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Jim Cronin


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jcronin.jpgJames Michael Cronin devoted his life to helping abused primates and fighting the illegal trade of these creatures.
The New York native began his career with animals working as a keeper at the Bronx Zoo. After moving to Britain in 1980, he worked at the Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent and developed a successful primate breeding program that allowed endangered species to thrive and return to their natural habitat.
In 1987, Cronin obtained a $35,000 business loan and turned an abandoned pig farm into the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre. The 65-acre wildlife park and animal sanctuary in Dorset, England is home to more than 160 rescued primates from 13 countries. Half a million people visit the park each year.
It was through Monkey World that Cronin met his wife, Alison Ames. A fellow American who was studying biological anthropology at Cambridge University, Ames visited the park in 1993 to discuss fencing techniques. Cronin was instantly smitten with the behavioral specialist and spent six months wooing her by phone until she agreed to go on a date with him. They wed three years later and became a passionate conservation team. Cronin helped raise funds for the maintenance of Monkey World; Ames ran the academic side of the park, teaching children, parents, teachers and animal lovers about its inhabitants.
When they weren’t caring for primates in Great Britain, the Cronins traveled around the world investigating reports of animal cruelty and fighting for the rights of apes. They rescued orangutans forced to perform in Thai boxing rings, chimpanzees used as tourist props on Mexican beaches and a Capuchin monkey living in solitary confinement with no water at the back of a British pet shop. The couple also helped find homes for abused primates and urged governments around the globe to enforce international treaties and laws aimed at protecting these animals from illegal hunting, smuggling and experimentation.
For past 10 years, the Cronins produced the TV series “Monkey Business,” which documented day-to-day life at the park and their rescue missions and undercover investigations throughout Europe and Asia. The program airs on Animal Planet; new episodes are scheduled for broadcast in the U.S. this fall.
Monkey World received the Animal Welfare Award from the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare in 2003. Last year, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Cronin a Member of the British Empire for his services to animal welfare.
Cronin died on March 17 of liver cancer. He was 55.

301 Responses to Jim Cronin

  1. Ron

    We need more people like you Jim. Those that arent afraid to help those that cannot help themselves. I hope someone is caring for you wherever you may be. Thank you so much for all you have done.

  2. Helen

    Hi, thank you for adding this obituary, I really wanted you to add it because he was such a wonderful man who did so much for the wildlife of the world.
    R.I.P Jim

  3. dorte

    this is very sad,and a chok to loose a great and wonderfull man like Jim. my censire condolenses to Alison,and jims famely frinds,and the monkeys,who also may feel the loss. Dorte.

  4. Stephen Jacobs

    I have watched most of the Monkey World programs and I am deeply shocked at the sad news of Jims death, I should like to send my condolences to Alison and all the team at Monkey world.
    My wife and I visited Monkey world a couple of years ago when we went to Bournemouth for a break and enjoyed it very much,I hope all the work Jim put into helping monkeys will continue and be a tribute to him.
    Hazel and Stephen Jacobs

  5. marian

    I am saddened and shocked to hear of Jim Cronin’s death, just by chance visiting the Monkey World web site as I do from time to time. What a wonderful and dedicated man he was. condolences to all his family and friends – such a loss will be deeply felt.

  6. Nuala

    My daughter and I are big fans of Monkey Business and are booked into a hotel to enable us to visit Monkey World next month. We are very sad to hear of Jim’s death and send our condolences to Alison and the rest of the team who must miss him very much but in his memory, and for him, keep up the good work guys, the primates need you.

  7. Helen Gill

    We couldn’t believe what we’d just heard on Animal Planet when they said the late Jim Cronin. This is such a sad loss to the animal world & we send our heartfelt condolences to Alison & all of Jim’s family & friends.
    We’ve admired Jim for many years & pray that Alison & the Monkey World staff will be able to continue with their excellent work.
    Helen & Terry

  8. keith Martin

    We met Jim at Monkey World last summer when we went to see our adopted chimp Charlie. We found Jim to be such a super guy, very helpfull, and humerous. Its a terrible shock to hear of his tragic passing. We send all our love to everyone at Monkey World at this very sad time, please Alison keep up the tremendos work you all do down in Dorset.
    Keith and Pauline Martin

  9. Peter and Heather

    We just watched the “Monkey Business” TV show. We are regular watchers and just love what has been done for our nearest animal relatives! I had just said that I would love to meet Jim and his team and then found that Jim had sadly passed away. This is so sad. We hope his spirit lives on to help and protect these wonderful animals for all time.

  10. Maggi

    I have watched Monkeyworld avidly since my retirement and have learned so much about our near cousins. I visited Monkeyworld just after Xmas and was impressed by the whole setup. Jim Cronin was one of those few individuals whose enthusiasm gripped and educated when he spoke with obvious deep affection for his charges. I send my heartfelt condolences to Alison, I have been widowed and know the emptiness of life after bereavment. Alison will know by now that nothing anyone says can divert her from the journey she now faces. My condolences also to the team who we have admired in their dedication to the animals. Maggi Howell MBE

  11. Janet alston

    I was deeply saddened to hear of Jim’s death. I have watched all of his and Alisons’s tv programmes and admired their strength and determination in rescuing these fantastic creatures.My deepest sympathies to Alison and all at Monkey World.

  12. Laura Tier

    Deeply saddened by the trajic loss of such a wonderful human being. Rest in Peace Jim and may the fantastic work at Monkey continue. My deepest sympathies to Alison, God Bless You.

  13. Tess Hayes

    It was only today that I sadly heard of the passing away of Jim. I loved the program Monkey World on TV & the work that both Jim & Alison have been doing for wild animals. Its put your faith in human nature watching them & their team lovingly looking after the animals.
    May The Lord be with Alison & Jims’ family.

  14. Kerrie Duncan

    Simply sad.
    I watch Monkey Business every weekend including all the repeats and I still find them wonderful. I have only just learned of Jim’s passing on the Monkey World website and would like to add my condolences to his wife Alison, to Jeremy and all the other keepers and lastly to all his monkey pals who must miss Jim very much.
    Rest in peace Jim. A man who will be sadly missed.
    Kerrie Duncan

  15. Jayne Wilson

    I have just learned of the very sad news that Jim has passed away. My husband and I visited Monkey World for the first time last year. It made us realise what wonderful work you all do.Our condolences to Alison,Jeremy and all at Monkey World.

  16. Diana Jong Baw

    Rest in peace Jim. I will never forget you.
    I’ll send my love to Alison and all the staff at Monkey World in these sad times.

  17. Jane Facer

    I watched Monkey World the other night as I have been unable to watch it lately as I have found it too sad – I still cannot believe that such a lovely man who does so much good in this world was taken so young. I cannot begin to imagine how Alison must be coping but I suppose she has a lot to keep her mind occupied with all those gorgeous animals to care for. I am sure he’ll be keeping an eye on them all from heaven – Jane

  18. Wil van der Kruk

    Dear members of monkeyworld, dear Alison,
    I was shocked wenn I saw the message on your site. Once in a few month I visite your site, so it is untill now that I hear of Jim’s dead. I am really shocked. I don’t know how I have to make a condoleance in English, but I want you to know that I will think of you. I hope the power and positif fanatism of Jim will support you in going on with the fabulous work.
    Wil van der Kruk
    the Netherlands

  19. Pat Carter

    Dear Jim, thank you for all you and Alison have done for the primates of this world. Really we cannot afford to lose poeple like you and Steve Irwin. It has been a real pleasure and education to watch your work around the world and you love of the animals that you introduced us all to will live on. Take your well earned rest and may your God keep you…………….

  20. Christina Cooper

    There are too few truly good people in the world and the loss of one such as jim cronin will be felt for a long time by both human and primate.

  21. sharon

    I am so saddened to hear that such an amazing, caring, committed person should be taken away from us; still young. He did great work, and will be remembered by many, many people around the world. My heart goes out to Alison. I know his work will be continued through her, and his fantastic team at Monkey World.
    RIP Jim.

  22. Joan Murray

    Words are not enough to express the great loss Jim will be, he was such a dedicated man. I do hope Alison will carry on his good work with the help of the excellent staff at Monkey World.
    Thinking of you all.

  23. Helen

    I am totally devastated by the news of the passing of this wonderful man. He has made such a huge difference to the lives of so many primates, and enriched the lives of everyone who met him and who visited Monkey World.
    The World is a much poorer place without him. I hope Alison and his devoted team at Monkey World, are able to continue his legacy.
    My heart goes out to Alison, Jim’s daughter and all his friends.

  24. Terrie and Mike Mintram

    We have followed Jim and Alison through good and sad times through Monkey World.
    We have the upmost respect for the work Jim and his lovely wife Alison have done for Monkey World and all primates world wide. His MBE was well deserved and we would have loved to have met Jim to tell him how much we marveled at his love and dedication to all his residents of Monkey World.
    May Jim rest in peace and we hope Alison and the rest of the dedicated team at Monkey World will continue to carry on Jim’s Lagacy.
    God Bless you all.

  25. julie of Tring

    Jim, was a most wonderfull man, he did so much, yet wanted so little…
    just a place where monkeys could live out their lives in peace…
    and to stop the barbaric trade of monkey’s, being sold for gain….
    his wife will continue to carry on his name and his causes….
    be strong alison….
    you can do it…

  26. Janette Navan

    I was so shocked to see that Jim has died when I visited the web site. I can’t think why it wasn’t on national news as he was a wonderful human being. I hope he’s being well looked after, he deserves it.
    R.I.P. Jim


    I have looked at monkey world web site for opening
    times and the news that greeted me has left me and my family with a heavy heart,This is not right
    that a man who has done so much good in this harsh world should be taken from us Jim and Alison
    and all at monkey should be proud of what they have done please carry on helping these wonderfull
    creatures .
    All our family are thinking of you all.

  28. anne dixon

    All my family and friends are deeply sad at the loss of Jim Cronin who did so much for primate rescue and care. We loved watching Monkey Business and were thrilled that Jim and Alison were doing so well in animal conservation abroad and helping in stopping illegal animal trading.
    Jim will be missed so much. Thank you both for everything you have done.
    Our love and best wishes to Alison and family and staff. Carry on this vital and excellent work

  29. Liz Coll

    So sad to read about Jim. Intended to come to monkey world this summer and couldn’t wait – but was totally shocked to read about the loss of Jim.
    Hope Alison, Jeremy and Mike and all the others keep up the work Jim started and loved so much.

  30. Carole and Louise Macdonald

    Very shocked and sad to hear of Jim’s death, we love watching Monkey Business.
    Our thoughts and love go out to Alison and her great team at Monkey World.
    Jim will live on in the faces of the beautifull creatures he dedicated his life to.

  31. Tal Shechter

    I was very shocked and sad to hear of Jim’s death. 3 years ago my partner and I met him on our visit in Monkey World. We started to chut with him, and he was very nice and aprochable. This was one of the high of the visit for me. My motherinlaw and I love watching Monkey Business in Nasional Geografic channel.
    We want to sent our condolences and love to Alison and the family of Monkey World, primates included.
    Tal Shechter Israel

  32. Tim Fowler

    It’s a shame to lose someone who does such decent work with animals, and champions their rights as Jim did. It’s been tough losing Jim and others like Steve Irwin, who actually made a difference, and were able to do what most of us only dream of doing.
    I’m concerned as to the lack of national media attention his death was given. I do not remember seeing or hearing a single article about it, and only found out about it from visiting the website, as my wife and I are planning on taking our kids next weekend to visit. My condolences to his wife Alison, and the rest of his family and friends.

  33. Carol

    I came to know about Monkey World when I had a short time off work due to a series of set backs including the diagnosis of my dad’s cancer, which thankfully was successfully operated on.
    I happened to be flicking through the sky channels and there it was… the most heartwarming, heartrending, inspirational programme with Jim, Alison and Jeremy telling us the tales of how the chimps came to be rescued and how well their rehabilitation was going.
    Jim, your legacy will live on through Monkey World, Alison and all the dedicated staff who will miss you.
    My heart felt sympathies to Alison and all of Jim’s family and friends x

  34. Beverley Rose

    I have only recently found out about Jim’s death, I couldn’t beleive it was true.
    What a wonderful, kind & devoted man he was.
    He will be missed so very much, but has left a legacy of kindness to animals that will go on.
    My condolences to Alison & all at Monkey World.

  35. sheena

    I cant beleive that Jim has passed away, i never knew until i accessed the website for monkey world . I burst into tears,ive watched Jim and Alsion for years on tv, and marvelled at their love and dedication to their ‘primate family’. I send my most sincere condolences to Alison, and Jims family, and hope they find strength from all the love that we the viewers and primate lovers send to them at this sad time, i hope the ‘boys n girls’ dont miss him too much.xx

  36. Julie Bainbridge

    I too have only just learned of the sad passing of Jim Cronin after visiting the Monkey world website.
    As has been mentioned by a few other people who have left messages of condolence here, I find it incredible that this tragic news was not once reported by any of the so called popular media?
    No tabloid or magazine, or indeed any of the major news chanels, reported the sad and untimely death of this truly inspirational man.
    Shame on EVERY journalist and news reporter in the UK!
    My deepest sympathy goes to Alison, the staff at Monkey World, and all of Jims family and friends,
    who will no doubt miss him terribly.

  37. Elaine Penney

    I too have just found out about the very sad passing of a great man. He was an inspiration to us all. My very deep condolences go to Alison, his family and all at Monkeyworld as I am sure the residents there will miss him too. It is such a shame the tabloids did not report this!!
    Take care all at Monkeyworld, I am sure his legacy will go on from strength to strength.

  38. Susan Parkinson

    Our family were so sorry to hear of Jim’s passing.
    Our sympathies go to Alison, his family, friends and colleagues, human and primate.
    Our sad planet has lost a good friend, who will be sorely missed.
    May Monkeyworld thrive and go from strength the strength.

  39. Mike & Jackie Crook

    We have been shocked by the news we discovered today only by accident in a tabloid magazine that Jim Cronin has sadly died. Keep up the wonderful work and our deepest sympathies go to Alison, his family and all at Monkeyworld.
    Why no press coverage about the passing of a dedicated, hardworking, loving character that Jim was ?

  40. carol gates

    just found out about Jim we met him one visit in the coffee shop and you could not have met a nicer person.We are sorry for your loss to Alison and all the staff.Hope you can find it in your hearts to keep going at Monkey World. Just an unhappy time it is like another important big hearted person like Steve Irvin has gone. The animal world will be unhappy again……

  41. Linda Harrison

    How can Jims passing be of so little importance, and it has taken months for some people to hear about it. I am saddened personally and pass my condolences to his wife and family I am an avid fan and I can watch Monkey world over and over again. Dear God please let Alison and her team find strength to carry on with the programme, he has entertained and educated millions of people and we understand primates more now than ever.THANK YOU JIM.

  42. jane Kay

    I, too only found out about Jim’s death from the T.V. magazine, and cannot understand why the media have not reported it. Hope Alison is bearing up, my sincere sympathy to her and all his family.

  43. s.hughes

    dear alison.i am soo sorry hearing about jim.my heart goes out to you .i loved watching monkey busininess.the love you have for each other .and the love you both have for primates is unforgetable.

  44. Karihyder

    I just found out that Jim is dead its so bad, a big thout to Allison and the rest of the big famely, why just him? He have done so much good for the world. But some told me a long time a go, all good ppl are going dead early. They are to good for this bad planet.

  45. Ladysue

    I have only just seen this sad new. Jim and Allison have been an inspiration to us all. They have taught the world many valuable lessons and their work has touched us all.

  46. Jess

    For a project at school i could choose anyone in the world as my role model, i’ve picked you. You were a great person and an inspiration to us all

  47. taylor family,appley bridge

    absolutely devastated losing jim cronin & steve irwin in space of 7 months. the passion came across in the tv series of monkey world. the difference between the pair was jim was his singular devotion to the cause of ape rescue with his wife alison & steve his ‘crocs’. Chimpanzees are not native to the british isles but jim had a vision. too which he & alison were true!.

  48. Ian

    A bigger shock I don`t think I have had.Why the good ones always go first I don`t know.
    Jim? a man in a million and this is one time I wish I had the power to turn the clock back.
    Jim and Rodney will be keeping an eye on Monkey world from up there.
    I truely believe this.
    Sincere condolences to Alison and all the team who we all know will keep up the good work as Jim would so wish.
    God bless you all.

  49. Christine Oldfield

    My sincere condolences to Alison, family and friends of Jim Cronin. I only found out today of his passing, 3rd June.
    It was reported in the Saturday Mirror magazine, I am really shocked that it has not been reported before now by the Animal Planet or such like. He was such a good man. Chin up Alison he’ll still be with you wherever you are. So so sad. Christine Oldfield.



  51. Mike & Gerry

    We were most upset to read of Jim’s passing on our return from holiday. His dedication to his ‘mission’ as seen through the TV series ‘Monkey Business’ has been truly inspiring. Alison will need all the love and support she can get right now and we can all play a part. Visit as often as you can, adopt a monkey or ape, establish a legacy or contribute to Jim’s Memorial Fund. This way we can ensure the park continues to thrive.
    Be stong Alison. x

  52. lisa prescott

    oh my god i realy dont know what to say i am sat at my desk at work crying and nothing seems important today. I realy believe angels are put on this earth for a reason and some are lucky enough to have a affinity towards animals and animal welfare. you was one jim and the world is a sader darker place without you, god bless and may alsion find comfort xx

  53. eddie and sharon

    We just wanted to pass on our thoughts to Alison and the team at monkey world. This is one of those programmes that you can watch, learn and have fun as a family. Watching things like this makes you feel that you know the people in it. We didnt know Jim but he educated us, amused us and has now brought a tear to our eye. Alison, stay strong. You have many many people who respect and care for you and who will do all they can to help you in this sad time.
    Good luck for the future x

  54. Linda

    I’ve only just heard the sad news of Jims passing. My love and best wishes go out to Alison, Jims daughter and to all at monkey world. Jim will live on through the fantastic work at his park.
    Such a waste of such a fantastic guy, I can only guess that the big guy upstairs needs help with errant chimps.
    Rest in peace Jim.

  55. Evelyn Lunario

    Es increible, pero la verdad por ver paginas Web me informo de estre triste deceso, sin embargo mencionar que personas tan dedicadas con los animales son pocas y estoy segura que Dios las quiere a su lado para poder velar desde los cielos a los cientos de animales, en este caso mosnos que sufren de maltrato, Jim serás un gran ejemplo para nosotros que hacemos algo por los animales.
    Evelyn Lunario
    La Paz-Bolivia

  56. Maria

    Really shocked and saddened to hear about Jim Cronin. My husband and I both love watching Monkey World. It is a terrific programme made all the more interesting by the wonderful staff who work there. That’s two great wildlife ambassadors we have lost this year. How sad. Regards and lots of sympathy to Alison and her family.

  57. Karin Kristiansen

    Kæreste Alison,
    Det var med sorg jeg læste om Jim’s bortgang. Hvor stor må din sorg ikke være, Alison! Jeg vil sende gode tanker afsted til dig og glædes over at kunne se Monkey World hver dag.Tusind tak for at I har gjort det muligt for Os her i Danmark, ved at redde alle disse dejlige aber.

  58. Michelle

    Just heard the sad news- cant believe its took so long to be reported, I too saw it in the Mirror at the weekend but what took so long???
    My thoughts are with Jim’s family & friends, but I know he’s reserved his place in heaven.
    One less good person on earth, one more angel in heaven.
    Bless you, Jim.

  59. Maria Brejner

    Oh no..
    I was just checking my mail, and happened on the link to Monkey World’s website and thought I’d check.
    I can’t believe he’s dead.. First Steve Irwin, now Jim. What is happening in the world???
    It’s just gutting. Now both my biggest mentors in animal welfare are gone. I feel so heartbroken.
    Jim, you were so special! Through you, Alison and all the rest at Monkey World, I learned to look closer an animals and their behaviour in order to make their lives in captivity better, and to help keep them in nature.
    Yet again, a wonderful person was taken from us way, way too soon.
    You are sorely missed.
    Love to those who love you,
    Maria Brejner

  60. Tracey

    Like every one else we were shocked and saddened by Jim’s passing. My sister and I had the great pleasure of meeting him at the park and he was an even greater man in real life than he appeared on TV. I have been checking regularly to see if any memorial event will be taking place at the park, does anyone know if so and when?
    God Bless Jim, Alison, all your staff and primates who will me you so dearly.
    Love Tracey and Sharon Murtagh xxxxxxx

  61. deb hands

    i had just been watching monkey business and logged onto the website and found out about jim I am very shocked that such a wonderfull man could be taken my thoughts are with you alison i hope you find the strengh to carry on your amazing work

  62. Bethany, 13

    Jim was a great man with such a big heart.
    my own heart goes out to Alison and all Jims friends and family during this hard time.
    i am in the middle of organising a sponsered event ot raise funds for Monkey World in memory of Jim.
    God bless you Jim

  63. Nikki

    My family and I recently visited Monkey World again and were also shocked about the sad passing of Jim Cronin. Monkey World is the inovation of a this strong man who changed many lives of primates and humans alike.
    I read some of the other postings and the most touching I saw was from a child who used Jim as a role model in as school project. I found this truly touching. Jim has made the world a better place and even after his early passing, he will continue to do so because his legacy has influenced so many of us young and old. If we could all be a little more like this Jim, Alison & the team at Monkey World, I’m sure the world would be a better place for all.
    My thoughts are with Alison, Jim’s family and all of you at Monkey World. No words can ease the pain – but I hope the happy memories will prevail again soon.

  64. Christine Maresma Pares

    I too only became aware of Jim’s early demise by watching Monkey World this week! When the commentator mentioned Jim’s legacy I thought “What? and quickly logged on to the Internet to get more information. I couldn’t believe he passed away in March and I didn’t know until now – nor did many of my friends and family! I believe it was mentioned on the BBC News 4 days later,but am saddened that there was not more publicity to allow people to send their condolences to Alison and staff at Monkey World. I agree with previous messages, -a great man taken from us too soon, like Steve Irwin. So glad Aliosn is going to continue the good work, it will be hard,but worth it.
    Sincerest condolences to Alison,Jim’s family and all friends/staff at Monkey World.
    Christine Maresma Pares & family.

  65. mauren

    So sad, their love for each other and the primates in their care was like a beacon. Wonder if God needed a little help up above and choose the best candidate for the job. A true gentleman.

  66. jojo

    Such a sad sad loss. Jim and Alison were a great team and did absoloute wonders for these primates! His memory and hard work will be remembered forever!! An inspiriation to us all!

  67. Liz

    I too only just found out by visiting the Monkey World website for opening times. I was horrified to see the front page and stared at it for an age hoping that it might be wrong.
    Its the answer to that question….if you could have dinner with anyone in the world who would you choose. Jim and Alison would be on my list; they have both campaigned tirelessly and with great passion for the right to a better life for apes the world over. They have done it with compassion and without fear.
    My only hope is that Jim has been the inspiration to the next generation to treat our fellow inhabitants with greater respect than we have.
    My heart goes out to Alison; I hope the support you are getting keeps you going about the great work that Jim and you have started.
    My heart goes out also to the friends and co-workers at Monkey World, you have lost a great boss.

  68. debbie

    Have only just returned to the country and heard of Jim’s death. I was shocked and stunned. Have always loved Monkey Business and have visited Monkey World on numerous occasion.
    Heart goes out to Alison, Hope she can find the strength to carry on their great work alone.
    Will be sorely missed.

  69. Rita

    Wow, I just heard about Jims passing and I am gutted. I have been a fan of Monkey Business for over 5 years and intended to take my children there later this summer. I cant imagine how Alison,Jeremy and the gang must feel. I never met Jim but I know he was a good man.
    God Bless his soul and he will never be forgotten.

  70. Derek

    I could not believe it when tonight they said the late Jim Cronin and had to log on to to the website. Why is it the good always die young Jim together with Alison you have been an inspiration to us all and belatedly my thoughts and love go to Alison. God only made one like Jim and must have needed Jim in heaven to care for the monkeys there. God bless you Alison my thoughts are with you and all at Monkey World

  71. angela

    my husband and i visited monkey world 2003 while on holiday in Portland we fell in love with this wonderful place and all the rescued animals. we were very lucky to see Jim and Alison as there was the camera crew there that day there was a new monkey being brought in. We went down Portland again this year first two weeks of June
    making our way to monkey world and were very distressed to find that Jim had passed away i can honestly say we both felt a very down but looking around and seeing all the animals happy and knowing that he and Alison has acheived all this what a wonderful human being he really was and leaving his lovely wife to keep monkey world in her safe hands our thought are with Alison and family and god bless them all and Jims memory

  72. Lesley Foxon

    We too are gutted to hear of Jim’s death and send our condolences to Alison, family, staff and the primates at Monkey World.
    God bless you all.

  73. maryjulia cornish

    I was so sorry to hear the sad news that jim had died, I know what Alison is going through as I loss my husband last year also with cancer; I hope one day to be able to vist Monkey World and maybe meet Alison.

  74. Melanie

    I am an avid lover of anu=imals and hate zoos with a passion but living near Canterbury am blessed with Howletts on my doorstep. I discovered Monkey World thru the documentary and fell in love with their work. I cannot believe that yet again cancer has robbed us all of someone who has dedicated his life to making up for the evil inflicted upon primates by mankind. It is a tragic loss and i hope that his dream continues through those remaining.

  75. karen langston

    i was so sad to hear about jims passing. I have adopted chimps their for the past couple of years. Jim and the team do a fantastic job. i am just glad i was fortunate to meet and speak with him last september, althought he was a very busy man he chatted to me and my husband and i was very fortunate to have had my photo taken with him i will treasure this memory as long as i live.
    my thoughts and prayers go to his wife Alison, daughter and all the staff at monkey world god bless you all

  76. Mandy Higgins

    I only heard today about Jim’s death I am really shocked, what a waste of such a great man and so young, I feel so very sorry for his wife and his family and friends and also for all the monkeys that so need his help, my children and I so enjoyed watching all the TV programmes and I hope to one day be able to visit Monkey World in Dorset Keep up the good work Alison this world needs people like you and it will be a sadder place without Jim.Mandy Higgins Essex

  77. Dee

    I am very sorry to hear of Jim’s death. People like Jim and Alison are rare. All the staff at Monkey World are so dedicated. My heart goes out to Alison and I hope that she will find the strength to carry on with the work that both she and Jim loved.

  78. Craig Jenkins

    I have been a Police officer and an RSPCA Inspector for the past 26 years and have been regularly hospitilised for a chronic disease and excluding myself I cannot undestand why it is always the best and most compassionate of humans that are struck down with fatal ailments. It goes to show whoever started the saying “Only the good die young!” was so right and case in point Jim Cronin MBE a true wildlife warrior of the first class has been stolen from us long before his time. I just hope that there is some reason for this which may be revealed to us all in another life. I am for one truly sorry he has gone and will miss his cheerful presentation on ‘Monkey Business.

  79. Debbie Wood

    My husband was visiting monkeyworld website last night and came up to bed with the terrible news of Jims death. My 2 year old daughter has also recently become a fan of monkeyworld and we intend to visit this year. I hope Alison and all the staff have the strength to continue. Jim deserved a knighthood and a lot more recognition for the work he carried out the world is a much sadder place without him.

  80. Karen Patterson

    I have just visited the Monkey World website and I was shocked and saddened to hear about Jim’s death. I have been a regular fan of Monkey Business for some years now and plan to visit Monkey World this year. My heart goes out to Alison and all the staff, and I just hope they can continue the good work and effort they have put into for the coming years.

  81. Bryan Williams

    Like many others I have just discovered that Jim Cronin has died.My heartfelt sympathies to to Alison. Personally I really enjoyed the Monkey Business programmes and their dedication to animal welfare. I hope the staff of Monkey World will continue Jim’s dream of sanctuary for the persecuted.

  82. The Fearn Family

    We were so shocked to learn of Jim’s passing and wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to Alison and family, all the primates of course. We still have yet to visit Monkey World which won’t be the same without Jim but would hope that you can all try to continue in his memory and that the animals learn to cope without him. All our very best wishes for happier times in the future. Monkey Business has always been our favourite family teatime show – we watch all the repeats too and think Eddies ears match our youngest sons!

  83. amanda harding

    I like many others have only just found out about
    Jims passing, I am so sad to hear this news, he is a legend in my eyes. All my thoughts to his wife Alison, his family and the team at monkey world, this man will never be forgotten.

  84. linda woodward

    Disgusted with the media for not giving Jim the tribute that his tragic death so deserved. Australia got it right when the wonderful Steve Urwin so tragically died also. Jim was a fantastic guy and his death has touched me and my family more then I ever thought possible. Our love and best wishes go to dear Alison and all the great staff that help make ‘monkey world’ what it is, also Jim and his team made many, many people aware of these fantastic primates and has helped to end some of the barbaric customs involving these primates all over the world. We truely believe Jim and Steve have hooked up together in the other world, a far, far better place then this one. God bless Jim and his family and his team.

  85. linda

    Have just read the news. Sincere condolences to Alison and the whole team, and best wishes for the continuation of the work. I know that Jim and Alison were members of a local church and I pray that the comfort and strength of the Holy Spirit will be with her at this time.

  86. DKJ

    I have been living and working in the Middle East for five years now, licking my wounds over a 25 yr marriage gone south and trying to find a reason to go back to America. I discovered Monkey World on TV three years ago and fell in love with the animals and the passion Jim and Alison had for them and each other…
    My heart and prayers are with them both now

  87. Val

    Belatedly, most sincere condolences for the loss of a truly remarkable human being. Jim was a true hero, a footsoldier who made a real difference to the world. This world will be a sadder place without him. Love to Alison, Jeremy and all at Monkey World.

  88. Lina Wallas (South Africa)

    I have just got onto the website and I too am disgusted that the media in South Africa did not tell us about such an inspirational person such as Jim. He was trully such a wonderful person even though I did not meet him he touched me with his love and devotion for his primates. I do hope that Alison and Jeremy and his staff continue with his work. My belated sincere condolences to them all.

  89. Latif Family

    Met Jim Last year been to MW three times already planning our next visit we live 400 miles away LOL. MW is such a credit to JIm and to Alison Jeremy and all the team his spirit WILL LIVE ON you can feel his presence as you wander around the place He is a man who will be missed, RIP Jim

  90. Nehring Krysia

    Dear Monkeyworld’s family ! I am shocked and saddened to hear about Jimmy’s death ! Dear Alison and dear family, dear monkeyworld’s team I would like to take you in my arms and give you a bunch of rays of sunshine ! All the apes thank you for your energy, generosity, kindness and, and …………….
    Krysia Nehring Switzerland

  91. Lisa Lloyd

    We fell in love with Jim and Alison through Monkey World and were planning a trip there when we found out about the tragic death of Jim.
    But because of the wonderful work he did and the amzing passion with which he and Alison went about their tireless efforts to save the primates and to educate a supposedly already educated world, his life and work will never be forgotten and will be a true legacy.
    He truly is an inspiration on all levels and a man I truly admire and wish that I could be a tenth of the person he was.
    Alison, Jeremy, Mike and the rest of the staff at Monkey World, our thoughts are with you.
    The stars dimmed the day the world lost Jim Cronin.

  92. Debbie Neeson

    Only found out after visiting Monkey world about Jims untimely death.Have great admiration for all who work with the primates.Alison keep up the good work,with all the team at monkey world.R.I.P Jim
    Deb,Dermot,Niall & Colleen.

  93. Carla

    I am saddened by this tragic loss of such a wonderful human being who did so much for the innocent animals. I watch monkey world everyday on Animal Planet and only found out now from the website that he passed away. Keep up the good work, Alison. You do the work of angels here on earth….


    I can’t believe that the world has lost such a wonderful human being in Jim, along side his wife Alison and people like David Attenborough, he did so much for our wildlife, their conservation and rescue from such dreadful happenings in our world.I have watched spellbound, the Monkey World programs on TV, laughed, cried, at the lives of our “cousins” who were so fortunate to have Jim in their lives. May God give Alison and her wonderful team, continued strength and determination to end this appalling trade.God Bless Monkey World.

  95. Sylvia Gentil

    Dear Allyson,
    Over the last 4 years I have driven everybody crazy by asking “do you watch Monkey Business?” No? What a shame, it’s the best program on t.v. and these two people are a role model for every human being.” What amazing work you and Jim did! It was such a shock for me to hear of his death, I couldn’t believe it. I lost my husband in september 2003 and I know how difficult it is to go on. I wish you strength, but I am sure you will be strong enough to continue the wonderful work that you and Jim started.
    Sylvia Gentil, Delft, Holland

  96. kirstin

    Only just heard about the loss of this amazing man who did more than all the governments of the world to highlight the suffering of such wonderful creatures. I think the best tribute to Jim would be that all these monkeys and apes could be free of anymore suffering from human hands.

  97. ann williams

    I am really sad to hear about the death of Jim Cronin he will be sadly missed. I have been enraptured by the programme monkey business and I have absolute respect and admiration for Jim who was not afraid to challenge the people responsible for abusing primates and I hope his work will continue.

  98. ann williams

    I was saddened to hear of the death of a wonderful man who was not afraid to stand up the abusers of primates across the world. He is a loss to the world. I have been enraptured by the series Monkey Business and I hope the series and his wonderful work will continue.
    Ann Williams

  99. Csilla Baral

    Fájdalmas, amikor egy jó ember ilyen korán távozik. Én is nagyon szeretem az állatokat, de ez csak abban nyilvánul meg, hogy nézem őket a TV-ben, vagy olvasok róluk. Minden tiszteletem azoké az embereké, akik az életüket teszik fel a megsegítésükre. Nagyon sajnálom az elvesztését.

  100. Cristina Vergara

    Lo escribo en español, porque soy mexicana, y admiro el trabajo de Jim y de Alison. Es terrible que a su corta edad se nos haya adelantado en el camino!! Pero ha dejado una huella en el mundo que vivimos, y en nuestros corazones. Por ser personas concientes del medio ambiente, de la maravillosa naturaleza que se nos ha sido dada. Y de esos seres tan parecidos a nosotros que son los primates! Gracias por esta maravillosa labor, gracias por ese ejemplo de lucha, de tenacidad ante las adversidades de la vida, por defender a seres que no pueden defenderse por si solos, y que son maravillosos, y no merecen ser cazados ni reducidos en su habitat!
    Animo Alison, y continúa con tu labor con tu lucha por los desprotegidos y explotados primates. Que sigan llegando a la conciencia de la gente para que juntos, No permitamos abusar de estos seres!
    Un abrazo!

  101. Michelle Mc Laughlin

    I often talked to my husband how much I learned about the monkeys and your work. I was deeply shocked by the sad news about Jim.My heart goes to Alison. One day I will travel to Monkey World from Ireland..Keep up good work.

  102. S.Gibson

    I have only just found out about Jim i am absolutely gutted , what a fantastic man , the work he has done at MW can only be described as awe inspiring .My daughter and have watched MW programme on TV for years and recently i was wondering when it would be back on , then i found out this new’s.
    I must visit MW with my family and see this amazing place , i can only imagine the way Alison must be feeling now ,and the amazing team must be absolutely devastated at the speed of his death.
    First Steve Irwin now Jim , what a terrible past few months.

  103. J Grayson

    Just read an article about the late Jim Cronin! couldn’t believe it. Why has no-one in tv or papers not reported it??
    Am so sorry at his passing, a wonderful man.

  104. Alison

    I have watched Monkey Business for several years now and thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode plus repeats. I had only recently been thinking that a new series was due to start soon.
    Then I got the Daily Mail yesterday and with it the Weekend magazine. I just couldn’t believe what I read, and when I did I just couldn’t stop crying. I had absolutely no idea that Jim had so tragically passed away. Even though he died in March, this was the very first I had heard about it.
    What a terrible and awful waste to leave this world and your beloved primates so young. I strongly believe that God needed you to look after all the other beautiful animals that had gone before you.
    My deepest sympathies go to Alison, Jim’s family and friends and, of course, Jeremy and all the other devoted workers at MW.
    I hope you find the strength to carry on Jim’s work and tremendous legacy because he will still be with you and watching you every step of the way.
    My thoughts are with you, and I look forward to watching Monkey Life from tomorrow, even though it won’t be quite the same.
    Alison xx

  105. Margaret

    I have just watched the show on Ch 5 here in the UK and saw and the end that it was in dedicated to the memory of Jim that was such a shock as i didnt know Jim had died
    God bless Jim you are a true hero to Millions of people across the world for your love and care of primates
    My deepest sympathies go to Alison you are in thoughts and prayers God Bless xx

  106. Cathy

    I was truly shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Jim Cronin a truly giant of a man. The world will be a lot emptier now with the tragic death of “crocodile Steve Irwin” and now Jim, both made a big impact on everyday people with their commitment to these animals. They brought the plight of these truly wonderful animals to the man in the street. I have visited Monkey World on a couple of occasions and was greatly impressed. My thoughts of love and light go to Alison at this sad time. God Bless.

  107. Elizabeth Sroud

    After only having had cable tv for a few weeks, I discovered Monkey World and have to admit my most favourite programme. I am so very very sad, after watching the programme on C.5 this evening to learn of the death of Jim. Many people will be remembered for their greatness with humans, but I am sure the international world will keep Jim’s name and his unselfish efforts alive forever. My sincere condolences to Alison and the families as well as the staff at Monkey World.

  108. Rachel

    I was so shocked and upset to hear about the sad loss of jim Cronin. What a wonderful man he was.
    I’m a huge fan of ‘Monkey Business’. The work you guys do is amazing. You truly are a team of very special people x

  109. Colleen Roberts

    I was stunned to learn of Jims death. He was, without doubt, a most remarkable man, one who had a passion for animal welfare, especially mankinds nearest relative. He will be greatly missed, but he does leave such a wonderful legacy, how many people can truly have that said about them.
    Rest peacefully Jim.
    To Alison, Jeremy and the team; your sadness must be overwhelming, please keep up the excellent work, there are far too few people like yourselves around these days.
    Sincere thoughts
    Colleen Roberts & Mark Wilson

  110. carley wells

    it’s amazing all of the work he has done. saving the amazing creatures they are who can not speak for themselves. there should be more people like him.
    may he rest in peace.
    Sally, Bill, Jamie and Carley Wells

  111. Wilson Family

    We were so shocked to hear of Jim’s early death. What a loss!! As others before have said, we hope that Monkey World will continue to thrive and carry on the fantastic work Jim and Alsion have began.
    The programmes are simply great and if you enjoy them, you have to visit….it’s even better!!
    Our thoughts are with Alison and the whole team…….

  112. Tracey Witherspoon

    I have only just learnt the news about Jim Cronin
    sudden death.
    My heart goes out to you Alison, be strong has he is with you every step of the way.
    Monkey Business is a fanastic haven for all primates and Jim and Alison have been successful at giving these Monkey a second chance. A selfless couple who are a cut above us all.
    Good luck with your continued success, and Jim you will be greatly missd by many.
    Tracey (just another who has benefitted from you hard work) Thank U xxxx

  113. Louise Clarkson

    I have only just found out about jims passing. I feel incredibly sad, i feel that i know you all. I have been an avid follower of monkey world and monkey business, i got to visit for the first time a year ago after wanting to for about ten years,it was my first date with my now fiance, a dream came true when ‘sammy’ passed me a long piece of grass and i was able to pass it back and forth(sad really for a woman of 39!)!
    I will only prey that the amazing work goes on and i will be able to visit again soon.
    God bless you Alison, jeremy and all the rest.
    Jim RIP

  114. andy kendall

    dear alison, and staff,
    i am so sorry about your loss. i cant believe its took watching the new seies on channel 5 to here of jim’s passing. i am so sorry for the delay in writting to you. i visisted your site many times both profesionally (looking after your standby generator) and personally with my family when ever we were in that area. all i can say is keep up the good work for jim, and offer you my deepest heart felt condolenses. if you ever need any free help with the facility electrically don’t hesitate to contact me.
    all my very best for the future,
    Andy Kendall.

  115. Steve Brown

    Only just learned of Jim’s sad passing. Had the pleasure of meeting Jim and Alison many years ago, during one of Alison’s first visits to the park. Despite the fact that they were both very busy, they had all the time in the world to explain all about the aims of MW. We have been back many times over the years and know just how large a character Jim was.
    Our love goes out to Alison and the “Family” and hope they find the strength to continue their fantastic work.
    RIP Jim



  117. Diana

    I echo all that has been previously posted. It has only been thru watching the truly wonderful Ch5 Monkey Life programme that I saw of Jim’s passing…His legacy will live on forever. R.I.P. Jim with a job well done.
    God Bless.

  118. Claire Mead, Te Puke, NZ

    I have just seen the news of Jim’s death on the Monkey World website and am very sad. Just when we need people like Jim in the world to help the endangered animals we seem to be losing them. RIP and my sincere condolences to Alison and the rest of the team.

  119. karen

    oh wow wat a shock ive just seen the news on the monkey world website myself n my kids are so sad … wat a remarkable couple u were 2gether i hope that u carry on alison with the help of all ur staff by knowing that every1 is behind u admiring all the hard work u give to all the animals in ur care good luck for the future

  120. kim & mark

    Dear Alison,
    I have just seen the new program on ch5, and was so shocked to hear of Jims death.He will be so missed by all those people whose hearts he touched. I hope you find comfort in the work you achieved together,and would like to wish you good luck for the future and hope you receive the happiness you deserve, as you have given so much joy to the fortunate apes & monkeys you have saved over the year.
    sincere thought, from Kim & Mark Hill

  121. karen

    I’ve only just found out this week that Jim Cronin had died so sudenly from liver cancer, it was such a great shock, Jim and Alison were such a great team and so passionate about Monkey World and all the primates there. Jim will be greatly missed. God Bless and all of you. xxx

  122. Philippa Ellis

    I only found out this week that Jim had died. I have watched his previous programmes and feel very sad that he is no longer here. He was such a nice man to watch and you can see that this all comes from the heart. My thoughts are with Alison, like Jim she is a true inspiration and you can see just how much love they give to the monkeys. Carry on and be strong Alison I know that Jim will be watching over you and I hope that you will still be sharing your life and the good work that you all do there with us.
    Why is it that the good die young and the evil are still with us. RIP Jim, you will be missed by many.

  123. erin

    Jim my thoughts go out to Alison and the rest of your friends and family. I am hoping that they are finding a way to cope after the tragic loss. I hope lots of people will follow in the footsteps of you and what you tried so hard to do. This loss greatly effected everyone who visited your park and those closer to you, so again my thoughts go out to friends and family.

  124. jackie&nigel bane

    What a big shock and a great loss .
    Our thoughts are with you and your family alison
    Jim will be watching over you and guiding you to carry on doing the wonderful job that you have both created at monkey world . Jims legacy will be there for years to come and people can see what an insperation to the monkey world he is .
    jim will be missed by all .
    with the greatest respect
    jackie & nigel

  125. megan mcgunnigle

    you inspired me to become a zoologist. i watched monkey business everyday. im going to specialize in conservation. without you we wouldnt be aware of the true cruelties to primates.
    thank you

  126. Jackie Dobbs

    Only just seen the credits on the new series of Monkey Life to realise that the words “in memory of Jim Cronin” appeared. I cannot believe that a man so dedicated to his passion for animals and his love for Alison, has left us. It brings back memories of Steve Irwin who tragically lost his life doing, like Jim, what he loved best. My heart goes out to Alison and the team at Monkey World.

  127. Chris

    Hi i am greatly sad about hearing this news. i met jim and alison a few times when i went to monkey world with my family and got their autographs aswell as jeremy. my heart goes out to all at monkey world nd jim’s family and friends. i know i will miss you and i hope everything goes ok at monkey world as we all know it will be hard without you
    R.I.P Jim
    Chris age 13

  128. sylvia

    I am so sad to hear about jims death, my heart goes out to alison. You both do such wonderful work with the apes and the protection which you give them.
    I have been one of the lucky people to see the work which you have been involved with in the far east and it’s amazing, very educational and such a wonderful expierence to see the orangs so happy.
    Rest in Peace Jim

  129. Debra Judith Smith

    Only just heard the sad news of Jim’s death.A great loss to the world of conservation of apes and primates.Our hearts go out to Alison and all the staff at Monkey World.
    Thank goodness you will all carry on the work Jim started.
    With deepest sympathy,
    Deb and Mac. xxx

  130. vanessa boston

    I have only just found out about Jims premature death having recieved a phonecall from my sister who, had just watched the credits on Monkey Life and had seen the dedication to him.
    I was to visit your website to verify she had misread something hopefully.
    Sadly, she had read the dedication correctly.
    We and our families are so shocked and sorry for Alison and all of the teams loss,a great loss he is.
    Thankyou Alison and the team for continuing Jims work.
    Thankyou Jim Cronin for the work you chose to do and the peace it brought to many primates.
    Long may it continue.

  131. GAIL

    while watching the latest monkey world programme i saw at the end of the programme this was a tribute to jim i was so shocked i love all the work you have done over the years to help all these apes god bless alison and all the staff he will be sadly missed
    god bless

  132. Ray Taylor

    I was deeply saddened to learn that Jim has died. He and all the people at Monkey World are very special. You were a good, caring and brave man, Jim. What you, Alison and your dedicated team there have done is very special. The world cannot afford to lose people like you. God bless and may you rest in peace.

  133. Sue Neil Sarah and Anna

    Having only just discovered via the credits on Channel 5 of Monkey Life of Jim’s sad death which is such a great loss to the world of conservation of apes and primates.Our thoughts and prayers to Alison,and all involved at Monkey World.

  134. morten grubben

    to day,21 /8 -07 i have just discovered the sad sad news ,jim is deth.this is a great loss to all humans , that respect the blessed work of the cronin’s and the rest of the team, my grandchild loves all the program from monkeyworld and she love jim and alison , the mother and father of all the chimps.this was a great lost for me and my grandchild.but i will send all my love and prayers and thughts to alison , i know you will keep up the fantastic work for all apes and primates.the world need you and your team , there is so much to say abaout jim , but this is not the best place. he was a mentor for a world of young people that love wildlife. WITH DEEPEST SYMPATHY . REST IN PEASE JIM.

  135. Shirley & Steve

    Only recently heard the news, can’t believe it after all he did. My husband and I watched Monkey world regular it was great. Such a sad loss at a young age

  136. Bev Riley

    Saw the new series for the first time last night and was gutted to find out about Jim. Love to Alison and all the crew at MW, your extended family will help you through.
    Jim was (and you are all) amazing. God Bless! x

  137. vicki

    To Alison and all at MonkeyWorld, Like many I have only recently learned of Jim’s Sudden, untimely and tragic death. I am so sorry for you all. I loved watching the programme with my children, and we all had a fantastic time when we visited there last summer. I had previously visited MonkeyWorld many years ago shortly after Challenge Annika had helped with some construction, and was so impressed by how it had grown since. Long may it continue in Jim’s memory.


    I was so shocked to hear of the sad loss of Jim. I have always been a fan of Monkey World and the fantastic work that both Jim and Alison, plus all of their wonderful staff do to help for the conservation of primates and Apes. Your programmes are fantastic and ive watched then over and over. im enjoying the new series so much. Jim was a brilliant compassionate person who will be sadly missed. My heart goes out to Alison, you always looked so happy together.
    Keep up all of your marvelous work and thankyou.
    Im sure that Monkey world will keep Jims memory alive.xxxx

  139. The Mortimer Family

    I have just caught the end of todays showing of Monkey Lifes and was so so shocked and saddened to see the in memory of Jim M B E come up on the screen. I am so upset and just cant beleive it . We went to Monkey World 2 years ago, it was one of our best animal park visits we have ever had . You all do a fantastic job with all the animals there. Our saddened thoughts go to his wife allison and all his team , we are so deeply sorry to hear this terribly sad news,he will be in our memory for ever for all he had done.

  140. jan

    i just watched monkey world tonight and noticed on credits it said in memory of jim cronin.to say im shocked is an understatemet,i just love monkeys and go to zoos regulary to look at them from cheeky chimps to amazing orangutangs(my favourite)my family was planning to come to mw very soon,the work jim done was amazing to get so close to them to work with them must be a dream,to rescue them from danger or bad living conditions must be heartbreaking.allison my heart goes out to you but please please keep up the brilliant work in jims memory the monkeys deserve looking after just as jim would have wished,jeremy you are just great with the monkeys and they love u so much keep strong and keep loving them u dont realise how lucky u are.i will be visiting monkey world very soon.this has been a shock to me and im very saddened of this news allison and jeremy (and rest of crew or workers) my thoughts are with you at this difficult time,but im sure theres lots of monkey friends in heaven who need him now R.I.P you legend.

  141. ann marie rutter

    goodbye jim thank you for evrything you have done and are still doing you will not be forgotten but you will be very sadly missed i never met you but i knew of some of the things you did i will remember you always

  142. Rita Bell

    I was devastated after reading the credits for Monkey Life on Ch 5(24th August 2007)that it was in memory of Jim Cronin. What a terrible shock and loss to Alison and everyone involved with Monkey World and for the worlds primates. I used to follow Monkey World on Animal Planet, but had not seen it for some months and was very shocked to learn of Jim’s death after watching Monkey Life tonight. I would like to express my sincerest condolences to Alison and to everyone involved at Monkey World for their very sad loss. I am sure that Alison, Jeremy and all at Monkey World will carry on the fight for the rights of primates and those that are still being used, for what they say, our entertainment and profit and continue to have all the support they need, as in the past, to carry on Jim’s dream to help end the cruelty to primates worldwide. Once again my sincere condolences to you Alison and everyone at Monkey World and wish you all the very best for the future. God Bless you Jim and long may your venture continue.xxx Rita Bell

  143. carol and stephen

    stephen and myself have been in touch via other email address, but we thought it would be nice just to let alison know, how much we think what a great job jim and alison did in jims short life. plus the fact that alison and the people who work with her and the monkeys are still doing a great job. keep it up, good luck to you all and god bless jim.
    good luck carol and stephen

  144. Susan & Michael Hayes

    We were so shocked when we realised that Jim had passed. We have enjoyed, and looked forward to Monkey World over such a long period. We became quite fond of all the monkeys as well as Jim and Alison, although we had never met any of them. We are still unable to believe the truth that he is dead. Our hearts go out to you Alison ~
    Your Husband, Your Friend, Your Soulmate
    You Will Understand One Day ~
    But He Was More Than Just The Man You Loved ~
    A Gentleman Passed Our Way.
    Susan & Michael Hayes ~ Sheffield U.K.

  145. sheila stanton

    monkey world is in a league of its own, a place where primates can be safe and loved and at the same time protected from the needless cruelty of mankind. thank you jim and alison for the love and dedication you showed towards these wonderful animals, for educating and inspiring people who, would be, if not for your vision, left unaware that even one person can make an incredible difference. together you were an awsome team. Words cannot express how saddened I am to learn only tonight of Jims untimely passing. I had planned to visit this year and take my father to meet the animals, which through Monkey World, had become very close to my heart,\ a magnetic place which will continue attracting visitors worldwide. a testimony to both Jim and Alison,
    so sorry Alison, for your loss. for the entire planets loss. another Steve Irwin gone,. why?
    I hope that each person who reads this email will try to in some small way continue to make a difference and carry on the legacy of Jim Cronin, who cannot be replaced and will never be forgotten. another candle in the wind.
    God Bless you Jim.
    Sheila Stanton,Durban, South Africa

  146. malcolm and yvonne llay,wrexham

    jim was an inspiration to us all ,he will be missed by all ,keep up the good work alison our thoughts are with you xxxxxxxxxx

  147. garry douglas


  148. val and will torpey

    Just heard of a great lose, that Jim has died, please Alison keep up the great work, Jim will be watching where ever he is. From Val and Will Torpey

  149. val moore (harrow)

    I learnt the sad news on 12th august and I feel cheated that national papers did not report such important news. We never had the chance to pass our condolences to Alison and staff at Monkey World as usually happens straight after a tragic loss. I am still in a state of shock – similar to how I felt when learning of Princess Diana`s death. My heartfelt thoughts are with you Alison, he was such a kind thoughtful gentleman.

  150. Jane Fallon

    I cant believe how low profile the passing of Jim Cronin has been in the news as it has taken over five months for me to find out. My sincere condolences go out to both Alison and Jim’s family, such an immense loss to the primates of the world.

  151. jane natalie and colin

    we just sat to watch our program of monkey world and heard or your sad loss Alison, of dear jim, our heartfelt feelings go out to you, be strong,and keep your head focased on those beautiful monkeys, they all need you, your program is the best we never miss it.xx

  152. shannon

    My family have just found out that Jim has passed away, we are all in shock. We try to watch all the episodes shown of Monkey Biz and hope to be visiting very soon,Im sorry that i am not going to be able to meet a legend such as Jim.Love to Alison, i know your gonna continue to do a great job and love to Jeramy and all the staff.

  153. linda connolly

    just heard the news about jims passing. what a shock and tragedy. i loved his happy, smiling face and all the good he did for those truly remarkable animals he helped. the world will be a much emptier place without you, jim.
    may your family find the strength to continue the wonderful work you and your wife have done over the years.
    linda connolly, kent

  154. Kate

    Well we too are so shocked I just happened to turn over onto channel 5 the other day and saw the end of Monkey Life with Alison crying. I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING. Having previously been avid watchers of Monkey World on Animal Planet – we loved that programme and visited Monkey World last year it was wonderful!
    I am shocked to learn about this and cannot believe it was not on the news! Whilst the passing of Steve shocked us all, Jim chose to live out his dream and care for the animals in the beautiful setting of Dorest ENGLAND and the powers that be (the national news and press) did not even feel it fit to let us all know of his passing.
    I know we should not dwell on such things but it is bad.
    Our deepest sympathy go out to Alison and Jim’s family and colleagues and of course his many primate friends this is such a tragic loss…
    Kate from Wolverhampton, England

  155. caroline & dave

    we where so sad to here about the VERY sad loss of a great man can not beleave it was not reported on but if it was alisons wishes for it to be kept privet then we respect her for this. we visted monkey world while on holiday a few years ago we had our son with us and we all loved it we watch monkey world on tv all the time even all the repets our deepest sympathys go to alison and family plus all jims colleagues and all the lovely primates he cared so much about good luck in the future alison and the team . rest in peace jim it such a very sad loss

  156. Lisa and family, Wales, UK

    A big fan of Monkey World on TV, I had a chance to visit before my mastectomy last year, and was delighted with the park. And to see Monkey Life recently was wonderful. But, like so many others, it was with disbelief that I learned of Jim’s death. It is as if I have lost a friend, and it brings a lump to my throat thinking of such an inspirational and vital life force being cut short so cruelly. I am so sad, and angry too, that the national media did not even report it. (nor his MBE either)! Jim and his team’s work raised my awareness of primates and educated me about these wonderful creatures. My heart goes out to Alison, and all the staff at Monkey World

  157. Paula from New Zealand

    The first time I visited Monkeyworld online, I find that Jim Cronin has died. To say it was a shock is an understatement. He always appeared such a vital force on TV, so passionate about primate conservation. The bond he and Alison shared is rare, and I can’t imagine how Alison and the Monkeyworld family must be feeling. They created a TV family I came to care about, and the only reality TV I would watch.
    Please accept my sincerest condolences, and wherever you may be, Jim, well done.

  158. Jon Ford

    I too learned only recently of this sad event. Nothing to add to the previous comments about the lack of information nationally but may I pass on my and my wifes sincere condolences to Alison and the whole team in Dorset.

  159. lorraine and amy

    I am just lost for words ,i cannot believe that such a great man has gone, my daughter and i watch monkey world all the time and we have only just found out about jim’s death after watching ch5 monkey life. We were so shocked and sad ,our deepest sympathy goes out to Alison,family and friends , we hope to be visiting monkey world soon to see all the primates we have got to know through jim and alison.
    R.I.P Jim god bless
    Lorraine and Amy

  160. linda wishart

    such a wonderful man my husband and i love watching monkey world and both got a shock to learn of jims death our thoughts go to his wife and family he will be so sadly missed we are hoping to visit monkey world to meet all the primates that jim and alison have brought in to our lives and given us pleasure thinking of you all graham linda x

  161. Kirsteen McDowall

    If only there were more like Jim, an inspiration to all. Monkey World will continue to thrive under the watchful eye of Alison, Jim will be proud of you. My thoughts are with you all. K. x

  162. Lee Barbaro

    I have only just ,after entering the Monkey World site , discovered that Jim Cronin had passed away back in March. Jim has left a wonderful legacy in Monkey World and will always be remembered. My condolences to Alison and the rest of his family.

  163. Jenny slater

    It was with great sadness and shock when I read the news of Jims passing. I live in Australia and watch monkey world every morning on Foxtel. I logged onto the site today to try and find a email address to so I could congratulate them on the great work they have done, only to be met by such sad news. A great loss condolances Alison and all the wonderful people at Monkey World.
    Lots of people are tthinking of you
    Jenny Sydney Australia

  164. Alexandra Wood

    My sister in law informed me of Jim’s passing just this evening. Such a sad loss but heaven’s gain, where I’m sure that he will be caring for the heavenly primates.
    Thinking of you and your loved ones.

  165. John calnan

    I am forty years with five kids. i have terminal cancer . my family all love mw and the heroics of jim and alison and staff. your our hero jim and know your looking down on your wife and babies now. we will always think of you jim and look after alison and the babies. god bless you jim. so sorry alison. you will never be alone. john calnan and family. ballina. mayo. rep of ire.

  166. Joanne

    It is always the good people,here was a man who did so much for animals and his life was cut short…..like the Crocodile Hunter…..I still to this day don’t understand why the people who do good die young and the ones who make war seem to live forever…R.I.P.Jim…look after the monkeys up there….

  167. Shirley

    I have just read with great shock the news of Jim’s death. It did not make the Australian papers. Jim was a great man with a lovely tender heart for all the rescued animals-a real inspiration. My thoughts are with Alison and the all the team at Monkey World. May God be with you all.
    PS. love the show “Monkey Business””

  168. Elaine

    I have just found out the news of the passing of Jim Cronin. I’m really shocked that this brave compassionate man has left us but his work will forever be with us and the animals he has rescued and those that will be. My thoughts are with Alison and the team at Monkey World.

  169. Beate

    I just have seen Monkey Business 10 years of Rescuing,and at the end there was a tribued to the late Jim. I didn´t know what to belive.I was floored and shocked.
    It´s a shame,he did so mucth for the primate.I seen Monkey Business on Animal Planet in some years now.The hole gang at MB is an insperation on all of us.My thoughts are going out to the others on MB.
    From Beate (Norway)

  170. Joanne

    So sorry to hear this news,I too only found out and cannot believe it either,what a tragic loss ,may your work carry on through your wife.

  171. Cathy

    Only just found out about Jim’s passing.I am so upset, but in a corner of heaven where all primates that have been abused go there will be Jim waiting to comfort and heal as he did through life, Alison you have my sympathies, but you have such wonderful memories to cherish, and be comforted to know Jim’s work will never die.All of you have given the primate world hope and by doing so you have sent that hope around the world and gradually it will heal the hurt.

  172. tracey and shell

    We have only just found out this devastating news and send our love to alison, jeremy, mike and all the staff and beloved animals at Monkey World. Hope to visit you soon. You all feel like family to us through our many hours of watching on AP.

  173. rami

    i love monkey business and was shocked that he died. my heart goes to his wife and the primates who had a shimmer of hope because of his good nature.
    we will all miss you

  174. Evelyn Clarke

    I lerned about Jims sad death just recently.I was really shocked I send my deepest condolenses to all of monkey world especialy Alison,may you always continue your wonderfull work,and if i can afford it i will visit monkey world and give you A BIG HUG GOD BLESS YOU xxx

  175. Michelle

    Oh my god, just browsing through some info on the website, shock horror, cant beleive that Jim has died. Been watching monkey world for many years & just cant beleive another good one has gone, just like Steve Irwin! Conservation will never be the same, our condolenses to Allison & all at monkey world, Jim will never be forgotten. The Goodridge family, Middlesex.

  176. Louise

    Very sorry, my God, why Jim???????? Why! I was shocked 15.10.07, oh my GOD! jim: you was a angel for monkeys and another animals, R.I.P. Jim and God bless! I`m cryng for this news.

  177. Victoria

    I found out so late, couldn’t believe…checked on the net and found you.So it’s true…
    May you rest in peace!
    Alison, may God give you power to go on without him.

  178. Jean Smith

    Have just heard of the untimely death of Jim – a major loss to all – what an amazing,compassionate and good man he was – one of a kind – deepest sympathies to Alison and all at Monkey World

  179. Diane Morgan

    Like everyone else found out Jim had died when I saw the dedication at the end of Monkey Business. Jim was one of lifes “good people” who along with Alison and the team,dedicate thier lives to caring for and making a happy life for those gorgeous animals. Just watch the programme to see how well they do it.
    My heart goes out to Alison and all my thoughts and good wishes to her and the team at monkey World.

  180. tess and gemma

    we are shocked to hear the sad news on jims death,we have watched and enjoyed the program for a long time,
    we send our love and best wishes to alison and all the team and we will continue to surport all at monkey world during this sad time xx

  181. Nicky Griffiths

    What a wonderful KIND and CARING man.
    He will be grately Missed…
    He was an Amazing man; The Way He Helped Animals
    in Distress.
    Thoughts Are With His Family.
    Please keep up the good work in his Memory.
    | x x |

  182. kimberley lewis

    strated watching monkey buisness only two short months ago,found it a gripping series ,with wonderful stories and the apes,just amazing ,but the dedication and passion ,of jim and alison ,was something you could not mistake, . i was completely shocked to hear of the death of such a wonderful man, and can only imagine the hole that is now left for alison and the staff,and monkeys, angels obviously are not granted to this earth for long , and my deepest condolensces to alison and family, keep on with your work alison its destiny. with love and best wishes from myself and my family in essex.

  183. lisa flynn

    Sunday morning tv and started to watch this wonderful programme, and its on all day. Thought i’d have to look it up on the net to give it a visit. I’m so distressed to find this wonderful man is no longer with us. I’ve noticed the memorial fund and think everyone who cares should donate, think of it as the flowers you could not send to the funeral of a wonderful man, his beautiful wife and his amazing extended family of beautiful animals. I will keep watching, i will visit from my home town of Belfast and i will donate. God bless you all xxx

  184. L. Lever

    Sunday I watched yet again the Monkey World Programmes. At 6pm I still could not come to terms with the fact that Jim Cronin had died, as others have said it all before me I must simply add what a super guy he was, what great work he and all his helpers had done with this project, not only does it entertain but makes us all aware of the vile trade in animals. Why are all the good taken from us

  185. Dawn

    I have just heard of the sad loss of a wonderful man, Jim Cronin. I am in shock and in floods of tears. My heart goes out to Alison. I have always admired the hard work they did and the way they have made people aware of the cruelty that goes on. Rest in peace, Jim. You will never be forgotten. XXXX

  186. Julie

    I watched Monkey World last night and was devastated to see the message at the end saying the program was in honour of Jim who had left us just a few days after my birthday this year. I, like many millions, have been mesmorised by Sally, Paddy, Charlie and of course Gordan over the past few years. Never before have I seen so much kindness in a Man or such unconditional love given by a couple as Jim and Alison have given to so many of our cousins who could not ask for help themselves and to see the joy on the faces of those beautiful apes as Jim scoops them up in his arms no matter how heavy they were or tired he felt. You have both been an inspiration to me and have taught me true humility. I have wanted to visit Monkey World for so long – I give my promise now to Alison and to Jeremy that I will make that journey. There is so much I wish to say. May the Angels take care of you always Alison. With love Julie

  187. Neil and Lyn Harrison

    We were so sad to learn of Jim’s death. We travelled from South Africa to visit our daughter in Wales and made a point of visiting Monkey World. Alison our deepest sympathy goes to you, all the staff and the beautiful primates of Monkey world.
    Neil and Lyn Harrison xxx

  188. Denise Le Roux

    I was an avid watcher of Monkey Business, 6:30 slot – no one must disturb! I am so very sorry to hear about Jim’s death, I was shocked to the core. What a man! Right up there with the ‘greats’ ! I am so very sorry Allison, I hope God has given you strength to deal with this and made you a stronger person. With much love from Zimbabwe, xxx Denise

  189. Kirsteen Nakau

    just decided to ‘google’ monkey world to see how far a drive it was from Edinburgh. Can’t believe I am now sitting here sheading a tear for a man I never met, but felt I knew through his wonderful work and the power of television.
    thank you, your life made a difference.
    May your friends and family find strength and comfort in continuing your good work. you will be missed by both Man and Monkeys!

  190. Charlotte

    A few momentes ago I look at the opening hours at Monkey World, as I want to go and wisit soon.
    I saw the hartbreaking news about Jim. It hurts inside, and I find it difficult to understand why the best often leaves much to soon..
    I am a medicalkons. and a Etologist and
    if there is anything I can do from Denmark at all, I am more than happy to help with anything at all trying to rescue monkeys, anything! just send me an e.mail! c-s-e@get2net.dk,

  191. Tracy


  192. chris

    So many people are reconised for there help for there own kind but so few for animals,jim was one man who deserved all the praise that was given him,i only visited monkey world once but was blowm away buy the love and care given to these wonderfull animals.RIP jim.you will be missed..

  193. Gail and Andy Hadfield.

    We have both been avid watchers of the series since the very start 10 years ago. We have only visited Monkey World once and it was wonderful and surprisingly very peaceful considering all the excitable antics we have viewed over the years! Jim’s death was a terrible shock, to lose such a wonderful, caring, selfless human being so tragically must have been terrible for Alison and all his friends at Monkey World, but his legacy will be there for everyone to see, hopefully for ever! God bless you Jim and rest in peace. Take strength Alison from the knowledge that you and everyone at Monkey world are loved by all who watch and know about your very important work.

  194. margaret

    I have just realised that Jim has died. How tragic, such a lovely man. I have watched his and Alisons monkey programmes throughout the year. The only thing that took my mind off my beautiful sisters terminal lung cancer and recent death at aged 50 and the only thing that made me laugh again. I hope Alison carrys on the good work and makes more fab programmes to show people what good work they have done together.
    rest in peace
    margaret (Newcastle)

  195. Teresa

    I cant believe I didn’ hear of Jims death before now and was very saddened to hear of his passing. I watch Monkey Business with such pleasure and I commend him and Alison for all the work they have put in over the years. He will be sadly missed by all, and my sympathies go to Alison and I hope she has the courage to keep up the great work they have achieved.

  196. Jody Conway

    I have just watched Monkey Business and noticed the in memory of Jim at the end of the programme. I had no idea he had died and was devasted to read the news on the Monkey world site. What a great man and true dedication to the cause. He will be greatly missed but it is wonderful to know that Alison and the staff will carry on the good work with enthusiasm and love.

  197. Miriam Murphy

    Just saw monkey world and the line where it was dedicated to jim and we were shocked to hear of his untimely death. we ejoyed the programme so much with jim and alison and the good they have done for monkeys worldwide. he will be missed so much.please dont lose heart alison.

  198. Jenny

    I cannot believe I hadn’t heard of Jim’s tragic passing until today. To lose a man who had such a big heart full of love and compassion at a relatively young age was just awful to hear. So, so sorry, but know that your great work will continue with Alison, Jeremy and the dedicated team at Monkey World. Bless you Jim, Rest in Peace and Thank You.

  199. michelle moreau

    I cant believe jim has left us he was a hero!
    he taught us so much, why do the best die young? i have only just heard he died and cant believe it, my deepest sympathy goes to alison and all the family monkey world will not be the same but i know he will always be around in every primate he helped and rescued, god had another job for him to do and i am sure he is with all the monkeys he couldnt save goodnight god bless xx
    remember me when i am gone
    i am not far away
    i am in the little monkeys
    that we cared for everyday
    i am there when you are lonely
    i am there when you are sad
    i am there to help guide the way
    for all the dreams we had
    just think of me and i will be there
    my heart is with you everywhere
    caring for the primates
    and give a helping hand
    and guide them for the future
    we need them on this land
    lost forever without no help
    with no thought for himself
    he spent his life caring
    and what a great job
    your work will go on
    in the people you leave behind

  200. Roisin Harley

    Having just realised jim passed way I am so very sorry for Jim, Alison and all at Monkey World.
    He will be greatly missed but his spirit and memory will always live on in our hearts. God bless you Jim x x x

  201. Lynn Edwards

    Have been a great fan of M.B. Have only just found out about his death. So sorry to hear this sad news. Just been watching 10 years of M.B.very touching! God bless Jim and greatest condolences to Alison and all at M.W. Keep up the good work!

  202. Ros Hillman

    Ive only just found out about Jim .What a wonderful caring man. His death as made me feel so sad. My sincere condolences to Alison and all family and friends and all at Monkey World .God bless you Jim.xxxxxx

  203. Margaret & Ronnie

    We were so sorry to read at the end of one of the programmes In Memory of Jim Cronan. Alison if you read this our Heart felt Sympathy goes to you and all the people at Monkey World especially our friends that you and Jim fought tirelessly to save from most things that were alien to them….
    Don’t grieve for me for now I am free
    I am going the path God has made for me
    From up on high I will still be there
    To be sure if any Primate needs your help
    I wiil be there to ease its strife
    and make sure that it has a Monkey life.
    To Alison and all the people and guests (primate that is) our sincere thoughts

  204. teresa butten

    Have just watched Monkey Business and am shocked to hear Jim passed away. I live abroad and missed this sad news. I took my two young daughters there 10 years ago and Jim, Alison and all the team are an inspiration to us all.
    May his legacy go on and on.

  205. Paul Garofalo

    I was shocked to find out that Jim had died. Such a great bloke who devoted his life to the primates. I watch monkey business regularly and feel inspired by him and the whole team by what they have achieved and feel sad that such a good person like jim has been taken away. Good on you alison and all that help you.

  206. Sherry Ridley

    I was shocked to find that Jim had died only by watching Monkey Business the other night and finding it In memory of him. It is such a tragic loss to the animal world and especially the apes. I have visited Monkey World in dorset and had a wonderful day, I do wish you all well especially Alison in your continuation of all the good works you have done.

  207. Jacqueline Lefin

    I’m very sad about the new of Jim’s death, I hope God has given you Allison and the staff of MW strength to deal with this and made you a stronger person.

  208. joanne rowe


  209. brendan kelly

    only found out about jims passing recently.oh my god,what a shock.cancer is a horrible thing.i know cos i`m in remission myself.that gentleman will be sorely missed from this world.he has certainly made his print on humanity.i hope to visit monkey world sometime but until then,god bless you allison and all the staff at MW.jim is still with you guys. sincerely brendan kelly.

  210. Colleen Kearsey

    On watching Monkey Business on Monday 3 March 2008 – Monkey Business in the Far East, I was shocked to read the late Jim Cronin – to Alison and all staff at Monkey World, God Bless you for all your devouted work in saving abused and endangered primates, sincerely Colleen (South Africa)

  211. Lisa

    I just found out about Jim’s death. I have been so consumed over the past year with my finals in a psychology degree. My boyfriend asked if I would like to travel to Monkey World in the UK as I love Orangutans. I looked up the website for details and was shocked to hear of his death. I’m ashamed that such a man passed away without me knowing. Jim you truely were a wonderful person and the way you treated our fellow species on this earth reflect the kind of person you were. The gates of heaven opened without a creak on March 17th 2007 because a hero and legend was about to enter. Jim, what you have done in your living days have made you a legend, may you rest in eternal peace x

  212. Lynnette Hambidge

    I have only just discovered that Jim Cronin passed away almost a year ago. What a wonderful person who (together with his team) touched all our lives around the world! To Alison and all those close to him and now left behind, our thoughts and prayers are with you as you adjust to life without him. He has left such a special and lasting legacy that he will be remembered for many generations to come. God bless, sincerely Lynnette (Botswana)

  213. cecilia

    I just learn that Jim Cronan has passed away.
    i know my englisch is not that well but i try to do my best.
    I always look at NG to the program ans what the familie is doing for the monkeys.
    I hope they will go on with there work, in memory of Jim.
    My best to miss. cronan and the team.
    greatings, cecilia from holland

  214. Inge Breintoft Larsen

    I`m chocked – I just notised That Jim has closed his eyes a year ago – my respect for what he maked – He was one of the worlds best people – all my thought with love – I send to Allison.
    Hope Monkey World – will go on.
    My english is very bad – but I hope you understand.

  215. Amy Nel

    To all the people and animals who loved Jim, and all who were loved by Jim
    Still terribly sad about dear Jim, although I never met him, my ultimate goal was to work with him and all the crew of animals and people at Monkeyworld. I live in the middle of nowhere now and cant watch TV, but whenever I am near civilization I look up how you are all doing, and am so sad that dear Jim is gone.
    All my love

  216. Marianne

    I noticed after the program Monky World,that they wrote: in memory of Jim Cronin… Then i Google it and findes that he died last year, and i have not noticed that… I’m so sad to learn that the world have lorst yet another great personality there were in battel for the animal rights.. Rest in peace and i trust that Allison will continue your great work in the future…

  217. Pam and Peter Nisbet (Kempton Park, South Africa).

    We were so sad to hear that Jim had passed away in March 2007. We learned of this fact at the end of “Ten Years of Monkey Business” which was shown on TV on the 10th March 2008, here in South Africa. Jim was a unique person and through T.V., we felt we knew him. Our very best wishes go to Alison and all the staff at Monkey World – our thoughts are with you – keep up the good work – Jim would be proud of you. We love your shows and hope to visit Monkey World one day.

  218. D Allen

    Here in Holland we had received no news of Jim death and it was only today while watching an episode of Monkey Life that I saw the dedication in the credits.
    It is truly shocking that the passing of such a fantastic person could go unreported by the media.
    Condolences to Jim’s family and loved ones. May his and Alison’s work continue and go from strength to strength.

  219. Marlene

    such a travesty to hear of Jim’s death. I kept reading “in memory of” but could not grasp that he was “no more” Alison and the staff, God give you all the wisdom and strength to carry on such wonderful work with animals who love you as much as you all love them.

  220. Andrew & Wendy Hartley

    We always watch Monkey World we love it but watching Monkey Life today we could not believe that Jim has sadly passed away.Jim and Alison are such lovely people to watch and so caring.Watching Monkey World will never be the same again.I cant believe we only found out today.God bless you Alison and all at Monkey world keep up the good work in memory of the wonderful JIM Cronin R.I.P xx

  221. hannah

    am i slow or what? have only just seen that jim passed away a year ago. i luv monkeys, n have been watching the show 4 the past few weeks. my deepest sympathy 2 alison n all the team at monkeyworld. please alison, keep up the good work that u do.n i would luv 2 meet jeremy. luv hannah.x

  222. Honey

    Just last night I learnt about Jim’s death while watching 10 years of Monkey World in his memory! I was stunned and gutted. Then I googled for more info and simply can’t resist this tribute.
    Recently, I discovered the Monkey Business series on TV and have become my night cap! I fell in love with both Jim and Alison for the wonderful work they’re doing and even planning a visit this summer. I’m really devastated!
    May the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, comforts you, Alison and the Team.- 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.

  223. kyle williams

    So so sad the word hero is used to easy and to often by some people but jim was a true hero
    R.I.P jim Always missed never forgoten

  224. Sue

    Best wishes to all those at Monkey World, who are celebrating Jim’s too short life in the best possible way, by continuing with his work and his passion…………..my daughters never miss a programme and your series has inspired them to read, question and research primates… I am sure that you have sparked an interest that will be lifelong.
    ………we will visit Monkey World in the summer.

  225. Avril & Keirra

    Just so shocked to hear about Jim’s death..our heart goeas out to Alison and the staff at Monkey World..Jim was a man with a big heart and he will be sadly missed..

  226. S Martin

    Just found out about Jim’s early death, not been on the net for long< It was a great shock and I send our condolances to Alison and all his staff who must still be missing such a great man,God bless all

  227. marlene.melville


  228. Ceri Forth

    I am shocked to hear about Jim’s early death. I would like to thank everyone for reminding us that primates are not pets but are at their most splendid when they are allowed to live as animals. You taught us that it is wrong to enjoy chimpanzees dressed as people and that we must all do our bit to change this, no matter how big a job it seems. thanks again

  229. Helen Breen. Glasgow

    I am a great fan of Animal Planet and watched Monkey business often but just tonight saw the dedication for Jim and was shocked when like lots of others, checked the internet and realised he had died over a year ago. Deeply saddened and cried reading these condolences.
    Keep up all the good work.

  230. Gordon Williams

    Like most ardent followers of what happens at Monkey World, my wife and I were quite upset at what happened to Jim. Like everyone who has a loved one taken away from them, Alison must have been quite distraut albeit she was outwardly quite brave.
    It isn’t easy to say this but, being fortunate enough to know the bigger picture of what happens to us when our life experience ends, I desperately wanted to write to Alison to gently make her aware that although Jim is no longer physically with us, the generally held concepts of what happens is sadly inaccurate and that Jim is just as much at Monkey World now as he ever was. That fact can be a comfort but sadly doesn’t take away the pain. Using the old colloquialism “life has to move on,” I decided not to write.
    One of the aspects of the programs I particularly admired was that Alisons and Jims private lives remained exactly that, private. That being the case, people can have strong religious beliefs and it is not for me to destroy those, however compassionate I feel.
    Being a behavioral specialist, Alison must on many occassions have looked into the eyes of the rescued and the young and wondered just what and how much is going on behind there. I had also intended to let her know just how much the animals (and other life forms) are very much part of the spiritual world. That’s rather assuming she doesn’t already know.

  231. Mercy

    Rest in peace.
    We will miss you.
    We are watching monkeyworld these days and we are very much impressed with his work.
    All the best to Alison and her team´s monkeyworld.
    Mercy and family

  232. charlotte

    We need more people like you jim.tahank you for, all and have done for the primates.
    dont’t os god to engelsk.
    I live in danmark.

  233. Jacalyn and Ruth

    We just heard about Jim and are stunned that we did’t hear sooner. The one place my Mom and I have said we would go if we could ever afford it, would be to Monkey World. We love to watch Jim make connections with some of the monkeys on repeat episodes, like with Honey and the TV monkey who just wanted to hug Jim. We can see the true love he had for the monkeys, as with Alison and Jeremy and Mike and all the others at Monkey World. Our truest sympathies go out to all at Monkey World and to Alison who has lost her mate in life. Our best thoughts for the continued success of Monkey World. xoxo from our family in Canada.

  234. Tzippy

    It took me a while to understand the meaning of the words “in memory of Jim Cronin”
    I was shoked. It is hard to believe that this young, wonderful man with his great smile, is no longer with us. A great loss.
    My thoughts are with Alison and the team of Monkey World.
    Tzippy, Israel

  235. Keith and Susan Knight

    We were so shocked yesterday after watching Monkey Life, to realise that Jim had died. Our thoughts are with Alison and all Jim’s friends at Monkey world.
    He achieved so much in his short life. He is an inspiration to us all.
    Alison, be brave and very proud of him.

  236. Andrew

    Why is it that so many of the greatest people are torn away from us………i have just been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer from my neck down. Jim, Alison, you both were wonderful, compassionate, and heartfelt people, and the warmth the world felt from your kindness, will be missed. jim you have a higher calling now!! May “You Have Been Chosen” to walk with god to the river of life. God Bless You………Alison & Family, you are “Rich” in knowing that jim’s legacy will live on forever. Love to you all xxxxxxxx Andrew, Debbie and the kids

  237. May Paterson

    Just found out about the tragic loss of Jim,
    l,m completly stunned,he was a great and caring man,a huge loss to mankind and the creatures he loved so much.
    My heart felt sorry for Alison,and all tha team at Monkey World

  238. Richard

    when i as a child went to monkey world. the extreme devotion that jim had put into this place was very clear to see. i had several trips to monkey world.the animals were well looked after and enjoyed and were happy in there habitat. ive watched most episodes of monkey business. i enjoyed my visits atmonkey world and thank you for putting the effort in for the public to see

  239. Caroline Roberts

    I have just watched Monkey World and seen the dedicated to Jim Cronan at the beginning of the credits so i’ve just googled and can’t believed he passed away, i’ve been in tears reading the dedications – i last watched Monkey Business (what it was called then) about 8 yrs ago and was very fond of it, jim was a very dedicated man and he will be missed.
    He’s up there helping the passed away monkeys now – R.I.P Jim xxx

  240. phyllis brown

    i was so sad to hear of jims death, he was a lovely man who dedicated his life looking after abused monkey,s you were a great guy jim. rest in peace.

  241. Mandy Taylor Northumberland

    My sincerest thoughts are with Alison and her daughter at loosing Jim, I was watching monkey life on t.v. and at the end of the program it had in memory of jim I was in shock, I went on the website and read about it,a very sad day for them and monkey world unbelievable and very very sad I cant say any more as everyone else has said it all but keep up the good work god bless you x

  242. Ria Newton

    I have just watched an episode of “Monkey Life” with my young grandaughter who is is mesmorised by these beautiful and interesting primates and am deeply saddened to realise that the great Jim Cronan is no longer…..What a sad loss not only for Alison and the team but for the Primate world….my heart goes out to all of you and “Jim” you will never ever be forgotten

  243. Margaret

    This world has lost a truly wonderful, and great human being when we lost Jim, I pray to God that Jim’s great work can be carried on, I am so sad, I have only just found out that Jim has passed, My heartfelt condolences to Alison. Please keep up the good work.

  244. Mairead Cooke

    Last night I was loking at a wonderful episode of Monkey Life and was totally shocked to see “In memory of Jim Cronin, MBE” at the end credits. My family have always loved the programme and we have laughed and cried at the happenings of the park. May he rest in peace and with the knowledge that his life work will continue. His family and friends will be in our prayers.

  245. Martin and Sue Hall

    We wre shocked to hear the news of jims sad death,he and his wife alison and the monkey world crew did a fantastic job saving lives off some of these badly treated primates and continueing the care,we will miss his face on the television in the programme monkey buisness,we wish alison and her family all the best.

  246. Julie Pardoe

    I just watched a programme that announced “In memory of Jim Cronin” I just can’t believe it, I’m in shock.
    Alison I am so truly very sorry for your tragic loss, you two were an amazing team and I just hope with the support of the people around you you’re able to carry on your good work.
    Jim you made such a difference in the world and I guess you’ve proved to us all, he only takes the best!
    Rest In Peace x x

  247. Ilona

    Wneh i saw dedication to memory of Jim, i was shoked. In Poland we did not know nothing about Jim`s death…I can not find the words to describe what i feel and how deep is my sorrow…
    Great man who had great mission in his life..

  248. Stan and Barbara Shillinglaw

    We are avid viewers of Monkey World and whilst watching a episode last week we saw “In Memory of”
    Needless to say we were shocked. We so enjoyed watching Jim and Allison and the good work they do. We have been watching for almost 4 years now so they became very welcome visitors in our home. We have been watching re runs of episodes but still enjoy watching repeats. Please Alison keep up the good work – very few people realise just how much you are doing for the ” Wild Life” and trying to preserve it for our next generation. Sad to think that maybe! my grandchildren will only be able to watch these beautiful animals on DVD or TV and never see them upfront and personal. Rest in peace Jim knowing that you did so much good for the wildlife and your name will live on.

  249. Nadene Short

    Thank you for giving so much of your time and yourself to this amazing cause. To Alison – may the special life you had together give you great comfort.

  250. Gillian and Family, Zimbabwe

    We have just found out about Jim Cronin’s death and were really saddened and shocked. He was a truly inspirational person and his work, along with that of his wife, Alison, and staff at Monkey World was awesome. We will miss his happy smile and extend our deepest condolences to Alison and their families. Long may the wonderful work at Monkey World continue.

  251. Dee

    You are still missed. I was lucky enough to work with you and i will never forget you making me laugh so much. People didnt get to see your funny side often enough.
    Love always

  252. Garry and Janet Lawson

    Being new to Animal Planet and the Monkey World / Monkey Life series, we have just discovered the news of Jim’s sad passing. We would like to pass on belated condolences to Alison and the Monkey World team at the loss of one very special man.
    Garry and Janet Lawson

  253. Sandra MaCCann

    I live in sunderland tyne and wear england. I have watched jim and alison for a good couple of years. If there were a few good people like jim, what a lovely world this would be. Rest In Peace may god be with you always. Sandra MccCann

  254. Linda Smith

    Jim, rest in peace in the knowledge you did so much for so many. What a terrible loss to the world x Deepest smypathy to your fantastic side kick and wife Alison.

  255. Ellie Jones

    This time of year is not easy for many people and i’ve just watched an episode of monkey Life and seen ‘in memory of Jim Cronin MBE’ at the end of the credits, i’m sorry I never noticed this before, it’s probably because I am so amazed at the great work that Jim & Alison do for primates and giggle at the Monkeys doing what Monkeys do! how well they are all looked after and cared for by the fantastic staff at Monkey world but non of that would be possible if it wasn’t for the tireless work that Jim and Alison have done, R.I.P Jim, our thoughts are with Alison, all Jims family and the staff at Monkey World, Keep up the good work, Ellie & Michael Jones xx

  256. Cathy Aussems

    1 Januari 2009.
    In the morning I watched TV.
    The news of Jim Cronin’s dead shocked me.
    I’am from Holland, but that late news on Animal Planet was not the best news to start a new Year.
    Alison, I wish you the best for the year to come.

  257. Mrs Pearl Harris

    Dear Alison,
    I hurt my back and suffered with a disc pressing on sciatic nerve so was bed ridden for about 3 months. After a few weeks of watching Maury, trisha,Jeremey Kyle and so on I turned to animal planet I have always been a lover of all types of primates and was so suprised to see yours and Jims program Monkey business It really kept me going as I had some really dark days I loved watching and hearing about the day to day antics of the chimps and used to tell my husband all about it when he came home from work he thought I was crazy watching about monkeys all the time. When I finally went back to work in the Sept 07 I was suprised to see that Monkey Business was on Channel 5 of course I watched it again and got my husband to watch as well.I could not believe it when they said that the program was in memory of Jim and felt so sad that such a lovely man had passed away I wish to send you my condolences and say how sorry I am for your loss you must miss him so terribly because when I watched the two of you together on the progam you could tell that you were both so devoted to each other god bless you.
    It was my 50th birthday in May 08 and my husband took me to Monkey world it absolutely poured all day from the minute we got there but we still had a fabulous time my husband could not believe the people talking about the Monkeys by name as if they knew them keep up the fantastic work at home as well as abroad looking forward to visiting again soon love Pearl xxx

  258. marina tomlinson

    i know its nearly 2 years since jim passed on and believe me when i tell you ive just found out about it , im deeply sadden by the news as he came across to me as a very special person my heart felt thoughts go out to allison and i hope she carries on his good work god bless you dear

  259. Matt

    My condolences to you alison and to the many primates in your care who miss his love, care and devotion. It is a tragic loss to the world of animal lovers.Our troubled world needs more good people like you,jim and jeremy and the staff.
    May you continue to find comfort in the work that you do

  260. Kerry hellier

    someone like you should of lived forever the time love and care that you give both you and your wife and all the staff at monkey would xx

  261. Jennifer Nash

    We are new to watching Monkey business and weare totally hooked. We are so sorry to hear that Jim died in 2007, what a wonderful man he was, the passion that Jim and Alison shared for the primates is so moving. I know that Monkey world is still going strong. May it always do so as a lasting tribute to Jim.

  262. Amanda Marsh

    I have been watching monkey business/world for ages now and love it, I have just discovered Jim is no longer with us. My heartfelt condolences to Alison and the many people whose life he touched, you do amazing work at monkey world. Jim! what a special man you will be missed x

  263. Giesela Doherty

    Hi, I am from South Africa and have seen so many of Jim and Alison’s programes. What a remarkable couple. I was so touched and saddened to hear about his death in 2007. I was visiting my Mom in Pretoria, SA at the time, as we lived in Cape Town. I was caring for her – she died from Cancer in January this year. Now we are here in England and I cannot wait to visit Monkey World. I just wanted to say what a great guy we thought he was and Alison, even after years have passed I am thinking of you, life just isn’t the same without that special someone. Sent with much love, Giesela

  264. Sam

    I have just been watching Monkey Business on channel 5 and just noticed the dedication to Jim. I just googled it and am astounded he passed nearly 2 years ago. I cannot remember this being reported in any media. A sad loss for his family and all the animals he dedicated his life to.

  265. isobel

    i am very sorry that jim has died
    iam only 9 and i love animals
    i have only found out because of
    a show and i was sad because i love monkey worl and i have seen all the seires with jim in and it is not the same with out him
    god bless you

  266. Sherril Rankin

    My daughter, Mika, loves the Monkey Business/Monkey Life series. By chance she asked me what “In memory of Jim Conin MBE” meant. I was shocked as I had never really noticed the end title before. Once I explained the meaning of this she was very worried that one of the monkeys that Jim so often went out to rescue had infact harmed him. I promised her I would look it up on the net and find out what happened. Although really late, our thoughts are with both Alison and his daughter.
    Sherril and Mika

  267. mory

    just realised over 3 years late” was busy with my own life’ young child, p.n.d. but for a long while now felt somthing just wasn’t right when i watched monkey world. i can only ask? why but i guess his work was else where very sad loss but what a most inspirational guy you would be hard to beat lots of love xxx

  268. Xyanide

    I just heard about his death on Animal Planet, watching an episode of Monkey world, I can’t believe it.
    Completely broke down into tears, RIP Jim, you live in our hearts <3

  269. Tawfiq

    The first time I saw Monkey business I got my family to watch it & instead of watching any films we watched all the series: Due to travelling abroad I missed knowing of Jims Death & now feel saddened by his death. I have today started watching the new series: My condelenses to his wife & friends. It is a great loss & shows the how compassionate & caring he & Alison were & are. I hope we all could follow his example.
    Love you & pray for you always:JIM

  270. Ann Karin

    How sad. We should not loose beautiful, amazing people like Jim that early. The world needed him.
    All my thoughts goes to Alison and her family. Alison is wonderful, and I thank her for sharing, caring and loving, respecting animals and people.

  271. Rina O'Shea

    To Allison, two years have gone by and I am in tears having found out two days ago of Jim’s passing. May his legacy live on as you are indeed fullfilling that role. Well done Allison, may the time that has gone by have brought closure and acceptance to you and all at Monkey World. Always to be remembered by his warmth, passion and dedication to primates and the loving look in his eyes for his wife and soulmate. Gone but never to be forgotten!! God Bless Monkey World.

  272. Cathy

    Now more than 2 years on, I know Alison still sees and feels Jim’s presence when she walks through Monkey World. For as long as you need him close Alison, he will be there. Not for nothing do special people cross our path. He loved you so much – it was always so obvious when you were together. Thank you for the work you do. Be strong and God bless.

  273. karen gosling

    I have only been watching Monkey Business this year, 2009, and recently, Monkey life.
    I was very upset to realise that Jim Cronin had died in 2007. What a wonderful man! I feel terribly sorry for Alison Cronin who was clearly so in love with him and he with her. Great souls often have to leave us early and Jim Cronin was one of them- I had a clear sense of this whilst watching the programmes.
    I wish Alison strngth, courage and love to get over her great loss. I would also like to offer praise to all the staff at Monkey World and comment on Jeremy….another wonderful man.
    With palms together- Karen

  274. Charmaine Swan

    I had only recently noticed the sad news of Jim Cronin’s death. He was such an inspiration to our whole family in South Africa. We watched every episode of Monkey World, over and over. We were so grateful for all the wonderful things he and Alison did and still do for all the unfortunate animals.Our condolences to Alison and family. Keep up the excellent work. One day we would like to go over to England, and see Monkey World. Thanks again for all you do.

  275. theresa mclaughlan

    After being with out my computer for such a long time I am only now just able to leave my respects for jim. It is such sad news for my daughter and myself.I watch monkey world a lot and my respects for all the things he acheived in such a short time for a species well loved in my family. I hope alison will go on with good work they have done over the years, and carry on making more documentries for us in england.
    Theresa and my daughter Frances.

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