Corpus Obscurum, a Minnesota blog known for “remembering those whose accomplishments vastly exceeded their fame,” died on Aug. 10. It was 1 years old.
Corpus Obscurum was written by Corey Anderson and published on the City Pages Website. The popular blog, which received positive write-ups on Yahoo! and Filmoculus, offered short posts about the recently deceased. Past highlights include:
* Henry Charles “Shag” Crawford, an umpire who called more than 3,000 baseball games.
* Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya, a psychiatrist who championed legal medical marijuana.
* Ed Charon, a preacher known for setting a world record in phone book ripping.
* Wilford “Crazy Ray” Jones and Denny Sym, the unofficial mascots for the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins.
* Lilly Rodriguez, a pioneering female kickboxer.