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Renee Williams


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Altovise Renee Williams, an 841-pound Texas woman who was the largest female ever to undergo gastric bypass surgery, died on March 4 of a heart attack. She was 29.

The child of heavy parents, Williams struggled with obesity for most of her life. In the seventh grade, she weighed 299 pounds. Williams married at 15 and had two children by the time she was 21. When the extra pregnancy weight became oppressive, she took diet pills and sought the aid of nutritionists — all to no avail. Although Williams didn’t suffer from a thyroid problem, she felt genetics was a major cause of her obesity. “When you don’t have that thing in your head that tells you you’re full, it’s disgusting the amount of food that you can eat,” she once said.

In 2003, a drunk driver smashed into her SUV. Williams’ left leg was crushed in the accident, leaving her unable to walk. After the crash, she was completely bedridden and gained more than 400 pounds. Her home became a prison; the TV her only window to the world. Desperate to lose the weight, Williams sought the help of more than a dozen doctors. They all considered her a high-risk case and refused to take her on as a patient. Finally, Dr. Clifton Thomas and Dr. Younan Nowzaradan agreed to perform a weight reduction operation.

Gastric bypass surgery makes the stomach smaller and allows food to bypass part of the small intestine. Patients feel full more quickly, consume fewer calories and lose weight. This procedure has become more popular in recent years; more than 140,000 gastric bypasses are expected to be performed in 2007. The surgery is typically geared toward people with a body mass index (BMI) between 35 and 60, which the medical community defines as morbidly obese. Since Williams’ BMI was 137.5, the procedure was much riskier to perform. Not having the operation, however, would have surely meant a severely shortened lifespan.

Without complications, Dr. Nowzaradan predicted that she would lose more than 650 pounds over the course of three years. Williams simply hoped the operation would make her healthier and more independent. She dreamed of taking her two daughters to the park and marrying her fiance, Jayson Clover, on Valentine’s Day in 2008. She also wanted to have corrective surgery on her crushed leg and several other operations to remove excess skin.

The gastric bypass surgery took place on Feb. 20 at Renaissance Hospital in Houston and lasted for five hours. In the 12 days after her operation, Williams lost 67 pounds. Then, without warning, she began suffering chest pains followed by a massive heart attack. Doctors were unable to revive her.

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  1. Jaycatt

    Such a sad story… This is a lady who dreamed of turning her life around. She was on the road to happier times. Thanks for sharing this story, it’s good to hear how some people really want to pull themselves out of a bad situation. I’m very sorry it didn’t work our for her.

  2. pam thomson

    To hear this story is hard I to suffer with obesity. My story also sad I am 42 and almost 400 lbs with diabetes,congestive heart failure,thyroid disese,high blood pressure I have two little girls to raise. I wanted the surgery but when i got on disability the state of michigan cut off my insurance.So right now there is no sunny days headed my way. I hope Renee’s children are well and i wish them the best. God bless

  3. Jennifer Smith

    Pam, please get a copy of “Eat to Live,” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. His plan can help you to lose the weight and reverse all of the conditions you are suffering from. There is a better way.
    I am so sorry for Renee and her children. I wish someone had intervened in her life sooner, before things got so very far out of control for her.

  4. allan

    im sorry but regardless of illness/disease there is one simple fact that i would like to bring to light- consume less calories than you burn off and you will lose weight. consume more and you will gain weight. i too was obese weighing 480lbs at one point. i took standard medication prescribed by the doctor, pulled my finger out and started exercising (just a little at first and build it up) and stopped binge eating! simple. of course i feel for renees children but she should have done something long before she got to 500kg/65stone!!!

  5. Dave

    Allan really hit the nail on the head. I’m soooo sick of the “genetic” excuse. IT’S AN EXCUSE. Put down the chocolate cake, and get up off your butt. Losing weight isn’t easy, make no mistake. But too many people have the attitude of, “It’s not my fault I’m as big as a house.” I live in Georgia, unfortunately, and I’ve never seen such a collection of fat people in my whole life. There’s no excuse for it. Get up off your butt and walk around; burn off some calories, and eat less. PERIOD. Overeating is like drug addiction, YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

  6. jim

    I genuinely don’t know what to say. I feel very soory for Renee’s children and her family. She genuinely wanted to change her life and she tried to do so,unfortunately it wasn’t to be. I do salute her courage to share her thoughts with us all. Lets hope her memory helps others in the same predicament.

  7. Anonymous

    There was a reason she was refused for surgery by many doctors. Gastric bypass is dangerous at her weight. It’s not reported whether the other doctors out right refused to treat her or refused to perform surgery until she met with nutritionists and physical therapists. Realistically this sounds like she wanted a quick fix and found a doctor to provide it for her.
    She was an addict. It’s easy to say put down the cake but when you put it through an addicts filter cake isn’t an indulgence, it’s a fix. It’s not an excuse but an explanation. I hope someone out there who is on the fast track to becoming another Renee will read about her and see her story as a wake up call.
    Also I hope anyone who has a “Renee” at home will see what damage a few cheeseburgers here and there can do. Would you bring a bed ridden junkie heroine?

  8. josephine

    I’m about to watch the documentary on channel 4 about this situation. However, I think it’s incredibly ridiculous for her to say its genetic. Her two young girls are fine, healthy weights for their ages. I think this was most likely to be her ancestors faults. If her parents had stopped her from eating so much when she was a young girl, had paid for her to have swimming lessons or something she would never have gained so much weight at a young age and it wouldn’t have built in her teenage years. I know for a fact that obese children almost always become obese teenagers unless they stop eating so much before they hit puberty. But it may not have been her parents faults but her granparents faults for not stopping her parents etc. etc.
    I think its ridiculous that she got to 65 stone. She should have gone and done excercise when she hit 15! she says she went and got perscribed drugs to lose weight but when they didnt work she should have gone to the gym! I just think its stupid that she is able to blame other people for her own laziness, but I guess I will have to see what she says in this program!

  9. january2nd2008

    I have been watching the programme and I have just found out that she has passed away.
    Such a beautiful looking lady and such a young age.
    I hope people can understand the importance of healthy eating after watching the programme or listening to this tragic story.

  10. Charlie

    I feel sorry for her family, however, there was a program on tv only a few months back of large men, and it was explained very sensibly that to maintain a weight like that you need to consume calories, if you dont, the weight *will* go down. So for her to say shes not eating, it has to be then shes eating the wrong things.
    I feel very sorry for her children, for they cared and loved her dearly.

  11. Lesley Scotland

    I just want to say I was so saddend to watch Renees story on TV and now to find out she passed away.
    I just love to read the story above of poor Joesphine who so obviously doesn’t have a weight problem harpin on about swimming and food!! I hope she eats her words after seeing the TV prog.
    I too have had a gastric band op and can’t thank my surgeon enough for giving me a second chance. It’s not an easy operation and as you see on the show one you take to without alot of thought.
    I wish Renee’s two beautiful girls all the best and send them a big hug! from Scotland.

  12. shanks

    Apologies if this offends, but i have no respect for people who continue to eat themselves to death when its obvious it will kill them.
    I also blame the people who kept feeding this unfortunate woman, she obviously didnt go to the fridge and feed herself.
    I also feel sorry for her kids, who now have to go thru life without their mother.
    Gastric bands and operations to help people who wont stop eating on their own, is just a waste of medical time and effort, obese people need to try to help themselves a little at least.
    Whilst i feel for the kids, and for the family, i have to say, i seriously cant find it within myself to feel any pity for people who knowingly commit suicide by eating themselves to death, nor for the people who continue to feed them to death.
    And dont tell me, its a glandular or medical condition, like prada villy or whatever its called, its gluttony pure and simple.
    And anyone who continues to bring food to people who have a problem like this are murderers despite what you think.

  13. mar

    I’m watching a documentary about her surgery and it is sad that she didn’t survive but it baffles me that she believed she was not eating anymore than average yet she expected to lose weight via gastric bypass which is essentialy an enforced restriction on consumption. I have heard this said by many people seeking bypass surgery. If only she was able to find the strength to help herself and her family. RIP.

  14. Emma

    Im watching this program on channel 4 in the UK, and its sad that she died, however, if she lost 67lbs in 12 days due to not eating that much, her words of the fact she weighs that much isnt due to excess eating.. Then she wouldnt have lost weight.
    As someone who is obease, and could really do with greater weight loss, but I walk, cycle, and do sports, it just means I eat badly or too much.
    We must stop fooling ourselves that we are eating OK if we get around and do exercise theres a simple thing that was explained to me, if you do more than you eat, you will lose weight.

  15. Jon Lawrenson

    Watching Documentary now.So very sad for such a young woman.I know her struggle I have recently just finished dieting and lost 90lbs. It really is just eat less and excercise more.No magic formula. Sadly Renee left it too late. God rest her soul.

  16. Shannon Mc Geehan

    I’m watching the DOCUMENTERY:BODYSHOCK:THE HALF TON MUM right now. I’m 11 and i’m 11 1/2 stone though me and my dad have been going out walking every night. We’re start ing to lose weight and i’m so proud of myself. I feel sorry for Mirina and Mariah

  17. valerie samantha

    im watchin the film of renee now im on the last bit where she has just died, im not obese, but i do put wieght on easily, then il lose it, i feel very very sad for her 2 girls, but i do agree with lots of the people on here, she was given the food to eat, and it shpuld have been stopped long before it got out of control to that extent, i wish you peace renee, and your dear girls xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Charlie Veryard

    I am watching the documentary now – i am sad that no-one would help her earlier! Good luck and best wishes to her two children and all of her family!

  19. Kasey

    Oh my gosh. You can stop yourself getting like that. Don’t say it’s genetic or you can’t help it, because it’s not genetic and you can help it. Yes, there are some people who have disorders and diseases, and I can understand that hey cannot do anything to prevent themselves from becoming obese. But people like Renee, well I don’t really have a lot sympathy for her, she had a choice. She chose not to do anything about her obesity when she had a chance.

  20. Martin Williams

    I feel for her children but at the end of the day she only has herself to blame. I am overweight and it is because I EAT TOO MUCH. I am sick to death of “It’s a disease”, The only problem we have is with our feet, WE CAN NOT KEEP THEM OUT OF THE FRIDGE!!
    Stop eating as much and you WILL lose weight.

  21. alexandra

    I just watched the documentary as well
    I must admit I have no sympathy for Renee.
    She could blame genetics etc all she wanted but it was her that kept putting food in her mouth and her that didn’t do enough exercise to burn it off.
    I’m not slim I admit I could afford to lose some weight but that’s why I’m on a decent and healthy eating plan with exercise plans with my new gym membership.
    i despise those who wait to that stage and then make a huge thing about being so fat. She should have done something about it long before she got that bad. It disgusts me.
    I really feel for her daughters. It must be horrible to spend a childhood watching your mother slowly killing herself.
    Post note to Shannon; keep it up girl that’s a fantastic start!

  22. Amanda

    I have just watched the documentry on Channel 4 and was hopeing that she would get through it and manage to chnage her life around, SO sad to hear that she died but glad to see that she IS making an impact on other people as is what she wanted.
    I am sending my love to the family and to all the other people suffering the same.

  23. Chrissie

    I have just watched the documentary and what an inspiration. As sad as it was her fight ended so tragically but it may have already been too late for her by the time she had the surgery. She was proof that if you are determined enough there is help out there. You just have to fight for it! Ultimately my heart goes out to her daughters who are now denied their mother.

  24. Corinne-Leigh

    Stupid Womann, Why Let Your Self Get Like that, dont make excuses, think of your children. She Died Down To The Fact That She Ate Too Much. People Like This Make Me Sick, Why Have Kids When You Blatezz Know That You Life Isnt Going To Last Much Longer. Even Though No One Deserves To Die, I Have No Sympathy. The First Thing To do when you have a problem is to admitt it, she couldn’t even do that. Even Though She chose to have surgery, she should of done it alot sooner.

  25. Minty

    The problem with obesity in the United States is BIG PORTIONS!!!!! cheap food and poor education. If you eat 8 $1 burgers at a sitting, without exercise, you will be fat, if you eat it all the time you will become a “Renee Williams”. This is just simple, as manifest by her eldest daughter. She took charge and she lost weight. And from throwing balls with her little sister in the back garden, as simple as that may seem, that is all it takes, a little exercise (and small portions)

  26. Oreo Eater 7

    She was very large…she shuld have stop being in denail and done somthing sooner..blaming it on a disease…the ppl in Africa suffer from diseases this is just eating to much. It just the americans making excuses so they can eat what they want…I bet if u had sent her to borneo and made her hunt for her food then she wuldnt be as fat…I agree with minty there should be a limit on the size of portions and the ppl wuldnt be so big

  27. Lizzy

    I am watching the programme on UK channel 4 about her at the minute…
    First and foremost, any of you suggesting that problems with weight are due to laziness, eating way too much of the wrong foods, etc, you know what, sometimes, that may indeed be the case. But don’t ever say there can’t be other factors. How do you know that? I’m sorry, but you just don’t. You can judge yourselves to how you feel about yourselves, but no one has the right to judge over others about anything. I’m not saying that its ok to use “excuses” and I hope that others in Renee’s situation can find the strength to want to help themselves. Food can be just as bad an addiction as any drug.
    I won’t say too much more, other than Renee, rest in peace, and my heart goes out to her two daughters.

  28. sue

    Renee has gorgeous children and this is supposed to be tributes to her,not for people to slag her off.Eating is something everybody does its not so easy to give up something you need to survive,yes i know eat less,but smoking and drinking is something you could stop altogether,eating isen`t.I hope her children realise how brave there mummy was.God bless them all.

  29. sally-annsmith

    very sad story.i to am over weight but am unable to shift it i have tryed lots of different things………i hope her girls and family stay srtong and lead happy forfilling lives

  30. Mandy

    Very sad she past away so soon after having the op, I am still very amazed at how large she was. also she was bedridden for what 3/4 years following her accident, why were these “feeders” helping her??? They could have helped her a long time ago so as far as I am concerned they played just as much part in her death as she did.
    I really do feel for her daughters though….and have to say that she has encouraged me to lose the extra weight that I am carrying….God bless you renee and your children.

  31. Lee

    I’m watching a program about her on channel 4 and it brought me to the edge of my emotions, such a beautiful woman, on both the inside and out unable to help herself due to situations out of her control, it really is upsetting. I feel for her and i really am sorry that it didn’t work out for her, may her sole r.i.p All of you should be ashamed for slagging her off on forums meant for tributes. She wanted help, but asked too late, it’s not denial at all! You should look within yourselves before judging others, as im sure there are things within yourselves which you find disturbing!
    R.I.P Renee

  32. Paul

    She wasn’t looking for anyone’s sympathy so all of you who have nothing humane to say would do well the shut the hell up and realise just how depressed and i’ll this woman had to be to get to the size she did.
    People need understanding and education, not hatred and derision!!!

  33. Alexandra

    she never said she was depressed so she ate to comfort.
    She said she never felt full so just kept eating. It was nothing to do with depression etc.

  34. kate eden

    Dear Mirina. I hope you read this. I think your Mum did a good thing letting the TV cameras into her life. You and your family came across as dignified and strong people, you especially. You should be proud that the story of your Mum has been watched by so many.

  35. mimi

    People who are overweight are not always over-eaters, equally people who are slim are not slim because they are under-eaters. Being slim or fat is not always a lifestyle choice. If we use the self-infliction argument then perhaps we should stop treating those with aids, unwanted pregnancy, sports injuries, I could go on! No’one chooses to be fat. The compulsion to eat for some is overwhelming and not be within their control.I suspect that Mother Nature has arranged that a proportion of her children will survive if ever mankind is under threat whilst the thin people will succumb to starvation. Unlucky if you are picked to be one of the storers, you have little choice in the matter………Just a theory..but worth thinking about.

  36. Alanna L

    so many of you have already forgotten that this woman tried for years to get the surgery that she so blatently needed and spent years having doctors just laugh and have doors slammed in her face.
    how would you feel if you knew you needed help but no one was willing to give it.
    how would you feel if you knew everytime you got regected it just brought you closer and closer to the end.
    if you cant understand the psychological trauma that goes along with over eating and obiesety then you have no right to pass comment.
    this woman did a wonderful thing in allowing us all to see her in such a vulnerable state, she has made a huge difference and has given the right amount of encouragement to the people that need it to be able to do something about it.
    all my love goes out to her daughters and family. i hope you all lead amazing lives, you deserve it.
    i really hope that none of you out there hav to go through the indignity and suffering that this family have gone through
    R.I.P Renee

  37. mimi

    Alana is absolutely correct, standing in judgement of Renee is pointless, whatever your stance is on the causes of obesity. Her family deserve sympathy and support and any other comment is irrelevant and lacks compassion. Renee did not appear to be a weak woman, she came across as brave, determined and willing to risk her life to change hers and her children’s future. Does not really fit with the suggestion that she lacked willpower.

  38. Somchai

    I totally agree with Mimi. People who are overweight are not always over-eaters, equally people who are slim are not slim because they are under-eaters. I weigh in at 120kg and my wife at 55kg. I eat as much in a day as my wife eats in one meal.

  39. claiire

    I think a tribute page is designed for you to pay tribute to the dead not have a rant at each other. how do you think renees daughters will feel reading the tributes to their mother and coming across your childish spat in the middle of it!! grow up for gods sake, a woman died to better the lives of others and your argueing about grammar!!
    RIP Renee and god bless your children im sure they will grow up to make you proud
    Claiire from Bolton, England

  40. kate

    I am possibly a long way off, but once bed ridden surely you can’t feed yourself, those that loved her should have done way more to help her.
    I am only 8 stone myself so obviously i cannot understand this fully but if obseity has some genteic link, how come her younger daughter is slim. Somebody should have done something sooner to help her. before she became so large.
    pretty as well though, without the fat.
    and to the girl shannon McGeehen, well done. thats what Renee should have done, started young.
    i feel sorry for the daughters losing their mother so young aswell.
    don’t take too much of what I said the wrong way, as i said i obviously can’t understand so if im wrong sorry, but those are my thoughts.

  41. C Davies

    I watched Renee’s documentary last night and was left with a feeling of despair for our society. Many people will be asking how can someone let themselves get so fat that they die of it? well the answer lies in the kind of foods that we are sold by profit-hungry food manufacturers – pre-packed, cheaply produced rubbish. Renee spoke of never feeling full no matter what she ate – this is common among people who exist on prepacked, over-refined foods instead of eating fresh meat fruit and vegetables purchased in their natural state and properly prepared at home. So called convenience foods are cheaply produced and contain high amounts of potentially dangerous transfats, refined sugar, salt and chemical additives. The people who sell us this crap are not interested in whether it makes us healthy only in thier own profits. I think it is fair to say that Renee was killed by greed but not her own craving for food – by the greed of big business.
    I was also left very curious about several things. Firstly, given that Renee could not control her own eating, did her family do anything to control it for her once she became bed-bound after her accident? Someone must have been shopping and cooking for her – clearly they too knew little about nutrition and continued feeding her the same lethal diet.
    Secondly, who paid for it all? Renee was obvioulsy unalbe to work but she drove an SUV, had a specially adapted bed, carers and had an operation costing many thousands of dollars. Is it ethical to spend so much money on someone with a food related problem when so many people world-wide are starving?
    Thirdly, will we soon be hearing of similar stories here in the UK? We all know that the US has a massive obesity problem but statistics show that the UK is cathcing up fast. let Renee’s death not have been in vain and learn from her mistakes before it is too late.

  42. David

    It’s obviously terribly sad for her daughters but at least it looks like they’re not going to eat themselves into oblivion and at it puts a stop to a few more apathetic subscribers to the “it’s genetic, it’s not my fault” school of thought.
    It’s horrendous the amount of obese people you see in the States. The sooner US society as a whole frowns upon this like in Europe the better. I was in Disney recently and saw people using wheelchairs to get around because they were too fat, only getting out to go to the loo or go on a ride (if they could fit)
    Well done though to those trying to do something about it.



  44. valerie samantha

    i think that any of the people on here that have used that disgusting abusive language shuld imediaetely be removed, i did write further up about renee, but it was in no way, nasty at all, i have 3 sons and i pray ill be around for as long as is humanly possible, poor renee, will never see her girls again , so please who ever is doin this tribute, remove them people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Diane

    Such a sad story, especially for her two daughters.
    However, like the vast majority of morbidly and super obese people they live in denial. Renee stated at the beginning of the documentary that she didn’t eat that much and had to force herself to eat at times, this was a preposterous statement that was proven to be untrue when a gentleman who cooked for her and her daughter told of how much she ate.
    I don’t understand these people who say they never feel full, but, stuff themselves full of junk instead of stuffing themselves with healthy choices, also who is feeding the one’s who are bedridden? Why don’t they offer the obese person low fat healthy foods. Mirina stated how her Mom ate 8 McDonald’s burgers! Who gave them to Renee in the first place?
    Obesity is not a disease, it’s pure greed in 95% of cases, it’s as simple as that.

  46. Maggie

    Sophia and Anti-Sophia. Yes, Renee did have a problem, but, at least she was not mean spirited or foul mouthed. You should both be ashamed of yourselves and go back to the brainless boards you so obviously frequent where flaming by morons with no life is all you can cope with.
    You disgust me.

  47. Urenna

    I watched the documentary about Renee yesterday on channel 4 in the UK. i feel so sorry for Renee’s children. Renee was a strong woman and those who think otherwise should getb their heads checked. May she rest in peace.

  48. Lisa, England

    My heart goes out to Renee’s family especially her 2 daughters, your mum was a very beautiful lady, make her proud be happy and look out for one another. Take care and all the best xxx


    I Hope that her daughters and family remember the good times with her and let her death not be in vain all of us who are over weight need to learn by this.
    God bless Renee i will always remember you x
    Godbless to your family too xxxxx

  50. Beth

    I think you are all being so rude. This website is suppose to be about good comments about her and your all talking rubbish!!! I bet most of you people are fat aswell.
    RIP May god be with you and your family

  51. Serenity

    I have just finished watching the documentary on Renee Williams, and i have to say how sad I felt when she died. Unless you suffer from an eating disorder, whether it’s compulsive over-eating, anorexia or bulimia, you will never understand how strong the human mind is.
    It is never as simple as ‘Just stopping the food’in the case of compulsive eaters, or ‘ just eating’ in the case of anorexics, the mind, once it has control over the way you function, in terms of what you do or do not put in your mouth, will determine whether you reach the ‘renee’ stage or you end up at the opposite end of the scale. People tend to be a lot more sympathetic towards people who are anorexic, than they are towards people who are obese, even though, medically speaking, both are considered to be diseases. Just because you cannot see what causes a person to end up like ‘renee’ does not mean that there was nothing wrong. Nobody in the right mind wants to eat or starve themselves to death.
    Renee, may your soul rest in perfect peace.
    Renee’s daughters – may God give you the courage to deal with your loss.

  52. kaye from u.k

    R.I.P Renee.
    So sad, god bless your 2 beautiful daughters, no-one knows the demons going on in Renee’s head, and its easy to sit and judge. I wish the 2 girls a happy healthy life.
    Please stop the dreadful language this is a tribute board.

  53. Sylvia

    Shame on all of you who are being negative towards Renee’s family, her children and friends. Renee was about 400lbs at the time she had her car accident and became bed ridden. FYI, if you calculate the number of calories a person needs daily x absolutely no excercise you would gain 400lbs which puts her at over 800lbs at he time of surgery. Even if she had ONE extra cheeseburger she didn’t have a chance. Those of you who are quick to criticize need to find JESUS. God Bless!! Lots of Hugs to her family and children:)

  54. Jacq

    Now i got ur attention,
    Well to start off, i agree with 3 ppl, Minty, Oreo Eater 7, and Beth. I bet some of u rite now are eating mcDonalds, dont put it down, coz buying them is already bad enough!
    So listen to me now , small portions are fine, exercise is great, but critising sum1 who has died tryin to change her families life, while stuffing ur face is uncool and unfair, so shut ur yaps and sympathise for her and her family dont critises so Renee!
    Well done u did ur family proud, it’s a shame things went the way the did. R.I.P
    Condolences to the family.
    Jacqueline Out.

  55. katy

    i do feel for Renee’s family, her daughters are beautiful, intellegent girls and didnt desearve the pain they suffered. The bottom line remains that Renee killed herself, i mainly feel for her children, they practically grew up without a mum, she shouldnt have had them if she couldnt raise them! i do understand its hard to loose weight, but everyone should see that Renee was selfish, her eldest daughter is an inspiration, she is amazing, even she knew she had to loose weight and she is now stunning. Good luck to the girls. To everyone in Renee’s position, dont give up, only you can make the decisiont to change your life so make it today.

  56. Suzan

    R.I.P Renee
    Taped programme, saw the end and was sad to think she had died. Watched the beginning through to the end and was ‘gob-smacked’ and near to tears having learned so much about her and family life, her strengh and determination, to find out that she’d died. 29, so young! God bless her children.
    She simply needed help to get her eating and weight in order, but she waited so long it came too late.
    Unfortunately, the fat/obese person’s vice is visable obvious, and unfairly judged.
    The comment about the gene pool is cruel, nasty and not from an intelligent source; obviously.
    She will be a postive inspiration to others!

  57. Nev

    I have just watched the documentary here in the UK January 2008) It is so sad to hear of Renee’s death and my thoughts are with her parents and her two young daughters even at this late date. Parents should never outlive their children but sadly it does sometimes happen.Take care all of you and may your god go with you all.
    Kind Regards to all of you and feel free to email me if you ever need to talk to someone.
    Love to you all

  58. ayse

    I have to say that I never feel sorry about these people.People make themselves fat because they like to eat crap food. Why just cant you eat normal anl live healthy.
    It is not sad at all.They pay for it.I feel sorry for people who have cancer but not people like that just eating and eating than seeking for help..that is ridiculious..get to the gym and eat less..

  59. Chelle

    So sorry to hear see this about Renee she was a very pretty lady and knew what she wanted in life and that was to regain her life again for herself and her daughters, I’m watching the documentary right now as i type this and i thought i’ll look at google to see if i can leave my kind regards to Renee’s children and her parents. Nev is right it’s not right to outlive your children, god bless to all the Willaims Family!
    With Love Chelle and Family x x

  60. Angela

    I watched this programme and really felt for Renee. It’s not for me to judge how she got as heavy as she did, but I was glad that surgeons were willing to take a risk in operating on her. She came over as articualate and her daughters are so lovely. Such a sad situation, I wish her family well for the future, I’m sure they will never forget how much their mother loved them.

  61. maureen

    Sorry to hear about the loss of life however cannot help but be very angry!!! how on earth was Ms Williams that size if she did not over eat!!! on watching the documentary Half Ton Woman and watching her also over weight family being interviewed the question i am left with is why was this problem left for so long that a gastric band was the only solution? i sincerley hope my comment is not inappropriate i just wish we would not all blind fold ourselves and be dishonest the nation is overweight through no one elses fault but our own and GLUTTONY

  62. Scott

    I am saddened by Rennes story, I am just after watching it on telly.It is such an inspiring story for a woman who weghied over 841 pound to go through the operation and die after the operation.It just shows how we take food for granted and think we will be ok.
    rip Renne xxx

  63. andy evans

    if she wanted to lose weight she should have got off her huge backside and done some excercise, i am terminally ill with a dilated cardio myopathy and cannot walk but i still get out of bed to do a little every day even though its a struggle for me.
    i have no sympathy for people who are too lazy and let themselves get like she did, however i do feel great sympathy for her children having to wait on her, and for the teasing they would have to put up with at school for having the worlds fattest mother.
    no-one forced her to put the food into her mouth did they!!

  64. andy campion

    ive just watched the tv program on ch4 tonite uk , and fill so sad that a pretty young lady ended up like she did ? maybe the prob is americans eating habbits ? anyway god bless her & her children….

  65. Micki

    So sad! Not just Renees story but some of the comments made by very heartless people that have posted messages on this tribute board. Perhaps some of the events leading to Renees situation on addmission to hospital for her surgery were excuses but having just watched the documentary there were also many circumstances. Who are any of us to judge. At the end of the day this poor girl sufferd for years. There was no one person to blame. Addition is a horrible thing to deal with not only from the addicts point of veiw but also for all the family members it effects
    You went down fighting Renee! Both you and your girls should be proud of that. I hope you are now at peace my heart goes out to you and your children xx

  66. Kerry

    I watched the programme on Channel 4 in the UK last night about Renee’s struggle with her weight. I so wanted the outcome to be good, but I was saddened to learn of her death following the operation. She was a brave lady to have tried to make a difference for both her and her lovely daughters. My heart goes out to them both for the loss of their mother, and I hope the older daughter continues to keep her weight healthy after trying so hard to lose it in the first place.
    I am 20 stone, 30 year old woman who would love to lose weight. But all the diet tablets and healthy eating plans don’t work. Some people just have an addiction to food, and trust me it is as bad as nicotine and drugs regardless of the wise cracking people out there.
    So I admire the courage Renee had to try and put her life back on track, but unfortunately she got the help she needed a little too late. However I have high regards for the doctor who actually listened to her plea for help and tried to help her – I just wish the outcome had been better.
    R.I.P Renee. x

  67. Joe Beaver

    I am 32 years of age and weigh 29 stones. I’ve tried every diet under the sun and even went down the line of diet pills. I am a very large eater – I am not denying that. My only advantage is that I try and keep myself active through voluntary work. My new life began on New Years Day when I started to cut back on my intake of food in readiness to start a programme at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. I’m aiming to lose the weight. Everyone who makes fun of people that are big – shoudl actualy try living like us – It is no fun. Even though I do voluntary work, I struggle to walk, I have other personal problems and I have developed Sleep Apnoea.
    I know in myself that I will die from this if I do not do something about this.

  68. helen cambers

    ignorance of obesity leads to such wicked comments . Comments left by people whom probably never had a weight problem in there lifes . I sat at work the other night discussing renee with the on duty nurse . Her comment was all you have to do (so easy to say ) is eat less and excercise . Seriously if it where that easy we would not have an obesity problem at all .If you havent walked a mile in our shoes then dont bothered leaving coments . Over eating is like an addiction sorry it is an addiction . No one knows what it is like to be constantly thinking of food .constantly every meal having to make the choice to eat right for that meal and it never gets easier. if your a drug addict recovering you dont have to go near drugs if your a alcholic you dont ever have to walk down the booze isle but if your addiction is food then you have to deal with it every day .I want to pay tribute to renees eldest daughter . Wow what an amazing focused young girl whos grasp on reality and life is wonderful . I have cried and cried watching the program of renee I pray she is walking with angels now

  69. ak

    Just watched the show on channel 4.
    I am sorry for the kids to have to go through life without a mother.
    However,I was shocked at how the show made it seem like being obese isnt really your fault and people staring at you and making comments is mean. Seriously people do not stare at you because your fat, people stare and think ‘no self-control and greedy’.
    Moral of the story: do not eat because you can,once you reach 15 stones start donating food you would have eaten otherwise, to third world, poor, war ridden countries.

  70. fiona keenan

    R.I.P renee
    i am very over weight and i also have 2 children. your story inspired me 2 lose weight. you where a very brave woman and im sure that your children are very proud of you.
    god bless your 2 daughters

  71. Allison

    The programme about Renee can hopefully do what she wanted it to do, and help overeaters. People who do not overeat do not and cannot ever understand what it’s like. If it was simply a case of “stopping eating” it WOULD be easy, but it’s not. There’s a whole psychological thing going on with a person’s relationship with food. This can stem from childhood and is tied up with emotions. As an overeater’s world grows smaller, food can take on greater importance, indeed it can be their only pleasure. This is not an EXCUSE as some have said; yes it is up to the person to take control, but we do not all have the strength. Like tobacco, alcohol or drugs, food can be addictive. Each if us is different and hopefully has a different solution. In the meantime, people with all kinds of addictions need help from somewhere. Sadly it was just too late for Renee.

  72. dianne

    i live in scotland and watched the programme on 13th january,my heart goes out to the family they have lost a beautiful daughter and a beautiful mother,renee possibly knew there would be complications but she was brave to do a diary to get through to others in her situation,she will be watching over her beautiful daughters now who i think also will be an inspiration to others like her mum………..r.i.p renee xxxx

  73. Ben

    For everyone that says its not a disease. I agree, i dont think it is. its not genetic either. you tend to find people of the same family over weight because they share the same eating habits (they all sit own together over dinner and eat a KFC, then all go and watch tv together) NOT because they share the same genetics.
    Its all down to education, i wonder if these people actually realise that the different foods have different effects on the human body, do they really understand the simple maths of calorie counting.
    I know that adult men need to consume up to 2500 calories a day made up of a good balance of EVERY kind of food, and at least 30 mins of exercise per day. Therefore i will never go and eat 8 burgers from macdonalds because i would be breaking this rule. People need to know these things in order to stop ending up like renee.
    I wonder if they promote this kind of thing in the USA, i come from the UK and eating right is HEAVILY promoted here because we can see what is happening in the USA.

  74. helen cambers

    BEN ever had a weight problem where you needed to lose say 20 stone 10 stone 5 stone ? I doubt it ! One day they will find out what makes us fatties different . I have four children all of whom are fed (heathly might i add)the same I have two skinny sons and two over weight daughters WHY?coz theres more to being fat then you purests know ! god bless renee and may you walk with angels

  75. Sjöbacken

    My heart goes out to Renee’s family.
    As for all of you arrogant, unkind, judgmental, coldhearted, ignorant people who are so quick to judge and so cocksure that it is all about education and the stupid Americans whom you obviously believe lack that benefit, may I suggest that you read some recent research about the causes of morbid obesity? The condition is far more complex than you have chosen to believe, without evidence, in your sadly far-too-common need to feel superior to others at any cost and find rationalizations for your ignorant and heartless condemnation. Renee outweighed all of you in body, yes, but also in character.

  76. Roz

    I was so sad after watching this doc, I had tho’t that Renee’s op was going to be successful. God Bless her 2 lovely daughters.
    I too am super morbidly obese.I am just under 30 stone and only 5ft 1.I also have a daughter, she is 10.Although slightly overweight before I was pregnant I had an accident which has left me with restricted mobilty and in severe pain.I am unable to exercise and asked if it would be possible to swim and exercise in our local hospitals hydrotherapy pool but was refused because I weigh to much!!!!! Any other exercise is to painful.
    I do not blame anyone else for my obesity nor do I say I dont eat.I do eat and I know I eat the wrong things but just like an alcoholic craves alcohol, junkies craving drugs,smokers craving nicotine I crave food every waking moment of every day.
    Noone knows the disgust I feel about myself but I dont even have a mirror indoors now because I hate myself so much and cannot look at myself.
    So all of you people out there spewing out your disgust about poor Renee, think about this:IF ITS SO EASY TO LOSE WEIGHT DONT YOU THINK ALL OBESE PEOPLE INCLUDING RENEE WOULD HAVE DONE IT.WHY WOULD WE PUT OURSELVES THROUGH THE PAIN AND SUFFERING WE GO THROUGH. THE HIGH FATALITY RISKS OF SURGERY IF IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF CUTTING DOWN AND DOING A BIT MORE EXERCISE.Plus poor Renee was bedridden because of the car accident she was in. Keep your sarcastic comments to yourself, they dont help anyone.I have to hear comments like yours every time I leave the house.
    Something that should also be borne in mind, many people withing eating disorders (and yes, compulsive eating is a recognised medical condition the same as anorexia and bulimia) have had terrible things in their past that they try to forget about using food to control their thoughts. I, for instance was sexually abused as a child/young teenager for four years by a so called family friend.
    For fellow obese people there is a self help group called Overeaters Anonymous, which is based on the same 12 steps as the AA, where we help one another. It is not a diet club, there is no weigh ins, pills, potions or diet plans, its just people experiencing the same problems as one another. There are meetings all over the UK and the USA and details can be found online.
    God bless Renee’s family especially her daughters and may she RIP. ROZ

  77. kaye

    Well said Roz and my heart go’s out to you xx. I’m obsessed with my weight i seem to have been dieting since my early teens i’m now 38! my weight has been at my heaviest 19 stone (i was 8 months pregnant) at the time but still weighed 16stone when my baby reached his first birthday!, i’m now 12 stone but have a horris flabby tummy that disgusts me and depresses me terribly. I am not a gym person but in desperation i went for 18 months to try and tone it up to no avail, i would love surgery but my husband is so against it he says its my head that needs sorting! i’m now on day 3 of not eating a damn thing and feel great cause i feel in control. I know i’m not as big as you roz and i dont mean that nasty but believe me i feel it. god bless.x

  78. Rita Kibbie

    I am Renee’s cousin. No one is mentioning that 4 years ago Renee was walking and active. She was hit by a drunk driver. The accident left her severely disabled and almost severed her leg, she had other severe injuries that keep her bed ridden. We did the best we could to help her but without insurance no one would help. Anyone who is overweight and is disabled knows it is not easy to diet and “exercise”. The hateful things people say just add more grief to our family & her daughters.

  79. kaye

    Hi Rita, I cried my eyes out after watching the programme about Renee, and i’m sure i’m not the only one, How are her 2 gorgeous girls doing? Love and hugs to you all. xx

  80. Mirina

    Dear People, This is renees daughter. 4 some of yall i wana say that it is very rude to post negitive comments on a tribute page dedicated to my mom. and thank you for those who pay their respects to her and if anybody else has anything else negitive to say I want you to say it to me.
    for ya’ll to say it when shes dead is one thing, and another is to say it when she can defend herself.

  81. Jim

    This is a tragic story of a beautiful woman that needed love and support to help beat an addiction that was every bit as insidious as any illegal drug addiction could be. She didn’t need surgery; she needed an individual or group of individuals in her life to make her believe that she was worth the time and effort to take the steps to change her life. It is a terrible shame that she didn’t have the support system she needed to stay alive to see her children grow up and develop lives of their own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not placing blame on any of those that were close to her. They did the best they could. It’s just that Renee needed more support than most people that are close to the situation can realistically give.
    I watched the Youtube video and couldn’t get over how courageous she was to subject her self to a procedure that she saw as her last resort and only hope. The exposure and humiliation she must have endured in her attempt at a new life must have been more than most people could bear. Renee must have been an exceptional woman and we are all diminished by her untimely passing.

  82. Peter Tilbrook

    Amazing Medical Stories is on TV tonight after Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmates (a real scream):
    “At 406kg, 29-year-old Renee Williams is the world’s biggest woman. Confined to her bed, Renee begged doctors to perform an operation when she became so large that she couldn’t hug her own children. She’s waited 12 years for the gastric bypass surgery to help her get back on her feet… but it may just be too late.”
    I am sad that she passed away but will watch it in the knowledge that she gave it a go. Perhaps, sadly, too late.

  83. kirsty

    very sad 2 beautiful children are left without a mother. It’s easy for someone to say stop eating exercise get off your lazy ass etc. Until u have been there u have no right to judge. Its an addiction like heroin or cocaine this time though its completly legal.

  84. Marie Douglas

    Just watched the show on Renee, what a courages beautiful woman. People can critise her for getting this large, but we will never understand what caused her to do this to herself unless we walked in her shoe. God bless Renee, you are an inspiration and I just know your geogeous daughters are, and always will be proud of your efforts. I promise to change my eating habits in your honour.

  85. Kate

    I just saw the show on the Australian TV. I feel very saddened that people would write horrible things on a tribute page when clearly they have no idea what they are talking about. There are studies that have found obesity is genetic, so would ppl stop saying that it isn’t.. Have you got any proof to back up what your saying, have you done studies yourself? there are strange diseases in life and one of these is eating disorders. Would you say that anorexia is not a disease? Well I think we know it is, so why can’t you understand that obesity is a disease as well. Regardless of if she said on the show if she was depressed or not, unless you have walked in Renee’s shoes don’t judge! If we displayed your life on tellie would you like people being nasty about things they don’t understand. I feel very sorry for Renee’s family who have read all of the nasty posts and I feel even sorrier for all the individuals who don’t know what there talking about but still decided to put their two cents in about this sad story.
    And just so anyone of those nasty ppl want to say that i’m probably fat thats why I’m saying this, I’m not!! not even a little overweight, never have been. I’m just not rude nor naive.
    For everyone else who have respected Renee and her story, my rant is over! I know I should have just paid my tribute and let it slide, rude ppl just make me so mad!
    ***I wish Renee’s family well, and think it is very inspiring that they continued with the story to help others after Renee passed away! I’m sure she would be proud!***

  86. joanne baumann

    addictions are everywhere!! food is always there at every corner and at every turn,part of every day life,unlike alcohol
    or drugs…we need it to survive!!food takes a part of comfort when there is no one to comfort you!The hardest of all dependents by far! God bless Renee and her fantastic daughters,may life bring them what had been so elusive to their mother.xxxx

  87. sue

    It’s easy to pass judgement when you’re not in anyone else’s shoes. Whilst there is some self responsiblity to be taken by Renee; she does not live in isolation of society. A society that must accept some responsibility that stocks its supermarket shelves with high fat, high sugar ‘foods’. A society that has moved from homemade foods to convenience foods that serve the high paced lifestyle of its members. When society changes over time there are always causes and effects that occur.
    There are no quick fixes for the ills of a society: education; self determination; government responsibility etc all come into play in terms of finding solutions.
    It’s very easy to say all Renee had to do was stop putting so much food in her mouth. Not such an easy thing to do when you have psychological issues such as negative body image etc
    Sometimes it’s not enough to be self determined. Congratulations to those who have found success with self determination alone; but not everyone is the same and not everyone will find success with self-determination. Some people have the odds stacked against them with genetic and medical problems that make their race harder to run. Psychological issues can and do for some, make the race harder to run.
    No one is removing self-responsiblity from Renee, but she did not live isolated from society and therefore responsibility also extends to society.

  88. Dave

    Girls, I think your mother was very courageous and an inspiration for me. I am overweight and have been for many years and I have listened to your mother’s messsage and I have heard it. I am now even more determined to take control of my life and improve its quality. Your mother’s words of “It’s never too late” will help me. I wish you girls all the very best that life has to offer and ask you to forgive those who in their ignorance kill the messenger, sometimes with the best of intentions.
    One more thing your mother is watching over you both. Love from down under. dave

  89. Lauren

    Hello, Kaye I’m offended by your post.. you haven’t eaten in 3 day and you feel great??? what kind of message are you sending?
    Girls, your mum touched me and I’ very inspired, may she rest in peace.
    Love to you and your am 🙂

  90. DEB

    Girls, your mother was a pioneer. The love she showed for you is heart warming. I can understand her ‘battle’. People can be so cruel but that is their ignorance. More of us ‘super obese’ need to heard and better stood, so some of us will come out and go public, I’ve started and when society is ready I will talk some more. I need help and understanding, stupid negative comments don’t help. Deb 224kgs
    Renee, I admire you and respect you…May you have some peace now.

  91. jess

    Lauren i can not see why kayes post offends you! she clearly needs help with eating disorder also! There are other posts that offend me a damn site more than hers.

  92. Faye Wilson

    My heart goes out to you Renee.What A beautiful woman and Mother.You asked for help but in the end,it was to late.I to was in your shoes four years ago.I had a death scare while having an operartion.My heart and lungs failed due to my obesity,which I blame only myself for that one.My doctors told me if I didn’t lose weight I’d be dead in two years.I must admit I was lazy and loved my food,I admit that.I ended up having Grastic banding in 2004 and have lost 72 kilo’s.
    It has changed my life.I have more self esteem and I walk every day,I slip some days but who doesn’t.You have touched my heart,you will help others with your memory and the love that your family has for you.May you reat in peace.
    We are all equal in life,if obese or not – smile at anyone that walks past you today,it doesnt cost much.
    R.I.P Renee

  93. Jo Foster

    Watched the show on Renee last night and still this morning I am moved by the courage it must of taken Renee and her entire family to step up and talk about something that us as people try to push under the carpet. Mirina was an inspiration with her maturity and dignity.
    I was also ecouraged that so many more super obese people are now asking for help. If even one person is saved from this show then Renee’s sacrifice then it wont be in vain.
    As for people saying she did it to her self and no sympathy for her…. walk a day in her shoes!
    no body can judge another person for their actions till they have walked a day in their shoes and truely understand what has motivated them to end up the way they are.
    NO she should of not eaten that cheese burger and yes she should of gone for a walk instead of sat and watched tv. But as many people with weight problems suffer from low self esteem and self worth the problem is much bigger than just stopping eating and staying out of the fridge. you have to heal the mind and soul before you can hope to heal the body. why do you think so many dieters just put the weight back on after ending the diet!
    Anyway enough of my rant.
    bless you Renee for being so brave.
    and may your children grow up to be strong healthy and beautiful women

  94. Doris

    To Renees daughters I say how sad I am about your Mum.I hope you honour her by living a full and happy life.
    To Kaye I ask what kind of message is it sending to say “i’m now on day 3 of not eating a damn thing and feel great cause i feel in control”.Starving yourself is no way to lose weight and in fact can have the opposite effect.Your metabolism can slow down and when you start to eat again anything you eat may be stored because your body is in starvation mode(storing what it gets in case there is no more.You ARE NOT in control you are in denial and your message is just the type of thing that people who have body(weight) image issues do not need to read.
    I have undereating issues and could not understand why,when I eat so little I was getting so fat.So I joined WW ,eat more then I am use to and have lost over 6 stones.

  95. vesta

    I watched the documentary tonight and have to say what an inspiration she was to other’s in her situation – Renee’s girls – You are so proud of what your mom did and I am so proud of you girls for being so brave – love and thoughts always Vesta x x

  96. claire, uk

    I watched the programme last night and was very touched – both by the amazing strength, humility and love that Renee showed and by the amazing strnegth and insight of her daughters.
    Some of the articles on here make me want to scream – i hope those who are so happy to sit in judgment can honestly look back at their lives and say they never made a mistake, they never let something get out of control or let their emotions rule judgement. Well if you have, well done.
    Renee was an inspiration – not only for obese people but about tackling issues head on and being prepared to humiliate herself for the benefit of others is something i am sure not many of us would do.
    As time heals the pain, i hope the girls are able to remember their mum as the beautiful, inspiring and giving person she very clearly was.

  97. Andre Niquet

    Today this programme about René was on dutch television. I was shocked by the way she was living. I was very emotional as well. I have undergone a lap band surgery for obese as well, so I could identify with her. Altough I am not as heavy as Renee (I am about 120 kilos).
    Hope Renee will rest in peace and that her beautiful daughters will have a good life and be very healthy and happy.
    Warm regards from Holland,
    Hugs, Andre Niquet

  98. inge

    I also saw this movie about Renee in Holland and it touch me deeply, I also am a obeset woman and I see Renee as a brave woman and she maked me realise that I am too in a dangerous position. It is now a year after Renee´s death and I hope that her children and parents realise that Renee gives inspiration to us fat people and that her death is´nt for nothing.
    much love and Dutch greetings from Inge.

  99. Mirina

    Hi this is Mirina again. Thanks 4 sum of yalls support. March 4 was the one year anniversary of ma moms death and its been hard on us this week. Every1 keeps asking has it really been that long and yes it really has even though it doesnt seem like dat long. I miss her I relly do. Alot of times I dont know wat 2 do but sum how I manage 2 get through it. So once again thanks 4 your comments and if youd like 2 reach me u can email me at Thank you Sincerely Mirina

  100. Helen Holmes

    Hi ya Mirina, don’t listen to the people who are showing no respect to your mom by posting their rubbish on here,shame on you!! Mirina hang on to those good memories that you shared with your mom, she was a beautiful women and soo the end her determination for change for herself and you girls was and still is so inspirational.

  101. Gail

    I have read a lot of the tributes with opinions on what is to ‘blame’ for this poor woman’s condition. I think it is a more fundamental problem. We are the only species on the planet that eats for pleasure and comfort as well as for survival! Maybe if we have a look at the cause we might source a solution and be able to help people with obesity, just as we help people with other excess problems such as alcoholism, gambling and drugs!
    Thank you Renee for sharing your story, albeit a very sad one. My thought are with Renee’s family and their sad loss.

  102. Debbie -- Misty's Mom

    Hi Mirina,
    I want to share with you how your mom helped my daughter. My daughter, Misty, talked on the phone to your mom many times and emailed her bunches. I’m pretty sure her dauther, Tiara, has emailed you before too. Misty weighed 600 pounds and had wanted to have the surgery and had checked it out for about 10 years. It is very expensive and she just could not afford it. She even went on TV, the Tyra Banks show, because she was so desperate to get help so she could live longer for her daughter. The Tyra Banks people found Renaissance Hospital and Misty found your mom through Angie at the hospital. Misty loved your mom even though she had never actually met her. She was supposed to meet her but it just didn’t get to happen. Mirina, Misty made her decision to go ahead and schedule the surgery because she wanted to carry on what your mom started. Please ALWAYS remember your mom helped to start a cause to help many people in the future. Don’t listen to all the stuff about people should just put their forks down and push away from the table. They just do not understand because they haven’t traveled the same road your mom did. It’s kind of like you might not understand how to multiply in school until you have had a teacher work with you until you get it in your head. People can say all kinds of things, but there is no way they can understand without walking in the same shoes. All I can tell you is you Mom helped Misty and Misty will help others. If your Mom had not made the tough decision to have surgery, many people would not be helped along the way. Thanks for sharing your Mom with all of us!

  103. Teresa

    I recently watched the documentary on Rennee and her family. I was extremely moved I understand the underlying addiction that can cause us to eat for comfort.
    I would like to share a remarkable program which could well offer an explanation as to why it is so difficult for some to stop over eating. Check out the book ‘The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program’ by Kathleen DesMaisons. I believe the program that is described there is the only way to truely cure the underlying causes of addictive overeating, non eating, alcoholism, depression, reactive anger etc etc.
    More information can be found at The information on the website is very comprehensive. Checking it out won’t cost anything and could well lead you on to a remarkable journey.

  104. Cazz

    I have just watched the documentary about Rennee Williams. I have also read some of the comments made on this blog. No-one and I repeat, no-one, can honestly say they know exactly how Renee was feeling unless they have been in that situation themselves. All the rest is speculation. And it is all to easy to sit back and say “well, she shouldn’t have put the food in her mouoth”. Who is that going to help?? No-one. She reached the point where she knew she had to something to survive and you have to admire her for that. I was really moved by the program and admire her daughters and family for carrying on after Renee’s sad death. Her passing will give hope to others that they do have a choice and they can get help – and her daughters have a mum they can be so proud of xxx I wish you all the best of luck for the future xxxx

  105. Jessica

    I know I’m late…
    I did not get to see the documentary but reading the story above is very sad and I hope her children are doing well.
    Reading the comments above about how “simple” it is to lose weight is sad as well. Everybody doesn’t gain weight the same way nor can they lose it the same way.
    R.I.P Renee!!!
    Granted over eating with little or no activity can and will lead to weight gain but PEOPLE COME ON!!!!
    Animals are pumped with hormones to make them bigger and produce more (i.e. eggs, milk). Think about it!!!!
    Vegetables (and some animals) are genetically altered to produce bigger produces. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!
    Bigger chicken, bigger steaks, bigger tomatos, bigger potatoes…..duh!!!….bigger people.
    Granted not everybody reach morbid obesity but you can not simply state a person is Obese cause they simply eat theirself to death. You never know how those extra hormones will affect a person.
    May have no affect on you but may blow up your biological sista!
    I’m not obese but I am overweight and am on the verge of losing weight (40lbs gone so far) and I will tell you my weight did not come from over eating. The initial weight came with pregnancy, followed by not eating enough and absolutely no cardio activity. After I started working out 4 times a week 1 1/2 hours each session guess what?!!!! no weight (lbs nor inches) loss. When I started eating more (5 times a day) ta-daaaaa the weight loss started.
    Don’t be so quick to tell someone how “simple” it is to lose weight.
    You have to find what works for you and stick with it.

  106. Annie

    I have just watched the documentary about Renee and her short but very special life, here in New Zealand.
    God Bless you girls, your mother was and will continue to be an inspiration.
    Your mother will be watching over you always.

  107. Dave and Reshmi Fuller

    My wife and I watched a TV programme last evening here in Kaiapoi, New Zealand. We were very moved with the strength and determinationb of Renee right to the last days of her life.
    we were also taken aback by the love that she had and her daughters had for her too. we had tears in our eyes by the words of daughters Mirina and would very much like to contact her if anyone has her e-mail address or she reads this.
    Keep your chin up Mirina – you are a very strong and wonderful young lady – perhaps one day you will get the chance to come to New Zealand for a holiday. Your mum and you girls very very brave and strong.
    May you get what you want from life to make up for your loss of a wonderful mum.
    Kind regards
    Dave and Reshmi
    (New Zealand)

  108. Koen

    How on earth can you feel sorry for her ? When you have daughters to raise, you simply stop eating, this is just selfish… 800 pounds come on… Disgusting !

  109. Carolina de Witte

    Did anyone here notice; this space is reserved for TRIBUTES, not put-downs. How dare you judge someone you never knew? It’s a very sad statement on what our world has become. Too many people are simply ‘haters’, and I feel sorry for them.
    Mirina, I am so sorry about your mother. She was very brave. I cannot imagine what you all must be going through, but I hope you have faith, that all things happen for a reason, even though it seems cruel. I know she’s with God now, and her body is no longer a burden to her. She’s watching over you and your sister, I know. Always remember how beautiful she was.

  110. Mirina

    This is Renee’s daughter again. Please quit posting mean comments!! If yov dont have anything nice to say then dont say nothing at all!!!! I loved my mom with all my heart and to hear those things just breaks my heart. If my mom were here she would tell you off i know she would.

  111. Tracey

    i just watched the documentry about renee what an amazing lady, i wish her family well, and send my thoughts and prayers to you all,
    renee touched me with her determnation to help others as well as herself, it shouldnt have taken this documentry to open our eyes to suffering like this. may peace be with renee you truley are an amazing lady.xxxxxxx

  112. Deb Davis

    Always remember….if someone has not walked in the shoes of the person they are making comments about….their comments are not valid because they do not truly understand. Your mom was an inspiration to my daughter….who had the surgery…and has lost fom 613 to 390! Your mom helped … and loved … others!

  113. Belle

    RIP Renee.xx
    May you always be with your girls in spirit.
    For her Girls, may you always remember your Mum and have her spirit in you forever.
    I just saw the show on tv here (London, uk)
    18 August 2008 and wanted to pay my respects to you and yours.
    May you both be blessed forever more and know in your hearts that ‘Mum’ is with you where-ever you are keeping you loved and cared for.

  114. Danielle

    I have just finished watching this documentry about Renee on channel 4 in the UK, I just wanted to say that I think she tried everything to get the help that she needed and no one would give it her until it was to late.
    She was active and not bedriden before getting hit by a drunk driver but nobody is taken that into account.
    Renee tried everything so she would not have to leave her children and I think she was truly brave.
    For all you people putting nasty messages, this is for tributes for her children to read, if you’ve got nothing good to say then don’t say it. you disgust me!!!!
    Mirina, I think you are a beautiful young girl and will grow up and make your mother proud,
    Love to you,your sister and all your family.
    Renee R.I.P.

  115. shal

    I only just watched this last night and was so moved by this story I couldn’t keep a dry eye by the end and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Renee came across as such a beautiful brave and strong woman who took the risks of surgery to give both her and her kids a better quality of life
    What ever her situation no one should be sitting in judgment, she certainly didn’t set out to carve this life for herself nor did her accident help her situation and hope people bear that in mind before making unwelcome comments, just remember for every finger you point there are three more pointing back at you!
    What happened was tragic but there is an inspirational story there and she never gave up, I am sure her daughters will be just as strong as she was; she certainly did a good job raising them as they came across so well composed. I hope people focus on the positive things Renee’s story has to tell and pray that those who criticised never feel the pain that Renee and others in her situation go through.

  116. Ingela

    I have just watched the program her in Sweden. What a strong woman. I just want to send my regards to the family. You will allways have your memories and her love. She helpt so many people by showing the story of her live!
    All my love/Ingela

  117. Carmen

    My english is not very good, but I want to write some words to Renee’s story.
    Yesterday I saw the first part of a two parts report about Renee on German TV. It was very exciting,… But the first part finished at the operation,…
    Because I was interested how the story ends I looked into the internet and was very shocked about reading that Renee has died.
    Before reading this I hoped that Renee is well and looses her pounds/weight.
    Now I think much more about my own life, because my own weight is very high, too.
    The story of Renee showed me once again, that I have to reduce my own weight, before it get’s much more higher and it’s too late,…
    I thank Renee for opening my eyes with her story!
    I send best wishes to her family and her Kids and wish them a good life.

  118. Heike from Germany

    I have just seen the story of this strong woman here in Germany a few days ago. Now that I found all these articles here on the internet it made me REAL sad to read that Renee died of a heart-attack. I want to send all my love to the family especially to these wonderful girls. You will always have your memories and you will always remember what a wonderful and strong woman your mother was. Her name will sure go around the world; but not because she was the heaviest woman NO, because she tried to change her life.
    All my love to you

  119. albert

    Today this programme about René was on dutch television. I was shocked by the way she was living. I was very emotional as well. I have undergone a lap band surgery for obese as well, so I could identify with her. Altough I am not as heavy as Renee (I am about 120 kilos).
    I have just watched the documentary about Rennee Williams.
    I Hope Renee will rest in peace and that her beautiful daughters will have a good life and be very healthy and happy.
    Warm regards from Holland,

  120. LostDaughter

    I’m really sorry for Renee’s family. But I think they should have done something against her weight much earlier. Why did she fight to be operated for 12 years but didn’t do anything to lose weight in these years. Instead she put on more weight than she already had. That’s what I’m wondering about.
    My mum had a gastric bypass surgery, too. She had at that point “only” 320 pounds to struggle with. She had to fight with problems from the beginning. Half a year later she had to go back to hospital and had to be operated several times due to the problems. When she went to rehabilitation six months later she wasn’t the woman I knew for the 24 years of my life. She was weak, too thin and even her personality had changed. It was awful. On July 1st she died after getting an infection while being on the rehabilitation. I can’t tell you how much I’m missing her.
    What I’m talking about is: Don’t wait for a gastric bypass surgery or stuff like this to lose weight. You can do it by yourself! You just have to move your body. Even lifting your arm can help. And think about your way of eating. There must be something wrong and this has to be changed. Get help early and change your behavior early. Then you don’t have to go to hospital and you can really live your life.
    Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

  121. J. Haefner

    I’m watching the documentary on german tv. It makes me very sad! she was so shortly before the target…but than…:(
    to her daughters:
    I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, that you laugh could be back soon, that you creates it to make your life an that you had always somebody on your side, who never leave you.
    The Lord be with you,
    the best wishes from germany,

  122. coppa

    take no notice of all the bad comments Mirina. There will always be cruel people in this world. Your mothers story has helped many people and will continue to do so for many years to come. I come from a family of big women and like you have managed to control my weight but know for others that is not the option. Your mum will be a hero to many as well as to your family. God bless and good luck to all of you

  123. Roxanne

    My prayers and thoughts to her family.
    My heart goes out to others in her situation. It’s not about the food, it’s about something inside being replaced by the food. God Bless and hope you find inner piece.

  124. Valerie P

    WOW! I just saw Renee’s story on TLC and I am really sorry this happend to her! I know she tried her best to help herself. To Mirina Mija please be strong! As I was watching the show with my husband I noticed how smart beautiful you are!
    People are gonna talk and say ugly things but they are just immuture and dnt know what they are talking about. Thank you so much for letting all of us see the show about your mom! <3 Val

  125. Debbie

    You tell em Mirina !! Your Mother was a great inspiration to others with weight problems no matter how she got that big.BUT she did try to get the help she needed,it’s just a shame it was too late.I just watched the show about your family with tears in my eyes and my prayers go out to her for TRYING to get healthy and be there for you girls.Graduate you two,your Mom is watching over you both and will help you both throughout your life.My prayers are with you both in whatever you do in your lives without such a GREAT MOM !! If you ever want a friend just to chat with you are very welcome to email me.Your mom is here in spirit and i’m here now. Hugs to you both,Debbie

  126. siesie

    i just watched the tlc special and i was trying to find information on her before the show ended and just found out she passed,such a sad story. my mom underwent gastric bypass almost 5 years ago now and i co0uldnt imagine not having her. i really feel for her 3 daughters but i feel as though they handled it so maturely. i hope more people get educated and get help when they need it. its an important social issue that must be addressed because it hurts so many.

  127. Christina

    People who’ve never been in that position shouldn’t judge. You have no idea what it’s like. I’ve been morbidly obese before and I felt like there was no hope. I was 21 and weighed 350 pounds and I was lucky enough to have insurance cover my gastric bypass. Now 5 years later, I have maintained my weight loss and am currently pregnant with my 3rd child. Addiction is difficult and complicated and yet some of you people act as though it is such a simple matter. You are wrong and have no right to pass judgement. God bless Renee’s beautiful daughters and may she rest in peace.

  128. Sam

    I just finished watching Renee’s story and I must say that it took a great amount of courage for the whole family to participate in the making of the show. You allowed us take a glimpse into a life often misunderstood and criticised. My heart goes out to the family and the daughters.
    Mirina, you are a very brave girl. I know that you will continue to take care of your little sister and to spread the message that your brave mother tried to get through to the people of the world. She’s watching and very proud of you. XOXO

  129. Angela

    Hi, I just saw Renee’s story on the TLC channel tonight. She was a beautiful woman who just wanted to be healthier for herself and her girls. I was saddened to hear of her death. I was also very appauled by some of the comments left here. Those of you who have spoken ill of this woman should be ashamed of yourselves!!! I pray that if you are ever in need for any reason, that people would show you more compassion than you have shown Renee and her family. You have no clue of the things that she may have gone through to bring her to the point that she was at in life.
    To Mirina, Mariah, and the rest of Renee’s family: You are beautiful and the strength and dignity you have shown is amazing!!!! Keep your head up and keep the faith.
    Always, Angela 🙂 (Texas)

  130. Lou

    I was watching the tv show of Renee. I was so happy for her as she was starting to lose the weight, then to suddenly die. I was shocked and sadden. as tears fell, I felt so sorry for renee and her family. she was a beautiful woman,
    I wished she would of lived!!

  131. jackie christie

    I just watched the story about Renee and found this to be a sad story that nobody could help this women any sooner If she was able to get help alot sooner she would of had a better chance GOD BLESS her family I hope they carry out her wishes to help other people I think her story will continue to help other people, Thank you for allowing her story to be aired.

  132. irene

    i just saw the story about rene on tlc that really gave me a wake up call i also am tiping the scale my heart go,s out to rene,s little girls ,the part of watching the story about rene that made me cry was the part when her dad walked in after the surjery he said daddy,s here and she started crying that just brought me to tears rene was daddy,s girl and will allways be in her fathers and whole familes heart i pray for peace and joy for the whole family god bless.

  133. Jennifer

    Mirina, you do your momma proud and that tells me that she must have have been a very loving mother. Keep your head up and may God bless you all!

  134. kaki0429

    I just wanted to touch on a few things that previous posters have said (ie – swimming lessons, addiction, quick fix and exercise).
    Most parents are unable to afford to put their children in extracurricular activities. When you’ve reached a certain size, it’s very difficult to tie your shoes, let alone walk 2 miles on the treadmill. Yes, diet and exercise is the key thing with weight loss, it’s just not always the obvious when you’re “food blind” or clinically depressed.
    Would you bring a bed ridden junkie heroine? Of course not, but heroine isn’t needed to live. Food is. However, when a heroine addict is in rehab, they are given a similar drug to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. Another thing is, you can’t force an obese person to go from eating 4000cals a day to 1500cals a day. They will feel hungry and probably ill. It needs to be a gradual process. Unfortunately, it’s a long and slow process that most super morbidly obese people get discouraged by and quickly lose focus.
    To ask how oneself lets themselves get this large, is a loaded question. Several things affect people in different ways. If you’ve been in a car accident, had a death in the family, under a lot of stress or in immense pain… for food addicts, food provides a euphoric sense of relief. It’s sad that people do not see obesity as a disease and just as lazy people who want nothing but cheeseburgers and chocolate cake. I’m on the larger side myself… and I hate the grease in cheeseburgers and their lack of flavour and I really only like REAL chocolate in very small amounts. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. Potatoes are good for us, but only 1/2 cup to 1 cup is a serving size. Chicken is good for us… but only 4oz – 6oz is a serving size. If you get pleasure out of eating 3 cups of potato and a 12oz steak, then you’re consuming too many calories and will gain. Cheeseburgers and chocolate cake is NOT the sole purpose of weight gain. To say that is being very naive.
    For those of you who believe that gastric bypass is the easy way out or a “quick fix”… you’re terribly mistaken. If it was, this woman wouldn’t have died. Yes, there is a reason why other doctors refused to operate on her. Because it’s a very risky and serious surgery. How can you say it’s the easy way out for weight loss if death is a very real possibility of the surgery? After the surgery, you are forced to learn to eat all over again… just like a baby. You cannot tell me that would be easy, after eating a certain way for decades!! Once you’ve had the surgery, you have to eat a healthy diet or you may feel the ill effects of eating the “not-so-good-for-you” foods. You still have to exercise, but once you’ve lost 50lbs, 100lbs, 150lbs… it makes exercise more possible. Since gastric bypass is also a mal-absorption procedure… you will face a lift time of nutrient rich vitamins.
    Obesity is a disease. The sooner society and doctors realize that… the better (and healthier) this obesity epidemic will be.

  135. Cass Williams

    Does anyone know the name of the woman that helped Ms. Williams? She was in the show. She had the surgery years prior. A really pretty dark haired woman. I’d like to interview her and can’t remember her name.
    Thank you.


    Come on, people! Obviously, super morbid obesity is a MEDICAL condition, a mental and physical illness, with psychological and behavioral components. People do not just get into this condition! The “put down the cake” comments are cruel and unnecessary.
    Most of us feel some disgust at seeing a body in such a deformed condition, but would never think of putting a person with another type of devastating condition down; we would not dream of making fun of them, or reducing them to lazy, selfish, or stupid.
    Renee Williams took a step to improve her life for herself and her daughters. Having the surgery took a huge amount of courage, and this woman paid the ultimate price.
    Anyone who thinks this type of surgery is an easy out or a quick fix knows nothing about it. It is a TOOL for losing weight only, and it is a painful, frightening journey.
    By the way, Prader Willi syndrome is a very real and devastating condition. I have worked with several individuals who suffer with this problem, and the pathological quest for food at any cost is a terrible thing to observe.
    Be good to each other, and have some sympathy for others who suffer, please. PEACE!

  137. joann

    I just saw the documentary on Renee. I just wanted to reach into the television and give her a big hug. I’m from San Antonio,Tx and had never heard of her. I will never ever look at a obese person again the same way. And to her beautiful daughters I say You have shown strength and courage so beyond your years. God bless you and Your grandmother. R.I.P Renee in the arms of the angels.

  138. Susan

    Inspirational story.
    My contribution to this problem is to continue to purchase and feed my family fresh fruits and veggies and not support the fast food restaurants. Maybe if more of us stopped buying in the junk food aisles at the grocery stores and demand more healthier foods at a reasonable cost then maybe, just maybe, the problem of food addiction, obesity, whatever you want to label it, would start to subside.
    It is terrible that obesity is epidemic but we can do something about it even if it is one family at a time.
    My heart goes out to the family and I will do my part to change this around….my children are also dedicated to pass it on to their children.

  139. VikyP

    I belive that Renee’s death was unfortunate and that I feel sorry for her daughters now motherless. But to let your self go like that and not have the concept of portions is very selfish.
    What was she thinking before her realization of her wieght issue? One of my friends told me something very interesting and that was, If you eat out less or none at all and buy organic foods then you as a consumer help increase the demand of organics and that results in cheaper prices of organics.

  140. Modgirl

    Mirina, I hope you read this. I just saw the documentary on your mother last night and I was so moved for several reasons. Firstly, your mother was so very brave to have taken a risk as she did, knowing what could be a potentially fatal outcome. She entered with a heart of faith and nothing could have kept her from being able to be the mom she physically wanted to be for you and your sister. I was shocked upon hearing of her death. The second reason I wish to write is because I could sympathize with you about how much you miss your mother. My father passed relatively young in September of 2000 and my mother, who was like my very best friend, in the December of 2002. It’s is an emptiness that will never be replaced, but it eventually begins to heal. You will always miss your mother and the closeness the two of you had. But you need to remember that God is with you and if you keep him close to your heart, you will walk more peacefully through this journey of yours. Always keep your faith and never allow the fear you have of weight gain, the fear you feel for your sister or what the outside world says to enter into your heart, but rather find that inner strength to keep going and persevering. As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and I can attest to the truthfullness of that statement. May you find true happiness in your life.
    Kindest Regards,
    Modgirl in Florida

  141. Amber

    Renee was obese because of factors far greater than the food she ate. Overeaters to that degree are in emotional pain and the solace is food. It is not a matter of ‘just not eating’ at that point or we would not have the obesity problem we see in the world now. It is easy to judge and think she should have gained control at some point, but if you have ever known an addict of any sort, you know those are just words. This is psychology as much as physiology.
    Renee- bless you and rest in peace.
    Renee’s girls- bless you and work hard to make the most of life. We are all thinking of you and wish you the best.

  142. Tracey Wonnocott

    Hi just wanted to say that i saw the documentary a little over a year ago and my heart broke when renee passed away. I can appreciate what renee struggle was about as i see myself reflected in her story, i currently weigh 135 kg and i find it increasing difficult to do ‘normal” everyday things I have two beautiful little girls who i want to see grow up so i made the decision to have lapbanding i have saved long and hard and expect it to be done in early march 2009, I hope thats not to late for me!!!. Renee’s documentary inspired me to change my life. Renee rest in peace and to her children be proud of your mother she loved you more than life itself and she is up in heaven looking over you.

  143. Kristin Walbridge

    My daughter and I were watching TLC tonight about Renee’s story. My daughter who is 2 1/2 years old was very interested in the show and wanted to know everything the doctors were doing. After Renee had finished her surgery and they showed her face for the fist time. My daughter looked at me and said that lady is beautiful.
    At that moment I wanted to tell Renee how beautiful she is.
    I am so proud of her daughter’s strength. I to have experienced losing someone very close to me, and I allowed it to get me down for a number of years. I look up to her daughter for making the choice to be happy in life, and I know her courage will be shared with her love ones.
    Life keeps getting better!
    Peace and Love,
    Kristin and Kailey

  144. Mo

    Renee has peace and comfort now.
    Maybe that is what she was always searching for.
    To her beautiful daughters- May the
    memories of her love be in your hearts

  145. maryland gal

    you know, some of you are sympathetic to her situation and some of you are just down right ignorant. shame on you. I am not fat, but naturally, i would like to lose about 20lbs or so… however, i also know from working in the field of nursing for many years, that losing 20 lbs is alot different than trying to lose 500 lbs. the bigger you are, the harder it is too move around. the emotional,mental and physical drain of all the weight is difficult to cope with… its no different than a drunk or an addict… the more you drink, do drugs or eat… the worse the symptoms of it get… and habits are difficult to break…especially those habits that have gotten so far out of hand… dont be so cynical of other people… shame on those of you that say she should have gotten off her butt and excercised… you say it like it would have been so easy… i agree that people that lack self control end up in some bad situations sometimes… and yes, its aggrivating to watch someone who doesnt have the self control have their life spinning out of control… but at the same time, i am wise enough and caring enough to understand that there is usually an alternate reasons for their situation. same as an addict or drunk, there could be depression, mental illness,etc…

  146. My Sympathy

    My heart goes out to Renee’s family. She was a beautiful women. I hope her children grow up healthy and happy.
    Most of those negative commenters couldn’t gain weight to 300 pounds if they tried. It’s obviously a metabolic disorder that causes super appetite and obesity. It is more than psychological because normal people CANNOT eat and gain to that amount.

  147. Renee

    I was watching her story for the first time and wanted to send an e-mail of encouragement, my heart dropped when I saw that she had died. I understand what people are saying that if you wantto lose weight you have to eat less and exercise but I also know that just because I have never had a serious problem with my weight I do have sense enough to know that it is not that easy to change. This woman did not WANT to weight over 800lbs! She was not strong enough to fight her urges. People need to be more compassionate. No one is perfect! I pray for her family, but most of all I pray for the people that feel the need to be such cruel judges of other people because the demons you are fighting are much worse than the demons Renee Williams had to fight!

  148. Keith Davenport, ND

    I am a student Naturopathic Physician and was fascinated watching the story about Renee Williams. I was completely caught off guard to learn that Renee did not survive. My very deepest condolences to her family and friends. I pray that Renee’s life and subsequent passing will be the impetus to captivate the attention of those still caught in the bonds of obesity.

  149. Mayra C.

    I can’t believe so many of you are being so evil. I just finished watching her story as many of you…I feel awful for her family, especially her daughters! Her older daughter is such a smart girl and she will be able to guide her younger sister in the right direction. I am so proud of how strong they are. I wish them the best, and girls, remember that your mommy is now looking down from heaven and will be looking out for you for the rest of your lives. Be proud of your mom, she helped to inspire lots of people to better themselves and not give up! Good luck girls!!! God bless!

  150. heatherly kates

    i feel for this woman so. i am a very feeling woman. i also cannot be compartmentalized for being so sensory, so synaesthetic, a very unique…androgyne. an androgyne who loved renee.
    renee, in death i caress you, in death i reach out and offer you a proffour of love that is hate, because i love you even now, and i wish to be your woman, your lover, your boo. will you, dear renee, moo for me? moo for me. i am ready, i am wet, dripping in fact, all over the floor. i am ready. take me. make me. burst out of your grave and eat my pussy, whole.

  151. Jude

    This story is particularly sad to me. Renee, like many people, was an addict. Her level of denial was obvious to me. She spoke to some one in an interview, and I detected a bit of defensiveness in her voice, when she started out wanting to clear up what she said were common misconceptions about the obese; something about how they don’t always smell, and they don’t always get to that point from what they eat or how much they eat. Later in the show, her daughter described a typical trip through a McD’s drive-thru: her mum would have eight of the dollar burgers in a sitting! Now this is huge denial, I’m sorry. I am not sitting in judgement of her, but I am asking people to realise that denial is lying to oneself. Pretending a problem doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. I also would like to say that I am a vegan who is continuing to beat the odds. I spent the 1990s comatose. I was given a death sentence of ten days to live — ten years ago. I made radical changes to my lifestyle in order to supercharge the nutrients I consume, because my body won’t hold onto minerals and electrolytes. This means every bite of food that passes my lips MUST be nutrient dense. Otherwise, my heart won’t beat and my brain won’t fire up its synapses, and I have practically no short term memory. Guess what. I eat as much as I want, whether it’s day or night, or whatever… but I eat vegan, and I’m not living on semolina pasta and potato chips. I notice that the high quality food I get causes me to get full on a lot less food. My body is not starving for nutrients so in its wisdom, it knows when to stop. Renee’s daughter also said that her mum eats until her stomach actually hurts. Why didn’t she do something to outsmart her own defective system, such as time herself: eat for twenty minutes, using an egg timer if necessary, and stop when the buzzer goes off? Soon her body would begin to recognise the amount at which its become accustomed to stopping. I learnt how to outsmart my body into managing its electrolytes, and that’s no easy feat. It took years and years of dedication to not giving up til I found the answers. Most people die within four years of diagnosis of my disorder, most within a year. I’m celebrating my tenth year of life beyond diagnosis. I see Renee’s older child has also applied this sort of logic, taking control of her health situation. I am very sad for Renee because she wasn’t able to apply a solution — a real solution — before it was too late. Sure it might be a little hard to do, but in the words of Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own: “Hard? Of course it’s hard! But it’s the HARD THAT MAKES IT GREAT.” I’ve dropped thirty pounds in the past three months, and it’s still steadily happening, and I’m pigging out during the holidays like every other person in the world right now. I’m just pigging out of healthy food. I feel fantastic, and I know there is hope. Looking for an answer is often more proactive than people really realise. And not necessarily as complicated as people make it, either. Surgery is not always the only option. Poor Renee had way too many people enabling her addiction, which is incredibly sad. I feel sad for her girls, but at least they can move forward with what Renee’s short life has taught them. And Renee is no longer imprisoned by a horrendously sick body. I’m not surprised she died of a heart attack. 67 lbs in 2 weeks would have to be a truly unnatural strain on the heart. God bless Renee. I am sad she that she passed on; but relieved she is no longer is such awful pain. I would have loved to have talked to her and encouraged her had I been able to. You’re ALL right: it’s true we should be more responsible for our decisions and behaviours, and not make excuses for our bad behaviour… but… it’s also true we have no right to judge her until we’ve walked a mile in her shoes. I know her heart hurt, and her spirit hurt, and her heaviness was just a symptom of her heavy heart and heavy spirit, too. My consolation for Renee’s loved ones is that at least now they know she’s not suffering. She had blessings some of us never get; she was a mum of two beautiful children. I never could have children, so it saddens me that she didn’t live so she could be here to see her daughters grow into beautiful, strong women.

  152. SHELLBY

    I watched the show last night, and my heart broke for this beautiful woman,She had so much love and determination to get herself well, i just wish the doctors had seen it fit to give renne what she had needed sooner, i know in my heart as a woman with a weight issue it would have made a difference. Renee in my eyes wasnt a quiter she fought, for herself and her children so she could achive her goals. when her mother recived that call my heart broke right along with her, i cryed for the loss of a mother woman and a beautiful person. I feel as if i knew her because as she spoke she spoke some of the same words that come out of my mouth. I know she she was dearly loved and she will never be forgotten, she is a angel watching over her 2 beautiful girls,GOD BLESS all of you.

  153. bridgette

    To the family and friends of Renee.I thank her for sharing her story,that could not have been an easy dicision.May you girls and others learn from your struggle.I have, May the next phase of your life be better than the first. God Bless

  154. lashona

    I just saw Renee’s story last night and it saddened me when she passed away , but her daughter’s are truely strong girls and I know
    that she would be very proud of them.
    May Renee rest in peace.

  155. erin

    I just watched the show on your mom! She was a awesome person to share her stories with us! GOD BLESS her and her children! Sorry for your loss!! My heart goes out to the family!

  156. Gracie

    At some point one has to look in the mirror and realize there is a problem and get help for it. The weight does’nt just appear all of a sudden, so don’t wait until you’re super obese and then realize you have a problem. And the enablers in these peoples lives need to take some blame as well. If the woman was bedridden as stated in the piece, why did her family continue to allow her to stuff herself with all that junk?

  157. Emily

    I watched this documentary the other night and it really hit me hard. As a child I was obese and I can relate in some level to Renee. I hope that her story will reach many people,as it did me and have an impact on the way they choose to live their lives or either change the way they are currently living. This epidemic is HUGE and unless you have been in the position of the obese you have NO place of judging them because this like many other things is a disease and isn’t as easy as not changing eating habits and exercising. It is much deeper than that and I truly want to help these people but in order to help others, others need to help me! We need to start teaching children. Obesity is a cycle and it needs to be broken NOW! Please, please if you are reading this make the decision TODAY to be aware of what you teach your kids about health and fitness and if you don’t have kids try to reach to those children who don’t have the means to this type of education.

  158. Eva

    I’ve just watched the story of your mother on a hungarian tv. She was a brave woman! Love and hugs to you girls. Best wishes from Hungary!!!!!

  159. Deborah

    I feel very sad for Renee’s children. My heart goes out to them. I agree with others that Renee obviously had more going on than just her weight that caused her obsession. Even in the interview she wasn’t admitting to her food addiction, though. She was saying her stomach was flat and that there were times when she had to force food. There’s something else that has to be taken into consideration, that there were others there that were involved with getting her the food that she wanted, she would never have gotten into a bed she could not get out of if she were not given the food and forced to get it herself, meaning, she would get exercise to go get it. I watched the rest of the episodes involving teenagers that were going for the bypass surgery as well and I was listening to what those parents were saying to their children, the one mother saying, “It don’t matter if I hide the food, he finds it and eats it.” Blaming the child and allowing them to get to that point of obesity is neglect and abuse. The parent should very much be at fault for what is happening because they are the responsible party that gets the food and serves the food that is killing their child. Perhaps if there were stiffer penalties and laws in regards to that, then there would be more parents instilling good eat habits in their children. In a way, giving your child the food and seeing their weight balloon is aiding and abetting the delinquency of a minor and a form of murder.
    Perhaps that seems harsh, but really think about it.

  160. J. Newb

    I just watched the episode on TLC. I didn’t get a chance to read all of the tributes that lead up to the one that I am posting now, but I do hope that somewhere in all of these responses, someone had the idea to think a little deeper. Most conditions like drug abuse, alcoholism or even OVER-EATING are only a small part of a bigger problem. These issues are typically psychological. Issues like depression, or anxiety problems. Just like the drug addict that struggles with depression and pops pain killers… there are some, who… eat. True enough, it is a choice that they make, but by the time these people realize that there is a problem, it’s usually too late to avoid any repercussion. So remember… before you judge, try to consider what you can’t see.

  161. Sandra

    I watched the documentary on Renee a few days ago,here in England, and I haven’t stop crying. I wish someone had helped her earlier when she was begging for help. Renee was beautiful and brave. I pray that she is at peace now, my heart goes out to her family. I hope her beautiful daughters grow up to make her proud. Feel free to email me if you need to talk.

  162. Oliver

    I just saw her story at germans TV-Channel RTL2. I was very shocked at first, full of hope as I saw that they will help her and very very sad to see that she died. My best wishes to her little daughters and her family. I am sure she was a great woman. A very sad story!!!

  163. marlena


  164. Josienwv

    I just want say Im soo sorry for Renee and her family.. I had just watched this documentary on her and my heart is broken… I too have a weight problem and I see this outcome for myself if I do not keep looking for someone to help. I have a almost 7 yr. old son and 5 yr. old daughter and I do not want them to suffer any longer. What many of you ppl on here do not realize is that we are all human. Have any of you thought about this.. A drug addict can go to the hospital and get help right away. An alcoholic can walk straight out the door and get help. An obese individual can not and its even harder to find scales thats why most do not realize what thier own weight is due to the fact there are not scales that can weigh them.. Most do not want to go through the humiliation. I have been looking for 6 yrs for a surgeon still can not find someone especially in my state to take me on as a patient. I weigh slightly under 600 lbs. Still trying to lose weight. Oh I might be able if I lose almost 200lbs according to one surgeon. If you are at this weight it is a sliding scale due to imobility and water retention. I had even tried Ohio and New York to try to go to those rehab centers to no avail.. I just hope that for those of you in Renee’s situation and mine live by her dream and to NOT GIVE UP!! Keep searching because I still am.. Take care to her family and Rest In Peace Renee you are a God send to me!!

  165. RJ

    Rest in Peace Renee. After viewing the show the first time on 3/8/09 I was trully touched, shocked, saddend and scared; all at the same time. I too have a weight problem and it’s not all about “just putting the fork down”. There are some any reason why we eat uncontrollably. It was for me. I would eat because I saw food, not that I was hungry. I thought I was hungry. I began my quest of weight lost August 2008 and lost 50 lbs, but hit a point and just stopped. After viewing the episode I was compelled to help myself and others who are in need of help.

  166. nivea


  167. PHOEBE


  168. ASurvivor

    I just saw Renee’s story. I am not nearly as big as she is, right now I am 240. That in itself is hard for me. I always have had to watch my diet, but was never obese. Even after three children. But then I got brain cancer, and the side effects of the drugs (one is weight gain) and the steroids (that put on horrible amount of weight and also give a person that “moon” face effect) have gotten me as big as I am, considering that I am very immobile due to the damage the cancer caused to me before they removed it surgically. So now I am trying to lose weight, but it is a struggle, given that I cannot just go out an jog off any few extra calories. I can walk struggling with a walker, but that is the best I can do. I only drink diet drinks or water. I have just started a low carb diet, to see if it will help. I am “hoping” to enroll in a swimming class, since walking and running are impossible for me. That way, I am hoping to lose the weight I have. I won’t resort to the gastric bypass though. I think my added medical issues may contribute to problems for me after the surgery. I have asked others NOT to bring me fast food, or “treats” such as a box of candy for Valentines. I told them that I know that I am loved, they don’t have to prove it to me. I asked my husband to respect my wanting to lose this extra weight by NOT sabatoging (sp?) my weight loss by bring me M&M;s (my absolute favorite candy). He did that, he brought me them when I was recently in the hospital. I looked at them, then at him and immediately said, Please, I asked you not to bring them if they are here, I will lose my resolve and eat them. So take them away. He did.
    Not to misunderstand… I LOVE food. I love fried foods, I love cakes, and cookies. But I also LOVE the way I look whe
    n I am thinner more.
    But I did want to point out, to ridicule someone that is overweight, you don’t always know the story behind why they way they are, and most people don’t feel the need to inform a stranger or even a mild acquaintenance…..
    So sorry for Renee’s chlildren though, they are the most victimized… Even when she was alive, she couldn’t participate in most aspects of their life…

  169. Chelsi

    this story was very upsetting
    i can’t say that i know exactly what she went through
    but i can say that i feel for her
    she was a great person
    kind hearted
    and so helpful to others

  170. Debra

    I’m so touched by this story cause it could be my story. I’m 47 and have struggled with my weight all my life from as early as I can remember. Weighing no where near Renee at my age I’m a good 50 lbs over weight and need to get on it! there is alot of misconception it only takes an extra 100 calories a day to gain 10-20 pounds a year times a couple of years and you to can have a major weight problem. There is the mental problems that come with that type of obesity. Also
    imagine for just a minute looking in the mirror and never liking what you see. I wish both of Renee’s lovely daughters the strength to take care of themselves and to never allow their mothers fate to be their own.

  171. Ashleigh

    Genetics DOES play a very big part with weight. The average, normal person will gain weight if they overeat and don’t exercise… but they will not get to 900 lbs!!
    There have been times in my life when I was not exercising and was eating junk food, sodas, etc… and I did gain weight up to 200 lbs (I’m a 5’6” woman). Being 50-150 lbs overweight due to overeating and not exercising could be expected, but to be 700 lbs. overweight?! There is far more going on than just overeating. There are definitely genetic factors involved. That is not a normal or average weight gain for people who eat too much and/or don’t exercise.
    There are many cruel, and ignorant people in this world, who waste much of their life judging and mocking others, but Renee was a human being loved by her family, and I was very saddened by her death.
    Super-morbid obesity is very much a disease/sickness, like cancer, and I’m sure it is not easily conquered. I highly doubt that most of those people have any desire to be that overweight. Yes, they overate, BUT so do a lot of other people and yet, most people do gain weight, sometimes a lot of weight, but to gain 400-800 lbs is far beyond an average, typical weight gain.

  172. Saffron

    God bless Renee and her children.
    I’ve been overweight all my life as well. I was wearing an XL t-shirt when I was in 4th grade.
    In recent months I’ve sort of “cracked the code” of eating well…..
    Stop eating fast food. Stop eating restaurant food as much as possible. Stop eating grocery store convenience foods as much as you can. No vending machine junk, either. Everything homemade as much as possible, allow the bulk of your diet to be veggies and fruits. The meat should be the side dish. And try to eat more poultry and fish than red meat. Do red meat once a week-to-every two weeks, if possible. (I’ve started making meatloaf with ground turkey… the recipe is yummy.)
    Convenience foods and pre-packaged foods are ADDICTING. They are often deep-fried, and have addicting additives. Cutting out those kinds of foods and getting into the kitchen and cooking is half the battle.
    There’s nothing wrong with lean meats, but don’t always let the meat be the main course. Always put more fruits/veggies on your plate than meat. Always. Your palate will change. These are natural sugars. Natural things. Your body will adjust and you really fill you up.
    Your body isn’t stupid. It’s not craving loads of all that junk. It’s HUNGRY… for REAL FOOD!!
    REAL FOOD – fruit, vegetables, fiber!! Feed your body what it needs, and your out-of-control cravings will subside.
    Then the other part is moderate exercise, getting out in the sun, getting enough sleep. Having minimum amounts of all those things contribute to hunger as well.

  173. Dolores

    I just watched the story of renee williams on TLC tonite. i had never Heard of her before tonite. i was sooo rooting for her to make it.- it broke my heart that she died.
    Mirina, you are an inspiration to others — thank you for putting your feelings, thoughts, emotions out there for us to see and feel.
    (((HUGS))) — i wish i’d known your mom. — dolores

  174. dianne

    Renee, god bless you. I am currently watching the documentary on television. I looked up your name to see how you were doing. Sadly i found that you passed away from heart failure shortly after your brave act to have the surgery.To Renee’s daughters and family I say, God bless and keep you and I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother was a very beautiful lady.

  175. Christi

    She asked for help and was turned away numerous times.
    The doctors and hospitals that turned Renee away are responsible for her death and they should be held responsible.
    2 years sooner and she would have made it through the surgery and not had the heart attack that killed her.
    If the doctors who turned her down are reading this, SHAME ON YOU, You left her daughters without a mother and you left am mpressions of not caring about any one because of your fear of complications.
    I hope everyday you wake up, you remember that you helped kill this woman. A woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister a wife, a cousin, a friend to many.
    And you killed her.
    God bless her children and may we all learn to help others who call out for help.
    I pray for her daughters daily.
    May God help them through this.

  176. Erika Texas City TX

    I just watched Renee’s story on TLC and I feel like I lost a family member. She is someone sooo special to be able to reach out and really enter a total stranger’s heart.
    I’m 29 and I’m categorized as morbidly obese at 270 lbs. It really makes me mad to read some of the other comments about how “easy” it is to just get up and do exercise. To stop eating junk food and that’s it. If it were that easy don’t you think we would have done it already? No one likes to be fat and to be made fun of. I don’t like to see myself in pictures or in the mirror and it doesn’t make it any easier to see people’s faces who have this “omg, hurry up and get on a treadmill” attitude.
    Renee has a place in my heart from this day forward and her death will not be in vain. Because of her I will try harder to lose weight and I just want her girls to know that their mom is an angel sent to this world to deliver a message. A message that I, along with millions of people heard. An inspirational story that had meaning and served its purpose.
    Thank you, to the other people who gave tips on losing weight and a congratulations to those who are winning in the battle against obesity.

  177. Miguel

    While I am sad that Ms. Williams died, I am proud of her courage and determination. I feel bad for her children, but at least she died trying to do something better for herself. The fact that she wanted to inspire other obese people to lose weight made her a special person. She had a great attitude and was a beautiful person. I pray for her children and hope that they will always remember their mother as a loving and brave woman. I hope her story will continue to inspire people to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

  178. Betsy

    Who in the world gave her enough food for her to gain 420 pounds after she was bedridden? Enabling her obesity with trays of cheeseburgers should be considered as negligent homicide.

  179. Sunny

    I feel so bad for her, but her family were enablers. I mean, who bought the food that she consumed? Those who lived with her. She couldn’t leave the bed, so who brought the food to her? Her family. Essentially, they helped kill her. What a shame.

  180. Ivelisse

    es muy triste esta historia tube la oportunidad de ver su reportaje y de verdad me afecto mucho por sus hijas que ahora quedan sin una madre que este a su lado en los mejores momentos de sus vidas que Dios la tenga en la gloria

  181. Erin

    I just finished watching TLC’s show “Half-Ton Mom” and was so excited to see how Renee was going to look after she got home, lost more weight, and got some surgery to remove excess skin. I had no idea how the ending was, and was so heartbroken. What a sad, inexcusable waste of this woman’s life when there SHOULD have been someone to answer her when she cried out for help. Why do we send money to other countries when people here need our help? This beautiful woman may have been able to be saved, her beautiful daughters could have their mother. Instead, we lost her, and for what? She wanted to reach out with her life to help others, and it is obvious that she has done that, but I am so sorry she paid the price with her life. She was a beautiful soul and a great loss to everyone. I hope that her story will bring about change for those that need it the most. RIP.

  182. Anne

    Two years after her death, the documentary about Renee is spreading over the world and has also been broadcasted here in The Netherlands. With impact. After watching it yesterday, I too decided to do something about my morbid obesity and I have just contacted an organisation that is providing a professional help programm.
    My condolences to the family. I hope that the inspiration that Renee was and is to lots of people, will make her loss a little bit more bearable.

  183. kim

    Just saw this on Discovery Health channel tonight. And read every comment on here.
    She was mobile til a drunk driver hit her and crushed her leg. Had she lived she would have proceeded to get her leg fixed as well.
    My heart goes out to her family and while at first yeah everyone’s quick to say ‘stop eating and get excercise’ she was stuck in a bed after the accident and hence the weight gain started to progress.
    I do think that the caretakers could have been more careful in what they were feeding her.. same applies to the mom of the Half ton Teenager. Any caretaker taking care of someone who is incredibly obese should mind food labels and serving sizes.
    All in modereration. Rene’s memory shall serve to inspire and hopefully motivate those who follow the same path. I find it amazing that she bared herself as she did and I’m sure many secretly thank her after seeking help for their own obesity; her story is a wakeup call afterall.
    Rest in peace Renee, I’m sure you are happier where you are and shall continue to watch over your children as you’ve never been able to do before.

  184. Shellie

    Saffron, you hit the nail on the head. I went on Michael Thurmonds 6 week body makeover, and this program outlined it all. Just what you describe in your post. I found it easy to do once I “got it” I lost 110 pounds in 8 months, and have kept it off without difficulty for 6 now.
    I wish Renee would have lived long enough to find her magic potion, that would have been truly the icing on the cake to this story.
    I have a friend on the above mentioned website. She was 567 pounds when she started the 6wkbody makeover. 2 years later she weighs 172, and is so happy. She can’t believe how much she can do. no surgery, just followed the plan. Hope this can help others who may feel hopeless out there.
    To Renees family, my condolences, I am so sorry for your loss.

  185. Claudia Bley

    liebe Grüße aus Österreich! Ich habe soeben erst einen Berich über Renee gesehen und will nachträglich mein Herzlichstes Beileid ausdrücken. Dennoch, will ich auch sagen, dass ich ihren Versuch, ihren Kampf gegen das Übergewicht sehr mutig finde. Hiermit erhält sie von mir vollsten Respekt und meine Bewunderung. Wie es auch eine sehr mutige Entscheidung war, in die Öffentlichkeit zu gehen. Ich bin mir sicher, dass viele Menschen mehr bereit dazu sind, etwas gegen das/ihr Übergewicht zu unternehmen.
    Hiermit verbleibe ich mit lieben Grüßen,
    Claudia Bley aus Österreich

  186. Maria

    I just saw the documentary of Renee tonight on TLC. I was shocked that she didn’t make it even though there was the risk of her not surviving the surgery. My heart goes out to the family and her two girls. I can’t imagine what they are going through. I have struggled with emotional eating all my life. I have finally found healthy ways to control my urges and I don’t kick myself when I do cheat. I would love to be of any help I can to the daughters of Renee on staying motivated and staying strong! Let me know.

  187. Margie. M

    I saw Ms. Williams on television and saw is a beautiful person. Her positive attitude is inspiring. She was surrounded by people who loved her and had their support. It is so dreadful how society look at heavy, fat, or obesed people. It’s hard to seek help because people ignorance. I was so sorry to find out she died. God bless you and may your family find peace.

  188. Jeff Millar

    My wife and I watched a program on your mum this evening. We just wish to let you know, you had a brave, and loving mum. We know she’s greatly missed. Take care and all the best for a wonderful future.
    From Lisa and Jeff in Australia

  189. Kimberly

    My mother died from being morbidly obese. She died November 24th, 2006. I miss her so much! And to this day, I still remember the ignorant comments that would come out of people’s mouths! It hurt me more than it did her and I confronted each and every person that had something to say. My mother wanted gastric bypass, but by the time she was admitted into the ICU, It was too late. I was watching Renees’ story on TLC and I was so happy for her. But when they announced that she had passed away, I was devistated! Renee IS an angel. I didn’t even know her, but I could tell that she has the sweetest personality. She is BEAUTIFUL no matter her size! I know that she lives on and no longer in confinement. She’s all around us being that beautiful angel that she was in life 🙂

  190. Cathy

    I’ve just watched the documentary on Renee’s battle to lose weight. It is truly inspiring. I am so sorry that she didn’t win her battle after finally getting the much needed help she so desired. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, especially her two beautiful daughters.
    I have been putting off doing something about my weight for so long. I’m 35 years of age and have a 12 year old son who is copying my eating habits. He’s so beautiful and I don’t want him to end up like me. I’m 22 stone and feel like I’m trapped in my body. I’m mobile but am finding it harder to walk up stairs, to put my socks on and to tie shoe laces.
    I want to do something about it now before I need help or assistance from family members.
    Renee’s story has given me the inspiration to get control of my life. I don’t want to leave my child without his mother.
    God bless Renee. You’re story is going to change my life and I thank you.

  191. vuong

    It is very sad, I am fighting my own demon, foods are gift from God, and I love food, it is extremely hard to lose weight, I eat less than 1200 calories a day and exercise 4 times a week, it is not easy

  192. Olya

    Rene’s story is so touching, she has truly made a difference. It’s so tragic that she had to leave us when she did I would really have loved for her to turn her life around, but she still helped others do so, she was such a strong, beautiful, caring woman.
    Rest in paradise <3<3

  193. lisa

    how cn people say th its fucked u big time i eat heathly i have two kids and i way at 18 stones im ovr waight im only 21 i dont eat bad stuff i cook my owndont blive in fast food crap and you still put big people don i mean i fond out i might have a tightroyproblem hw dare people say about her that is er own folt i excersize 3 time a day and im still putting waight on so be for yu have a go abot waight think again. my ove to the family xxx

  194. Cynthia Powers

    I just watched the special on TLC about Renee Williams and its sad that after she decided to fight her life was cut short.People who say harsh things about someone who has passed away shall have their days where sorrow will follow.Positive reinforcement is always a better way to go.My prayers and condolences go out to her family who im sure are still heartbroken.RIP Renee

  195. janiece

    Just got done watching her story I am so sad for her n fam could only wish things could of been diff it had me crying as if I knew her rest n peace pretty gir!

  196. Tara

    I just got done watching about Renee on tv and I’m so deeply sadden to see how it ended. I was so hoping she would make it through. I’m over weight……I use to think I wasn’t eating much but I was. I’ve been making changes in my life for the past six months and have lost a lot of weight. I still have a lot more to lose but it will come off! I’ve been over weight for as long as I can remember and I’m only 26 and I have an almost 3 year old son. I know weight loss is a struggle and a lot of times it’s not laziness, believe me I have a little boy that I’m constantly cleaning up after and chasing so it’s not always being lazy but as for the food thing, American diets are way out of whack. Too many fast food places and too much junk in every store. It’s rare to find me at fast food places because I enjoy cooking and cooking good food, but I know my big problem was portions. Sorry for babbling too much but what I’m truly getting at is, it’s so sad how Renee ended up, sometimes it’s the person’s fault sometimes it’s not. Some people don’t have the will power as others to just lay down the fork and excerise, but atleast she tried for 12 years to find a doctor to take her serious and help her and atleast she TRIED to get her life back in order. God bless her and her daughters.

  197. Pamela

    To everybody out there:
    i had gastric bypass in 2006 and have lost 240 lbs. I watched about Renee the other night, and it saddens my heart. My family has been there for me my whole life, and my whole life after surgery. It’s not their fault what I did to myself, as it’s not Renee’s family’s fault that they fed her. It’s difficult not to give loved ones what they want, such as food, even if they are bed bound. I was Renee, I was 473 lbs, not as big, but so big anyway! I was depressed, sad, lonely, and unhappy. I have 3 little girls. They have their momma now. I missed a lot, but I’m ready for what’s next, and my weight is no longer a factor in what I can and can’t do for them. I’ll pray for every person out there that is struggling and offer this piece of advice–Get yourself right. You’re all worth it.

  198. Deb

    Who are to judge people’s weight? We don’t judge skin color anymore, but why is weight still an issue? People should be able to be happy at whatever weight they are, without others judging them. I feel sorry that this women was not repected for who she is, but is simply viewd as a ‘fat’ person. She is not fat, she is a person.

  199. Jessica

    I am just so sick after reading this, I only have a few things to say. Most of you didn’t pay attention to the things that was said by her and her family. They all said yes she over ate. Let’s break your legs make you bed ridden, and see how much weight you gain. I never saw one comment about the drunk driver who hit her, just ” oh my god the cake and her family is killing her.” How many of you who have said genetics is crap- what kind of medical degree do you have? Science has pinpointed multipule genes that cause one child of the same family to balloon up while all the others will not. It is a chemical in the brain that tells us to stop eating, we are full. You don’t know that, you are just talking out of your ass. It is people like you who prevent people who need help from getting it. It is just as bad as high school, and next time you go to shoot your mouth off, think about this, how would you feel if that was you, your mother, child, spouse? We all need to start putting more love into this world and less hate. We have enough, and if that’s all you want to do, go take a leap off of a bridge, we are better off with out your negativity. Thanks!

  200. Kim M

    I just want to say what an insperation Renee Williams has been to me. I was over 530 pounds and fighting every day to get out of bed and go to work…yes, I still worked everyday. I am 44 years old and it was getting more and more difficult for me to do day to day functions. I thought it would be easier for me to go on disability and just stay home. I then watched Rene’s story on Oprah and one thing that her daughter said was “the day my Mom became bed ridden was the day there was no turning back”. Talk about a smack upside my head. I knew if I went down that path I would end up like Rene.
    The very next day I signed up for Weight Watchers and have lost close to 80 pounds. I am eating healthy, slowly am incorporating in exercise, and am determined to lose weight and be healthy. I know I still have a long way to go, but one day and a time and one ounce at a time, I will be successful thanks to Rene.
    God bless her children and I hope they know their Mom got her wish, she was able to help at least one person with her story…ME. Thanks Rene!

  201. karen

    Please tell her kids that she probably had damage to her pituitary in the car accident and may have had other endocrine problems — a thyroid problem is not the only reason to gain such weight. These kids are not condemned to a life of obesity because mom was.

  202. Felicia Tampa, FL

    May GOD bless her beautiful girls and watch over them. She was pretty young lady and i know how she felt being over weight. I had gatric bypass surgery April 2008 and I thank God I made it through for myself and children.
    May she rest in peace.

  203. Lena Theresa

    I lost my mom a month after her surgery. She went in after losing 200lbs to have the extra skin removed. That was on December 22, 1995. I miss herr so much. Renees story hit me so hard. I have to get my weight off so my girls don’t lose me.

  204. deborah

    i want 2 say that i think that ALL the ppl who r judgin renee r stupid nd have no heart!!!im 11 and im pre-diabetic and know how it feels 2 b laughed @ she was a great mom and dedicated her life 2 her 2 girls. they r lucky 2 have had a mother who cared 4 them so much.;)i have a mom who 2 is morbidly obese.But u know wat?she tries here darndest 2 do so much 4 me nd my 2 younger brothers.she is a wonderfull mom nd i love her 4 WHO SHE IS!!!!all the ppl who agree with me…..PRAY 4 RENNEE AND HER 2 GIRLS nd every1 who is over weight,obese,chubby,etc.And who dont feel anything @ all and r saying “wat ever she needs 2 get off her fat butt and get 2 work!” GOD will punish u with watever! renee was a spirited prsn who tried 2 get help nd not 2 late.she had acar crash and was bed-ridden wat do u expect 4 her to get better over nite n do somethin!?
    u all who think that dont know the pain nd the feeling!!!AND I WIIL PRAY 4 EVERY1 WHO DISAGREES WITH ME!

  205. Artis Rains

    Wow! What a neat and beautiful lady! She died to soon! I hope for what it’s worth, her children will grow up to be very proud of their mom, for she is now bigger than life. She is making a difference beyond the grave, so, her death was not in vain, just a tragedy that might have been prevented if someone in the medical world could have had human compassion beyond the fear of medical malpractice. R.I.P. Renee

  206. rachell

    I have watched this special many times and it was on again the other day. it is march 2010 and I feel sorry for her kids and her family. but i also feel sorry for her. Being obese is not a choice in most cases. It is an addiction just like drugs or alcohol or exercise or one enjoys those things its just something u need to make u forget the horrors of ur life. I am 36 and nearly 500lbs and when i was 5 i attempted suicide for the first time. if i did not eat the pain away id be dead anyway. I would love the chance to go to that hospital and get some psychiatric help but i have no money. I agree that people should not take food to people like that its not helping and when i get to that point i have given directions that no one is to help me get food. I want help.. i want a life, hell i want to go on a date for the first time in my life or anything resembling a normal life but i just continue to eat my emotions away. the surgeries are useless if they dont come with brain surgery or psychiatric help.. but i still feel for this family and anyone in this situation because i know how it is. im totally responsible for my situation i just cant seem to help myself. Good luck to you all no matter what your drug of choice is and no matter how or what you abuse to get thru ur day but we are all the same our choices are just different.

  207. Jessica Harold

    Someone should’ve been reached out to the woman. When my husband and I watched her story on TLC it broke us down and saddened our hearts. We can’t keep her off of our minds. She was truly an inspiration and angel. Renee had two gorgeous daughters. I feel so sorry for her girls, but I’m relieved, glad, and I’m thankful to God that she no longer has to suffer or be in pain. May God bless her family and continue to give them strength to move forward. The family will be reunited once again oneday. Renee was a beautiful woman inside and out and she had a nice and sweet personality. Whenever I think about her I get sad and can’t hold back my tears. May Renee Williams live in my heart forever.

  208. jackie

    to the family and others who have left messages on here im a 38 yr old women with 2 great boys in 2004 after my fater died i looked up gastric bypass because most of my family is over weight. i chose to get the surgery to make me healthier for my boys.ive since then lost over 250 lbs. for you people that think its a quick fix ur soo very wrong ita a life style change and effects your whole family not just you. and to those that dont think gentics dont have a thing to do with it ur wrong and if you dont think you a addiction your wrong there also just because i dont pop pills get high and kill myself with illeagal drugs im in fact your killing yourself by eating. after i had the surgery i had to learn how not to eat so much and to eat more offten and make better choices. there are so many changes you go threw mentally and physically its hard to keep up with. its been 6 yrs come oct.29 and i still am learning how to deal witht he new me when i look in the mirror i still see the old me. god bless her girls at least she tried to get help and fought off all the ignorant people in this world.

  209. restinpeace gypsy

    it is not her fault, we must look beyond the outward apperence, she was human with feelings and truly want to get better for her children. why is the dr not on trial? there have been others to die at his hands, i speak from experiance, my husband died on 4/6/10 for complications, but dr was more concerned with tlc filming him and 1/2ton teen. weight loss is a very hard battle I dont have much to lose and i need help, try to imagine being 800 lbs, my husband did lose 250 lbs wich was his musculs and organs, spent last 3 weeks in icu. we need to hold dr accountable, save the next ones life i hope!

  210. Chris

    I just saw her story. May god bless her soul and her family! She’s such a beautiful and inspiring woman. I’m not usually moved by much but seeing her story touched me.

  211. kim harris

    i just watched her story and i feel for her and her loved ones and i understand that people have lost the weight and dont see why she cant do the same way but it is not always that easy i am a juvinial diebetic and the older i get the more insuline i have to take i have always been an active person and ran cross country and swam for my high school and never was thin always about a size 14 what some people dont understand is that the more insulin you put in the more weight you gane and alot think that the reason i have to take more insulin is because i eat poorly and that is far from the truth i eat no mre than 1200cals and stay away from all simple sugars no white breads,pastas,no potatos and weigh all my foods but do to the 25 yrs i have been a diabetic my organs are tiered i make no insulin on my own so i have horrible pains from diabetic neropithy so my exersice has turned to pure hell when im done i hurt so bad i cry and cant sll
    eep so dont judge others for their size that might be something deeper the first dr should have been a phsycologiest to see why she had this issue and what choices her children have to not have the same issues and that no one should judge their momma only god is our judge let god be with this children and help them learn how to eat and think for them selves and not let the pain of her past hurt them any more

  212. melody knowles

    My Heart goes out to you beautiful,beautiful Girls!!! Marina I know you lost your best friend, I also lost mine in 2001. i know what you are feeling!!! Keep your head up girlie!!!

  213. Patricia

    To her beautiful daughters, you are not forgotten and neither is your Mom. She was a brave woman who fought against terrific odds just like any other person suffering from illness, accident or misfortune. She is with the Lord now and you will see her in heaven one day. For those who continue to struggle with weight there is still hope, where there is life , there is hope and God is the author of hope and love. Praying for you girls and those who continue to courageously battle.

  214. jayloe

    That was truly sad, it hurts my heart to know that someone like her was willing to turn their life around and goes through all that pain and doesn’t even get a chance to make it out. MAY SHE REST IN PEACE R.I.P.

  215. Shirley M

    I hope what I say will be a tribute to Renee Williams and her family. I want her family to know that there are people in this world who do not blame any of them or feel it necessary to say unkind things about a person who died as the result of an illness that can be fatal – obesity. I have read remarks by people who seem to think that her death was the result of a personal failure rather than an untreated medical problem. I didn’t get the impression that Renee was ever properly treated for her illness. Her family seemed to love her dearly but they too had no idea how to help or support something they knew nothing about. They needed help just as much as Renee just in a different way. How terrible they must have all felt every time Renee reached out for help but was told that for whatever reason they were unable to provide the requested assistance.
    I do not think Renee Williams died because she didn’t have enough “will power”. I do not think Renee Williams died because her family didn’t know how provide a balanced diet for an obese person. I do not think Renee Williams or her family deserve to have anyone point their finger at them. I think Renee Williams died because, as of right now, not enough is known about how to give the proper treatment to an obese person or their support group.
    I want to commend Renee and her family for shedding what light they could on an illness that is growing with each passing year. I’m not sure I have the strength to be able to let the world explore a side of my life that I might find embarrassing or shameful. My hat is off to you for stepping up without shame and doing all you knew to do. We should all be so brave.

  216. Olivia Nthoi

    I watched a documentary on Renee a couple of Days ago and also googled her story… I live in Botswana- southern Africa, the documentary is only being aired now on zone reality. It really touched me because I too like her children lost my mother in 2007 due to murder… Im still healing up untill today. I hope that God holds their hands as they grow and he also wipes their tears and they realise that the love their mother had for them will keep them strong and they too can love their children as much as she loved them one day…

  217. Betsy

    Very tragic. God Bless those young ladies. And may her story be an inspiration to people for many more years to come. I too had a weight problem. It is not the easiest thing to do but it is doable. Start out with just a five minute walk. Cut only one thing from your diet a week. Go to the doctor if that does not work, look up diets on the internet. Weight Watchers works for lots of folks and not for others, another exceptional one that is not very wide spread is XTRATHIN it works by bringing levels back to a healthy normal. The HCG is good for lots of people, or Atkins, and of course there are lots of store type diets. You can even just cut out certain things and lose weight. Like cutting out soda or pasta. Whatever you do….do something. Don’t put it off. Do it for you, do it for those around you!

  218. Mindy

    Don’t you think she knew all that, just because she was overweight doesn’t mean she was stupid. Your comments are condescending and rude. What you say is factual but that doesn’t make your comments appropriate. You have a smug, conceited, and horrible attitude toward others. Maybe now that you don’t have to focus on losing you you can focus on trying to become a more sensible person.

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