My prayers go out to Najai and those who loved and continue to love him, stay strong and try to keep living your life as he would have wanted you to. I only hope that people do not judge that young man for choice that he made.

  78. cliff

    Suicide is a very selfish act. It doesn’t take a lot of heart. What takes a lot of heart is commitment for better or worse… I am sad for his daughter. His wife’s comments were classic. “She doesn’t know the difference, neither do I.” She had a lot of heart. God bless her. God bless their daughter.

  79. Dave

    Najai you were hurting so, I know. Two devastating events was too much for you. I wish I or someone could have been there for you. May God Bless your daughter and ALL concerned. Dave

  80. J White

    No one can know what sadness lies within one’s heart and what level of desperation exists excpet the person experiencing it. Najai appeared to be such a young man of promise, and to those who must carry on, I pray that you do not take blame, but remember the laughter…the good times…the promise…learn from the past so that you too do not repeat it. Tomorrow may seem so far away at times and yet it is so much closer than we think. May the angels in Heaven hold him close and the angels on earth support his family and especially his daughter. God Bless.

  81. Clayton

    I just watched The Contender, and I am so saddend by the news of Najai’s death. He was a good man at heart, and just by watching him on the show with his daughter, it touched my heart. Only God know what and why a person would choose to end their life. My heart goes out to his family, ecspecially his daughter.

  82. kevan ur #1 fan

    My love goes out to his family and his little daughter, Najai turpin u r my idol, rest in peace, u woulda been a champ.

  83. Matthew

    I am truely saddened by this shocking reality. Who can understand such a senseless loss. I am contributing to the fund set up by Sugar Ray for his little girl. God Bless her! Peace be with you Najai!!

  84. Leanne

    I hope everybody will be more understanding in the fact that they only know a small portion of Najai’s story and that it may never be known as to why he took his life away. Instead of slandering his name and calling him a coward, it would be a much better choice to have sympathy for his family and pray for them as well as Najai so that he may rest in peace. Godbless.

  85. WarLokK

    I’m a fighter; never knew the meaning of quitting… i have no family and all i have in life is my friends and my cats.
    I would NEVER have the dishonor of thinking of myself before my friends so i dont understand his taking his life… i mean he had a little girl!
    THAT in itself is a reason to NEVER quit!

  86. Kevin

    This is so sad! I wish there was a way he could have been saved. That’s really awesome they are setting up a trust for his daughter. There’s nothing more to say about it.
    For all you people on here dogging Najai did you ever stop to think he may have had a chemical imbalance like bipolar disorder or manic depression? That interview he had with the counselor where he said people will only let you down. That’s how a depressed person thinks. I use to live with one and I heard it many times. He obviously loved his family very much. Don’t pass judgment on Najai you don’t know the real circumstances.
    Think before you speak. People with these disorders need help and he probably couldn’t afford to get it or didn’t catch it in time with all the work he had to do to support his family. Another reason why we need National Healthcare
    . Think about this next time you go to vote.

  87. Andy

    It seemed as if he had everything looking up for him. I coulnd’t believe what I was reading. I can’t see what went wrong, he seemed like a smart young man on the road to boxing glory. He was a very tough fighter. It boggles my mind to think about why he would do this.
    There is a trust fund for Najai’s daughter

  88. luis

    Najai, all i wanna say man, is “One life, One love.” May God be with ur beautiful daughter. I wish u would of taken a better route on ur decision but hey only god can judge you. One love. GOD BLESS!!!

  89. Jon

    Why and how someone somewhere had to see his pain. I truly feel sorry for the ones around him who loved him so. My greatest concern is his little girl she just like many in the world will grow up without a father in her life. I am just shocked of how a young man like this can take his own life. I am truly sorry.
    See you on the High Ground
    SFC, United States Army

  90. Dannie

    I just finishing watching an episode of The Contender, where Najai lost the fight. I was shocked to see “In The Memory Of”, I immediately logged onto the internet to find more information. To his family, I am deeply sorry for your lost. My prayers goes out to the family. I plan to contribute to his daughter trust fund, I hope and pray others will do the same.

  91. Stephanie

    Suicide is never an option. I send prayers for strenghth,understanding,and forgiveness on behalf of Najai’s daughter and family. God Bless You.

  92. Candace

    I might come across as ignorant, or sheltered because I do not know what it feels like to loose a loved one who took their own life. I do not know what it feels like to grow up in a home with out a dad or poor, but I will say this. My heart breaks for Najai, I only wish someone would have talked to him about the love of Christ Jesus and how in him we can do all things. So I send this message to his family. If you will accept Jesus Christ as your saviour, he will lead you through this life. The Lord has many wonderful promises for his children, if we would only accept them. My family and I have sent money to his daughter. They are in our prayers.

  93. Tyler

    Me and my mom were watching the contender for only the second time when we saw at the end it said in loving memory of Najai Turpin we are so so so so sorry and our prayers are with the family

  94. yoli

    I just finished the watching the show with NT and I wanted to know what had happened. His family, his daughter, his girlfriend, his fans will miss him. Life is hard and we must be able to bend with the curves it throws. It’s too bad he felt he had no other way out.
    May you rest in peace, friend.

  95. Chester W.

    We will never know the reasons why things occur. Especially, those things that tend to make all of us stop and shead a tear. Najai, will always be in my heart as if I had know him all my life.
    Najai – we will miss you and remember the passion and love you left behind…..

  96. Lamar

    To all of najai’s family i hope that you can grow from this lose because you lost an extraordinary man, he was a fighter and a great dad and when he lost that that i was in a state of shock and when i found out he died i had tears in my eyes….
    I just dont know why he would do this with all he had in life i kno things were tuff but he had so much to look for later in life…R.I.P Najai i hope your in a grater place

  97. Briana Robertson

    Life, love, and understanding are the only true gifts that we have here on earth. Seeing Najai with his daughter was a beautiful thing, for him to waste something so valuable is senseless. I’m sorry that a great guy like Najai had to die, and for his family that had to deal with such a horrible lost.

  98. gina

    My grandpa always sad “my life is as sweet as the next man”. It saddens me that people don’t cherish life. My prayers go out to najai and his family I know he will rest in peace.

  99. Jacqueline

    So sad – such a young life gone in an instant. I didn’t know he had passed on Valentine’s, until tonight’s show “go to yahoo site for a memorial”!?!?! Couldn’t believe what I was hearing, until I came here and read everyone’s blessings and scoldings of his passing. Goodbye, Najai, and Anyae, I hope you find peace and acceptance at the tragic passing of your daddy. He seemed like a tired young man – and only 23…so sad.

  100. Gary

    Najai Turpin,whom we never got to know,
    Lost his bout on the TV show.
    But he showed class with that defeat,
    And now kneels at his maker’s feet.
    It is not ours to judge nor ours to say,
    Why he took his life that day.
    “For when they come to write against your name,
    It is not whether you win or lose,
    But how you played the game.”
    And you gave it all—GOD BLESS TURPIN!!

  101. Kelly

    I just learned of Najai’s passing this evening as the “Contender” came to an end. I was crying with Najai after he lost the fight. He had such heart and seemed like a wonderful man and father. My tears flowed even more after the news of his death. All I could think about was that little girl running around chasing her “dada” and how she will never truly know what she meant to him. I can’t understand why such a promising person would go to this extreme and leave such a beautiful child behind to be raised without her daddy in her life. May God have mercy on your soul Najai…..If I were a millionaire, like Donald Trump, I would definatley contribute a sizeable amount of money for his daughter’s trust fund. She’s a beautiful child and I pray her mother and his family can make it through this horrific tragedy.

  102. Earl

    Najai seemed like a very humble and great man. he leaves behind a great family, and a legacy that had greatness written all over it. my thoughts and prayers go out to the Turpin family. you will be missed Najai. R.I.P

  103. Bill

    First I would like to wish his family all the best. Najai, I feel your pain……..
    Second, I am tired of postings that refer to suicide as a selfish act. Suicide results from demons that reach deep inside you and prevent any hope for the future. When depression sets in, it is almost impossible to come out without some sort of help….whether it be medication or counseling. Even then, in a lot of cases, this doesn’t help. People with deep depression don’t have big dreams……their big dreams are trying to find a way to make it through the next day. Ignorant people who post about selfishness or cowardly act of suicide, do not know one bit about depression and/or why people take their own lives. They don’t take their lives because they lost a fight…….or got in to an argument…….it goes way back…..and the demons end up winning…..just like they do in most cases. God bless you Najai…….

  104. Becky

    My heart goes out to Najai’s girlfriend and daughter, I will pray for you tonight. It is really too bad for this mans’ family. What are his sibblings to think, no mother, now no brother. My prayers are for them as well.

  105. Greg

    I just watched the show and before the end of the show when they told us that Najai passed away I was totaly feeling for him and what he was going through. I wanted him to win so bad. So it hurt me watching him lose, but then it was too much when they said he passed away I couldnt help but actually shed a few tears. My prayers go out to you Najai and family.

  106. Shelby

    My Dad and I just finished watching the Contender, and we were really stunned by the news. We really thought Najai had a good chance at becoming a well known boxer regardless of his lost on the contender. Our prayers and love go to his daughter. We really hope that someone near and dear to the family will be a positive role model for the little girl. The world is full of hard times and tribulations but we all must go on. I hope this act of tragedy makes people realize that actions always have consequences and there is NEVER an easy way out no matter what the situation maybe. I wish that all people will remember at the end of every dark tunnel, there is light as well as hope. God bless.

  107. Kaula Robinson

    I didn’t even know Najai personally, but I was so saddened to know that someone from my hometown was getting somewhere in life, fought his heart out against Sergio, and wound up killing himself. It just don’t seem right…..he had a future ahead of him and a girlfriend and babygirl to care for as well as family. It’s just ashame…I just wish I could have seen him grow. My prayers go out to the family and everyone who knew him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mural in his memory somewhere on Broad St….he is definitely a person/life to remember.

  108. Loren

    I just finished watching the contender for the first and probably the last time. I was yelling at the top of my lungs for Najai. I can identify with you about the struggles you make to care for your family. No ones knows what God has in store for us. I pray for your beatiful daughter and hope that your girlfriend is able to move on after your death. Even if she didn’t say anything to encourage his demise she will always remember it. I pray for her and his daughter. And for all of you who think you are god yourself, stop right now and go and pray. Judge not lest ye be judged….

  109. B. G. EAST TX.


  110. Lauren

    This is really sad…..I pray for his family. I did not even know that he had passed away until tonight when I was watching his episode….He was so young I am really saddened to hear of this and will keep his family espically his precious daughter in my heart and prayers

  111. Roberta


  112. alex

    im sry that it had to end liek that for him..thats really sad… my prairs r with his daughter, girlfreind and the rest of his family, he was one of my favorites on the show and thats horrible that something liek that would happen..
    god bless

  113. tarah

    I just heard about this young brotha, it is a sad thing but I can understand I felt at times that life is so hard, we feel that ending it will make it better but in all actuality it isn’t we leave those behind in alot of pain and we leave alot of unresolved things. I want his family to know that God will help you through this, and to the mother of his child he will guide you through the hard times of being a single mother keep your head up and remember prayer does change things. I am a mother of two and girl that is hard, well I have YOU most of in my prayers!

  114. swanlady

    To my chrisitian brothers & sisters of all races,
    I want to post this message to encourage anyone who is looking for a way out! Try to muster up enough strength to say Jesus, I need you right now. You will be surprise how quickly God answers pray. This mean demonic world has a way of breaking our spirit but, just know God is still in control.
    To the beautiful family of Naijai- You have nothing to be ashamed of. I pray your strength and I break down any strongholds that your family may be facing—In the name of Jesus.
    I also pray prosperity, love, and a full life for his precious beautiful daughter.
    Lastly, I pray wholeness for his girlfriend (ex) whatever. Just PEACE FOR everyone who is hurting. I hurt and I did not even know him. To all the Naijais out there, Hang in there.

  115. Sarah

    Wow.. how breath-taking! Najai.. you will always be my favorite contender. you are a winner in God’s eyes & definately through your admirers. YOU’RE AWESOME! you’re in my prayers.
    And to the family of Najai.. you’ll see him again someday, you all are in my prayers & don’t ever forget the unforgettable, Najai Turpin. Stay strong & know that he is now in peace.
    To the precious daughter- you are a beautiful girl, you are in my prayers. I hope that one day you will understand the loss of your “Dada.” I pray that you will be taken care of by someone, just as Najai would of taken care of you. Don’t give up. You’re precious!

  116. Eliza

    What a tragedy. I was just watching the show, and crying when he lost without even knowing that this happened until the end of the show. What a beautiful family he has. My heart goes out to his siblings, his daughter and girlfriend. There is really no words that can help, but please donate money to his daughters fund on the contender website.

  117. Zero

    I had never heard of Najai before the episode where he fought was aired. During the entire show, from the moment he came onscreen with the commetns made by his team’s denmother, I felt I connected with him and his personality much more than the other fighters I had watched before on the show. I found myself cheering for him, even desperately, as he seemed to have a personality so similar to my own… the moment I say the announcement about his death at the end of the show I was shocked, and rushed to find out more about him. It is understandable to look at people as cowards for choosing suicide, but any person who has had enough worldly experience knows that every person is differnet and that one’s experiences in life ultimately shape your perception. Najai’s choice may have made life difficult for his daughter, but that does not mean he should not be pitied as well. Anyone who chooses to kill themself after fighting through such an incredibly rough life for so long must have found that to be the one and only conclusion… I sympathize deeply for Najai, and especially his wife and daughter. Whether you are religious or not, we can all agree that he no longer must deal with the trials he fought through his entire life. Therefore, I sympathize with him, but I also smile for him, knowing that he is free of his problems.
    I would suggest that anyone who would condemn this man for leaving his family behind donate to his family before posting any comments that are derrogatory toward him. Otherwise, you don’t care after all.

  118. DAwn

    this is to najais’ family and friends
    and to everyone who wrote nasty and mean things about this situation
    my heart goes out to the daughter that was left behind without a father to watch her grow to a beautiful young lady.
    and to his girlfriend im sorry you lost him
    to his family
    Im sorry
    and to the mean people you dont know what was going through his head i mean he loses the fight and then from what i read his girlfriend broke up with him and there was a custody battle for his little girl alot was given to him on a plate and he couldnt handle it i feel sorry for people like him i tried to do the same thing back in the day but like other people say god chooses who lived and who dies my heart goes out to najai, his daughter, and family and friends god bless and just remember he will always be there watching over you

  119. Frank

    Life is either a blessing or a curse. It’s a matter of perspective. For one who is inspired by the miracle of the rising sun, it’s impossible to imagine, to comprehend, the depths of despair, the cumulative effect of this cruel world’s damage to the fragile human psyche over a lifetime, long or short.
    I don’thave to judge, or prescribe punishment, to make myself feel better-to project my inherent outrage, my disgust, when another human soul chooses to release themselves from the bonds, the burdens of their mortal coil.
    It is, thankfully, not my job. There’s enough misery in this world to go around.
    I choose to focus on the gifts I was given, by God and nature, to spend just a little time each day making a perceptible difference in the lives of those who tend toward a similar fate as Najai.
    Face the fire. Be strong. Each step brings you closer to peace. Farther from the awesome gravity
    drawing the human soul to darknness and despair.
    And while you choose the path of life, sacrifice as much of yourself as you can spare to guide others, like Najai, to the light.
    God bless…

  120. Jason Davis

    I enjoyed watching Najai. I was touched by his story. But there is NO excuse for suicide. IT IS NOT AN OPTION. God gave you your life, you don’t have the right to take it away. I’m not trying to be negative. Please understand. People that take their own life are only selfish. They are only thinking of themselves. That is not what life is about. Life is about what you can do for other people. If you truly have God in your life, you undestand that suicide is never an option. I pray for your family Najai.

  121. melissa

    His death is tragic and i am sure his family will miss him. I just don’t understand what makes him or his daughter for that matter any different from the thousands of others who commit suicide every year. What about a fund for all the children who lost a family member from suicide not just one individual? She is no different then they are. Because her father was on tv big deal.

  122. babitee

    I watched Najai’s story tonight an rooted for him all of the way. He was a tough little soldier and I plan to contribute to the fund set up at JP Morgan for his daughter. I am disgusted to read some of the posts placed here referring to Najai Turpin as “selfish” or a “quitter”. Someone’s father is dead. This is not the place for your personal opinions on suicide. Have some respect. You do not know the mental health of this man or what deamons from his past may have been haunting him. I know what it’s like to come from a tough background where the men expected to be hard and tough all of the time. Not everyone has the luxury of talking things through when, in the ghetto, that is considered to be a life-threatening form of cowardice or weakness for any man. May Najai rest in peace.

  123. Natalia

    Najai may peace be with you and may God watch over your precious daughter. Dianna Watson, you posted a message earlier; it seems to me that might need someone to talk to. You can contact me @ natb@udel.edu. Keep your head up!

  124. Tammy

    To Najai, I’m sorry you felt like you had no way out and all alone. God Bless you and your family. To the negative people in the world how dare you bash the one’s that have passed and question the reasons why. Thou shalt not judge, for ye shall be judged upon. Please be kind, he does have a family and a beautiful daughter. They’ve been through enough. If you want to show what kind of a person you are, do it by your actions not by your words. Make a donation! Make a difference! God bless you and your family. Our god forgives…

  125. LOW

    This one brings tears to my eyes.
    I just watched the show–what a shock, what a shock.
    I hope he was saved.
    I send my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  126. Jeff "The Raging Tiger" Burnett

    I just watched the episode of contender where Najai had his fight. I didn’t know that he had killed himself. This comes as a great shock to me, as well as a great eye opener. I am a beginning boxer myself, and want nothing more than to become a pro boxer. I have nerve problems and have thought of suicide myself in the past. Najai’s death has opened my eyes to the reality of what a dramatic effect a death can have on people around you. I didn’t even know him but, while watching the fight I saw he was a great fighter and a great guy. I looked up to his skill, and was envious of the chance he got to be on Contender. I am extremely saddened by his death, and feel for his family and friends. I think that everyone should take a look at what happened, and look at themselves, and take whatever positives you can get from such a negative and tragic event. I know it has opened my eyes. And I think that the name calling and slander of the man should stop. No one can understand what happened, and why he did it but him, and he is gone now; so, leave the man alone and let him REST IN PEACE… My thoughts and prayers go out to all family and friends of Najai Turnpin, and to everyone who has somehow been touched by this trajedy….

  127. Tom V

    This world has a way of trying to trap all of us into believing lies about our own lives. I know two things to be true for this life, Christ is always with us, and no man is island onto himself. We as humans need each other
    to lean on. My prayers go out to Najai’s family. May the love of Christ give the family strength to pick up the pieces. To all contemplating suicide. Talk with someone you trust, seek counsel!!

  128. 2centsworth


  129. Jeff

    listening to Najai speak moved a lot of people who watch the contender. he had a GREAT heart, but what happened????? nobody knows the reasons. anyone who is reading these messages has no idea how he felt or how much pain he had. and if you think you have or do seek real help. I agree with many that there was an alternative to this unfortunate event. we all pray for his family

  130. arnold galimba

    “In loving memory of Najai Turpin.” That was the blurb before the show started. My wife and I had no idea that one of the contestants passed away. My wife said “I think he committed suicide…”, I asked why? “You can see it in his eyes…” She was right and i only found out when i googled Najai’s name and lead me to this website. I’m still shocked. May he rest in peace and I know America and the rest of the world will take care of his daughter.

  131. Mike

    I believe that the loss of Najai has touched many people. He was a man that loved his daughter with all his heart. My prayers go out to his family.

  132. timothy

    I was just smiling a few minutes ago when I seen Najai running around the locker room and his little girl following right behind him. But when I seen the final comments of the show, I was heart broken. It is sad how someone such as Najai was taken from the people who loved him so much in such a sad way. People can only wish that they don’t have to experience such a loss in a lifetime. To the family of Najai, god be with you. And to Najai, the same.

  133. My

    No one can judge Najai but God!
    I am a counselor and work with adolescents like Najai, it was very obvious that he was a product of his environment and had several disorders. He had no one talk to and no one to turn to in his mind, he needed to be reached before he took matters into his own hands; but it went overlooked. If you listened to what he said the signs were there!! He had the heart of a champion but was struggling psychologically.
    May God Bless his family and have mercy on his soul.

  134. Josh M.

    this is so sad and such a loss plz everybody plz pray for his soul to be in eternal happiness in heaven and lets pray that god forgives him of taking his own life so plz lord forgive this young soul he was only 23 plz lord we are begging for your help if he wasnt happy alive maybe he thought it wudve been better off without him, lord he had a sickness he didn’t no wat to do lord plz forgive him and let him be happy with u in heaven.

  135. Bill

    Jason Davis has no idea what he is talking about…….I hate posts like that. You will never understand suicide and peoples thoughts until you have a gun to your head yourself. Period.

  136. Peter

    I don’t even know you, and I am deeply touched. My heart goes out to you and your friends. May you find peace and forgiveness. May we all learn something from this tragic loss; tell those in your life you love them, hug them, kiss them, let those who are important to you know how much you care, every day, in every way.

  137. Renee Schembri

    This truly is one of lifes’ most heartbreaking moments. My thoughts are with his beautiful little girl. God bless her. Najai RIP

  138. Amanda

    I just wanted to say how shocked that I am to find out that such a good competitor had taken his own life. The stress that he had to deal with must have been too much to handle. My family and I send our blessing to his family,more so to his daughter.
    I hope she lives a happy life dipute the horrible tragedy of her father.
    God bless…

  139. Mike

    Najai…….my heart dropped!! My first viewing of the contender. What a shocker!!
    I went from watching 60 minutes and seeing a society of sea nomads, who live without knowing their ages and not understanding the definition of want, to watching this program of fighters looking for recognition, respect, and rewards in pursuit of the American dream. Go figure? This, like many senerio’s , are a result of a very competitive society ( which also makes us equally great ).
    My deepest regrets go to his family and friends
    Never give up to the challenges of life.
    Battle hard like Najai……..but don’t give up!!

  140. bryan payne

    This is a person who “wanted to keep his word”. It is a curse. The true honerable person, is a double edge sword. On one hand, they judge themselves by their word. On the other, they don’t realize no one else honors their own. They think others think like them and are honerable. Yet, most are not. He killed himself because he thought he was less than most. Yet, he was greater than most.

  141. tj3

    Although a selfish act, this child has no fault. This child deserves the same opportunity now as she would if her father were still here to provide for her I hope everyone who visits this site donates something to the memorial fund to give this beautiful girl a chance that some will never see!!! God Bless Najai’s family, and his gorgeous little girl!

  142. Brando

    Najai was a small fighter with a big heart … I was rooting for him .. I wish he would of fought his demons like he fought hard in the ring …. My prayers are with his soul and his family
    He was an inspiration

  143. valentin

    God bless you Najai, you will always be in my mind. Now i have a new outlook on life. God bless your family.\
    nothing is impossible

  144. katharine

    Najai and the other men on the show are reconnecting this country with a powerful sport that depicts the strengths and passions of the human spirit. Many young men suffer coming of age and finding their way in the world. I lost my nephew Andy Krueger to suicide. Najai’s daughter will forever miss her father. Najai clearly will be missed by many and at a young age gave much of himself (raising his sibling after his mother dised in 2000)and stuggling to overcome poverty and make his way in the world. This was a young man with promise who was just getting started. Never judge others – we should all support each other and try to create a world where someone doesn’t feel so alone that they feel unable to reach out .. when they need it most. Prayers to all his family and friends.

  145. Nikki

    Naji was a true fighter it’s really sad to hear what happened. We all need to began to look further than the person and look at the need in a person’s life. My prayers go out to his family, it seems this young brotha had alot to deal with in the beginning and being voted off the show may have been the breaking point in his life although we will never know the exact truth or reason why. If there are any words of encourgement that I would say to the family is GOD is with you all and TROUBLE DON”T LAST ALWAYS!!

  146. Why

    Why…. do some of you have to belittle the guy further by calling him a coward or a quitter. I dont understand you people who think that a god is going to punish this man because of this. God is love… and he/she I like to say the Universe is embracing him and he is with his Mamma now. May you all find some peace in your harden hearts and not take his suicide so personally. It’s pointless to attack another soul.
    Thats all i have to say

  147. Dave

    To “Christian” who commented above. If you saw his last episode, you would see that he had a problem trusting anyone, perhaps he came in contact with too many PERFECT folks like yourself.

  148. Chris

    Najai was going through some things that many people think that they have went through and did not choose suicide. Every person is different. He may have been bi-polar as one person stated. He may have just been tired since he was the bread winner and wanted to win that million dollars to make his family members lives better. The plan did not work out and he could have felt that lost an opportuntity. Opportunities which can truly elevate a person to a desired level in life sometimes do not come an often and you must be ready to capatalize upon them.
    – God Bless and rest in peace Najai.

  149. Derrel Coleman

    I know we all must make a finale decision so in the what will we make. I just feel so heartbroken that such a good respectable man could see such a tragic end my heart and condolences goes out to his family my god bless his soul.

  150. Najai Turpin

    Our heart goes out to his family. I truly hope that other people learn from their terrible loss, that it is not worth throwing your life away. I feel by learning about his life, it shows that even the best of people have the lowest of points, but as low as life can get, it’s still not worth taking your own life. God Bless his little daughter, wife, and family.
    The Smokstad Family

  151. D.L. Stein

    My deepest condolences to Najai’s loved ones during this time of grief.
    I have enormous admiration for this young man who was placed in a corner, not only in the ring, but in life, to fend for himself and his family at such a young age. It hurts me to think that Najai’s precious little girl will never know her father, and that Najai will never experience the joy of watching her grow up. His life was filled with so many struggles, it was just more than he could take. I pray that Najai’s soul rests in peace, and that all those who are able to reach out and help his daughter, will make a contribution to the fund that has been set up for her at The Contender website.
    Life is so fragile, so fleeting and so precious. Please, take the time in your busy lives to stop and listen to those who need a shoulder to lean on. Be it a family member, a friend or a stranger on the street. None of us, no matter how strong we appear to be, can make it through alone. No matter how tough or strong we are, like Najai, we are all Contenders, sweating it out one day at a time, to overcome and win our personal battles.
    Najai, rest in peace. Amen.

  152. scott

    none of us have the right to judge this man on the choices he made, we can only give support to the ones we love. this is a hard world to live in
    even harder to live happy , some just dont see things getting better and its to much. i know because for a long while i thought like this ,but
    family and friends got envolved… i owe them all!!!!! R.I.P. NAJAI TURPIN

  153. vanessa Niedzielski

    id liek to say that NT was my favourite boxer on the contender and even tho he didnt win he was the best one out there he is an awesome fighter and a great father its horrible to hear about what has happened i hope his family stays strong and look at NT as a good man with lots of courage! he is and always will b number one in our hearts! RIP ..may your family see brighter days ..your daughter is beautiful

  154. Dave

    Tonight was the first time I seen the show “The Contender”. What a great show, and hats off to the producer of the show to allow this episode of Najai and his family to still air. If it wasn’t for that decision, none of us would ever know who Najai was or what kind of a person Najai was and how important his little girl, and family, is to him. As I watched the show and learned about Najai and his family, I was pulling for him to win the fight. It was hard to see him lose the fight. My heart goes out to Najai and his family. My heart also goes out to the fighter that beat Najai.

  155. Kara

    I fell inlove with Najai when I saw him on the contender. I cried when he cried after the fight. I saw a man with a lot of spirit! His daughter was adorable, too. If only he could see what everyone else could see!
    Kara from Texas

  156. Jim

    In this world we try so hard at what we love that when we loose at it kills us inside. Weather that would be a sport or just trying to make your family surrvive. Taking your life is not the answer to failing at a task. You just need to get back on the horse and ride agian. Some people
    think that death is the easier way out of it, not realizing what they leave behind. If everyone gave up after being rejected there would be no one
    left on the planet. I belive that everyone is delt
    a certian hand in life and you just have to play it. Things happen for a reson and we all just have to get threw them one step at a time.
    My Prayers go out to the family and friends of Najai and may God have mercy on his soul. R.I.P.

  157. Scott

    In all our troubles and turmoil we should believe Najai’s words and realize that God has a beautiful plan for all of us. He said that God has great plans for him….pray for him and bring peace to those that knew him.

  158. Shel Toth

    I was really cheering Najai on…
    When this young man lost the fight, he put on a cheerful face but deep inside he must have felt like a real loser! He had struggled with very serious issues for a young man to have to face. The loss of his mother! The huge responsibility of helping to rear his siblings, a young child to raise, relationship problems, the sudden shot at fame and then when he lost the fight the depression just must have taken over. Depression is a serious illness that requires medical attention. If any of you know someone who is depressed convince them to seek help. All praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ, He Is Risen!
    Shel Toth

  159. Bill

    What a shame! He went on the show to give his daughter a better life, now she’s fatherless! What kid of life has he left her now.

  160. Alex

    Rest in peace Najai. He was one of my favorite Contenders, I was really sad when he got beat in the round but horrified when I realized that he had passed away at such a young age. It makes you realize that no matter how much money you have we all fight our own personal demons. I have lost two brothers in my life and my sympathy goes out to his family and friends. We are in no place to judge another person, so save the negative comments and just pray for him to rest peacefully with God.

  161. Ruby

    May his daughter know that millions of people around the world knew her father as a kind and gentle man. He was respected and he portrayed himself like a real man facing defeat in the face. May she know that he was admired by many for going after his dreams despite the cards he was dealt with. My prayers go out to his wife and daughter. May God be with you during this terrible ordeal.

  162. antonio

    we commit Najai to your keeping oh lord, his body have been taken from the shadow of our night, he has been released from all darkness and pain, he has gone beyond our world.he is forever eternal and everlasting. why are the innocent punished. why the sacrifice, why the pain. there arent any promises. nothings certain. only that some get called. some get saved. he wont ever feel the hardship and grief for those left behind.He is no longer of this painfull world . amen

  163. Will

    being a father of two girls, this is a hard subject for me . i know myself personally, could never conceive of such a thing knowing what i would miss out on in seeing, taking part in, or even hearing about my children. I will pray for the Family.

  164. Lena

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Najai Turpin. I read about his death even before I started watching the series. I’m more upset with the people that have placed such cruel words on this message board than anything else. I was always taught judge not less ye be judge. Know one knows what pain and heartache Najai was going through. No one had Najai’s feelings. He had a big responsibility placed on his shoulder. In his eyes, he failed. Who knows, maybe if he had won his match, he would still be with here today. But we are not God, therefore, we don’t know if winning the match would have made a difference. I’m glad that the people that are leaving these cruel messages are so perfect that they’ve never done anything wrong in their lives that they would even consider suicide or murder or robbery or anything of that nature. I’m not God, therefore, I will not judge Najai.
    My husband and I just watched the episode of the Contender in which Najai lost his match. We were not worried about why he took his life, we wanted to know if there was anything that we could do. There is something that we all can do. We can make contribution for Najai’s daughter to make sure that she has a better life. So while all of you sanctimonious people are critizing Najai for his actions, please be sure to send funds to take care of his child so that the streets will not have to. You seem so concerned about her, then make sure that she never has to suffer a day in her life. If her biological father is not here to take care of her, then all the rest of you can do it for him. My husband and I will be making our contribution, how about you?
    Najai may you now be at peace. We serve a God that is all knowing, all powerful and omnipresent. You are now in HIS tender loving care. HE will take care of your child. Rest in peace.

  165. Eric

    I’ve read some commits said. I’m so sorry that one of my kind made a choice that he felt was right to take. We cant judge that young man just by reading what he have done. Most people said in thier tributes “I’ll pray for you” but I’m really going to pray for his family and especially to his beautiful little girl and his loving and caring girlfriend. I’m only 15 years old, when I grow up to be a father, I pray that God would lead and guide me through the way. My love goes out to his family and I hope the best for his little daughter’s future, also to his beautiful girlfriend. May God Bless

  166. Rumbi

    My deepest sympath to his daughter his girlfriends. Najai sounded like a very nice person a very strong competitor with huge heart. What went wrong. I wish he only thought of his daughter as he was hlding that gun to his head. I can’t get rid of the pictures in my head of him running around in the locker room with his daughter chasing him. I wish he looked backa d thought of all the good times he has had with his daughter and the only time I saw a genuine smile on his face was when he was looking at his daughter. Rest in peace Najai and I hope your daughter will one day find some one who will explain to her why his dad took his own life, and we can only hope that she will understand and forgive and continue to love him because ther is no doubt n my mind he loved his daugter, this is a young guy who had a huge responsiblity.

  167. STAR

    My prayers go out to you and your daughter and may your soul R I P Najai Turpin
    A fan who was looking forward to the future of watching your fights… STAR

  168. Sergio Cruz , NY

    It is so sad and unfortunate. Such a nice young man.
    Just learned of Najai’s dead today at the end of the program.
    Felt the same strange sadness one feels when we lose a loved one.
    My heart goes out to his little girl, his wife and all fo his family. RIP.

  169. joan

    My sincere condolenceses to Najai’s family and most od all the little daughter he left behind. I just finished watching the contender and i couldn’t believe that he took his own life; we can’t really judge him, wedon’t know what he was going through. May you rest in peace Najai you fought tough and like you said in the contender came short, but I personally was so proud of how you fought. RIP.

  170. Andre A

    I just watched the show, unaware that Najai had taken is life prior to the show airing. I must say, it was extremley hard for me to belive that a young man with so much heart would let life’s struggles weigh so heavy on him. This episode has changed my perpective(s) on life. My heart poors out to his Family and close Friends. Sometimes GOD exposes people to reality to PUT US IN CHECK! R.I.P Najai
    May God bless all of those who showed their respects whether good or constructive.

  171. Cynthia

    I was *so* saddened to hear about Najai’s death tonight at the end of the Contender. I cried when he lost the fight, and couldn’t *believe* he had died when I heard the news. I felt so sad, almost as if I knew him. I hope he is in God’s loving arms right now, and I wish his family love and peace in this time of grief.

  172. Hilton

    Suicide is painless except for all those left behind. I too have struggled with what I percieved as a hopeless existance with nothing better in the future. I also have a young Daughter and leaving her to wonder why her Father was murdered by her Father will have a lasting effect on her and her whole family. I hope she can have peace and contentment in her life despite this tradgedy. I still struggle with these demons on a daily basis. God loves me and taking my life would be stealing from my creator. May God bless all those left to deal with the reality of this desperate act. I also hope Najai is finally at peace. Trust in God!

  173. Shwe

    Najai Turpin, you will always be seen in your daughter’s smile. You were a great fighter whose struggles outside the ring proved to be more than one man could handle. May the love for your daughter be felt by her on earth until you meet again in Heaven

  174. morgan

    My best wishes go out to Najai’s beautiful daughter during this time of grief. A lost life can be so hard to deal with especially the way Najai’s was lost. May God be with his family and close friends and may Najai rest in peace.

  175. bewar

    i really felt sad after the episode where najai had to fight. i was really cheering for him because he reminded me of me in some ways of thinking. i thought he dealt with the loss pretty well towards the end of the show and couldn’t understand the reason for him committing suicide. i felt my heart drop. i just wanted to cry for him. i just wish we could get to the bottom of this so i, like everyone else that liked this wonderful person, can find out what really drove him to commit suicide. only then can all those that cared about him move on. as for those who don’t know him to call him a coward, you have no reason to do that. he was a wonderful person and although we wish he had not done that to himself, it was a mistake he made that can’t be reversed.
    Najai, you were a great person. may GOD rest your soul. GOD bless. i will never forget you. i feel like i lost a brother. i really wish you hadn’t done that. you had a bright future ahead of you. love you man.

  176. Joshua Lee, MD

    To Mr. Najai Turpin and his beautiful daughter,
    The struggle of a college educated or uneducated black man is real and alive all over the world. As I watched the the young man interview about his distrust issues and also mourn about his loss—unwittingly confessing to his young daughter that he “broke his promise”–so disturbed and not understanding that his daughter didn’t know the difference between a loss and a win–I felt and saw the Turmoil in Mr. Turpin’s voice and body language. Even though Mr Turpin stated that he only looks into his opponent’s eyes in the ring, he was unable to do this on Fight Night. As a black professional man, I am here to tell all young black men that the struggle is long and hard no matter what road you choose to take. Yes, supporting a family, let alone yourself, in an upstanding way is very difficult when you feel like no one will give you an inkling of a chance. Just to inform every young man, no matter the ethnicity, there are always other options–please get help (it’s out there) if you feel like there’s no hope. I am really saddened by this event because I have struggled and strived very hard all my life and at age 30 y/o I still struggle. Maybe I got a lucky break and maybe one day that break could belong to you. Yes, incidents have happened like this before on other reality shows, so now is the time to do something about it. Yes a solution to the problem is deemed necessary. A true characteristic of young boxers, i.e. young Mike Tyson, young Mohammed Ali, and yes young Najai Turpin are usually born into a poverty stricken, disfunctional background. Thus I feel that it should be necessary not to flash 1 million dollars in front all those young individuals face, Give them the “Good Life” as rewards and take it away if they lose. That would be devastating to the average middle class american, let alone a person that is classified as indigent. I feel like shows of this type “contender” where contestants don’t have anything to fall upon if they lose–should be set up with a professional trainer so they can hope to return to professional fighting level one day in the future. Give the Contestants Hope of returning to the ring as a contender in BIG RING–Don’t just turn them out. Unlike the Apprentice, These Individuals are “fired” but return to their plush education and background–thus “hope” of future success is always there. I Love both shows, but there is a distinct difference between the two. My heart goes out to the daughter and I think that it great that a trust fund has been set up, but an intervention has to take place in order prevent the deaths of other contestants on all future reality shows.

  177. Stephanie

    What a tragedy. We saw his charm, his charisma, his dedication and his talent. My heart goes out to the entire family, and espeically to the daughter, i’m certain he died loving her. The most important thing is to pray he gets to a better place where he can watch over her forever.

  178. Nestor Zaragoza

    I just watched The Contender and found out about Najai’s tragic death. He had such a strong bond and a loving relationship with his daughter, Anyae. My fiance’ and I watched the show tonight and she could not stop crying. It’s extremely sad to see his beautiful daughter grow up without her father. My heart goes out to his family. I will pray for you Najai….rest in peace man. You can donate money to his daughter by going to the web site http://WWW.contender.yahoo.com. I hope whatever I can give (money)will help his family.

  179. Nicole

    I know life seems like it is not going to get better sometimes, but why not see if another day will bring happiness. When times are tough don’t act on impulse, and please take the time to think about the people that really care about you. If only he saw something in himself that others seen. I know this show would of opened up doors for him so he could provide the life he wanted for his family. MY heart goes out to Najai’s family and friends, and I hope he is looking down on all of us that care about him and showing that beautiful smile. We love you Najai. Rest in peace.

  180. J Wade

    I just wish he hadn’t of done it infront of his daughter. Reports have her being in the car when he shot himself. I just finished watching the show in which he fought……so sad. I will be donating to her fund because she deserves to have a wonderful life. What a little sweetheart.

  181. Paniro

    T-man with the post from 3/7/05, you are such an ass hole. So ingnorant. You can see how much he loved his daughter. He barely if ever even mentioned his girlfriend. All he talked about was the love for his daughter. If you’ve never felt suicidal, and pulled thru, you cant judge that man, and what he was going thru. His relationship was so called rocky at the time with his girl, i want to know what they talked about when he killed himself. I cant understand why he would do it in the car, outside of his gym. Something they talked about must have drove him to it, so quick he couldnt think about his daughter. The gun was probally there b/c he was carjacked before the show started taping. May God bless him and his daughter, and anyone else who loved him.

  182. A Men

    I agree with “Christian” to an extent.
    And yes, the judgement is already in…
    Everyone needs to stop tring to figure out if he needs praised for being a hero or condemed for committing the “unforgivable sin”. Its already done, and we dont know…
    Now everyone needs to pray for his daughter and family. They are the ones left behind to pick up the pieces.
    Pray for THEM!!

  183. Tanesha

    My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family of Najai Turpin. He seemed to have been a good person and a great fighter. He lived a tough life and made a desperate choice. My heart aches for his daughter. I pray that she grows up to realise that we all have choices, our job is to hand pick the right from the wrong. May God bless and keep that sweet baby girl, her mama, his siblings, other relatives and close friends. God only knows whats around the corner when we could only see what’s right in front of our faces. Im sorry that for that young, talented man, he couldn’t handle what was in front of him. Please lord have mercy on his soul.

  184. mark and mary zimmer

    To Najai’s daughter : Your Daddy is with our creator, where there is no more pain for him.
    Sweetheart, your daddy loved your very much and I am sure he didn’t really want to leave you.
    My heart goes out to you and your family. Just remember he lives on in your heart and your memories.
    May Jehovah bless and keep you.

  185. Monique

    Let God be the judge of this young man. No mere mortal has this right. Remember “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone” John 8:7. Don’t be so quick to point a finger at others, unless you’re understand that three are pointed back at yourself. Please show more compassion than this.
    This man’s family, whether immediate or through the televised episode of his fight has been affected. We all have lost a little part of ourselves because of this tragedy. He was a brother, a father, a lover, and although he stated he was more of a loner, he had to have, at one point in life, been someone’s friend.
    I pray that he has found peace now for he will be surely missed. This quite evident through all of the tributes made on this site.
    P.S. Please love one another. Brighten someone’s day by saying I LOVE YOU. You never can tell how just one smile from you can make all the difference in another person’s day. Put the differences aside, life’s too short, we need to live it to the fullest and laugh a lot.

  186. Ang

    Everyone needs to stop and pray for this young mans soul. That someday his daughter will be able to see him again. And in the meantime, that she has everything she needs to lead a happy and healthy life.
    No one has the right to judge his acts. Examine yourself before you start calling names and pointing fingers.
    Praise God on this Palm Sunday! May God have mercy on us all on judgement day!

  187. mel

    No matter what, I forgive and love Najai and his family. I don’t know them, but the show proved to me that he was beautiful and so is his family. May God bless your soul and keep it in peace. May He watch over your daughter and bless her with eternal love and happiness on this Earth and in Heaven.

  188. Tom Bolduc

    I saw the Contender episonde early this evening and can not believe that someone so young could have done such a thing. It seemed as though he understood that his heart and soul was meant for his daughter. My heart goes out to his wife and daughter.
    To his daughter: As you grow up, embrace the love from those around you. It may be tough at times trusting others but face that fear and accept the good in everyone. You are a beautiful girl, love comes from within not the material things around you!

  189. Alex

    Damn, I wanted you to win that fight! Like they say a coward dies a million times, a soldier only dies once. You proabably grew up hearing that, and it’s true. You could have been something…

  190. So. Texas friend

    How precious you are; I hope now you can feel the love you couldn’t feel here on earth. Some say you are selfish, but this was a desperate act. No one has the right to judge you. Anger is just hurt turned inside out. My prayers are with your family, but most of all for your sweet, innocent daughter. Although, she will be looked after financially, and emotionally, no amount of money can ever make the emptiness of her father’s absence go away. May God send his angels to guide and protect her. My husband commited the same act a few weeks before you, and when my daughter comes to me in tears because “she misses her Daddy” I relive that day over and over and over. I plead with all people, to show more compassion for our fellow neighbors…we never know how far a simple smile, kind word or deed will go. Compassion can change our world and tragedies like these.
    Best Regards….

  191. anonymous

    Obviosly he must have been planning this because he had a gun.I had a girlfriend in high school whose mother and father were going through a seperation.One night he showed up at the door and when she answered he shot himself in front of them both without warning.I guess he thought his life was so bad that he wanted to get some satisfaction in destroying theirs.What a shame he probably would have had as many new girlfriends he could have handled once the show aired.What a waste.Tragic very tragic.

  192. JANINE


  193. jorge

    Najai, I am sorry for the way that this world is. I am sorry that you and your family were not as fortunate as others. I am sorry about those who will judge you without knowing anything about your troubles. I will pray for you and your family. I watched the show, you put on a great fight… May judgement day come soon so that young man and women don’t have to suffer the cruelty and selfishness of this “civilized” world. God bless you and your family…

  194. Albert

    Let’s stop with the drama!
    People die everyday in this world. He chose the time and place for his ending. He has created a very big problem for his daughter. He was not a “great man.” He was a man with issues and he chose not to face them.

  195. Paul

    I have heard some say that suicide is the unforgivable sin because once you commit it, technically you have no chance to pray for your forgiveness. This drives me to unfathomable levels of sadness, especially when I hear of stories like that of Najai…
    Everyone, please, let us pray for Najai’s salvation since he cannot do it himself at the moment…and let us pray for his girlfriend, his family, and his beautiful daughter, who will hopefully understand one day that her daddy’s love for her will be unchanging and forever…
    …and to those of you who may be angry at Ms. Chapple for supposedly setting Najai off, or at Najai himself for “giving up” on his responsibilities: I know it is hard, but please do not give in to this hatred

  196. Delores

    I pray that Najai has found peace and that he is able to watch over his family and give them the love and support he so desperately wanted to give. He will live on through his beautiful little girl and I hope she can find the strength and courage to embrace life for all it’s beauty. A fund has been set up to help support her: http://www.yahoo.contender.com.
    God Bless and show love freely and openly to your family, friends, neighbors and enemies.

  197. doone1027

    How very very sad. To those of you who felt it appropriate to be judgmental, I hope God Blesses you because you need it.
    To any out there who feel so alone, please talk to someone. No one is ever alone.
    I believe that Najai wasn’t alone, God was with him the whole time. Contribute to his family and feel good about yourself. Be thankful for what you have.

  198. Greg Galligano

    Najai represents everything that is good is this world. He was a soft-spoken, hard-working, respectable man. I pray for his family, and Najai. Thank you, Gregorio NYC

  199. Justin

    This was such a big tragedy. Najai was such a good fighter and had a 2 year old daughter to live for. But my prayers go out to his family
    R.I.P Najai “Nitro” Turpin

  200. Cely

    Father, Brother, Fighter, Heart…These are only a few words that describe a person like Najai. I saw determination in him. I liked him; Najai took a challenge and wasnt afraid of it. I knew how he felt about balancing things in life. I too have to take care of two houses and make time for academics and dance. Boxing is an art and boy, did Najai know how to express himself. When I saw the episode of his fight, I felt his ending words. I cried. Najai only spoke of the truth. His heart was full of passion and joy for the sport of boxing; I thought that he’ll make a come back. The kid had power; The kid had talent, but what beats everthing is heart, and he had that more than anyone out on his team and the other team combined. I wish he didn’t make that choice that day. I know that his little girl is too small to remember what a wonderful father he was, but she will always see him on the show. She will remember what a big heart her daddy had.
    Najai had to fight all his life, and at the end, the fight got him.
    R.I.P Najai Turpin a.k.a Turbo, a.k.a Inspiration, a.k.a Golden Heart.
    In honor of his memory, I would like to say his ending speech of “Contender” to my fellow team mates in presentation. I know it would touch many hearts, as it did mine.
    God Bless Your Baby Girl, Wife and Family.
    Najai, A WINNER TO US ALL !!!
    WE LOVE YOU !!!

  201. Robert

    I was deeply saddened this evening to learn of the untimely death of “Nitro.” My heart felt condolences go out to his family and to the person he cared for most of all his daughter. I’ll keep all of you in my prayers during this sad time in ones lives. No words can even come close to explaining the tragedy that is the death of a loved one. If nothing else know the He is smiling down upon you all as you read this. Again my deepest sorrows, and god bless you all.

  202. Ryan

    My prayers go to Najai’s daughter.I was cheerin for him during the fight, I hope one day you see your father again in heaven. I also hope you understand your father was a good man. He would have been a great fighter, and hopefully you will carry out his dreams of becoming successful. I pray for you Najai, I am sorry you weren’t as fortunate as others, but glad you made it so far.

  203. brian godwin

    To nittro najai turpin you will be greatly missed by all those who knew and you and all those who wished they could have gotten the chance your perils in life are unkown to us and what you were thinking when you did it will always be a mystery but for those who have posted negative comments you have no idea what anyone else thinks but yourself so keep your opinion on what kind of person and what kind of act this was to yourself and spare all the caring people around the world the indignity of having to read the bull sh!t that you post najai you will be a great inspiration to many people around the world and more so to me such a great young man faced troubles many only have nightmares about and was a ferocious fighter in the ring and a loving man outside the ring you will be greatly missed you and your family and your daughter are forever and always in my prayer GOD BLESS

  204. claudblog

    We feel sad. But, one can never fully understand what goes on the in innermost thoughts of another. Was it an impetuous decision or one that was one that he nursed in solace…we will never know. Our thoughts go out to his family.

  205. Gabe

    God Bless You and Your Family Najai. I will pray for him and his family. When Najai was fighting Sergio on the contender, he was the best fighter I have ever seen. Something happened where he shut down after the 3rd round. The rounds he won contained the best boxing definetly on the show from Najai. Not only was he all heart but he took punches like they were nothing. He was the toughest and best fighter without a doubt. If something wouldn’t have happened where he stopped he would have won the fight and the show. It is a tradegy to lose a fighter and a man like him.

  206. R.R.

    GOD bless those who he left to mourn. May you find peace along the way and may Najai find the peace he sought. “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

  207. Ebony Foste

    I was extremely shocked and saddened when i found out about Nitro’s death. My prayers go out to the Turpin Family and Najai’s daughter. God Bless

  208. Kulika

    He thought he had it bad? If he could only have known the feeling that his daughter and girlfriend may now have now that they are fending for themselves. Suicide is a selfish act that shifts sorrow from one side to another – very sad.

  209. Ana

    I had no idea that it even happened…until the end of the show. I was already going to look up information on him online because I know how much he wanted to win for his daughter, for her to have a better life. Here’s the information I was looking for, before I heard of his death. Perhaps others will also want to contribute to a trust set up for the Anyae Chapple:

  210. zchase

    What a tragedy. Unfortunatly, suicide is both selfish and executed with such disregard to those left picking up the pieces. We wish the best for the daughter he left behind.

  211. nate

    I just got finished watchin the episode where they announced najais death and after i heard i felt much sorrow for him and his family and i just hope he rests in peace… najai much love and god bless you

  212. Jay Z

    Man that is truly sad hopefully Najai did it for a reason he so thought he had to however for others in his position dont end ur life because it just seems like it was done becasue he thought it was his last chance the road is very long but it does come to a sweet end one day but let god be the judge of that. My prayers go out to Najais family and daughter but most of all To Najai himself may god have mercy on his soul

  213. t-killer

    I hear all this pray this, pray that and that is all good for those who blindly see the truth. The family suffers, his associates suffer, his fans suffer and in turn offer compassion and tolerance toward his action. Suicide is never an option, it is a straight on firm choice. He chose the way out he could, but does it make it right. To me, no. To others, maybe. For everyone else affraid to say anything but the black or white issue of right or worng, it is a tradegy. Lets think of the word tradegy and how it is used freely throughout this blog and world. 5 million native americans slaughtered for lan, that is a tradegy. Millions of jews,gypsies, and gays are killed and persecuted, that is a tradegy. 200,000 plus killed in the latest tsunami wrath, that is a tradegy. A man who talked the game, talked about his daughter openly with love, was suppose to be about heart and honor, but for reason of personal doubt, dishonesty, and trouble, selfishly ended his life so his daughter will grow up fatherless. NOT A TRADEGY!…..

  214. AC

    Dear Najai,
    I am sending you a warm comforting prayer, because you are out there longing for your child now and you know you have made a terrible mistake. You will meet her again. You will hold her again. It will be awhile and you will touch souls again. You must let go of your terrible act and be free. What a beautiful soul, a beautiful light. Your heart touched my life. May you rest in the arms of God and know peace. I am so sorry you left your little girl here. You did not know really how glorified you are in her eyes.
    Rest in Peace.

  215. Greg Galligano

    Najai represents everything that is good is this world. He was a soft-spoken, hard-working, respectable man. I pray for his family, and Najai. I hope I can make millions one day, so I can donate alot of money to his family. Thank you, Greg NYC

  216. Kevin

    dude…Najai, man i just feel your pain, not being able to trust those around you. Everyone seems to be nothing but shadows in a time of grief and dissapointment. But i wish you were still with us, but your not and it was your time to go, you inspired me with your courage and the power of your heart, you have reasons for committing suicide and i won’t ever judge you because of that, it was your choice and i respect that and i respect you, my heart goes out to your love ones and your daughter. GOD BLESS
    Najai Turpin
    aka NITRO

  217. luis lovato jr.


  218. shelley

    You had it in you to survive I just watched you and in my mind you would have been ine of the greatest. Although I never watch boxing before the Contender I say in you I saw a heart of gold when you looked at your daughter. I hope that you have found some peace and trust that you so deserve. As someone who has suffered from deppression for many years I can understand your pain but, I can’t see leaving such a beautiful daughter and loving spouse behind. I hope you are finally happy and that your daughter has a wonderful life even though you are not in it.
    My heart goes out to you and your family and may your soul be at rest.
    With love always

  219. Terra

    Najai will always be remembered as a great, humble fighter… who only cared about his family and their well being. Why he would take his life, I don’t know. Najai was one of my favorites on the show, even though I am from the west. He will be missed forever.
    My prayers go to Najai’s family and daughter. GOD BLESS.

  220. Najaisfriend

    i know you can see this Najai, I miss you so much it makes me cry. I can only say close your eyes and make a wish because we can only celebrate what you did for us. I submit to you and i will do anything for you and i hope you always smile in heaven for me. I miss you so much. U are my Hero

  221. Stephanie

    Like someone else said, suicide is a solution to a temporary problem! This makes me soooo mad! My heart goes out to his daughter and his wife! How can a father do this to his daughter, his wife, his family??? Its just not fair to all the people that loved him, through good times and bad! I guess he didnt realize that and took his own life….stupid!! Life deals ALL of us bad times, headaches, heartaches, whatever the case may be, but deal with it, learn from it and move on!
    My heart goes out to the family he left behind. He really blew it! Think twice if you are thinking about doing it, because believe it or not, people DO care and love you! At a young age, I guess Najai didnt realize that!

  222. Lety and George

    Wow, this was a shocker, one minute we were enjoing watching these amazing young men fighting then the other minute the shows over and we hear the news on TV. Why? Only God know his destiny and it happened so soon. If you read his BIO he was robbed at gun point, then he gets a letter at home from the Contender, everyhting happens for a reason. We just hope and pray that his family continues to be stong and proud of their father, husband, friend we all will miss even thought I nor my partner knew…

  223. Clarence & Charlotte

    Najai had wing in the ring. Now he has wings with God. May you rest in peace. For Najai’s family,
    our prayers are with you.

  224. Dejan

    Good Fighter,i loved to see him fight.
    When enetering a competition like this where the world is promissed to you,it can easily crash down after being defeted,when all that you counted on was to be the remaing one,the champ!
    I seriously spit on the show for picking one winner,unsted they should see the potential in these young fighters and offer them all a legitame chance and a contract…..what is it all about?about the f**** ratings and the money that the networks and the producers make!
    If they care so fuckin much about his death than why don’t they just give his family the milion that they promised to a winner,and not ask us normal people to contribute to his fund….
    They should all be ashamed of them selves.
    They are all just trying to make a quick buck….

  225. Temo Liquigan 4rm SanJose, Ca.

    Im very shocked by the loss of a VERY GOOD! young boxer. He has alot of heart and will and that made him such a good fighter! im not a boxer but always wanted to be one. God bless the Turpin family and his beautiful daughter! May the lord take care of najai and watch over his family! He’s in a better place now. God Bless.
    Temo Liquigan
    San Jose,California

  226. G

    My heart goes out to Najai’s family and friends. May God Bless each of you to go on with your lifes and know that he is the one for you when you are feeling sad and down as Najai’s must have felt in order to have done something so tragic. For those of you that have chosen to judge the actions of this young man, I pray that you’ll never have to face such saddness as he was going through in order to do this. Instead of judging his actions why don’t you just pray for the others that are out here feeling the same way as he did.

  227. Amber

    I feel so sad for his daughter and his girlfriend. Just remember you can make it threw this. Everyone is thinking about you two and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and wish all the best for his daughters and wifes future.

  228. D.J.

    Najai, you are a brave man, a loved man and a good father to your daughter. Your daughter will always love you. I am so sorry you left us. May you find peace in heaven with God.

  229. B.G. Jett

    It is terribly sad. It is easy to see how Najai might have perceived his Nationally Televised boxing match loss as tantamount to his being a loser. Absurd, irrational, short-sighted? I suppose. But it sure seems that the devil will often use simple discouragement as a destructive weapon. God forbid anyone reading of his actions should judge him posthumously. The guy was a winner, he just didn’t know it yet. God’s grace and love be with his daughter and family.

  230. Stefan Storace

    total shock and saddness. Knots in my stomach and tears in my eyes my prayers go out to his family and friends.
    very sad in Los Angeles, California

  231. Paris


  232. Prime

    East or West doesn’t matter as a person Najai tried his best to step up and take the challenges from life i wish him the best and all his family he is now upstairs at a better place now god bless him

  233. Ernie

    I really didn’t like boxing, until watching the Contender, and being introduced to Najai Turpin and the other boxers. When Suger Ray announced that Najai had died I yelled at the tv “NO! Not another
    child growing up without a father.” Everyone please
    go to the contender.tiv.yahoo.com site and donate to Anyae Chapple’s Trust, anything, check, money order,
    something. God rest his soul and watch over Anyae…

  234. Greg & Linda

    We are very saddened to hear that Najai chose
    to end his life. We will pray for his Widow and little girl as well as the rest of his family.
    He was a good Boxer and a loving Dad. So sorry.

  235. lennie

    3/20/05, tonights contender episode showed the true najai. he was so focused, determined and brave. it also showed a human side to him that displayed hardship and reward toward his life. he was so unbelievably loving toward his daughter before and after the fight. najai fought a courageous fight tonight, but sergio did win…but he had to work real hard for that win. during the end of the show, my five year old little girl was sitting on my lap and she began to cry when sugar ray was giving a heartfelt tribute to najai. that got to me and i began thinking about his little girl. it’s great that the contender is setting up a trust fund for her. god bless his little girl and rest in peace champ, from a contender fan named lennie

  236. KT

    Sorry you couldn’t get help in time to change your mind. You must have felt so down. It must have been so hard to justify to yourself why you couldn’t stay around for your little girl. But don’t worry about her, the show will collect money for her from me and from a lot of other kind people who liked your fighting spirit. I don’t understand why people want to box, but I respect that it takes everything you have to do that. Like you said after the fight, you left everything in the ring. I would have liked to read about you in the future, but instead, maybe I’ll read about your little girl and how you helped her by winning our hearts. Sly if you should read this, he really did have that Rocky Spirit. All the best to Sergio and his family too. Good night.

  237. barbara

    my prayers go out to najai wife i feel her pain of having to raise her daugeter up at such a young age. may god give her strength to carry on for her child and i hope she will give always tell her daughter what a wonderful father najai was to her. unfortunaly his pain was to unbearable to handle. may god bless najai’s wife and daughter and family.

  238. Anthony

    I’m deeply hurt and saddend after wathching this episode of the “Contender”. I wish that there could have been a strong Christian male presence in Najai’s life. One that could have ministered life to this young brotha’. Been the example that he needed to fight the good fight of faith, faith in the Lord and Savior of the world…Jesus Christ! He could have made it, ya’ll! Your fought hard young brotha’ and may God have mercy on your soul! “Lord, bless Najia’s daughter that she may grow up in the knowledge of You so that when she is old she will not depart from it! Amen”

  239. Jose Vidal

    I just finished watching “The Contender” and I’m still shocked as to the news of Najai’s death. Aside from Alfonso, I really took a liking to Najai because, thus far, he had seemed like the most genuine individual on the show. I’m saddened by his taking his life. It’s unfortunate that some people can sit and play the blame game when someone commits suicide. His pain must have been profound and I feel terrible for his family. May he rest in peace and regardless of what some might believe, I believe God holds him now and offers him all of the support he’s always desired. God bless you up in heaven.

  240. Matthew

    Sorry D.J. bravery is the quality in one that can dare, challenge, and endure. I agree that Najai was a good fighter, a great team-player, and even troubled. However these qualities need to also be present inside the home and within the family unit.
    Keep in mind, people that are troubled leave an open door for Satan’s works to enter. I believe that suicides is a result of Satan’s accomplishments and victories. We must always be willing to stand and fight.
    GOD bless all that Najai left behind. ALL of us are in the same boat here on earth. We’re all in this together.

  241. Cheryldean

    It is a tragedy to loose such a good soul. May God forgive Najai for all he knew not, and may God forgive us for not knowing his pain. I pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to comfort and be with his family always with endless blessings. May Anyae always feel the warmth of our Heavenly Fathers love. My condolences to Najai’s loved ones.

  242. Bill

    God has a plan and Najai fit into that plan. If Najai’s actions educate, and enlighten us then he has touched and made a difference in all of our lives. He has touched my soul. I send love out to his family both biological and boxing as well as his beautiful daughter.
    Peace be with you Young man

  243. los

    Najai I have so much respect for you…I was cheering for you on that fight ..I really wanted you to win. I don’t know why you did it..u had so much talent and a reason to become the best…you will be missed and remembered…i was looking forward to seeing you fight again. U had a big heart….My depest condolenceses to Najai’s family. May you rest in peace my brother.

  244. ebusiness

    We love you man, I’m sorry life got the best of you. I’ve prayed for you and all the others out there who have fallen short. And I am a sinner to this day and forever more till I die. We all love you ….God Bless You Najai Turpin

  245. Jenny

    I am truly saddened about Najai’s death. I feel very sorry for the family though. I don’t want to judge Najai but I do have to say suicide is not the answer. Not when you have people who love you and a daughter who is counting on you to be a father to her. I have a father who has several kids and could care less about any of his children. My father has a choice. Najai’s daughter does not have a choice now. When I was younger I was depressed alot and I knew within me something was not right. So I saught help. And I know life gets hard but I know God put us all down here for a reason and it’s not about us all time it’s about serving GOD and not giving up the fight cos things do get better. But giving up is not the answer. It’s not about the fall it’s about how we get up after the fall. We have to take responsibility for ourselves to make our lives better no one is going to give you anything and yes it’s going to be hard but in the end it’s all worth it.

  246. kym

    there are a bunch of rude a$$ people on here judging knowing dang well you’re temple ain’t tight. look in the mirror of your life and make sound judgments-not in someone else’s life and condemn…his girl or family could be reading these remarks you people have made…geez

  247. peppy

    It really is sad how people don’t really understand the value of their own life.
    Najai obviously took this lightly and ended his life without understanding how important he was to his loved ones. After hustlin his ass of by taking care of his siblings alone, working three different jobs, and making it to the contender show, all to end his life by his own hands is redicules. You think someone who virtually grew up without parents wouldn’t ever think of depriving his daughter of a parent. All I can say is my heart goes out to your family and peace brother. (hope your shinin in heaven)

  248. scott

    I’m sorry that Najai made the choice that he did. The little girl is the same age as my baby and I can’t imagine how she will feel growing up knowing what Najai decided to do. So sad. Please don’t be stupid there are peolple that will NEVER get over what you do, if you take this path.

  249. Elva

    Najai, my prayers for you and for the beautiful family you left behind, especially your beautiful baby girl Anyae.
    May God bless you and bring you peace and love in heaven.

  250. Megan

    I am sad that Najai didn’t know his worth. To those who say he was “selfish” or a “quitter”…maybe he was, but who hasn’t been at one time or another?
    Sometimes we can feel that our loved ones would be better off without us!
    My prayers are with the Turpin family and all others who have not been taught or shown just how important they are!

  251. Susan

    I hope and pray his daughter will one day understand why he did what he did, cause she is the only one that will feel the effects of all of this after all of us have posted our tributes and thoughts. Anyae my prayers are with you!!

  252. Keith

    It’s so sad to see an ending like this. Najai’s warmth could be felt through the T.V. He seemed ready to fight the good fight. I pray for his family, especially his daughter. My heart goes out to another fallen soilder.

  253. Joe Bean Keller (Portland Or)

    It is sad to see that another young man has taken his own life. As founder of a non-profit, “Families Affected By Violence” that has worked with families that have lost love ones, I have seen the pressure that have been put on our young people. As these reallity shows continue to take regular people and put them in arena that give them the assumption that they will be, or have the chance to be rich in a short period of time,THEY MUST BE CAREFUL. The pressure of not being a winner and failing those you love has a heavy price to pay, when you have put all your eggs in that one basket. We have so many young men having to grow up faster now due to family situations, but we are forgetting that they may not of had a father in their home to show them how to be that man. This young man had alot of weight on his shouders since his mom died in 2000. That meant that he had to be that man at 18 years old.
    Let us not let this death be in vain, but a wake up call to all those out there, that our young people need more from us than pipe dreams and instant wealth, they need guidence. GOD BLESS THE FAMILY, AND MAY HE WATCH OVER THE BABIES.

  254. joe

    i cant believe that a young fighter would just give up like that. that’s not how you were trained you was trained to exceed not to fail.
    i just hope that your daughter can forgive you when she is older. i have two daughters and i could never leave them like that.

  255. jimmy

    fu*k you Matthew, I hope you and your family die. Najai was very troubled, and that’s a shame. He had more talent than he realized, he could have won that fight. I think the boxer on the contender summed it up the best. Najai is nuts, and you don’t want to fight nuts.

  256. deshay

    Let us pray:
    Oh Father, touch the lives of the real victims: his family. Please God protect them as they live learn to understand what has happened. Save each soul that reads this message and inspire them to save other lives as they celebrate salvation; in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

  257. sylvia

    To Najai’s wife and daughter – may God be with you to comfort you and to sustain you both. May God have mercy on Najai. If he has found peace, let yourselves find it too. I’m sorry for all of his and your struggle in this life, and I don’t say that from a place of security and safety. But from understanding. It seems to me you loved him a great deal. You were so comforting to him after the fight. I will contribute to your daughters fund for his sake and your sake and for the sake of my own fatherles daughter and grandchildren, and will think of and pray for you in the coming days. PS I can’t understand why people must place blame at this time when you are hurting. I hope you will ignore them. Don’t listen, don’t remember. For the sake of their ego, I guess, it seems they need to express their opinion,as if this were just another chat board, without thought of your pain. God Bless and help you. Sylvia

  258. issac

    r.i.p najai a grate boxer and good father your daughter will miss you most i know you will be with her for the rest of her life.

  259. Dan

    Unless you have truly experienced the depths of dispair related to depression, you will never understand why anyone would take their own life. Suicide is not selfish nor an easy way out. It is what it is.
    Learn from what is written above and if you are feeling overwhelmed, understand that YOU are important. Make that cry for help…you’ll lighten your load and in the process learn you are not alone.
    Dismiss Najai’s suicide as vain and history will repeat itself. Only next time it may be someone you love that is suddenly gone.
    Carpe’ Diem…….Carpe’ Diem (Seize The Day)

  260. Rafael

    This suicide was a selfish act on 2 levels. Number one, he was the man of his family. His younger siblings looked to him for guidance and support. He took away their leader and most probably their breadwinner. Number two, he robbed his daughter of her father. His girlfriend now has to raise the child herself.
    He chose to kill himself in front of his girlfriend. Why traumatize her if you want to take your own life???
    Suicide is so stupid. There is always a solution to a problem, even big problems.
    I hope the fund they made in his honor is able to support the darling little daughter. This is very sad.

  261. brian

    my heart bleeds for najai, but more importantly his beautiful little girl.. najai, u r in everyones hearts, and your daughter will be taken care of, because we all know u will be looking over her for eternity…. god rest your soul and may he have faith on your decision!

  262. Luis

    May god bring nothing but great things to come for little Najai, you will never alone. Your daddy loves you and he will always be an angel looking after you.

  263. sacramento p

    This is a terribly sad story. I want to say that I am very disappointed with the organization of the trust fund. NBC has no problem creating a multi-functional web site, but they ask people to only donate via a check and mail? this is sad… how many more people would have donated if NBC would have made it an easier process? There is no doubt that they share some of the responsibility in his death… they could have put a little more effort in making his daughters life easier

  264. Kimpassion

    Najai, what can be said for the loss to yourself, your daughter and the rest of your loved ones? You were not alone, my friend, regardless of what anyone says — GOD was with you in your final moments, as HE is with us all, regardless of how we arrive at that point. And only GOD knew the depths of your despair, and the anguish that you were living through. When I saw your final episode, I could not help but think,

  265. The Roses

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your daughter & family. Our hearts go out to you. I am sorry your heart suffered and you had know where to turn. You are now safe and in the arms of God. Please know that your daughter will be loved forever and in her eyes you will always be a champion! The Roses

  266. Keoki

    His adorable little daughter is the one who will feel the greatest loss. Someday they will be together again. A hui hou, Najai. (Until we meet again)

  267. Dre

    Send donations to this address:
    J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A.
    1999 Avenue of the Stars, 26th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
    Attn: Fiduciary Services Dept.

  268. ARION

    “What if death was the begining and in birth you depart…..”
    It was such a shocker to see at the end of the Najai fight episode that he had passed away.Rest in Peace Najai Turpin…and god bless…..
    To all of those on this blog who are being judgemental…well..just remember..- ” You can never judge an Indian until YOU have walked in his mocassins..”……You never know what transpired that led to Najai’s untimely death…so stop being so bloody judgemental!!!

  269. SLR

    I happened to be watching the last 15 minutes of tonights show, and found myself wanting Najai to win. In his last interview, after the fight, I cried with him. He was so sad he ‘broke his promise’. Whatever happened between he and his girl is between them. Let it be. God WILL forgive him for taking his own life. And for those of you who believe differently, try putting yourself in HIS shoes!! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT HE WAS GOING THRU!!! He felt it was the only thing he could do, right or wrong. Only God knows what was in his heart.
    God Bless You Najai and your family and friends. I hope to meet you in Heaven when I get there. I would like to give you a hug.

  270. eric

    It saddens me to hear that someone so talented and committed take thier life. My heart and prayers go out to his family.God Bless!!

  271. Tom

    R.I.P. Najai. My heart goes out to your baby daughter who will grow up without a father, wondering y? She is a beautiful little girl. Life can be tough livin in Philly. Those who have downed or disrespected Najai on this messageboard, be ashamed of yourselves. You are the scum in our world. Do us all a favor. How dare you people comment on a young, bright, deprived, lost man who didn’t know what else to do but take his own life.

  272. Harry

    With much sympathy we send to the family. We were truly touched. We will never know the depth of you pain, but GOD cares and all I can say is put your trust in him. He will give us strenght and help when we need him most.
    The Taylor family

  273. Stacy B.

    Only God can judge me! Since there are so many of you passing judgement, I guess that you must be God. WRONG!
    I have been unfortunate enough to have to deal with more than one person that I loved having suicidal ideations. When I was in the Army back in the early 90’s, my boyfriends brother had been killed. He felt like he could not live with the loss of someone that he loved more than himself so would beg me to kill him. He would tell me that if I loved him, I would kill him. And I would tell him right back that it was because I loved him that I could not do it. I would like to think that my love for him made a difference in his life so that one day he would not try to do it himself. To this day, I never told his mother or anyone else about the many troubles within that he faced. He did die later, still a young man, in a car accident. His family kept him alive for about a month on life support. It is funny, because I thought they were selfish for not letting him die. There was someone else in the car and there were questions as to who was really driving his car at the time of the accident. It really does not matter because the end result was the same, we all lost someone we loved dearly.
    In another incident my boyfrinds best friend hung himself, but lived. He was like a child after that. Whenever I would talk to him he would say, “I dead, I dead”. And I would always say, “No you are not dead.” But I guess in a way he was dead. However, not once, did I ever think of him as a coward, quitter, or loser. I love them both in life and death. I only pray that my brothers, including Najai, took the time or had the time to ask God to forgive them for there past and future sins.
    I AM sorry for Najai and his family. I am sorry that he did not have a friend to talk to, I am sorry that the love he had for his daughter could not defeat his demons within, I am sorry that he did not have the strength to carry on. Peace be with you my brother!

  274. MG

    For all reading this that have contemplated suicide, please reach out! You are not alone, God loves you, your family loves you. The only thing that keeps me awake at night is an untimely departure from my Wife and Son due to some crime or something out of my control. All you have to do is watch the news for 5 min and see how someone who has it all can leave us in an instant. Nothing can hurt that bad to cause you to create so much pain.

  275. George Chantel & Family

    What a shock, today was the first day I watched The Contender.. I was going for Sergio to win, and at the end Sergio did win, They were both great fighters, I told my wife that all Najai had to do was to keep trianing and he would be there one day because he looked so focused, But after the show Sugar Ray announced that Najai had passed away. All I have to say is that it’s not worth it, we all at one point have been there.
    I just hope people look at this and prevent this from happening to anyone or themselves. If you or someone you know need help, please ask for help, dont be afraid, nor assamed.. there will always be people to help you out.
    My heart and prayers go out to his family.God Bless!!
    If yo can
    Send donations to this address:
    J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A.
    1999 Avenue of the Stars, 26th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
    Attn: Fiduciary Services Dept.

  276. Ebony S.

    Let us Pray!
    Lord please have mercy on Najai Turpin’s soul.
    Lord we ask you to bless his family and everyone that had the honor of knowing him. He was a blessing on Earth. Let mercy fall upon his soul. In Jesus name we pary! Amen!

  277. yvonne

    I was saddened to hear about Najai but know he is in a better place.My thoughts and prayers go out to his daughter,girlfriend and family. Even though he is not here physically to take care of his daughter I know he will be guiding her from above. She has a guardian angel who will always be with her.

  278. Laura T.

    I feel so saddend at the thought of this great young man seeing no more hope in life. I was shocked when at the end of the show they said that najai had died. And then I found out he took his own life! How my heart breaks at the thought that no one was there to help him through such a hard time. I know I have gone through moments in my past were i saw no hope for a better tomorrow. I thought that suicide might be a way to ease the pain and hurt in my life. But somehow I managed to overcome those feelings. Oh Najai i wish you had been able to overcome. You were a great fighter, a great father, and a great man! I will remember you. I will pray for the family and beautiful daughter you left behind. To those who feel so alone and that nothing will ever change or get better, remember tomorrow is another day! The sun will rise again! Good things can still happen! You are not alone, God is always there, your family loves you, your friends need you, they will not be better off without you, the people around you need you, be strong, fight the desire to take your life it is not the right way to go, Hold on things will get better, don’t lose hope! Hold on! Hold on! God loves you

  279. Pangloss

    In this life I’m on the ropes
    On this bout rests all my hopes
    Poverty l will break away
    Should I live to fight another day
    Inside my soul you can not see
    What this life has done to me
    For I am not just a contender
    I am my families defender
    I will not let them see my eyes
    For that’s where fear of failure lies
    What brings about this tragedy
    Is I did not believe in me

  280. Isaakjd

    Being a young father myself, I understand the pain Najai felt when he lost because he wanted to give his daughter everything he could and boxing was his only reality for that. He was very young and felt he let his family down when his career really just begun. I wish he would of just got back up and kept trying, with this show his daughter will always see how much he loved her and how he will always be watching over her.

  281. K

    I pray that God forgives you and everyone else do. There’s been times that I’ve wanted to kill myself. People stop passing judgement!!!It saddens my heart to know that you took your life. I was disappointed when you left the contender but I knew the love you had for your daughter and family would keep you going. I felt you prove yourself on The Contender and that your career would soon blossom. Rest In Peace…

  282. Christine

    I just want to pray blessings over the family and friends of Najai. He was truly a wonderful fighter and he had such heart and you could tell how much he loved his little girl. I hope and pray that his daughter knows how much her father loved her and that this was not her fault. This fight in life was just one that was too hard for him to fight. May God be with your family and friends as they go through this. Lord I pray that you would send your Spirit to comfort them. It is not our place to judge but to have compassion and mercy. I hope that everyone will donate whatever they can so that Aja can have a good chance to see how much Najai touched everyone’s lives. Love will conquer all even in death. Keep love alive for Aja.
    Send donations to this address:
    J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A.
    1999 Avenue of the Stars, 26th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90067
    Attn: Fiduciary Services Dept.

  283. Garret

    this really sucks cause when someone takes there life it is someone quiting on life, when he is only 23 you have a whole life ahead of you, time passes and now his daughter doesnt have someone to raiser her. because of his mistake now others suffer, now im not going to get into religion but if you beleave in god then you would know that by killing yourself you dont have a chance to g2 heaven, i wish i would know this guy just so i could help in some way best of wishes to his family this is a tragic story god bless his fam.

  284. Liz

    He gave in to the feelings of depression that were crowding his mind. Instead of crying out for help he looked for a way out and gave up. Mental illness is a terrible disease. It is sad that this young man gave up and ruined his life and most important, damaged the life of his small child and his family. There is ALWAYS another option. Turn to God, he does have all the answers if we will just listen.
    My prayers go out to his family, it is sad that prayers are too late for Najai

  285. LATOYA


  286. Jennifer

    I am so saddend by this. I don’t even know Najai. The tears for him and his daughter as still streaming down my face.
    I have attempted suicide when I was younger on a couple occations. I know the feeling of total desperation. I still feel that way on occation. The only thing that provents me is the total anxiety of fear of my daughter living with out me. She is my life and I am hers.
    To all of the people who wrote terrible things about this young man you should be go hide under a rock. How can you judge. You have no clue how he felt. Your not him. Let his soul rest in peace. It is bad enough that his daughter will grow up without him and never realy know him. And that his loved ones will miss him. And that because he was so deprite that he will never know the greatness that he may have achieved. Everything that his family and he have lost. Go somewhere else with your critisism. This family has suffered enough.
    Najai, I wish I would have know you. I’m not saying that I would have saved you. But I know where you were. I seem to visit the place but I find strenghth. And I pray that your daughter will find strenght. And I wish more then anything that I could turn back the clock.
    You had so much to live for and didn’t even know it.
    May god bless you and your family. And I know that if there is a god that you are looking over your daughter with your mother. No matter what people believe, or what religion says or religion you are: if your heart is good nothing else matters.
    All my love and prayer

  287. Sean Tataryn, Creator of The Myumee Dolls

    I dont believe life ends at death. So Im writing this from my soul to yours.
    I know you watch from above over your daughter and I pray with you that God will help bring love, warmth, understanding and compassion into her life now and as she ages.
    I pray that your loved ones will be filled with strength and courage and that they can heal and get on with their lives.
    Najai, what I saw in your fight tonight on the Contender was strength and determination and with this you made a fan of me.
    I will be sending your daughter a donation to help, and hope others will do the same.
    I got this address off the Contender Website to send your daughter donations, so Id like to post it here for any one that reads this that may want to help as well.
    My prayers and love is with your beautiful daughter, wife and family during this difficult time.
    Sean Tataryn, Creator of The Myumee Dolls
    On Monday, February 14 the Contender family was deeply
    saddened by the passing of one of our own, Najai Turpin.
    If you wish to donate to a fund for Najai’s daughter, make all checks payable to the
    Anyae Chapple Trust:
    J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A.
    1999 Avenue of the Stars, 26th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA
    Attn: Fiduciary Services Dept.

  288. Joanna

    Although I did not know Najai personally I can not help but shed some tears for him. I hope his family finds the strength to overcome this sad event and may god bless them. May he find peace where he is. Life is to short to take people for granted so let those you love know that you do.
    *Rest in Peace =( and I know ur a champ wherever you are!!!

  289. Sharon

    I was very sadden to hear such a tragedy. We all have problems in our lives and we should keep God first in everything we do. Unfortunately, Najai let the devil overtake his life. My prayer goes to his family. God is the way out to every situation and people still don’t see that!

  290. Crycynthia

    I was really sadden to hear of his death. What has the world come to when young lives’ feel that death is more important than life. My children were deeply touched by the loss. May God continue to bless the family and curse the sucide thoughts of any family members.

  291. Kimberly

    My heart was broken after hearing about this tragedy. I lost my sister-in-law and my brother to a murder-suicide. They left behind two children and so I know first hand the despair and loss felt when something like this happens. My heart goes out to his girlfriend and daughter. May you look to a higher power when your world seems to be falling apart around you.

  292. Melissa

    Najai had me in tears durring his final episode, even before I realised his fate. He was the most sincere, sensitive man I’ve witnessed. His love for his daughter was so apparent and his want to win was unremarkable. The demons that took over his body on that fateful night can’t be explained. I am deeply saddened by this event, disturbed. But me, myself will remember the earnest young man who chased his little girl around the locker room after he realised what was so important to him.

  293. Jay

    Rest in Peace Najai. You are a beautiful man, father, son, brother, fighter. You lost this battle of life, but will watch over your loved ones from above. You were a loving father to your little angel, and she will always know that. We all love you.

  294. Cindy

    Death is always hard to understand, and why it happens whether at our own hands or that of another is harder to know why. Seeing Najai with his daughter on the show was so sweet the way he played with her. My thought is maybe he felt by dieing while everyone knew who he was that support would come to his family and by that he was making a better life financially. What he didnt think of was how hurt his baby girl will be growing up without her loving daddy and the tears she will shed in missing him. The years in school when other kids have their dads pick them up and go to their activities, how sad she will be because her dad is not there. My daughter is 4 and also at 2 she lost her dad, but not to sucide but to a driver on Meth. She is now 4 and talks about him daily and cries that she misses him though she only saw him a few times, it shows that the lost of a father is remembered and I hope that if anyone else thinks of sucide will think of everyone around them and of their future without them and not of the just here and now. My life has lost my Mother,Sister, Two daughters,My dauther’s dad, my nephew and all my grandparents. I have learned to find something positive out of each one, it has been hard.I hope that Najai’s family can do the same and that out of this they can move forward and heal.

  295. Andrea

    I was truly in tears watching the contender yesterday. Watching how Najai was playing with his daughter broke my heart. I am so sorry that
    he felt that suicide was his only way out.I hope that God has some mercy with him and that his daughter Anyae will know that his father really did love her and wanted the best for her.

  296. Clarisol

    Such a beutiful life gone in the blink of an eye. Najai you should of thought about the lives you left behing in pain. My condolenses go out to your family. Rest in peace Najai, you will always be missed but never forgotten.

  297. Renee

    I watched The Contender for the first time last night. I wept when Najai lost the fight. And then to learn of his death was tragic. I have tried to commit suicide several times in my life. I have four daughters and now relize, with the help of medication and therapy, that I HAVE to live for my children. Unfortunatly, so many people go without support. For anyone reading this today PLEASE seek help if you are contemplating suicide. Life CAN get better.
    I will pray for Najai and his family. Please make a donation to his daughters trust fund so that she may have the chance Najai never had.

  298. Ray

    A great fighter and a selfish person. So much promise and potential wasted by taking the easy way out.We all have our own problems to deal with, but most people are strong enough to handle them in an appropriate manner.Najai has left behind a beautiful daughter who we all can see that he loved.One loss is not a career killer.What could have been so bad.You saw your family all the time.You had love in your life constantly.Think about all the soldiers who do not have their families for 6 months to a tear at a time.And they are really struggling to survive.Don’t tell me how tough it is to grow up in Philly.It isn’t that tough.I grew up in Baltimore but you don’t see me crying about how hard it was.Life is only as hard as you make it.It is sad that Najai had so much heart, but so little mental stability.My deepest regrets to his family.May God bless you.

  299. Asyraf

    Prayers go out to you Najai.Your heart and will inspires me alot.God Bless your daughter and family.Always be remembered,always.God bless you Najai Turpin

  300. Jan Michael B. Laddaran

    It is very sad to see that such a determined man inside the ring is actually a cowardly person outside of it. I’m not saying this because I hate him, but I’m saying these things because I really admire him. I admired him because even though he lost to Sergio, he didn’t gave up the fight until the end. It’ very sad to here these things, but I still salute him for a fight well done. To Najai’s family… I give you my sincerest condolences and to you Najai, Rest In Peace… my friend and thank you.

  301. Andrew

    A great man who moved me to tears. A life worth remembering and a man worth paying tribute to. Love and affection to his family.

  302. KC

    I just watch the contender that is played in Singapore. At the end of show i was shocked to know that Najai Turpin know as the Nitro is dead, but did not really how he passed away. It is Until now that i found he end his own life. At the end of show, he express his feeling that he take the lost as a lesson and hope that this lesson can make him a stronger person, at that moment i felt he is already a champion in my eye. He take his failure as a lesson. But never will i though he will end his own life… cause he had so much loved for his daughter, in the earlier part of show he spoke to one of talent manager saying that he do not trust anyone EXCEPT for his daugther. Maybe he felt he lost this match and lost the shot of giving his daugther a better life a better future cause this kind of chance only come in a life time. HE just couldn’t take it, he felt that he let down his daughther, which in his deep felt heart he WANTS TO WIN AND BECOME A CHAMPION and provide better life for his precious daugther. Najai Turpin u will always be a champion in my heart for living your dream as boxer n makin ur way up as who u are today. May god bless ur kind Soul. KC siging out

  303. T.A.

    I don’t really know what to say…i don’t know why this had to happen and i don’t know why i care so much when i didn’t even know him…i don’t judge you najai for what you did, and i wish you and your family peace of mind and the love and strength to get through this…you were an inspiration to so many….know that you did great things in your life, even if you didn’t realize it…I know your daughter will realize this too…rest in peace.

  304. mick

    SAD? yes of course – I will be contibuting to his daughters future. BUT – this was a man who was obviosly disturbed by an obsession not a dream. “Keeping his word?” – his “Word” was to take care of his daughter. This can been done many ways in “the land of opportunity” I am 30 – high school only – and will make $80k this year by doing what ever has to be done. Yes it is harder, but education IS NOT the only way to take care of someon – neither is caving in another dudes grill. I can’t have children with my wife, so this seem very selfish. If I coul, it would take God himself to separate us. Good luck little girl- you’ll be just fine. Your father has taught you one great lesson, never give up. God bless

  305. Stephen

    Just saw the contender.. suicide is never the answer.. no matter what problems you’re faced with.. life is precious. Either he just sunk into depression or he had a major depressive disorder for sometime… lost his rational thinking. Poor kid..hope it doesn’t affect her when she grows up.

  306. Darin

    What do you say to a this lovely little girl?, this in now unfortunately “Her Reality Show”, we can not begin to judge this young man for his actions, only pray for his family and friends, and also pray that we, ourselves, don’t someday be faced with such inner demons that we feel this is our only altenative. While watching this show, I was touched of how his daughter was able to cheer him up, after his loss of the fight, and how he seemed to see promise and restored hope thru her innocent eyes, and this became even more poignant,after the knowledge of his passing. Remember, any pain that we feel as casual observer of a TV program, pales in comparision to the everlasting journey of understanding that his family(especially his daughter) must travel to come to grips with this tragic loss. As someone who lost his father at the age of 2 1/2, I know the pain and unanswered questions, never go away. Though my father died under different circumstances, after 35+ years I still miss him deeply. The many nights this child will cry for her father, will go on forever. I’m sure, that the fact that her father chose to take the path,that took him away from her forever, will only make her pain that much deeper, For her peace, I Pray. I, myself, almost lost my life at about, Najai’s age, although someone else was holding the gun, I was robbed, and shot at point blank range, three times, for 8 dollars. And at the time, my life, wasn’t exactly in high gear, I was at the end of a relationship and my financial resources we next to none. But the gun man underestimated my “Will to Live”, I survived. Years later,and after lots of hard work, I’m at much better place and now have my little girl, that I love and adore. I pray nothing ever takes me away from her. I’m not saing all this to make it about me, but just for the family of Najai, or anyone else who believes they are facing overwelming odds and contemplating suicide as an options. Read this and Don’t Do It and know that tommorrow will be a new day, and through the love of your family and our God above, you can and will survive. And years from now you can look back and remember the “bad times” which will really make you appreciate the “Good Times”. What aver the situation is, you have the power to change it, Hold on to that “Will to Live” and don’t leave you children Fatherless or Motherless, they need you both, ALIVE. God Bless You All.

  307. Lamar

    I was very saddened to hear of such a tragedy. I just want to pray blessings over the family and friends of Najai. It is a terrible loss of such a great man with so much potential. Nothing in life is so bad that we should take our own lives. God will be our final judge and we should all take comfort in his never ending love! R.I.P.- Najai and God bless.

  308. Jennae


  309. JCPazzi


  310. Jon

    was floored when whatched this epoisode,when sugar ray with his message.Nijai sperit was so so strong I cont under stand.My heart goes out tho his family and friends

  311. powers

    Go Najai to the place in witch you wonted to go feel that your life was not waisted but a raminder to thoughs who feel the same as you,to your doughter who will fight as you did and win,to me who with out seeing your story would have forgotten you and ignore that there is a problem within the youth,To all may our God bless thoughs who strugle with life Know that the treasers you have here are meningless in heven.

  312. Mahjel del Rosario

    I just finished watching the show (3-21 10 pm,Philippine time) and I was so shocked!!He was a personal favorite and I know with the talent such as his,he will go places.Im trying to stop from crying but I cant.The only thing I can do now is to pray for his soul.Im not promising it but it will be my mission now to try to reach out for his little girl and hopefully personally see her someday.She should be proud of her father who have touched so many lives the world over.

  313. Stevenjit Singh

    You are a great fighter, a good father and a man who stand alone. Rest in Peace brother. Happiness is the greatest thing and sadness comes and go. I am a great fan of the Contender. I just got this news today that a great fighter of my favorite passed away. And at my age of 23, there are alot of things come and go. Why you did this brother? You are a fighter. You should stay strong. Something will come on your way ahead after this. But things are over now. Love you brother. May GOD have some mercy on your soul.
    Kuala Lumpur

  314. Kim

    I live overseas and I don’t receive the show “Contender” here. I was online and first saw Najai in his Contender fight.Just over a month after this tragedy. The aftershow interview crushed me. The way he so desperately wanted a better life for his daughter. That was before I knew of his tragedy. When I found out, I sat here and cried like I’ve known him for years. WHAT A TRAGEDY OF SUCH A TALENTED LOVING YOUNG MAN! He was truly a fighter…INSIDE AND OUTSIDE of the ring. He fought his whole life. Not just with his fists, but with his heart. There is a point in ones life when he cannot see past his own hopelessness. Suicide is a terrible thing, but I understand that he had no hope or direction left. He was a tired soul, he grew up fast. Raising a family is NOT an easy task, especially at such a young age. Noone has the right to call this young man a failure, when you have not lived his obstacles, heartaches and defeats. My heart goes out to his loved ones, he is at peace and he WILL be remembered…as a fighter, a father and a WINNER. God Bless you Najai.

  315. Rashida

    Just finished watching contender in Hong Kong and reading above messages, everyone have different views towards this tragedy. Victim or coward, regardless, Najai has taught us a very precious lesson. One that some of us may only realize when it is too late. One that gives many of us a new perpective in life. One that proves there are people who care even you do not see them.
    RIP Najai

  316. Claire Branden

    May the Lord bless Najai’s little girl. She loves him and does not know or understand where her ‘Daddy’ is.
    May she have more strength and less grief in her life.
    Claire Branden
    Las Vegas, NV
    West Coast

  317. Trina

    After watching the show I was already crying in the fact that he had lost the fight. He wasn’t fighting so much for himself but to better his daughters life. You could see the love he had for his daughter by looking in his eyes even after his fight was lost.
    I will pray for his girlfriend and daughter that have many tough times ahead.
    This is a very tough world and people are so judgemental! I just hope that those that love him will be stong and over come any hurtful comments from others!

  318. Cristal Rodriguez

    I was deeply saddened when I heard the news that Najai had taken his own life. Having attempted suicide before I could slightly feel the pain he was probably dealing with at the time. The fact that he leaves so many loved ones behind, especially his beautiful daughter Anyae saddens me even more. I wish that he would have thought twice about leaving his daughter behind. Now she will have to deal with the loss of her father for the rest of her life. It’s not fair to her, nor any of his loved ones to have to deal with this pain. As they say, everything happens for a reason so some how some way, SOMETHING good must come out of this tragedy. God Bless the whole Turpin family.

  319. Sherri H

    I watched the episode of The Contender today. I had heard in the previews that he had passed away but would never have imagined it was from him taking his own life. As i watched Sugar Ray speak I cried like I had known him my whole life. I just had to say Najai I truly feel that you left a mark here with so many people. I personally feel you were a remarkable young man and I am truly sorry that you felt like so many people in the world that you couldnt go on any longer. I pray that you have peace. I also pray for your family and friends you must now have to go on living without you.
    I would also just like to say that as a Reality TV addict I think it is ridiculous to blame the show in any way for Najais suicide. Whatever caused him to take his own life had been eating him up for months maybe years. I feel that I could never take my own life. But if faced with the feelings of losing my daughter who was the one thing he loved most left with him on this earth I can sympathize with the pain he was dealing with. Especially after everything else he had been through. As he said in the last episode. He trusted noone but his daughter….and his mother who was deceased. Maybe he wanted to go home to his mom because he felt his daughter was being taken from him.
    Again I pray he finds peace….and that his daughter does too.

  320. Yolanda R

    God Bless Najai’s family and friends. My prayers go out to them all.It made me very sad to hear that Najai had commited suicide. Only God knows what he was going through when he made that decision but I pray that God shows mercy and love. I alos pray that God will look over his beautiful daughter and give her peace in her fathers absence.

  321. cassie

    it was very heartbreaking to find out that najai had committed suicide over an argument about his little girl. it really struck me that some one with najais ability to fight like he did that he would turn around and do such a thing. i dont see how he could leave such a beautiful daughter and a loving girlfriend behind like that. lets just hope that they make it in this world and never get hurt again. god bless u and im sorry to hear about najai. he was truly a great contender and fighter. he will be missed greatly.

  322. Jeannine Shelton

    My heart is broken, because yet I didnt know you I felt you and hurt and pain, I have to commend your girlfriend for saying all the right things after the fight..I dont know why you took your life but may God look upon you and bless you..and keep your family..your beautiful baby..

  323. Chuck Taylor

    I saw the Contender episode, and I must say I was really pulling for Najai. I thought the guy was fearless, motivated, and dedicated to his family as well as future plans. When I heard the guy was woking two jobs and still found the time to train, I thought my god, what an inspiration. When he picked a bigger fighter because he had the heart of a lion, I thought my god, what an inspiration. When I read that he was taking care of his Brother and sister, a niece and nephew, I thought my god, what an inspiration. Well, I would like to tell the Najai’s family for the rest of your lives let Najai be that inspiration, God Bless.

  324. jandra

    I am extremly sadded by the lose of Najai.
    watching his last fight i keep hopeing if he could just win then feb 14 wouldnt have happend.
    but as we all know if it wasnt a boxing match it might have been something else.
    He had to be extremely sad & unsettled to take his life because his love for his daughter was so strong that it seem like he would have done anything for her not to feel any pain .
    I just hope her and her mom will always carrie that love in there heart.

  325. Yolanda

    I was sad to see how hurt he was last night. The sad part is he took his own fate into his own hands. Sorry, some may not like this but, it’s too late to pray for his soul. The deed is done, he is where he is and praying for his soul won’t to him no good.
    I could see the hurt in his eyes and I really felt bad for him. But, his daughter has to live with the fact that her dad is no longer here. Hopefully she’ll have pictures and will be able to see this episode and see the good things he had to say about her.

  326. poppa

    LIFE AFTER SUICIDE is so hard…compared to the previous life… because u see your whole lifetime in 3D,but can`t do anything about it.It`s an internal turmoil for eternity.Najai was living in the past and it was hard to let go of the pain and hardships he went thru,so it all came out thru BOXING.
    That was the only time he felt free.He honestly tried his very best to provide for his family but 9 outta 10,it back fired on him…so he got used to the cycle…WORK HARDER.He gave his all until his soul got tired.There`s some void in life that can never be filled by anyone out there but GOD and YOURSELF.
    So Next time u talk to your loved one,look beyond the Platinum chain,listen to what pours out of their heart and not their mouth.Don`t be PASSIVE because that`s when situations becomes EXPLOSIVE.

  327. Tammy

    Everyone is so easy to say that no one knew his problems and that is just an excuse to condone what he did. No matter what happens in life, you should never take your own life, the only one who suffers are the ones left behind. I had family members do it and there children are left behind to think it was there fault. That burden should never be felt by a child.
    There is never, never a good reason to take your own life, No matter the sob story. Everyone has one. And for buddy up there, being black is no excuse, different people of all colours have rough lives.
    Do however wish good luck to his daughter and hope she has a good life.

  328. BG

    Didn’t know him but feel for him…to be at such a low point to where you feel the only way out is death. Some may think they understand, you’ve been there, however if you are here posting, then you don’t know – you are still alive. For you people who have never been that depressed and all you can do is judge- may you never have to feel that way. Fortunatley, I have never been that low, hopefully I never will. I hope that he is at peace and reunited with his Mother.

  329. Patrick

    In a land divided by large expanses of land, where heroes are paraded in our living rooms on the toob, this man’s death is the most awful thing I have been presented since 9-11.
    Terrorism is about the individuals in our tribal society, who suffer and are killed , wiped out, mutilated, murdered, and basically cannon fodder, for being independent, strong, dedicated, in pursuit of happiness, and so often forgotten.
    How could so many, be so lost, in the false hope that this could not happen to them. Suicide, HA!
    Just follow the money as it goes right to the rich kid on the block with the expensive habit that daddy’s money pays for. There might be a terrorist largesse right there in city hall, with an agenda that doesn’t include people like Najai and his daughter.

  330. Alex Arjonilla

    My wife and I were saddened by the announcement that Najai died. Our prayers go out to Najai’s siblings and daughter as they will always deeply feel his loss. It is sad that Najai did not seek help but instead elected to end his personal pain. We had hoped that after losing the fight that he would rebound and become a better fighter.

  331. maria

    it is always sad when you hear someone who committed suicide especially when they have young children, they often will wonder if they were the ones at fault, and will always wonder why? and will have no answer for them it’s just something they will have to work out for them selves. my best to the family and especially the beautifull little girl, that when the episode aired it look like she really loved her father.

  332. anonymous

    For those of you who have the audacity to judge Najai’s suicide as a selfish act, or worse yet as the act of a loser/quitter, I would like to personally step into the ring with you and beat the shit out of you – you should be ashamed of yourselves for not having more respect for the deceased! While I’m not a boxer, I do have eight years of martial arts experience and a very deep respect for those with the courage to fight for a living, for a family or to fight in military combat.
    I have also dated someone who went through a period of severe depression and at one point made an attempt on her own life when she had a hell of a lot more going for her than Najai. While we are no longer together, I have nothing but the utmost respect for her, for what she went through and helping her overcome her difficulties was one of the most important, illuminating, inspiring, transformational and courageous periods of my life. If Najai did suffer from clinical depression (and the symptoms are not always obvious and can sometimes be hidden very effectively), his suicide may be partly due to chemical imbalances in the brain – not something he could control by his own volition.
    I do not know if Najai suffered from any such ailment, but it certainly strikes me as being possible. Everyone who heard Sergio’s pre-battle statements heard him describe Najai as “the one guy no one could get a handle on, the one guy he (Sergio) didn’t want to fight – he (Najai) was a bit of a nut”. Everyone who saw Najai’s moving interview after his fight could clearly see the pain he felt at not being able to deliver on his promise of a victory for his daughter. As a poor kid from an rough urban area, he might not have had access to proper diagnosis and treatment if he did have a mental disorder.
    More generally, it’s very evident that he did have a difficult life. And that he held himself to very high standards. And that his daughter meant the world to him. That should command respect from everyone.
    While I probably shouldn’t speculate, it’s quite possible that it became clear to him from his “discussion” with his girlfriend that she was going to get sole custody of their daughter and that he was going to have very limited, or perhaps no ability to see her again. And if Anyae was, as he described, “all that he had”, the pain of not being able to raise her or even see her might have been too much to bear – especially on top of his visible emotional agony at his loss in the boxing ring. So for all you judgemental assholes who presume that it was a selfish or weak act for him to take his own life, you should learn to think with a little more sophistication/education and feel with a little more compassion/humanity. What happened is a tragedy and I have the utmost respect for him. Do what you want, but I am going to make a donation to Anyae’s trust fund.

  333. Andy

    I’ve just finished watching the contender here in Malaysia, and i was really shocked to heard that Najai had passed away. I was curious to know how did it happen and so i straight away log in the internet looking for this news. I still just cant beleive it why did he chose to end up like this. He’s got a great life ahead of him. My condolences to his family especially his daughter. May u rest in peace my dear bro Najai.

  334. Adrian & Cathy Morning

    PSALM 23: The Lord is my sheperd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadth me beside the still waters.
    He restoreth my soul: he leadth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
    Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preprest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.
    Rest In Peace Champ !

  335. Alexia

    Najai i feel so bad for your daughter that has to go through life knowing that her dad is dead because he committed suicide.I LOVE YOU ANYAE!I will pray for your family NAIJA!!

  336. Joshua Shannon

    Najai was a good boxer and he had a lot of heart to get into the ring multiple times and he did it all for his family. He should be respected for that

  337. Donielle

    I watched the Contender last nite, and I was watching the fight between Najai & Sergio. I was really rooting for Najai to win. Then when the show was over i was really shocked to learn that Najai had died. Even though i didn’t know him, if you watched the show you could see how much Najai wanted to make it through for his daughter’s sake. I hope his daughter grows up to become a sucess in life & I hope that Najai rests in peace!!!!!

  338. Sonia

    I have become hooked to the show and I really was routing for him to win. I was so shocked to hear of his death. My sympathy goes out to his family and daughter. I hope they will be taken care of.
    It’s hard to understand and we don’t know what he was going through and he must of been in a really dark place. But he was quite a fighter as he had to take care of his whole family at a young age and I can only imagine how hard that must of been for him.
    May he rest in peace!!

  339. Jason

    May youre soul rest in peace. I was rooting for you all the way. I was so shocked and saddened by the news after the show. How could you leave youre beautiful little girl? Although you took the easy way out leaving youre loved ones behind, i will still keep you and youre family in my thoughts and prayers. At least Najai is with his mother now and getting those big hugs he talked about.

  340. Jen

    I was truly shocked to learn of Najai’s death after I saw The Contender last night. I find it so hard to believe someone could take their own life. He seemed sad and troubled in the beginning of the show, but when in the prescence of his daughter, he really “lit up”. It terribly saddens me to hear of someone committing suicide. It is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. My prayers and love go out to his family and friends and especially his precious daughter! Najai would have probably become a boxer we would all remember. God be with all that miss and love Najai Turpin.
    Jen, Richmond, VA

  341. shane beise

    Wow, what a shock, does anyone know what pushed him to these limits. I was a boxer for 2 years and I never endured the kind of pressure that would make me take my own life. I believe that there had to be something in his personal life that pushed him over the threshhold. I have heard rumors that his better half was not so nice to him. God Bless You Najai Turpin, I hope you found what you were looking for…

  342. Tiffany Rutherford

    My heart goes out to this family. I will be praying for you. Are they taking up donations for Najai’s daughter.
    love and prayers

  343. Sean in SD

    Wow! I just saw a full episode for the first time last night and I saw the fight between him and Sergio. He had so much fire and passion about fighting and winning, that it is so ironic that he took his own life. My heart goes out to his family, especially his little girl and her mother. Hopefully, they will be able to sustain such a powerful blow like this. With so much adversity in this world we have to look to the Lord and have faith he will carry us through the tough times. One love for One life! Live it to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised.

  344. JDR

    Your loved one is not being tormented in a fiery hell. And the mental and emotional anguish that led him to suicide have ended. He is not suffering; he is simply at rest.
    It might be best now to focus on the welfare of the living, including yourself. Solomon continued: “All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power” while you are alive. (Ecclesiastes 9:10) Rest assured that the future life prospects of those who have committed suicide are in the hands of Jehovah, “the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort.”

  345. Red

    You shall always be loved, Najai.
    To the girlfriend of Najai…..pay no mind to people who want you to feel guilty. Guilt is a waste of time. Unfortunately, Najai made a decision in haste in the heat of the moment. This…you cannot change.
    People will be there for you to help you take care of your daughter. You have lots of support and love.
    Keep your chin up.

  346. Juan

    I was wacthing the show last night and i was happy to see Peter come back.When Peter came back he supported Najai in the ring and out the ring.When Najai called out Sergio I was going all the way for Najai.Even though i didnt know Najai by the way he he talked and expressed his self he really opened my eyes and had me yelling his name Najai,Najai,Najai over and over. After the match when Najai was playing with his daughter it was an emotional feeling for me to watch them.It brought tears to my eyes to see Najai leave his family like this.Wish the best to his family and freinds,God bless.REST IN PEACE NAJAI

  347. Kimea

    I watched the contender last night and was so moved by this young man’s story and was stunned when I found out he had passed. We are worlds apart but I was shaken emotionally by his struggle and felt saddened that he had no one that he felt he could to turn to in his strugles. I wish his family the best and hope that his daughter grow up to have a struggle free life. No life is ever in vain.

  348. Tonya

    I feel very badly for Najai’s family, especially his beautiful daughter. He seemed like a great man and I wished for everybody’s sake he could have found a better way to deal with his life and the cards he was dealt. What a tragic loss and I hope his daughter will have her own memory of him and if not she will always be able to look at that Contender tape and see how much he loved her. I could tell that little girl was his life and I wished he would have chose to stay around for hers. God Bless.

  349. Heather Drake

    I just got done watching the contender it was saved on my DVR and before the fight was over Najai had me in tears from his amazing heart and courage to fight for what he loved most his little girl!!! Then I saw he had passed and now im even more upset. We never know what we have till its gone. It is no ones fault he made a decision. Little one remember always your DADDY was a hero!!! He faught for YOU baby!!! And He loved You every moment he just had alot of hurt.. Never ever feel like he left because of you, i never met him and I know he loved you more than anything. He loved Boxing too!!! Just Keep his memories close to your heart!!! If the family is reading this i was very compelled by his story, I wish you all the best. Najai was an amazing Man boxer and father. I will keep you all in my prayers. To Najai you truely touched my heart. Ive never met you a day in my life but am inspired by you to be a better person for my 2 year old daughter. You are amazing!! Wish i would have had the oppertunity to meet such an amazing man!! I will keep you in my prayers Rest in peace NITRO!!!!

  350. nick

    Im sorry for the lost of Najai he was a good fighter. In the start of the Contender I hoped he was gona be the one to win and watching the show last night and hearing that he had passed has tuched me alot. Best wishes to his family and his daughter.

  351. Big Jack

    I am a loyal fan of “The Contender”, and as a former boxer, I pray for the families of all the participants. Take heed to the short time we have here on this earth. I praise each and every one of them in living and taking that leap of faith in reaching for the brass ring. “Go for it all my brothers” !! Najai wouldn’t have wanted it any other way… I know he would have had he had that second chance…. Rest and Peace be unto to you my brother. My condolences to your family…I know you’ll be missed….but not forgotten.

  352. troy ray

    hey i just want to say that naji was an inspiring fighter and it is so sad for his daughter to lose a father that young rip naji

  353. heather

    I am a fan of the new show. During the episode when Naji lost his match I even had tears. When he speaks of him family and especially his daughter you could tell that it came from his heart. He was crying when he talked and I was crying as I listened. And then cried even more when the show ended and they explained about his death. It was very exciting to watch Naji, he was a great fighter and seemed to be a great father and husband. I hope that his daughter will grow up knowing how much her father cared for her and that his heart belonged to her! I wish the entire family well.

  354. Reggie

    Others never even get a chance, and you did. There was no reason, you had a million shoulders to lean on, and million hearts of compassion.

  355. Jennie

    RIP Najai! You ARE an incredible fighter, and you touched our hearts. I wish the best for your daughter, may she find someone in her life who she can TRUST, so she does not feel the need to follow the same path as yours. I sincerely hope that you found peace where ever you are now, you deserve that. My compassion is with you and your daughter. I only wish someone could have been there to stop you, but that is for my own selfish reasons. I enjoyed watching you fight, and I would have enjoyed the opportunity to watch you fight again. And to Anyae – Your daddy loved you like few fathers love, his pain must have been extremely deep to have left you in this world alone. But never doubt his love for you, you were his everything, and he will watch over you and help you in your life. You are cared for and loved, whether he is physically here to show and tell you that or not. God Bless!
    To all those against Najai – you are quick to judge, and your judgements here on Earth effect people in ways you will never comprehend. Perhaps if we all stopped judging each other while we are here on Earth, there would be less of those so eager to leave it. Try loving each other more, judging each other less. It just might make a nicer place for all of us.

  356. Mark

    Our Father, Who Art in Heaven
    Hallowed be, Thy Name
    Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be Done
    On earth, as it is, in Heaven
    Give us this day, our daily bread
    And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever
    May the lord comfort Najai’s family at this time.
    I never knew you, but may you find peace my brother

  357. tammy

    I watched the show lastnight and just wanted to really break down and cry. And I did I was just thinking of what a wonderful person this young man was and the dreams he had.I will pray everyday for your family and I hope you are in heaven now with our maker.And your little girl I will pray for her everyday because it will be so hard for her when she is old enough to know. May God be with you and your family

  358. Amani

    I am from Philadelphia so immediately I was a fan of Najai. He had so much heart and strength. He had so much potential for him to die so young. I was literally in tears at the end of the show.
    God Bless his family and my prayers go out to them, especially his daughter and girlfriend.

  359. robert hayes

    You know i really dont know what gets in peoples heads, That they feel lifes so messed up that they have to take their own life. They dont even have enough consideration to realize all the family, freinds and people who have been hurt over it. Now im in no way saying he wasnt a good boxer, or good person i just wish people would take more time to think about all the things their missing. rest in peace Najai may god be with you…

  360. sha

    Thinking Out Loud…..
    Its hard for me to analyze or come to an understanding about why a brother such as Najai would go out the way like he did for the fact that i too am a product of the streets.The pain that i winessed in that mans eyes were like looking at a mirror.Luckily i somehow always know that things get greater later,but i too always slip and fall into that spell of not being as successful as you thought you would, or like that brother Najai said: His word is his bond and when your word is not bond,one can get very depressed and be in a state of suicidal thoughts. I want people to be aware of your close ones and not be afraid to encourage one another,a friend and sincere conversation can save a life,it saved mines a couple of times! I love you Najai,even though we never met,i got that street love for you cause to this day i still struggle,but you will live in all the hearts you caught by being a true contender!!!!!

  361. J*Zina San Jo Cali

    First and foremost I wanna say to those that are judging Najai “Only God can judge him!!!” I really grew to like Najai as a person as well as a fighter and I really wanted him to win, once the show was over and they announced that he had passed away I could not help but cry. I guess that was the type of person he was many didn’t know him and yet were truly touched by his death. To his family may god bless you and may you find the strength to overcome this tragedy. To Najai I know that you must be happy to see how many lives you touched.
    *May you Rest In Peace*

  362. John

    It has been said a million times already but none of us can judge Najai. Only three people know what was said in that car…Najai, his girlfriend, and God. May your soul rest in peace and my prayers go out to your family and daughter.

  363. Mike Goulden

    I shed a tear for this man Najai….I saw heart and soul in this man but the disappointment was far greater in his eyes…..A sad thing to leave a family behind….I can only imagine the anguish in his heart that lead to his suicide…..I feel his pain in my heart…..life is often a sad place,especially for those from such tough places as Najai…..SOmething to think about in this world…..take a moment to touch someones life with a kind word each day….some different each day……someone you don’t even know…..you never know if maybe your kind words may change a sad path or even just bring a smile to an otherwise unhappy soul….do it everyday as often as you can….it will warm your heart ….it is easy to give and powerful to receive….how many lives may be saved from suicide or depression when people can see that a stranger cares enough to acknowledge your existance with a kind word or two!! It all starts with one random act of kindness and it exponentially goes from there!
    God bless each and every soul who reads this!!
    Mike Goulden

  364. mac shorty

    only god know where his heart was .we will always have you in our mind because you touch us brother i know what it feel like to lose ,but i put it all in his hand he know what best.to the family hold on to gods hand and no matter what dont let go cause he will be there when we are all gone away from you.

  365. ANDY

    His relationship was getting bad with his girl and on top of that he lost his fight to Sergio and his shot for his family. He also got robbed at gunpoint, so he had a really tough life!
    This reminds me of the book “Tears of a Tiger.” You should read it, it is similar in many ways.

  366. anonymous

    I wrote an earlier message and just wanted to qualify what I wrote earlier. I was very angry with those who presumed to judge Najai’s suicide as a selfish or weak act and that criticism stands. You people disgust me. However, I did speculate that he might have had depression or that his discussion with his girlfriend may have been a catalyst for his decision. I want to publicly apologize for speculating on such sensitive issues when I have no knowledge of the situation. While both may have been possibilities, it is no one’s place to speculate let alone judge. To the ex-girlfriend, I apologize if my words were inappropriate.
    I was just so damn infuriated by the assholes who were judging Najai’s act that I wanted to bring up other possible motivations, so that people would hopefully learn to think with a little more sophistication and to feel with a little more humanity. Again my condolences to his family and friends and especially to his daughter.

  367. Jessica

    Personally, I think it was very SELFISH for Najai to have killed himself to have left his little daughter and wife with nobody. He said it himself, he was all they had and he left them with nothing. And now his daughter gets to grow up wondering why?
    I dont feel bad for Najai at all. I feel for his wife and daughter. We all go through tough times and we all have our downs which sometimes seem more than our ups. But that is no reason to take your own life. He was a QUITTER.

  368. Ransom Ingram

    To his daughter, I pray that she grows up in a loving enviroment. My heart goes out to his family and his family alone! “Najai, we never met but nothing ever gets that bad. What’d did you expect to accomplish…. PAIN… congrats. Did you think people should feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you and anyone who gives you sympathy. Thats just sick. I thank god for allowing me the pleasure of never knowing you, and never will I have to worry about losers like you darkening my doorway. SFL’s

  369. penelope

    This story has truly touched my heart. I don’t understand how a young man with so much to live for could take his own life. He seemed so poised and determined with his boxing career it was unreal. To see the love in his eyes when he looked at his daughter touched my soul. I pray for his daughter to one day understand that her father leaving her does not undercut the love he had for her. Also Lord please bless and keep him.

  370. Chantelle

    I totally diagree with T-man. I dont understand why he took his life, but he is not a loser. in my perspective he is a winner. he won the hearts of all the veiwers. I got love fo ya Najai!! GOD BLESS. Have fun in heaven.

  371. glenda

    Dear Najai,
    I just watched your exit interview on the website of the contender, you said so much more than they showed at the end of the show. Wow, it felt like you were saying Goodbye right then. I wish you could have been stronger, you had so much to live for.
    What a great fighter you were, it’s just sad that you did not have the final fight left in you to go one more round with life. I will make a promise right now to contribute to Anyae’s trust fund.
    Poem for Najai
    Don’t judge,
    who knows what we would do if we lost
    everything, and had just “one” thing left that meant the world to us
    remember he said, Anyae was the only one he could trust.
    Someone may have threatned to take her away,
    and in the end, he could not bear the thought of life without her, even for a day.
    Rest in Peace Najai

  372. faizan

    i was shocked i thought that najai got shot or somr thing even in the show at the end he said there is no reason for me to feel bad

  373. Kensel

    My heart goes out to his families and his one and only daughter who he loved with all his heart. If only we could turn back time, I wish that you would have talk to someone about your feelings and maybe we can prevent you from taking your own life for the sake of your daughter and your siblings whom you loved so much. But it’s too late now, but no matter what, our thoughts and prayers are with you always. May god be with you and take you to a better place where you won’t feel hurt anymore. God bless you…

  374. babs

    I don’t admire this man who made a conscious decision to shoot himself. Ok, so life is hard…life is hard for lots of people and they don’t kill themselves. I feel sorry for those he left behind. Why should one feel sorry for a man who was given the opportunity of a lifetime, to win enough money to forever change his and his daughter’s life forever? He chose to pull the trigger. There are alot of people who suffer, from disease, from loss, from financial ruin, and from heartbreak, yet they go on living.
    Shame on this “man” for taking the easy way out, and don’t tell me I should feel bad for not blessing him.
    And what does him being black have anything to do with it? Alot of people, of all races and colors, suffer way worse than he did, and they suffer unspeakable horrors…look around the world! being a black man does not make your suffering any more of a degree than anyone else who is suffering heartache or loss.
    There is no RIP for this man….look in the bible, for those of you quoting this and that about being with the Lord..suicide is hideous sin and a cowardly choice.

  375. Rosa

    While watching the contender last night, I was listening to Najai Turpin pour out his soul and could sympathize with his since of hopelessness. I wasn’t getting a good feeling about what he was saying. So when Sugar Ray said he had passed. I knew without a doubt that he had killed himself!
    To me he was saying his good bye he had fought his battle, he had went back on his word, he had failed despite giving 200%.
    God Bless Him we all go through it, some of us pull through some of don’t. When I’m depressed I try to be thankful anyway for the life that I have. Thinking of South Africa, Rwanda, people living all their lives with cancer or what have you, it bring me back to the reality that it’s not that bad and I will press and make it through.
    Regardless of what anyone thinks, Najai has a father and his name is God. His ways are not our ways. Najai and God is handling there business and it’s none of nobody else

  376. Bruno Arujo

    Upon reading a few of these posts, I feel the need to chime in regarding some of your thoughts on suicide.
    Unfortunately, suicide is not a cognitive choice as so many of you put it. It is the result of a well documented mental illness known as depression. Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain that is completely uncontrollable by the patient. It is not, simply, prolonged negative feelings, although this can be an ADDITIONAL symptom. People who have depression and feel the need to commit suicide suffer from a medical condition in which they have no control. To try and compare your healthy selves and minds to a mind suffering from depression is an exercise in futility for these minds are wired differently. One who does not suffer from diagnosed depression cannot have a true understanding of the depths in which the disease takes over your mind.
    It is very difficult to describe to those who do not have it. The disease manifests itself in such a visible form to others that it is difficult for others to distinguish it from common behavior associated with feelings of sadness.
    It is quite the contrary that “they” don’t have enough consideration for their family and those affected in their lives. They are fully aware of the consequences of suicide. The mind is incredibly powerful in its ability to shape experiences into conclusions and its conclusions into further actions. This is the essence of human existence and survival. Depression causes disruptive and significant obstructions to this fundamental mental process, changing the way we see ourselves. This takes place at the subconscious level, not the conscious level and therefore is hardly a choice, it is rather an evolutionary solution.
    Depression is fully treatable through a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Depression is as much a disease of the mind as lung cancer is to the cardiovascular system. Cells in the brain with neurotransmitter receptors are altered in patients with depression. Just like stress causes blood pressure to elevate, depression causes neurotransmitter production to fluctuate widely. Depression is similar to bipolar disorder, this disease is also fully treatable.
    I am no expert but I have educated myself on these disorders and I encourage you to do the same. Hopefully when somebody brings up the notion of suicide as being an inexcusable act, you can sympathize with them and educate their understanding of depression.
    Bruno Araujo

  377. carlos

    I am a very huge fan of the contender and i came to admire Najai for everything he stood for. I was shocked to hear that he had committed suicide. I don’t want to critize him for his decision but as a father of a two year old girl, I would never imagine myself doing that. You all have to realize that once you have a baby, she should be the most important person in your life, even more important that you own life. You have to work hard to give her a better life and not take the easy way out and leave her to struggle on herself. My heart goes out to his family but espescially to his daughter who unfortunatelly will never have the pleasure of knowing her father. May god bless Najai and I hope that Mr. Stallone and Sugar Ray can support Najai’s daughter.

  378. cc


  379. Isioma

    Oh wow!
    I couldn’t believe my ears when Sugar Ray announced the sad news on yesterday’s episode of “The Contender”.
    Najai looked so sincere and determined of what to do with his life.Even though I don’t know him, I really do feel touched by his passing.May God continue to be with his family and may Najai’s soul rest in perfect peace.

  380. babs

    don’t tell me I need to be educated about suicide and depression. I work in the medical field so I am educated enough on the subject. And yes, it is a treatable mental illness and this is where you story falls apart. Many millions of people suffer from depression, to varying degrees. But this man was an intelligent man, and he could have sought help and therapy. All he had to do was talk to somebody, anybody. And he would have and could have received life-saving help. And I speak from personal experience. I was diagnosed with depression, so don’t write as if those of us who have the guts to write something negative about this subject are just unkowing or not intelligent enough to know the “truth”. Truth is, I lived through depression, I know people in my family who have been severely depressed (my brother in law who is a doctor, watched his son die after an auto accident), yet they would never commit the ultimate…suicide…because they know the trauma and loss it would bring on their loved ones…..and that’s where being selfish enters this picture.
    I don’t need to look into a mirror. I’m happy with my life. I’ve been through horrible times, and I pulled myself out of each and every one of them. I’ve contemplated suicide. I’ve been there. This man does not get sympathy from me at all.

  381. - sebers1

    bless you while you rest in GOD’s hand’s now.may your soul be in harmony and your family be protected by the angels from heaven. may you rest in peace now.
    and for the comment made by” Posted by T-man on March 7, 2005 10:10 PM “… and by those who try and judge najai for what he did keep in mind..
    ” judge not or let thee be judge on the day of judgement “…
    for hateful words and hateful thoughts towards individuals that do or have done something wrong, remember you TOO will have your day of JUDGEMENT
    when you stand before the LORD…

  382. heather

    najai you will always be in my heart you are the #1 contender in my eyes i dont care what people say about you . you always belived in your self you never had your head down for anything you always had your head up looking to the sky and now i look up in the sky asking my self why the sunny dont shine any more and when it does shine i know you are looking down at me and my fam we miss you alot and you will always be in my heart love your sister inlaw heather

  383. nancy

    it’s very hard hearing this because i was just watching and thinking how wonderful and sweet hearted of person he is. it’s hard to hear this cause you’ve just seem him. but i best wishes to family. in the memories of najai turpin.
    rest in peace

  384. PeeznQuez

    It’s amazing how one man’s words, actions, drive, tears, tribulations, triumphs, and defeats can effect many, and that man never knows.
    RIP to young Najai Turpin, may god bless your family and soul.

  385. Darin

    To whom ever said “one less person to worry about”, I hope god has mercy on your soul, that comment is extremely heartless and calous and indicates you probably don’t worry about too many other people besides yourself. The world has suffered a great lose but when we forget about this tommorrow, his poor family will have the pain with them foever! My sentiments differ from many of you. I will not call him a Hero! because he is not, Heros are the men and women that go to work at a job every day, rather the like it or not, when life knocks them down, they brush themselves off and get up for the next round. (Heros)They do all this, rain or shine, for the love of themselves and their family. But I also not call him weak or a coward for committing this act of desperation, although I understand how someone could say he was in fact, being selfish, because IF he was in his right mind and thinking of others, he would of thought of his daughter, that he obvouisly loved, and stopped short of pulling the trigger, Once that is done, there is no turning back! It is unfair for us or anyone to judge his actions so harshly, but More importantly I believe it sends the wrong message, to others, if we call him a Hero. It takes true courage and tenacity for a man to face the world and all that it can throw at you, black or white, and come back for more, in spite of what might be percieved as insurmountable odds working against them… when you see these men(and women) on the streets, in the stores, at the warehouses, on the battlefields, these are truly Heros. God Bless you All and may Najai’s family find healing in his hands.

  386. Ifeanyi

    Men,nothing bothered me more last night… after i watched the contender…. I really respected Najai, I loved his heart,his personality…and most of all the will 2 keep his word. But losing that match must have left him really devastated. Anyone watching could see it… from the way he cried. I really rooted 4 him 2 win, he was such a talented boxer. I can’t remember the last time i shed tears watching T.V… until yesterday… i felt his pain, the love 4 his daughter…. n what that fight meant 2 his family. If only he remembered that in life u lose, and get up another day 2 fight stronger and wiser. I feel sorry 4 his daughter. Soo young, this is the best time she would have needed her father. Najai, i’ll keep praying 4 u and your family. May the lord have mercy on you, and bless your family abundantly….May you rest in peace Bro. You were definetely an inspiration 2 all of us.

  387. L Andrews

    When I saw Najai with this daughter on the show, I thought,”Wow, I bet he is a great dad!” He seemed to love his baby girl so much, I don’t understand how he could do this to her. I realize times can get a little tough, but you have to pull yourself through and realize you have a little one counting on you to always be there to love and care for her. My heart goes out to his family, especially his daughter!

  388. MARK

    i notice how people say they dont have sympathy towards individual’s with suicidal thought’s…and i notice how people say they ” TRYED ” to commit suicide…but it’s like what most doctor’s have also come up with. The one’s who TRY to commit suicide only want attention..And the one’s that really do commit suicide i have sympathy for them..Why ? Because they couldn’t take the pain they were suffering from. Even if it was personal.Most people who do commit suicide show no emotion or even tell anyone they want to commit suicide..Majority of the time it’s the unsuspected who commit suicide..because if you just contemplated suicide all your trying to do is GET ATTENTION…you want people to have pity towards you or feel sorry for you..

  389. Stacy

    I am deeply sadden by this tragedy. I feel soooo sorry for his little girl. She needs her father and it is such a shame that he took his life away from her. NOTHING in life is so unbarable that you would have to end it. That is not of GOD. GOD can and will take care of all of your troubles…as long as you believe that.

  390. Contender Fan

    It’s all been said. Either people feel for him or are convinvced he is in hell for committing suicide. It’s not my place to say or judge him. I do know that Najai must have had A LOT of stuff weighing on him to take his life in the car with his girlfriend. Can you imagine what must be going through her head?
    Regardless of what side of the fence you stand of, we have lost a talented young man who never knew how many people cared about him. It may be too late for Najai, but we can help make his daughter feel loved by contributing to her future. I want to believe that Najai is looking down on us and thanking us for caring and watching over his precious baby girl.

  391. M. Flores

    First my condolences and sympathies to his family and friends. R.I.P. Najai you have touched me personally.
    Second to all those people out there judging, Shame on you. Najai seems like the type that tried everything he knew. He did not have a full life of guidance from 2 loving parents, like most of you on this forum. He was shot into maturity unlike most people. It is one thing to provide for your own child, but to take on the resposiblity of your siblings. It is HARD. He had to have been suffering from depression and he must have felt that he would not be able to do right by his daughter, I would bet my life that his daughter was what he thought about last. A father wants best for his child(ren) regardless the consequences.
    I pray for Najai, his siblings, his friends, and mostly for his daughter. I pray that she is taught peaceful things of her father and that she learns strength to make it through the rough.
    I am going to make my donation to the fund set up for his daughter and I hope that many others do also.

  392. linda


  393. Kimik

    I am so sad about what happened. The sadness in me is comparable to the pain you feel when someone close to you passes. I also wish someone could have got him some help.As many have said, no man is fit to judge but out Lord and savor.I must say that it is sad that Najai will never know the positive impact he could have made on perfect strangers lives particularly ones that face adversity similar to his. What a tragedy!He will be missed.

  394. LISA


  395. bill

    I truly disagree with anyone who says that Najai commiting suicide was not selfish. I can’t judge him because only God can judge but in my heart i feel if i killed myself and left everyone that needed me or loved me i would be selfish God bless

  396. aj

    i am very empathetic towards Najai’s family, i pray that the daughter will grow up and be strong, and have a good life, and i pray for his girlfriend or wife whatever it may be, and i just wish that maybe stallone or something could spare some money so that Najai’s pride and joy could grow up and be something………….but God has a plan for everything…….Najai seemed like a good man

  397. actright

    After reading alot of the comments I am left to remember Najai running with daughter while she was trying to catch him, the sound of her laughter and the love & smile in his eyes and stop trying to understand his reasons for making his last decision in this life. It is hard for those left behind to find peace when one is trying to understand someone elses actions.
    For his family, friends old and new, time will heal all wounds, Najai is not forgotten just remembered a lot more.
    Now Najai can breathe!!!

  398. aj

    i’m sorry i posted again, but to some of you people, never judge where someone’s soul goes, only God can do that, and it’s not very christlike if your a christian, because if you had a son, would you want someone to tell you that he is going to hell or not……..and everyone has different beliefs and you have to respect that……..never think your belief is always right, and never try to put your believes on others, well God bless to Najai’s entire family

  399. willy

    le deseo mi pesame ala familia y asu familiare y hija el era muy bueno pero no tenia que haser eso solo tratar de mejoral por su familia el era un buen bolseador que decanse en paz

  400. Tammy -columbus,ohio

    I was hooked just because of the contenders previews, but once it aired I felt/ feel as if the fighters were actually in my family! Of course I cried when the show aired Sunday March 20th, 2005 because it would be the last fight “NITRO” would fight and since they broke the news to us before the fight it kind of side tracked me from watching the fight because I was watching him closely for a sign of sadness so I could stop/help him (but in reality i knew i couldn’t)! When he lost he was not a cry baby and even ran around the room with Anyae, so those who say his daughter will never know him she has already bonded with him! I mean sure she may not remember but her heart will have already had that forever bond that of a father & daughter.
    Angela was by his side @ the fights, but she wasn’t by his side truthfully or he wouldn’t have ever got far w/ the gun! She holds the key to all answers because she was w/ him in the car requardless if he pulled the trigger or not. When she got out the car he still did it and I think she may have been heartless in conversation (that’s the father of your child: never would I allow this kind of act to happen or for words to over power!) Now Angela will have to explain it to Anyae and that could cause a great deal of issues for there mother/ daughter bond in years to come.
    To his family all things happen for reasons & not always do the seem right or fair, but each day will make you stronger and help you all to be Anyae’s father through spirtit & memories! Also Ayae will lift you all up through her fathers bond which he left in her heart through his last touch/hug, kiss, and wink!
    Many say suicide is that of an act of GOD and all who act in such ways will not have a chance in heaven, but I hope this isn’t so and God will evaluate the situation and open his gates & allow him to be with his daughter the way he was trying to this night!
    If Each True Fan On Here Donates Anyae will grow up and realize all those loyal to her daddy and who were behind him are going to be or were there for her!
    Keep Your Head Up & Always Before Acting Out!

  401. lajde

    I was so saddened to hear this news of Najai. I feel so bad for his daughter that must grow up without a father. I think that many people don’t realize the impact that we have on our children by not being there for them, dead or alive. Don’t do this to our children.

  402. Tabbatha Johnson

    I hope that this experience will inspire people to take suicide more seriously. And hopefully be of assistance to those in need. We may never understand the deep despair that he felt before taking his own life. But would any of us had done if he had reached to you or me. If he had come to someone and said I’m hurting, and I don’t feel like going on. What would we have done talk is cheap when you feel so bad you just want to die.

  403. Ron

    I had read the story before the showing, but it did not hit me until after the show who this man was. I thought both fighters had great families and wanted no losers in this contest. The little girl was so sweet and the mother of the other fighter touched me as well.
    Najai’s story of determination was felt in my heart and the heart’s of other. He was a good guy who was misunderstood throughout his pain.
    I hope for security for his family and the family of the other family.

  404. Derek

    I never met Najai and only came to know of him from watching a few episodes of The Contender but after reading many of the comments I can only ask… Who are we to judge this man?
    It seems to be the way of this country to consistently pass judgement on someone that we dont even know and its sad. We dont know what was in his thoughts or in his heart and to be honest, we really dont know all of the circumstances surrounding his death. With this in mind, why cant we allow the family & friends of this young man to mourn his loss in peace and simply pass along our blessings and prayers? My last memory of this proud young man will be the closing scenes of him running in the dressing room with his daughter lovingly trying to catch him accompanied by the sounds of her laughter.
    May God bless his family and friends and help to ease their pain.

  405. Phil Cohen

    I’ve read about twenty-five or thirty of these postings, and I can’t believe the general illiteracy of the respondents. I think their time would be better spent reading than watching another reality show.

  406. Marie

    Such a terrible loss, He seemed to have everything going for him dispite the loss on the show but one never knows. My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  407. Llesenia

    Najai, may god have you in a better place and my blessing to his family.
    He really touched my heart with all his words that he spoke on the contender. He was a great person, fighter, friend, and father.
    I hope only the best for his family !
    God Bless!

  408. allen-sc

    “FYI: Suicide = Hell
    So Najai is having dinner with the big “D” not with our Lord, God.
    So maybe God Bless his Burning soul is a better sentiment.
    Posted by Its me on March 21, 2005 01:57 PM”
    how awful people are,and ignorant of other people’s feelings, and we wonder why there are so many atheists, when christians don’t act like Jesus, then we can’t witness, and i apologize for the person who left that

  409. lynda

    I’ve read about Najai death last month(Feburary).
    And yes, its an sad event that someone has taken their life. But it saddens me more to know that he had more to live for. We don’t know the true story of it all, and we may never know. To take your life is an unforgiven sin in gods eyes. No matter how many times you’ve ask forgivness before you actually go through with it, but on the other hand God is an forgiven God. While watching the Contender Najai was an well preserve gentleman. He had taken on the responsiblity of an father figure to his family. He had hopes to become someone.. to give his family something more. He wanted his family to have from what was taken from him at such an young age(mother/father). When he’d lost he’d lost something inside and that was faith. And so perhaps the burden became to much for him.
    His dreams were lost and he had nothing to give back to his family. Najai failed to realized that when God closes one door he opens another, God give you chances. God tells us through him all things is possible and if you have faith as small as an mustard seed and just believe in him he will make it happen. Prayer goes a long ways. If Najai prayed just a little more instead of taking the obvious God would of open another door for him for God has seen his pain and all that he had gone through the role he has taken in his life a brother a father a uncle and a provider, God has seen all of these things and his blessing would of been of great measures if Najai would of held on a while longer. Najai was a boxer and an excellent one, perhaps boxing wasn’t in God plans for Najai. We will never know. Najai you will be truly missed but always in our hearts. Your light will forever shine amongst us and your family. May your family always be blessed for your present from God will always be known. To your family always remember whenever the sun shines it is he(Najai)smiling and when there is a warm gentle breeze it is he(Najai)holding you along with God just to let you know he is still here. Blessing to all, Lynda

  410. ronnie

    in the fight on the show i was definely rooting for him. I didnt know him and didnt hear of him until the show aired. i am a little guy and so was he. he will be one of my idols as i grow up (other than the suicide part). i think it was impossible not to cry after he was ( knowing he had passed ) my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends
    p.s najai if youre reading this from heaven tell my uncle i said hi and ill talk to you and him tonight in my bed please talk back
    p.s again lighetn up phil

  411. vanessa l.

    It’s shock for me to hear that Najai is already gone to be at a better place, he’s a great fighter, he fight for his family and the people around.It doesn’t matter he lose or win, he still a champ in our heart. May God bless him and his family.

  412. michael

    NAJAI TURPIN… 2000 years and counting ,and the good children of our “GOD” continue to be lost. How can you wonder why the faith of the multitudes grows weaker ? I ask you Lord how is it the devine creator allows the destruction of the creation with such apparent ease.You ask of me to love my neighbor, yet you forsake your children.Please Bless Najai..We need a new era,”Freewill” or not,i ask you to use your hand as historians have claimed to protect your future children and show mercy on Najai’s soul.

  413. Rebecca

    Najai Turpin i love you to death ur a strong fighter ur the most talented fighter i love u so much!! Najai Turpin fought for his family and he also fought for his daughter!!
    May god bless you and keep you ur always in my heart ***

  414. ZACH


  415. #1 Najai fan

    Najai, Najai, Najai….I wish you didn’t do that to yourself..I cried watching the episode when you fought Sergio…I know you’re in a better place now looking down upon all of us…I love you Najai… RIP

  416. Robin C. Miller/ McLaughlin

    To my dearly departed brother-in-law:
    First and foremost I would like to thank GOD for being able to know you and letting us keep you with us for as long as he did. GOD seen your pain and how you suffered and you are such a great man and an inspiration because no matter what you were going through you never wanted anyone to see you down. That’s what shocked me the most you always had a smile on your face and no one could see your pain. You never wanted your family to see you hurting. You never wanted to let anyone down so you didn’t tell us how you felt or what you were going through because you had siblings, and family members looking up at you for strength. NAJAI I didnt no you on a more personal level but whatever happend that night is between you and the CREATOR. When judgement day comes you are the one who has to be judged by him for what had happened. Personally I believe that you did not commit suicide. I beleive that the devil knew you were a great man, a great man of GOD and the devil and his demon spirits were all over you that night fighting with you and only if you had someone to lay hands on you, pray for you or even just be present to fight them spirits with you, you would still be here. I pray for the those who has any unkind words about the passing of NAJAI (REMEMBER FAMILY MEMBERS VIEW THIS SITE , IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON’T SAY IT AT ALL AND YOU WILL BE BLESSED)
    Najai I wish i would have known you better but your gone.
    But your life and legacy will always go on.
    your love , your smile and your punch was the best.
    Now may your body and spirit lay and rest.
    Najai you will always be missed and loved.
    But no one can judge but the man above.
    Love you forever
    Your nephew Marquis Smith and
    Sister-in-law Robin Miller.

  417. Maria

    This is soooooo sad I mean he looked like a real down 2 earth guy!! Then the thing that makes me whant 2 cry is his lil baby I mean what are they goin 2 tell her when she gets older!!
    God Bless his Family!!

  418. Tim

    First and foremost, it is always sad when someone takes their own life.
    I casually stumbled upon the show and watched him lose the fight to the “Latin Snake”. I knew that a contestant had committed suicide, but I did not know it was Najai. Only God knows his heart and the reasons why he did it, but I can say from a purely human perprective that it’s a selfish cowardly way out. Why wasn’t he married to his “girlfriend”? Why not make her an honest woman and form a stonger bond as a family? Now he’s done the same basic thing to his family that happened to him when his mom died; he has left a woman and her child to go it alone. Lastly, why are there so many posts giving prayers for a dead man? Who we should be praying for is poor Anyae, she’s the real victim here. She’s also the one who has a chance to stop this pattern of wedlock warfare when she grows up and has kids of her own someday, hopefully with a husband.

  419. Maria

    This has been one of the sadest things I have heard in the longest time. I mean taking ur life is horible but what can we do!! only prey 4 him 4 the lord 2 fergive him! and God will be there wit his daughter and his family..
    Rest In Peace*
    only God knows whats best

  420. Anthony Dettore

    Najai was so full of energy and it looked as if his daughter meant everything. I am sure she did the way she made him smile and the fun they had. I do not understand how life could be that tough but I have not been put in his shoes. His shoes would be very hard to fill and I give my condelences to his family. He is still a star in my eyes.
    Tony Dettore Ortonville, Mi

  421. JO

    i agree with the writer who spoke earlier it is a shame a young man with so much a head of him would think he had no option but to quit…
    i to wish he would have had or reached out for support… sometime we don’t know until times like this how fragile someone we may think to be strong is…
    it goes to show we all need the lord… we may try and act like we don’t but we do…

  422. Juan

    I will like to thank the people who are taking there time to give a Tribute to Najai.I dont want to be rude but, fuck all the haters who are being stupid and just saying things about Najai and his family. Najai’s family keep your head up and stay up.RIP NAJAI AKA NITRO

  423. saja

    Writers, please ignore the individual(s) that may have written unfaith filled words referencing Najai. Ignore those that critize your positive thoughts of writings. Don’t give into the Enemy in his tactful ways and trying to debate! Don’t even respond to these people because believe it or not, they are lost individuals with a heart of deep darkness. So continue to write your positive thoughts and know that your words are accepted by many who admired Najai.

  424. lynda

    After reading so many entries> I’m amazed how so many intelligent people can be so ignorant. The negativity over this young gentleman’s death overwhelms me. It seems as if they take pleasure in other peoples pain. Perhaps they should tell us about their lives before they past judgement on others. If you are going to be a Christian then be one,but be a Hypocrite somewhere else. If you don’t have respect for the dead then what respect do you have for the living more or less for yourselves. Show some compassion better yet respect for this family. They need our strength.
    They need our prayers. Mostly give respect to his daughter, she deserve that much from us.
    Remember God has a way for you seeing these days again. He don’t forget. You would won’t people to give you respect. Before you speak THINK and if you can’t think don’t speak. Silence will tell alot…Lynda

  425. Diane

    God bless the family!!
    All i gotta say about this is when i watch the show last night i noticed is that befor the fight started His woman did not even give him a kiss or wished him luck or anything!!so as i take it SHE was everything for him and he could not think of being withought her!!!sad for the lil one thought!she is cute but at least she knows that maybe her daddys is better where he is now!NO ONE KNOWS!!

  426. E-MIR.


  427. Chris

    My heart goes out to the family and friends who loved Najai. I too lost someone on Valentine’s Day a little over two years ago and the pain is still overwhelming. Just watching the Contender, you could definately see the love he had for his daughter. She will miss him so much growing up. My prayers go out to the family.

  428. kram h

    i didnt know najai in person but seeing him in the contender i knew he was a good person inside and out. just by looking at him you could tell he was a really nice guy . he leaves behind a beautiful little daughter and a wife, i know people will donate geneoursly to help your family , you have all touched us , we will miss u najai rip, our prayers are with you

  429. TELISHA S.

    I just want to say to family and the one that was close to him the people that wrote all of that disrespectful stuff up there about Najai dont have a tad bit of common sense to have respect for you all. those are the kind that you have to look over and remember people are going to talk about you when you dead and gone and you cant stop them just look over there stupidity and know that God has to judge them like He has to judge EVERYBODY else .
    Just hold on and remember that God has all Power to do every thing But FAIL!!!
    Even though Najai is no longer with us you all yet in my prayers!

  430. Rocio

    my thoughts and prayers to the family of Naji the boxer who will always be a hero in my eyes and of the poeple I to have lost a family member just like naji he also killed himself after I watched the last fight between naji and serjigo and after seeing that naji had passed away brought teres to my eyes and filled my heart with sadness and hurt and to the family of naji I send my condolances and prayers on belf of the people of Canada may you rest in peace for ever naji and know you will never be forgotten to us you are a hero and you made a difference in the world and that’s what countes so I say to naji as my final words may you rest in peace and may god be with you

  431. john S. K.

    najai sounded like a great guy a guy i would like to be when i grow up. he was well respected and i looked up to him im sorry that he passed away and i will pray for him and the family.

  432. Kate

    Wow..After watching The Contender last night and hearing what had happened..He seemed like a very bright, intelligent young man..Dying at such a young age..My age in fact..I was so shocked..His story intrigued me completely and defintiely was a shocker in the end..I wanted to find out how he died..and it’s so unfortunate that he took his own life..He had a lot to live for but now his daugher can live for him. God bless him and his family as well as his soul. Hopefully God took him in his hands and he is well taken care of now..

  433. gabe

    it’s so very sad that najai had to take his own life. sad and very selfish. he has now left his family to fend for themselves. suicide is never an option. nothing is as awful as burning in the eternal flames of hell. my thoughts and prayers are with his family. keep strong, make jesus number one in your lives and everything will fall into place.

  434. Joy

    This is such a tragedy. When I heard about it I was in shock. May the peace and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon the whole .Turpin family. We are all praying for you guys

  435. greg

    Naji was a great man and i watched the show for the first time when i saw that epeisode and was shocked. He had a huge heart and i know there was a better place for him to go

  436. Alex Iskandar Liew

    I had a shock when just before the credits of the 4th episode, a frame bearing “In memory of ..” came on. It’s a real sad outcome for someone so young to go out the way he did. Perhaps, the people who was supposed to manage this young talent during the course of this program did not do their job as intended.
    Rest in peace, Najai … you kept it real in the ring. Wished you could have put up a better fight in life.



  438. Cesar

    My condolences go out the family and the beautiful little girl… If there is anything that we can do for the little girl in terms of donations please let us know…
    God bless!

  439. Sherrod

    Najai always seemed like the best man there.He was so bright and confident. He was just one of those people who you instantly thought they were cool. Me and my brother were in shock at the end of the show and I didn’t believe my best friend when she said he shot himself. Najai was such a wonderful man, I can’t believe he would do this. Sometimes this world seems like there’s no hope and the only way alot of us get through it is knowing that if your a Christian you’ll go to heaven and knowing that your friends and family will see you through. We’re all with the Turpin family and we should help them get through it.

  440. Tyler

    Najai you were my favorite boxer on the contender. My life goes out to you man.GOD BLESS,FAMILY AND FRIENDS Especially your 2 year old daughter GOD BLESS ALL!

  441. Greg

    After watching the show last night and learning of Najee death it saddened me. Here was a man who was accomplishing so much in spite of all the trials life had presented him. To take over for the mother he lost in raising those kids is a big trial at that age. I know cuz I was put in the same situation at that age.
    First of all, you don’t have the opportunity to grieve the loss of his mother. That probably led to his distrust of the world around him.
    When you are still learning how to be a man such a responsibity of raising those kids interferes with that process. You never feel you are doing good enough.
    Then you have a child of your own,which his love for her was so evident, and loosing in front of her was such a big thing to him. Even though it didn’t mean a thing to her.
    I can relate to Najee so much,not because of his boxing cuz I wasn’t a boxer, but his life experience’s were the same. I attempted suicide twice during this period in my life but the difference was I was fortunate not to succeed.
    Najee was not a LOOSER he was just lost!!
    My prayers go out for his family, his girlfriend, and daughter.
    Love, forgive and pray
    Greg Goga

  442. Diana

    My prayer’s go out to najai’s family and most of all his wife and mother.I am sorry for what happend and the way that it happend,just be strong and keep your head up. I dind’t know najai but my dad did get to meet him in the show The Contender, my dad was the security guard there. We feel your pain may god help your family be strong and don’t listen to what the stupid peolple say about najai you knew how he was and that’s all it matters, there just being ignorant.
    May you rest in peace

  443. Donna Cochran

    the road to life has many turns, We dont always ask for directions when we feel alittle lost. (God bless the loved ones he left behind)

  444. Stop It

    Stop It!! So what if Najai killed himself. I bet you the last things on his mind were his family. You have no right to judge him just because he did this. That is God’s job and God’s job only!! When he sent his ONE AND ONLY SON to die on the cross so we could go to Heaven the people judged him too saying he was a liar and theif. When really he was coming to save them. Najai sat in that car and thought about killing himself, probably something that a lot of you will think about doing yourself oneday, and he shot himself. BIG DEAL! Tons of you guys are saying how great he was and how cool he was but then later you guys are like he was so selfish. That’s not fair. Give him a chance. Think of his daghter, instead of us arguing about him lets all contribute to his daughter’s trust fund. How hard would that be, huh? Let’s all honor Najai by helping his family thtough this tough time.

  445. Jeff Schuler

    Such a TERRIBLE period to a wonderful potential boxer and person! Such sincerity and sportsmanship with his reaction to the loss of his bout. Most gracious at his loss. I am so saddened to the outcome of his life! A loss for us all who love boxing and entertainment in general. The CONTENDER is a wonderful production and the portrayal of Mr. Turpin was done with humility and respect. I do so hope the show is continued and Mr. Turpin is never forgotten! He was so young! You really never know how life will proceed. A great tragic lesson for anyone caring to learn a valuable lesson in the preciousness of life! I will never forget what I learned from this sad story of reality… The best to all who had the luck to know him.

  446. rocio

    ladys and Gentlemen reaing this you have compeled me to write again I would like to say to the family of naji my thoughts and prayers are with you I would like to espire to be like you and make a differnece in the world and help people like you self to do their best in everything I know one day I will have a abeautiful daughter just like yours I will try and follow in your foot steps you have tought us all something and that is to no give in when things get hard but to keep trying harder until we sucseed and to always do our best in everything and I thankyou for that so very much and may you rest in peace

  447. Mae

    No one will ever know what was going on in the mind of this young man. My heart goes out to his family.
    I want health-you are forgiven.
    I want wealth-you are forgiven.
    I want happiness-you are forgiven.
    I am free through forgiveness and I experience a truly wonderful life. AMEN.

  448. ray charbonnier

    it’s sad that life makes you feel so bad and hopeless to the point of doing something so crazy. but i think we all learn something from this. my prays are with his family.

  449. Evan

    This is for manchi. You have no right to judge a person for something that he or she did in a moment of hardship. Najai had a whole life of hardship. For you to say that he deserves to be in a worse place than he was on this earth is absolutely horrible. RIP Najai

  450. Juan Bustos

    You did not know you were soooo loved. Only a true champion receives soooo many wonderful well-wishes. I pray for peace in your next life and I wish your child all the love and happiness that you so much wanted for her.
    God bless you in your new life!

  451. Mimi

    My heart goes out to Najai’s family
    *Najai is the greatest boxer I have ever seen. It is sad to know that he took his own life. But after seen the show I can tell that he was going through alot. He is a true man. I have never seen a man like Najai we need more man in this world like him. Much respect to you my bother. Much love to Najai family.
    Keep ya head up
    **No disrespect to Najai family, but for all the people that have nothing nice to say please do not write anything. Ya did not know Najai personally so Stop saying those negative things and have some respect. Let God Jugde Him.
    R.I.P Najai

  452. Liz

    He fought such a great fight. What a humble and sincere individual. The boxing industry should have more such participants. My husband and I were looking forward to seeing him fight again. Our hearts go out to his family. We are stunned – simply stunned. There are no words to adequately describe our feelings.

  453. Ben Jaminsson

    Najai, at the close of The Contender bout, you commented that you felt that greatness was ahead.
    Your courage as a fighter demonstrated your quest for greatness, and the honorable desire to hit life head on. I hope you are with Jesus Christ which is the final greatness any of us will ever experience. May the true great God of Love & Mercy watch over your daughter and loved ones…I am sure they all will miss you.

  454. debra and trea

    najai sorry to hear of your death man we was just watching your show u have much love from your daughter, wife, i wishn u could have hold on a minute to see your daughter grow up. me and my girlfriend wish u a R.I.P. and send condelonce to your familt and u late mom too. i am trea much love to your daughter. i am also 23. so sad to hear this message. deb and trea

  455. heather

    to all you ass hole peolpe out there you need to stop talking bad shit about my brother inlaw ok you dont know him like we do he is a wonderful person inside and out so it takes and ass hole to say some smart shit about him so i wish you stop talking crazy if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all so PLZZZZZZZZZZZ STOP SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT MY BROTHER …………………………… TO MY BROTHER NAJAI I MISS YOU SO MUCH I WISH YOU WAS HERE I WISH YOU WILL WAKE UP AND SAY IT’S A JOKE BUT IT’S NOT A JOKE I CRY ALL THE TIME WHEN I SEE YOUR FACE ON THE CONTENDER I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU .YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART NAJAI. GOD HAS YOU NOW SO WHEN I WAKE UP AND GO OUTSIDE I LOOK UP IN THE SKY AND SAY I LOVE YOU NAJAI YOUR MY SUN AND MY MOON AND THE STARS IN THE SHY NOW NAJAI I LOVE YOU NAJAI NITRO …. LOVE YOUR SISTER INLAW HEATHER………R.I.P.NAJAI NITRO

  456. Kimberly & Corey

    My fiance’ and I were saddened at the end of the show when Sugar Ray announced the death of Najai. His family is definitely in our prayers.

  457. Gabriel Rodriguez

    May God Bless this family . I will pray for the whole family, i am 13 yrs old and I watched the show. Najai was my favorite boxer in the show. I never thought that he would of done something like this because he was having so much fun with his wife and daughter, and when I found out on the show that he passed away, I started to tear up. God Bless this family.

  458. Jeffrey

    Najai was a really good fighter.I saw his match against the Latin Snake.He was beating him up but despite that he will STILL be a good person in my heart.And also i know he loved his daughter very much and his girlfriend I can tell the way he loved his daughter when he was playing with her.Also he was a great fighter and I will NOT forget Najai “Nitro” Turpin.God will take Najai into his hands and praise him.My heart goes
    to Najai’s family—————— Rest In Peace Najai.
    Your fan/friend,
    Jeffrey A. Jones,Jr

  459. heather


  460. Becky

    I am so sorry about to hear of his suicide. To anyone reading this. If you see anyone in trouble, try to show them kindness or give them some help. I wish someone could have helped Najai. That poor adorable girl will be affected for the rest of her life. To anyone else out there who may be considering suicide, there are many people who care out there and you may be missing out on a brighter tomorrow if you commit suicide. You may think your family and friends will get over it but it will affect them the rest of their life.

  461. Gee

    I would hope that after something like this the contender’s would set up a post fight interview with a doctor to maybe stop this from happening again. My heart goes out to Najai, and his family.

  462. Jen:)

    I do not know Najai personaly, only through “the contender.” But i was soo touched by his life story. I had a great friend who took his own life once and know that he is in heaven. May Najai’s spirit live on in “the ring” and be raised up on angels wings in heaven. May he rest in peace with his mother and our LORD above.

  463. Dave

    I was quickly flipping channels when i came across The Contender tonight and watched it halfway through. Najai instantly took me as a good person and a down to earth guy that really cared for his daughter. I was disapointed to see him lose, although i was cheering for him the whole time, and how sad you were at the end of the episode (it made me really sad). Then i heard the news of your passing, and i was shock. After reading up on your life i am even more sadden by this story as you were such a genuine pure figure who had a lot of heart. My condolences to the family and i wish your daughter Anyae the best.

  464. Charlie

    I thought Najai was an incredible boxer, but he lacked the love so critical to his life; the longing of his soul could be satisfied only by God, and without the Almighty in his life he couldn’t handle anymore. Najai’s tragedy wasn’t about weakness, it was about unbearable longing to express his love tangibly to his daughter; the perfect source we all need was absent in his life, and we must never allow such a need to go unfulfilled. I was speaking to my dad as we were watching this, saying I might just have to start watching boxing to follow up on this guy (clearly an incredible talent), when they showed the death date… and if he did have God in his life then he’s with Him now.

  465. Tylor Scofield

    I was voting for Turpin because he was very fast, and I saw that he was very depressed, So all I hope he is very happy were he is so he wouldn’t have to feel anymore pain, so he will not have to suffer anymore…… R.I.P NAJAI TURPIN WE ALL MISS YOU….BYE

  466. Deana

    I just watched The Contender and was cheering Najai on throughout the match. I was devastated in the end to hear the news of his death. My heart hurts for his little girl, girlfiend and family. You could see his love for his daughter was so very strong. Let’s all make a donation tonight for this little girl. It will in some way show God’s purpose for allowing us all to know Najai.Najai: may God hold you in his arms. And now you are in your mothers arms again as well. Bless your soul.

  467. Melisa

    Najai was a great fighter and a strong young man. “Like he said, he just fell short” My heart goes out to his family, especially his beautiful young daughter. Life is filled with problems, and though we may never know why, the lesson is no burden is to heavy for the Lord to bear. I just wished that he had reach out to someone. For us who fell in love with him on the Contender, take time to love one another, treasure the time we have now, for tomorrow is not promised. Always keep an open heart, especially to someone who maybe going through something. May his family be blessed and know that God is good and Najai is at peace now, continue to believe and know that we all have a purpose driven life.

  468. north carolina

    I am truly saddened to hear of the death of Najai. I was drawn to his compelling life, and my heart was with him. I hate that he succumbed to the pressures of this harsh world. I can only say that our father GOD has a plan for everyone. In the loss of Najai, his daughter now has a fund that could change the course of her life. It was through Najai’s death that his daughter may live, and I hope that his family can see things that way. She has her father’s spirit pouring through her and will one day grow to do great things. Only GOD knows what Najai faced, and why he felt the way he did, and so it should be left to our GOD to place judgement on Najai. I pray that our merciful father has lifted Najai into his loving and wonderous arms. To GOD be the glory.

  469. Double L

    soooo! sad indeed. my prayers go out to the family and friends of najai. just the sadness of it all breaks my heart all together. my heart aches just learning of the tragic news. much luv to his daughter and deepest sympathy.

  470. Bobber

    I think nobody knows anything other that what they’ve experienced. Most people, it seems, only think people are feeling the same as they are….It takes some people a long time to figure this out and some never get it.
    For example, if you are have a great week and you win 1 grand in the lottery and you get a raise at work and you find out you are about to have a son you’ve always wanted, its very easy to be blinded by your good fortune and not really realize how others are feeling. Sure, you can acknowledge that others won’t bve as happy as you are, but if you think hard enough you will know its more that.
    Nobody will ever really know what Najai was feeling until they are there. Once they are there and have past it, they still won’t know because they have been blinded by the pride of getting past it with no harm done.
    My hope is that Najai’s family will do well in the future and there will be very little pain to deal with.
    As for the people posting messages about “thou shalt not Judge”….I only wonder if you think criminals should be jailed, because that is a judgement organized by our own design. If you really think about it, all life is about is judgement…..In your parents, in your teachers, in your school mates, in your choice of girlfriend, in you conscious choice of doing the right thing or the wrong thing, in which doctor you will have fix your illness….The list goes on.
    Anyway, in this particular case, I judge that this is a sad thing and I wish very much that as little pain as possible is inflicted on the people involved.

  471. evans

    I watched the “Nagai” episode for the second time tonight……
    How could you not admire this couragous gladiator with such a heart and determination. He fought with his heart and his soul and with a passion that is rarely seen today; unafraid to give it all in return for the dream. He didn’t quite get to the top of the mountain and everyone of us that watched felt his pain and swallowed hard as he grappled with defeat and lost sight of the dream. He was geniune and real and that is why it was easy for all of us – to get into his corner and root for him. A kind soul with a big heart and bigger dream. I am so sad that this fighter lost the will to go on. Condolences to his family and little daughter.

  472. Eric

    It is so heart wrenching to see this happen. He seemed so full of love and strength. I am truly sorry for what has happened and pray his only daughter will have happiness the rest of her life. May God be with you Najai and your family.

  473. Jessie J. simmons

    It was a great pleasure watching Najai’s courage
    and physical toughness in the ring. It was also
    a pleasure watching the warmness,and love he displayed with his daughter after the fight. Any
    one can father a child. It takes a Real Man to be
    a DAD. Najai you are a true Gladiator. In every sense of the word. May you Rest In Peace.

  474. Bridget

    To Najai’s family who is left here to greive. Please know that God would not put more on you than you can bear. Also understand that it is us who are left behind that hurt the most when we lose a loved one. Hold Anja up before the lord daily. Place no guilt on anyone, and forgive yourselves for anything that you feel you could have or should have done. God has moved in this “thing already” he will never leave you nor forsake you. Be encouraged and remember, death comes also that God may get the Glory.
    Now for those who are crying out for help in this posting, move from the place that you are in and cry out to the lord for deliverance, and to others who have genuine concern for you. Self termination is a sin and in the pits of hell shall you lift your eyes upon reaching the other side. Such a soul eternally burn. I said eternally. Suicide is not the way out. Know this.
    Networks, Harden not your heart and hear me. Please do not take this tragedy and run on for the ratings, having the world hold their breath for the next clenching tragedy. Be responsible and screen your participants psychologically. This man’s life was worth more than 1 million dollars. Too bad he didn’t know that. However, i’m sure your CEO did.
    Be blessed

  475. Bridgette Saundersel

    To Najai: I have never met you yet my heart is so sad to hear about your passing. May God Bless you and Rest In Peace.

  476. Jose

    I would’ve never thought that could happen.I feel bad.I wish his family the best.I’m a fan of the show, and he never looked like the type of person to do that.Well,I hope he’s doing better in heaven.GOD BLESS HIM.

  477. JAN

    Last night I watched the Contender, I was shocked to hear of Najai Turpin passing because he was a good fighter. Najai loved his daughter so much, I don’t understand why he would commit suicide. My condolences to his beautiful daughter and his girlfriend and his family. Please contribute to his daughter’s fund at http://www.contender.yahoo.com

  478. Grant Ellington

    I taped Sunday’s episode so I could watch it on Monday. I thought it was a great fight and both contenders put up a really strong fight. I felt very heartbroken after I saw that Najai had passed away. He showed alot of heart during the fight and I felt sorry for him and his daughter after he lost. Its only five rounds. But I hate to think that the results of those five rounds decided the outcome of his life. I pray for his family, especially his daughter. Seeing all these post really makes you feel sorry for what happened. Even in one hour you can change the lives of so many.

  479. Leoj

    suicide wasn’t the answer, he maybe realizing it now, unfortunately. So sad he couldn’t find God in time, just that extra step could have been the one. Shame. God Bless his family, may they find His light, and bask in His glory forever through eternity.

  480. Julie

    I’m so sorry for Najai. My heart goes out to him and his daughter, the only other person in the world he trusted. I noted that his trust did not extend to his girlfriend…assumedly for good reason!
    I’m sure you’ll look out for your daughter from above. May all of your dreams for her be realized.

  481. LisaMarie

    My prayers and thoughts are w/ Najai’s family. I watched the Contender last night and really wanted him to win. The love for his daughter won my heart. I didnt know of his passing until last night. It’s a shame how depression can take over a person. A big kiss and jug to his baby girl from my family. I have a daughter myself. So people please please donate to this beautiful baby’s future.

  482. yeyethe

    my name is yeyethe, from the philippines..
    ur a great person ..!! u really are…
    but why?
    u have a beautiful daughter hu needs you!!
    and a girlfriend hu loves..
    when i saw u in your episode, i thought u r very sweet to ur daughter and i admire u for that…and ur gf loves u…
    ur a great fighter. ur strong!!
    and when i found out about what happen i cried…
    cause ur daughter lost u.. i feel bad for her.. it’s hard to grew up w/ out ur father…
    i will pray for u… and for ur family..
    and god have mercy on u….
    god is good and he will take care of ur family…
    I know now ur forgiven….
    to ur family:
    god bless them specially ur daughter…
    i’ll pray for them always i promise….

  483. ZR

    Najai was a great guy, i just hope that his family will be alright. Donate to his daughters fund at contender.yahoo.com it’ll help. Remember, even people dat don;t know you have love for you in their hearts Najai

  484. dan

    These fighters are all trying to live their dream and take care of their families. that is what makes this show so different from many of the other reality shows. Once your family is involved it brings you to new levels of determination you thought you never had. Remember when you could have an argument with someone then they said something about your mom? It was ON! We get into their lives and see how hard they train how much heart they have. When they flashed Najai’s face with the tribute I couldn’t believe it. The first thing i thought of was his beautiful little girl and how she nearly brought me to happy tears on the show. Having a little girl myself it changes a man emotionally, Najai loved his daughter with all his heart that was easy to see after how down he was and still managed to get up and play with his lil’ girl. As a member of the fdny, in this crazy world, i am faced with the thoughts of leaving my baby girl fatherless and it drives me to tears every time. I pray to GOD i’ll never leave her and i pray for Najai’s baby girl and family to have the strength to get through this, and may GOD answer those questions they have. Naj is at peace with his mom in heaven and will check in on them from time to time and keep them safe. Step up, dig deep if you can, make a donation to help out that family your reward is peace of mind. So here’s to you Nitro you lived your dream real life Rocky…You will be missed.

  485. Jose

    Alot of people wont understand you ,and not even know why you did what you did.I hope you are at peace, and as people say, when one door closes, another opens, I pray to god, your daughters trust fund enables her to have what you never had and couldnt provide. My prayers are with your loved ones at this time.
    Godbless you.
    P.S everybody donate..goto http://www.contender.yahoo.com

  486. Donovan

    I just caught the show concluding with the tribute to Najai and was truly moved. Just prior to the conclusion I was thinking about how impressed I was by him, and wondered if he might find his way to coaching somehwere in the NE. It was incomprehensible to me that he met this ending, so accomplished and with such promise.
    That being said, I have suffered from mild to more serious depression from time to time, and realize that rational “reasons” are not necessary for despair. I remain impressed by him, and wish the best for his family during what are surely difficult times.

  487. margaux

    jackie parker doesn’t think najai was old enough at 23 to be going through anything painful or “crucial”. you must live a very sheltered life. age has nothing to do with the cards that life deals you, or what pains and pressures you go through. we all are entitled to our own opinions, but i think it’s very misguided of a person to think that just because one is young, he/she couldn’t possibly be going through anything “crucial”.

  488. Eric

    To Najai’s family I am truely sorry. It was a terrible loss. Any suicide it terrible. And yes God will stand in judgement as to the fate of Najai because only He knows what was in the young mans head to cause him to do such a thing. If for some reason this young man thought there may be a possibility that the Contender would do what they have done if Najai was not here this all may have been done out of selfless love for his daughter???? Maybe reaching.
    As an aside Kay (March 21, 2005 08:49pm post) you are an idiot and really need to read The Book you are discussing and do not preach to use about things you know nothing about.

  489. ADAM

    najai was a great boxer i wish he was still here so ne day he would be able to go pro listen im only 12 & i dont really understand death but i know that when a person is doin somthing he loves to make his family better & has a preshis daughter like he did it isnt rite to kill your self he died sooo….young & i also dont know if he killed him self cause of the show or cause of the dispute between him & his G/F but i kno that u shouldnt kill your self over stupid stuff im tryin to tell people live life dont kill it like i said i am young but i think i know what death is & it is somtihing that shouldnt happen najai GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!R.I.P. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO GIVE MY HEART TO NAJAI’S FAMILY

  490. L.S.Lockley

    Angela Chapple,
    Not once should you feel it was your fault or there was something you could do. Continue being the best mother you can possibly be to baby Anje and let her know her father was a great young man who maybe lost the fight against Sergio but won the hearts of many.
    L.S. Lockley,
    Atlanta, GA

  491. shaunnandrea

    Me and my dad just finished watching the show, and we were shocked to find out that Najai had passed. I thought that maybe he was shot by some one (living in philly and all)my dad thought that he killed himself, but when i looked it up on the internet it said that he had killed himself. So my dad was right. I am so disappointed to hear of this news. After he lost that fight and hearing what he had to say about losing, I thought to myself, this guy is going far with an attitude like that. He seemed really strong. But now we will never know and that bothers me. It totally breaks my heart. My dad said that we will be contributing to the fund for his daughter. Our heart and prayers go out to everyone in the family.

  492. loby

    Najai’s reasons for not trusting “anyone” else in the world are his own. The world can be extremely cruel to people with huge hearts, Najai, a man of his word ,entrusted in himself to not let his daughter down. For a man of his conviction.. losing was unacceptable and the pain he felt was obviously unbearable. May God bless his soul. For everyone reading this, be kind to your fellow man, it may make the differnce in preventing the next Najai tragedy. A donation in his daughter’s name is the least we all can do for the impact he had on so many people in such a short span of notoriety, there are hundreds of Najai’s who will never be known, but hurt just the same. Take care of your fellow man! Peace out.

  493. Jeremy

    If only you knew how many lives you touched, I wander if you’d still be here today? You were a good man and great fighter, with a big heart and will to win. Remember only god can judge you. May god bless you and your family!

  494. MIKKI


  495. Mike

    It was just crazy knowing how the whole thing was going to turn out by the end of the show. You knew this was the show he was going to lose and the way it unfolded seemed so horribly surreal. You couldn’t help but root like hell for him throughout the show. By the last round, I just watched and it seemed like his spirit was just leaving him as it became apparent to him what the fight’s final outcome would be. I felt really bad for him and it just seemed wrong the way that Sergio was showing him up near the end. It felt like I was watching one of those Iraqi insurgents cheering over it’s victims. To his defense, he didn’t know what was eventually going to happen, but I just felt sick watching it.
    It was also tough seeing how much he really loved his daughter afterwards. She was the only thing he had going for him. I guess he felt he let her down and had no use being around if he couldn’t support her the way he wanted. I sometimes get that feeling with my kids that I can’t ever fail to give them everything they ever wanted. The way he mustered up the energy to play hide and seek and they way she gave him the gentle patting hugs just choked me all up. It all didn’t make sense to me by the end how this could ever have happened. I wouldn’t ever be able to fathom having my kids wonder why their daddy didn’t think they were special enough for me to stick around for them. There’s no one in the world that will ever love you unconditionally like your mom and dad, no matter how hard they try. Now half of that love is gone. I know for sure that Najai would turn this all around if he could, seeing what he left behind. It’s just too bad no one can ever feel the hurt of something like this before taking this uncorrectable action.
    God bless all who knew Najai. You have a huge love void you have to come together to fill for that little girl, as Najai had a big heart for her.

  496. Oriell

    I just wanted to say to Najai’s family that my prayers are with you. I watched the show tonight and it was my first time seeing the show, I was rooting for Najai and I just pray that he knows in his untimely demise that so was his family. Although I do not know them I know that they loved him, and the love he had for his child was unspeakable and undescribable. I hope that you all take this great loss that you have encountered, one day at a time. May you finally hve peace Najai. ONCE AGAIN MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU NAJAI, AND YOUR FAMILY.

  497. Dominic DeFeo

    Najai u were one of the greatest fighters in the world and did it for the best of reasons. selflessly you fought for your family and most importantly your daughter. you are a true man, a true American hero. I’m not sure why you had to do this. maybe from all the pressure, but either way we will all miss you a great deal espescially your daughter. i hope that u may find some peace now wherever you may be.
    -a true fan and supporter….Dominic

  498. Nick

    I am absolutley heartbroken that Najai took his life. Watching him on The Contender made me root for him to succeed and live out his dream. He obviously loved his daughter more than anything and was a great father. This makes this event that much more tragic and leaves me with a question that has been eating away at me. Did Najai really want this or was it a spur-of-the-moment mistake brought on by an overwhelming feeling of emotion? Based on what I know I would guess it is the latter, which is really bothering me. Although I did not know Najai, he left a large impact on me in a short time, and my heart feels shattered for another lost life of a great human being and child deprived of a great father. Only if this didnt happen. I will donate to Najais fund for his daughter. Rest In Peace Champ

  499. Tiffany

    I watched “The Contender” for the first time Sunday night and fell so deeply in love with Najai and his love for his family… I do not think this is a selfish act I think of this as a young man with so many issues that NONE of us could even compare to… I do not think we have the right to judge him on the choice he decieded to make..all my love goes out to his daughter and his family I only wish everyone in this world could one time meet a NAJAI “NITRO” TURPIN in his or her own life…
    RIP NAJAI “NITRO” TURPIN great ones will never be forgotten and we will never forget you

  500. Mark

    So sad to know that shows like “the contender” seem like the only hope and chance for anyone to get recognized. When you take a kid of the streets and place him infront of the worlds sight and fails just like most of everything that surrounded him what would you expect? Sure it makes good TV. Making money of the crushed dreams of those who fail is the business of shows like the one mentioned. The chance that it claims to give called “the big shot” is a smoke screen to for the real shot that actually happens to people like Najai. Think about it… These kids are putting heart into this show where only one will succeed or win (or will he?) the others are tossed out and told better luck next time. When is their next time?? Najai may you rest in peace and may your beautiful little girl overcome all obstacles that will be in her way. With much respect. Mark.

  501. a fan

    A FAN.

  502. Adam Daniel Abdullah

    Najai, you had so much to live for. We all miss you so much. From across the globe, boxers all over the world mourn your passing. MALAYSIA

  503. Brandkwame

    “There’s no reason for me to feel the agony of defeat, when I fought with my heart. I gave it my all. Every single second. I digged in deep. Just got to keep on fighting, thats all. keep on punching.” -Turpin
    From what I have read in articles, and from what I saw on tv, Najai Turpin was a great man. He represents everything that this world needs. Men who fight through tough times, love their families, and appreciate the little things they have. It’s so sad knowing the amount of pain, and suffering he went through. Like others have said, only God can judge him…not us. Many others, and I, will continue to pray and wish him the best of luck, wherever he may be.

  504. andi

    The loss of Najai deeply saddens me..he had so much to live for and yet,he had to end it just like that.I hope we learnt something out of this.my heart goes out to Najai and his family.through The Contender,Najai will truly be missed all around the world.SINGAPORE.

  505. Jamel J

    My Condolences to the Turpin Family. I cried when I heard About the tragic after the show. I am 26, and workin hard as he did inspired me to Work hard as i can and support my family liked he always talked about every time they showed his face on camera. GOD BLESS THE TURPIN FAMILY. R.I.P. THE TOTAL PACKAGE

  506. Charles

    Najai ‘Nitro’ Turpin,
    You are truely a boxer with heart. In this profession, many come and go and very few ever stand out. You are one of those few who has a huge heart and strength from within. You have shown courage, pride and most of all dignity. I respect your strength in character to choose a bigger fighter in the 4th episode of ‘The Contender’. In my eyes and to many you are still the winner of that fight. You have been an outstanding man who has unfortunately lived a life of hardship. You will be missed by the entire “Contender” family and millions more. Thank you for showing what true heart and human spirit is, as an example to all. I will pray for your daughter Anyae and your girlfriend. I pray to the Lord to have mercy on your soul and to rest your soul in peace. God Bless, to the Turpin family.

  507. C'zar El Hej

    It is sure not right to judge or condemn this man, since being fallible as well, we are subject to judgment. However, we have a right and a duty to pronounce judgment on his actions, whether right or wrong, and in this case without condemning him, killing himself is certainly very condemnable.
    It may seem a courageous thing to some for one to take ones own life. However, I’ve been at the brink also; at the edge of the cliff, and it sure didn’t feel courageous in contemplating jumping off. Giving yourself for another’s sake is the ultimate act of sacrifice and it takes courage to do so. To kill one

  508. compassionate heart

    I watched the contender for the first time tonight at the request of my 25 yr old daughter… she told me the story as the show began… this was a rerun… I told her I did not want to watch it knowing how it would end… I did not want to put a face with the story I had just heard… I have a compassionate heart and I tend to feel anothers pain!… Like Mike 3/21/05 9:39 PM, I too saw the moment Najai gave up the fight!… I saw the punch that seemed to cause a little disorientation… I saw the look in his eyes just for a moment as he looked up into his opponets eyes… I heard Angela say…FIGHT BACK… he was tired… he was hurting and he was heartbroken… he was not selfish… he was selfless… at the tender age of 18… he took on more responsibilities than men twice his age are willing to do… may he be blessed for that alone!… he loved his daughter… there is no doubt… he loved her more than he loved himself… personally, I do not think his baby girl should have been allowed to see her daddy fight… just as love has a thousand faces… so does suicide… everytime Najai walked into the ring his life was on the line… just one blow to the head can kill anyone… yes he made the choice to pull the trigger… I will never believe it was because he lost that fight… he did not lose his faith in our Creator… he lost faith in himself… still it had nothing to do with the loss of that match with Snake… in my heart of hearts I believe Najai hit rock bottom… he was not going to be with the woman he loved for reasons that are of no concern to me… what concerns me is, I believe, he believed he was losing his daughter… she was his life, his reason for living… that is evident… no, suicide is not the answer… unfortunately a desperate dying heart sometimes seems to see that as the only way to end the pain and frustration… I lost a brother to suicide by hanging, he couldn’t take his physical pain any longer… I lost a brother to that woman we call whiskey, he could not wipe out the memories of the Viet Nam War… I lost a close family friend who was like a daddy to me, he pulled the trigger after saying he couldn’t take it anymore, “my daddy” was killed thanks to high winds, a drunk tool pusher, and a 40 ft fall to the floor and 5 ft bounce to the ground breaking every bone in his body… “my father,” his heart exploded thanks to fried steak, taters, black coffee, camel cigarettes, coors light and younger women… I lost a good friend to cancer because she smoked like a frieght train, couldn’t that be suicide… I could go on and on with the deaths of my family and friends by suicide, accident and even murder… I won’t… their deaths matter to no one in here but me… if I believed my loved ones were all in the pits of hell because they took their own lives I would not be able to sleep at night and before long I am sure I would drive myself to join them! My God is a God of love and understanding, He also knows all there is to know about me! My life was planned before I was layed in my mothers arms… from the moment I took my first breath to the moment I will take my last… He knows exactly what I will do with my every second that I breathe! He knows how when and where I will take each breath up until I take my last, be it natural causes, accident, murder, or suicide! I do not know only He knows! God is a merciful God… It is not where we were going and what we were taking with us… it is where we have been and what we leave behind that matters… and look at what Najai left behind… a father’s love for his daughter that people from all around the world saw and cannot deny… a young man of 23 who took on the world when he wasn’t old enough to buy a beer! God will judge us by what is in our hearts… Najai was a fighter, he knew he had faught his last fight, he hung up his gloves!
    The Only Unforgivable Sin Is Not Believing HE Is, Was and Always Will Be!

  509. Ronny

    Here I am, a Norweigian ex-amature boxer, thinking i was just gone watch the newest epsisode of contender and it was fun, until right before the end credits. It broke my heart. I was in shock, couldn’t believe that the young, healthy Najai, with that beautiful daughter who he seemed really loved, with all his heart, could come to the point of suicide. I felt bad for cheering for Sergio. The outcome of that fight i guess actually killed Najai, indirectly.
    First of all i’ll finish with a sentence to Sergio whom for the rest of his life will question himself, if i had lost, Najai would still be here with his daughter. Sergio, you are a man with a destiny, just as Najai had. Learn from this tragedy, feed on the pain and let go of the guilt. The best thing you could do is Win the Contender. So that Najai’s last fight, he lost against the best.
    Finally, to the beautiful daughter of Najai. Your dad was a fighter, a proud man. I have so much respect for what your dad did when his mommy died. It seemed like your father carried alot of pain. I myself had a bad childhood, so i can relate to it, i understand the nature of the pain of lost childhood. I’ll promise you, the last Najai did before he went to heaven was thinking of you.
    Najai, short life, big man, I hope you have found your peace wherever you are.. And no worries Najai, your daughter has alot of people in the world that’s got her back!! Peace Brother!

  510. So U Know


  511. allan

    my comdolences to the family of NAJAI, i was shocked when sugar ray lenard spoke after the show that NAJAI was dead, and only to find out in this website that he commtted suicide… that was really sad.. again my condolences

  512. Tony Hazelton

    My heart goes out to Najai and family. I didn’t know Najai very well but watching the “Contender” on tv i liked the guy. For whatever reason it was the he did this will probably never be known but I’m asking that noone hold this against him. He seemed like a loving father and a very nice young man. I’ll pray for you Najai, God rest your soul.

  513. marcopolo

    saw the episode and recognized the beguilling smile and eye aversions that indicated ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL (credit: pink floyd whose lead singer and founder is a functional NUT TO CRACK) everyone on the show saw it as Sergio Mora stated on the show; but DENILE is mo’ dan a River in Egypt. Najia spoke about the self doubt and hoplessness and its sad that nobody steped to the brotha and gave him the hug he was looking for. yeah you want to smack him and say “MAN-UP, son! life is problems and livin is dealing with those problems so get busy livin or get busy dyin!” but even stevey wonder could see that this kid needed someone to play playstation with, someone to listen to how he missed his mom, how scared he was to having to take care of his family (siblings and his little one), and how he felt like how he couldn’t live up to the unspoken promise he made to his deceased mother to take care of the family in her absence. his childhood was discarded. he worked while everyone else had a good time and he faced REALLITY while everyone else led a “Normal” existance. It’s sad because all he had to do was make it to the morning and he may have learned what we’ve all learned. no matter how bad it gets the sun will rise, water will still be wet, and the sky will be blue again. sorry you lost it son and may god bless your little one anyae. BTW his lady nailed it when she wispered in his ear she don’t know the difference and neither do I, all she knows is daddy is sad etc. I’m sure she’s been trying to keep this broken vase of a man together and in one moment of weakness she couldn’t stop to find the right thing to say or do to stop the waves of depression he was lumping on her. Unfortunately you never know when your lack of action is the Wrong time.

  514. jake

    may god have mercy on ur soul najai….
    dont watch boxing much but after watching last nite fight knew u were a good fighter….
    r.i.p najai…..

  515. Big E

    Saw the episode of The Contender and it broke my heart when Sugar Ray spoke. Being a huge fight fan I saw unlimited potential in Nitro. All I can say is my blessings and my condolences go out to the families. And for his daughter…may she remember that her father always was and will be a champion! God Bless.

  516. michael


  517. Dr, N. E. Hodges

    As a mature retired African-American college professor
    who has lived a long and largely privileged life – when
    contrasted with far too many others – I have been
    profoundly and deeply affected by the tragic suicide of
    the gifted but troubled young fighter, Mr. Najai Turpin.
    Though, in what seems to have been a depressed
    emotional/psychological state, Najai, unpredictably and shockingly, killed himself, his relatively brief
    existence on this earth should not and cannot be
    viewed as a failure. He came into the world in sordid
    circumstances of extreme poverty and deprivation,
    losing his beloved mother when he was only 18 and,
    despite his heartbreak and lack of a father figure,
    assumed the burden of raising and supporting his
    siblings, in a menacing and tough neighborhood.
    Nitro, as he was known to his friends, achieved so
    much in terms of self-respect, dignity, love [of his
    young daughter & his family & friends], attainments,
    and as a role model for youths seemingly “trapped” in
    the ghetto [he gave them hope through his achieve-
    ment]. His infectious smile and grit won Nitro admirers
    the world over, and all humanity is, in some ways,
    diminished by his inexplicable loss.
    I will send my contribution to the Nitro trust fund set up
    for his daughter, but, above all, he will live on in my
    thoughts and prayers. May he find the lasting peace
    and happiness that somehow, despite his triumph,
    seemed to have eluded him in this world.
    For other young men and women of Nitro’s
    generation and circumstances, take both heart and
    hope from his attainments and his example of hope,
    courage, perseverence, and love of others.
    Contre fortune bon coeur [“against ill fortune, have a
    stout heart”].
    PEACE !

  518. Valeria

    To: Compassionate Heart
    THANK YOU! You expressed yourself very well. I hope those that read your writings, will stop condemning this young man. Your story touched me and I truly hope the hearts of Najai, yours, minds and others that shares our feelings will one day join us in our quest to bring back the pure heart that man once had but lost.
    It crushes my heart to read the hatred of people even in death towards another that they know not of. I agree with some of you who pointed out that we don’t know the real story of exactly what happened. We all read what is posted on the websites and draw our own conclusion and this is where we mess up. We need to stop accepting everything that the media put out because a lot of the news reports are inadequate. It amazes me that people are willing to accept lies then truth. Think about it, negative reports in our society gets the most attention while the positive reports receives so little. Even when learning the truth people tends to focus on the lies. So when you think of Najai, please think of the positive things that he has done in his life. And if you can

  519. jason

    i believe najai was a o.k fighter, but he was off the show for a reason, i fee sorry for his daughter and that she will never really get to know what her father was about. i believe no one should take their own life, god has that responsibility.

  520. Lee

    When I watched the end of the show, I was sure it was a suicide.
    I don’t mean to spout cliches, but this is a tragedy. My heart goes out to his family and may his spirit rest in peace.
    R.I.P. Najai Turpin

  521. lady c

    my heart truly goes out to najai, i do not even know him an i cried like i had know him for so long .My God have mercey on his soul

  522. Rob

    I dont know what can push a person to go as far as to take there own life, but that doesnt make them a bad person, there is a reason for everything and God works in mysterious ways. Rest in Peace Najai

  523. Sly

    No excuses for the man, but seeing the first episode, a man with a good heart fighting to have a 180 degree turn around in his life and provide a life of comfort for his family. And then 5 rounds later, its gone. That broke my heart and i cant imagine how the boxer feels who has all this weight on his shoulder only to fail. There are other alternatives in life but to have the golden egg in front of you only to be taken away is a heart break. Najai, may you watch over your family and be their guardian angel, and may your soul rest in peace…….

  524. Praveen Kumar

    Sad thing has happen in a reality TV show. I feel Contender show should have offered in advance for even defeated persons with some kind of Cash or any position.

  525. Compassionate Heart's Daughter

    I’ve watched The Contender faithfully since the show first started airing. The West Coast is my team, but I betrayed my team when I first saw a glimpse of Najai. Especially, the way he interacted with his little girl. My heart goes out to her. Anyways, Najai won me over. I wanted him to win Sergio (o’well if that meant my team had to endure their first loss). When it came to pass that Najai would not be the victor it’s the first time since I’ve been watching the show that instead of jumping up and down and all around cuz my team’s guy did it again…I sat very sadly because Najai had lost…Then I saw Sylvester meeting up with Najai telling him he did great and he had won everyone’s heart…I was tripping because telling everyone in the room “wow, holy cow, that’s the first time Sly’s ever went after a match and talked to the guy who lost the fight”…Next thing I know their posting the “In Loving Memory Of…” and it gave me goosebumps and made me terribly sad. We will never know what truly caused Najai to hang up his boxing gloves for evermore, we can speciculate all we want…most of you will pass unwanted judgement. All I really gotta say…is Sly was right he won lots of hearts…mine, especially.

  526. Kathie

    I was shocked and saddened deeply by the news of Najais death. Even more so when I realized he had killed himself. Life can be unbearable at times, but there is no excuse for killing yourself. You are hurting everyone that loves you. It is a selfish thing to do. He should have thought of his child first, not his own misery. May God forgive him.

  527. rosswell

    Its very sad that najai is not more in this world He could have tried another way out.God bless Him and give hope to his family.