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Brandenn E. Bremmer


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Brandenn E. Bremmer, a 14-year-old musical prodigy from Nebraska, sustained a gunshot wound to the head on March 15. The boy died the following day at Children’s Hospital in Denver. Authorities suspect he committed suicide.

Bremmer taught himself to read when he was 18 months old. He began playing the piano at 3 and was home-schooled from kindergarten on. At 10, Bremmer became the youngest person to graduate through the Independent Study High School conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Described by friends and family as a bright young man who smiled often, Bremmer dressed up like Harry Potter — one of his favorite literary characters — for his graduation picture.

Bremmer was only 11 when he began studying piano improvisation at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, Colo. Last year, he released his debut album, “Elements,” and gave concerts in Colorado and Nebraska. The day his body was found, Bremmer had just completed the artwork for the cover of his second CD, which features meditative, New Age piano music.

Like most kids, he loved watching cartoons, playing video games, riding his bike and catching fish. In January, Bremmer enrolled in a biology class at Mid-Plains Community College in North Platte, Neb. He planned to graduate from the University of Nebraska’s medical school by the time he was 21 and become an anesthesiologist.

His mother, mystery writer Patricia Bremmer, said he showed no signs of depression and didn’t leave a suicide note. Bremmer’s kidneys were donated to two people. His liver went to a 22-month-old and his heart to an 11-year-old boy.

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  1. sydney

    “You could give me hours,…weeks or months for that matter, to try to tell you about my friend Brandenn, but it wouldn’t be enough. Brandenn was the nicest , most caring, loving , sensitive, wonderful person I’ve ever known. He was like an angel, he was such an amazing person. He was such a very good friend to me….he was such a very good friend to everyone. Besides his loving nature, his gift to us all was his music, he shared it so willingly and fantastically. He had such an awesome presence….a really really positive presence. We all love him a lot.”
    by Sydney Lee Smith
    March 17,2005
    (13 years old)

  2. Cynthia J. Mackenzie

    Dear Sydney
    How heavily the loss of your friend must weigh on you.
    I am so sorry for your loss and for the loss of the world.
    He was a special young man with so much to offer.
    Sometimes being “different” becomes overpowering and oppressive.
    Youth is a wondrous time when being like everyone else is important.
    Though he was thought of highly by all who knew him, and a joy to all, he carried the burden of his gift.
    He was different.
    For some reason that will never be known but will often be speculated the burden became too heavy that day.
    I am in the medical profession and have had the opportunity to speak to many who have attempted to harm themselves and failed.
    Nearly all were sorry for attempting to take their lives, but at that one moment, it seemed their only choice.
    They were convinced there was nothing good ahead.
    Though it was a temporary problem they felt it was hopeless, and they just wanted the pain to stop.
    Most were so very glad for the opportunity to make a different choice in the future.
    There are always other choices.
    Sometimes they are not easy to see.
    Sometimes they are obscured.
    May you always remember your friend for the good choices he made and reach out to spread the word that when a person feels hopeless they must cast a rope out for help.
    They must look harder and ask others to help them look so they may see Hope.
    God Bless you and Brandenn.

  3. Michele Rozzi

    I think I never heard of a 14 year old person who commited suicide before two days ago. Neither did I associate such a thought with that of a gifted kid. The news was hard to conceive and hard to grasp and made me wonder.
    I don’t know if anybody of you knows more about his story and wants to share. I have no first hand information and I’m sure Brandenn must have been the exquisite personality that mass media’s and your words depicted. So I’m sorry because it seems he was well equipped for having a bright future, whatever one he would have chosen for himself. But the worst is the pain he left those around him, his parents and his friends, with.

  4. Jazmyn

    dear Bremmer Family,
    my deepest condolences on your loss. I wish things did not have to be this way but they are and since we have no control over what happend I wish you all th best keep your head up and remember God never gives us more than we can bare. I know how it feels to lose a loved one i just lost three in the last four months but its nothing compared to the loss of you child and if you just want to talk to some one im always here

  5. tim mccowan

    as a young man of 8 I could play beetoven & mozart and read sheetmusic. some time later I had a concusion while playing kickball at recess.somehow I lost part of my gift at 48 the only I can explain it, is like fastforward and you want everything to slow down normal like kid’s who are diagnoist with autistic behavior that can’t set still, with us it’s are mind’s hope this will help with some answer’s tim

  6. Joseph

    I looked up to this kid, graduating high school at 10, i never thought i could do it at ten but earlier than 18. This kid was part of my role models. I can see how his lust for helping people and generosity got him to do what he did. Although he’s gone, I think he did it to save those other people, but he was a great person, I am 12, I wanted to be like him, this is tragic. God bless him.

  7. Ashlee Johnson

    Why did he have to go…..he sounded like a nice guy(caring, smart, funny, ext). People loved him so much mostly his family. I know what it is like when you try to leave this world and just try to finish it. It is the wrong thing to do because when I did hirt myself I didn’t wont to do it again, i was suprised of how many people in this world care for me. One person how i didn’t know who cared cried for me when I did ssomething bad to myself. My best friend cut her arm and one boy cried for her because he thought she was going to die.
    i thought i was going to lose someone today. One of my best friends named Richerd feel off a large step and his arm landed in glasss. His girl-friend cried so hard for him. she cried so hard i could feel her pain!!! I bet he thought that i didn’t care and he saw me watch him go into the his dad’s car. he looked so sad, he is a strong guy, and i saw him with little tears.
    Right know I hope he is ok!!
    ilove him so much……my best friend is hirt so bad and i want to call him a tell him how i feel and tell him “i hope your ok””i hope you feel better!!”
    I wish i the bad things would go so far away from here!! way far from here!!!!!!!!!!
    AND my love for him will never go!

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