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George Lutz


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George “Lee” Lutz, the former owner of a haunted house known as “The Amityville Horror,” died on May 8 of heart disease. He was 59.

On Nov. 13, 1974, six members of the DeFeo family were murdered inside the three-story house in Amityville, N.Y. The family’s eldest son, Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr., was convicted a year later in the brutal slaying of his mother, father, two brothers and two sisters. He’s currently serving six consecutive life terms at the Greenhaven Correctional Facility in Greenhaven, N.Y.

Thirteen months after the killings, Lutz and his wife Kathy purchased the 4,000-square-foot waterfront property for only $80,000. They knew the house had been the site of horrific crimes, but didn’t feel these past events would affect their future.

The couple and their three children lived at 112 Ocean Avenue for 28 days — until paranormal occurrences caused them to flee. During their month in the house, the Lutzes reportedly heard voices in empty rooms and hallways. Doors and windows mysteriously unlocked of their own accord. Furniture changed location without being moved, and repulsive odors filled the air. Areas of the property, including the boathouse and the basement, also felt unexplainable cold.

Each member of the family experienced personality changes as well. George felt sick and depressed and awoke each night at 3:15 a.m. with an uncontrollable desire to check the boathouse. Kathy aged unnaturally fast and suffered from terrible nightmares. And the kids began fighting with each other, much more than was usual. The Lutzes eventually fled for their lives, leaving the majority of their possessions behind. Their stay in the Amityville home was later chronicled in numerous films and books.

Several accounts have discredited George Lutz’s version of events. Jim and Barbara Cromarty, a couple that later moved into the house, claimed it was not haunted and even sued Lutz for bringing undue fame and attention to their lives. Lutz denied all of the allegations.

George and Kathy Lutz next moved to San Diego, where they briefly sold Amway products, then to Arizona before divorcing in the late-1980s. Kathy died in 2004 of emphysema. At the time of his death, George was living in Las Vegas, where he volunteered at a homeless shelter and restored old cars. He occasionally appeared at conferences dedicated to the paranormal to discuss his Amityville experiences.

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  1. Mary Lane

    I had the honor of meeting George in person, he was such a nice guy, I even have a picture that was taken of me with him and one of him with my 9 month old daughter(at the time), Just last October. I am sorry for the loss of such a wonderful guy.

  2. shelia hockenberry

    i have been a huge fan of the amityville horror and have been interested in the lutz family and am verry sorry that both george and kathy have passed away…i am very curious to know what happened to the lutz children and how are they doing?

  3. Suzie Daniels

    I just know about them from the movie but I feel for them. they will be truly missed. I hope the children are all well and doing good.

  4. Finster

    What kind of question is that?? How do you get in?? The residents of Amityville have been harrassed enough, don’t you think? I’m sure the new owner of the house will swing the door open a give you a big hug, and a mug of cocoa.
    George Lutz, a “wonderful” guy? Hey, I’m sorry the man is dead, but he was anything but wonderful. He committed fraud upon the whole world, and left a scar on a nice town that will forever be remembered based on a hoax. Now you want to know how his children are? Hopefully they turned out better than their parents. Interesting that nobody that follows this crap asks about the DeFeo’s, or their relatives, and how they are managing these days??

  5. Todd Ponton

    Just to let you know, read the book, ‘The Night The DeFeo’s Died’. This will reveal what’s real and what’s not.
    I’ve studied the paranormal (nothing like those idiots on ‘Ghost Hunters’ but the real science). The house was probably imprinted with ‘negative emotional residue’ for the lack of a better term. The DeFeo family was an extremely troubled and disturbed family. The night they died left this powerful emotional residue and affected the Lutz family, taking the form of all manner of things from sounds, to smells to visions. The families reaction only fed this residue and a psychic cycle happened. Once the family fled, the psychic link was broken and possibly began dying off. This was why Ed and Lorraine Warran still felt it, but when the new owners moved in, it not only had died off, but followed the Lutzes for a time before being spent. There was never any real spirits. If you ever picked up an object from a violent area, you can feel it’s history in it. So, there’s some truth to The Amityville Horror.

  6. white tiger

    ok,first we all know year after the killings,noone had problems in house but lutzes.flying pig,that something drunk says,as well stone of lion came life and bite him on leg!i had stone dogs and have not come life haha.and house is moved as well after they say they left the house,people says they was there next day selling may say kathy soul there now so will his?preacher lied for them as he said in court.why kids not saying things,cause they did not see nothing but george is a fake and liar.God have mercy on his soul.ed and lorraninewarren are fakes and we all know that.he was crazy guy wanted money,after he find out of story of robert defeo is out prison yet?if so what he doing now?who kill nexy and blame evil spirites again?

  7. Paul Glidewell

    Well it looks like all the sordid characters of this affair, a scam on the American public are dead, including the priest.
    Good riddance.

  8. Rick

    i totally believed george lutz and kathy lutz! this whole storie baffles me. on how not one single neihbor of the defeos heard a gunshot. and if you google ronald defeo jr’s name it says how police were very puzzled that all of the victims were lying face down, without a sign of any struggle. why didnt anyone wake up or move? ronald defeo claims his 18 year old sister dawn murdered the children so they woudlnt be witnesses and he killed the parents..police did infact find gun powder on dawns night gown “indicating she may have discharged a firearm” and when her brother see what she did he knocked her unconscience and shot her in the head. its odd how kathy and george have both died at a somewhat young age. i truly believe this was a haunting. the devil works in mysterious ways…its pretty sad.

  9. terra

    I beleive the story is true. Haunted houses are all over the place and after a murder of six I’m sure evil was in the house. Demons are attracted to human suffering. That is why so many old mental hospitals and prisons are haunted. Evil spirits delight in humans suffering. They hate us because we are redeamable and they are not. George Lutz and Kathy Lutz say in a documentary that they were involved in TM ( the occult) and it may have attracted the demons to them. It probably did. It’s like opening a door. People who live at the house now may be Christians or just protected.

  10. Linda

    scar on a nice town?? maybe,, but I think people need some supranational stuff too and everyone knows what amityville town has its place on the map *lol*

  11. ashley

    i diden’t know any thing about the amity vill horror in till i saw the movie and after that i got onto the computer and lookted it up and when i saw the pics and the story’s i felt for the non living defeo family and it was HORIBLE what happend to them

  12. Daniel Glass

    Some of the comments on here make me wonder exactly what caliber of people post on the blogs or message boards. I don’t know if the Amityville Horror was real or not, but I for one will not sit here and take part into the bashing of both George and Kathy Lutz. To come online and verbally assault someone after they have passed tells me a lot of the character of the people who post on the boards. I for one believe that we are surrounded by the supernatural at all times, whether or not we or they choose to interact with each other remains to be seen.

  13. Ann McNally

    Excuse me for one second here. I pay tribute to George and Kathleen Lutz for their passing. I was reading some of the comments and when I came up on Todd Ponton’s comment about the the Ghost Hunters formally known as TAPS being idiots, well they know a lot more than what you and I put together do and right now I am currently taking classes to become a ghost hunter. I do know one thing, I don’t believe half of the story that the Lutz’s told. I believe that they were saying a lot of the stuff for media attention and for the money. GOD REST THEIR SOULS.

  14. Ann McNally

    First of all I want to pay tribute to George and Kathleen Lutz for their passing. Also to Kathy’s children and the rest of their family.
    Second I read the comment from Todd Ponton saying that the Ghost Hunters formally known as TAPS are idiots. I do know TAPS and well they know more about paranormal activities than what you and I will ever know and I am taking classes to become a ghost Hunter.
    Just because the Lutz felt coldness going through the house that doesn’t mean that the house is haunted. The house could be drafty because it is not insulated right.
    oh I suppose that the room I am in right now is haunted because it has a small draft of coldness in it.Not quite.
    You can pick up something that was left in the house from previous people and touch it and a funny feeling about it but that doesn’t mean that there is a demon in the house. Come on get it right. Just because you studied about the paranormal doesn’t mean you are a professinal. Unless you actually went into a house and “studied” it read about the history and actually had activity, you wouldn’t know exactly what paranormal activity is. TAPS (GHOST HUNTERS)does. I have actually experinced paranormal activity.

  15. Ann McNally

    White Tiger I agree with you. Does pigs fly? NO! Does stone statues come alive? NO! Has anyone ever seen green goo running from the top of the wall or the ceiling down to the floor and coming from the steps of a house? Not unless someone it trying to make money and get the media’s attention. You see that’s what the Lutz’s were doing. But they also got the consequences too. They got sued. Sure Kathy says that she smelled womans’s perfume. Are you sure it wasn’t hers that she smelled or some kind of deordorizers? As for visions either they were extremely tired or they were considerably drunk. You see noone knows if the Lutz’s were telling the truth. The DeFeo’s death had nothing to do with the house except that it happened in the house. Ronald DeFeo Jr. and his father kept fighting and arguing and his mother would end up taking his fathers side. So Jr. got fed up with the whole family and shot them. He was messed up. Matter of fact to show that he was mess up, he slpet with his own sister.

  16. Collette

    Pigs don’t fly! That’s just part of the movie, to make it scary. The lutz family bought this house with all their savings, why would they leave 28 days later? FEAR!! and to leave all of what they owned behind for something that was not real to them? I believe what they say, and I am also really sad they have both passed on so young. What about their children? Does anyone know what they are doing now?

  17. zeus

    I live about 7 miles away from the house on 112 Ocean Ave in Amityville, and lived on Long Island all of my life. There are a few mysterious stories that happened here on Long Island. One is the story of Hatchet Mary, The odd house in Massapeaqua (you think the Amity house is errie), The Amityville murders, and the recent Montauk Monster. I must say that in my opinion George and Kathy Lutz, god rest their souls did in fact make up 99% of what happened during their 28 day stay in the house. Do I think they felt a strange feeling or uneasyness in the house, sure!!! Six people were murdered would’nt you feel a bit spooked if you bought a house and the real estate agent said oh by the way 6 people were murdered in the house Good Luck!!! Myself I would sell it right there and then. I feel that Mr. Lutz realized what he had here, he bought a huge beautiful house for dirt cheap where a man killed his entire family, and with a little I hear a voice, like DeFeo claimed he did before killing his family, Kathy did you move the couch there, and this window was closed who opened it. We now have a plot for a book and eventually a movie. As for the waking up at 3:15 am to check up on the boat house and the foul smells and flies in the window all made up to keep the story going in my opinion. If the house is full of evil and these events the Lutz’s claimed to really have happened, why didn’t the owners after the Lutz’s or the current owners not experiening what the Lutz’s did.
    I dont believe in ghosts or demons or evil entities that haunt, but spirits of our loved ones I do, and I have had a few of unexplainable experiences in my life to why I do believe in spirits. Do the spirits of the DeFeo family still roam around the house maybe. If they do why would they want to hurt the Lutz’s or any other family that moves in. The way they left this world is horrific, but as a beliver in God I feel they all went to heaven and if they went to heaven why would there spirits be bothered to haunt people they did’nt know when they were alive. If they should haunt anyone it their son, brother who murdered them in cold blood.

  18. james g moore jr

    First Taps and Ghost Hunters are two different groups. Second where`s all the BIG money George and Kathy Lutz is said to have made off of the book and movie, I did some research into their story and I really can`t find that they were rich. Third has anyone ever noticed that none of their kids have said anything about this strange part of their life, If I were them ,I would want to forget and try to put it behind them and it seems they are trying to. I do believe in the paranormal as I had seen and heard my share and still do and with all the really big paranormal things we have in kentucky ,Bob Mackys , Waverly hills,Beverly Hills supper club are just a few famous we have . And yes we all now you have to put alot of hollywood in books and movies for them to sell but their is something out there if you look for it.

  19. Unkown

    There is one article by Finster stating that hopefully the kids turned out better then there parents. You don’t even know them. Kathy Lutz was an awesome lady, had a huge heart and was one of the nices ladies that I have ever known.

  20. Ashley

    I agree with Collette. Kathy and George used all their money for this house. Kathy said that this was her dream house. Why on earth would someone who spent every penny on a house make up these things.. to just up and leave 28 days later and not take any of their stuff with them? I know of someone who’s husband was a close friend of George and she told me that her husband even experienced pretty creepy things when he went to visit.
    And Steven – After living in Amityville my entire life .. i can speak for the entire town when i say – Amityville is tired of everyone making a huge scene to find the house. If the people wanted visitors they wouldn’t have gone to such extremes to get rid of spectators waiting for something to happen. How do you get in? Honestly? Haha, good luck with that 😉
    May George and Kathy Rest in Peace.

  21. ROBYN


  22. rebecca tubbs

    I belive the story is a hoax. the lutzs spent all their savings on the house and with no money said the house was haunted so they can get money. with the lutz’s gone why dont the kids come on tv or something and talk about what happened. as for the defaos butch was greedy and wanted the families money all to him self. with the dad gone it would have went to the mom, with her gone the 5 kids would split it. so with them gone to had he gotton away with murder he would have be rich.

  23. juan c preciado

    i think your all taking this a bit too far whatever happened in that house has nothing to do with us.Like one of you said as if they dont get harrased enough already. Punks) jk

  24. Joe Pudpounder

    George and Kathy Lutz were profiteers based in the contemporary interest in the paranormal. Where are their kids and why have none of them stepped forward to dispel the allegations that the whole thing is a fake? It is obvious that they would never sacrifice their image and community status the way their parents did with lies and utter falsehoods.
    When George and Kathy divorced, the rights to the story and future profits were a real bone of contention. Kathy said that unless she got a significant amount of money she would betray the lies and go public. The publishing company purportedly paid her $250,000 to protect their copyright which still generates more than 100,000 copies of the book sold every year since it first published. When George moved to Las Vegas he did not need to work for a salary because royalties and hush money supported him, but to keep his conscience clear he volunteered at all kinds of functions for the needy, hoping that his actions would overcome the lies of his past and allow him jinto heaven.
    George and Kathy’s purported friendship was nothing more than contrived publicity with each threatening to expose the other and ruin their income ability. They pretended to respect each other, but George could not stand to be in the same room with Kathy.
    When each died their estate(s) were administered with a 50 year annuity clause that paid each of their descendants an annual “salary” as long as they supported the story. If any of them spoke out against the story or even threatened to expose the fraud, they were cut off from the will’s annuity and their portion would go to the others. The children had previously decided upon a “poison pill” response should any of them evr try to ruin the perpetual ruse. They agreed that if anyone broke the circle of silence, that (those) person(s) would be publicly labeled as having mental problems, substance abuse and a purported history of violence and erratice behavior so as to destroy the slightest possibility of any degree of credibility in their allegations. You wonder how I know this? I heard it right from the mouth of the doctor for one of the family members’ next door neighbor’s postman. Which person I cannot reveal, lest it cut them off from the family fortune. It had to be repeated and told to give it a public airing for opinion. Capitalism does funny things to people!

  25. Edog

    Who says it was a hoax. The internet? Wow Haha there are some credible sources but some aren’t. You have to be able to know the difference, especially after all these people are just saying nice things about deceased and their children. People are honestly haunted by certain things whether it’s real or fake or ghosts or dolls or just voices in there head. And they were obviously sane for those of you who think they were probably weird and insane in the membrane.

  26. VMS


  27. Mistery

    How can anyone questions the reality of the Lutz story? Do I believe everything in the book to be true? NO! However, why would a family spend their entire life savings on a house only to abandon it 28 days later? For those of you who say they were after the money, how would they have any idea that their story would sell? They wouldn’t. The book could’ve flopped. I believe that the family triggered a presence in the house. Probably the poor souls of the family who tragically lost their lives there. I also think that the families that have lived there since may not have that same triggering ability.

  28. Mistery

    TAPS: TAPS is the name of the paranormal investigators for the hit reality show ‘Ghost Hunters’. So they ARE the same.
    Ric Osuna: His book ‘The Night the Defeos Died’ is a well researched book and well worth reading. The facts surrounding the Defeo case are amazing. However, I think the chapters regarding the Lutz family should be omitted. Yes, a lot of what is written in the book ‘The Amityville Horror’ & portrayed in the movie is fictional. However I do believe that the Lutz’s did experience something terrifying in that house.
    The Lutz’s: I am sure that they had no idea what would happen when they spent their life savings on this victorian style home. I’m sure they had no intention of duping millions of readers when they abandoned their home 28 days after moving in. What everyone is claiming to be a ‘Hoax’ must have some truth to it. It is inconceivable that a family would risk everything they own in hopes that a fabricated story would sell.
    Current owners: I do not have sympathy for the current owners. They knew what house they were purchasing when they bought it. If it is true that there are no ghosts residing there, why not let a team come in to investigate or better yet open the house up to tourists. They could make a fortune. I agree with Todd Ponton, the negative energy in the house has probably died off with time.
    Amityville: Should be thanking Jay Anson, the Lutz’s, & Ric Osuna for the publicity their books have given this little town. I’m sure the towns businesses have seen the benefits from the house at 112 Ocean Avenue & capitalized on the tragedy. Once again, I don’t have sympathy for them.
    Defeos & the Lutz’s: I pray that their souls find peace in the afterlife. They are good people that did not deserve the hand that life dealt them. They will never be forgotten. Rest in peace!

  29. Tara

    While I don’t know much about the Amityville Horror and what actually happened and I’m certainly no expert on paranormal activity, I do know that Ghost Hunters does indeed follow the TAPS team. Ghost Hunters: International, and Ghost Hunters Academy, however, do not. If you don’t believe me check out the TAPS website.

  30. Todd Ponton

    I’ve read everyone’s comments regarding my statemens that TAPS is a bunch of idiots. I stand by my conclusions.
    They may not be idiots, but from a scientic field, they certainly are not Parapsychologist. Just because they have a TV show doesn’t mean squat.

  31. reggierhy

    I do not personally believe in any spirits or religion or deities. I do not therefore believe in haunted houses. But I do wonder if other explanations could answer the questions lingering about events at the house. Surely the Lutz’s would not abandon ship and run after only 28 days unless something mighty powerful was going on. I wonder though, if some kind of environmental factor could be to blame. Some kind of gas or who knows if these places were built on mines, or some other environmentally unsound land which is out-gassing some sort of mind altering chemicals, like radon, i am not saying it is radon, what i am saying is we are all aware some houses allow a very high level of radon in which is potentially harmful. So i wonder if there isn’t some other type of gas that those susceptible to might suffer hallucinations. I wonder if Mr. Lutz going crazy and trying to kill his family is what led them to flee and never return. Perhaps he is allergic or susceptible to some sort of environmental factor and started hallucinating and hearing voices. He did say he was spending a lot of time in the basement with that furnace. Perhaps mold spores got to him. Mold spores can do a lot of damage to people. Lots of things can compromise our brains, syphilis can make you go mad, as well as plenty of other things. I am sure there is an explanation if we only had the time and resources for a full investigation.

  32. Catherine Bitz

    First TAPS and “Ghost Hunters” are the same people. Jay and Grant founded TAPS(The Atlantic Paranormal Society), the show on which they show people how to determine REAL paranormal activity from fictional mind tricks is called “Ghost Hunters” they are the same people, same group doing a television show. As far as them being idoits I think not. It is important to know whether a cold spot is a draft or a spirit, if a chair moved cuz of a slant or wind, or if it moved becasue of a spirit. I believe in the life beyond. Some people go to heaven, some to hell, and some get lost along the way. But if there is one thing Jay and Grant have taught me is that there is a such thing as residual energies. Which is what one of you were hinting at. It means that 6 people were killed in that house of course it has a menacing prescense to it. And not only that but to be murdered in the way they were there is no doubt in my mind that bad energy was all around that place. It can die of eventually.It takes time though. And I think that alot of what you read about the Lutz’s accounts and what you seen in the movies, were other people making money off of a family that did have legit reasons to flee a house. They spent every last dime they had on that house, everything they owned was in that house. I would not have just left for no reason. I believe that something happened to that family. However, you nor I was there to witness what they saw, felt or heard. And so here we all are questioning what exactly happened in that house during those 28 days. Fact remains, we will never know. So dont bash these people because you do not understand the paranormal, or you do not believe, its your opinion and they had theirs. As far as the Robert Defeo,I have been going over some of his case files. It intriques me that there were alot of mishandlings on the police’s hands with evidence and testimony. Many times I have seen contridictions in not only police testimony but also witness testimony. There was gun-powder residue found on Dawn Defeo’s night-gown. It was on the front of the night-gown. She was shot and killed in the back of the neck. How did the gun-powder reach the front i dont know, however a forensic scientist wanted to do further testing and the prosecution told him he was no longer needed. No witnesses can physically place him at the scene of the crime, no witnesses heard gun shots, and the sound of a gun going off would echo anywhere. However, not one person in the whole house moved an inch from their sleeping positons. How could that be, I do not know. The D.A who is in charge of the case told Defeo that his clothing captured that night by the police at the station had been destroyed, after he petiotioned for DNA testing on the blood of the pants he was wearing. Then a week later was told that the evidence was found and that she was sorry. Again he petitioned and the judge told him he would have to pay the cost of the testing that equaled 10,000, his grandmother paid it, with the first installment payment being $3,500, it was then the judge denied it based on the fact that Defeo never named “when and where” this testing would take place and if even after 17 years he questioned whether the blood would be good to test. I have read cases that DNA was taken and tested in cases 20+ years old.Also, it is stated that Robert Defeo Jr.’s clothing was taken off of him at the homicide devision, however, it was later changed to “we found the said subjects clothing in a sewer drain”, another contridiction in a field of contridictions. What does the judge have to hide? That Im not sure of. I can tell you that George and Kathy Lutz were not overly rich people. They did not recieve money from books or movies made about the amittyville house. They had a horrid experience and wanted it to go away. As always the media stepped in and Hollywood used their digital magic and waaa–laaa we have a 2% truth account 98% hollywood fiction. Im sorry people but the truth is as much as we spectulate we will never know the answers to which we seek. To George and Kathy Lutz I hope you found peace with the angels. I hope the children are doing as well as to be expected. To the Defeo family I am sorry about your terrible loss back those years, I hope all 6 people found their heads resting on clouds with the angels. And Robert Defeo, regardless if you did all or part of the murders, I hope god has forgiven you. I will pray all turns out right for you. And i see the contridictions in your case. I signed a petition to get you the help you need.
    For those of you looking to sign the same petition its on
    Thank you!

  33. Emily

    I was a huge fan of the Amityville story. I loved the original movie and I felt sad for the Lutz family as well as the Defeos.
    However that was many years ago. And since then, I have decided I do not believe in anything paranormal at all. There is no scientifically proven evidence that ghosts, demons, spirits of any kind actually exist. No proven evidence of life after death, or anything of the sort. The James Randi foundation has had for several years offered 1 million dollars for evidence in anything to prove that there is ghosts or such….and nobody has come forward to claim it in over 10 years.
    I like facts. The Amityville story, as well as the millions of other “haunted houses” or eerie stories out there….are just that….stories. I still enjoy them, but I enjoy them for what they are…
    My heart still goes out to the families who lost love ones in the Defeo murders, as well as for George and Kathy. I wish their children well.
    As for the people who bought the famous home. They should of known what they were getting into when they bought it. It is just too bad they don’t enjoy the history and following of the home. But I can understand how frustrating it is dealing with all the “crazies” who don’t respect another persons home.

  34. shawna martin

    while I do beleive spirits are everywhere,the Lutzs probably felt uncomfortable in their new house knowing that six people were murdered in that house.Who’s not gonna fell jumpy,seeing things hearing things.While we are human do we think we are the only ones walking around here on earth.Spirits are right next to you now,we all have the gift to see things but we choose not to use it.Me personnally I choose not to use it I look at things either its black or white.ButI also have friends who do see sprits,sense when somthings about to happen,the dead comes back to them.Maybe it has not happen to me cause they(the spirits)know that I cant handle it.

  35. Yashira A.

    The reason why Families after the Lutz didn’t feel or see anything in the house is the fact that the house was blessed and prayed on. I believe that the story is real because the devil could do the most terrible things to the one most vulnerable and weak. I will say that the story is stretched out in the movies. It was never a flying pig in real life it was one of the Defeos cats.

  36. KT

    Someone else wrote what I’m about to write: We will never know whether or not what they went through was true or not. I remember when the book came out (scared me to death), when the movie came out (scary) and watching the Lutz’s on morning shows. I’m a believer that things happen that are unexplainable. I would love for the children to come forward, but I do understand why they won’t. I hope the family that is left has found peace.

  37. RJG

    I grew up around the corner from this house. I moved into Amityville in December 1975. There has NEVER been any kind of activity in that house as described by the former owners(Lutzes). They have done NOTHING except bring unnecessary notoriety on a quaint Long Island village. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Cromartys during their time in Amityville- THEY are the kind of people who deserve “tribute” pages. Not some liar who put this hoax up so he could cash in and pay off his debts.

  38. Juli

    its so dumb that any of you would assume that they are lying….how the heck you YOU know?? you were not there and you never witnessed it. there are plenty of people who experience the supernatural and share it, not just to make money or get the exposure. i think this is something that you cannot assume didnt happen. if you research more into what happened in the defoe murders, it will open your mind to what really could have happened with the lutz family. its just sad the couple died young….

  39. JG

    You people really are not that bright! If you were one of these children, would you want to come on TV to talk about it? I wouldn’t. You think they want to come on TV to clear a bunch of crap people are saying online? DUH!

  40. harryhondo

    I feel terrible for the DeFeo family…in some ways more for Ronnie Jr than the rest. I cannot imagine living in that environment. The physical and mental abuse was incredible. The boy even tried to get away and the father forced him back…unreal. I would love to talk to Ronnie Jr some day. As far as the Lutz’s go, all I can say is wow. I think they were nuts to move into that house knowing its history. Lord knows I wouldn’t have!

  41. Stephen Erickson

    Shame on George and Kathy Lutz. I believe in paranormal activity but they were liars. Read The Physics of Dark Shadows. In the book the author tells the truth about the Amityville Horror. They were frauds and people like that make it hard for the real ones to be believed. When the remake was out George was still talking his fake information even though by then everyone new he was a fake. Sorry about their passing for their children. Good fiction movie though. I have both the first and second ones. Peace and Love to all. Steve.

  42. Diana

    I think that people have nothing better to do in life except disagree and cause a fight over something that doesnt matter. A story is a story and this story was good. Considering that the Defeo family, George and Cathy have passed may them rest in peace.

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