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Paul Hester


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phester.jpgPaul Newell Hester, the former drummer of the pop/rock band Crowded House, committed suicide on March 26. He was 46.

The Melbourne native was born to Mulga Mike Hester, a legendary bushman, and Ann Hester, a jazz drummer who taught him how to play percussion instruments at an early age. Hester’s passion for music overrode any interest in education, and he dropped out of school to pursue a career in show business.

Hester joined the New Zealand New Wave group Split Enz in 1983. Although the band dissolved less than a year later, Hester and the group’s singer/songwriter Neil Finn soon hooked up with bass player Nick Seymour and guitarist/keyboardist Craig Hooper to form the Mullanes. When Hooper left the band in 1985, the trio moved to Los Angeles, signed a record contract with Capitol Records and changed the band’s name to Crowded House.

One of Australia’s most successful bands of the late 1980s and early 1990s, Crowded House found international fame with the hits “Don’t Dream It’s Over” and “Something So Strong.” Hester quit the band in 1994, citing declining motivation and the pressures of a grueling tour schedule. The band released four studio albums before breaking up in 1996.

In recent years, Hester played with several bands, including Rose Amongst Thorns, the Chris Bailey Combo, Ultrasound, Largest Living Things and Tarmac Adam. He hosted The Music Max Sessions, a series of intimate concerts featuring top-shelf music acts, for Australia’s cable music channel Music Max, and enjoyed a recurring role as Chef Paul on the children’s TV show, “The Wiggles.” Two weeks ago, he appeared on the SBS music quiz show, “RockWiz.”

Hester took his two dogs for a walk on Friday and hanged himself from a tree in Elsternwick Park near his home in Melbourne. His body was found the next day. Hester is survived by his two daughters, aged eight and 10.

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  1. Helen

    Your music gave joy to so many.
    You will live on in the hearts of many.
    I hope you have found the peace you were seeking.

  2. Stu

    Such a shock, Paul was troubled by dark moments through out his life and it seems that one of these moments became all consuming.
    RIP Paul and hopefully those demons are now quiet.

  3. Lee

    The sky fell underneath a blanket
    The sun sank as the miles went by
    Sit back with your head on the pillow
    when you remember it makes you cry
    Ghost cars on the freeway
    Like friends you thought you had
    One by one they are all disappearing
    Lyrics from “in the lowlands” by Crowded House
    Thank you for the music Paul, you are dearly missed…
    And maybe the day will come
    when you’ll never have to feel no pain,
    After all my complaining
    gonna love this life
    gonna love this life
    gonna love this life
    Lyrics from “love this life” by Crowded house

  4. Trenchfoot

    For someone who is also tormented by the shadow on my bed. It was Paul’s music that give me comfort, hope and inspiration. I am still here
    because of the music of Crowded House. Paul, if
    you can here me. “Thank you”.

  5. methroach

    “Of all the comrades ere I had, they’re sorry for my going away,
    And all the sweethearts ere I had, they wish me one more day to stay,
    But since it falls unto my lot that I should go and you should not,
    I’ll gently rise and softly call, goodnight and joy be with you all.”
    –“The Parting Glass” (traditional)

  6. Di Cook

    God bless Paul. God bless those he left behind.
    He will be sadly missed as I was a veteran Split Enz fan. I went to the first split enz concert in Napier NZ. Since then he has been a wonderful attribute to nz as well as the rest of the world. (even the will miss him. Rest in peace pual. We love you.
    Love Di

  7. AK

    Although I never met Paul, his talents amazed me and brought me much joy. I only recently re-purchased Woodface to complete my collection.
    After 15 years in the music business, I got out after loosing too many friends. I am saddened by Paul’s loss and I wish his family and many friends and fans peace.
    Hey, don’t look now…
    but there goes God
    In his sexy pants and his sausage dog……

  8. rick - Tampa

    As a singing drummer myself, Paul was a great inspiration. He will be missed. I saw CH on the Woodface tour ( minus Tim ) andfrom the second row It was like seeing the Beatles for my brother and I. I remeber leaving the theatre and not feeling my feet on the ground !. Words do no justice to the sadness.
    Sleep easy brother Paul.
    You will be heavy on my heart tonight while I entertain the crowds from behind my kit.

  9. Paul Tregaskis, Plymouth, UK

    I met Paul in June 1992 and he was one of the friendliest “famous” person I’ve met. I hope that this loss will highlight the need for people with mental illness to have support and help.

  10. Iona

    My little boy and I watch Paul every day as ‘Paul the Cook’ on his Wiggles DVD. It breaks my heart that this lovely man is no longer here with us. I met him once back stage at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, England many years ago and he and the other Crowded House guys were so friendly and gracious. (Paul’s declaration of ‘gorgie girls!’ was a great compliment – one my friend and I have never forgotten!) I never knew him but I feel deeply touched and very, very sad. The world is an emptier place without him. I just know he was one of the good guys. Bless you Paul. Hope you know how much you were loved. xxx

  11. Mark Allsebrook

    Shock. Sorrow. Sadness. All words which come to mind upon my hearing of this tragic event. I never met Paul Hester personally, but the life he breathed into innumerable performances has helped me through my own depression. The world has suddenly lost some of it’s colour and vibrancy for me and it will never be the same again. Ever. I only ever wanted to say thank you.

  12. Kathryn Swezy

    It is ironic that those who encourage, inspire and warm hearts sometimes find themselves hungry for those very things in their own lives. The music of Crowded House has always encouraged me and filled me with hope – thank you, Paul. My prayers go to his little girls and all those who loved him.

  13. Amy Vernon

    I am in shock right now. I hope that Paul has found the peace he needed – he is already and will permanently be missed by so many. My thoughts are with his family, friends and former bandmates, I can’t imagine their sense of loss.
    Rest in peace.
    “In her soft wind I will whisper
    In her warm sun I will glisten

  14. Hal

    I met Paul after a show in New Jersey at Drew University. He was the first to exit from backstage, I said “Hi Paul” he stopped and we chatted for a while, he liked my long black Willy Wear coat and said he has one just like it. Then he proceded to walk to the parking lot of the University. Me and my mate, Eddie followed him out as we continued talking. Suddennly he jumps up on top of this girls VW Bug and in hugh letters of black magic marker he signs his autograph. It was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. We walked with him to the backstage area and said goodbye and asked what the band was doing afer the show. He told us the hotel they were staying at, we followed the Tour bus back to the hotel and and hung out at the bar with the band. It was the first and last time I met Paul, the memory still is very vivid in my mind. Rest In Peace Paul, I’ll always think of you when I hear your wonderful drum technique wether its with Splitz Enz, Crowded House or Chef Paul of the Wiggles…… Hal in NYC, USA

  15. Justin Harris

    We have lost one of the truely good guys. People like Paul do not happen to the world everyday. i feel sorry for the people that never did and now never will see CH all together and in full flight. My thoughts are with those that were closest to him, we share your loss. i hope the love and pain expressed on pages like this help you all to live and love and remember Paul for the all pleasure he has brought to this world.
    I know his memory will always inspire the best in people. God bless

  16. Nora

    I saw CH at the first WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance; it was Peter Gabriel’s brainchild) at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and will never forget that funny man and his antics! After their truly wonderful set, the three musicians formed a human pyramid.
    I can’t believe how bummed I am to have read about this. As someone who has been through depression (both long-term and postpartum) I’m astounded that nothing was done for him.

  17. Lou Gould

    I’m a 55-year-old man whose life changed forever one Sunday night when I witnessed the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. When The lads broke up, a significant void was left where my passion for quality. original music used to be.
    Then one day, I heard the ethereal “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, and I fell in love again. I saw CH live at least 5 times, and was always amazed at the musicianship displayed by all of the guys. Paul Hester was one of the most solid, in-the-pocket drummers I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard many most of the best through the years.
    I’ll always remember him hamming it up live during “Sister Madly”, and how solidly he played on every song we were fortunate enough to hear him perform.
    You gave all of us years of great music, which will fortunately live on long after all who witnessed Crowded House or Split Enz pass on.
    Peace to you, Paul, and my prayers go out to your family, bandmates and friends everywhere….

  18. Ren Johnston

    I cried bitter tears when I heard that Paul Hester was gone…what a wonderful, comic, talented man he was-I wish I’d had the chance to meet him.
    Go in peace Paul-hope the black dog no longer howls at your door. My heart goes out to you…
    ‘dont say no, don’t say nothing’s wrong,
    cos when you get back home, maybe I’ll be gone..’
    Better Be Home Soon, Crowded House

  19. Mandy

    I will never forget seeing CH live in Canberra – Paul was my special favorite. Paul, I hope wherever you are that you find peace.
    To Paul’s family, I hope that you can find solace in the music he left behind and that you draw strength from the love his fans had for him.

  20. Charlotte

    What can I say? Heartbroken. To think we will never see that cheeky smile again nor see CH re-form.
    I only hope Paul’s family, friends and fellow fans (God bless them) read this page and realise just how important Paul was… and is and find comfort in the fact that through his music, Paul will never really be gone. I am certain, as I sit here holding back tears, that Paul will always be alive in my heart.
    God bless you Paul, bet you are showing them what real talent and charisma is in Heaven. xxx

  21. Elle

    It feels strange to hear such bad news. My mom recently found an old crowded house tape and I never got the chance to listen to it yet. It was a favorite when I saw younger. Rest in peace, Paul

  22. Paul Middleton

    I was 11 when I first saw Paul Hester grace the front of the stage with such aplomb. A snare drum, a splash cymbol and the entire willingful attention of the UK crowd. That real time image will last in me a lifetime. Don’t ever forget how naturally gifted Paul was, as a musician, a showman, a songwriter, and a person. God bless you mate. Wow em’ up there.

  23. Eva

    This morning I played the crowded house video “I like to watch” for the first time in years. I laughed and cried watching Paul doing what he did best. You gave all fans of the band the gift of you, wonderful Paul, I will never forget you.

  24. Nic

    I have so many things I want to write here but now as I start to do so it all just goes away. My sincerest condolences go to his loved ones, every single one of ’em especially his daughters and his pets! My son fell in love with the Wiggles Fruit Salad about three days before this happened and started demanding I skip the DVD to it. We go to the park he used to go to and I can’t admit to ever seeing him there but I went the other day and to think that there was so many people in such close proximity and noone noticed breaks my heart. All my life Split Enz and Crowded House people have been living nearby or working and friends with people I know. I think I took for granted their presence. When Crowded House released their first album my dad brought it home for me on cassette. I still have it even though it has been played so many times. So many markers in my time are marked by those guys. To think that someone so funny, so talented was so so sad just tears me up. Its taken days for this to sink in for me and I’m a lot sadder about it today than I was a week ago.
    Love everything you did Paul. Thank you so much.
    I hope and pray your now at peace.
    Dear God,
    Let us prepare for winter. The sun has turned away from us and nest of summer hangs broken in a tree. Life slips through our fingers and, as darkness gathers, our hands grow cold. It is time to go inside. It is time for reflection and resonance. It is time for contemplation. Let us go inside.
    by Michael Leunig – Common Prayer Collection.

  25. charlotte

    I just wanted to E-mail again after hearing a road near to Paul could be named after him and that the mayor is asking for fans opinions. If this is true, as I am in the UK,is there a site I could Email my support to, fans? No tribute can ever be enough in my opinion, but it’s a start.
    R.I.P Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. carol

    I have only just heard the news…I live in first notion that something was wrong was that the Finn bros concert was cancelled…
    I would like to extend my deep deep sympathy to his closest family and friends most of all his daughters.
    Paul in concert with CH was a true delight to witness..seeing him with the guys all joke and play around together made you feel that you were witnessing an informal jam session rather than a full blown concert..their music never fails to pick me up from infrequent downers…but I ask myself could it have been prevented.?
    Carol in Berlin

  27. Harald Lewarth

    Although i never met Paul,or ever saw Crowded House perform live,the loss i feel for a truely great musician leaves a void in my soul….As a fellow drummer I undersyand alot that probably was going on within Paul’s life,its not easy out there sometimes…You will be surely missed fellow drummer…..

  28. nancy

    It’s been several weeks now since the death of a wonderful man that is Paul Hester. I feel this is a moment that will last forever, the thought of where you were when you heard the terrible news and followed quickly, the your first thought of this energetic, talented entertainer beating away on his drums holding a smile from ear to ear.
    I was never fortunte enough to have met Paul but have a great friend that worked for him, she smiles when she thinks of her time in his company.
    For all those, who like I, are suffuring, remember this:
    The world is a happier place for having had Paul in it.
    Music is a happier place for having had Paul as a part of it.
    We love you Paul, missing you already!!

  29. Wayne Olson

    Paul Hester
    brought the joy to Crowded House–Neil was the singer-songwriter, but Paul added so much fun to the live shows
    Let me quote some lyrics from the song
    You Get What You Give, by the New Radicals and then explain my point.
    Wake up kids
    We’ve got the dreamers disease
    Age 14 we got you down on your knees
    So polite, you’re busy still saying please
    Fri – enemies, who when you’re down ain’t your friend
    Every night we smash their Mercedes – Benz
    First we run and then we laugh till we cry
    But when the night is falling
    And you cannot find the light
    If you feel your dream is dying
    Hold tight
    You’ve got the music in you
    Don’t let go
    You’ve got the music in you
    One dance left
    This world is gonna pull through
    Don’t give up
    You’ve got a reason to live
    Can’t forget you only get what you give
    Four a. m. we ran a miracle mile
    Were flat broke but hey we do it in style
    The bad rich
    God’s flying in for your trial
    This whole damn world can fall apart
    You’ll be ok follow your heart
    You’re in harms way
    I’m right behind
    Now say youre mine
    I will add in passing that this quote completely validates my own feelings. Last October, I had spent a Saturday running around and then shot down to Cape Cod for a play I had gotten into my head that I wanted to see. On the way back, tired, semi-depressed (bordeline suicidal) I started listening to this album and ended up playing this song like a dozen times. It really sounded good through the car stereo. I feel like if Paul Hester had done that he would still be with us. Such a huge loss.

  30. Ainz

    It’s April 30 here in the states and I just stumbled upon the news. I can’t believe I never saw anything on the U.S. media. Guess he “didn’t make the cut.” Makes me embarrassed to be an American. So more than a month after you were crushed by the news, it’s my turn. Wow, what a kick in the ‘nads. Cheers to all he accomplished and contributed. Many fond memories.

  31. Shel

    I went to my first big concert in Spain in 1992. It was in Seville. I worked at the EXPO, and my friend Fiona and I were so excited, but the day before the concert someone had stolen my purse at a park and my Expo badge was in it, so I lost my job because my crummy boss didn’t want to provide me with another, so this also meant I’d have to miss the concert.
    Well, I chanced it, and this nice Spanish guy kindly let me onto the Expo site anyway. Lucky me! Then, I went to the concert area. There was this giant Sony t.v. screen so that the thousands of people watching far back could still see the band. We got there early due to the first come, first serve status of the concert area. We got right up to the front. Everyone was speaking Spanish, except these guys from England near by, so I chatted them up. It was nice to talk to folks who I could understand, since my Spanish was sucky. These nice guys JUST so happened to be working for the concert security and they bumped us up into the vip section! Then after they snuck us back stage, even thought this mean grumpy woman didn’t want to let us in, but then the actual band members, Crowded House, told her we could come in. Not only did we have the most exciting time ever, we got to hang WITH THE BAND for over an hour at the after party.We spent about an hour and a half just talking and hanging out. We of course got all the autographs and photos with the band, and so on. What I remember most, was how UNBELIEVABLY down to earth and nice these guys were! Every last one of them! They even cared to know who I was and my interests and we talked a lot about music and all kinds of things. After the party was over and we left in a daze, Fioana and I were high on the energy from the exciting experience! (We literally did cartweels in the street!)We had not even expected to get in, much less end up hanging out with the band and enjoying how nice they were! “REAL” Not at all full of themselves. I just remember thinking as I left, ” Someday I am going to be famous and I am going to be like that!!! Now I’m living in Cally and have a band of my own and sing lead, very far from the nowhere town I grew up in! Someday I’m going to live up to my fantasy.I still have all their autographs in my rock n roll diary. Paul,was very nice. Really friendly and real. ALL these guys were SO awsome! They really left a huge impression on me! (Hey Fiona, where the heck is that photo you took of us with the band that you were going to send me a copy of! Darn girl!)

  32. Cindy Tatum

    I saw you last when you performed at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles and stripped naked of a Santa suit and danced around the stage. You said something that has stuck with me always. Not sure if I’m quoting exactly, but it was along the lines of “I wish people could just be assholes on Christmas day and act like they do on Christmas Day the rest of the year!” Ain’t it the truth.
    I’m so sorry you’re gone. God bless your soul.

  33. Richard "VS" Allen

    I had just ordered a Crowded House Music Video DVD they day before Paul died. Paul stands out in a lot of these videos. He seemed so full of life and joy that it’s hard to believe that his life ended that way. Ever since I heard “Don’t Dream It’s Over” back in ’87, I have followed the band. Crowded House will always remain my favorite band. You will be missed Paul.

  34. Maureen

    “Somewhere deep inside something’s got a hold on you”

  35. Christy

    There we were sitting in the audience in Belfast at the Finn Brothers concert, Neil turns off the PA system and picks up his acoustic guitar.
    He starts playing ‘Better Be Home Soon’and the crowd instinctively starts to sing, it was actually quite beautiful, especially as he had said, the one is for Paul Hester. I had expected the singing to be awful, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was so moving.
    The whole crowd acted with the reverence that the moment deserved.
    It was such a wonderful evening as out from the side of the stage came Nick Seymour and things really started going, them playing ‘Don’t Dream it’s Over’, ‘Pineapple Head’, ‘Hole In The River’ to an awe struck crowd who had began to gather in front of the stage. It was positively one of the finest concerts I could ever hope to have seen.
    A Crowded House reunion in front of my very eyes, dedicated to the member who was no longer with us.
    Paul, rest in tranquility, your memory is a light that will never go out.

  36. Pam

    I am so sad to learn that Paul is no longer with us. The many Crowded House concerts I attended were filled with love and fun and beautiful music, and it was so because the camaraderie onstage flowed so wonderfully into the audience. Paul came out for an encore once completely naked…it was so funny, and totally turned the room upside down!!
    We’ll miss you, Paulie. Thank you for all the beautiful music and memories. xxooxx

  37. Sue

    I saw the boys last night in Dublin, 16 years since I’d last saw them in Oz. Neil asked us all to remember Paul. He then asked for the amp to be turned off, stood in front of the crowd strumming, the lights went down, the crowd sang Four Seasons In One Day. It was sad but beautiful. A perfect tribute.

  38. sad lil girl

    iv neva heard of this man Paul Hester b4 i saw him on the news iv only eva heard 1 song they hey now hey now song.
    i started 2 cry i dont no y im only 14 and i rly feel 4 this man who was depressed.
    i hva recently bn goin in out of depression, councorlling and other things like that but wat Paul did made me strong!

  39. CW Smith

    Crowded House was such a pleasant surprise in the synth-pop hell of the mid 1980s. I bought their first album the day it came out in the States. What an incredible band. Tight harmonies, rock solid arrangements, truly classic compositions (thank you, Neil Finn!).
    Although I never saw them live, I’ve listened to several bootlegged concerts and live performances. The sound, the repoire, the humor was just as present on stage as on the LPs (yes, I’m old enough to remember those!). And the ham, the comedian of the band was undoubtedly Paul Hester. He really made the show a lot of fun for everyone — band and audience equally.
    I pulled out the “Recurring Dream” CD for a road trip with my 5-year-old last week. Even this diehard fan of Raffi and Big Bird seemed to appreciate the talent that Crowded House had to offer. Sad thing is, even two months after Paul’s death, the news hadn’t yet reached most fans in the States. I had no idea he was gone as I introduced my daughter to one of my favorite bands.
    What an incredible loss. My heart goes out to Paul’s family, to Neil and Nick, to Crowded House fans past, present and future. We miss you, Paul. We hope your soul has found peace.

  40. Jim Rouse

    Was enjoying some online conversation regarding Michael Hutchence, which is easy to do lately with “Rockstar: INXS” on the air the past few weeks, when I happened upon the fact that Paul had passed a few months ago.
    I’ve seen INXS 11 times in my life, but Crowded House only once. The one CH show was as memorable as any of the INXS shows. What a fun group of lads! I lost two of my favorite bands in a rather short period of time.
    The world however, has lost two wonderful people. Both obviously had their demons, but both brought great joy to so many.
    I hope they realized how much they meant to us before they left.

  41. JohnD'Arcy

    I am truly shocked to hear this news. He was a great musician. What a great perfomer. I pray for his daughters. such a tragedy. This has such a family impact. It is no way out. There is hope to be found in this life and the world to come. Life means so much.
    John D’Arcy

  42. Dominic

    What else can I add. I saw CH in London many times – the first being just before the Crowded House album was released.
    Ever since that day no band has ever displaced CH from my heart and none ever will. They touched my soul. CH would simply not have been CH without Paul and his loss is tough to take.
    Paul, I never met you, but where ever you are my friend I hope you have found the peace that you deserve and can forever play Sister Madly with the same verve that always did in this place.

  43. Mike B

    A one of a kind, Paul transcended the drumkit through a larger than life personality. One of the most under-rated drummers the music world has seen, I had the pleasure of meeting Paul back in 92′ when Crowded House were recording ‘Together Alone’ at KareKare, west of Auckland, NZ. He offered a good twenty minutes to talk about anything regarding his playing, stricking as one of most humble persons I’d ever met. Sadly missed by many a kiwi.

  44. T. Dixon

    Our loss can in no way compare to that of Paul’s family and friends .. but know that you are not alone and our thoughts are with you.
    T & D

  45. Erin

    When you wake up with me,
    I’ll be your glass of water,
    When you stick up for me,
    Then you’re my Bella Bambina….
    Italian Plastic.
    Best song written by Paul Hester.

  46. tara

    I’m 14 and love to listen to puals songs sometimes i listen to them when im sad and then i’m happy again i feel that some of his songs resemble my life and it’s nice to know i’m not the only one that feels they way i do sometimes. I know paul will be sadly missed and my best wishes go out to his family and two young daughters.

  47. Shannon

    You wouldn’t have thought this could happen to such a great person. But depression can get the better of anyone. i just hope along with anyone else that was a great fan, that he has found what he was looking for in his next life.
    The only thing i really have left to say is that- Paul i hope your the same kind-hearted great person you were in your next life, and this time don’t let depression get the better of you.
    R.I.P Paul Newell Hester 1959-2005

  48. Paul Wilkinson

    I’d like to say thankyou to such a great band, i grew up listening to crowded house, listening to their songs day after day never tiring.
    I cant believe this sad news,nearly 9 months after Paul Hesters i have only just found out.
    I’ll always remember him as the bloke with the warm and friendly face who brought life to their videos, he just seemed to be the iceing on the cake of a brilliant band.

  49. kat_lady

    Only 2 days after i found out that Paul had done this terrible thing, i found out that one of my friends father had done the same thing.
    I hurt so much to kno a fellow drummer had done this, but it really hit home when i found out about my friends dad. It really gives me an insight into how his friends and family were fealing when they found out.
    It is only 2 weeks off being a year since this great man took his own life, and it is obvious that the hurt is still strong in alot of us.
    A great man, a great musician, a great comedian, a great all-round performer.
    “Hey now, hey now

  50. john

    Well, it’s 4.38 am in Scotland. Normally I am awake for my rellies in Oz at daft times. But I read the tributes to Mr Hester. (I have nick and neil on tape for bbc radio 2 doing a tribute to Paul. He died when Neil and Tim were on there 2nd Finn Bros Tour. They were in England. They dedicated 2 live song to Paul. My son plays drums and I am more Bass/Drums than Guitar.
    Neil is great live. Paul did what he did for a reason..but I have lived through the same times as him and now try to make sense of his actions… it’s a dicotomy….. as he once said .. RIP and in 20 years time I will be as dead as Paul.. in the meantime.. let the good times roll.
    X any y to neil, tim, mark, nick and especially peter green.
    Hey now, hey now

  51. April

    A year has past now since you’ve left us Paul, The void that your absence has created is still very prominent.
    You were a lot of things Paul, a musician may have been what you were known for mostly but it was probably the least important of what you were.
    God Bless the loved ones that you left and God Bless You.
    Hopefully now you truly realize the impact that you made and the lives that you touched.
    You ARE loved.
    Rest In Peace.

  52. Fiona

    I was surfing the net and came across this,I Just adore the enz and crowded house.Such a tragedy.Paul your music and personality will live on in my heart forever,I too suffer from depression and understand the torment you must have been in.
    God bless you paul,I pray you are at peace at long last.

  53. Kayvon

    I’m an 18 year old student studying in bournemouth. I remember when my best friend played me the woodface album for the first time. there I was hooked. Ive read so many articles and tributes across the internet for paul and I was touched by his music and everyones serious feelings.
    If I could turn back the clocks and see any band or musician playing..It would be crowded house, all i ahve are old videos and even then I get shivers up my spine each time I watch / Listen, if only i was lucky enough to see you.
    Crowded House be forever Crowded
    Let heaven be forever your bed
    rip paul hester

  54. mike davies

    loved split enz and sorry that this was your only escape.hope you are at peace now.god bless you and your family and all that you leave.

  55. LS Russo

    Paul…you were a great inspiration and that smiling face and great drumming will continue to inspire drummers around the world. Goodbye my friend.

  56. Havelin

    Imagining the lyrics of the new CH album, I can’t seem to stop obsessing that he’s gone.
    I did once have the pleasure of meeting him in NYC. We were there early on a day in 1991 when CH played the “new” Ritz. He asked us why we were so early and when we said we wanted an awesome viewpoint, he replied, “No, no, no, you get here right before the show starts, then baaaaaaaaage (barge) your way to the front like this!” (demonstration of pushing everyone out of the way)
    Later, I saw them in NJ and then Paul ran right by us into the tour bus while Nick and Neil signed autographs and took photos with fans. As I later saw, he wasn’t in the best of moods, which was a stark contrast to his onstage persona.
    While onstage Paul was so entertaining and fun. I feel so lucky to have seen CH with him. He would come out from behind the drums and dance around with his drumsticks behind his back. He was just the best!

  57. Dorota14yearsOld

    I know CH from about two months, and I learned that Paul is dead just on 1st Sept. I didn’t know why I started crying… I just took a fancy to him very fast, cause he seemed so be nice, funny and good man… and he really was. Now I know, that he was the best drummer I ever heard playing (better even than Phil Collins), and CH music heals my soul and gives me wonderful emotions… I pray for you, Paul and I hope, that you are happy in heaven with Lord ;* Bless you Hessie…

  58. Michael

    RIP Paul.
    Lyrics by Michael Hutchence.
    Put the red lights on
    Don’t tell them that you’ve gone
    Leave behind your fears
    You know they can’t be wrong
    Kill the pain you feel
    Kill the pain you feel
    I know you’ve seen some things
    That hurt you in your dreams
    Your face
    It tells the story
    The pages stained with tears
    You kill the pain you feel
    You kill the pain you feel
    Keep the heart
    Take the curtains down
    The sun is what you found
    It leads you far from here
    And takes you to high ground
    Kill the pain you feel
    Kill the pain you feel
    Find a way
    Keep the heart you have within
    Show me the way
    Give away
    The truth
    I’m looking for
    I need a new way
    Out of here
    The door
    Is opening
    Freedom take me deeper
    Freedom take me deeper
    All the blue days
    Gone astray
    The clouds
    Are giving in
    Freedom take me deeper
    Freedom take me deeper
    I need a new way
    Out of here
    The door is opening
    I’m losing my fear
    The way
    Has come to me
    Freedom take me deeper till fade
    It’s so strange
    How my life’s changed
    I know nothing
    About the people that I touched
    Heard a story
    It sounded easy
    If you don’t care
    Then you’re lying through your teeth
    I was shook up
    Drank the juices
    Of the possibilities
    I’m so alive
    If you told me
    Nothing’s perfect
    Hearts are broken
    Nothing’s free
    I could show you
    Why it’s worth it
    That’s the way that it’s meant to be
    It’s too strange
    How your life’s changed
    You know nothing
    About the people that you’ve touched
    Someone told me
    Life is easy
    Hearts were bleeding and breaking
    They were lying through their teeth
    If you told me
    Nothing’s perfect
    Hearts are broken
    Nothing’s free
    I will show you
    Why it’s worth it
    And that’s the way that it’s meant to be
    If you told me
    Nothing’s perfect
    Hearts are broken
    Nothing’s free
    I could show you
    Why it’s worth it
    That’s the way that it’s meant to be
    Heard a story
    It sounded easy
    Got a new skin and
    I’m lying through my teeth
    I was shook up
    I drank the juices of the possibilities
    Of the possibilities
    I am searching
    I am not alone
    I am searching
    Please give me some…
    Have we lost direction
    Washed our hands of blood
    I’m in need of sensation
    Is there more to this love
    Saw a mother screaming
    She had lost control
    Of what she once believed in
    And she was not alone
    Oh yeah
    If you could face the pain
    And I could do the same
    It would be clear tomorrow
    But will it start
    But will it start again
    I am searching
    I am not alone
    I am searching
    Please show me some…
    Saw a mother screaming
    She had lost control
    Of what she once believed in
    And she was not alone
    Have we lost direction
    Washed our hands of blood
    I’m in need of sensation
    Is there more to this love
    If you could face the pain
    And I could do the same
    It would be clear tomorrow
    But will it start
    But will it start again
    I am searching
    I am not alone
    I am searching
    Please show me some…
    I am searching
    I am not alone
    I am searching
    Please show me some LOVE

  59. andy taylor

    Oh my god having read these tributes i feel a
    mixture of joy and sadness.Firstly pauls family
    especially his daughters i really hope they can
    overcome the tragic loss of their father and
    lead their oncoming years with as much health and
    happiness as is possible.Good luck guys.
    And lastly paul whatever place you’re at fella
    hope you’re having a blast and here’s hoping that
    someday i’ll meet you and maybe we’ll have a beer
    or three together and have a jam, those wire brushes on sister madly do me everytime.

  60. Amy Crowley

    I was 180 degrees in the US when you died. I was fighting for my life-I had necrotizing fascitis, osteomyelitis, blood poisoning and menengitis and I lived, even though I didn’t want to. This a cold, cruel world that doesn’t give back anymore, it only takes away. You know, hell is where you find it. I hope you’re free, and that you don’t hurt anymore. I know the pain, the kind that pills and therapy and bearing it can’t be touched. I think that not everyone knows what it is to be black inside. I’m glad you don’t hurt anymore, and you are away from this cruel world.

  61. Josh M-

    It seemed that paul was the most comical of the bunch. I have been under a rock and just learned of his passing. I just wanted to write and share my feelings. He was beautiful talent. CH will never be the same without him.

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