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Randy Caddell


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rcaddell.jpgRandall Lee Caddell lost the use of his legs in a 1987 motorcycle accident, but that didn’t stop him from finishing the grueling Ironman Triathlon World Championship seven times.
Known as “The Animal,” Caddell won in the handcycle division in 2001 and 2002. He competed in more than 30 triathlons all over the world before an arm injury forced him to drop out of a 2004 race. Caddell was also a top finisher in the wheelchair division of the Honolulu Marathon, the Kona Marathon, the Maui Marathon and the Big Sur Marathon.
Born in Lubbock, Texas, Caddell was only 19 years old when a motorcycle accident that was alcohol related left him permanently paralyzed. Depressed and unable to move, he remained in bed for nearly a year before deciding to make the most of his situation. After undergoing years of physical therapy, he began playing wheelchair basketball and competing in triathalons. He also took time out of his busy training schedule to speak to youth groups and schools about the dangers of drinking and driving.
On Feb. 25, Caddell was riding on his hand-powered racing bicycle/wheelchair hybrid on the Queen Kaahumanu Highway in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, when a motorist attempting to make a left turn accidentally struck him with her minivan. He was not wearing a helmet, and died a few hours later in the hospital. Caddell is survived by his daughter, Jennifer Caddell, and his girlfriend, Carole Jean Bradburn.

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  1. Red

    Anybody who finishes a Triatholon has my utmost respect…….but to finish 7 of them….with no legs???

  2. Indigo

    Randy came to me my first week in Kona not knowing how to make income from his support to the kids and I stated he needed his own foundation since he was world known and respected.
    I did not tell him I had no funds to invest and just went to alot of Kona and other businesses and they were great…we started up the foundation with Golds Kona and many businesses to donate time, funds, equipment to set up all…I raised Media and endorsement deals for Randy and got all in place with Kalani Retreat to donate land for Kids Training Camps….for wheelchair teens inspired by Randy….I was so sad to not see this dream come…together. He was awesome swimmer and I have always thought of him since my bike accidents were life threatening how lucky I am to have my life and use of legs….I have trained hard in all sports thinking of Randy and his girlfriend were amazing…team. Mahalo….

  3. Philippe Gadeyne

    I met Randy on the Ironman, actually we met on several of the races when I was sales manager at Aquasphere USA and we were a sponsor. Randy was a great guy, always positive, always smiling, inspiring. I can say of Randy that he made the world was a better place by his actions and his example. It’s with great sadness that I learn today of his death. Randy, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to cross your path. I know that wherever you are you still swim, bike, run. Those whose path you crossed miss you and will miss you for a long time.

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