Jade Walker, obituarist for The Blog of Death, can be reached by e-mail. She is also available on Tumblr.

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  1. Evelyn Waldron

    Sylvan Stool is my father. I was just wondering why you chose his obituary for your blog? Of course, we think he was an amazing person and totally unassuming.

    • Jade Walker Post author


      I wrote this obituary about your father because of his contributions to pediatric medicine. Even the most unassuming people have great life stories to share.

      Jade Walker

  2. Gerald Finlayson

    I left a comment about my cousin Gordon Brong and see that another relative has also. It would be great to reunite our long separated family branches… if only by email! May I include my email address in a reply or can you furnish my email address to the individual mentioned?

  3. Nevie vickers

    Hi my name is Nevie Vickers I am the h niece of. JT Sears I was looking for Gene Hugh’s I never knew him but sorry to hear of his death.My reason for looking for him I knew he was a song promoter my brother has a awesome voice i have CD s I would like a professional to hear if you are anyone knows how to help me please contact me on my Facebook Nevie Vickers thank you

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