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Charles Rocket


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crocket.jpgCharles Claverie, a comedic actor who appeared on the big and small screens, committed suicide on Oct. 7. He was 56.

Born in Bangor, Maine, Claverie studied filmmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design. A love of the limelight and an electrifying presence on-camera helped him to break into broadcast journalism — even though he had no media experience.

Claverie spent the 1970s working as a reporter for WPRI-Channel 12 in Rhode Island, as a weekend anchor for WTVF-Channel 5 in Nashville and as an anchor/weatherman for KOAA-Channel 5 in Colorado Springs, Colo. He also hosted “Super Show,” a daily afternoon program that featured reruns of classic TV shows from the 1950s.

Claverie’s big break came in 1980 when he joined the cast of the NBC show “Saturday Night Live.” He appeared in numerous skits during the 1980-1981 season and provided news commentary on “Weekend Update.” His trademark sign-off was: “I’m Charles Rocket. Good night and watch out.”

While performing in a spoof of the famous “Who Shot JR?” plotline from the soap opera “Dallas,” Claverie uttered the phrase, “I’d like to know who the fuck did it” on the air. When viewers complained about the use of profanity on the show, NBC apologized for the incident. Claverie was also terminated the following week, though he did appear in one last telecast.

Claverie adopted several stage names during the course of his three-decade career in show business — such as Charles Hamburger and Charles Kennedy — but he was best known as Charles Rocket. Claverie acted in more than 30 TV shows, including “Moonlighting,” “Max Headroom,” “Touched by an Angel,” “The X-Files,” “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” He also appeared in the films “Earth Girls Are Easy,” “Dumb and Dumber” and “Dances With Wolves,” and did voice work for the video games “Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter” and “Age of Mythology.”

Claverie was found on Oct. 7 in a Canterbury, Conn., field. His throat was slit, and a knife was found next to the body. The state medical examiner determined the cause of death to be self-inflicted.

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  1. Eskew

    I can’t believe that this talented guy is gone. I’m shocked to hear how he died. I thought he was a great comic. He was great in movies like “It’s Pat,” “Earth Girls Are Easy,” and “Dumb And Dumber.” I always liked his stuff on Saturday Night Live. His part in “It’s Pat” cracks me up every time I watch it. I was just telling a friend of mine what a funny guy he was, not too long before I found out he had died. Rest in peace, Charlie.

  2. LDK

    Wow- I am in shock. I just finished watching an episode of Law & Order and recognized an actor as having been in one of my favorite episodes of “Thirtysomething”, the one where they use a local guy who made it big, for a Philadelphia commercial, but I never knew his name. I went to IMDB, found the episode, and searched a few names until I found an actor who appeared in both shows. I could not believe when I saw a death date under the birth date. I did a web search to find out more about Charles Rocket, and came across his obit. Too bad. I never knew he was on SNL as I stopped watching it when the original cast left, and flipped when i saw he was the Lt near the end of “Dances With Wolves”. May you rest in peace.

  3. LDK

    I cannot believe the cause of death, “self-inflicted” as there are so many other ways to go with many causing less pain to the person considering ending ti all. Was he depressed? What was going on here? Was that the easy way to report it?

  4. Prairie Girl

    Wow I am really saddened to hear he took his own life. While I never knew his “name” on screen…. I recognized his face immediately and like Wendie Jo Sperber am in disbelief both are now in Heaven.

  5. momma-c

    Everything I’ve read says he’s “best remembered for uttering an expletive on SNL.” I’ve watched SNL off and on since it’s inception, and I really don’t remember that all that well. Plus, he’s been in so many different shows, and was always recognizable as being interesting, both in look and work, it’s a shame to drag up an ancient faux pas & coin it as his defining moment. He made his mark well past SNL.

  6. scatterbrain

    I had a bit of a crush on Charles Rocket when he appeared on TV’s Moonlighting. He played Bruce Willis’s brother, who was also a con-artist. I was 13. I watched out for him after that and one of my favorite things he did was star in Tom Petty’s video for “You’re So Bad”. A couple of years ago I was having a waking dream about him and I blurted out “Charles Rocket died,” and my friend that was near me woke me up and asked why I had said that, and was it true and if I was dreaming about him, I told her I had no recollection of saying that, or what my dream was about. Earlier today on my coffee table I found an issue weekly magazine I get, but an old one, and I thought it was weird because I hadn’t seen it, it being a month old. I was looking through it and saw in the Obituaries, Charles Rocket’s picture. Shocking and sad news indeed.

  7. DallasDave

    This has left me completely numb. I will never forget Charles Rocket. Charles was very talented and he truly deserved bigger roles. He always stood out in his movies always playing the characters you admire and never forget. I would have liked to have seen Charles and Ed Begley Jr (Bob “She Devil” 1989) In a Comedy movie together playing brothers. They even sound alike when they speak and could pass as brothers except for their hair and eye color are different. I wish Charles the Best leaving this earth joining the Stars in the sky. You will be missed and remembered.

  8. John

    A slit throat? How is that possible? I know that it is … but why would someone inflict that kind of pain on their self? It would seem to me to instantly be the work of someone else and not self inflicted. Too many other ways to end one’s life without the physical pain.
    He was a very talented person and will be missed dearly.

  9. sitkom

    The method of suicide is a commentary on his life. Given his irreverant, anti-establishment nature it would appear to be in keeping with how he lived.
    I’ll never forget him sitting in the chair at the closing ‘thank you’ of that SNL episode where Charlene Tillman hosted and him saying “Yeah, I’d like to know who the *uck did it!” and the expression on Eddie Murphy’s face like he’d never heard that word before as he looked off-stage to the producer. That was the funniest moment of the season. I laughed my ass off. And what’s with the people writing in and complaining? I bet you none even watched the show and simply ‘heard’ that it happened… It’s unfortunate there are so many jerks in the world and so few risk-takers when it comes to entertainment. Charlie will be sorely missed… he was an a true innovator.

  10. joanne waugh

    Charles Rocket was a professional at what he did he will be terribly missed. Cut his own throat I don’t think so, anyone who wanted to kill themselves would either take an overdose or slit their own wrists, I think this should be investigated into more thouroughly, especially to what hand he used all the time for example which hand he wrote with and at what angle the cut was made.
    What a waste of talent, I thought he was a breath of fresh air.

  11. Krissy

    I first remember Charles Rocket from Moonlighting. He always played a great bad guy/con man. I didn’t even know that he had passed and had to search to find out why. I was shocked and saddened. He was a really funny guy. He will be missed and my thoughts are here in CT with his family.

  12. Mia(Finland)

    I watched “Dances with wolves” and I noticed this blue-eyed gorgeous man. I had seen him in many movies before, without knowing his name. I went to imdb.com and read that he had commited suicide. What a tragedy! I’m really upset now. He will be missed.

  13. Daven Johansen

    He was a great friend of my father, Christen Johansen, who went to RISD with him. He always had great stories to tell me about Captain Packard and Lobo and all the pranks they pulled…practically made me shit my pants everytime. I never got to meet him personally, but felt connected to him somehow through the stories told to me by my dad who was very fond of him and proud to have known him. This post comes to you all after I unexpectedly found out he had died a couple hours ago. Its hard to explain why it is hitting me so hard but maybe I don’t have to explain…he was loved by everyone who met him and he inspired all who knew him. I wish I had had more chances to meet him. Charlie Rocket will be missed by everyone.

  14. Josh Karp

    I am a writer doing a piece about Charles Rocket for a national magazine. If anyone knew Mr. Rocket or knows someone who was close to him. Please feel free to contact me at karpj2323@aol.com or at 847-869-2359. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Suzie

    I’ve only just found out about Charles Rocket and am totally shocked. I’ve seen him in several films and programmes, including “Moonlighting” and “Earth Girls Are Easy”, but mostly from his guest appearance in the popular sci fi programme “Quantum Leap” in the episode entitled “A Little Miracle”. Rocket gave an outstanding performance playing a modern day Scrooge who is trying to tear down a homeless shelter and build a skyscraper on the site instead. In my mind he was unforgettable in this role and this was my favourite episode of the series because of it.
    I was stunned to learn that he had killed himself. He was the same age as my father. I wonder what was so terrible that he felt the need to end his life like this. Obviously I never knew him personally but I sincerely hope that for the majority of his life he was happy and that whatever drove him to do this didn’t afflict him for too long a time.

  16. Brianna

    There always seems to be an irony when a celebrity passes on (and perhaps when anyone does). Charles Rocket’s final credit was an episode of “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” as a terminally ill and suicidal bank robber. I can’t help wondering if Rocket himself had learned some devastating news in real life, and decided to make his exit at a time of his choosing.
    But I also can’t help wondering if the police investigation was as thorough as it needed to be. Cutting his own throat? It sounds like a possible homicide. If it really was a suicide, I can’t imagine the pain that made him choose such a grisly way to go. So sad.

  17. Steve

    It’s so hard to believe that it has been over six months since this happened, and I still miss him more than ever. I discovered Charlie’s SNL material not long before the end of his life, and I thought (and still very much do) that he was brilliant on there. He was in so many great sketches that unfortunately, with Lorne Michaels looming over the choice of the “Classic SNL” reruns, most people will never get a chance to see.
    And I can honestly say that, having watched the entire season in order, “that” word was just another excuse for people to bash that poor cast. The worst thing NBC ever did was fire Charlie, because if he had lasted a couple more seasons, he would’ve been as well remembered as Piscopo and Murphy are.

  18. Diane

    My time at RISD and in Providence was made much more enjoyable and memorable by Charlie’s presence. His infectious humor and wonderful ability to improvise on a moment’s notice was a natural talent.
    Having moved overseas for several years and then returned to the USA, it was exciting to see him on Moonlighting and Max Headroom and then in movies as well.
    I was so happy for him and it was good to see him appreciated for his abilities.
    The whole SNL thing happened while I was out of the country but given the way things are now in society, I can’t believe such a fuss was made over it!
    I had hopes of getting in touch with him at some point having found out he and his family were living in CT, but when I started trying to locate him I discovered the sad, sad news of his death.
    Too soon, too unnecessary and too painful to grasp.
    He was a wonderful person and I am proud to have known him if only briefly.
    My heart goes out to his family.

  19. Diane

    I knew Charlie when I lived in Providence and attended RISD. He had an infectious sense of humor and lightening quick ability to ad lib on the spur of the moment!
    After returning from living overseas for several years, I was happy to see him on TV in such shows as ‘Max Headroom’ and ‘Moonlighting’.
    He had an easy manner about him and deserved success.
    When I found out he and his family were living in CT, I thought I would look him up to say hello after all those years.
    Disbelief and shock followed as I discovered that Charlie was no longer with us. It still is difficult to comprehend what drove him to take his life. I admired him greatly.
    My heart goes out to his wife and son.

  20. Dave Raynor

    While working as a production engineer at LA Studio’s in North Hollywood I had the pleasure of working with Charles. I didn’t know who he was at the time and I asked him what he did. He said..”Oh, I act a little”. My family had moved back to Seattle and I had a few weeks left on the job and not much to do at night so I went and saw Dances With Wolves. OK…I got it. I just went down to LA Studios last October 21, 2005 for a 25 year reunion. I had lunch at Poquito Mais down the street. While eating there I looked across the room and thought I saw Charles having lunch. I almost went up and said hi but guess what. He died October 7, just a short number of days before. Wow…go figure. I’ll miss him. He was a cool guy.

  21. Leslie Gillis-Spray

    I saw the Movie Down Twisted 19 years ago and fell in love with Charles. I just saw the info re: his death and found myself so disappointed. Why I never heard about it until now. He was a very Beautiful man and I wished I could have met him in person. Leslie

  22. yasmin

    Last week I bought season 2 & 3 Quantum Leap dvds.(already had 1 & 4)
    Charles was in an episode called ” A Little Miracle” in which he played Michael Blake: a scrooge-like character. He played the character very well, breaking down in real tears at the end after being told by Al (who was pretending to be the ghost of the xmas future)that he ( the character Michael) would die by his own hand (by falling off a building)because the character had lost everything and had nothing to live for.
    This episode was made in 1992-14 years ago & Charles certainly didnt look his age (43 or so). He only looked in his twenties.
    I dont beleive I’d seen him in anything else & so decided to see what else he’d been in. It is sad to discover that he is said to have commited suicide last October. It’s even more shocking to have read that it was by slitting his own throat. (I have reasonable doubt that anyone can do this to themselves). If he did do it to himself then what could’ve possibly driven him to do it. Was there ever a suicide note? Did he keep a diary- which could suggest his state of mind. He must’ve been so angry or out of his mind to have committed such violence on himself -when there are easier ways.
    If he didnt kill himself then there’s a murderer out there on the loose. What a horrible thought.
    We’ll never know.
    He was a very beautiful looking man in “A Little Miracle” especially towards the end of the episode.
    Go take a look.
    May he rest in peace
    1st Nov. 06 (1.06am UK)

  23. yasmin

    I found some pictures of Charles Rocket & put them in a yahoo photo album, if anyone wishes to take a look (there’s hardly any on the internet). It’s been 4wks since i found out & it still saddens me that he’s dead.
    (you’ll have to copy & paste, for some reason i can never get my links to be clickable)
    i’ve also seen him in his last interview for Dumb & Dumber uncut which he did shortly before his death & he looked quite alright-comments are on imdb msg boards.
    I have some very serious doubts as to his suicide. (maybe it was murder made to look like a suicide… .Why did the investigation last less than 1 wk?….)
    27th nov 06 (1.05am UK)

  24. Angela

    Charles was one that I first noticed on “Touched by an Angel” and had a “slight” crush on him when I watched that show… Something very foreshadowing — and if you believe it’s a homicide, than maybe not so much but anyway — was in an episode in the first season “Fallen Angela” there’s a line he says : “i hate suicides. they’re the hardest” (along those lines)
    I saw his last performance when he was in L/O: CI, and I loved it.
    When i learned he died, it was sad, very sad, to learn about. And in a field no less? Slit throat, I agree, is painful and raw — but may he be sleeping with angels and in His mercy now and forever.
    God bless you Charles always!

  25. yasmin, Birmingham, UK

    When I found out on 30th October 06 about Charlie’s death no-one seemed to know why he had killed himself.
    I had to know. This sent me on a quest, which lasted 6 weeks. It’s way too long to explain but eventually I came into contact with a writer called Josh Karp. He had the answers that made everything I’d been researching fall into place. He had been researching since early this year
    Basically we both agree that Charlie committed suicide because of what his parents did to him.
    He suffered horrendous abuse at their hands. physical, mental & emotional. He was tortured. It’s too shocking to put into words & too long a story for here. What happened on SNL didn’t help either.
    Everything got to him & all his anger & pain became all-consuming. He killed himself in the way he did because of his rage against his parents, snl & some other stuff.
    I thought you should all know.

  26. yasmin

    I have posted the reason for his suicide on imdb boards dated 12th Jan 07.
    when he moved to Canterbury things started going bad for him. brief info is on the ” There was a reason for his suicide” (1st entry & further down)
    He was also suffering from depression while filming Law & Order – look on imdb threads.
    Birmingham. UK
    in memory of Charles Rocket

  27. Chad Grover

    Every year around halloween I watch the movie “Hocus Pocus”. I remember when I saw it when it first came out and the joy that the movie gave me so long ago is relived every October. I didn’t just become a fan of the movie but all of the actors involved. That was no diffrent when it came to Charles Rocket. I just found out not five minutes ago that he has passed. I feel terrible when I hear of someone taking their own life especially someone who brought me such joy. If this is what really happened. From what I understand reading through all of these tribute’s that he suffered some tramatic thing’s during his life. I have also so suffered extreme tragedies from family/friends death’s, and health problems that often make me wonder if I will wake up to see the next day. I can’t imagine that anyone could take their own life. As we view these films we become touched by characters and have a sense that you know these characters/actors personally. That is why I find this to be so sad. I felt like I knew him. I will dearly miss his talent and will watch “Hocus Pocus” and his other works with a heavy heart. My belated prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest In Peace Charles Rocket.

  28. T S

    i guess im a little late. i didn’t know about his death until i tried to tell my daughter that he was david’s brother. it was a big deal between me and her. i was right but the way i proved it is how i learned of his death. he was so funny and i will miss him.

  29. Theal

    Mr. Charles Claverie, Although I never knew him, and I missed all of his work. He was once among, and it made the world more. I can only say that I am changed and have been since discovering the loss.

  30. Vasiliki

    Gone too soon?! Beside favorite funny movie Dumb & Dumber and more, I’m sadden of his passing, and my heart goes out to his family he left behind. Rest in peace, Charles. ~Vasiliki

  31. lola

    i was so shocked by the way he took his life. i know what it is like to be that depressed. i wonder what was so troubling he ended it that way.

  32. Kendaa

    I’ve been watching the fourth season of Quantum Leap, in particular Leap for Lisa in which Charles appeared. I’ve always enjoyed him in that episode and the other QL ep, A Little Miracle, so I did a Google search and found out that he had died. I’m so very sorry this talented man was driven in himself to take his own life. I know the depths that abuse can take an adult and I feel so bad that he felt he had to end his pain in such a terrible way and that he wasn’t able to find the help he so badly needed. Rest in peace, Charles.

  33. sloth

    I am afraid I have nothing original to say about this matter, just the same thing that has already been said over and over. At this point, it has been over a year and a half since his death. I am in the same league as a lot of other people. I too had recently just discovered who Charles Rocket was. I had seen him in movies before and remembered him well, though. funny as it is, I remember seeing his name in the opening credits of some of his movies and remarking to myself how cool his name was. I was reading an article in a TV guide in the tub one night, and I was surprised to find his name mentioned. the article was mostly aimed at the whole Janet Jackson thing that happened at the superbowl, but was about indecency on television altogether. there was a segment in it in which it states that Charles Rocket, Paul Shaffer, and Norm Macdonald had all dropped live f-bombs on live TV at different points in the shows history. I looked him up on google and found his wikipedia file and was also shocked to discover that he was dead. I read earlier that somebody refered to him as a fresh breath of air-he truly was. he had a cool and smooth personality and a hilarious atitude, even when he acted tough. I do not know the facts of his death enough to decide if I think it was really a suicide or not, but it very well could have been. if you wanted your suicide to leave a mark for whatever reason, how would you do it? he didn’t seem like the kind of person who would commit suicide, but Ernest Hemmingway didn’t either. I didn’t get the pleasure of seeing him in that many things before his death, but I look forward to seeing more now after it.
    he was very talented and his death is truly a shame. one movie in which he was incredible in ,and which I didn’t see it named in any other of the posts, was the movie DELIRIOUS starring John Candy (who is also dead). for everyone out there who is reading this and also loved the guy, make it your business to check this movie out and enjoy it thouroughly. I would also like to draw emphasis on the following dead acters in hopes that anybody reading will discover them and give them well diserved attention, even though dead:
    John Candy, Peter Lorre, Michael Jeter, Charles Bronson, Sterling Halloway, John Fiedler, Paul Winchell, Bob Hope, Orson Welles, Steve Mcqueen, jack Palance, Aaliyah, and Henry Fonda

  34. Mark

    I remember him as Charles Claverie, TV news man, on WPRI Channel 12, in Providence. I just found out now, that he had died. Looks like he had a good career, but his life was way too short.

  35. tony

    I just found out that Charlie Rocket committed suicide. I don’t know why I did not hear about it, but I am stunned. Charlie and I did Dances With Wolves together. We hit it off right away. We often talked about life. The episode in which he used the F… word was really very troublesome to Charlie. He often spoke of remorse about the incident, but always said he really did not mean to say it. He said it just came out. He was such a kind and gentle soul and always looked out for the other person. I wish his dear wife well, she was a sweetheart and I hope his family is doing well also. Charlie you will be missed and I will forever remember the days of Dances….

  36. karen

    I really find it hard to believe it was suicide. Cutting your own throat and he was found in the backyard. Strange to me. Does anyone know about this? Did his wife argee with the medical examiners ruling? I really like to investigate this more. It is just So sad!
    PS..sloth worte on May 13,2007 and I agree with those other great stars you mentioned. Like Charles Bronaon Jack Palance Sterling Hayden Peter Lorre and the great and my favorite Steve McQueen. Orson Welles, Bob Hope, John Candy and Walter Witchell, Henry Fonda but don’t know of the others. Sorry

  37. lynn

    I really loved IT’S PAT – he played that character so well and hilariously! Maybe he understood all too well the inner conflict that can happen in a person due to his own life problems. I wish I new more about him. Gone too soon but never forgotten. Heaven is richer…

  38. Robert Ogan

    He was great as “Steve”, the Russian mold exterminator, in tv’s King of Queens! As we can see, he was no Captain Superman. Life can be hard on all of us. Prayers to his family.

  39. Donna

    I recently purchased Charlie’s home in Canterbury, Conn. It is a sad day when a person feels the only way is to take ones life. For all his fans out there, when I walk the property, I feel his presence. Charlie and his wife, Beth, loved the home and we will remember his spirit.

  40. Nel

    So here it is 2008 and I still have a very difficult time believing that this man took his own life by slitting his own throat. It is a stretch to believe that this was a method of choice. Too far-fetched to believe without serious investigation.

  41. John

    Charlie was a very good friend of mine, and it makes me smile to read the accounts of those who he made smile as well. We met in 1990, and became fast friends. We played in a band together in Los Angeles and he was not only truly the funniest, most dynamic story teller I have ever known or will likely ever meet, but an incredibly sensitive and loyal friend. Unfortuately he had his demons which caused his early and rather brutal demise. To answer the concerns of some of the above posts, it most certainly was a self inflicted wound, brought on by a littany of things too personal for a public forum. I am glad to hear Donna (above) loves the house and can feel his presence there. That is a magnificent place where I spent the last weekend that I ever saw him. He was to marry my wife and I the following Spring, unfortunately that did not happen. I hope he has found the solice and peace that he so deserved.

  42. Monica

    I didn’t see anyone mention that he played a calvary lieutinent in John Candy’s last movie “Wagon’s East”. He was hilarious and added the perfect opposiyion to John Candy’s character.

  43. yasmin

    I still can’t believe that Charlie’s no longer here. It’s been nearly 3 yrs since he’s brutal suicide and the truth is I miss the guy.
    He was funny as Steve Moscow and beautiful as Adam in Touched by an Angel.
    As John just above has said, I learnt that he was a great guy and a wonderful human being. He was also an Ordained Minister who was allowed to perform wedding ceremonies.
    I didn’t know Charlie but I learnt about him through the words of his friends and some family members. ( not directly but indirectly )
    He was multi-talented but unfortunately he had many things playing on his mind and he just couldn’t cope anymore. Some people in previous comments stated how could it have been suicide, Well I did privately investigate his death for myself because I wasn’t satisfied but after learning many things i concluded that it was indeed suicide.
    I’m glad Donna feels his presence.
    Rediscovering a man called Charlie Claverie can be found on the imdb boards

  44. Andrew

    I find myself unable, on this Saturday afternoon, to turn the channel in the background away from Earth Girls. I worked on the show and that’s where I met Rocket. Jim Carrey and I had been roommates for years; we’d both gotten married and had kids on the way. My pregnant wife was the unit publicist on the production, so we hung out quite a lot, and there was something tremendously satisfying about working with such close friends and families. It was good (back then) to see Jim work; Charles was established. Earth Girls is a wretched movie of course, but it was the experience that has me watching it now with so much affection and sadness for Rocket, whom I’d liked so much.

  45. Marie

    I happened to be going over some clips of my favorite 80’s show Moonlighting on Youtube the other day when I came across a memorable episode. The one when David Addison, played by Bruce Willis realized his younger brother, Richie played by Charles was in town. In the episode, David becomes jealous of him as he puts the moves on his co-worker Maddie played by Cybill Shepard.
    The chemistry between Charles and Cybill was unreal. Charles returned to the show several more times to play the crazy side kick brother. Each time he was on screen he added a depth to the character until you could almost believe the irrepressable Bruce Willis and Charles Rocket were somehow related in the real world!
    Then, I read a comment posted about the clip…below it, the person posted something about the loss of Charles. I couldn’t believe it…still can’t. How could this talented actor leave us like that? Maybe it hit me harder since I lost a sister to suicide…so many questions still remain. The biggest one is why?
    In Charle’s case though it’s impossible to believe he just decided to slit his throat. Has anyone ever heard of someone using this method?
    Guess it doesn’t matter now…a great personality is gone.

  46. Satyrn

    “We can’t play this game anymore, but can we still be friends?”
    I loved that look on Charles Rocket’s face at the end of “Dumb & Dumber” when the above song was playing (those particular lyrics were being sung), while he was being taken to the police car in handcuffs. I’ll never forget that serious, yet ever-so-sexy look.
    What a tragedy and a loss; I never learned what demons he must have been battling to have ended his own life, but I will always wonder…and never forget.

  47. Deb

    I knew him as Charlie Claverie back at RISD. When he worked in the refectory, he jumped on chairs and serenaded everyone while they ate, playing his accordion. He’d come around and do impromptu comedic routines while cleaning up.
    He lived in my Pratt Street apartment before I did.
    The downtown Strand was showing 3 “Bond” movies one night. It was packed. He was at the front of the theater, saw me, and instead of coming up the aisle to greet me, he jumped from seat row to seat row till he reached me.
    He was the funniest,nicest guy I ever knew. I absolutely loved him……who didn’t?
    I was upset for a long time after I heard of his death.I couldn’t figure out how someone so happy, energetic, and funny could die this way. I was convinced the situation wasn’t investigated properly, and he was murdered. And if it was truly suicide, I didn’t want to think how miserable he must have become.I watched the end part of Dumb and Dumber last night with Charlie, and decided to go back on line to search for new info about his death.I read Yasmin’s piece which gave me better insight, but it didn’t make it any less frustrating. If the thousands of people who loved him ever knew he doubted his worth, etc, we would have gladly convinced him otherwise. He lit up many lives. I’ve told my kids many of Charlie’s escapades at RISD. He was a riot!!The whole Captain Packard and Lobo thing was so outrageous. He was BRILLIANT! I was so excited when he got on SNL. I thought, finally the world will see how funny this man is. Instead, they got freaked out about the “F” word. After reading the history of SNL that year, they were dismissing everyone anyway.They used Claverie’s slip as an excuse. I don’t understand why he would let that eat at him…..feeling so responsible for the other cast members’ fate. I heard his slip and laughed, and thought the extreme reaction to this was ridiculous. I’m sure most people felt that way.
    If anyone close to Charlie knows more, please let me know. Like Dan Gosh, his talented painter friend and sidekick Lobo….or Rudy Cheeks.It’s been a couple years, but this still haunts me. It’s such a mystery. I wish I could see a picture of his son, Zane. I wonder if he resembles Charlie? And I’d like to know how he and his Mom are doing. What a loss for them…..for everyone.


    I can’t believe he is gone! I watched him on a lot of the things listed below. He was also on “Hocus Pocus”. I love that movie. He played the dad of the kids who raised the witches from the dead. I thought he was a very good looking man. I also loved him on “Touched by an Angel”. I can’t believe he took his own life, either way, it is a complete waste of a good man!

  49. Pete Turner

    I was shocked to learn my friend Charles Rocket had passed away. I was Charlie’s Stunt Double on a number of his projects dating back to the 1980’s and was saddened to my very core at his passing. He truely affected everyone he met, his spirit and personality was down to earth and genuine. I can say I loved Charlie Rocket and will always miss him. God bless his family and friends.

  50. Rjantz

    What a bomb, I can’t believe what I just read.When I see Charlie on TV I proudly tell my friends what a nice guy he is. I knew Charlie from Hastings-on Hudson NY. He lived there while he was trying to get his big break. I think he worked part time in an auto body shop. Our kids were the same age and our wives had a play group with a few other couples. What I remember most about Charlie was the way he made us all laugh. We went camping and he use to bring his accordian, what good times. the world looses another good person. My deepest sympathy to Beth and their son.

  51. Rob

    Suicide? Unlikely. Nobody kills themselves by slashing their own throat. That is ridiculous. Sort of reminds me of a murder investigation I am familiar with, when the investigators said it was suicide, but the knife that killed her was on the counter, she had been stabbed in the heart and was lying on her left hand….(she was left handed.)… Its a shame this man will be remembered as killing himself when he was actually murdered.

  52. thom adcox

    Charlie, my friend from sutten barth and vennarri, agentcy, we had so many great laughs sitting in the office waiting to read, me having no idea how much you were in pain, and still able to say the funniest things and make everyone around you feel relaxed, when i have bad days i think of you and all the crap we would talk about while doing all the voice over work we done together, you are missed so much by everyone at sbv and especially me my friend, i hope your at peace and just chilling above the clouds, xoxoxoxo thom

  53. Lacy

    I personally have a hard time believing it was suicide…but without having been there no one can ever know. I knew him best as Adam on Touched by an Angel and I loved his kindness but also his wit. He’s sadly and sorely missed.
    Love ya Charles!

  54. William

    Although I heard about this several months after the incident happened, I first found this website today.
    I was a youth of 15 back in 1980 and I loved I new cast of SNL.
    In retrospect I see the challenges that they all faced with being replacements for the “originals”, but at the same time, they were the cast for “my generation”. (Case in point for trying to have lightning strike twice: “The Kids from C.A.P.E.R.” and “New Monkees”.)
    I remember that most of my schoolmates at the time were perplexed by his firing for saying the “f” word, as they all had cable tv already at the time.
    Charlie fast became a hero of mine, and I always felt that cast was given a bumb rap. I would be caught in delight whenever I found that one of the “fired” cast members names would pop up in t.v. guide for a role. Heck, I remember Gail Mathius on “Laugh Trax”.
    Television…. rules or conduct… what crap! It’s pick and choose and we all know it!
    Anyway, I find it hard to this day to believe the circumstances in Charlie’s death.
    I just hope that someway, somehow, he and his loved ones know peace.
    I watched some Tom Petty video’s tonight, noticed some of the faces in them, and was like… “Man, I think that was Charlie Rocket!” I hadn’t seen that particular video before now. It brought back so many wonderful memories!
    I hope that you are in peace Charlie!
    I want to cry now.

  55. donna illiano

    Charles,I truly felt sad 2 learn u r not on this earth anymore…..you and ur work are appreciated,hope you r in peace…..

  56. Mary J Robbins

    Here I am so many years after his death thinking about Charles Rocket. I saw someone on television tonight that reminded me of him, but I knew it wasn’t him. I felt sad when I learned of his death in 2005 and I feel sad all over again. There is still someone here thinking about you Charles Rocket. I hope you know that.

  57. Erin Estep

    I still think of you often and miss you. I cannot believe you are gone. If you really did take your own life I only hope that you have found the peace you needed that could not be found here on earth. You deserved better. Your work will forever shine to show your talent! We love you.

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