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Chris LeDoux


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cledoux.jpgChris LeDoux, a world champion bareback rider and country music star, died on March 9 from complications of liver cancer. He was 56.

The son of an Air Force major, LeDoux lived in France, New York, Texas and Pennsylvania before moving to Cheyenne, Wyo. He developed an interest in rodeo in his teens and was soon roping calves and riding bulls, saddle broncs and bareback broncs.
In high school, LeDoux twice won the state title for bareback riding. He received a rodeo scholarship after graduation and won the national title in his third year of competition. In 1976, LeDoux was named the world bareback champion by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

LeDoux’s other passion was music. He taught himself to play the guitar and harmonica, and used his talents to pay his way from one rodeo to another. The singer/songwriter once described his music as a “combination of western soul, sagebrush blues, cowboy folk and rodeo rock ‘n’ roll.” Each song he performed offered an autobiographical look at life on the rodeo circuit, the experiences of modern cowboys and the love he felt for his family.

LeDoux independently released 22 albums — mostly cassettes he sold at concerts and rodeos from the back of his pick-up truck. But his music found a wider audience in 1989 when Garth Brooks mentioned his name in the hit song, “Much Too Young (To Be This Damn Old).”

LeDoux signed a recording contract with Capitol Records Nashville in 1990. Two years later, he and Brooks joined forces on the song “Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy,” which became a top 10 hit and was nominated for a Grammy Award. LeDoux sold more than 6 million albums during his singing career. He was best known for the songs “Hooked on an 8 Second Ride,” “Copenhagen,” “This Cowboy’s Hat,” “Even Cowboys Like a Little Rock and Roll,” “Riding for a Fall” and “Honky Tonk World.”

LeDoux was inducted into the Cheyenne Frontier Days Hall of Fame in 2003. His life was chronicled in the biography, “Gold Buckle Dreams – The Rodeo Life of Chris LeDoux,” by David G. Brown. A week after his death, Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal declared July 30, 2005 as “Chris LeDoux Day.”

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  1. "Fast Freddie" Waltz

    It is with Great sadness that I learned of Chris’ passing! A “Cowboy’s Cowboy”! Chris was a depiction of the values and traits of a truely Great American cowboy hero. I first meet him during my ten year tour with the PRCA. He was always willing to give sound advice and encouragement, without question.
    When I returned from the Persian Gulf War he sent me a personal “Thank You” note, and I was touched.
    Thank you Chris! Now, the sun is always at your back and your saddle soft. God Bless you my friend!
    “Fast Freddie”

  2. Beau T clark

    Cris,was a modle for the the real west He will be missed.I play the guitar,I will play one of his songs.Best regards to one hell of a man.I was in his fan club,Beau Clark

  3. Kim Barrow

    Chris was an awesome man, and he lived an awesome life. He will be greatly missed as our memories of him as well as his songs live on.

  4. Julie Pitts

    Chris put a different twist on country music with his voice and his lyrics. I’ll never forget being 17 and getting turned onto his music. He was a beautiful person and I will miss him every time I hear that one-of-a-kind voice.

  5. Carlos M. Lopez

    Just rememberin’ ridin’ bulls, drinking whiskey, downing lots of Ibuprofen and……………..listenin’ to good ol’ Chris Ledoux to get the adrenaline pumpin’ to kick some butt!!!!!!!! Thanx for the inspiration Brother Vic!!! GOD BLESS CHRIS LEDOUX AND HIS FAMILY DURING THESE TRYING TIMES!!!!!!!!!

  6. Harvey Huebotter

    I drive an 18 wheeler and mourn with the rest of u.s. or I should say the world.A great man has gone on ahead. But HIS memory and his music will go on and on. God bless The Ledoux family
    Harvey :{

  7. adam pettigrew

    chris was a truly insping person, he will be greatly missed by all, the one thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that before there was georgr strait, garth brooks, or tim mcgraw there was chris ledoux, i think he deffinatly paved the way for every one else.

  8. Brian Watson

    chris was a good singer and i think he would make people who was not country.Would turn country the song by chris i like the best is power river home.

  9. Lynda & Greg Wells

    A great country artist who reached us here ‘Down Under’ in Australia. He will be missed but his music will keep on blasting from our speakers! Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Thank-You for sharing him with us, his fans.

  10. Bob Sanders

    Chris is a true loss to old rodeo cowboys and music lovers alike. The honestly in his lyrics were his mark. When you’re doing eight seconds on a bareback there is no fiction.
    Even now I think Chris would sing “There’s a Five Dollar Fine for Whining”. He believed that life was what you made it.
    Turn ’em in the big pen!
    Saddle Tramp

  11. KATIE

    Cris was a good man.In one of his songs he said IT AINT THE YEARS ITS THE MILES.Its the miles that got him.Im only twelve but he is my favorite singer.[And he will always be.]

  12. Nathan

    Chris LeDoux was not only a singer but a father, a husband, a song writer, a hero to all, and the best damn cowboy to live. GOD BLESS CHRIS LEDOUX AND THE LEDOUX FAMILY.
    As Chris said “What I want to be known for, on top of everything else, is that I was a good husband and family man.”
    We will NEVER forget Chris LeDoux

  13. JR

    The West won’t be quite as wild. Country won’t be quite as country. We’ve lost a legend. God bless Chris and his family.
    We’ll see you at that rodeo in the sky.

  14. Carrie

    Its sad to see someone like that go. He was a true cowboy and a true hero to many. His consert was my first. My first love song was one he song. I greatly miss him from the depths of my heart.

  15. Axelle

    I’m a big Chris’ fan from Belgium and I’ve just get the bad news. I’m deeply hurt.
    I only knew him through his music and biography, but he was like a really good friend to me.
    I’ll never forget you, mister rodeo man.

  16. karl

    chris ledoux i will always love you and your music for the rest of my life it hurt me when i found out you died that day and i will miss you. i wish you were still around so that i could go see our concerts i love you chris ledoux and the family will see you in heaven

  17. LeDoux

    Our family having the same last name have followed Chris LeDoux through his career… we are saddened to hear of his passing.
    He leave a legacy to be so very proud of.

  18. Sam

    Chris Ledoux was a hero, my hero I will always remember him through his music he is the real singing cowboy. God Bless the Ledoux Family

  19. Justin Rodden

    I have listened to his music all my life it truly saddened me to learn of his passing he was a modle for cowboy’s regardless of your event
    he was one of the riders i aspierd to be like
    me and my wife played look at you girl for our wedding song we were truly touched by your songs
    well sir showem how to buck out in the big arena
    your in our thoughts and prayers

  20. Jaci Harmon

    Chris LeDoux is my favorite singer.I was nine when went to his concert I didn’t want to go at first then afterward i was like dad we need his cd’s .I am 12now and I have listened to him ever since.when he died I knew we lost the best singer of all time.GOD BLESS THE LeDoux FAMILY. We all miss him.Jaci

  21. J. W. Garretson

    Chris will always have a special place in the hearts of my family. The first date that my wife and I went on was to a LeDoux concert at the Nebraska state fair. Around six months later with the help of Clay and Mark Sissel I had the honor of proposing to my wife on stage with Chris and the Western Underground in Omaha. We used two Chris songs in our wedding, Look at you girl, and One in a million. My daughters first concert trip was to see Chris at the Nebraska state fair when she was three. The last time my wife and I saw Chris was at a show at Ameristar Casino in 2003. It just happened to be our fifth wedding anniversary. So you see, the memories and times shared with Chris and the Western Underground will forever be a very large part of our lives. May God bless the LeDoux family and bring comfort in knowing that Chris has touched many lives in many ways and will continue to do so. We miss you Chris.

  22. FC

    I was never into country music, in fact, I hated it. Then a very special lady, who loved it, got me into Chris LeDoux. Once I heard his song “This Cowboy’s Hat” I just got hooked. I ended up buying a cowboy hat, going to a Rodeo and seeing Chris live in Laughlin, California where he road a mechanical bull to thousands of cheering fans. I just found out he passed away this weekend, I guess that does not make me a die hard fan, but hearing that news and reading these tributes today really touched my heart. I listned “This Cowboy’s Hat” today and I just can’t believe that he is gone. My prayers go out to his family.

  23. MK

    Was in Cheyenne for frontier days and they had Chris LeDoux day on saturday July 30th. They had a special presentation to hid family at the rodeo. Also that night Toby Keith played “under this old hat” then said “if western undergroung was here I’d play more”. The lights went out and the next minute they were on stage and played about an hours worth of LeDoux hits. They were playing old videos of Chris’s rodeo days and concerts during the concert. They was hardly a dry eye in the stands.
    I met Chris back in 1982 when he had a BBQ at his ranch, he and his family were great hosts and I wish them well. Rodeos and concerts will never be the same without Chris being there!

  24. Dianne Droge

    I have become a country music lover in the past 4 years, did like some though as Mom and Dad were big country music fans. I get Country Weekly Magazine and it had an article that told the case of deat was from bile duct Cancer in March, well my Mother also died in May of this year from the same type of Cancer which is alos supposed to be a rare form. I definitely want to know more and get Chris Le Doux’s music as I am sure Mom would of enjoyed it and my Dad will probably also enjoy it, being a fan of the earlier country music styles. I am glad to hear he was such a well liked man and had a good life with the shortened time he had on earth. My Mom was also well liked by anyone who knew her. May God Bless them Both.

  25. Tamara J

    I still blink back tears to think Chris LeDoux isn’t here on earth any longer. The tears didn’t stop the other day when “Hooked On An Eight Second Ride” was rattling the windows of my truck. I wanted everyone on 50 eastbound to hear him. God bless Chris LeDoux. The greatest loss of the twenty-first century… perhaps the greatest loss ever.

  26. M.D. Lindley

    No matter where I am or what I’m doing, your music always takes me back home and reminds me of my childhood out West and my country roots. You’ll always have a special place in my heart and your music continues to play like a “cowboy poundin’ leather down in the coolies in my brain.”
    I’m eternally greatful for the life you shared with us.

  27. Enrico

    I’m a 22yo man from Italy. I love country music and cowboy life. Chris gave me the best songs of my collection. Thanx for giving me fantastic emotions every day, when I play your music. He transmit his love for that side of America with his songs!
    God Bless you

  28. Ashley Schneider

    I went to his every concert and never missed one. When I fund that he died(2 months after his death), I was devistated. The only part that keep us together, are his songs and his picture.

  29. Dee Allen

    I was born the same year as Chris (1948). The first time I heard Chris in concert was in ’92 or ’93 at Jamboree in the Hills in Wheeling, West Virginia (a week-long Country music festival which people attend in campers and tents, all in a field with no amenities.) I didn’t grow up listening to Country music and I had never heard of Chris LeDoux before that year, but I and my daughter (who was then 15) fell in love with his music, with rodeo, and with the man himself, as he seemed to be a true “Renaissance Man” — a devoted family man, a talented sculptor, a poet-songwriter-singer, a Christian, and totally devoted to the country way of life. The next year, we saw him again at Hunter Music Festival in Upstate New York. After the first time we heard him in concert, we had bought every available CD of his music. That same year, my daughter had become a bull rider (at age 16 and 105 pounds) competing against the men in the American Professional Rodeo Association. When we met Chris and his daughter Cindy at Hunter Mountain after his concert, Chris advised my daughter to not pursue a rodeo career. Of course, she didn’t listen to that advice and in ’97 a bull stepped on her leg and broke her femur. In the emergency room waiting for surgery, she managed the pain by singing one of Chris’ songs to the medical staff (“Rainbow Rider”). Chris’ music got her through the year of recovery and physical rehab. She gave up riding bulls and at age 20 was honestly able to say she was “much too young to feel that damn old.” But we have kept Chris’ photo that he signed for her at Hunter Mountain hanging on our wall, which says “Amy — Good Luck & God Bless — Chris LeDoux.” His life, his music, and his art will always be an inspiration to us.

  30. Tina-Marie

    I only just today heard about the passing of Chris. Holy cow. That’s awful sad news. I wonder why I didn’t hear anything about it before today? I really liked listening to his music and have several of his CD’s…

  31. L Larsen

    Chris’s death has left a void that will not soon be filled, in country music, in cowboy life, and in the world. He was a great man who lived true to his word. He will always be missed. I tip my hat to you Chris and I know you wouldn’t have changed a thing. My condolences to his family and to his fans. Remember him well.

  32. Robin Burns

    I can’t believe I only found out a “rumored” passing of Chris. He has touched my life in so many ways with his music. I knew some “boys” who truely believed in living the songs. Good luck to ya’ll. I know that his passing was marked by everyone out west and southwest. Over here in the just plain south no one has even mentioned it. He will be missed. My son loves his songs, and I am buying him a box set tonight to share with him Chris’s story. He will always be alive through all of us…

  33. missy

    I can’t believe I just heard about the passing of a great American,Chris Ledoux. What does it say about the state of country music today that its all over the radio when Faith Hill changes her hair style and no one in this part of the US mentioned the loss if a rodeo and country music original? Any way, he sang in a way that helped us live the rodeo life vicariously. His music was great for singing and driving down the Great American HIghways. It is a loss, he will be deeply missed. He lives on in his wonderful songs.

  34. Shonda

    I just heard about Chris’ passing about 2 months ago (it is currently October) and I still can’t think about it without crying. God Bless his family. You WILL see him again! The good ones always ride hard, go fast and burn brightest!!! Thank God for the ride. It seems like it only lasted 8 seconds. I will miss him. They don’t make them like that anymore.

  35. T

    I’m so saddened to hear of such a tragic loss! And so confused as to why I’m just hearing of this?? An inspiration to so many…he will be missed!!

  36. Ariana

    Chris LeDoux was a great singer and rodeo man. It’s a bummer that he died. He still had time in front of him to make great music. (Ariana 12 yrs old.)

  37. Wendee

    Chris Ledoux Was my all time hero when it comes to country music!! His consert was the first i ever saw and i was hoping to see more. God bless the ledoux family!!

  38. Tonya

    I amazingly just found out that Chris Ledoux passed away in March. Even as I type, I am wiping away tears. Never has someone’s music touched me as much as Chris’s. I rodeo’d professionally for six years and Chris was sometimes my only traveling partner! As the miles passed, I sang along to every song. He was a truly amazing man and will be greatly missed. God bless Chris Ledoux and his family.

  39. chance

    the day i found out he died i broke out in tears it was sad that another good cowboy had died i have ever chris ledoux’s cd’s but i would love to have his autograph. And the day i heard a sons on the radio GOOD RIDE COWBOY GOOD RIDE i knew it was garth brooks and the song was chris ledoux well gotta go . god bless u cowboy

  40. George

    I am sad to say that I only just found out about the passing of Chris Ledoux while watching the CMA’s from NYC. I have always had such a tremendous respect for Chris, because he was just so very REAL. He was a real cowboy and a real and distinctive country singer. He was a real man. I grieve his passing. There will only ever be one Chris Ledoux. God bless you Chris.

  41. Kris

    I was confused when i heard Garth Brook’s song dedicated to Chris Ledoux tonight. I wasn’t aware of his passing. I keep up with Country Music (as hard as that is-what country?) and didn’t know of his death. my fault, i guess. too busy being bombarded with nonsense of brittany spears, tom crusie, etc..
    i must have tuned the media out. unfortunatly, i didn’t hear what really matter, a pssing of a true country friend.
    go kabn 101.1 Eunice, Louisiana. now, here is where you can here true country listening!

  42. Brandi

    Wow…I have loved Chris LeDoux’s music since I first heard it as a teenager. I just heard the news and I am deeply saddened. Brings to mind all those nights parked in pastures drinking beer and listening to a collage of Chris LeDoux and George Strait tapes. Sometimes I think those were the best times of my life….thank you Chris where every you may be.

  43. Laura

    It was wonderful seeing the tribute to Chris LeDoux on the CMA tonight. I cried again, just as I did back in March on the day he passed.
    Garth has done a fabulous thing in his new tribute song to Chris, and it was especially touching to see the Western Underground playing back-up for him.
    I treasure the photos I took years ago, back in the day, when Chris was still a rodeo cowboy and the ones I’ve taken at Chris’ concerts. I’ll always especially treasure the times I was blessed to meet and speak to Chris, however briefly; for all his rock ‘n roll cowboy attitude and pyrotechnics on stage, he was a kind and gentle man off stage. The last time I saw him was at his last concert at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth on my birthday. What a present!
    Thanks Chris, for being the man and entertainer that you were … and always will be.
    God Bless Chris, Peggy and The LeDoux Family. Vaya con Dios!
    Your ride was far too short, but it was a “Good Ride, Cowboy. Good Ride.” Thanks for taking me along!
    Laura – Who Will Forever Happily Be LeDouxing It!

  44. Jason

    Well the first time i ever heard chris ledoux’s music i was about 15 and i was dateing this girl who was in to country music .and i wasnt, i only listen to heavy metal the harder the better, was what i thought. then thru a friend of ours i heard a chris ledoux song it was call of the wild ,and a lot of the words he sang in that song was and sometimes still is how i feel , from then on i was hooked i went out and bought every album \tape i could find of chris ledoux.well the girl left me but i still had chris’s music and it has allways helped me thru some really hard times in my life when my mother passed away i think it was chris’s music that helped me start putting one foot in front of the other again chris wasn’t just another courty singer .he was a inspiration to me and a whole bunch of other people out there…
    God bless you chris and thank you for all the great years ….. my prayers go out to his family .

  45. Debbie

    i did not realize until last night that chris ledoux had passed through the pearly gates…..what a man…….and garths tribute last night was awesome……..chris you will be missed but your memory lives on through your songs……

  46. Matthew

    I also just found out not to long ago about chris passing. He was a great man. I sure he is riding in the big rodeo in the sky. God bless you chris you will be missed.

  47. mac hensley

    God Bless Cris Ledoux he is my idol and will always be. we will miss the greatest cowboy ever lived on this earth. God Bless and Gods Speed



  49. Katelyn

    Hi, it is so bad that Chris died so soon.
    I loved his songs. It is so awsome that he won so many bareback titles. I am now doing a English paper on him. I just hope I don’t overload it a little too much.

  50. bruce

    At least we had Chris around for a bit, and he made very good use of that time, and we should take that as a lesson. As Garth Brooks said, GOOD RIDE COWBOY. Thank you Chris, and may God Bless you and your family

  51. Crystal

    Wow! Only today, (9 months later), did I learn of Chris’ death. I am shocked and wonder why I did not hear of this earlier.
    I remember in August of 2003, he and his band members spent the night in my house, cuz the hotel was full and did not keep his reservation for the county fair that year. I remember him being so lively and helping me cook breakfast at 6 in the morning. Chris will truly be missed.

  52. Ron Millington

    What can i say,one of the greatest singers/cowboys that ever lived. Chris,you will be missed deeply,and may God bless your family. Iknow you’re up there riding the 8 second thrill ride of your life and loving each second. we miss you chris.

  53. Tamara J

    Just when I think I won’t cry when I listen to “Western Skies” or “The Ride” or anything else he sings – or Garth’s “Good Ride, Cowboy” – I tear up again. God bless Chris LeDoux, his family, and all of us who knew him through his music, his rodeoing, and his life’s accomplishments. It’s a lonelier trail without him, but he’ll be waiting for us when we get there, asking if we, too, enjoyed the ride…
    Vaya con Dios, cowboy –

  54. CAT

    I love country music and I thought Chris was awesome. It’s kind of ironic though, because I have had 4 surgeries relating to liver, gallbladder, pancreatitis, and bile duct problems since February 2005. It is the most excrutiating pain I have ever gone through, not to mention only being able to eat ice chips for weeks on end. I can relate to the suffering he went through. May God bless Chris LeDoux in a very special way for all the pain he endured, and for all the enjoyment everyone has had from his music.

  55. Steve R

    I first heard Chris when I was 18. I was into heavy metal and running away from my country upbringing at the time….honestly, I was headed down a very dark and lonely road. Then, I heard Chris….it was an instant connection!
    Although, I love all of Chris’ music, I have a special passion for his older stuff….mostly pre-1986. I have never had someone’s music effect me for the positive the way his does, and I probably will never find someone that I connect with on such a deep level again…..he seemed to write about me in so many songs, and for that Chris I thank you… have brought happiness, contentment, and energy to my life, just from your music. It’s amazing after 20+ years of listening to Chris Ledoux music now, I can hear a song that I’ve heard a thousand times before and it’s still like I’m hearing it for the first time!
    To, Peggy and family, I don’t know if any one of you will ever read this, but chalk me up as one more soul that will live the rest of my life never forgetting this great man. Respect is hard earned through this cowboy, but Chris is one of the few I will always look up too.
    Thanks for the ride, and the countless miles, Chris!

  56. Sharon Luther

    I have always loved horses and rodeos, but it was my son, Michael, that introduced me to Chris’s music. Michael rode in local rodeos in Illinois and Missouri and worked for the DbarC Rodeo for a while. He was killed in a car accident July 18, 2005. I have many of Chris’s CD’s and I listen to them all the time, and have always admired him. Now there are 2 people that I loved and admire, Chris & Michael, at “That Big Rodeo In The Sky”

  57. Kevin Phelps

    Would like to know if anyone has thought about making a movie about Chris Ledoux’s life. I think a movie would be a great tribute to him and his family. I am a big Chris Ledoux fan. We love you Chris Ledoux. Cowboy up!!!!

  58. DIANE B


  59. Natasha B

    I grew up listening to Chris Ledoux. His songs helped me through alot over the last 26 years. I will never forget the day he was buried, I was drivin through Kaycee, WY the day of his funeral. He is one TRUE country singer I will never forget. I even chose to do a paper for/of him for a Sociology class. He was a great man and had a big heart. I got a chance to meet him one night after a concert. I had just had knee surgery, and I was on the balcony at his concert. He started throwing roses, and I was in a knee brace and had crutches, and I still tried to reach one. The he said..”I’m sorry sweetheart, I can’t get them that far…” I gave up and decided to leave. As I was hobbling down the stairs to the door, he cought up with me and handed me a rose and told me he saved me one. That is something you never forget…He will always me missed. My prayers are always with his family.

  60. Nicole Daniel

    I want to say that Chris Ledoux was the best there was. He gave cowboys and cowgirls alike a great sense of pride. I couild never have cried harder than I did when he died. He will NEVER be forgotten!

  61. Amelia

    Igrew up listening to chris and I’m now 13 and still love him I’m acctually doing a project on my fav singer for school and that’s hoe i found this site
    I miss U chris!!!
    :,( (crying)

  62. Brooke

    I just want to say chris is the best singer in the whole world ever!!! he will always be remembered by me and thousands of other men, women,and childern.
    i miss you chris

  63. Michael

    Chris Ledoux, what else can you say. He inspired me as a young bull rider. I was driving to a local rodeo some years back with my brother to ride. We hear Chris’ “This Cowboy’s Hat” come on the radio and from then on Chris and Garth Brooks have been the only artist that have played in my truck. God Bless you Chris. I will truely miss you.

  64. Scott WELCH

    Almost a year later, a lump in my throat, thinking of the upcoming rodeo, and how he could lite up the stage with no lights at all… I’ll see you in Laughlin Chris…

  65. Miranda

    Chris LeDoux was the best singer I have ever heard. I have grown up on his music, from singing ‘Copenhagen’ when I was three, learning how to play the guitar so that I could play his songs, to now, when I still have every CD of his that I could get my hands on. I was a member of his fan club for several years, going to as many of his concerts as possible.I still have a guitar pick that he accidentialy dropped off the stage back in like ’93, and my dad picked it up for me(a really tough task since I was on his shoulders)and let me keep it.My dad and I used to listen to Chris together when he would take me in his semi across the US on one of his runs. My dad passed away in 2003, and I figured that at least I would still have the memories and Chris LeDoux songs to listen to. I knew that Cris was sick, but I never expected him to leave us so soon. It hit me really hard. But now, I’m playing and singing his songs, getting better because of him. And the music on my iPod is 90% country with about half being Chris LeDoux. I’m a fan, come hell or high water, life or death.

  66. alexander balderrama

    I’m 55 years old.I discovered Cris LeDoux In the latter part of ’05 Country music has always been a favorite in my life until I heard (by accident) the CD “stampede” with great songs like Gravitational Pull,Five Dollar Fine and Fathers and Sons.Then I knew That this man was a special kind of man/artist that was speaking directly to my heart. If life is tough and I need hope ,I listen to La Doux.If life is good and I feel like rejoicing I listen to LaDoux.In my darkest mood of selfpity I listen to LaDoux to give me a swift kick in the rear to tell me to get up and get going. GOD BLESS YOU CRIS LaDoux….Thank You.

  67. Tina

    All i have to say is god bless Chris Ledoux! i will still listen to your music and miss you everyday. it has been a year today since you passed and im still hurt like it was yesterday. you inspired me in many ways.

  68. Cristi Webb

    Chris Ledoux was a damn good singer, thank god for putting him on this planet and making a big impact on so many people with his words, Rest in Peace Chris Ledoux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  69. Angel Baby

    I just want to say that I grew up listening to Chris. He was the best damn singer on this planet. He live in our hearts forever!!!!!

  70. Ridge Neal

    Chris was a great man. All were touched by his music. The cowboy and singer led a great life and left his mark on Gods great earth and I thank him. He was very inspiring to me and I was saddened by his death like all poeple aroumd the world. I thank him for what you did for me. He deserved to go on and now he rides the green pastures of heaven.

  71. maggie

    i love chris i have a picture of him on my binder for school this one girl who liked hip hop said he was ugly then she said he was but ugly i got so ticked i slapped her
    yea yea yea i know i got a period detention but i walked down that long hall with pride of defending chris ledoux i am turning 13 tommorow and hopefully getting more chris ledoux stuff
    well its glad to know a whole lot of people still remember him makes you feel good well bye

  72. Glenn Thomas

    Chris Ledoux,what a legend.You are truely what country music is all about.You will be sadley missed.A true cowboy and country singer.I will never forget you,and your songs.They have had such a big impacted on my life.Rest in peace Chris.
    Regards Glenn.

  73. Kirsten Annis

    I am so sorry for all of the people out there who are chris ledoux fans your loss must be devastating I know that it was for me. When I was little I was babbysat by Chris’ daughter Cindy and his son Will. So I remeber them well and the family is friends of my families as we lived in Kaycee for nearly 16 years. I will greatly miss him. Sorry for everyones loss as well as his family’s my sympathy goes out to all of you.

  74. Jessica Womble

    I was shocked at the deatth of this great man. I love his music. I and millions of oters mourn this great loss. God bless you Chris and Family.

  75. ta nya kincaid

    i was saddened buy the passing of mr.ledoux he tuched all and many hearts of cowboys & cowgirls and cowboys & cowgirls to be. i for one am a cowgirl and i always wished for a cowboy like chris to be in my life. when i hear his misic it brings back memories and it makes me cry. when chris passed away i was working in the local bar at my home town in idaho, i gave a round on the house to who listened to chris and even to the ones who didn’t i miss his music but i listen to him every day. his music is one of a kind and there will never be another like him. his stories are in his music and that make it fell like he is sitting right there telling them to you, ieven named my dog copenhagen after the song and i was known as the only girl on my rodeo string as copenhagen angel so it made me fell special too. my dog cop died a week before chris which is wierd but true i even have a strawberry raon so see chris is still with me and my family. all my heart and tears go out to the ledoux family for their lost he will always be there and be with his fans who loved him. god bless chris ledoux and family
    your truley tanya kincaid

  76. volker hengstler

    hello chris,
    your music arrives me in 1990 in a tv-show, i am
    from balingen,germany and a great fan of your and other american country-music.
    god bless you and your family,i miss you !!

  77. Glenn Thomas

    God bless Chris Ledoux.A true cowboy.Sadley missed,but you will never be forgotten.Your songs will live on,legends never die.God must been a cowboy at heart,to have’n taken you so young.
    From all your fans in a Australia.God bless you Chris and rest in peace.Glenn Thomas

  78. Lacie J Dumas

    Hey Chris,
    I’ve grown up listening to your music and now I’m getting ready to graduate high school, after many people thought I wouldn’t, and I cant amagin not having your music to listen to. When I heard that you went to live with god, once again, it broke my heart because you was my all time hero and you were gone. But I want you to know that I keep you close to my heart.
    When I was just a little girl my parents took me to one of your shows in Utah, thats where I was born, and you signed a t-shirt for me and I still have that t-shirt!
    I’ve looked up to you my whole life and I wish I would have met you now that I’m older! And I wish you was still here, though you live in the hearts of your fans, I wish you was here to play a show for my graduation!
    I’ve went through alot these past 2 years! First I lost my horse in November of 2004 and then I lost you in March. In August, I got kicked out of my home and had to move in with my friend and her family. Started my senior year, had to pay for everything. I juggled going to school and working to pay for school and food for my self.
    There were many nights I didnt go to bed until midnight because I had to go home from work and do homework.
    Then October rolled around and I had to move back in with my parents and two weeks later, they seperated and I have to move again but this time I had to move out of state, back to Utah; I was living in Idaho at the time.
    I had to change schools my senior year and its been real hard on me and I’m so proud of myself for pulling through it all and finally I’m graduating.
    I have you to thank for helping me through all my hard times, though you dont know me in person, I know your music and it kept me going when times got tough!
    Thank you for being the person you was because without you I wouldn’t have a hero to look up to and I would have given up a long time ago!
    Love your #1 fan forever,
    Lacie J Dumas

  79. michael lee johnson

    dear chris you were one of the best contry siners in the wourld i loved your music and i still do your my buddy when i heard that you passed away i was upset and hurt inside but i’ll see you in heaven someday
    good ride cowboy from your buddy michael johnson

  80. JT Prior

    I was raised in a Rodeo Family.I Remember those old homeade tapes Chris would sell out of the back of his truck.
    Chris sang from the heart.I remember watching his Bareback rides on tape over and over and over again.I wanted to ride Buckin Horses just like him.
    Chris loved life and lived life with a fire inside him like I have never seen before.Although I had met him many times I had never seen him in what I would call a “Sho-Nuff” concert until some time in 1997.
    He performed in concert just like he road buckin horses.His anology of a bareback ride was and I quote “snot blowin,raw meat cravin,balls to the wall ” till the tooter went off.Well let’s just say my impression of his concert was the same.What a show!.But in all honesty I expected no less.
    Chris’s passing was very sad to me. My Dad died just 3 weeks later.I dug out the old videos the other day and had to fight back the tears.
    It seems now when I listen to the words of his songs I find even more meaning in them than ever before.
    Chris truly held tight with a leather fist!I will see you in heaven Chris!

  81. Rick

    Wow! As I am reading these stories I am tearing up. What affect Chris had on peoples lives all around the world! I especially love the personal stories. Chris was the real deal. I met him myself in Cheyenne back in 99 after a show he did. I drew a picture of him and he autographed it for me. He even took the time to actually look at it and give me praise! There will never be anybody else who can replace him.

  82. Ian

    I guess it’s never too late to learn of Chris LeDoux’s passing. I was born in August, 1947 so am around his age. Early this year 2006, I became aware of his music and simply loved most of his songs.
    Lots of people have said things about his music, but I feel the warmth and caring coming through.
    As I type this out, I am playing “Look at you girl”. Thats the kind of song I love, but also love some of his more lively songs too.
    My belated sympathies to the LeDoux family from a new fan from Brisbane, Australia.
    Regards, Ian Douglas (oonied).

  83. Chris Wolfe

    Chris is a good singer, great bronc rider, and the best man ive ever known. I wish i could have met him at least once, but his song and love for rodeo got me into bull riding. Chris LeDoux and lane frost is the reason i live the cowboy way, but their kindness and personality influences me to be a better rider with alot of try,but most of allthey made me a better person. GOD BLESS YOU COWBOY!

  84. brian olson

    i got into chris LeDoux by a frind this cowboys hat was the first song i heard of him i will miss chris his songs have changed me. i will miss him god bless the best cowboy in the world.

  85. conway

    hi i am writing to say that chris was one of my favorite country singers. my favorite song of him is caddilac ranch but i like alot more too.i belive that chris wrote songs from his heart and about his life such as being a cowboy.chris was a true hero.well thats all i have to say and that chris is well missed from alot of fans.

  86. John Malinick

    I found out today Chris passed away last year and I was completely stunned.In my eyes,he was the real heart and soul of what country music should be,not the pretty boy,Nashville,Television crap,played on the radio today.It doesnt surprise me that I never heard one Connecticut radio station mention his death. Having seen Chris at The Big E and also at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den,I can say he put on the best country show I ever witnessed.Thank you to his family for the memories and may God bless you. If someone is remembered,they are never really gone.Chris will be remembered forever.

  87. Josh Pearce

    Chris Ledoux is my hero and my inspiration throughout my life and I miss HIM dearly. There will never be another. He makes me proud to be a cowboy. Thank God for that man. God bless Chris Ledoux and his family.

  88. derrick decker

    i have loved chris’s music for years im only 15 but my father loved him and i grow to love him he is my hero. GOD BLESS CHRIS LEDOUX!!!

  89. Dan Rudiger

    Chris Ledoux was a Great Man and I enjoyed his music very much , but even though he now lays above the western sky he is still Loved. every time I see Ned Ledoux Play 8 Second ride I feel alittle pain. I hope all is well and God Bless you Ned Ledoux for carrying on. I am Sure your Father is Proud!!!

  90. Justin Cook

    Just really miss this guy. Been listening to his last CD a lot lately. Really wish he was still around, what a great country singer and seemed like an awesome person.

  91. gretchenniles

    Im a late blooomer as far as computers and the internet go.Thats why Iam just posting this.Got acomputer for Christmas just yesturday.Like so many others who posted tributes to Chris I found out about his passing way after the fact and that was just a passing coment by a local DJ,probably in April or May of ’06.I dont understand why a bigger deal was’nt made of this loss?????All I really want to say the knowledge of his loss hurt.His music has always given me a happy excited feeling.He was'”THE REAL DEAL”

  92. peter

    it is with greatest sadness as we express our love and grief for the passing of ledoux,chris. god bless chris ledoux and his family during this tough time.i will mourn with the rest of u.s . i for one am shocked to learn of his passing. my condonlences and sorry for the loss of chris ledoux!

  93. jit

    this all is still vary fresh for me in ways. i was riased on chirs’s music as a little thing just barly able to walk. then at age 6 i lost my father. rodeo man. and artist. maby not a singer, but a man of honer. much like chris. he had christain values. but if it werent for chris’s music i probly wouldent have made it through my teenage rebellion. not that im nessisarly out of that yet. i will soon be 17 but i hope to kick off my b-day with one of his songs for insparation. and he will always be there in the hearts of many. his, body is gone, but hes not his memmory will last for many gernorations. i know that. i dont get the stive irwin thing but i do feel for chris’s family not that they will ever read this post from a “can chaser” that has been inspired to cuntinue with gods word as well as persuing her dreams of going to montana western for collage. i will live not only for my god, and my family. but b/c good people are hard to find and i truly belive that chris tuched everyone around him.
    “if god s for you who can be against you”

  94. JACI

    March 9th, 2005. It has to be the saddest day ever. Chris Ledoux is the best cowboy/singer you could ever ask for.Ever since I went to the Cheyenne Frontier Days when I was nine and Chris Ledoux was there, Chris Ledoux has been my favorite singer. My mp3 player has like more than 2hours worth of his songs,so whenever I go anywhere I only hear Chris’ music.

  95. Missy

    Chris LeDoux was is hero i know his son will and he is awesome i love chris and i have met him several times and his last concert i asked him to play chopenhagen and he said he would just for me because he wasn’t going to sing Chopenhagen. I love Chris and All His family and there always with me

  96. Steve Ball

    I was a die hard Ledoux fan. One of favorite songs was that old rodeo in the sky and i think that Chris was a perfect example of this song. I just lost a good freind named Cody Settles and i am dedicating that same song to him because both of these men were amazing cowboys and and amazing men RIP two of the best men around.

  97. john

    chris was the best singer i ever herd his songs ment so much there was so much life stories in his life and he was a great man my buddy met him and he touched him so much all he does how awsoem he was there will never be anther cowboy like him will all miss you chris

  98. "JoJo" Hutchens

    Chris, You are my hero i love you andd i would like you to know that you are the main reason i do bareback. and every time i get throwed or hurt……. i think of you and your book; “Gold Buckle Dreams”. my dad used to rodeo against you. his name is Kurt Hutchens. he hated the fact that you always beat him….but he loved the fact that he was rodeoin with someone who has as much sincerity as you. you rock chris.
    Love Always,
    Your greatest fan: Carl J. Hutchens

  99. #1 Fan

    As a kid with problems in the home with my parents and stuff I can honestly say that his music and soal has truly and dearly changed my life forever. I attended his last concert, not knowing, and that was the best choice I have ever made. I will always think about him and I will always miss him every day.

  100. Mark

    It’s been more than 2 yrs. now and I still miss Chris. His music was very special to me and I am sad every time I think that I will never see him in concert again. I have most of his CDs but there was nothing like seeing him Live! His concerts toally rocked.
    I first heard Chris’ music in 1992 when I saw the video to Cadillac Ranch on CMT. Being primarily a hard rock/heavy metal fan, Chris’ music really intrigued me as many of his songs such as Cadillac Ranch, Hooked on an 8 Second Ride, Call of the Wild had that hard rock flavour added to them. From the first time I heard Chris’ music, it was like “Wow! This stuff is really SPECIAL.
    And he was such a great person, a good family man, I want to be like him. He is a role model as well.
    When I first heard Chris passed away I cried and cried. I hadn’t cried like that since my father had passed away several years before. I still miss him and feel sad.
    God Bless you Chris, I KNOW you’re in heaven. You and your music will ALWAYS live on for me.

  101. Lilly

    Even though it´s been more than two years since he passed away, I still can´t believe it… So often, Chris helped me with his music, when I was down and he told me to cowboy up – and he still does!
    Unfortunately, I never had the chance to see him live on stage, since I live in Germany.
    In my heart, you´ll live forever, Chris!

  102. Tom , USA

    A friend of mine let me borrow a CD of chris’s and WOW, great music! I was saddened to hear of his death. Will be looking for more of his music 4 sure.

  103. Tim

    As I read these tributes from others I am holding back tears. I will never forget the day Chris died. I was in the hospital. I have the same liver disease that Chris had. My wife walked into my room and said, “We won’t be able to go to any more Chris LeDoux concerts – he passed away today.” Chris was and will always be the only “true” country western singer / entertainer. He will always be greatly missed, and never forgotten.

  104. Jorrie

    My husband and I went to see Chris in concert once and there was (and still isn’t) anyone comparible to Mr. Ledoux for getting a crowd into the music. Even though he was ill with a summer cold at the time he still came out after the show and signed autographs for everyone who wanted one. He was an awesome performer, songwriter, rodeo competitor and family man. We will miss him forever.

  105. justin

    i never the chanse to meet chirs but his music has touch me and my family. when ever we head down to the rodeo we always put him on GOD BLESS CHRIS LEDOUX JUST LE DOUX IT AND GOOD RIDE CHRIS

  106. Amy Meis

    Chris LeDoux was a great artist, a great bronc rider and a great man. I wish i could’ve known him! this world would be better with him in it ~Dixie Cowgirl~

  107. Derek Hines

    Chris, you stood for all that was good in life. I have always and will always try to follow in your steps, for I know that I have some giant boots to fill.
    Your music has deeply touched my life…forever. I hope to meet you one day…’above those western skies’.

  108. colby tillery

    Chris just to let you know i never thought about ridin a bareback horse until i found out you did and now every time i ride i try to get an extra eight in for you but it aint to easy so i’ll just keep on enjoyin your music and riden while you are raking the hair off the best broncs around in rodeo pen of gold above the western sky’s.

  109. Lindsey Kelley

    Chris had a lot of good songs. one that i love the most is “look at you girl”. and also i think that no one cna ever be as good as chris.

  110. Kenzie, 14

    chris was my favorite rodeo star and country singer of all time. i know im a little late for the tribute but i miss him and he was at the top of my list of heros.

  111. gs Ranger Barnes

    When I think I’m tough; I them remember Chris. When I think I can sing; I remember Chris. When I think I am a real man, proud-strong-blessed with good looks . . .I just remember Chris LeDoux. I, along with many Americans, miss the spirit, character & standards of Chris LeDoux. Ride on my brother!!!
    gs Ranger Barnes

  112. Cody Rasberry

    you were an all time hero. i discovered your songs when i was three i am now fourteen. hooked on an eight second ride is all time favorite. Your ride ended too soon. GOD BLESS. Good Ride Cowboy.


    Wow sad to see one of the Great LeDoux’s pass, that Cancer is ruthless. I often get asked if I am related, my response is I could only wish, but I’m sure somewhere down the line. You will surely be misssed by this urban cowboy, thanks for the memories, and yes this cowboy can sing too. I’ll be sure to keep your songs alive!

  114. Helen He

    I got to know Cris Ledoux and his songs only accidentally. And I like his songs so much that I will try to collect all his albums. He is handsome, and has a big heart, and most of more important, he is a good husband, which he himself is so proud of. That makes him a model for all public figures, esp. in the entertainment circle. From the tributes he won, he is a perfect combination of beauty, kindness, great courage and everything. How I wonder this world can see more of his type!!!

  115. nichole

    chris ledoux may have been a great man but he is in a better place now. No more suffering no more pain he will always be forgotten but he is better off now. LESS HE BE FORGOTTEN

  116. AJ Kang

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I posted an article on your blog to show my respect and mourn for the late artist Cris Ledoux. Yet today I want to fight for Mr. Ledoux’s rights and reputation. I hereby invite your attention to this evil doing committed by a Dave, who claimed to be a farmer in Wisconsin Dells, USA.
    That guy registered in a dating website , sponsored by a German company, and now listed top on the list of Mr. Popular, with our beloved and respectable Cris Ledoux’s photos.!!!
    That is not allowed by law. What is more important, he is using a great artist’s photos to do all those dirty tricks. If you have the patience to visit the above mentioned website, and search the profile by putting in his account DAV4785, you will find his profile with all those photos. Or to make things easier, jut log in Compare this with, everything would be clear.
    I wouldn’t have known this if this Dave hadn’t mailed me the song ”Looking at you” by Cris Ledoux, claiming this is his song.
    I have e-mailed to the U.S. Embassy in China and Cris Ledoux’s broker about this. Yet no response comes because that Dave is still there on the website. I could have written to the administer of the dating Web to delete his profile. But that would not ease my anger and pain to let such a bad guy slip away without being punished.
    I guess my previous mails have been treated as junk mails. And that is why I have to turn to you for help. I never doubt fighting for Cris’ reputaiton is also a way to show my love and respect to my Idol.
    I hope this mail would not be treated as a junk one.
    Sincerely yours,
    Aj Kang

  117. B. H.

    I can’t believe I just found this out – we’ve been away from Wyoming, with the Air Force, for over 10 years, but I grew to be a huge fan of Chris’ in the time we lived there from 1989 – 1997. I was a nurse in downtown Cheyenne and the first I heard of him was when there was a poster in the hospital advertising a benefit concert he was giving for a little boy with a disease, I thought he had to be a special guy to do that. Then I heard his music and well, it helped me fall in love with Wyoming – he WAS Wyoming. Being away so long was so painful that it was hard to listen to music about Wyoming cause I wanted to go back so badly; I know we will someday. This is just such a shock to hear. Chris’ music will always say “Wyoming” to me – he was a great musician, humanitarian, family man, and ambassador for the state and country music. RIP Chris and thanks for all you did! God bless.

  118. Ella

    Chris LeDoux was an awsome Country Music idol! He was a great man and an awsome rider as well as singer. I wish I had the chance to meet this unique fellow. From what I know about him, I am truely greatful that we still get to hear his voice. Rest In Peace Chris.

  119. Ashley

    Chris Le’Doux was the best contry singer ever.
    I’m a punk chick(dont jugde) I love Chris Le’doux. I frist heard him. about 6 mouths ago
    me, my mom, and my dad where at a music store. and my dad was a die hard fan. So mom bought the music. I’m very open minded about music soo.. I feel in love with his music.. He is a legand. And will be missed
    R.I.P. Chris

  120. Cheatwood

    My husband introduced me to Chris, he was a bareback rider and bullrider. We got the intire Chris LeDoux cassette tape collection in 1993 for a wedding gift, all of our 5 kids 1st concerts were Chris as what ever county fair we Jay was riding in at the time. I have never seen a better concert, Chris knew how to bring down the house. My husband and I were even married to Look at you girl. thank God for CD’s my youngest born in 1995 doesn’t remember the concerts but we remind him everytime we pop in a CD. Family is very important to us and Chris is a big part of that. Thank you to Chris’ family for sharing him with us.

  121. Horsehider

    I just read That Chris had passed away an i am truly saddened by this.i had wondered why i have not seen any new albums in the stores. he will be missed as a singer, father , husband , humanitarian and a cowboy. I know ST. peter welcomed him with “WELCOME COWBOY YOUR ENTRY FEES ARE PAID” A great loss for us but i know he is keeping Lane and a few others entertained.

  122. Katelyn

    Chris Ledoux was the greatest idol to my father, in return his passion was passed down to me and my brother. The only thing that I remember is my dad cranking up the radio when “EVEN COWBOY’S LIKE A LITTLE BIT OF ROCK AND ROLL” and my all time favorite, “HE RIDES THE WILD HORSES”. The thought that keeps Chris Ledoux in our family is knowing he is riding the wild horses ‘above these western skies’.
    Keep riding strong Chris!

  123. Jennifer

    Chris is still my favorite singer of all time. I have worn out several of his CD’s. If I ever get married, Look at You Girl will be my wedding song. I long to live in Kaycee one day.

  124. eric bellard

    CHRIS LEDOUX: a one of a kind man my hero i never met chris but i think im his biggest fan i know every word to every song he made i love his music i just wish i could of met him and i almost got the chance years ago im 19 now and when i was like 3 or 4 he was playing at a bar over here in louisiana and my mom took me to go see him and they wouldent let me in the first song i ever heard was a chris ledoux song after i was born and i was taken home chris ledoux was on the radio and i gained a love for his music and i been listen to him since then

  125. Donna Petersen

    On March 9th I’m asking all his fans to call their radio stations to request his music. It will be 4 years since he passed away on March 9th. Let radio know that we will NEVER forget this great man. Please pass this on to all country music fans.
    Remember –Call for Chris March 9th.
    Thank you
    Donna Petersen

  126. amanda

    I am 9 and LOVE!!!!!chris ledoux and cride when I learnd he died when I whas 5.he wrote my faverit song(Life is a hiway) in 1999 the year I whas boarn.I loved Ledoux from the start.
    Whith lots of love your #1 fan,
    Amanda Durham

  127. amanda

    I for got ledoux I am doing a biografy of you I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I grew up, being told I couldnt do alot of thing, and alot of ” YOU WILL NEVER BE” and “DONT WASTE YOUR TIME” and to tune that out, Chris was always there to tune them out. Some of Chris’s songs helped me through some of the dark time’s, When my life started to get a little to fast he had ” SLOW DOWN” that song played over in my room over and over, that helped me to calm and make some better choices. his song “TOUGHER THAN THE REST” and “BANG A DRUM” brought fatherly guidance, when mine was not there. His love ballads “FOR YOR LOVE” You can be tough and with the soft side. I have taken up writing song, and when I need to get inspired, his song were so simple, but meant so much, forever in my heart, and his family in my prayers. My songs will be heard and his words will always lead my way. Thanks for the change in my life, ALWAYS. HOLD MY HORSE TILL I GET THERE BIG GUY… DANIEL J. WILLIAMS

  129. Jennica

    Chris LeDoux was a great guy. Im only 12. Ever since I was, well I guess born I have listened to Chris LeDoux. I have been to around 3 or 4 of his concerts. I remember at one we were in like the fifth row and he looked at my dad and put his hand on his hat and pulled down like giving him a howdy. I was so happy after that. Keep in mind, He is still out there riding fences, still makes his living with his rope and as long as there is a sunset he will keep riding for a brand you just cant see hjim from the rode.

  130. Dennis meade

    My boys and I still talk about Chris like a friend. When we get together we listen to and always play his music.
    Chis is truly missed but celebrated at our house.
    Remembering him

  131. donny j


  132. Katrina Eisenbraun

    Chris LeDoux was a real one of a kind man. His music could instill a love of country music in even a two year old girl’s heart. i know. i was actually younger than two when i was first subjected to his music by my dad. and after i became accustomed to chris’s voice, they couldnt play anything but his music to keep me calm. His death was a terrible tragedy. I have family members that personally knew this amazing rodeo man. My uncle rodeoed with him once in a while. My dad has two autographed caps. but the day that Chris died was the day my world fell apart. I couldn’t seem to believe that only a couple months before that I’d met his son ned. And as my dad would say, “If you take about half the years off chris’s face, you’ll see ned’s face.” and to be honest, dad’s right. ned is identical to chris. and i will close this with one thing i very firmly believe… Nobody will ever be able to come close to matching his talents. no matter what. nobody will ever be like Chris. And country music has never been the same since the loss of the original Bareback Jack.

  133. bambi malone

    i have listened to Chris Ledoux songs for i don’t know how long and had actual ticket to country jam in colorado to see him then it was on the news that he passed away he will surely be missed and i’m sorry for the loss of a great country singer that i have ever known

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