Allison Noelle Crews, a freelance writer and the Web editor behind, died on June 11. Cause of death is under investigation. She was 22.

Born in Westminster, Calif., and raised in an evangelical Christian home, Crews became pregnant during her sophomore year in high school. After considering abortion and adoption, she decided to keep the child. At 15, Crews had a baby boy she named Cade. However, the condemnation she received for this decision inspired her to become an advocate for young mothers.

For nearly five years, Crews worked as the editor of, a Website dedicated to empowering, educating and supporting “young mamas.” She encouraged these women to meet online and in person, and to share the trials and joys of parenting. The Website also offers suggestions on the best ways for teenagers to tell their parents about a pregnancy, tips on applying for government aid and basic information on the benefits of breastfeeding.

Named one of Top 30 Under 30 Activists for Choice by Choice USA in 2003, Crews attended pro-mom rallies and helped launch the National Day to Support Teen Parents (Oct. 11). Her essay, “When I Was Garbage,” was published in the 2001 anthology, “Breeder: Real-life Stories From the New Generation of Mothers.” She is survived by her son and her partner, Julie Cushing.