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Brad Delp


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bdelp.jpgBradley Delp, the lead singer of the mega-platinum rock band Boston, committed suicide on March 9. He was 55.

A Boston native, Delp bought his first guitar when he was 13 years old. The purchase was inspired by a viewing of the Beatles’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Delp’s first band, The Iguanas, was short-lived, but he and several of its members continued playing together throughout high school as The Monks. A good portion of the band’s repertoire included songs by the Fab Four.

After graduation, Delp began working in a factory making heating coils for Mr. Coffee machines. His free time was dedicated to writing songs, honing his skills on guitar, keyboards and harp and playing gigs at local bars and clubs. In the early 1970s, Delp tried out for Boston, a rock band formed by Tom Scholz, who was an MIT student interested in experimenting with new recording methods. Scholz had auditioned numerous other singers, but he knew Delp’s powerful and distinguishable voice was exactly what the group needed in a lead vocalist.

Delp sang lead and all the harmony tracks on Boston’s first three albums, and on the band’s hits: “More Than a Feeling,” “Don’t Look Back,” “Long Time” and “Amanda.” The group’s self-titled 1976 album went platinum in three months and was widely credited as the top-selling debut in American history. The album stayed on the charts for 101 weeks and eventually sold 17 million copies. Boston was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best New Artist” in 1977 and voted Best New Band by the readers of Rolling Stone magazine that same year.

Delp left Boston to pursue other musical interests in 1990, but he returned 12 years later to lend his voice to the band’s most recent album, “Corporate America.” He also fronted a Beatles tribute band called Beatle Juice, and sang and wrote lyrics for former Boston bandmate Barry Goudreau, Sammy Hagar and RTZ.

Although Delp planned to tour with Boston and marry his fiancee, Pamela Sullivan, this summer, he struggled with depression. On March 9, police responded to a call for help at 1:20 p.m. and found Delp dead in his Atkinson, N.H., home. Paper-clipped to the neck of his shirt was a suicide note that read: “Mr. Brad Delp. J’ai une ame solitaire. I am a lonely soul.” Delp sealed himself inside his bathroom with two charcoal grills; toxicology tests showed he died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Other notes were left at the scene, including messages warning the police of the presence of carbon monoxide and sealed envelopes addressed to Sullivan, his son John Michael and his daughter Jenna, their mother Micki Delp and another couple whose identity was not disclosed.

Unlike other lead singers of arena rock bands from the 1970s and 1980s, Delp was a teetotaler, a vegetarian and a non-drug user. The soft-spoken and humble man was often called the “nicest guy in rock ‘n’ roll.” Upon news of his death, this sentiment was posted on the Boston Website. The band’s concerts scheduled for this summer have been canceled. However, a public memorial service is planned for a future date.

Watch Delp Perform “More Than a Feeling”

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  1. Dennis Daniel

    I was so very sad to hear of Brad’s passing. “Damn, we’ve lost another one!” I thought. I mean…why is it that all these great bands from the 70’s have to have at least one member die young? And Brad…of all people! No drugs! Great guy!
    My god, what a voice, huh? Those first three BOSTON albums are simply phenominal. When Tom Sholtz remixed the first two and re-released them, I was so excited. They sound so beautiful…and it’s all Brad’s voice! It is just heaven listening to the life-affirming, positive lyrics to a song like “Feeling Satisfied” loud, remixed and in all its glory! If only he could have lived by the words he sang…that music keeps you alive. I sat in my driveway with te song blasting in my car, and tears rolling down my eyes. “How could this voice be gone from the earth? Why?” Of course, with depression, there is no logic. No “why?”
    It’s nice to know he was a sweet, beloved man. Depression is a very terrible disease. Anyone who’s going through it, has gone through it, or has a friend or relative go through it knows…it has no reason attached to it. It is all chemical and crazy. It wasn’t Brad’s fault! He was sick…and when you are depressed…death sometimes seems a better way than suffering. As much as I don’t agree with his decision…I’m not him, so I can’t know how horrible it was for him! Imagine…being so loved, by millions, and very close to so many people…and still feeling like a lost soul. This is what this disease does. So sad.
    Thank goodness we will always have the amazing music of BOSTON. That unforgetable, one-of-a-kind sound filled with his powerful, beautiful voice and harmonies. God rest his poor sad soul. I’m sure he is now ta peace. Maybe now he can enjoy the vibe his music has brought to the people of earth. Goodbye Brad…and thank you buddy!

    • Christopher Childress

      What you wrote about Brad Delp was so beautiful I almost started crying. I skipped the other comments because yours was the ultimate!

  2. Sheri Cochran

    In my book Brad had the most beautiful and harmonic voice in Rock. What a sad and tragic loss. I am shocked and dismayed at the same time. A true artist, is a tortured soul.Unfortunately that is what draws us. Rest in peace Brad, your voice is forever engraved not only in my heart but for generations to come. You were Boston. No matter dead or alive, Boston will be nothing without your wonderful spirit and outstanding, heart wrenching, spine chilling voice. The world has lost a voice that has yet to be matched. Rest well my friend for the angels are waiting for you to join their choir.

  3. Paul Arnold

    I’m quite saddened by the Suicide of Brad Delp, and it is unfortunate that those seeking answers for his actions, would like to place the blame on others.
    I’m no expert on depression,but it is obvious to me that Brad felt he could not deal with his demons. According to all of the news that I have read Brad accepted responsibility for taking his own life.
    I have had the opportunity to see Brad perform live 3 times with Boston and once with RTZ,where he and Barry were kind enough to autograph my Barry Goudreau alblum cover. These are the memories that will stay with me whenever I listen to any of the music he helped to create and peform.
    My prayers and sympathy go out to those closest to Brad andI’m hopeful that in time all will come to understand that his suicide was no ones fault, but a choice Brad made on his own.
    Godspeed Brad,yourtalentswill be missed.
    -Paul Arnold

  4. Dave

    I grew up living in the Boston area (and still do). As I grew up I never really got “into” the band Boston, but heard them and I respected their music. In November of 2006 this all changed, and I became a huge fan. I had the unique oppurtunity of being able to be behind a camera at the BSO (Boston Symphony Orchestra) shooting a night of music with a tribute for Doug Flutie with the band Boston. I’m a news photographer for a Boston television station. Not only was it a cherry assignment but it brought me back to me childhood. I could not believe how good Brad Delp sounded. That band, and that guy didn’t miss a beat! I went out the next day and bought the first album on disc to listen to when I wanted to be inspired. In closing I will just say that looking at Brad in the room that they were taking photo op pictures, you could never tell that he was hurting inside. I look back at that November night and think how lucky I was to see just a person who I really didn’t know, who was in essence so popular. You have no idea what’s going on in ones mind and I wish all of us could have helped him before he took his own life.

  5. Robby Shieldes

    Brad Delp is, and always will be, the greatest voice in Rock Music! That being said,I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Brad. He will forever be missed on this planet! He now soars that astral demension where the BostonGuitarShip flys forever into eternity!! I first saw BOSTON in 1977 in Lubbock,Texas and they totally blew me and that Collesium away! Their music and Brad’s strong voice has always lifted my spirt and always gives me goosebumps,that elated MORE THAN A FEELING experience that only the very best of Rock music can give you!Since the Seventies,I have seen BOSTON 15 times including the 2003 tour through San Antonio and Dallas and most recently 2004 tour in Houston, Austin, and OK.City. The Band and Brad has always inspired me,especially in Austin,August 14, 2004 the same day I lost my career job as a Healthfood Supermarket Manager. BOSTON through Tom and Brad have alway given me the strengh and courage to face life, no matter how difficult it can become! I currently work, as one of my jobs, as a stagehand here in Austin Music Capitol of the World,so Tom if your reading this,and y’all plan to Tour again which I’m praying you do,it would be my life dream to be a BostonRoadie. BOSTON and BRAD’s voice will always be with me and to everone that I’ve turned on to this great harmonic Rock sound,BELIEVE IN LIFE AND NEVER CONCEDE IT!!! My heartwarming sympathy to Brad’s family and to the Band. Your friend and adoring fan forever,Robby Shieldes,Austin,Texas,April 2007.

  6. Ted Spencer

    What can I say that hasn’t said by the others….
    I’m 60 now and am still rockin’ to Boston. Brad’s voice got me through my own keyholes. This group is the best on the planet. We’ve lost some our best over the years and they leave us behind here on this rock sliding their discs into the machine…Ride the Light Brad, we love you~

  7. Julia Pearce

    Who could ever forget the mind blowing, powerful “More than a Feeling” enjoyed by me in the 70’s and my son aged in his 20’s now. The beautiful “Amanda” was also a favourite of mine. So very sad that one who can express himself so beautifully through music was a tortured soul in his everyday life. Depression is a vile condition that affects so many people. RIP Brad.

  8. Marco F. Illinois

    I’m almost 39 and I grew up listening and loving Boston. I’ve always found their music inspirational in my own life. To this day I still find their music very uplifting. The loss of Brad is truly a hit to my heart; he was always someone I’d like to shake hands with and say thank you sooo much for sharing his gift with us all. What a terrible loss to all who loved the man, and the music he gave us.
    Depression has also touched my family with the loss of my uncle last summer at only 51 years of age. Like Brad he took his life. I’m sure like me, anyone near to Brad thinks that they could’ve helped him, but I just think it goes to far beyond the rest of us. It’s a horrible sickness.
    In better days I took my uncle Joe to see Boston in the Tampa Sun Dome in 1997. What a great memory that was for us, the band with Fran Cosmo backing Brad was fabulous!
    He loved his music, and was a huge influence on my life with such groups as Floyd, Boston, Kansas, Tull, Joel, Queen, Beatles, and Cream, and the Stones. He’d always say how he would place a flat speaker(the kind you could hear while laying on a pillow..remember those?) under my head as a baby; years later I’d wake up to my 8-track or lp running with my headphones on with sweating around my ears from the heavy padding. Many a night the group playing was Boston…Good memories all. 🙂
    It’s said that to take your life is a mortal sin, a direct one stop trip to hell; but I feel doing so when you may not be in your right mind gives you a more favorable meeting with your maker, or at least I sure hope for their sakes.
    Brad and Joe, God Bless both your souls, and may you both rest in God’s light, jamming to a tune or two together.
    Marco F. Illinois

  9. Lemeki Delainukunawa

    From the moment I heard the song Amanda back in 1986 or 1987, I knew I was listening to a legend.
    I looked for the record in the music shops in my country (Fiji Islands) but none of them knew the band Boston and no one sold any of their record.
    Every few years after that, I kept looking whenever the thought of Boston popped up in my head. 20 years later (2006), I again scoured the music and video shops in my country in the hope that I might find a Boston record. Still I did not find one.
    In a last desperate move, I decided to at least look for records of various artists compilation album that may contain one of Boston’s song. I finally found some luck in a compilation called Power Ballads that contain songs of various artists and one from Boston – More than a Feeling. Its the only other Boston song I’ve ever heard and what an amazing song and band.
    Last week, while surfing away on the internet, suddenly a thought popped into my head to just use the internet to look for the song Amanda. And there it was posted on youtube. Finally, I could listen to the song again, however, I also learned the tragic news of the death of Brad Delp.
    Now I have done more research into the band Boston and have learnt more about them. I am indeed glad that my belief has truly been confirmed since the day 20 years ago when I heard the song Amanda, and that is Boston is truly a great band. Honestly speaking, they are THE BEST EVER in my books.
    I am hoping to be able to buy some of their records but I don’t know how to purchase it online. I’m hoping someone might be able help me with a link to where I can purchase it or send me a copy.
    If someone out there is reading this and wanting to help me, please email me on
    Thank you everyone for the wonderful words of condolences for Brad Delp’s family. Brad is indeed the greatest rock singer I have ever heard. The more I read about him, the more I get to like him. Although he is gone, I will always remember him for his beautiful voice that had kept me searching for a Boston record for 20 years.

  10. eugene

    Marco, Unfortunately, it’s not based on what we feel, it’s what God says. Suicide is not the ultimate sin. Dying in your sins without Jesus is. According to the scriptures, the only unpardonable sin is “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit” which means rejecting salvation through Jesus Christ. If at any tme during his life, he asked Jesus into his heart, and forgiveness of sins, he would be in heaven. That is the only way anyone can get to heaven. Romans 10: 9-10 also see the conversation between Jesus and the two thieves who were hung on the cross. The first step is believing. Brad Delp had an awesome talent. His band BOSTON was one of my all time favorites. At one time I could play almost all of their music on guitar note for note. It saddens me that this happend. Every man is given the opportunity to answer this question that Jesus asked His deciples “who do you say that I am?” Who is Jesus to you? Will He be your saviour or will He be your judge? you choose. I don’t know what you meant about “God bless your souls and God’s light.” You have to make the decision here, while you are alive. E

    • Gareth Vernon

      drop the horseshit buddy. There’s no holy book or scripture that can chase away the demons of depression and loneliness. You haven’t got a fucking clue, have you? Unless you have struggled with long-term clinical depression, and have tried everything, including religion, denial, drugs, booze, to dull the sharp cut of depression, then you will always be a tourist on the outside looking in! Jesus works for you? Fucking awesome, and I mean that. But for millions of people, nothing seems to drain or lessen the reservoir of depression when it strikes and in the end, you think only of how to make it stop! How to have an end to the emotional torment and inaudible screams from inside you. You think suicide is a cowards way out? I think only the bravest souls can even truly contemplate suicide because it forever denies you the possibility of love, peace, inner joy and you know you will be breaking the hearts of those that love you. So don’t anyone tell me that it takes a coward to flip the switch……Because I’m still here, too scared to end the nightmare…R.I.P. Mr Delp

  11. Matthew Harris

    I’ve been a huge Boston fan since I “discovered” them in my freshman year of college in 1991. Their sound (both instrumentally and vocally) was truly an uprising.
    Scholz created an amazing guitar sound, but it was Brad’s voice that really had me hooked.
    Brad’s got a great range – but so do many other vocalists. However, he had a unique, mellow quality and a fullness that no one else matches. He was also a master of both timing and style. He could sing softly, yet fully, from the heart, as in Amanda or he could belt it out with all the energy and power of hard rock.
    Brad did a lot of fantastic work besides his work with Boston. He collaborated with Barry Goudreau a number of times. Goudreau was the co-lead guitarist with Tom Scholz on the first two albums. Since Tom ended up taking 8 years to make the third album, Goudreau wanted to continue recording. In 1980 he recorded the self-titled album “Barry Goudreau”. Brad sang the vocals and original Boston drummer Sib Hashian provided the beat. Excellent work. Unfortunately, Scholz was furious about this and kicked Barry out of the band.
    Goudreau formed “Orion the Hunter” and released a self-titled album in 1984. Brad sang backing vocals on several songs and wrote about half the songs on the album.
    Brad and Barry Goudreau got together again around 1990 and formed RTZ. Their first album, Return to Zero, was released in 1991. It is excellent. Unfortunately, the record label didn’t promote it effectively and it did not enjoy the commercial success it should have. Brad decided to return to Boston to sing on the “Walk On” tour (for which he did NOT record the vocals, because of his commitment to RTZ). RTZ decided that without Brad, there was no sense in continuing. However, in 1998 another album, consisting of tracks they had recorded earlier, was released. It’s called “Lost” (also titled “Lost in America”). It’s also fantastic and again, Brad’s voice shines. Finally in 2001 they released “Lost and Found” (also titled “Found in America”). Another excellent work.
    Finally, in 2003, Brad and Barry collaborated again and released the aptly titled “Delp and Goudreau”. It’s much softer than any of the work either Brad or Barry had produced before, a lot of consisting almost of nothing more than acoustic guitar and Brad’s beautiful voice.
    I highly recommend all Delp fans get every one of these albums. You’ll love them.

  12. Gene

    I just recently found out about Brads death.
    What a tremendous talent he had in his voice and hands.
    Suneradio will be showcasing Boston in an two hour retrospective of songs and interviews both live and studio tracks.
    Then there songs will be played throughout the next day in our playlist.
    We are planning to run the tribute to Boston in August 2007. The actual day and time will be shown on our website. Look for details.
    Thanks Brad for wwonderful years of music and songs I will never forget.

  13. Tony Branton

    Many times in my life I have struggled with depression. Many times I have wondered how everyone else deals with life and have thought that they must feel the way I do not realizing that most do not. I have been on the brink of suicide and played “the man I’ll never be” and rose again to meet the demands of the day, in the blistering heat and humidity that can sap the drive from the most upbeat, energetic souls I’ve ever met, and I am not one. I got my first guitar in 78, a Fender bronco,and had DiMarzio super distortions put in it, an attempt to drive my little Fender Champ amplifier to the angelic sustain and tone only dreamed of and heard on Boston’s albums. Eddie Van Halen, a self admitted “Tone Chaser” knows. The sound of Boston has influenced generations, and will influence more. My son now 24 found, and loved Boston on his own, a testament to this timeless bands appeal and test of time. There is an understood language that supercedes race, culture and attitude that Boston transcends.Brad Delp, one of the few singers who was significant enough for me as a guitar follower, to remember well, has been, not only an inspiration, but a life saver. When my wife left me in my twenties, I went all over Texas looking for her in a Volkswagen, armed only with a cassette player and one tape and headphones. With tears rolling all the way, I listened to The man I’ll never be and intended to use that song to try to get her back. It worked. Everything happens for a reason. People live and die and never leave much of anything behind to benefit anyone but this man and this band have lent us much of their souls benevolence. We owe them much more than their tolls for albums and concerts, I owe them my life as I’m certain that I would not have made it through part of my life without them. People have spoken trivial words in speculation over Brad’s destiny in the hereafter. What we do here influences more people than we know and Brad had a POSITIVE influence. I would rather be Brad on judgment day than Jim Jones. Think about it and call me back. That should settle the matter of whether or not he went to heaven. With that said, I’ll add, If he didn’t make it, God can send me where ever he went. I’ll be happy listening to him sing for eternity cause I know he won’t be alone. God gave us the gift of music, and Brad. I don’t believe that kind of miracle life ends in deficit. You don’t know how many people are here today because of the music of Boston that became their anthems that got them through their day when their boss chewed them out and they retaliated the only way they could. The way I did. We turned our Boom Boxes all the way up, stuck in a Boston tape, and kicked some ass. We may have done our job, but our bosses with their pent up asses could never keep us down when that was playing. We won in the end. Boston is our lawyer, our champion, and our friend, without bias, unconditionally, and got ME through what church, with all its self rightous double standards and back stabbing leaders couldn’t. Well, I’ve probably said too much, but when I was taking guitar lessons at “The Guitar Shop” in Shreveport La. and I went in and heard a live Les Paul on a Marshall Stack playing the lead from Don’t look back, It gave me goose bumps, and all the inspiration to get a job, keep it, and buy myself one. Nothing else in my life has ever done me so much good for depression. The discipline of playing takes everything negative away, a wife’s bitching, a bosses attitude, worry over bills, and anything else. It’s my drug of choice and it works. My doctor said you can’t argue with success. I’ll take an overdose of Boston anyday and in my mind, Brad’s in Heaven well earned and I know I’m with the majority. We may not be able to vote him into heaven, That’s not our job, we do however stand united in the belief that he was a positive influence in a world otherwise gone to shit.

  14. Rick J Gausling

    I was a senior in high school when Boston released their first album. For me, at that time, I was absolutely awestruck. The sound they produced was absolutely phenomenal and something no other band could compare with at that time. And the voice! “Incredible: is all I can say. Brad Delp not only had one of the most recognizable and greatest voice in a rock band but his voice was one of the greatest ever. When one thinks of Nat King Cole, Brad Delp is right there with him. Brad Delp will be sorely missed, both as a musician and as a person.

  15. phil gill

    wow i am so sad hearing that my fav band to ever exist ,brad delp is gone,i was 17 when i got there first album 1977,i played the album and would write down the words to the songs to memorize them.the first 3 boston albums were the only music i had for many years because i didnt listen to anyone else.i puy a new sterio and amp in my car just to listen to boston,thats what he ment to me.when i first read it today my eyes filled with tears and my body conered in goose wife heard me crying and came into the computer room to see what was wrong and i told her,i just sit here and cry not believeing brads gone.just last night i was listening to third stage and telling a buddy of mine how boston and mr delp were the best thing to ever happen to me and the greatest band to ever exist.i am so saddend.i dont know what else to say ,boston went with me on so many dates and played at parties.ive played guitar for 20 years and bostons arrangements were the hardest but the most beautiful ive personaly ever played.ill close now by saying that heaven has recived there greatst singer in the heavenly chore.i guess GOD needed brad to sing to him in person.i love you mr brad delp.thank GOD when had you here as long as we did..

  16. Grant

    I am deeply moved and saddened by the loss of the greatest voice Rock has ever known…a voice singing lyrics that have transcended every emotion I’ve ever felt, good or bad. I had the righteous pleasure of seeing Brad sing every Boston Song at a number of concerts in the 90’s, the most special being Kingswood music theatre just north of Toronto Canada, I think in ’94. Nothing will ever replace the rush I felt as they all tuned up beforehand, and Brad was in perfect form, as usual, through the whole show…I have listened to him sing to me EVERY DAY for over 20 years, and the day he died it stung me to the bone–like losing a member of my immediate family. When he sang “A Man I’ll Never Be” it spoke to me about sticking to your guns and your beliefs, no matter who tries to change that or tell you that you need to conform! Sorry, man, —If I said what’s on my mind, you’d turn and walk away…..You look up at me and somewhere in your mind you see a man I’ll never be! I’ve had some past girlfriends who’ve wanted me to change and they have also seen a man I’ll never be–I am me, and that’s it. Brad, my brother and my friend sang that to my soul and made me believe in myself. I am shaken to the core that he is gone. As he said, “don’t look back!”
    I am sure that Jesus has welcomed him and said “well done, my good and faithful servant!”
    I love you, my friend….and miss your voice terribly now that it is silent on earth. I can only hope that you are singing in the heavenly choir. Someday I will be there to be a willing listener once again to the voice that led the soundtrack to my life so far…Rest well, Brad. I’ll see you sometime like no time has passed at all….

  17. Kelli

    I’m so sick and so pissed off to see stuff about Tom Scholz everywhere…
    While he was the “creator” of Boston, he wouldn’t have been squat without the talents of Brad Delp.
    What a kind, loving, unassuming man. So hot in his looks and personality, Brad was, from all that knew him, exception Tom who talks nothing except about himself and affiliation with Brad…
    I often have wondered since Brad offed himself, if it didn’t have something to do with the accolades he was so due, his loving heart that was never truly recognized and the incredible gift he gave that saw me through traumas in my life with his beautiful voice and gorgeous presence, as well as humility and dignity.
    Tom should have learned some lessons from Brad, rather than profiting from his death.
    Rest in peace, Brad.
    Your heart was a kind and precious one. Your voice one of brilliance, one of love, one of those that touches others as you have me….Tom didn’t do it….
    You did. It was you. And any Boston fan would know it.
    You’re using your wonderful voice in heaven. those of angels, I’m so very sorry that your kind heart was so grieved that you felt you could not continue…..fot those who loved you who truly knew you, this has to be absolutely nothing less than devastating….I pray for you all,……
    Tom: Do you pray? Or do you just profit from this King of Gold that makes you all this money and provides you all of this fame?
    You’d have been nothing without Brad. You profitted from his life. You should not profit from his pain.

  18. Clark Hagins

    Our media, who are obsessed with today’s far lessor Alternative and Emo bands don’t talk all that much I guess anyway about the passing away of the great Brad Delp. Brad Delp and his band were one of rock’s greatest ever. Boston was a bearded funny haired weird looking Beatles. And it seemed like Weirdos like ELO and others grew right out of Boston though for all I know Elo was first …who cares… 70’s bands like Boston and Elo and Cheaptrick and the Tubes had quirky wild sounds and they variated and they sought to trick you the listener in hopes that you weren’t quite sure which great fabulous band you were listening to yet they still all had this knack for death defying unique originality apiece… Its funny, ..I never knew or suspected that Brad was a lost lonely soul but I guess when we all get up there to age 55 …funny things happen to our brains then….The Delp and Goudreau album was so incredible …Brad sounded so strong even when his lyrics got complicated today and he seemed almost like the aging bitter soul We all are just becoming but we will survive to be 75 as we blog our own personal websites and such…..We take pot shots at our families and even friends and even God himself as we watch helplessly our youth slip away and the potential fame or money or what ever it was vanish into oblivion ….but in the end we are merely praying….I wish a guy like Kurt Cobain or Brad Delp would have picked up a phone and called me before they did the terrible deed…I would have told them how much I loved them even if they didn’t care…AND DON’T DO IT !!….even if it means you are gonna end up fat and old …and alone
    Fat and old
    Fat and old
    and oh so cold
    but you can take my hand
    Don’t ya do it man
    now fat and old
    and bearded and done
    but your youth
    was golden son
    in the sun
    in the sun
    I watched you run
    you seemed to have fun
    while I was always alone
    afraid to go out
    I just fiddled about
    while the likes of you
    made the music
    and the times
    we lived …
    WE Live !
    I wish I could have been the one
    like you
    Don’t do it
    Don’t do it
    Just stay here
    even though it is agony
    and all fear
    and it sucks to grow old
    fat and old
    lonely and cold
    and nobody cares
    but i do
    I do !!
    I am with you !
    We can be poor old seniors together
    sorta like when I’m 64
    no, we can’t handle our guitars anymore
    and we’re covered with wrinkles
    we’re lonely old souls
    bitter in the night
    and the morning sun too
    but i am with you
    i am with you !!
    fat and old
    and oh so cold
    lonely too
    and confused
    Only 55
    and I’m 42
    and its so damn horrible
    you wish you could catch some disease
    that would take your memory away
    but only keep the good data
    we’ll never betray
    and now its time to say goodnight
    and goodbye
    but man you don’t have to go
    I wish you could really know
    and care
    that we love you
    For Brad
    August 11, 2007

  19. Andy

    I just found out about the death of Brad Delp. I cant believe it. For some reason I googled Delp to see what he looks like now and found out he died. Boston was one of my favorite bands and Brad’s voice was unbelieveable! Boston was the first rock album I ever bought and was ready to see them in concert in ’78…But they suddently went into hibernation! I was hoping to finally see them in a reunion tour but now that will never happen… We lost a great talent for some unknown, terrible reason… Before anyone takes their own life, think out the others you will leave behind…Tomorrow is always another day!

  20. Evan Davies

    I remember waking up one night back in late 1981; I was in the 8th grade and I used to sleep with my radio playing softly. “More than a feeling” was playing and I was hearing it, almost half asleep, for the first time. I remember thinking that it was the probably the best song I had ever heard, and thinking “why don’t they make more songs like that?” A few months later I heard it again in a car when my friend’s father was driving my friend and I back to my house. I got excited and asked him if he knew what that song was and who sang it, and he did. The next week I went out and bought the 45 record,which had the shortened version of the song on it (those of you who remember 45’s know what I’m talking about) and the next Christmas I asked for and got Boston’s first album, with the complete version on it.
    A few months before Brad’s death I read a desription of “More than a feeling” describing the end of the song, when Delp’s voice “already etherially high, slides into the echoing empirium…”
    While many of Boston’s songs spoke to me, to this day, I can honestly state that “More than a feeling” is still the best song I have ever heard, it is certainly a first among favorites, and Brad Delp’s vocals are mostly what makes it such a marvelous creation. I believe Brad’s spirit has at last found the peace and love that eluded him in this world. Just as matter can neither be created or destroyed, his spirit has joined with the Creator that “carried him away for the last time.” The benevolent creater that carried him home. Sing with the angels Brad.

  21. Rick

    I remember back in March 2007 when I first heard that Brad Delp had died. I don’t believe the cause was yet known. I was e-mailed by someone tonight who said that he couldn’t believe that Brad Delp committed suicide. Before e-mailing him back, I Googled Brad Delp and sure enough, he did kill himself. I’m totally shocked.
    I had no idea he had depression and was 55 years old.
    I have depression and I am 55 years old. I know the pain and demons that go along with depression. I am unable to hold a job because of it.
    Depression has cost me many jobs, several destroyed relationships amongst other issues. I have the land phone line off the hook 24hours a day most of the time since we only need it for DSL Internet. Creditors calling all day. I can’t and won’t listen to the phone constantly nagging me.
    Brad Delp had an incredible voice that cannot be matched. Tom Scholz and Boston are nothing without his voice. That is the Boston sound! For them to continue touring with some other singer would be a joke. Just like Styx touring without Dennis DeYoung.
    I was fortunate enough to see BOSTON LIVE IN CONCERT at the Chicago Stadium in ILLINOIS on two dates March 31, 1977 and March 15, 1979.
    When I first heard BOSTON’S first album, I was in a local bar with a good friend of mine playing pool. The album kept going through a complete loop playing over and over again from beginning to end starting off with “More Than A Feeling.” That song really grabbed me instrumentally and vocally. The feedback in Tom Scholz’ guitar, the perfect harmonizing vocals, harmonizing guitar solos, clapping and drums really got my attention. I asked who that was and finally someone told me it was a brand new band called BOSTON. The next day I went out and bought the 12” vinyl record album. I kept playing “More Than A Feeling” over and over again. I just couldn’t get enough of that song.
    I have dealt with the thoughts of suicide and yet I have managed to take my prescription-sedating pill before I actually do anything hoping that a temporary cure for the worthlessness feeling might post pone that ugly event. So far it has kept me alive. I spend many hours in bed, not necessarily asleep, but resting and staying away from the ugly cruel world outside the door. Everyday is a struggle. Confusion and anger are symptoms I feel everyday.
    I used to play lead guitar and sing in rock bands for about 30 years. I have been out of it for at least 10 years now. I have thoughts of wanting to play again but then I come back to reality and realize I’m too messed up to commit to that much time and effort all but for a few bucks a night playing in bars or playing for a wedding. I even have some of the Rockman Tom Scholz Boston guitar modules in a head case to use to get that “Boston sound.”
    I’ve always loved “A Man I’ll Never Be” since the very first time I heard it. The guitar solo kind of resembles that of the guitar solo in “More Than A Feeling.” I don’t think that “A Man I’ll Never Be” was ever released as a single, but it is definitely “hit material.”
    The ending of “More than a feeling” sounds like Brad’s voice on sustain and fading into echoing swirls. Nothing can match that feeling I got while listening to that song. We lived through it. I was glad to have seen and heard them.
    Rest In Peace Brad. Everyone Loves You, Bro.

  22. michael lazaro

    I am a huge boston fan, and even a bigger delp fan. His music makes my day so much better. Every time I have a bad day I blast more than a feeling on my car radio, and it just makes the rest of my day better. From what I understand that is what brad was about. Making people smile and feel good. You will be greatly missed brad. you will be in my heart forever.
    Michael Lazaro from waltham, mass

  23. Jo

    Boston will be a band to transcend through generations. I have a 6 yr old and a 1 yr old that simply LOVE Boston. Won’t let them listen to Smokin
    Anyway, when I heard about Brad Delp dying, I told my 6 yr old that he was an angel now. A couple of days later, we we’re listening to her personal favorite song, Party, and she said “Momma, I can’t believe Boston is an angel now”. I thought to myself, he WAS Boston, without a doubt.
    They have always been my favorite band. I had uncles that listened to Boston, Journey, REO, ELO, Kansas, Queen, ect. and even at a young age, I knew he was special, just like my daughter does.
    Thank you Brad, for making my teenage years a little more bearable and for making the eyes of my daughters light up at the sound of your beautiful voice.
    I will make sure my grandbabies know and love the voice that is Boston.
    Prayers to his children, his family, all who were close to him. You will see him again as will we all.

  24. Pat Halvorson from Quincy, MA

    I attended the Brad Delp tribute in Boson, MA in Aug, 2007. I thought it was a wonderful show. What a treasue we have lost. Brad I hope you are in a better place. RIP We love you.

  25. Jerry

    I’ve read, with much sadness, the disparaging remarks made by some who are ignorant {not a derogatory term} of the facts surrounding the long climb to the top by Tom Scholz and Brad Delp. They ARE, and have always been BOSTON! There have been many talented additions who have accompanied them, but the fact remains: Tom and Brad ARE BOSTON! Lest anyone commence espousing diatribe about who initiated certain lawsuits….educate yourselves to the facts first. We all miss Bradley, and there will never be another like him, but we still have his buddy, Tom. Thank God for that. Sing with the angels, Brad.

  26. Scott

    Thank you for so many wonderful tributes to this great and inspiring artist. I felt the Holy Spirit testify in my heart that Brad is in Heaven and I felt this again when phil gil stated that “i guess GOD needed brad to sing to him in person”. I have loved Boston’s music for as long as I can remember. They have always been my favorite band. I remember turning up the music so loud to shake the house and playing my air guitar while rocking out to “Peace of Mind” and “More Than a Feeling.” I had no idea that Brad had died and that he had committed suicide until yesterday…some news travels slow.. But somehow I feel in my heart that it really wasn’t Brad’s or anyone else’s fault…just a sickness that overpowered a great man. I don’t condone suicide, and I suffer some from depression too, but I will always remember how great Boston’s music is and how it makes me feel and I will also always remember how I felt as I have read the many tributes stating that Brad is in heaven singing with the angels and that Brad was a great man and that he gave so much to so many of us. I believe and agree with all of this! He is the greatest singer of all time! Listen to your heart…I know that God is the judge of us all and I feel great peace of mind thinking that Brad must be singing in Heaven even now. God bless you, Brad, and thanks for all the wonderful music you have given to this lonely world.

  27. Dave Duncan

    My first concert was Sammy Hagar and Boston in Phila. at the Spectrum on 10/30/78; I was 13. Met Brad after the show – nicest guy in the world – as he was every other time I was lucky enough to meet him over the years with RTZ and Boston. Attended “Come Together” the tribute to Brad, in Boston Aug. 19. I feel like I’ve lost a close friend…

  28. Ray

    I first heard Boston in 1977. A friend of mine lent me their first album and asked me to listen to it. The first thing I noticed about the album was Brad’s voice. I thought “More Than A Feeling” was a great song. I loved the album.
    Then in 1978 my parents bought me my first stereo. It came with a tape deck that you could record directly of the radio. In the summer of 1978 a local radio station played the album “Don’t Look Back” in its entirety. I recorded it. I still have the tape. What a masterpiece. Again Brad’s voice stands out.
    It’s too bad the band didn’t release more albums. I think it was because Tom was too much of a perfectionist or something. I don’t know. But whatever the reason, I wish they had recorded more music.

  29. Patrick

    When I first heard of the group Boston, I was 19 years old. The sound of Boston just blew me away. A very large part of the success of Boston had to be Brad Delp. Depression is not really understand. I suffer from depression but my medicine and the continued love and support from my wife and kids continues to strength me. I actually tried twice to commit suicide several years ago. If you never been depressed, you can never understand what people will go through. It is sad about Brad Delp but hopefully he will have the peace that he longed for on earth. Love live Boston and Brad Delp!!! Listen to their music!!!

  30. Janis

    I was fortunate to meet Brad in person. He was the most incredible person. I will forever be saddened and hurt that a man such as him is no longer among us. He will be forever remembered and loved. When I met him after a concert in Concord Ca. he was gracious, funny, and incredibly attentive. I will always remember him talking about recovery and the meaning of “Higher Power”, I was new in recovery and that song along with him and Tom talking to me about it was what I will always remember.

  31. Frank Lukacs

    I can remember when I picked up my Boston debut album in the 70’s and had the ultimate pleasure of sitting in the 22nd row to the right of the stage in Vancouver B.C. at the Pacific Coliseum watching Brad Delp belt out the tunes and thinking how the Boston sound was light years ahead of its time.
    I’ve been a drummer for 38 years, playing track after track and drumming to the album at a young age of 17.
    It was magical. Brad Delp was and will always be Boston!

  32. sabrina

    I will always remeber you brad delp forever and ever even though i never got see you in one of your concerts but me my dad my mom and my sister will always remeber you in our hearts my was so sad when you died cause he was going to go to one of your concerts in the summer we will always miss you brad delp R.I.P you were the most greastest singer in the world i will never forget you.

  33. Andy

    Brad, may you rest in peace and may God bless you in Heaven.
    I suffer from depression as well. I have my good and bad times. Medication is what saves me from ending my life. Believe me, I’ve thought about it too. There are no words to describe depression. The best I can think for an analogy would be when one is home sick with the flu and can’t get out of bed. The fatigue it brings. No physical pain, just mental fatigue.
    I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy.
    I still don’t know why God would allow his children to suffer with it? There are times when I don’t believe in God and that’s when the suicidal thoughts come. I am sure that I what was going through Brad’s mind.

  34. Gary Crain

    The Man and his wonderful voice will be missed by a lot of people, His Legacy will live forever. Brad had the voice of an Angel and I know Heaven is enjoying it now. Rest In Peace

  35. Warren

    I have been a avid listener of Brad’s music with Boston from the beginning of Boston. I waited for Boston to make it close enough (Grand Fork N.D.) so that I could see them live which was more then I would have ever imagined. It was like sitting in a large room with the best of the best.
    I also, like others, suffer from a form of Depression and find Brad’s work healing to my soul when I need a fixing of the soul, and was going threw the toughest period in my life, I get into the zone , put in the CD of choice (I have them all) and heal. His talent has been my healing . (amazing voice) I thank God for his gift. Rest in peace Brad

  36. Kelly

    Tomorrow I will be 50 years old and I have known depression for 30 of those years. It sucks. Big time! The only way to describe it is a vast emptiness that cannot be filled. Thank God for Zoloft. I saw Boston for the first time in 1976. They opened for Black Sabbath at the Summit in Houston. Most everyone was there to see Sabbath, but I was there to see Brad sing “More than a Feeling” and the rest of the first album. That album still sends me out there. The situation with some sufferers of depression is that you don’t even realize they have a problem until it is too late. I just wish we could have helped him.

  37. mark pomietlo

    dear Boston
    i know that you lost someone very close in music and spirit…the whole world lost that certain spirit of music …brad will be missed not just for his voice but his true love of music and being there for us and you…depression is not a fun thing i was there myself and found help …life can be a whirlwind of uncertain emotions we all try to cover up and go on but sometimes we need that help too.i hope that brad knew we all loved him even if he was nt that close but he was in that musical spirit
    thanks brad for your talent and never be lonely again love ya mark pomietlo chippewa falls wis


    Arms are wide open Your singing gave us grace and left a hard spot to fill for any vocalist I write songs hoping that the singers that I have worked with would be able to pull them off like you did Sad to see the way you went and lonliness is very hard to deal with when your soul is yearning to reach out and give it one more good show you will always be remembered as one of the best and missed always thank you for your inspiration and love John Paul Seal 111 one of Bostons finest guitar players

  39. Laura

    May god bless his soul. His music is one of a kind, it really had feeling and expressed so much honesty.
    May he find peace with God.
    I wish comfort to his family and friends.

  40. MARK

    I have enjoyed “Boston” all my life. It just won’t be the same. It’s like when Steve Perry left “Journey”. I saw Boston in 2003 and last night. Big difference. RIP Brad. We love ya.

  41. Dan

    It still lifts my spirits everytime I hear Brad’s voice singing. He was and is my favorite rock voice. Gone way too soon, and loved by many…

  42. John

    The first time I could recall Boston was seeing the album in my brothers collection and being very enamored by its super cool Spaceship Album Sleeve……Me and my friend Scott used to lyp-sync and air guitar to “More Than A Feeling”,but I was a little too young and wasnt heavy into them.As I got older,Boston became a favorite!!…My three faves were always The Beatles,Def Leppard,and Queen and I have always loved the harmonies and Boston was no exception!…Brad Delp will always be one of my favorite lead singers and I KNOW he is high up in the sky somewhere singing away!….My fave Boston song is “Let Me Take You Home Tonight”!!…He sings that song with so much soul and whenever im thinkin about this tragedy,I just put that song on!!….I never knew he was such a huge Beatles fan and from what I heard he seemed like a really nice man…..Such a great loss!!….You will truly be missed,man!!……

  43. peter

    I remember meeting Brad at a “meet and greet” following a show in Worcester, MA. One of the nicest guys i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I saw him again when he was playing with his hobby band “Beatlejuice”. We got reaquainted with each other, and every time that I went to a Beatlejuice show, it was like seeing an old friend.
    I eventually moved to the Tampa FL area. I decided to take a trip up to Mass. to see Beatlejuice and to see Brad. After the show, we talked for quite some time. It was then that he told me that Boston was going back on tour in 2007, and that Tampa was on the schedule. I told him that I’ll see him there. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.
    Anyone who has ever known or met Brad is truly blessed. People can say what they want about Tom Scholz, but when he said that Brad Delp was the nicest guy in rock and roll, he was speaking the truth.
    It’s nearly 2 years since his death….I still miss my friend.

    • Danny

      Hi Peter. I know you probably wont believe me, but I just felt that I had to tell you how I met Brad. When I was 11 in 75 living on a farm in Pa. My friend Eric died from leukemia, and I had spent the entire year being bullied. One day I decided to end it at a clif out in the woods at an old abandoned sandstone quarry. Just as I was about to run off the cliff with, “That thing with wings” Brad later called it. A voice rang out form below shattering the complete stillness and quiet. “Don’t Jump”! I met Brad and Fran the next day, and it was Brad who had shouted out. Some time later he left a beautiful dog at the farm out there by hid yellow VW, at the end of the driveway with my stepfather. And when I went to thank him at the cabin he ended up breaking his hand protecting me from one of the guys there. I think Sheehan talked briefly about that in his interview he did once. There was a second little dog that appeared later on at the farm. And until recently I had no clue where it came from. Until that is I spoke to micki delp on FB with my wife. And she told us Brad gave TWO dogs to the farm in Pa once, A retriever and a chiuauaa. Sadly thou, and this is the reason I think I myself have severe depression. My stepfather had the dogs killed. He only reluctantly agreed to take the first dog by only saying the word “OK”. When I overheard Brad say to him these words. “Every young boy should have a dog…And I thought…That since you have this nice big farm of 330 acres, that it would make a good home…..What do you think”.

  44. George

    It’s been two years since the loss of the greatest voice in rock music. Boston will forever play in my collection. I still get chills when I crank up More Than A Feeling. Rock on Brad. I hope you have found peace brother.

  45. marianne

    Brad Delp had such an etherial voice ….when I watch him sing “more than a feeling” on utube, I still get goose bumps ! Then , when my name is mentioned in the song, with THAT voice, it’s like I could just MELT… I wish that he was still here with us…

  46. Sherri

    I was 15 and crusing the strip in town, Boston tape blaring on the stereo, blond hair flying in the wind, carefree and innocent !! Boston was as much of my teenage years as crusin was. Everytime I hear “any” of Brad Delps vocals takes me back to that carefree time in my life. I cant imagine those times without him!! I still listen to Boston and probably always will. If I have a bad day I turn up the volume and listen to the sweet sound of Brads incredible vocals, and it takes me back to a simpler time and place….it is my past, and I will forever be blessed to have had Brad Delp share it with me…thank you my friend, may you rest in peace, I will miss you!! Sherri

  47. Debbie

    I’m 37 years old and have listened to Boston for as long as I can remember. Like many people, Brad Delp touched me through his voice, lyrics, music. Years ago I was in a time in my life that I felt so empty and would drive up and down the seawall in Galveston just thinking about everything. Feelin’ Satisfied could not have came on at a better time. It was very uplifting and basically gave me strength to get myself back. I was sad that I did not get to see him in concert before he passed but was able to see Boston at ArrowFest last year at the Woodlands just to pay Brad respects as he touched my life. Everything I’ve read about him, he was such a beautiful person.

  48. Bill

    God Bless and RIP Brad in Jesus with Jesus forever. More Than A Feeling-Absolute Dynamite! No other words to describe this song and classic album I first listened to on 8 Track tape through the Summer of 1977. One of the few good things in music after early 1974 between Mid 1974 and 1979 that every song on the album still sounds great. Music from the Mid to End of the 1970’s was mostly a boring period then music variety started sounding good again in 1980 for the first time in 6 years. Most albums from the Mid to Late 1970’s I don’t like anymore. This is one of the few exceptions.

  49. Joe

    The most distinctive voice in rock.
    When you heard Brads voice, you knew it was Boston.
    Rest your soul Brad, you have given enough.
    Much love and repect.

  50. eddie

    when i was only 14 i heard that song more than a feeling and i liked it since then i listen to it all the time,but i have 2 of boston’s best cd’s and i can sing that 1 song “a man i’ll never be” i have a poweerful system in my car and when i play that song “more than a feeling” hope you can stand it,i love the band BOSTON. than you MR.BRAD DELP for all the years of beautiful music you have recorded into our hearts to stay,BRAD your talent is’nt over yet not til the good LORD saids o.k. your voice is needed to sing along with all the angels in heaven where you are now,we miss you here with us,one day we’ll see you there so you can show us how to sing just like you, “BRAD WE MISS YOU” rest in peace brother.

  51. Andy

    I’m a 51 year old german, sorry about my english.
    As I first heard “More Than A Feeling” on Radio, I called the Radiostation to ask “who is it?” I went to my favourite Record-Store and bought the Album.
    From then to now, Brad is my favourite Singer because his voice and words are touching my heart, my soul, my everything.
    I miss you, Brad
    but I’m sure we’ll jam in heaven.

  52. mike g

    I was in high school when boston released thier first ALBUM and its been on my phonograph, 8 track, cassette, CD, and I just recently Idownloaded an MP3 to burn so they can be with me when I travel. everytime I hear them Im saddend by the fact that Brad will no longer sing. I fuckin loved that guy. Hope to meet him someday

  53. chuchi cantabrorum

    Cuando alguien como Brad muere hay una serie de gente en el mundo que se siente mas vacia aún.
    Yo desde mi tierra Cantabria -España quiero dejar mi sentimiento de amistad hacia una persona que me dejo huella ya que convivi con su mùsica desde mi que yo era un crio.
    The man I´ll never be, creo que es un clásico que quedará en la mente de mucha gente en el mundo y que cada vez que lo escuchas te vuelves mucho mas sensible a lo que te rodea.Para mi es una obra maestra que perdurara en el tiempo infinito.
    Amigo Brad espero volverte a ver en el cielo, pues seguro tu estarás en el.

  54. janet allen

    Brad and the whole Boston group made my teenage life much better in the 70’s. Still turn the radio way up when a Brad song comes on. Love it always and now my 13 yr old daughter is starting to appreciate it also.

  55. Debbie

    Brad, on the anniversary of the day BOSTON and other musicians were in a state of shock, by you taking your life, you are NOT FORGOTTEN, your music lives on, I hear you every day and I just smile. WE may of lost a great musician that Day 3 years ago, but you are always in our hearts, and our thoughts. Alot of the time I find myself wondering why? But why just does not have an explanation, only you know what really happened, and for all of us out here still womdering why, there just is no why. We love you Brad, we always will, we will miss your laugh, your voice, your music, at the same time, we will never forget, I hope you found the peace you were looking for. Rset in peace my beloved friend, you are sadly missed by us all.

  56. michael martin

    still very sad and sickened to hear of brads passing.he was and is truly the greatest voice in rock-n-roll……why do all of the gr8 ones have to leave us?i pray for the family and friends that brad has left in peace brad,we love you more than you ever knew…….

  57. Brien

    I, like so many others who have a truly profound love of music am so disheartened by the tragic loss of Brad Delp. Brad Delp was a true Icon in a sea of mediocre artists and truly honed his skill to absolute perfection. Such an enigmatic musician, whose voice reached beyond his immediate audience and inspired so many to achieve their dreams regardless of their direction. Music is not only the fiery forge of our inspiration and ambition, but is also the hallmark of our time on this world. As we pass on, we are not only remembered by our life but are further identified with the music that touches each of us personally.
    Boston will play ( loudly ) at my ceremony when my endurance wears and I am no longer for this world.

  58. Richard Yanick

    I first heard about Brads death in a article in Guitar world titled “smokin in the boys room” after reading about Brads death, I complained about the title. Others followed and it was removed. Everytime I hear a Boston song a bit of sadness comes over me considering the circumstances and what everyone said about Brad being such a kind man. When he wrote “I am a lost soul” It makes me weep for some of us that can relate to that very statement. I really hope there is a afterlife from all of this suffering and pain but until then… Brad we really love your music and I am sure If I met you I would like you like a brother.

  59. Nick

    Behind Brad’s vocals, Boston will be one of the most recognizable bands of all time. I first bought the introductory album when first released, and play it now on my iPod all the time.
    A great inspirational voice, and from what I have read, a greater human. I was in Fresno, CA when I heard the news of Brad’s passing on the radio. I choked back the tears. Only John Lennon’s death brought such sadness.
    But Brad and John will live on forever. Such a legacy. Peace to you Brad.

  60. James chapman

    I must live under a rock…i grew up loving boston..i just learned about brads shocked…a man i ll never be, smokin…comeon.. Gotta be at the top of alltime rock songs…bud, i pray your at ease, rest peacefully…

  61. Danny

    I hope that one day the world will know what I know about Brad. WHO he was as a person. How he stopped me from ending it at the cliff when I was 11 back in 1975. Sheehan was there too, ask him. How he spoke to me alone the next day with the tear in his eye. And how he gave that beautiful dog at the farm for me. Then broke his hand right after that protecting me by shouting out to the guy these words. “Yourrr not gonna TOUCH Him!!!” And then ran to him knocking him to the floor right there in that cabin. When it was over I heard him say the words, “You broke….my..hand”. But the guy didn’t as he put it when he got up. “I’ll take care of him”. He never made it outside the door to do that. And I know how much Brad didn’t like confrontation, for I seen how Sheehan got right up in his face, and what that done to him. But there was no way he was going to let anyone “Touch” that boy he made his friend. And gave the dog to. And made him promise not to harm himself. He always used the word “Harm”. He was such a kind person, and I will never forget him for what he done back then. Long before anyone ever knew of the band Boston. And I only knew him as this nice guy in a red sox hat who drove a yellow VW.

  62. Daniel

    No doubt most will not believe this…But there are a few who knew Brad that DID know of it. Back in 1975. BEFORE the album. There was this nice. Humble, guy. Who just so happened to drive a yellow Volkswagen. And came to visit a hunting cabin near my farm, out in the woods when I was just 11 at the time. And NO he was not there to hunt. Along with his friend with the long brown hair, he called “Fran”. And later told me the nickname they called him by. “Maddog”. And right after my friend Eric died from leukemia. And a year of relentless, never ending bullying. And other things, I will not mention here…. At a cliff near that cabin. That kind, humble person. Who I only knew later as “Brad”. Suddenly screamed out the words, “DONT JUMP”! And so I am here today because of that. Not only that…. Later the following day, speaking alone quietly with me. That kind, humble guy who had curly hair tucked up under a red sox hat, that had a patch on the front of it. And stockings on that patch. Spoke quietly with me about what happened the day before. And I still can see clearly the tear he had come running down his left cheek, as he did that. He was absolutely THE most kindest person I have ever met. And believe me when I say this. I would not make this up. Even his second wife knew of the two dogs he gave for me at the farm, not long after that. And I was there when he broke his hand at that cabin. On the day right after leaving the first dog. The retriever breed. Broke his hand protecting me that day. Only because of the fact my stepfather had them dogs killed. Do I still suffer severe depression today. So all I can say is, Judge not, until you first have the FACTS. And if those who don’t wish to know the facts wish to remain ignorant. Well be it then. But I would suggest asking his first wife Kathy if she doesn’t remember any of it. Then do a search cross referencing “Richard Norman Thomas” to Donald Thomas. Norm owned that cabin, and he did tell me that ,”He would be having family coming down from up north to visit it, and that I would be meeting them”. Then when I asked where they were coming from. He said, “Boston”. Which may or may not be a coincidence….

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