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sam.jpgSam, a three-time winner of “The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest,” was put to sleep on Nov. 18 after being diagnosed with chronic heart disease. He was 14.
The mostly hairless pooch never let his unattractive appearance stop him from attaining stardom in a society where cute and fluffy puppies are prized. In fact, Sam’s unsightly teeth, wrinkled brown skin, acne-covered face and milky-white eyes earned him numerous television appearances and a meeting with millionaire Donald Trump. Strangers even created fan Websites devoted to him.
At the time of his death, the 13-pound hound was scheduled to appear in an upcoming Discovery Channel series on the world’s ugliest species. Sam’s owner, Susie Lockheed, also marketed his visage on T-shirts, calendars, magnets and coffee mugs.
Lockheed rescued Sam in 1999 after his former owner moved to a place where dogs were not allowed, and an adoption agency rejected him for being too homely. Although she was also repulsed by his ugliness, Lockheed soon fell in love with the pedigreed Chinese Crested Hairless.
Lockheed’s boyfriend at the time was not as charmed by her new pet, and soon broke up with her. Sam’s appearance didn’t deter Lockheed’s next beau, Mark Tautrim, who responded to a profile posted on the online dating site that featured a picture of Susie and Sam.
“Sam owed his very life to Susie Lockheed, who fostered and then adopted him when no one else dared. In turn, Sam brought Susie untold joy and a fianc

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  1. Steve

    You must be sad about loseing sam. i would be to. I thought he was the coolest dog ever.
    I thinck millions of people will miss same forever and he will be rembered for ages.
    I Sorry for your lose.

  2. Patricia

    People read a book by it’s cover but you with heart felt love took Sam in. I would have done the same. I think he was precious and I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. valerie

    Thank you Susie Lockheed for your devotion to Sam. Sam has wings now, something to add to his profile. Having crossed Rainbow Bridge though, he looks no different than his loving pals. He’ll be waiting for you, across the bridge.

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